*** Warning: This story is for the entertainment of adults. It contains
detailed descriptions of Humiliation, Non-Consensual sex, Monster-Cock,
Bukkake. If you don't think you would enjoy that, then don't read it. ***

This story takes place in an alternate universe. It starts with events
loosely based on She-Hulk V3 #15, but while the She-Hulk of Earth 616 was
victorious in her battle, the She-Hulk of Earth 69 was not so lucky. While
many things are similar to the real Marvel Universe, many other things are
different. And about to get considerably more so. A single moment will set
off a chain of events that will ultimately change the lives of dozens of
Marvel's premiere Superheroines.

The Superhuman Registration Act is in force and She-Hulk has been drafted
into SHIELD. The Hulk has been secretly exiled into space by Iron Man and
Reed Richards, but his enemies are still on the loose. She-Hulk's mission:
to find and capture those enemies, starting with the Abomination.

Marvel Super Whores Part 1 - She-Hulk Vs The Abomination Round 1 - Abominable
by High-Heeled Jill & Spring-Heeled Jack


In the middle of an almost deserted street, the repulsive creature known as
the Abomination shouted at the beautiful She-Hulk. The green-skinned scaly
monster was over 8-feet tall, and his big fin-like ears quivered with rage
on his knobbly, vaguely reptilian head as he faced off against the near
7-foot gorgeous green muscle-bound gammazon.

"You had a whole city to choose from, and you hang out at a titty-bar? Why?
Is that the only way an ugly freak like you can get close to a hot babe?"
She-Hulk taunted the Abomination.

"Sh-shut up! Don't make me -"

"What? Kill me? You're not going to do that Emil. Because this fight, me
hitting you? It's the closest you'll ever come to a woman wanting to touch
you again!"

She-Hulk looked for her window of opportunity, for the Abomination to suffer
a moment of doubt, but it didn't seem to be forthcoming. Instead she was just
making him angry. She wasn't about to give up the tactic yet; anger or doubt,
either might cause him to make a mistake and give her the chance to use her
superior skill to neutralise his much greater strength.

"Come on Emil, how long has it been? This has got to be like foreplay for


The Abomination was definitely losing it. She just had to keep out of the
way of his wild swings and strike her blows with surgical precision. Even a
monster has nerve clusters.

"Of course, you weren't much of a man to start with, were you Emil, so it's
probably been decades since you've touched a girl!"


Jennifer jumped aside as he charged, then leapt over his sweeping backswing.
His following jab found nothing but air, and a wild kick went far of its
target. She-Hulk dodged and weaved, but she could not get inside his reach.
She-Hulk ducked a vicious swipe at her head, but her luck finally ran out as
the Abomination's closing claws caught her flowing hair!


Jennifer squealed, more from the shock of being jerked short in mid-move than
from any pain, but he had stopped her, if only for a moment, and that was all
he needed. His other huge hand came up with surprising speed and grasped her
beautiful face. Jennifer blindly tried a straight-fingered jab to the solar
plexus, but the length of his arms prevented her from achieving the
penetration necessary to make it a disabling blow, and her last opportunity
to win this fight was lost.

The Abomination lifted her up by her head and slammed her down into the
concrete. Then he raised her up and did it again. And again. And again. And
again. The blows shattered the concrete and shockwaves radiated out from the
point of impact. Windows shattered as far a five blocks away, and an already
damaged building collapsed.

The Abomination kept lifting her up and slamming her down until she stopped

He gazed down at her prostrate form with a grin. The limbs of her muscular
body were spread wide, and her hair fanned out over the rubble like a dark
halo around her gorgeous face. The monster's eyes tracked down, over her big
breasts, which rolled seductively with each juddering breath she took, across
her firm undulating abdominals to the v' of her groin, where her extremely
tight uniform meant that he could just see the groove of her slit between her
wide-splayed legs.

And between the monster's legs, a monster-cock began to stir. She-Hulk had
been right, no woman had touched him or even expressed the slightest
interest in him since he'd been transformed. Truth to tell, not many had been
interested even before he'd become a repulsive monster. But that didn't mean
he would have to go without sex forever. In fact, he decided he wasn't going
to go without for even another hour.

"Ha ha!" The monster laughed, "There's your foreplay, bitch!"

A laser bolt struck the Abomination in the face.

"Stay away from her you monster!" screamed a SHIELD agent as he switched his
weapon to rapid-fire.

"Dano! Cease fire!" his partner screamed, knowing that they had no chance
against a creature that had defeated She-Hulk.

The agent's energy projectiles had no effect on the gamma-powered
Abomination, except to annoy him by ruining a moment he had wanted to savour.
He picked up a chunk of concrete, and with surprising speed and accuracy
threw it straight at the agent's face. The man flew back twenty feet and then
rolled across the ground for another fifty feet until he hit an overturned
car, and lay motionless. The agent's partner ran over and sighed with relief
when he saw that he was still alive. His armoured helmet had saved his life,
but it would take a plastic surgeon to save his nose.

The Abomination ignored the frantic activity of the SHIELD agents as they
arranged an evac for the wounded man, giving them no more regard than the
buzzing of insects as he turned his attention back to She-Hulk.

The emerald amazon had groaned and rolled over onto her stomach. The
shoulders of her dark blue uniform had been torn by the brutal piledriving
impacts into the ground, and her bare skin showed through. There were smaller
tears all down her back and her buttocks. She was barely conscious, but she
knew she had to get away, and she'd begun crawling along the road.

The sight of She-Hulk's ass-globes jiggling as she crawled served to inflame
the Abomination's lust even further, and his cock sprang free as it grew too
large to contain. His manhood was as monstrous as the rest of him. The scaly
sheath was covered in large knobbly growths, similar to those on his
malformed head, and it was incredibly thick, more than 4-inches across and a
good 14-inches long, but it was still only partially engorged, and with every
passing moment it grew larger and larger.

The Abomination grasped She-Hulk's body across her broad back with one huge
hand. She tried to writhe free, but he lifted her up and slammed her tits
first into the ground.


Again and again he crashed her into the ground, her uniform ripping across
her battered breasts as her body smashed the road into jagged fragments. When
he raised her up he held her high just long enough for the onlookers to see
her naked breasts poking through the ruined SHIELD uniform.

All the time his penis continued to grow, as he derived sexual pleasure
from inflicting pain upon She-Hulk. The head had emerged from the sheath,
and slimy pre-cum flew wildly from the tip as his gargantuan penis swung
violently as he viciously pounded She-Hulk into the ground.

After one final and particularly brutal blow he stopped to look upon his
handiwork. She-Hulk's face and upper body were half buried in the crater
formed by his attack, and pieces of displaced concrete had been forced up
high under her hips, pushing her ass up into the air as though presenting
it to the lustful monster.

