WARNING!! abuse of a bound woman by a man ahead.

Some chapters rated NC-17 for F/F sex

Marvel 1602/Pirates Of the Caribbean Part 3: Pirates of the Caro Ean Part 4
by Vicki O'Danner ([email protected])

Everyone on the 'Black Pearl' breathed in the fresh air. For several minutes
no one spoke. Smiles appeared on faces.

"Bless me soul," Gibbs grinned, "We're back!"

"What a beautiful sunrise," Elizabeth softly said.

They were all relieved. But they were far from safe. Davy Jones and Lord
Beckett were still out there. Still, they had rescued Jack Sparrow and
escaped the world of the dead. Jack and Barbossa shook hands, Vicki hugged
Tia Dalma, smiles turned into some laughs, back slapping and more handshakes
were going around. Quick as a wink, everyone drew their pistols and pointed
them at each other.

Jack pointed pistols at Elizabeth and Barbossa, Barbossa pointed his at Gibbs
and Jack, Gibbs covered Barbossa and Elizabeth, Elizabeth pointed hers at
Jack and Barbossa, Will pointed his at Jack and Vicki, Vicki aimed at Gibbs
and Will.

They stood there for several minutes, then, grins again appeared. Grins
quickly turned to smiles, smiles to laughter. Pistols were lowered as they
continued to laugh and look at each other. The pistols then went back to
aiming at each other, the laughter gone.

"The Brethren Court is a-gathering at Shipwreck Cove," Barbossa calmly said,
"Jack, you and I be going there. There be 3 Pirate Lords on this ship with
her ladyship here, so there's no arguing the point."

"Jack, we have to work together," Vicki added.

"I is arguing the point," Jack objected, many of the Pirate Lords would not
be happy to see him again," If the pirates are gathering, I'm pointing my
ship the other way. And when did 'Red Vicki' become a Pirate Lord?"

"Sri Sumbhajee decided to go into the slave trade," Vicki said, her hatred
of slavers was well known," Children slaves. You could say I had a bit of a
problem with that."

"You do too if I recall Jack," Barbossa nodded, "And same here."

"The pirates are gathering to fight Beckett," Elizabeth jumped in, her
opinions of Jack, Barbossa, and Vicki rising, "Lord Beckett is a murderer!
The East India Company is a scourge to the seas!"

"You're a pirate Jack," Will said, "Says something when pirates are the good
guys doesn't it Jack?"

"If we don't stand together, they'll hunt us down, one by one," Barbossa

"Even you can't hide from Davy Jones and the East India Company forever,"
Will said.

"Aye, back to the Locker for you, or worse, serving on the 'Dutchman',"
Barbossa said.

"If Beckett gets you first, you'll be hanged," Vicki said," But by the time
that sadist gets done with you, you'll be willing to pull the lever

"Still working on those problems," Jack admitted," But going against them is

"So, you're willing to just give up," Elizabeth was exasperated.

"Captain Jack Sparrow never gives up," Jack puffed himself up, "He simply
advances in a differant direction."

Jack fired the pistol he had aimed at Barbossa. Click. Barbossa, Will, Vicki,
Elizabeth, and Gibbs all fired as well. Click. Click. Click. Click. Click.
Click. Nothing happened. Gibbs shook his pistol and checked the barrel.

"Wet powder," Gibbs said.

"So, it appears we are in this together," Jack said, "At least for the

"Right now we need water," Will said, "The charts show a freshwater spring
on that island over there."

"We can resupply some there to get us to a port," Barbossa said, "From there
we can head to Shipwreck Cove. Or shoot each other."

"The Pearl's in no shape to fight," Jack said as he looked at some of the
damage done by the Kraken.

"After being sunk by the Kraken and our escape from the Locker this ship
needs some major repairs," Vicki says, "I know you don't have any money Jack,
I'll pay for a complete re-arm and re-fit at Shipwreck Cove. Just remember,
the 'Caro Ean' is the only ship in the world that can catch you so I'll
expect repayment someday."

Jack and Barbossa argued briefly on who should go on shore. Finally they
agreed to both go ashore and leave Will in command of the 'Pearl' as both
agreed on his honesty. Vicki's past as a Privateer who sometimes sank
pirates made her unpopular with the Singapore pirates.

