Marvel 1602/Pirates Of The Caribbean 3: Pirates Of The Caro Ean! Part 3
by Vicki O'Danner ([email protected])

Elizabeth sputtered, spitting out the foul water as Vicki helped her ashore.
All around her the others walked or crawled to shore. Most of the others.
Five more of the Singapore pirates, the ones with the worst cases of
frostbite were missing. Out of the 30 Chinese pirates they had started with,
10 were missing or dead.

Once on shore Vicki helped Elizabeth out of some of her heavy clothes as the
tempature had gone from 0 to 90. Fortunately it was a dry heat. Elizabeth was
pissed at Will.

"You okay?" Vicki asked, stripping down to a man's silk shirt and shorts, and
her belts with the 4 odd pistols.

"I'm fine," Elizabeth said, standing shakily and staring at what looked like
endless sand.

It had been near midnight when Elizabeth had gone back on deck. Tia Dalma was
again concentrating on her crab claws. Will was at the bow as a lookout. The
glaciers and ice had been left behind, the breeze filling the sails wasn't as
cold. Nothing but stars and calm black sea around them. Elizabeth thought
that now might be a good time to talk to him. Ever since she had sacrificed
Jack to save the rest of them there had been a growing gulf between them.
They had barely spoken on the way to Singapore and not at all since. She
never made it.

Will heard it first, a distant rumbling. Then, scanning the horizon with a
telescope he saw what looked like an odd line in front of them. All hell
broke loose then as the ship was sucked towards the waterfall. Will got
everyone on deck then argued with Captain Barbossa. Elizabeth was nearly
swept overboard and lost in the ensuing chaos. Vicki had saved her.

The water had nearly swept Elizabeth over the side, she was clinging
desperately to a rail with one hand. She was slipping, another wave filled
her mouth with foul tasting water. Vicki alone saw her plight. Using her
sword, Vicki cut a rope and used it to swing from where she was on the other
side of the ship. She grabbed Elizabeth just as she lost her grip. For a
moment the 2 women swung way away from the ship a it began it's plunge into
the abyss. But they made it back over the deck, Vicki looped the rope around
the mast which saved their lives.

Will had been arguing with Barbossa the entire time, paid no attention to
her. In fact his recklass action of seizing the wheel and trying to turn them
away from the fall might have cost them the ship. Had they gone straight like
Barbossa planned the would have had a better chance of the ship bobbing back
up. Instead it had flipped over.

No, Elizabeth wasn't happy with Will at all. Vicki had saved her life, Vicki
had helped her ashore.

"Welcome ta Davy Jones locker," Gibbs said.

"Aye, that be true lads," Barbossa agreed.

"I don't see Jack," Elizabeth said, "I don't see anyone."

"He is here," Barbossa said, "Davy Jones never once gve up that which he got
from the sea."

"Does it matter?" Will cried, "We're trapped here same as Jack!"

"Witty Jack be closer than you think," Tia Dalma smiled as she reached down
and picked up a live crab.

Vicki rejoined them, she had lost her own guns, but had found a pair of
flintlocks. Tia Dalma gazed at a tall sand dune on the right and gestured.
More crabs appeared heading straight for the mystic, Everyone's eyes shifted
to where Tia pointed. Something was moving over the dunes. A sail! The sail
of the Black Pearl!

The ship rose over the dunes then slid smoothly down the dune and into the
water carried by thousands of crabs. There at the bow was a grinning Captain
Jack Sparrow!

"Bless me soul," Gibbs cried, "It's Jack!"

Everyone was smiling as Jack swung down and walked towards them. Even Barossa
seemed happy to see him.

"Hello lads, Gibbs, Will, Marty, Cotton, you pair," Jack said with his usual
grin," Oh, Captain Dyke too. Beautiful when you're angry, same when you're
not. Were you all ate by the Kraken? Or something else? Something painful I

Elizabeth ran up and hugged Jack.

"I'm so sorry," Elizabeth whispered, "I'm sorry."

