Some chapters NC-17 for F/F sex

Marvel 1602/Pirates Of The Caribbean 3: Pirates Of The Caro Ean! Part 2
by Vicki O'Danner ([email protected])

Two weeks had passed since the furious fight in Singapore. Warm spring
breezes had given way to frigid northern temperatures. Three of Tai Huang's
men, unused to the cold, had died the day before, 2 more were dead today,
and a few more had severe frostbite. The men from the Pearl were holding up
better. While they had spent many years living in the tropics. they had grown
up in the cold winters of Europe.

Matters between Elizabeth and Will Turner were getting worse. They barely
spoke to each other and Will's hygiene had gone from good to smelling like
Jack the monkey. Vicki had been too busy to carry out her planned seduction
of Elizabeth. Her knowledge of ships, navigation, and seamanship was greater
than even Captain Barbossa's.

Elizabeth was actually quite curious about Vicki and their similar
circumstances. They were from the same social class, both were strong willed,
and both were now outlaws. After finally figuring out some of the mysterious
map Barbossa, Will, and Gibbs were discussing the 'green flash'. Vicki saw
her chance. Elizabeth was huddled alone on deck shivering under several

"It's warmer with 2," Vicki smiled at her.

Elizabeth nodded, so the bundled up Vicki joined her in a semi snuggle under
the blankets. For a long time they just sat together. Vicki finally decided
to break the ice.

"We are not so different," Vicki said," Had you been raised in London we
would have been friends long before now."

"You lost your mother young too," Elizabeth said.

"Aye, I never remember her well, she liked orchids," Vicki sighed.

"My mother as well," Elizabeth said, "They were her favorites."

"You like this, the adventure I mean," Vicki smiled at her, "Aye, I can tell.
You want to know."

"Want to know what?" Elizabeth asked.

"You want to know how a Lady of the Court became a Privateer," Vicki said
reading her correctly.

"I'm curious about many things," Elizabeth replied, "Perhaps because we do
seem to be so alike. But I have heard other things, about Witchbreed."

"You have heard we are monsters no doubt," Vicki said, "You have seen 6.
Except for Betsy's hair color we've looked like everyone else."

"Six?" Elizabeth asked," I only knew of Lady Frost, Lady Braddock, and you.
Actually, had it not been mentioned I wouldn't have known about Miss Frost or

"I have 3 in my crew, you probably didn't even notice the little cabin girl
in the back," Vicki said, "A Jewish girl named Kitty Pryde, she's 15, almost
16, and walks through walls. Captain Wu has 2. A Japanese girl, Mariko
Yashida, she was the one with the elaborate hairstyle. I haven't seen it, but
supposedly she can fly and shoot fire from her hands."

"The other Japanese girl had red hair, is she...?" Elizabeth asked.

"No, she's just biracial," Vicki said, "Old samurai family, outcast, that
kind of thing. Spanish girl, Maria Vasquez. According to what I've heard she
has spikes that come from her wrists, elbows, calves, and feet."

"You have a Spanish girl too," Elizabeth said, as she tried to recall those
in the bathhouse.

"My Spanish girl is named Angela Del Toro who has a mystic amulet," Vicki
grinned, "She was accused of being Witchbreed and fled the Inquisition. The
amulet gives her the power of 'El Tigra Blanco', the White Tiger. Basically
she gets very good at the Asian fighting style. I've taken it up too, my girl
Shana Chi is teaching us. Princess Shuri seems to already know a cat like
style. Betsy and Elektra are picking it up the quickest."

"Tia Dalma has strange powers," Elizabeth said, "She brought Captain Barbossa
back from the dead."

"I suspect she has true magic," Vicki said, "I saw Dr. Strange do some odd
things. Jennifer Cale, another of my girls was his student."

"And she is?" Elizabeth asked.

"The trampy looking blonde with too much makeup and the small dragon tattoo
on her right arm," Vicki said, "Only one I have with a tattoo."

"Ah yes, I remember her now," Elizabeth smiled, "So, what can you do?"

"Well, I seem to be extremely agile and quick, I also seem to have unusual
strength," Vicki said, "When I was 15 I killed an assassin with a single
blow. He was from the Inquisition. That's when Sir Fury noticed me. I can
also speak any language. Which is good because I don't trust Tai Huang."

