*** Warning: This story is for the entertainment of adults. It contains detailed descriptions of Humiliation, Non-Consensual sex, Monster-Cock, Bukkake and Mind-Control/Manipulation. If you don't think you would enjoy that, then don't read it. ***

This story takes place in an alternate universe. It starts with events loosely based on She-Hulk V3 #15, but while the She-Hulk of Earth 616 was victorious in her battle, the She-Hulk of Earth 69 was not so lucky. While many things are similar to the real Marvel Universe, many other things are different. And about to get considerably more so. A single moment will set off a chain of events that will ultimately change the lives of dozens of Marvel's premiere Superheroines.

With the Hulk secretly exiled into space by Iron Man and Reed Richards, She-Hulk was tasked with catching her cousin's old enemies, starting with the Abomination. Her mission succeeded, but in the most horrible way Jennifer Walters could have imagined. The Abomination raped her over and over again, until his sexual gratification was so great that it triggered his transformation back into a puny human. The story continues...

She-Hulk: Marvel Super Whores 2 - She-Hulk vs. The Abomination Round 2 - Sensational
by High-Heeled Jill ([email protected]) & Spring-Heeled Jack

She-Hulk was straining to lift the adamantium bar, each end attached to resistance pistons designed to simulate weights of over a hundred tons. Sweat shimmered on her green skin, emphasising the sharp cuts of her bulging muscles. She was visibly more muscular than she had been just a few short weeks before as she'd spent every waking hour training and exercising. Ever since she had been raped.

She hadn't been strong enough, physically or morally. She didn't know how to deal with her moral weakness, the part of her that had enjoyed being raped by a monster, but if she'd been stronger then she would never have discovered that in her heart she was an eager rape-slut. If she hadn't been beaten physically, she would not have been raped in the first place. She'd had the skill to stop the Abomination, but not the strength, so she was focusing all her anger into redressing that failure.

And she had a great deal of anger.

The last eight days in particular had been a living hell for the jade heroine, just as she thought she was coming to terms with what had happened to her, that was when her ordeal had become public. Very public. SHIELD footage of the entire rape had been leaked, not to the media, but to pornographers. From there it had exploded across the major news outlets like an atom bomb. For over a week it was like nothing else was happening in the world, as the talking heads discussed every detail, every ramification, every hypothetical, to such an obscene degree that the 'moral majority' trembled with outraged indignation. Media watchdogs went into meltdown over how much the news outlets had broadcast from the tapes. Even censored it was dynamite, and many hefty fines were laid on the broadcasters. But that was all after the fact. She-Hulk's degradation had been shared with the entire world. Even worse, the recording included sound, and the news media hadn't censored that, except, bizarrely, for the swearwords, so everybody had heard She-Hulk begging the Abomination to abuse her. It didn't seem to matter to anyone that he had forced her to say the words. Her reputation was in ruins, and Jennifer had no idea of how to deal with the situation.

And the really distressing part of her humiliation was that there was some deep dark corner of She-Hulk's mind that found that almost flattering. Millions of people watching her naked abused body. It was a perversely, disturbingly, arousing thought.

But worst of all were her dreams, reliving the ordeal. They should be nightmares, but instead of waking up screaming with horror she awoke screaming with lust, feeling so incredibly turned on that she had to masturbate herself to orgasm, and it was always the memory of the Abomination's cock inside her that pushed her over the top. The mere thought of it made her nipples stiffen and her pussylips swell, both showing clearly through her light, snugly fitting leotard. Her sense of humiliation was compounded by the fact that she seemed to be almost constantly horny since the assault.

She was angry with her attacker, she was angry with the pornographers, she was angry with the media, and most of all she was angry with herself, for the part of her that had really, really enjoyed being raped.

* * *

"Our experiment with the pornstar was, technically, a failure. While she enjoyed herself immensely I'm afraid the subject did not respond as we had hoped. His autonomic response to the visual stimulation was exactly as predicted, and bodes well for the second stage, but the physical response was inadequate. Or rather the physical stimulation was inadequate."

The speaker was Dr. Higgins, an attractive middle-aged woman wearing a lab-coat, sitting in a metal chair before an imposing desk.

"Perhaps your pornstar wasn't his type?"

Sitting opposite the scientist was SHIELD's commanding officer, Director Maria Hill, a short-haired and athletically built young woman in a tight-fitting uniform that left nothing to the imagination.

