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Mighty Thor: Thursday Love Part 1 (minor FF,mc)
by C. King ([email protected])

Odin sat on his throne in deep thought over one of his favourite children, the hero deity that was one of the superheroes of the kingdom of Midgard known by the name of Thor. Many were the times that he had been disappointed with his son, many the times that he was filled by rage over his defiance of that same son and still many were the times that he was filled with pride over the heroics of the child he had with Mother Earth. But Odin's mind was turning to the time of Ragnarok and the end of the gods of Asgard as it had been predicted for centuries, to a time of death and a time of rebirth for his people as the cycles of life would turn in ways that even gods could not stop or control.

'The reign of the next gods that will follow us will need strong members to carry on the traditions that we live by today, but where will those strong gods and goddesses come from? Who has the strength of body and soul to make sure that the new gods will live up to the expectations that I have for the future when I am no longer in the picture with most of my clan following me into death?' Odin's thoughts turned to many of the heroes of Asgard, but the largest name of the list that he pictured in his mind was that of his son Thor.

Odin continued to think, 'To create a race of gods that will be needed to guide the world through its destruction and regeneration, I will need the children of my mightiest son to hold power. Thor will need to be able to give me the children that the future will be given to. It does not matter if they be goddess, giantess or even mortal; Thor will need to have many wives to create enough children to hold our world together.'

'But my son has spent too much time on Midgard gaining their views on relationships that would conflict with the mission that I want him to perform. He will force the issue saying that he will only be taking one wife rather than the many wives that I wish him to have and even if I was to take all of his powers away it would not sway him. He would also just find a heroic deed to perform that would cause me to forget the reason that I sent him down there if the first place. No, I will need something more subtle to force his hand into accepting my mission without him realizing that he is following his father's wishes. Too bad that Loki despises Thor or his great cunning might have been of use. Or someone that might be willing to make a clever plan in exchange for some more Asgardian children running around the heavens that we call home.' Odin thought about the woman that would desire that even if Thor was not her son, his wife Frigga might be willing to use some of her powers to make sure that his plan would bare fruit in more than one way.

The one-eyed god thought of the women that were majorly in the life of those with at least two top contenders that would have to be convinced to share the symbol of manhood that was the hero of Asgard, two that had fought tooth and nail for the man with neither of them giving or wanting any quarter given in their battles for the love of the blond thunder god. The goddesses of Sif and Amora, one the patron of the warriors of his kingdom with skills in all manner of weapons that existed and the other one being one of the greatest enchantresses who could convince most males to serve her passions with a kiss. One with hair as black as night and the other with hair as golden as the sun, they were a contrast of differences that would be granted to their children in a manner that served only to increase All-father's interest in this plan. The fact that both of them were among the most beautiful of the younger goddesses and would have been the targets of Odin's affections if he had been a few millennium younger. Thor had been interested in both of these women at different times in his career on Midgard, which might make having them seduce him easier for the son of Odin to accept.

Odin decided that he wanted to keep this secret from all of those that could use it against him. So he merely went to a room in his palace of Valhala which he used to cast many a powerful spell in hiding. In the room was a pool of water that would allow him to see all over the mutiverse. Including the dimension of Midgard where most of the players in this game would be lurking.

He looked on earth for the vessel for his latest mission, one when adjusted would be able to aid him in his mission to create a new generation of powerful deities. Soon a blond woman in a tight emerald green outfit appeared in the water's reflection. Amora, also known as the Enchantress, was admiring herself in the reflection of a mirror. She was unaware that her image was also reflected in Odin's pool, his spying unknown to her do to the greatness of his Odinpower.

'Amora is one of the most skilled seducer of men with lips the enspell the wills of men and gods. Those magics are potentially as powerful on females as they are on men, only her sexual preference limits those powers to the manly sex. Yet if her desires were changed so that she enjoyed the tastes of the two kinds of flesh, those powers could be used to entice women to fall into with her... and any man that she is with.' Odin thought as he moved a few ingredients with his mind, summoning them closer to him so that he could use them to guide his powers.

'The man in her bed would likely be Thor as her desires for him seems to grow with each passing year, each passing moment. She has jealous streak to her that would normally prevent her from sharing him with any woman, but I can also modify that so that she also becomes excited to see my son with other women. As long as he has her and she can have the women as well.' Objects mixed in the air as Odin made his final plans for the major spell that he was casting.