The Abomination's laugh echoed through the town.

* * *

On the bridge of the helicarrier SHIELD Director Hill watched the scene
with a growing sense of disbelief? Was she really going to see one of those
arrogant superheroes get raped? Although she knew she shouldn't take pleasure
in She-Hulk's misfortune, the thought made her feel warm inside. Ms. Hill
felt a little guilty about the thrill it gave her, since She-Hulk was one of
the 'good' heroes, fully registered and eager to co-operate with SHIELD and
the pro-registration forces, despite her disturbingly liberal attitudes on
civil liberties. But she only felt a little guilty about it, because no
matter how much Maria Hill tried to control her hatred of superheroes for the
sake of her duty, she still felt it every time she had to deal with one of
these costumed freaks.

On the screen the Abomination started slapping that monstrous weapon of his
against She-Hulk's firm round buttocks, and the sight made Director Hill's
sex palpitate. It was so big! It wasn't possible for her to judge the size
with any accuracy, but it was considerably larger than any human's cock.
Maybe as big as a horse-cock! Even in proportion to the Abomination's huge
frame, it seemed big. It was incredibly thick, thicker around than She-Hulk's
muscular biceps, and longer than She-Hulk's thigh. It had to be at least
2-feet long!

Director Hill licked her lips as her mouth suddenly went dry.

She watched as the Abomination slapped his huge cock against She-Hulk's
perfectly shaped butt; watched She-Hulk's sexy buns jiggling under the
meaty impacts. And as she watched she could hear orders flying over the
communications network, as her troops sought a way to rescue the jade

Tearing herself away from the view Hill opened a channel, "Belay that!" She
commanded, "No one is to take any action to assist She-Hulk!"

Confused responses flooded back, one or two sounding quite angry, and the
assembled bridge crew all turned to stare at her in disbelief.

"I will not have my orders questioned!" Hill snapped, "If we have any weapon
powerful enough to hurt the Abomination, then it will much more easily hurt
She-Hulk, and while they are so close together we dare not risk it. And I
don't want any more of you or your men getting hurt like Agent Dano, or
getting killed because you attempted a foolish rescue mission against a
monster that has fought the goddamned Hulk to a standstill. Those of you
evacuating the area continue to do so; everyone else, stand down!"

She cut off the chattering voices and strode off the bridge and into her
office, where she could return her attention to the screen in private. A
small, somewhat ambiguous smile grew on her attractive face as she watched
the Abomination spanking the unconscious heroine's ass with his gigantic
cock, and a wetness grew between her thighs.

* * *

Jennifer's eyelids fluttered and her arm twitched as she began to regain
consciousness. She was only vaguely aware of something hot and wet slapping
against her butt through the pain of her battered body. She tried to push
herself up but she was immediately slammed down hard by the Abomination's
huge hand engulfing her head.


"Finally awake, bitch?" The Abomination growled. "Good, I want you to be
fully conscious for this!"

"What! Get off me! What are you doing? Wha -"

She-Hulk gasped as the green-skinned monster hooked one of his clawed
fingers into the neck of her ragged SHIELD uniform. The tough fabric tore
like paper as the Abomination ripped it from her back. He twisted and
wrenched the tattered uniform, tearing it all the way down to her knees,
and then he pulled the ruined remnants out from under her. The Abomination's
hand released her head and slid down to the middle of She-Hulk's broad and
muscular back, pushing down so hard her naked breasts pressed into the
shattered concrete below her. All that remained of her uniform were the
gloves and boots, the sleeves up to where they were torn away near the
shoulder, and a few shredded scraps that extended partway up her thighs.
And her thong.

The Abomination's thick finger hooked through the gusset of the scanty
panties, scaly knuckles disturbingly brushing the smooth skin of her vulva.
Then he pulled, stretching the material with his incredible strength until
it broke. The ends snapped back, slapping against Jennifer's now exposed
pussy and ass.


She kicked her legs back at the Abomination, but in her position she
could not get enough power behind them to even mildly faze the more potent
gamma-powered monster.

"You said no woman could ever want to touch me, and maybe you were right,
but I'm the Abomination! I'm the strongest one there is! If I want something
I can take it!" He pulled on her ruined panties, snapping the waistband to
fling the scrap of fabric aside. "If you don't want to touch me, then I'll
just have to touch you!!! And there ain't nothing you can do about it!!!"


She-Hulk screamed as something hot and wet touched her vulnerable pussy. She
tried to twist away, but the Abomination's other hand came down to grasp her
hip and hold her in place with his superior strength. Jennifer gasped as the
huge green cockhead forced her plump pussy-lips apart. She clamped her
vaginal muscles tight to deny him entry, but the Abomination was not to be
denied. He grunted and pushed harder. He moved the huge hand on her back up
so his fingers could hook over her shoulders, and then he pulled her body
back down, increasing the pressure on her resistant cunt.

The jade amazon squealed and began to cry as she felt her defenses crumbling,
and the massive maleness started edging its way into her femininity. Her
fingers dug into the concrete, trying to pull herself away, but the road's
surface was too weak to provide any purchase against the Abomination's
strength, and she tore up big chunks, gouging furrows in the road.

There was no escape!

"OH GOD! NO! NOOOO!! You're too big! STOP! Oh god, PLEASE NOOOOOOOO!!!"

Less than inch, and already her vaginal entrance was stretched as widely as
she had ever experienced. He hadn't even entered her properly yet; he was
still just opening her gates! The second inch entered her, and the stretching
really began. The third inch, and the pain was severe. The fourth inch, and
she was dilated far enough for a baby's head to pass through, but the widest
point of his cockhead was still to come.

"Take it you bitch! TAKE MY COCK!!!"


Tears flowed from her eyes, due more to fear and humiliation than to the
considerable pain. Looking up she could see people all around, SHIELD agents
were trying to evacuate the town's civilians, but everyone kept stopping to
gawp at the sight of the green-skinned amazon being raped by the hulking


The giant cockhead popped inside the entrance to Jennifer's jade pussy,
seven-inches wide and five-inches deep.

The Abomination pulled back, causing She-Hulk to squeal as her pussy
stretched, her vaginal muscles clamped tightly behind the great flared
cockhead. The monster jabbed forward again, driving another three inches
of his monumental maleness into his enemy's tightly clenching pussy. Her
passage was dry, so the only lubrication was the monster's copious pre-cum.
He thrust again, impaling the writhing amazon on more of his monster-cock.


At ten inches, She-Hulk's pussy-lips kissed the top of the inhuman cock's
tough leathery sheath. For the next five minutes, the monster used only those
inches to fuck her, pounding into her. The regular rhythmic thrusts became
almost pleasant, and to She-Hulk's distress she felt something stirring
inside her.