"Contrition," Jack said," Not very becomming on you," Jack then spied Tia
Dalma and politely pushed her aside to walk to the mystic, "Tia Dalma, out
and about! How nice of you to come. You add an agreeable sense of the macabre
to any delirium."

"How ye be Jack Sparrow?" Captain Barbossa asked stepping forward.

"Barbossa," Jack said with a forced smile to the pirate who had betrayed him,
stolen his ship and left him for dead. The man Jack had killed to regain his
beloved 'Pearl'.

"Jack, Jack," Barbossa laughed.

"You old scoundrel," Jack said, keeping his distance, "I haven't seen you in
too long. Not since-"

"'Isla de Muerta', remember? You shot me," Barbossa opened his shirt
revieling the scar on his chest, "Right in the heart."

"Well, you did steal me ship and strand me on a island," Jack stated the

"We came to rescue you Jack," Barbossa said, his eyes glanced to the 'Black

"Oh, did you now?" Jack noticed where Barbossa was looking, "But it would
seem as I possess a ship and you don't, you're the ones in need of rescuing.
Not sure as I'm in the mood."

Barbossa's face turned red with anger. Despite their many disagreements
Barbossa had respect for Jack. How dare Jack now spurn their offer to help
him escape from Davy Jones locker? He stepped towards Jack, but Will

"Jack, listen," Will said, "Cutler Beckett has the heart of Davy Jones. He
controls the 'Flying Dutchman'."

"He's taking over the seas," Elizabeth added.

"De song has been sung," Tia Dalma said, "De Brethren Court is called."

"I leave you people alone and look what happens," Jack snorted.

"Aye Jack," Gibbs said, "The world needs you back something fierce."

"And you need a crew," Will said, gesturing at the pirates around them.

Jack walked back and forth in front of them. Will, Barbossa, Vicki,
Elizabeth, Tia Dalma, eyeing them one by one.

"Why should I sail with any of you? Five of you have tried to kill me in the
past," Jack stopped in front of Elizabeth and looked her straight in the
eye," One of you succeeded."

"What?," Will asked, a pained expression on his face.

"She hasn't told you?" Jack asked amused, "Then you have lots to talk about."
he stopped in front of Tia Dalma.

"Don't tell me you didn't enjoy it at de time?" Tia Dalma smiled with her
black teeth.

"All right, you're in. Gibbs, definately. Marty. Cotton, okay, I'm iffy on
your parrot, but you're a team. Vicki, darling, you did me right the last
time we met, I'll forgive you," Jack said walking in front of everyone.

"I don't like slavers, after that I respect you," Vicki said, "But we all

"Bye bye," Jack gave her a smartass wave, then walked up to Tai Huang, "And
you are?"

"Tai Huang," Tai smiled, nodding to the Singapore pirates, "These are my

"Where do your allegiances lie?" Jack asked.

"With the highest bidder," Tai Huang answered.

"I have a ship," Jack stated.

"Sold," Tai Huang said.

The chosen pirates began splashing toward the 'Pearl'. Jack pulled out his
Compass and glanced at it. Jack only had had trouble with the Compass in the
past when he couldn't figure out what his true desire was. This time Jack
knew what he wanted, escape from Davy Jones Locker.

But the needle was spinning wildly. This realm of the dead was too mysterious
for the magical Compass. Jack snapped it closed.

"Oh, Jaaaack," Barbossa grinned holding up mystic chart, "Which way is out?"

Jack growled. He had no choice but to allow them on the 'Pearl'. Once on
board Jack and Barbossa were arguing about every order. Will Turner sighed,
then walked across the deck searching for Elizabeth. Not seeing her he
climbed down to the cabins below.

He was rewarded when he heard her voice. She wasn't alone.

"So, is it true?," Elizabeth asked, "I saw you kiss that Captain Wu woman,
but it didn't really sink in-"

"Until Jack said it," Vicki finished, "And yes, I am a lesbian, a dyke as
Jack put it."

"I had aways heard, well that they looked, differant," Elizabeth said, trying
not to offend her friend.