"We don't think so. We selected the candidate quite carefully, choosing our specific, ah, volunteer because she bore some slight resemblance to the subject's ex-wife, and as I said," Dr. Higgins lay no particular emphasis on the word as she went on to translate her summary into less technical terms. "He clearly responded favourably to her appearance, but her physical strength just wasn't adequate to do the job."

"I see," the short-haired woman replied.

"We limited our list to women with a demonstrated propensity to accommodate the volume involved; I believe that they are called 'size queens'?"

Director Hill squirmed in her chair. She knew all about size queens.

"As a result," continued the doctor, "full, um, interaction was successfully completed to a surprising degree, at least by the enthusiastic Ms. 'Vavasour' but it seems that the subject's skin is simply too thick and impervious to be sufficiently stimulated by a merely human pornstar. Fortunately we know that this won't be a problem for the second stage."

"So is the 'second stage' ready?" asked Director Hill.

"We're not entirely sure. Dr. Rotherham reports that she is clearly responding favourably to the psychosubliminal programming,"

This was already known to Director Hill, she had spent some time scrutinising the surveillance footage. The early morning recordings, just after the 'second stage' awoke, were particularly interesting.

"But whether she is ready or not, I'm afraid we need to make the attempt sooner rather than later. The subject has been regaining his strength more rapidly than we anticipated."

"How rapidly?"

"I think that it would be advisable to move to the second stage without delay. Today in fact." Said Dr. Higgins.

"And if she isn't ready, is the contingency in place?"

The mature scientist looked uncertain. "Not until tomorrow. The nanobots have to be tuned for each individual, and the programming has proven more difficult than Dr. Tappett anticipated."

"In that case, let's hope stage two goes off without a hitch. Dismissed."

* * *

The door chimed. After a minute, it chimed again. She-Hulk wanted to ignore it. She wanted to be left alone, but when it went a third time she decided that whoever was would just keep pestering her until she answered.

Three women in labcoats entered. She-Hulk recognized the oldest, Dr. Higgins, an attractive if slightly severe looking brunette in her late forties, but the others were strangers to her. One was a very short woman in her thirties with short brown hair, while the other was a pretty blonde woman whose age was hard to judge. Jennifer towered head and shoulders above all three of them.

"We have a problem with the Abomination." The older woman said without preamble.

At the mention of his name She-Hulk felt like she'd been punched in the gut. The shame and humiliation crashed over her like a tidal wave as the memories of her ordeal flooded back. To her mortification, along with the shame there was a powerful thrill that made her pussy palpitate. Try though she might, she could not forget the incredible orgasms she'd experienced on the monster's massive manhood. But even if she had, she would never be allowed to forget for long. The leaking of the SHIELD footage had ensured that she would be forever reminded of what she really was, deep down inside. The very public airing of the Abomination's brutal attack upon her, with edited highlights broadcast on every news channel in every country meant that everyone in the world had seen, and she would be reminded by the look in their eyes when they saw her. And if the highlights weren't enough, every minute of her 9-hour rape was available to download from the internet or purchase on bootleg DVD. Demand was so high that the entire internet had crashed twice from the bandwidth requirements and there was a global shortage of blank DVDs as the pirates bought up all the stock in order to try to keep up with their customers. It was a phenomenon.

"What kind of problem?" Jen asked, barely a hint of a quaver in her voice to betray the quiver in her pussy.

"We're not sure how long we are going to be able to restrain him. We had hoped to keep him in his human form using a variety of drugs to suppress his ability to change back, but we miscalculated the dosage." The shortest woman, Dr. Rotherham, said.

The blonde scientist, Dr. Tappett chimed in. "Two days ago he changed back. Mostly."

"Mostly?" She-Hulk asked.

"Yes," the blonde replied, "He's back in his monstrous form, but still at only a fraction of his normal strength. The problem is that he's getting stronger. And the rate at which he's recovering his strength is getting faster."

"If it continues, we calculate that he may be powerful enough to break free of our strongest restraints within 16 hours." Dr. Higgins explained.

"So you want me to be ready to take him down if he escapes? Great! I owe him an ass-kicking, and he won't take me by surprise again!" Jennifer snarled.

"Um, not exactly, no." Said the lead scientist, "You see, what we'd like you to do is to prevent him from escaping in the first place."

"But I don't know anything about building better restraints. Shouldn't you be asking Stark or Reed? There must be cells that can hold him, so transfer him to one. He's been imprisoned before."