'The added bonus of this path is the fact there is a scapegoat for me to blame everything on if my plot is discovered. Most may just think this part of the Enchantress' plan for gaining the man that she wants, rather then the meddling of the All-father. Hopefully, by the time that this is discovered, the children of Thor will already be conceived.' Odin finished the final elixir that would be needed to change the Asgardian woman as he wanted. Finishing the process by striking it with his Odinpower, he held a bottle that contained a bright pink potion.

Holding the bottle to the light, it could be seen the little bubbles within it were heart shaped. Slowly tilting it on the waters holding the Enchantress' image, the liquid hit the image and the waters glowed pink.

Meanwhile on Midgard...

Amora was looking into the mirror when she felt a little bit of a shock, but shook it off. Her mind tried to return to it's former thoughts, 'What was it that I was thinking about? Of course, how to get Thor to decide to share his bed with me. Perhaps he needs some extra incentive for pleasure? What if I was to add a women or two to the bed to sweeten the honey?'

'But who should it be? Another goddess like that sexy rival of mine, Sif? One of the mortals that think themselves his equal, a heroine as they are called? Or one of those women who would dare to challenge a deity, a villainess? Who should I try?' She thought as she moved to apply some special lipstick.

"I would love to have a number of women in my bed with my one male love Thor, but I would have to play my cards right as they say. I will have to look for my sister allies very carefully, as only those of great strength and beauty should be able to love the most perfect of gods. So I might as well start off with another goddess, my great rival Sif." she told herself as she used her mirror to divine the location of her former rival.

The dark haired goddess was soon pictured in the mirror's reflection, training once again in the fields of Asgard as the goddess of battles. Long hair poured behind in her in raven waves. Her eyes flashed with sapphire flames as she battled against the Valkyries, the warrior women of Odin. She wore just a white bra and skirt as this was just a practice against fellow female fighters. The cloth hung close to her physically perfect body as was common with the young goddesses.

"Well, it looks like she has a lot of attention at the moment. It would make my seducing her a major problem if I don't want to invite an entire troop of Valkryies into the fun. Still, she will have to find time to be by herself. Perhaps in the showers, where she might be more alone due to the rank she holds over the other warriors." Amora had to admit the athletic body of the goddess would be perfect for sensual love making between the two of them.

"Then the two of us could go together to visit Thor and entertain him in a way only a woman can do for a man. I will have to use a special form of my more common charms, something with a little more permanence. It would be a little more tricky as I usually prefer to have the occasional fling rather then a more in-depth relationship. Yet this lipstick I'm wearing now should be able to influence her until I can get her back to my home." Amora said to herself as she continued to watch her sexy fellow Asgardian.

Sif left the minor deities and moved to return to her own home. Amora knew it was her chance.

Moments Later...

Sif walked into the shower room enjoying the privacy she enjoyed as the goddess of battles. She was nude, her perfect body cloaked only with her onyx hair. Water started to pour from the ceiling as the magic powered shower began to run water at the exact temperature Sif loved. she closed her eyes to enjoy the feeling of water on her body as it relaxed the tight muscles she had used in combat.

It was when she opened her eyes she saw the appearance of a blond naked woman who she had never liked in the first place. The rival for the affections of her beloved Thor, Amora the Enchantress. Rage crossed the face as she cried out, "What trickery is this? Why have you befouled my shower, my home, with your presence? What is your scheme, witch?"

"Sif, such language is unbecoming of a goddess. I merely came to bury the hatchet between the two of us, to smooth over the wrinkles which has come from our long relationship. Let's face it, the major thing separating us from becoming good friends is the fact our loins hunger for the same man. I have come to suggest a way for the two of us to overcome this hurdle." spoke the velvet-voiced woman as she moved closer to the warrior woman.

Sif knew the witch had great mystical powers, powers which could rival the dangerous Loki, yet the woman had no skills within the form of combat. So lacking was the battle skills of the Enchantress, the woman's physical attacks hardly did any damage. Yet there was the chance of spell being hidden on her person, such was her skills with deception.

"Speak now, witch. Yet know this, if you make one move to harm me and it will be your last. Even if I do not strike you down, Thor will avenge me." spoke the dark haired woman as she looked hard at the seductress.