None of them had noticed during their pistol face off that Tai Huang had sent
signals to the islands shore with a mirror. His mother had a base there. Tai
Huang also had found Vicki's carbine and her 4 revolvers back in the wreckage
of the 'Lotus'. The cartridge guns gave the pirate heir the only currently
working guns.

Vicki, Elizabeth, and Tia Dalma had retired below decks to get some much
needed sleep, while Will stayed on deck with a handfull of men. The bulk of
the crew went ashore. They were still sleeping 2 hours later when Mistress
Ching in her personal flagship the 'Empress', flanked by 4 of her best
fighting ships appeared. Gibbs and Cotton, the only men loyal to Jack still
on board were overpowered before they could raise an alarm or signal Jack.
Will Turner had betrayed them all!

On shore Jack, Barbossa, Pintel, Ragetti, Marty, Tai Huang and a contingent
of the Singapore men had come across the rotting corpse of the Kraken. Lord
Beckett had feared the powerful creature and forced Davy Jones to kill it.
The coincidence that the Kraken was here, on this island, the one close by
where they had emerged from the Locker didn't sit right with Jack or
Barbossa. Neither man believed in coincidence.

But how could it be otherwise? Who could possibly know where they would come
out at? After all, no one had ever escaped the Locker before. Slowly they
made their way to the freshwater spring, only to find it fouled with a dead
body in it. The pirate with the fake tattoo from Singapore. Jack and Barbossa
heard the click of weapons being cocked. Tai Huang had a six gun in his hand.
Three more of his men had the working six shooters, another had the carbine.

"Were you in on this mutiny too Hector?" Jack asked, using Barbossa's first

"Afraid I be going down with ye this time Jack," Barbossa honestly said.

As the landing party was escorted back to the 'Pearl', Jack and Barbossa saw
the men loyal to them disarmed and shackled. There were hundreds of Chinese
pirates on deck now, far too many to fight. That hadn't stopped Vicki and
Elizabeth. The 2 women had fought like wildcats. Both were heavily shackled
and guarded. One of Elizabeth's guards sported a black eye, another had a
split lip and 3 broken toes. Vicki had sent 6 men into the water fighting
with a mop handle, cracked one man's skull, and knocked 2 men cold before
the weight of numbers took her down.

To cheers Madame Ching boarded the 'Black Pearl'. Tai Huang bowed low before
her. Despite her age and seeming dumplingness she was perhaps the most
dangerous woman in the world. There were even rumors that she was Witchbreed.

Those tales were true. Madame Ching had the power to suck the life-force from
another person. The years she stole were then added to her own. She had over
800 years stored in her already. Unfortunately the life energy she stole
didn't rejuvinate her very much. Her body continued to age.

"Madame Ching," Barbossa said with a bow and a tip of his hat, "You are
looking well."

"You are a terrible liar Captain Barbossa," Madame Ching replied, "But thank
you anyway."

Will appeared and stood beside Tai Huang. He saw Elizabeth in chains and
hurried over to Madame Ching.

"She's not part of the bargain," Will said, "Release her. Please."

"And what bargain be that?" Barbossa angrily asked.

"You heard Captain Turner," Tai Huang said grinning evilly, "Release her."

"Captain Turner?" Jack was indignant.

"Aye," Gibbs stated, "The son of a she-wolf led a mutiny against us."

As the chains dropped away, Elizabeth rubbed her wrists, pain etched in her
face. How? How could he betray them all? Will brushed past her and stood in
front of Vicki. He smiled. Without warning he punched Vicki as hard as he
could. Vicki staggered, but somehow managed to stay on her feet. Regaining
her balance, the left side of her lip split and bleeding, Vicki stood up to
him and spit right in his face.

"No!" Elizabeth shouted as Will punched Vicki again.

Elizabeth had been too shocked by the first punch, bt seeing Will hit a bound
woman a second time was too much. She tried to go to Vicki, but 2 of the
pirates grabbed her and held her. Again Vicki stayed on her feet, but only
just. Jack and Barbossa both were struggling to help her now.