"True, but he's also escaped every time. People tend to forget that Dr. Blonsky was once a brilliant man. We see the monster and forget that he's intelligent, and he's exploited that. We've never had the chance to examine and identify the mechanics of his transformation before, and we have an ideal opportunity to possibly neutralise the threat of the Abomination for good. To cure him permanently, if we can just get enough time to study his transformations."

"I don't think he's going to transform on cue to help you cure him. I don't think that he thinks he needs to be cured."

The three scientists looked at one another awkwardly, an unspoken argument in their changing expressions. With the silent urging of the other two women, Dr. Higgins eventually replied. "Um, well, you see, the thing is, we couldn't help noticing that after the last time you and he, um, fought? yes, fought, well, he kinda turned back into a human and lost all his super-strength, so if he could be made to transform again..."

She-Hulk stared at the doctor in horrified disbelief.

"You can't be saying..."

"We, ah, we need you to, um, drain him, of his, ah, of his powers, so he'll turn human again."

"You are fucking kidding me! You expect me to go in that monster's cell and, and... what do you take me for? I'm a lawyer, not a whore!"

"There's a difference?" Whispered Dr. Rotherham to her blonde colleague.

"We calculate that this is the safest way of restraining the Abomination, and with absolutely no casualties, and when he's human again we may have enough data to effect a cure, but we have to get him to change back first."

"No casualties? What about me? What about my dignity? My honour? How can you say..."

"With respect," The older woman interrupted, "I think it's a bit too late too be worried about your dignity or your honour."

Jennifer glared at Dr. Higgins, and the older woman gulped nervously and instinctively took a step back.

"Well that's great. If you're so sure it'll work, why don't you do it."

"Oh I couldn't, not possibly. I mean, that is, I'm not strong enough. Even if he wasn't far too big, I'm only human. I couldn't, you know, squeeze him... not so's he'd feel it, no, I mean maybe if..."

Dr. Tappett interrupted the older woman's flustered protestations.

"We did try actually. Um, well, when I say 'we' I don't mean any of us personally, but we had one of those pornstars that do the big, ah, um, well, anyway, she tried but she wasn't, well, strong enough. It needs someone with super-strength, and, I guess, well, we know you can do it. I'm sorry, but it has to be you."

She-Hulk was horrified, yet strangely aroused by the thought. Oh God, she thought, I actually want to do it. She wanted that horrible thing back inside her!

"Oh fuck."

"Does that mean you'll do it?" asked the blonde with a hopeful inflection to her voice.

"You're really serious about this?" Jennifer asked.

"Um, yes." Said the mature brunette.

"This isn't some sort of joke or anything?"

"Uh, no. Sorry." Said the small woman.

"You really want me to, to... fuck... the Abomination?"

"Yes, we really do." Dr. Higgins replied.

"Oh fuck," repeated She-Hulk.

"Precisely." Said the blonde.

* * *

Less than ten minutes later She-Hulk stood in a large secure laboratory aboard the Helicarrier. Before her was a huge metal framework, a cradle of sorts, which held the naked Abomination. His arms and legs were stretched wide apart and his hands and feet were completely encased in super-strong Adamantium reinforced metal bonds. His body was lying on a 40-degree inclined surface, his head high enough that he could clearly see She-Hulk before him. Near his head there were a couple of young scientists, both women, attaching sensors to the monster's reptilian skin. Around the walls were stationed more than a dozen SHIELD agents wearing almost invisible force-shield armour and carrying heavy weapons. To Jennifer's right as she stood before the bound prisoner was a wall of reinforced glass behind which stood banks of computers and other technological hardware with which the superheroine was not familiar. The three lady scientists were all in this sectioned off room, along with a dozen other lab-coated scientists.

The gammazon kept looking around and noting all these details in order to avoid looking at the monstrous, rampantly erect cock, rearing up like an instrument of doom. Her doom.

"In your own time, whenever you are ready." Dr. Higgins voice crackled over the speaker system.

Scarcely able to believe what she was doing, She-Hulk reached behind her back. She was acutely aware that everyone in the room was watching as she unfastened her SHIELD bodysuit, the invisible seam peeling apart and exposing her flawless green skin.