"That we are supposed to cut our hair like a man, have a mustache, be fat and
dumpy, and wear men's clothes," Vicki laughed, without humor, "Not guilty on
all counts. Even my 'manly' shirt and pants are done in a feminine style.
Just because I like women doesn't make me a man-hater either. I enjoy looking
like a woman, but it doesn't mean I have to take shit from anyone. You feel
it too, the lust for adventure! Sure, you might settle down with Will and
have kids, but there is and always will be, a fire inside you. You will
always wonder what's up that river, what's on the other side of that
mountain. I'll always find out. You can too! Come on-board the Caro Ean. You
don't have to be like me, or the others."

This was going too far for Will to stand. He cleared his throat louder than
was needed. Elizabeth looked up, she had been crying. Vicki thought about
saying something, or decking him, but that woudn't win Elizabeth for her. She
simply brushed past him on her way out.

Will stepped fully into the room and stood over her. They had barely spoken
since Jack's death. Now, his anger was rising, getting the better of him.

"You left Jack to the Kraken," Will angrily said.

"We saved him now," Elizabeth looked up, feeling his anger, but relieved that
her guilt was known.

"Who else would you sacrifice?" Will retorted, anger continuing to rise,
"Gibbs, Barbossa, your new freak! Me!"

"Will, I had no choice," Elizabeth scrambled to her feet.

Will did the worst thing he could possibly do. He slapped her! Hard! Sending
her to the floor. Elizabeth looked up, tears filled her eyes. Will had struck
her! She couldnt beleve it! In anger she got to her feet and tried to leave
the cabin. To her shock Will blocked her.

"We're not done yet," Will snarled, "Not by a long shot."

"Oh yes you are," Vicki said from behind.

"Stay out of this freak," Will shouted.

"I don't think so," Vicki said.

In anger Will swung at Vicki. She caught his wrist, and using his own
momentum, threw him over her head. Will crashed hard into the deck, but was
up quickly, only for Vicki to kick him full in the face. Vicki then leaped
upwards onto the deck for some fighting room. For the next few minutes Vicki
made Will look bad, Dodging, leaping, landing a kick here, another kick
there, a punch.

But Will Turner was a great fighter in his own right. After her initial
succees, he grew wary, refusing to fall into her fients. His longer reach
kept Vicki at bay. Vicki didn't want to reveal her full strength if she
didn't have to.

"Enough," Tia Dalma shouted, waving her hands.

Invisible force hurled Vicki and Will to opposite ends of the ship. Crewmen,
who previously had been amused now kept them apart. Will was furious, but
alot of his anger was directed at himself, he knew he had made a huge

"This isn't over dyke," Will spat, "Stay away from Elizabeth!"

"I'd say that's up to her," Vicki shot back, "Since it seems like the only
thing you want to do to a woman is beat her."

"I-I was wrong," Will bowed his head, "I shouldn't have done that. I would
die for her."

Will's genuine contrition seemed to satisfy Elizabeth, but from now on she
would look at Will with differant eyes. Will could not have done what she had
done. He really would have gone down with Jack. There was no excuse for what
Will had done, but perhaps she had a dark side. Or was Vicki right about her?
Did she crave the adventure? Her life before meeting Jack Sparrow had been
dull. Very dull.

'There! I admit it,' Elizabeth thought.

Her eyes met Vicki's. Vicki smiled at her. Elizabeth could feel the growing
attraction between them. Elizabeth then looked into Will's eyes. Will looked
away from her, pain and shame written across his face.

Night brought sadness. Hundreds of bodies floated past the 'Black Pearl'.
This was followed by more dead in small boats. Most of the crew was on deck
watching the macabre sight.

"Dey should be in de care of Davy Jones," Tia Dalma softly said, "Dat was de
duty he was charged with by de goddess Calypso; to ferry dose who died at sea
to de other side. And every 10 years he could come ashore to be with she who
loved him truly. But he has beome a monster."

"He wan't always all tentacley?, Jack asked.

"No, him was a man once," Tia Dalma replied, a faraway look in her eyes.

One boat then came very close. This boat contained Governor Weatherby Swann,
Elizabeth's father. A blank expression on his face.

"Father! Father!" Elizabeth cried out.