"Take a good look at his crotch Elizabeth," Vicki taunted, her right eye
swelling, "This is what he likes! This is what gets him hot!"

Will paused for a moment a everyone looked at him. It was true! Will had an
obvious erection! In anger Will punched Vicki in the stomich, doubling her
over, then finally sending her down with another punch. Vicki managed to roll
with the last 2 blows, making Will think he'd hit her solid when in fact he'd
barely touched her.

"Stop! Stop it!" Elizabeth screamed as Will kicked Vicki, "You bastard!"

Will saw the hate in Elizabeth's eyes where once there had been love. That
was what he had wanted. Will was going to stab the heart of Davy Jones,
partly to free his father, but also to end his evil reign of terror. Doing
so would make him captain of the 'Dutchman', Ten years at sea, 1 day ashore.
He couldn't put Elizabeth through that. He had thought she loved Jack
Sparrow. Or that maybe she'd go back to Norrington, a man in her own social
class. He hadn't counted on Vicki.

"Enough," Madame Ching ordered, "I have need of her relatively intact."

"And for what reason is that?" Jack asked, pretty sure he wasn't going to
like the answer.

"The only way a pirate can make a profit these days is by betraying other
pirates," Madame Ching said the words they had heard before.

"And mutineers?" Jack asked, "I've found they have a bad habit of being
repeat offenders."

"I need the 'Pearl'," Will answered, "That's the only reason I came along
this voyage."

"He needs the 'Pearl'," Jack pointed at Will, then at Elizabeth, Vicki, and
Barbossa," You feel guilty. You have the hots for her. You and the Brethrn
Court. Didn't anyone come to save me just because they missed me?"

Gibbs, Marty, Cotton, Pintel, and Ragetti raised their hands. A moment
later Tia Dalma and 'Jack' the monkey raised their hands as well. Jack moved
towards his loyal crew.

"I'll just stand over there with them," Jack said.

Tai Huang stopped him before he got there.

"So sorry Jack," Madame Ching smiled, "But there's an old friend who
requested your and Miss O'Danner's company."

"I'm not certain I can survive any more visits from old friends," Jack
nervously said.

Tai Huang pointed over Jack's shoulder. Jack turned to see a very unwelcome
sight. Lord Cutler Beckett's ship, the 'Endeavour'.

"The chart," Vicki said, as she was hauled to her feet, she looked at Will,
"You studied it, knew where we would come out. You got word to Beckett.
Mercer! You've been betraying us since Singapore!"

"It was only an approximation," Will said, "I couldn't be 100% sure."

"We've been patrolling around 500 square miles the last month," Mercer said
coming aboard," Damn tedious, but here you are. Take these 2."

Jack and Vicki were taken to the 'Endeavour'. Unknown to Madame Chingand Lord
Beckett, friendlier eyes watched them as well. The 'Caro Ean' waited for the
right time to strike. Wu Ao-Shi stood with Emma Frost and Princess Shuri at
the wheel. Right now the odds were too great. Once Madame Ching left they
would strike.

Jack and Vicki were led into the captain's cabin of the 'Endeavour'. Lord
Beckett, stood at the window, looking at the sea. The guards dropped all of
Jack and Vick's things on the captain's desk, including Jack's compass.

"Please have a seat Miss O'Danner," Beckett said turning around, "That will
be all."

The last was to his guards. Vicki did as she was bid. She wanted Beckett to
talk. she figured that she could snap her shackles given a few minutes.

"What? No noose for me already?" VIcki asked.

"You have me in a rather, difficult position Miss O'Danner," Beckett started,
"Your father alone is a very wealthy and powerful man; combined with the
Frost's, Braddock's, and Van Dyne's they could force the king to give you a
full pardon. Also, it doesn't look good to hang a former 'Lady of the Court',
especially one who has done great service to her country. You have become
something of a heroine to young girls. I believe your father is even working
with toymakers to make 'Red Vicki' dolls."

"I was loyal to England," Vicki replied, flattered that she had become
somewhat famous, "England decided to turn her back on me."

"If you were to retire, surrender your ship and crew to me, I believe that
Lady Frost, Lady Braddock, Lady Van Dyne, and yourself could return to
England and settle down," Beckett smiled at the thought of the 'Caro Ean's'
rapid fire guns under his command," Princess Shuri and Miss Natchios have
political immunity and would no doubt return to their homelands as well."

