New Mutants: The Workings Of Wolfsbane (mf, machine)
by CatspawVP

This was turning out just like every other night, lonely. It had long ago
ceassed to bother Rahne weather or not she had a home. Over the past few
months she has gone out on numerous missions with her "friends" the New
Mutants lead by someone she thought was a criminal in Magneto.

They are currently on call upon hearing that someone called the Beyonder,
whoever that might be, was wandering the globe occasionally getting into
fights with super teams.

So now Rahne is laying back in her room looking at the ceiling and wondering
when, if ever, the alarm would sound. She wishes it would so they could fight
and rest. Staying on alert is taking its toll on the team of youngsters.

As she laid back she heard a knock at the door.

"Query: Is Self-friend Rahne awake?"

Rahne chuckled. Warlock's mode of speech confused a lot of people, even the
ones who had been around the Phalanx for a while. He often wandered around
looking to talk with people trying to learn more about humans.

"Aye Warlock, come in."

The techno being came in and Rahne sat up in her bed leaning against the
wall. "What are ye up to tonight?"

Warlock shrugged "No need for self to sleep. Query: Why is self-friend Rahne

Rahne shrugged. "Don't want to I guess. I'm sick of just starting to rest
only to have the alarm go off."

Warlock nodded. He often wished he could experience such things as sleep,
but it wasn't practical for him. Even if he wanted to it is harder than it
looks. He tried one night. Lied back, closed his eyes...then got confused.
He wasn't "out of it". humans talked like sleep was some instanaious thing
that happened the moment ones eyes were closed. Ya lie down and BAM! a tv
turned on in your mind that played until it was time to wake up.

Warlock sat down on the other end of the bed. He thought it felt softer than
his, but it was probably just from being slept in so much. Humans called it
breaking in, which again made no sense to Warlock since the bed remained

Rahne looked over to her teammate and giggled. He was in his own little
world again. He was a sweetie no doubt, but he had a bad habit of zonig out.
He would get a train of thought going and follow it no matter how long.
Since she wasn't about to sleep with Warlock in the room she decided to give
him something other than the cosmic working of a bedspred to think about.
With that in mind she moved over to him and kissed him on the cheek.

What happened next made Rahne laugh and feel nervous at the same time.
Warlock, having been derailed from his thoughs on human never saying what
they mean, literally spun his head around. Rahne fell back laughing fit to
burst until she heard him make what shounded like an alarm. Not wanting to
wake the others she sat up and covered the whistles Warlock produced and
tried to talk serously through he giggles.

"Ye must keep quiet Warlock. No need to wake the whole team!"

Warlock quieted down and Rahne sat back down still giggling.

Warlock feeling somewhat confused looked at Rahne. "Query: Why did
self-friend Rahne kiss self?"

Rahne started to calm down and shrugged. "I saw you were thinking and
wondered how you would react."

Warlock accepted this. "Query: Did self act wrongly? What did self to do to
make you laugh?"

Rahne chuckled. "You have watched cartoons in the morning right?"

Warlock nodded though he didn't see what point that made.

Rahne continued. "Well sometimes in cartoons people will over react like you
just did."

Warlock was afraid of that. He had watched a lot of what TV could show him
of how humanity works, but now is starting to realize that TV isn't reality.
"Query: What is the right reaction?"

Rahne felt herself blush. She couldn't say she didn't have some experience,
her and Douglas had kissed when no one was looking before. Still he was
human. Warlock was...well...alien. ~Good job Rahne~ she thought, ~now you
get to tell a phalanx, who's sole survival is assimaltion what humans do.~

Rahne sighed. "Well, first off, usually when two people kiss it means they
are enjoying each others company. This is usually done in the quiet which is
why making loud noises isn't exactly appropriate."

Warlock nodded. "Query: So self-friend Rahne enjoys my company?"

Rahne fidgeted. She was still very unused to sexual ideas, though being
around boys her own age more is making her more curious. "Well, yeah. You
don't tease me or make me feel ashamed of who I am."

Warlock looked at her. "Query: Who on the team does that?"

Rahne looked up "Oh no no no. That was my "father" Reverand Craig who did
that. No one on the team has."

"Query: No one has kissed you either?"

Rahne looked down and tried to find the words. While she did Warlock leaned
over and kissed her cheek. Rahne looked up and blushed deep. She hadn't been
kissed by Warlock before. In fact apart from Douglas she had never been
kissed. It wasn't that she didn't think or fantasize about it, it just never

"Query: Is self-friend Rahne ok?"

Rahne nodded rapidly. She was alright, just confused. It could have been the
Phalanx ability to take over a organism or just her frame of mind, but
Warlocks kiss felt gentle. "Would you do that again?"

Warlock shrugged and leaned over to kiss her cheek again, but Rahne turned
causing him to kiss her on the mouth. Warlock immediately backed off.
"Query: Why did self-friend Rahne do that?"

Rahne could see he was almsot hysterical again. She should've guessed as
much by his first reaction. Warlock had never kissed before, not a human at
any rate. She moved closer to him and looked at him. "This is the first time
for you isn't it?"

Warlock nodded. He had generally watched MTV and cartoons after being told
by cannonball that they were the things people watched the most. Though he
often found Rahne, Xian and other watching what they called "soap operas".
This confused Warlock since soap was rarely ever seen during the show.

Rahne looked at him and thought of the reverands prechings about premarital
sex. It was tempting by the devil and should be forbiddin. Then she looked
at warlock. Here was a being who would probably never marry, and yet hungers
for information. And since Craig had said she would burn anyway, she might
as well teach him what she knows. They could learn together.