Vicki didn't tell Elizabeth about her other powers. The 2 women were truly
friends now. The wind was dying down as glaciers appeared in front of them.
It was still cold, but the killing 'sting' was gone. Will looked up from the
map and saw the 2 women sitting together. He didn't think anything of it.
Tia Dalma sighed.

"De fool canna see he is losing her," Tia whispered to herself.

The 3 women shared the small first mates cabin. Despite the cold Vicki and
Elizabeth tried to sponge clean themselves. Tia Dalma passed. She was cleaner
than the pirates, but not by much.

"So, how does one go from Lady of the Court to Privateer?" Elizabeth asked.

"That would take some time telling," Vicki said.

"We seem to have plenty of time," Elizabeth said.

"You asked for it," Vicki grinned.

* * *

Even before she got pregnant Victoria O'Danner's health wasn't the best.
Without the skill of the Queen's personal physician Dr. Stephen Strange,
Victoria would have died in childbirth. As it was she was greatly weakened
and never recovered. Vicki seldom even saw her and remembered only her long
curly red hair that smelled of the orchids that she loved. She was 6 when
her mother died.

Her father was/is cold and distant, he had wanted a son. Lord James O'Danner
was/is the third richest man in all England. His shipbuilding empire produces
over half the ships in the Royal Navy as well as numerous merchant vessels.
His own merchant fleet is the finest, providing spice, silk, and other exotic
goods. In addition to his own fortune, Lord O'Danner formed an alliance with
the Braddock, Frost, and Van Dyne families.

It wasn't hard for the adventurous, tomboyish Vicki to tag along to the
docks. She quickly became popular with officers and common sailors alike. Her
willingness to do anything and learn everything, including salty language,
warmed the hearts of these often rough men. Many took her under their wing,
teaching her every aspect of seamanship. Vicki also became a good luck sign.
Anyone who even looked at the child wrong found himself on the wrong end of
a beatdown.

Vicki was careful not to use the words she picked up around the house. At age
10 she had her first screaming match with her father. Boys that she regularly
beat up were going to an elite Royal Naval Academy. Growing up under Queen
Elizabeth, who was out foxing and out fighting the entire world only added to
the girls stubborness.

Even though it was forbidden Vicki dressed herself as a boy and snuck in
anyway. With long hair in fashion and her willingness to 'roughhouse', in
fact beat up every boy her age, Vicki pulled it off. Calling herself Victor
she was first in her class for 4 years in a row. She was the best with sword
and pistol, only slightly second with musket, but tops with navigation,
gunnery, and all other subjects.

It couldn't last of course as her body betrayed her and developed. Even
trying to strap her breasts down only added a couple of weeks. When she was
discovered there was all hell to pay. It was the first time her father really
paid that much attention to her. Her ass wished that he didn't as she could
barely sit for a week. It also cost her father 100 pounds for a
payoff/donation to keep the affair quiet.

Lord James debated sending his wild child to a nunnery or to a finishing
school that trained young ladies for the court. Vicki herself didn't know
that Sir Nicholas Fury already had his eye on her. After brandy and the new
import from the New World 'cigars' Fury suggested the finishing school. Vicki
wasn't happy that first day, but with the threat of another thrashing fresh
in her head she wasn't in the mind to argue this time.

It went better than expected. Despite her hatred of the constricting dress
she met Emma Frost, Betsy Braddock, Janet Van Dyne, and Elektra Natchios that
first day. Each of them had a bit of an independant streak in them as well.
The 5 of them became fast life long friends and formed what in later days
would be called a 'clique'. Less than a month later they were all lovers.

Fury was already training female agents by this time, and as part of their
duties he requested the 5 of them. Physical training was disguised to look
like normal activities. They weren't even aware of their training. The
Spanish assassin was clumsy. He would never have gotten within 6 rooms of
the Queen even if Vicki hadn't stopped him. Growing up with sailors Vicki
punched like a man. When Fury examined the body he knew Vicki was more than
human. Her punch had spun the mans head 360 degrees twice. No man had that
kind of strength, much less a 15 year old girl unless they were Witchbreed.

Vicki still yearned for adventure though. It didn't help that she got to
meet the boisterous saucy Privateer Grace O'Malley. The aging pirate queen
was still as full of piss and vinager as the Queen and the 2 became unlikey
friends. This was another defining moment for Vicki as the old pirate took an
intrest in their little clique; her keen eye noticed their unusual routine.
Watching Vicki run up a thin rope balancing a saucer on her head and carrying
10 gallons of water on a pole was a dead giveaway to her.