"What about my crew?" Vicki asked, stalling for time.

"I regretfully will have to hang them," Beckett said, then saw the angry
look on Vicki's face," Come now, they are far below our social class. With
your wealth you could buy any number of replacements if you persist in your
un-natural peversions. If you are particularly close to 1 or 2 I could pehaps
arrange for them to escape or leave as your maids."

"You don't know Vicki half as well as you think mate," Jack spoke up, "She's
not the sort to settle down."

"A sham wedding and retirement to a country estate will save her from the
hangman," Beckett said," I have no doubt self presevation, something you are
well known for, will rule her decision. After all, while you are a remarkable
woman Ms O'Danner, you are still inferior to a man."

"I have killed many men with that attitude, MISTER Beckett," Vicki fumed,
"Some with my bare hands."

Beckett simply chuckled and picked up Jack's magic Compass. He had noticed
Jack snooping around, lookng for the 'heart of Davy Jones'. He didn't know
Vicki's hands were free and that in her hands the chain was a lethal weapon.
All she was waiting for was an opening. She didn't have a good plan. Jack's
uncanny luck couldn't be counted on, but maybe, if she and Jack could get
back on the Pearl, a lucky cannon shot to keep Beckett off them while somehow
they took the 'Pearl' back....

"The heart is well guarded on the 'Dutchman' Jack," Beckett said amused,
"Since I have this I owe you a pardon and a commision. So I am offering you
a job. Or I could turn you back over to Davy Jones."

"Seems to me that accounts been settled," Jack said, "And we've tried that
road before mate."

"I contracted you to deliver cargo on my behalf," Beckett's anger flared
cold, "You chose to liberate it."

"People aren't cargo mate," Jack said, his own temper rising.

Many people made the mistake of thinking Jack Sparrow was simply a cunning
coward. Vicki knew first hand that he had steel in him. Just because Jack
prefered to run didn't mean he wouldn't fight.

"Blacks are sub-human savages, yellow scum aren't much better," Beckett
showed his racism, "We are doing them a favor by allowing them to serve us.
You can save your life by becomming a captain of one of my slave ships."

"I do that, I'm worse than dead mate," Jack said, "And you'e not known for
keeping your word."

"Our business is finished," Beckett coldly said, "I'll decide later to hand
you over to Jones or the gallows."

"I can't believe you are that ignorant," Vicki said, "To think that slight
skin pigmantation makes you better than someone."

"You have spent too much time pretending to be a man," Beckett sneered, "And
having Witchbreed and some of those things aboard your ship has obviously
affected your already fragile mind. Just remember, the gallows could beckon
for you as well, despite your father's power. I am told you are one of the
Pirate Lords now after taking out the Indian. That is reason enough to hang

"You forget one thing," Jack sad flipping a 'piece of eight' to Beckett," She
doesn't know where Shipwreck Cove is."

"Easy enough to find your Brethren Court," Beckett smiled hoding up Jack's

"Won't work," Jack smiled, "It shows you what you want the most, that's me,

Beckett tried the Compass, then twice more. It was the same.

"Damn," Beckett cursed tossing it back to Jack.

Jack neatly caught it. Jack was ready to make his move. Beckett had been so
busy he hadn't noticed the un-natural mid-afternoon fog. Nor did he see the
small, fast, barely visable grey ship moving against the wind. Jack smiled.
He knew the 'Caro Ean' was here.

"I could just kill you," Beckett said, "Cut you out, then go after your
precious Brethren Court. And Madame Ching...also knows, where, it, is."

Too late did Lord Cutler Beckett realize he'd been suckered. The 'Endeavour'
was rocked by a huge exposion. This was followed by the distinct staccato
sound of the 'Caro Ean's' gatling guns as they raked the starboard sides gun
ports. Over 30 of Beckett's men died in the first few minutes.

A few minutes before; Jennifer Cale was meditating on her spell. Madame
Ching's ships were finaly starting to move off, but not fast enough.

"Magic has rules," Jennifer said, "The weather has to be just right for this
mist spell to work. The window is closing, if I don't do it now I won't get
another chance until morning."