It took several more calls before Gov. Swann responded, turning his head.

"Elizabeth?" he asked.

"Father!" Elizabeth cried.

"Elizabeth, are you dead?" Gov. Swann asked.

"No," Elizabeth said confused.

"I think I am," Gov. Swann said.

"Throw him a rope," Elizabeth cried, "Someone, throw a rope!"

Vicki tossed her a sturdy line. This got her another dirty look from Will.

'I went easy on you before,' Vicki thought, glaring back.

Elizabeth threw the rope to her father, unaware of the tension between her 2
suitors. The line landed right in his lap. Her father made no move for the
rope as he drifted past.

"Father! Grab the rope! Grab the rope," Elizabeth was frantic now.

"I am so proud of you Elizabeth," Gov. Swann said as the rope slid into the
water, "I will give your mother your love."

"No! Nooooo!" Elizabeth made for the stern.

"Stop her," Tia Dalma shouted, "She must not leave de ship or she join dem!"

Jack and Barbossa grabbed her as she screamed. Elizabeth struggled futily for
a few minutes before breaking down in tears. Tia Dalma waved everyone away as
she hugged her.

"Can you do anything?" Elizabeth asked.

"Him is at peace," Tia Dalma sadly shook her head.

Morning came early. The merciless sun blazed, the wind had died. The endless
empty sea seemed to stretch on forever. Worse yet, there was no water on
board. Most of the men had stripped to the waist, Vicki, Elizabeth, and Tia
Dalma didn't have that luxery and had to make do with wearing the lightest
and least clothing they could get away with. Everyone knew that if they
didn't figure out a way to escape by sundown they would be stuck between the
world of the living and dead forever.

The sun continued to beat down on them, the hours crawled by. Captain
Barbossa, Will, and Vicki had all taken turns trying to decipher the
mysterious map. Jack was now working on it, but time was running out. With
barely 10 minutes to sundown Jack suddenly leaped up.

"Over there," Jack shouted, running to the port side.

"Where?" Gibbs asked, many of the pirates perked up.

"Over here," Jack shouted running to starboard followed Gibbs, Will,
Elizabeth, and Vicki.

"There," Jack raced back to port, Tai Huang now had joined in.

He ship was tilting now, Jack ran back to starboard, eveyone followed, now
joined by Pintel, Ragetti, and several Singapore pirates. The ship shifted
even more.

"What is it?" Elizabeth asked as they all ran back to port.

Curious Barbossa approached the table with the chart.

'Up is down,' Barbossa thought, reading what Jack had looked at.

"There," Jack led them back to starboard, the ship really listing now.

"He's on to it," Barbossa yelled out, "Loose the cannon! Unstow the cargo!
Let it shift!"

Pirates below decks ran to carry out his orders. Crates were cut loose,
barrells rolled freely.

"Mr. Cotton, in the wheel," Barbossa ordered, "Time it with the swell!"

Everyone understood what was happening now and redoubled their efforts. Two
Singapore pirates went overboard, another was crushed by a canon. Time was
running out. The sun was sinking rapidly into the sea. The last rays began
to disappear below the waves.

"One last time lads," Jack shouted, "And now, up is down."

With the final race the ship overturned completely sending everyone under the
water. Anything not tied down plunged into the depths. The mystic chart would
have been lost had Will not caught it. Three more pirates lost their grip and
floated away. Elizabeth also lost her grip on the rail, but again Vicki
caught her.

The sun died. Suddenly...a flash of green on the horizon! Water crashed down
on the 'Black Pearl'. Pirates, cannons, everything crashed back onto the
deck. As they all rose slowly from the deck they could feel the cool breeze
of a gentle sunrise as it filled the sails.

Dolphins played at the side of the ship, the cries of birds filled the air.
An island was neaby. They had made it! They had escaped Davy Jones Locker and
were back in the world of the living.

'I'm glad Jack Sparrow's on my side this time,' Vicki thought grinning, 'Only
a fool or a madman could have figured the way out.'
_ _ _

End of Part 3

I promise! The sex is coming! Please be patient!


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