"DA!!! This is all you're good for, She-Bitch! Riding my cock like the whore
you are! You're my fuck-bitch now! I'm going to rape you good and hard like a
whore deserves!!!"

The Abomination thrust hard, the rough sheath of his cock like sandpaper as
it entered her vulnerable vagina.

"You're splitting me in TWO! AAAGH!!! IT HURTS! OOHhhh god...IT HURRRTSS!!!

"I haven't even started with you yet She-Bitch! Wait till you feel THIS!!!"

The monster's next thrust was an unstoppable battering ram, punching
15-inches deep into the humiliated heroine, striking her sensitive cervix
and driving it deep into her body, and the knobbly growths on his cock-sheath
were agonizing as they tore across her tender overstretched membranes.


Despite the pain, the undercurrent of pleasure was getting stronger; each
terrible inward thrust caused her big green clit to lean down as her outer
flesh was pulled inside her, resulting in near constant stimulation as it
rubbed against the monstrous impaling cock. To She-Hulk's shame, her pussy
began to moisten, gently bathing the Abomination's inhuman phallus with her
lubricating juices.


She-Hulk grunted as the Abomination fucked her, hammering his thick cock
against her cervix. The pleasure was undeniable now, she was split wider
and deeper than ever before, but it was strangely satisfying to feel the
powerful penis touching her in places she'd never experienced before. But
though She-Hulk didn't know it, she had taken little more than half of the
Abomination's mighty cock; he still had another ten inches he intended to
drive home.

Suddenly the Abomination stopped pumping, his cock half buried in She-Hulk's
tightly gripping pussy. The massive man-meat twitched and jerked in her cunt,
Jennifer feeling every throbbing pulsation, and the monster snorted like an
animal. She-Hulk wailed in disgust as his cum blasted into her womb with the
force of a water-cannon. The vile liquid seared her insides and she shuddered
at the feeling of it invading the full extent of her insides, filling her
womb and surging up her fallopian tubes until it reached her fertile,
egg-producing ovaries. There was so much of it her belly visibly swelled with
the volume, and he continued to fill her with so much cum it was forced back
down her impaled vagina to spurt from between her pussy-lips and the
arm-thick monster-cock.

At the same time, the emerald amazon felt something she could not identify
ripple through her. In other circumstances she might have described it as a
small orgasm, but that was impossible; she could not have climaxed while
being raped. It was unthinkable.

* * *

Aboard the SHIELD Helicarrier Maria Hill groaned with pleasure. The wall of
her office was entirely given over to displaying the live images captured by
SHIELD's cameras. Hill had sent more remote scanners and now she was being
treated to a dozen different viewpoints of the action, including multiple
close-ups on Jennifer's brutally impaled cunt and a full-sensor scan that was
as good as x-ray vision, showing the true depth of She-Hulk's impalement.
Director Hill could actually see the Abomination's cock inside the raped
Avenger. She could see the sperm filling the heroine's cunt.

The SHIELD Commander had tried to deny what she felt as she watched She-Hulk
being raped, but it was just too powerful. She leaned back in her office
chair, her legs spread wide and she rubbed her hand up and down the crotch
of her skin-tight uniform.

* * *

The giant creature hunkered back and pulled his cock from Jennifer's cunt.
The massive mushroom head audibly popped out and a huge gush of thick cum
poured from the gaping hole between She-Hulk's legs. The jade amazon's body
heaved as she sobbed with relief, and her abdomen convulsed with the need to
expel his disgusting seed from her sodden pussy.

One of the Abomination's claws reached down and almost gently stroked
Jennifer's hair away from her face, so he could see her tear-filled eyes.

"Are you sad, She-Bitch? Disappointed that I came too soon? Don't worry, like
you said, I haven't had a woman since I transformed, so I'm still as hard as
a rock and I got years worth of cum backed up in my balls. We got a lot of
lost time to make up for!"


She-Hulk screamed as he powered back into her, all the way to her cervix and
beyond, punching through her now thoroughly slick inner barrier to invade her
cum-packed womb!

"You're mine now She-Bitch! MINE! And I'm going to FUCK YOUR BRAINS OUT!!!"

Jennifer screamed again, throwing her head back and reeling from the
incredible agony of being penetrated deeper than she could ever have believed
possible. More than 20-inches of monster-cock, and She-Hulk thought she was
utterly filled. The Abomination did not agree. His massive cockhead was
slamming into the roof of her womb, but he still had another five inches
waiting beyond her tightly gripping pussy-lips, and he intended to bury his
cock to the hilt!

The Abomination's powerful thrusts rocked She-Hulk's muscular body hard, as
he tried to force the last remaining inches into her overstretched cunt. The
violated heroine could feel the organs inside her being forced to move aside
under the strength of his onslaught, making room for her tortured sex to
stretch deeper, impossibly deeper, to accommodate the monstrous phallus.

Another three inches disappeared, but the remaining two stubbornly would not
fit, so the Abomination grabbed her hips with both hands, and pulled her back
onto his cock through main strength.


She-Hulk's ear-splitting screech reverberated for miles. The intense pain
that radiated from her violated sex was beyond description, as it was forced
inexorably deeper, displacing other organs as the last two inches were
crammed into her. His scaly groin slammed against her sexy ass and his
gigantic balls slapped against her thighs.

Only her superhuman endurance made it possible, her incredible resilience
allowing her innards to survive such an outlandish penetration. She-Hulk was
seven feet tall, her torso making up almost three feet of that, and now more
than two feet of monster-cock was buried inside her. The awesome cock had
tunneled two-thirds of the way through her body!

Bright spots danced before Jennifer's eyes; her heartbeat swift and heavy;
her lungs constricted; her limbs twitched spasmodically. She'd gone beyond
pain, she was numb. There was just an enormous sense of impossible fullness,
of internal pressure, and then the moment passed and She-Hulk's screams

Jennifer could not fight him off or get away, all she could do was
endure, And, as time passed by, enjoy. She didn't understand how, but the
undercurrent of pleasure was still there, and getting stronger. The pain was
horrible, but that only seemed to add to the pleasure, and as her monstrous
rapist was thrusting in and out of her she succumbed to it. She submitted
to the violating phallus, awaiting each thrust not with dread but with

The Abomination noticed the change, the way her pussy no longer fought
against him but instead sought to suck him in, Instead of tightening as he
entered, her pussy gripped him tightly as he withdrew, seeking to keep him
inside her. He didn't understand how or why, but he didn't care either. She
was just a cunt to him, and all that mattered was how good she felt around
his cock!

As the Abomination pumped hard into her, Jennifer felt a huge orgasm brewing.
Her breaths becoming shorter, her over-stretched pussy twitching faster and
faster; she was ready to explode. Ever since she had become She-Hulk Jennifer
had fantasised about finding a man strong enough to take her and dominate
her, but not like this. Now her dream had become a nightmare, become true in
the most horrible way imaginable, raped by this repulsive monster, the

Her entire body seemed to be throbbing with fever-lust as she began thrusting
herself back to meet the pumping cock. The Abomination's giant knobbly cock
was invading her, violating her, conquering her, and she no longer even
wanted to fight back. She craved it, she needed it!