"With 20 like her I could take Spain itself," Grace told the Queen.

Queen Elizabeh laughed that day, but Grace had several long talks with the
girls, inspiring them. And it wasn't just her. Lord Drake, the greatest of
the Queen's Privateers talked to them, not at them. At 18 they became full
members of the Royal Court, but the fuse refused to die. Then Princess Shuri
arrived. Princess Shuri quickly took to them and they to her. Long designed
plans flowed from Vicki's mind onto paper. Princess Shuri had a ship, an
experimental Wakandan design for a steam ship, plated in Vibranium metal and
armed with a new rapid fire weapon.

The Wakandans had developed cartridge firing guns a few years before,
developed repeating rifles and pistols, and only months ago this 'Gatling
gun'. With these weapons, this ship, Vicki approached Fury with her idea. An
ideal crew would be 26 to 30, at bare minimum Vicki was told she needed 15
before Fury would approach the Queen.

Vicki added a quick 2 when Roberta 'Bobbi' Morse, and Carol Danvers, two of
Fury's best signed on with her. Yelana Belova, the second best Russian agent
after Natasha Romaova, heard about the affair and bringing her teenage maid,
an orphan named Illyana Rasputin joined up just for a chance to get in on the
action. A group of entertainers provided the next recruit. Tandy Bowen, known
as Dagger, wanted out of the circus to make some real money. That made an
unofficial 11. They were stuck there for 2 months.

Fortune returned to Vicki a her powers fully manifested themselves. Within
days she had Shana Chi, mistress of kung fu. Vicki saved Angela and Jennifer
from the Inquisition. Kitty Pryde made 15. Kitty and Illyana fell in love the
second they met. Officially cabin girls they would have to do much more.
Vicki then demonstrated to Fury how their small ship and understaffed crew
could take larger fully manned ships. Fury didn't impress easy, but he got
them their commision.

The Caro Ean took 2 Spanish merchant ships their first month, then raked a
French sloop that attacked her because they wanted to rape the women. Not a
single one of her girls had ever gotten more than a few scrapes and bruises.
Captain Vicki O'Danner was now known as 'Red' Vicki, after taking 30 prizes,
sinking 12 Spanish and French ships, damaging 8 more, and sending 17 pirate
ships down to Davy Jones locker in self defense. In between Vicki and her
crew had gotten involved in some other exciting adventres such as finding
the 'real' 'Fountain of Youth'. The Fountain's guardian, a Seminole girl
named Moonstar joined her crew.

Princess Rita of Bensaylum, the last survivor of her people after the
disatrous interferance of Doom and the Fantastick Four. It was Count Otto
von Doom who had murdered Queen Elizabeth, then murdered King Numenor, Rita's
cousin in order to possess his mystic trident. This caused the complete
detruction of their island. Rita was a strong swimmer, one of Bensaylum's
best, and at first she had a table to float on. But it eventually grew
waterlogged and sank. Rita was alone, scared, hundreds of miles from the
nearest land. In desperation she begged and pleaded to the heavens for
someone to save her. She was losing hope, forced to strip completely bare
as her clothes dragged her down.

"Please," Rita begged, her strength failing, "I'll be a slave, I'll do
anything! Please! Someone, anyone, save me!"

As if by a miracle Emma Frost picked up her thougts. Rita was 30 miles away,
less than an hour for the Caro Ean. Had she not been such a strong swimmer
Rita would have been lost. She had almost given up hope when she spotted the
dot on the horizon. A dot that becam bigger wth remarkable speed that gave
her the will to hang on. She was surprised to see a ship of nude and almost
nude women when she was finally pulled up. Except in battle or close to port
they were always naked an engaged in kinky lesbian bdsm sex. The once proud
Princess kissed Vicki's bare feet and swore eternal devotion to her.

Vicki left off all the good stuff so as to not scare Elizabeth away. She
was going to take it slow and easy. Elizabeth was in love, but with her own
betrayal of Jack Sparrow and Will Turner betraying her, it was going to take
awhile for Vicki to seduce her. On deck again Tia Dalma rolled her crab
claws. She looked at Will and shook her head.

'It not look good for you Will Turner,' Tia thought, 'Signs say you win, but
lose her.'
_ _ _

End of Part 2

I know, no sex, please be patient with me. It'll be worth it. I hope.


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