"Damn!," Princess Shuri cursed, "Okay, we go now."

Princess Shuri knew what slavery would do to Africa. Wakanda was well
protected, her brother was the current Black Panther, and she was known as
Panthra. But the rest of Africa was helpless before European might. Lord
Beckett and the East India Company wanted slavery.

Something was going on on board the 'Pearl'. The Chinese pirates had now
joined with Barbossa and the loyal crew and were making quick work of the
surprised marines. The 'Endeavour' was unable to fire on the 'Pearl' as the
men were ducking for cover as the 'Caro Ean's' gatings, backed by repeating
carbines, put out a murderous fire.

Inside the Captain's cabin, Vicki and Jack wanted to take out Beckett, but
guards had rushed in as soon as the first shots were fired. Vicki swung the
chains in her hand, laying out the first 2 men in the door. She spun and
kicked the third man knocking him back into seveal more.

"Catch," Vicki called out snatching the keys to Jack's chains and tossing
them to him.

Vicki landed vicious chops to the stomich of 2 men on either side of her. She
then relieved both men of their swords in one quick motion. Jack kicked one
of the men Vicki had knocked down. As soon as his hands were free he relieved
the unconcius man of his sword and punched a marine coming at him. Vicki
ooked around for Beckett. The weasel had slipped out of the room.

Jack and Vicki fought their way out of the cabin. Jack saved Vicki's life,
killing a backstabber who tried to kill her from behind. Jack and Vicki
fought back to back for a few minutes, but knowing they had to move, went
in opposite directions. Vicki went for the bow, towards the Caro Ean.
Beckett stuck his head out for a moment. Vicki snarled, picked up a 20
pound cannonball an threw it at him. The cannonball flew 100 feet and
smashed the heavy oak door that Beckett barely closed in time.

Until that moment Beckett had thought Vicki was just a woman. Now, for the
first time, he feared her. No woman, no man, was strong enough to do what
she had just done. Vicki saw the Caro Ean only a few feet away now. Several
of her girls waved for her. With a powerful 20' leap Vicki landed on the
deck of her ship.

"Witchbreed," Beckett whispered.

Meanwhile, Jack was also making a dramatric escape. The Chinese pirates had
attacked the other side of the 'Endeavour', but without the speed and element
of surprise the Caro Ean had enjoyed weren't doing nearly as well. One of
Madame Ching's ships was buning and going down, another was losing a cannon
duel. The 'Pearl' was moving away, Barbossa and Gibbs were waving at Jack to

Jack ran over to one of the cannons, a hard right knocked out the gunner.
Jack flipped the cannon over so that it was facing the 'Pearl'. Beckett and
several marines had returned on deck to see Jack wrap a rope around the
cannonball, a burning fuse lighter in his hand.

"You're mad!" Beckett cried.

"Thank goodness for that," Jack laughed, "Or else this would never work."

Jack lit the cannon. Beckett and the marines dove out of the way as the
cannon fired. The cannonball glanced off the 'Endeavour's' main mast, the
rope on the ball dragging Jack behihd.

On board the 'Pearl' Barbossa laughed at the sight of Jack flying through the
air at them. Typical Jack. Escaping in the most foolhardy and dangeous way
possible. Jack was caught by the mailsail, grabbed a rope and slid down as
pretty as you please, landing by the wheel, completely relaxed and unhurt.

"Tell me you didn't miss me," Jack grinned.

A shackled Will was hustled in front of him.

"Take this traitor to the brig," Jack ordered, "Then set course fo Shipwreck

Cheers and 'Ayes' answered Jack. On board the 'Endeavour' the damaged main
mast fell over preventing Becett from pursuing Jack or the trecherous Madame
Ching. Beckett fumed.

"Do you think he plans it all out?" Captain Groves asked, "Or just makes it
up as he goes?"

"Signal the 'Dutchman'," Beckett said," First, I'm going to teach that yellow
bitch Ching a lesson."

"And then?" Captain Groves asked.

"Then I'm going to make sure Captain Jack Sparrow and 'Red' Vicki O'Danner,
beg for death before I hang them," Beckett snarled.
_ _ _

End of Part 4


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