A blinding orgasm ripped through Jennifer's muscular body, and she gasped
and gurgled insanely. Her mind was ripped apart by a maelstrom of relentless
sexual ecstasy crashing over her, inundating her. She'd never cum so hard in
her sexually adventurous life. Nothing in her abundant experience even came
close to the intoxicating power of this massive, quaking climax.

Almost before that earth-shattering orgasm had subsided, she orgasmed again.
And again. And again. The Abomination repeatedly raped her to climax over and
over again; the cruelly pounding cock dominating the multi-orgasmic heroine

* * *

In her office, Director Hill had opened her uniform from neck to crotch,
pulling it wide open to fondle her medium sized but exquisitely shapely
breasts with one hand while the other was rubbing up and down her
dark-furred pussy. Her clitoris was fully erect and poking out from its
little hood, and when Ms. Hill pushed her hairy pussy-lips apart a bead
of moisture dribbled from her open slit down between her buttocks. With
a gasp, the horny voyeur pushed two fingers into her eager snatch.

She knew it was wrong for her to frigging herself, but the butch SHIELD
commander had never seen anything as erotically powerful as She-Hulk's
brutal rape. She was so completely turned on that she couldn't stop

* * *

The Abomination power-fucked the sensational She-Hulk, the impacts of his
hard groin on her sexy firm butt booming through the city, accompanied by
her impassioned cries and his guttural growls.


The Abomination shouted in victory as he blasted his thick sperm into
She-Hulk's womb for the second time. Her entire pussy was filled with the
Abomination's spunk, and it made loud disgusting squelching sounds as he
kept on fucking his inhuman cock in and out of her sloppy hole.

Eventually his roars became grunts which became groans, and he fell back to
sit on his heels, his monstrous organ sliding out of She-Hulk with a wet
slurp and a gush of creamy white spunk. His chest heaved as he savoured the
experience. He'd raped She-Hulk, he'd fucked her good and hard, and it was
the best sex he'd ever had. It was the best sex he'd ever imagined.

She-Hulk wept with despair, her mind-blowing orgasms still reverberating
through her hollowed out body. How could this have happened? How could she
have orgasmed while being brutally raped? And oh god, why did she yearn for
his cruel cock inside her?

But the Abomination wasn't finished with her yet. He grabbed her hips
and flipped her over, and She-Hulk opened her eyes to see the massive
monster-cock that had conquered her. She could not believe it, there was
no way that could have fit inside her, it just wasn't possible! The
two-foot length was slimy with cum and pussy-juice all the way to the
base, silent testament to the fact that she really had taken every inch.

"Like what you see She-Bitch?"

She-Hulk did not answer.

She looked up at it in shock, repelled by the hideous appendage, but there
was a perverse attraction within the revulsion that she could neither explain
nor understand. With a sudden, horrible realisation, She-Hulk consciously
knew that she wanted it. She wanted it back inside her. She wanted him to
rape her again.

"I know you do. All you bitch's love big cocks, and mine's the biggest cock
of them all!" he roared.

Jennifer just laid motionless, legs akimbo and cum drooling from her ravaged

"Get up Bitch! Get up and kiss my cock!"

She-Hulk moved slowly and awkwardly, wincing with pain as the movement
caused her pussy to close up, the tender membranes rubbing against one
another within her. Gravity fed the cum in her womb down into her vagina
like a funnel, and it veritably gushed from her hairless pussy as she
rose up.

"Kiss my COCK!"

She looked up at the dreadful appendage, the massive cock that had conquered
her. It was utterly repulsive to her, with its long glistening stalk jutting
from the leathery, knobbly sheath, and the great flared glans at its head
drooling long strands of sperm. The knowledge that he'd utterly humiliated
her, of that thing having been inside her, filling her womb with his sperm,
disgusted her, and the feeling suddenly washed the submissiveness out of her.
The thought of kissing it made her nauseous.

With an abrupt surge of defiance, She-Hulk attempted to launch herself at
the vile monster, but her legs were too weak and the Abomination swatted
her aside like a fly. The amazon whimpered with fear and frustration before
yelping as the Abomination grabbed her long hair and jerked her head up to
his cock.


He rubbed his slimy cock over her face. When Jennifer tried to twist aside
he grasped her head in both hands and held her in place while he mashed his
slimy cockhead against her lips. One hand released her head and he pinched
her face by the cheeks, his thumb and forefinger on either side of her mouth
forcing her lips into a pout.

"That's it you WHORE, kiss my cock! KISS IT!!"

The Abomination flexed his abdominal muscles so his cock rose from her face
and then slapped back down onto her forced pout, making her kiss it. He
repeated it more than a dozen times, strands of cum stretching and snapping
between Jennifer's luscious lips and the monster's glistening glans.

The clawed fingers began pushing harder into her cheeks, digging in until
the pressure forced her to open her mouth, and the Abomination's cum dribbled
past her lips. Holding her in place by his grip on her lower jaw, the monster
removed his other hand and started stroking his cock, pressing his fingers
against the underside and squeezing as he ran his hand up the mighty length,
wringing the remnants of his cum that still lingered in his urethra from his
two-foot cock, oozing from his piss-slit to drop into She-Hulk's helplessly
waiting mouth.

Tears welled in Jennifer's eyes once more as she was forced to swallow the
disgusting monster-sperm.

"You like the taste of my cum?" He asked.

She-Hulk didn't answer.

"I asked you a question Bitch! Tell me you like my cum!"

"Yeeah, I iye ur cuw." She-Hulk repeated his words, garbled by the fingers
that still forced her mouth wide.

"Good! That's because you're a WHORE!" He exclaimed, and spat into her open

Jennifer flinched, oddly more repulsed by the Abomination's big gobbet of
sticky saliva landing in her mouth than she had been by his creamy sperm.

"Now suck me! Suck my cock like the whore you are!" The Abomination snarled,
grabbing She-Hulk's head and forcefully jamming half his cock down her
throat, until the leathery sheath had been pushed back as far as it could

"Ggllaaahhg! Awwwuuullghh! Ggllooaahhgh!" She-Hulk gagged, as her gullet was
stretched by the massive penis.

Jennifer's tears flowed freely, despair in her heart. She had never felt so
humiliated, and yet the humiliation aroused her!