Rahne looked at Warlock. "I was..err..wondering if you would like to

Warlock nodded. He had no idea what more meant, but knowledge is usefull.

Rahne took a deep breath and leaned over kissing Warlock. Warlock's eyes
widened and he was tempted to sound alarms again like the tv had said usually
happens. Then he remembered Rahne saying this is usually done in quiet and
kept it to himself. He felt Rahne take his arms and wrap them around her
waist. This felt good. Rahne pulled back with a sigh and looked at Warlock.
Warlock for his part was frozen. He had never experienced this before and
didn't know what to do.

Rahne smiled and took his arms from around her waist. Warlock just watched
as she stood up and tried to reach back to undo her uniform. Warlock knew
she could make the zipper appear anywhere, but for some reason it showed up
where she couldn't reach. "Warlock would ye help me please?"

"Query: Is it wise to take off your uniform when we're on alert?"

Rahne Shrugged. "Probably not, but I would rather wait for it like this and
have a interesting time rather than stare at the ceiling."

Warlock nodded and stood up. He walked behind Rahne and slowly undid the
uniform. As the uniform came off he could see more of her body. She was
small in build to most humans he has meet, barely under 5'. Her skin was
white as milk. Warlock had learned that a lot of red heads have a lighter
complextion, though he didn't think it would be this light. As her uniform
fell to the floor she turned around and looked at Warlock. Taking him by the
hand she sat down on the bed and motioned for him to sit next to her.

Rahne leaned over and kissed Warlock again. this time Warlocks hands moved
to her back on their own as he returned the kiss. She put her arms around
him hugging her body closer to his alowing him to feel her skin. He could
also tell her blood pressure was rising. He had seen the reaction in his
team mates before. Usually when the team had won a fight in the danger room
and were "celebrating". Some of them called the behavior "bouncing off the
walls", though he doubted very seriously if anyone but Cannonball actually
did this.

Rahne broke the kiss and looked into Warlock's eyes. She felt strange,
nothing like when she would flirt with Douglas. She felt her heart start to
burn, and her breath started to get heavy.

Warlocked looked at his team mate with concern. "Query: is self-friend Rahne

Rahne snapped out of it and nodded. "This is as new to me as it is you. So
I'm trying to keep it slow."

Warlock nodded and simply held her for a while. Rahne felt her breath come
back to normal. She looked at Warlock and didn't really kow what to do next.
She knew about sex, that wasn't the point. She just didn't now how it was
done. She knew this kissing part and the mating part. Since this kissing was
done she guessed it was time for the mating.

"Query: What do we do now?"

Rahne looked at him and blushed. "Now? now we have sex I guess. I dont
rightly know how to with you though."

"Query: Why not? Is self different somehow?"

Rahne blushed and nodded. "Well see for humans to mate the male has to put
something inside the female."

Warlock felt even more puzzled now. "Query: where does self have to go?"

Rahne looked down, as did Warlock. She took his hand and guided it down
across her belly, and from there hesitantly to between her legs. "thats

Warlock felt around with his fingers expecting to feel a opening. the
problem was he found two. "query: self has found two possible entrances.
Which one does self use?"

Rahne thought about this. In all the picture she had seen it was just a man
on top of a woman, or the other way around...there was no picture stating
"this goes here."

Rahne shrugged. "I dunno. Try feeling in both."

Warlock nodded and sent two probes in Rahne. the probe in her longer opening
seemed to have more manuverability, while the probe in the smaller one
didn't. Warlock decided to expand the probes to see how much he needed. As
he did he heard Rahne gasp. Immediatly stopping he looked at her, "Query:
is..". She stopped him saying "Don't stop, this feels...interesting."

Warlock nodded and slowly continued to expand the probes. As he did he kept
a eye on Rahne who had now lied down. She was wiggling a little and moaning
quietly. after a minute or two she yelped and looked at Warlock, "I think
that's big enough."

Warlock nodded and the two sat there. After the initial shock wore off Rahne
and Warlock came to realization that neither of them knew what to do next.

"Query: What does self do now?"

Rahne tried to think. "Can you move them?" Warlock nodded and moved them out
a bit. Rahne gasped again, "try moving them in and out."

Warlock nodded and did so. He started off slow watching his friends
reactions and as he felt she could handle, increased speed. Rahne for her
part wriggled on the bed and felt the burning in her heart burn hotter now.
The feeling was intoxicating, still she wanted to know what more warlock can
do. Bewtween pants she managed to ask if he could do anything else.

Warlock nodded and began to spin his probes like a drill. keeping the probes
moving Rahne's eyes opened wide and her body began to sweat. The burning had
moved to her belly now and was heading down. Her breath became more ragged
as well. When the fire reached her groin she felt herself start to shift
into were form. Her body was trying to help her survive the process. As her
orgasm started to burn she let out a low howl catching Warlock off guard.
With his rythem interrupted and now her body quivering Rahne Let out a long,
low howl and felt her body explode.

Warlock looked at his friend while she howled and saw her body go into what
looked like a seizure. Immediately withdrawing the probes he leaned over his
team mate. "Query: Is self friend Rahne alright?"

As her spasm ended she opened her eyes. Over her was Warlock. She brought a
hand to his cheek and smiled "Aye...I'm fine."

Then the world went mad. The alarm went off and orders were being barked.
The two quickly got Rahne into her uniform and went off to join the others.
Though people saw them come out of her room they couldn't understand while
they waited for the Beyonder why the two were chuckling to themselves.

The End


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