"I merely suggest to end the fighting over the mighty thunder god between the two of us by offering a truce of sorts. Instead of pulling him to pieces by tearing him in our different directions, we work together and share the spoils." said the Enchantress, smiling with a hint of a smirk.

Sif gasped with complete shock at the suggestion she was being told by the woman considered to be her opposite in many ways. Her mind raced as she concluded the other to be insane, "By Odin's Beard! What in all of Asgard could convince me to go along with such madness?"

"To gain the affections of the most perfect form of malehood of our race while also gaining a perfect female form as well. Do not tell me you have not had fantasies of other women in your life. Perhaps images of your Valkryies switching from physical combat to sexual combat? Or using sex to put myself in a place beneath you? I can not believe you would only have such... prudish desires as simple sex." said the other woman as she moved closer to the mistress of combat.

"I am master of my own desires, not slave to them like you. My fantasies are my own private business and none of yours, viper. I am not willing to continue with such an absurd plan as the one you speak of. Leave now before my ire increases." said the dark haired woman as she continued to grow angrier at the other woman.

"I had been hoping you would accept my suggestion, yet this was also expected. Unlike this..." called out the sorceress as she pounced on the warrior. The goddess of battles had realized Amora had been moving closer to her as a way to prepare for this single move. A move where lips met lips, a move where the two women were locked in a soft kiss.

The warrior had expected the kiss to have no effect, since all knew the Enchantress' lips held power only over males. Yet there was a surge of warm fog crossing the mind of the dark haired woman, between the moments of the first kiss and the reaction time to push away the lips of the other woman. Yet Sif managed to push away Amora for a few seconds, before she overcome by desire to have the blond vixen close to her again.

Sif pulled in the Enchantress, lips pressing firm on the other before they opened up. The warrior's tongue slipped out of her mouth and into the mouth of her rival as desire overcame everything. Thought, common sense, memory... all of this collapsed over the power of the spell. The combat goddess wrapped her arms around the sexual goddess' waist so the former's hands were hovering over the ass of the latter.

Sif broke the kiss again to speak, this time with a voice which was purring, "Perhaps I moved with too much haste when I rejected your offer. The pleasures of the flesh do hold their enticements for one such as myself. Is there more to this plan of yours I should know about?"

"Just the fact Thor is too much man for just two woman to have, even if they are goddesses. No I was thinking of having some of those so called heroines and villainesses to come enjoy the pleasures we will share. Of course, as divinities, we would command the harem under our lord Thor." Amora said, looking straight at Sif.

"It has merit, so much so I am willing to explore it. Yet before we continue with your plan, I beg to ask if we might not explore our new relationship more... firmly." asked Sif as she kissed the Enchantress for the third time.


Odin had been watching the Enchantress from one of his scrying devices, waiting for her to make her first move in creating a harem for his son. The fact she had gone after Sif first was amusing and useful as well. He decided to leave the two women to the lovemaking they would be undertaking in moments.

He would be recording the episode on another mystical device so he could... review the results of his latest plot in development. No, what he wanted to do was see what it was his son was doing currently on Midgard. His eye turned to the world of Earth and saw the struggles of his son in the world of Humans. Which turned out this time to be stopping the deaths of hundreds of people from an erupting volcano in the land of Hawaii.

'The plan begin and my son in none the wiser. He continues in his work rescuing the mortals in Midgard, not knowing the rewards his father has decided to grant upon him. Which is for the best, for now. If it happens too soon, he would reject my work and I would be forced to become more... persuasive with him.'

Odin wondered for a moment which of the many beautiful woman who walked the Earth as heroines and villainesses would be selected by the two women. Each had their own different inclinations; one of war, the other of love.

'It will be a most interesting look into their minds as they choose the ones who will share the bed of the Mighty Thor. There is also the question of how they will divide the work. Will each of them have a chance to select a woman or will they both have to agree on the woman before she has a chance? Interesting indeed.'

Odin conjured up some mead to drink as he thought of his next action. He had left much in the hand of the goddesses, yet he would need to keep an eye out for anything which could spoil his mission to create a new world after this one had passed on. He would just wait and watch for the next move to be made by Amora and Sif, whatever it may be.


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