"That's it, CHOKE on it, bitch! Aaaahh!! Choke on my big dick, you
worthless Avenger slut!" The Abomination growled, fucking She-Hulk's throat

Weeping and gagging, the debased heroine concluded that her best hope was
to make her ordeal as short as possible, to get it over and done with.
Unfortunately that meant she had to co-operate with her own rape, pleasure
her attacker so that he came sooner rather than later. Disgusted with
herself and the act she now undertook, she began sucking the monster's
inhuman cock. Her cheeks hollowed out around the Abomination's cock on
every outstroke, pulling deeply on the giant phallus with her suctioning
mouth, and the green giant grunted in appreciation.

"UUHHhnnn! Oh yeah!!! You love it don't you slut? You love sucking my

Big ropes of drool and cum stretched and flexed from the Abomination's
pumping cock and She-Hulk's chin, hanging lower and lower until they broke
and fell to splat onto She-Hulk's awesome breasts. The Abomination's cock
began to twitch rapidly, and She-Hulk felt grateful that the end was near,
but the monster abruptly withdrew his massive penis from her mouth with a

She-Hulk gasped, panting for air as her rapist slapped his slimy cock against
her face.

"You like that, don't you slut?" The Abomination taunted Jennifer, rubbing
his cock over her beautiful features. "You love sucking my cock like a dirty
whore, don't you?"

The jade amazon wept.

"DON'T YOU?!!"

"N-no!" She spat.

"Wrong answer!"

He rammed his monster-cock down her throat, forcing over 18-inches down her
gullet until the head reached the entrance to her stomach! He pulled back and
began pounding into her face. More than six inches remained outside, but the
gamma-powered monster's giant balls were so large that they slapped heavily
against the humiliated heroine's chin. There was no question of She-Hulk
trying to suck on his cock this time; he was fucking her too fast,
jack-hammering in and out with phenomenal speed and brutality.

"Ohhh yeah, that's what you are, isn't it She-Hulk? You're not a superhero
any more, you're just a super-whore! My personal suck-slut. You're a good for
nothing cock-sucking whore, aren't you?!!" The Abomination exclaimed as he
throat-fucked She-Hulk.

Jennifer could not answer; she could only endure as her spasming gullet
massaged the massive raping cock.

* * *

On the SHIELD Helicarrier, Director Hill was plunging four fingers into her
steaming honey-pot. Gasping and moaning, she had tried to force her hand as
deep as possible into her own pussy, but try though she might she could get
no deeper than her wrist.

She had fisted herself to several wonderful orgasms as she watched She-Hulk's
ordeal. Now, as she watched the brutal face-fucking of She-Hulk, she pulled
her hand out of her furry cunt and brought it up to her mouth to begin
licking her juices from her fingers. When she finished licking the first
finger she didn't remove it from her mouth when she started on the second,
but instead licking and sucking at both her pussy-flavoured digits together.
The she added the third, and then the fourth, until she was sucking on her
entire hand.

Her eyes fixed on the image of She-Hulk's cruelly impaled mouth Maria Hill
began thrusting her hand in and out of her mouth, sucking and licking it as
though it was a cock.

* * *

For a long time the only sounds in the street were those of wet sucking and
guttural groaning.

Her eyes closed tightly, She-Hulk heard a faint whirring noise over the
disgusting sound of her face being raped. She looked up and saw, just over
the shoulder of her hulking assailant, a SHIELD hovercam, recording an
attacker's eye view of her oral rape. Realising that reminded her of the
spectacle she made, here, kneeling naked in the middle of the street with
a massive cock plunging the full length of her throat, sperm splattered
across her muscular green body, with more sperm still oozing from her gaping
cunt, and the humiliation burned through her soul.

Looking to either side from the corners of her eyes, Jennifer saw that she
was surrounded by a couple of dozen SHIELD agents, many of them milling about
indecisively, but more than a few watching very intently, their rampant
erections clearly visible through their tight uniforms. They were supposed to
be the 'good guys', how could they be getting turned on by watching her get
raped? And more importantly, how could it be that she was getting turned on
by being raped?

"Ouuhhhh! Uuaaahhhhh! YYYEAAAAAAHHHH!!" The Abomination shouted as, finally,
he blasted thick ropes of gooey sperm straight down She-Hulk's gullet, making
her belly swell as he filled her stomach with his vile seed.

In just a few seconds, She-Hulk's belly was completely packed with
monster-sperm, but the Abomination just kept on cumming. His spunk squirted
back up her impaled throat and spurted through She-Hulk's lips. The
Abomination's thrusts slowed and plunged less deeply, slowly withdrawing from
his victim's wonderful orifice.

The Abomination was still cumming as he pulled out of her mouth with a sloppy
'pop' and he carried on ejaculating, shooting thick creamy cum all over her
beautiful green face. She-Hulk retched, and a fountain of sperm erupted from
her mouth, but when she tried to lower her head to empty her cum-packed
throat and belly, the green-skinned monster jerked her head back by her hair,
forcing her to face the sky, turning her into a cum-fountain as she spewed
spunk high into the air that rained back down on herself.

"Oh Yeeessssss!!" the Abomination hissed, rubbing his still pulsing cock all
over She-Hulk's face, smearing even more cum across her gorgeous features,
completely unrecognizable under the thick slimy mask of sperm.

"Uuurrh! You're a good whore, She-Bitch! Can't get enough of my cum can you,
Slut!" The Abomination said as he slapped her face with his huge cock, making
wet splatting sounds. "Don't worry, I still got plenty for you yet!!!"

She-Hulk was dazed by the enormity of what had happened to her, and by the
way she was reacting. She felt totally humiliated, sitting there raped and
debased, yet somehow she almost enjoyed the feeling, some part of her deep
down liked this brutal, degrading treatment.

"Suck my balls, slut!" The Abomination commanded, lifting his repulsive cock
with one clawed hand to fully expose his giant leathery ballsac.

Without even thinking She-Hulk obeyed, opening her slimy mouth to suck in one
huge testicle. It was too large for her to get it all in her mouth, slightly
less than half disappeared into her warm oral cavity, and she felt nauseous
as she realised what she was doing. He hadn't directly forced her to do this,
she was doing it just because he had told her to. True, he would have forced
her to, had she resisted, but she hadn't, and at the time she hadn't been
thinking about the threat of force when she'd complied.

As she pondered on the meaning of her reactions she continued sucking on the
Abomination's wrinkled nutsac. Her full, sensuous lips stretched to encase as
much of it as she could reach and her tongue lashed one monstrous testicle,
before switching to pleasure the other massive ball, alternating back and

"Yeah! That's it, bitch! Suck my balls good and hard! Uuhhh! You ball-sucking
slut! Get those little baby-makers ready to fuck your dirty little cunt
again!!!" The green-skinned monster declared, stroking his giant shaft.

Jennifer felt very conflicted at his words. He was going to rape her
again? She found the thought simultaneously both horrifying and strangely,
disturbingly arousing.

The Abomination believed that he could feel his balls swelling with
replenished spunk in response to She-Hulk's oral ministrations. His desire
was so strong that he felt unable and unwilling to stop himself from fucking
the green-skinned babe. He'd fuck her until the end of time, it felt so good!

The monster pulled his massive balls out of Jennifer's sucking mouth and bent
down to spit onto her cum-caked face, the big glob of saliva disappearing in
to the gooey mess of sperm and tears. His huge clawed hand came down on her
cum-splattered chest, just above her huge breasts, and he slammed her back
hard into the shattered concrete.

"Push those tits together, She-Bitch!" He growled.

Again, with no conscious thought of defiance, She-Hulk did as she was
ordered. The Abomination's taloned fingers flicked her big stiff nipples and
then pinched then firmly between his claws. Jennifer gasped at the terrible
thrill that shot through her abused body. Blood surged through her big boobs
as her engorged teats swelled even larger in the Abomination's powerful

As she lay there holding her tits for the raping monster to play with, she
could see more SHIELD hovercams moving to take up the best positions to
document her suffering from every angle.

The Abomination played with her beautiful breasts for several minutes,
pinching, scratching and pulling on them, stretching the big globes into
cones and then squashing them almost flat, and throughout it all She-Hulk
felt a strange and unfamiliar pleasure. She'd always liked having her
breasts fondled, but few of her lovers had the strength to make her truly
feel it as she was now. And the stimulation was compounded by the fact that
she could now clearly see all the cameras and SHIELD agents watching her.

Then the hands released her nipples and she felt the hot wet head of the
Abomination's inhuman cock nudge against the underside of her cleavage.

"Hold that pose Bitch!" He snarled, and thrust his giant penis between her
huge tits.

She-Hulk grimaced in distaste, but she still held her breasts, pushing them
together to maintain a deep valley for her rapist to fuck.

The Abomination titty-fucked Jennifer slowly, deliberately drawing out her
humiliation so he could enjoy her suffering. But as he watched her face he
was surprised by the effect on She-Hulk. After a couple of minutes of it he
noticed that her breaths were getting shorter, until she was almost panting.
The big-titted slut was getting off on it!

Jennifer was mortified by her body's reaction. How could this be? Her jade
breasts were tingling tantalisingly, and waves of pleasure emanated from
them as that terrible cock sawed in and out between them. The pleasure kept
building, until it seemed that her breasts would explode with the intensity
of it.


She-Hulk cried out as she experienced her first ever titgasm.

* * *

Maria Hill cried out as she fisted herself to orgasm while watching
She-Hulk's climax from multiple angles. She came for as long as the monster
kept fucking She-Hulk's massive tits and only stopped when the screens showed
his giant penis pull out of the awesome green cleavage. Hill slumped down
limply into her chair in the wake of her multiple orgasms, panting heavily as
she pulled her balled up fist out of her steaming cunt.

She would never have believed it possible, but there was no way to mistake
She-Hulk's orgasm for anything else. These certainly were not cries of pain,
since the Abomination was just titty-fucking her, so they could only be
passion! Privately Ms. Hill had always thought that She-Hulk was an oversexed
slut who needed to be raped, but she was surprised to discover that she had
been right. Surprised, and incredibly turned on!

The butch woman pushed her fist back inside her furry hole, but she craved a
deeper penetration, and so began looking around her office for something more
suitable to her needs...

* * *

She-Hulk blushed with shame as the Abomination laughed at her.

"You see, She-Bitch? I knew you were a slut! So I guess it's lucky for you
I'm ready to fuck you again!"

The green amazon wept, not from fear at what he was going to do to her, but
from the fear that she was going to enjoy it.

"Spread your legs! Open them as far as you can for me. Show me how much you
want my mighty cock in your slutty cunt!!"

She-Hulk obeyed, and her rapist grinned widely.

"Now beg!"


"I want you to beg me to fuck you!"


"Come on now, we both know you want it. You beg, or I'll beat your ass like
a pinata and then I'll rape you again anyway! And you'll enjoy it because
you're such a dirty slut! So save yourself the pain and beg me for my cock!"

"O-oh god,"


"p-please f-fuck me,"

"Not like that, louder, and make me believe you mean it. Tell me you're a big
slut who really wants to be raped!!"

"PLEASE FUCK ME!!!" She-Hulk screamed. "I'm a total SLUT and I need to be
RAPED!" she sobbed.

"That's better!" The Abomination said, brandishing his monstrous cock above
her. "Since you asked so nicely, I'm going to give you want you want. I'm
going to rape you, just like you begged me to, because you're a worthless
whore. Aren't you a lucky whore?"

She-Hulk wept with despair.

"Say it! Say you're a lucky whore!"

"I-I'm a lucky whore..." she whimpered.

The Abomination laughed, "I'm going to make you my slut-bitch, She-Hulk, and
everyone's going to know it!"

The Abomination pushed his giant cockhead against She-Hulk's smooth slimy
slit, and her big boobs swayed and bounced as she flinched away from the
contact. Her hulking rapist rubbed his massive flared glans up and down the
puffy folds of her gaping pussy, teasing her for a few seconds. Jennifer
looked down her body and saw just how huge the thing was in comparison to
her once tight cunt. It didn't seem possible that it could ever have fit
inside her, but it had, and it would again.

The Abomination reached down to grab her huge tits in his taloned hands,
squeezing them painfully. Gripping her breasts for leverage, the Abomination
forced 14-inches of monster-cock up into She-Hulk's pussy with one hard
lunge. Despite her previous stretching, to the jade amazon it felt like her
love canal was being split so wide it would burst.

With the next thrust the Abomination's invading cock plunged 19-inches into
the violated heroine, punching through She-Hulk's cervix and straight into
her fertile, cum-packed womb.

"EEEEYYYYYYYAAAAIIIIIIIII!!!!" She-Hulk screamed in blinding pain.

The Abomination's eyes lit up with delight, and a huge grin spread across his
hideous face as Jennifer's big sexy body arched and writhed on his impaling
tool. The Abomination sadistically began slowly pushing his knobbly cock
further into her while gyrating his hips, enjoying the convulsions of his
victim's tightly gripping sex.

"Dirty SLUT!"

The gamma-powered monster worked his way deeper and deeper into She-Hulk's
wonderful cunt, skewering her on his colossal 2-foot long, six-inch wide,
shaft. The experience was perversely satisfying to the degraded heroine, but
Jennifer's tormented pleasure could not compare to the ecstatic bliss that
the Abomination felt in the superheroine's clasping pussy. He had been
without pussy for so long that he was like a virgin teenager, but with the
superhuman endurance to match his insatiable lust.


Jennifer wept and let her head fall back, staring up at the afternoon sky as
the Abomination drove the full length of his monster-cock into her body.


The reptilian rapist groaned with pleasure as he fucked She-Hulk, his giant
balls slapping against her cum-slimy buttocks.

"SLUT! BITCH! WHORE!" The Abomination taunted her with the same words over
and over again, each reiteration like a burning lance through Jennifer's
soul, branding her for what she truly was...

The emerald amazon grunted with unwelcomed pleasure for what seemed like an
eternity. The hole between her legs was an inferno, burning like a furnace as
the Abomination stoked the fires of her unwanted passion. Her overstretched
pussy bathed the wildly pumping, impaling shaft with her juices. Her love
hole sucked and slurped at his massive knobbly organ with a noisy eagerness.
He pounded in and out of her cunt so hard that her body was half lifted with
each stroke, but the monster's tight grip on her tits ensured that she
remained firmly skewered.

"UUUAAAAAAAAaaaaaaiiiiIIIIIEEEEEEEE!!!" She-Hulk came.

Jennifer lost track of time as the Abomination relentlessly power-fucked her
to repeated orgasms. The sound of flesh slapping hard against flesh filled
the street, mingled with the debased heroine's ecstatic cries. The strong
aroma of raw sex, cum and pussy juice and sweat, was inescapable.

"Going. To. Cum!" The Abomination yelled. "Going to cum in your. Slutty.
Whore. CUNT!"

The monster's face was a twisted grimace of animalistic lust, his inhuman
features expressing both his sneering contempt and his overwhelming desire
for She-Hulk in equal measure, and even in her orgasmic misery, Jennifer
found the combination arousing.

"UUNNHHG!!!" The rapist grunted, and his eruption blasted into his muscular

The cumshots were so powerful that it felt like she was being punched in her
womb. The jets of cum geysered forcefully into her already cum-packed insides
and forced her belly to swell like a pregnant sow before it squirted back out
of her pussy around the monster's cock.

* * *

Maria Hill grunted and groaned as she forced her office's small
fire-extinguisher in and out of her tight furry cunt. The 16-inch long,
4-inch wide cold metal cylinder which was normally bracketed to the wall
had a rounded base that made it the perfect shape to use as an improvised
dildo, with all the size that Ms. Hill needed. The cold had made her muscles
clamp down tight, resisting the intruding implement, but that had just made
the pleasure so much sweeter. The vigorous friction had soon warmed her hot
cunt back up and it hadn't taken long for the butch woman to come to a
squealing orgasm.

The SHIELD Director's fantasies had become more and more confused as she had
continued dildo-fucking herself to repeated orgasms. Sometimes she imaged
herself as the Abomination, raping the superpowered slut beneath her with a
huge cock of her own, and sometimes she imagined herself in She-Hulk's place,
being fucked by that magnificent monster-cock. It didn't much matter which,
since both fantasies made her cum like crazy.

She glanced at the chronometer and her eyebrows shot up with surprise. The
Abomination had been raping She-Hulk for well over six-hours! Maria Hill
cried out as that realisation drove her to yet another orgasm.

* * *

The Abomination had withdrawn from She-Hulk, and she lay in a pool of spunk
as he towered over her, his giant erection still rampant.

"You're a real slut, aren't you She-Hulk?"

Jennifer didn't answer, sunk in the misery of her own depravity.

"SAY YES, BITCH! You're a real SLUT, aren't you?!"

"...yes..." She whispered.

"You like being raped by my big cock, don't you She-Bitch?!"

"Y-yes," She sobbed.

"Call me MASTER!" The Abomination boomed.

"Y-Yes, Ma-Master."

"You're going to need a new name then, so everyone knows what a dirty little
whore you are! That's it, from now on, your name is SHE-WHORE!!"

"Oh God," She-Hulk wept.

"What's the matter She-Whore, don't you like your new name?"

"Yes Master," she whimpered.

"Then say it! Tell me who you are!"

"I-I'm she-whuh-whore,"


"I'm She-WHORE!" Jennifer wailed.

"And you love my cock, don't you?"


"SAY IT! Say you love my COCK!"

"I l-love y-, oh god, your c-cock."

"You love my cum!"

"I-I love your cum."

"You love being raped!"

"I, I love b-buh-being," She-Hulk broke down yet again, recognizing the truth
in the words she was being force to say. "I love b-being ruh-raped."

"Because you're a big-titted, slutty cunted, cock-sucking SHE-WHORE!"

"Buh-because I'm a, a, a, big-titted, sluh-slutty cuh-cunted, cock-s-sucking

"Show me. Get up on your knees and shake those big tits for me. Show me what
a good little whore you are! Get me turned on good and hard to rape you

Oh god, thought She-Hulk, how can he do it again?

Judging from the solidity of his hideous jutting cock, he hardly needed the
visual stimulation. This was about humiliating her further, making her debase
herself and fulfil the role of She-Whore that her attacker had defined for
her, and unfortunately for Jennifer it was working. The words she had said
and the act of submitting to his commands, surrendering her power and her
sense of self, were all perversely satisfying to the raped Avenger.

Slowly and awkwardly, her battered thighs protesting achingly as she moved,
She-Hulk rose to her knees. Once again, with her body now upright, the
Abomination's cum poured freely out of Jennifer's gaping gash and the part
of her mind that embraced the new She-Whore identity delighted in the
sensation. The gushing flood was the ultimate proof of what she was now, a
hole to be fucked and filled with sperm; a slut; a whore; a cum-dump.

"Put your hands on your head and shake those milk-makers!"

She-Hulk's face grimaced with the disgust she knew that she ought to be
feeling, but it was purely superficial, existing only in her conscious mind.
Her deeper subconscious was captivated by the thrill of anticipation. She
raised her muscular green arms and arched her back, presenting her bountiful
breasts to the Abomination's sneering gaze. Her nipples were hard bullets of
flesh, swaying hypnotically as She-Hulk breathed heavily.

"Now shake them She-Whore, make your titties dance for me!"

Jennifer twisted her shoulders from side to side, sending her gravity defying
globes rolling back and forth. After a few moments she started rocking her
hips slightly to bounce her big boobs up and down too, the combined movements
making her huge breasts jump and bounce, colliding with each other and
jiggling wildly. Her rapist's cum still coated her tits, and as she shook
them they made wet slapping noises when they struck one another, sending
droplets of sperm flying from them.

The Abomination's repulsive face split into a big grin. "That's it, shake
those hooters you whore! Show everyone what a slut you are!"

The monster began stroking his massive cock as he watched She-Hulk's wildly
swinging tits.

"That's a good slut. Made me all hard and horny again! So it's time for
She-Whore to get her ass raped!"

She-Hulk stopped shaking her tits and stared at her rapist with a horror that
made her forget her new station in life.

"NO! Oh God, Please NO!"

"NO? You DARE to say 'no' to your Master?"

"P-please M-Master, Please, not my ass, please? I'll do anything you want,
but please don't..."

"I decide what you want! I'm your Master now, and what I want, you want,
because you're a dirty little WHORE! Isn't that right?!"


"I said, ISN'T THAT RIGHT?!" he roared.


"That's better. Now, does She-Whore want her master's big cock up her ASS?!!"

"Yes M-Master," She-Hulk sobbed, "Please fuck your whore up her ass!"

"Show me you mean it, bend over, reach back, and hold your ass open for my
mighty COCK!!!"

She-Hulk did as she was ordered, bending over and gripping her cum-slimy jade
buttocks in her strong hands and pulling them apart, opening herself for the
coming violation. The tears flowed freely down her blushing face.

The Abomination teased She-Hulk by rubbing his cock up and down the crack of
her ass, deep between the firm green cheeks, then firmly pressed the head of
his cock up against her asshole. Jennifer gave a short cry, then gritted her
teeth and gasped in pain as he put more and more pressure against her tight
sphincter. Despite her occasionally wild love life, she was a virgin there;
she'd never allowed any man to fuck her ass.


She-Hulk screamed as her tight asshole resisted the repulsive intruder, but
the Abomination's brute strength was greater than any resistance. His giant
cockhead slowly forced her ring open and popped into her. Her screams
descended into groans and moans as he worked his way deeper and deeper into
her bowels. She had thought nothing could be worse than her initial rape,
but now she knew better. The reaming of her ass was agonising, but the
humiliation was even worse. He'd made her beg for it, beg for her own

"Oh yeahhhh," he sighed. "You like that She-Whore? You like my cock in your
tight little ass?!"

She-Hulk just grunted.

"Answer me BITCH!!!"

"Y-OW, Y-yes, yes Master. I lik-AAH like your - UHN, c-cock IIIAAAAOOOWWW,

The Abomination gripped her hips and thrust hard, drawing repeated cries of
pain from the tormented heroine as he butt-fucked her. He drove his cock
deep, burying it in her tight anal tube. Allowing her no time to let her ass
become accustomed to his girth, he began to pump harder, tearing his cock up
and down inside her.

"You like it because you're a WHORE, don't you!"

"Y-YOW!-yes! I'm a HAAOOW-whore!"

Soon he was pounding his cock with savage sexual frenzy, sodomizing the
weeping, shaking amazon with no regard to her pain. His cock skewered her
with terrible violence, ripping in and out of her tight, overstretched

"Say it again!"

"I'm a h-whore!"


"I'm a whore!!"

"AGAIN! And keep saying until I CUM in your ASS!!!"

"I'm a WHORE!"

Wet tears rolled down She-Hulk's sperm-covered face as she repeated the

"I'm a WHORE!!!"

Beyond the humiliation there was soul-destroying horror as she realised
that she could feel pleasure even in this monstrous act of violation. The
Abomination's inhuman cock was stroking her g-spot through the thin wall
dividing her ass from her vagina, and his giant, rough-skinned balls slapped
hard against her cum-sloppy pussy and clit, and these things alone were
enough make her body tremble with rising passion.

"I'm a WHHHOOOORRAAAAAAAIIIIIIIEEEEEEE!!!!" Jennifer screamed as she
orgasmed - orgasmed while being ass-raped by a monster!

* * *

Maria Hill panted and groaned as she pushed the fire extinguisher into her
tight ass, lubricated only by her copious pussy-juices. Sweat dripped from
her short dark hair and her body shimmered under the fluorescent lights.
She bit her lower lip as she slowly forced the improvised dildo deeper,
determined to take the full 16-inch length. All the while her eyes stayed
fixed on multi-screen images of She-Hulk being ass-raped, and she tried to
imagine how much more wonderful that monster-cock must feel inside...

* * *

"...I'm a whore...I'm a whore...I'm a whore...a whore..." She-Hulk whispered
over and over, her throat hoarse from screaming.

She had no idea how long the Abomination had been butt-fucking her as she
rode from climax to climax, but it was long enough for the sun to have dipped
below the horizon by the time the Abomination finally came.

He blasted his thick, white cumloads deep in her ass, roaring with pleasure
as his sperm shot into her trembling, spasming guts.

She-Hulk felt the thick creamy spunk forcing its way deep into her guts,
squirting up into her intestines at the same time as shooting back down
around the Abomination's massive manhood to spurt out of her violated

The green-skinned amazon bucked and trembled with an orgasm of her own as
the monster-cock continued to plunge noisily in and out of her cum-sloppy
asshole, and as he did it seemed as though the terrifying pain of her anal
violation slowly faded.

It was a few more thrusts later that Jennifer realised that it wasn't a
matter of her perception of the pain, the Abomination's cock was loosing its
solid turgidity, finally softening, finally satisfied, after his non-stop
rape of She-Hulk.

And it wasn't just softening. The SHIELD agents watched with surprise as the
giant monster started shrinking. His scaly green hide became pinker and his
repulsive, inhuman features morphed into those of an ugly but definitely
human man. Raping She-Hulk had satisfied something deep in his soul. In the
moment of her ultimate humiliation and his ultimate climax the self-loathing
that had shaped Emil Blonsky's self-identity, that had shaped his
transformation, had finally been exorcised, and Emil Blonsky was human again.

The SHIELD agents drew their batons and launched themselves onto the now
human and helpless former Abomination.

* * *

She-Hulk lay almost motionless in a pit of shattered concrete, her broad back
rising and falling as she breathed heavily, her flawless jade skin covered
with brightly contrasting thick white monster-cum. Jennifer knew that she
should get up, that she should stop the agents that were even now beating
their prisoner severely, or possibly she should get up and help them to hit
him harder, but somehow she just couldn't make herself move. She was just too
overwhelmed by everything that had happened to her.

* * *

SHIELD's commander, Director Maria Hill, gasped as her muscular
contractions slowly squeezed the thick metal fire extinguisher out of her
ass. The hero-hating woman was almost as shattered as She-Hulk. She'd been
masturbating, fisting, and dildoing herself to multiple orgasms for the full
nine hours that the Abomination had been raping She-Hulk, but unlike the
gamma-powered Avenger Ms. Hill didn't have superhuman endurance, just a
strong will and boundless motivation.

She panted for breaths, sweating profusely in the hot air of her office and
groaning with satisfaction as she squirmed and felt the delicious aching pain
of her reamed out holes.

Watching the screens, she thought that she could see something, and her
curiosity piqued, she ordered the hovercams to fly in closer to She-Hulk's
cum-splattered, tear-streaked face. It was just possible to discern that the
amazon's lips were moving as she whispered to herself. Ms. Hill turned the
volume gain all the way up and to her delight she heard She-Hulk repeating
the same phrase over and over;

"...I'm a whore...I'm a whore...I'm a whore..."

To Be Continued


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