Several of the male guards whistled as Jennifer shed the fabric, slipping it down her fantastic body and, because she wore no bra, revealing her large, perfectly shaped breasts, the focal point for every pair of eyes in the room. Dr. Higgins had suggested that She-Hulk should strip off before entering the room, but Dr. Tappett had thought it would be better to do it inside so that she could do a striptease to excite the monster, because that might make her task a little bit easier. Jennifer had not really agreed with her reasoning, but had sided with the blonde only because she'd wanted to delay this moment for as long as possible. She could not decide if the fluttering in her belly meant that she had been right or wrong, but the act of stripping before so many eyes was evoking a maelstrom of conflicting emotions; shame; anger; humiliation. Arousal.

Gathering her thoughts She-Hulk then slid her uniform down her thighs, revealing to the SHIELD agents and scientists first her sexy firm ass and when she straightened back up they gazed lustfully upon her silky smooth pussy and prominent clitoris. Everyone there had seen that lovely pussy split wide on the Abomination's monster-cock on screen, and all of them were secretly eager to see a live repeat performance.

She-Hulk stood there in front of the room full of people clad only in her boots feeling like some sort of freak show. She was surprised to find that she was gritting her teeth so hard they hurt. She could not believe that they expected her to do this. She could not believe that she was going to do it. And she really could not believe that there was a part of her that really, really wanted to do it.

The Abomination had raped her, he'd violated and humiliated her in front of the entire world, and yet now he was a prisoner, and she was about to fuck him, of her own free will. And she was embarrassingly aware of the wetness growing between her thighs which proved just how much it turned her on. Jennifer had always been a woman of deep and powerful passions, even if she had repressed those feelings in her youth, but this was ridiculous; and horrifying. She felt desire for the Abomination! She looked at the bound monster and shuddered with revulsion, but when her eyes moved, finally, to the massive, rampantly erect monster-cock, she flushed with warmth. The Abomination was hideous; repulsive in every respect but one, and it was that one thing that She-Hulk wanted. A cock big enough to tame her raging lusts.

"Ha! Can't get enough of me, can you slut?" The Abomination growled as he craned his head up to see She-Hulk's magnificent naked body.

"Shut up."

"Got a taste of my big cock in your slutty little cunt and you can't wait for more! What was it you said about how no woman would ever want to touch a monster like me, and yet here you are! You're my bitch, She-Whore. I fucked you and made you my BITCH, and you'll always be my BITCH, because you're a WHORE."

"I told you to shut up!"

"Or you'll do what? Fuck me harder?" The Abomination laughed.

Jennifer glared at the monster, her fists clenched with the desire to beat him to death.

"You aren't going to do anything, 'cause you want this inside you again, don't you?" The monstrous green cock twitched. "You want my cock!"

She-Hulk's eyes glittered dangerously.

"Or are they making you do it? 'Cause I'd like that. It'd mean I'm raping you again!"


"You know how they got me all hard and ready for you? They showed me the tape of me raping you. Put it on a big screen with nice big close-ups of my cock in your cunt and the pain etched on your face, but what turned me on is that I could see how much you enjoyed it!"

She-Hulk wanted to retort, or to hit him, or something, anything other than what she knew she had to do, but Blonsky wasn't stupid. He was trying to provoke her, to make her do something rash, because he knew why they were doing this, and he was afraid. If they made him cum enough, he'd change back into a human, and he'd be weak.

It was that realization that brought Jennifer back to her senses. He was afraid. He was afraid of her, and what she could do to him. But maybe she could use that to turn the tables on him. With an enormous effort of will, Jennifer forced herself to smile, and then walked seductively around the bound monster's splayed leg to stand beside his restraint cradle.

"I understand. I know why you want to hurt me with your words." She-Hulk laid one hand on his huge scaly chest and started stroking the outline of his pectoral. "It's because you can't hurt me with your fists, and you can't hurt me with your cock."

The jade amazon lowered her head so she was close to his. "But you can't hurt me with your words either," her voice dropped to a whisper, "because you're right, I want to fuck you. Or rather, your cock. You are a repulsive piece of garbage that I despise, but your cock is magnificent, and I love it."

She-Hulks hand slide down to grab the giant manhood and she began stroking it as she talked. "I want it inside me, I want to feel it stretching my. Tight. Pussy. Walls. I want to impale myself on it and bounce up and down on it while I play with my big tits. I want to fuck it for hours and hours until it shoots its big creamy load straight into my womb!"

The Abomination grunted and a huge spray of spunk hit the back of She-Hulk's head. Jen jerked back and the next load landed on the Abomination's own face. More shot over his head and splattered over a small female technician's asian features. She screamed, and inadvertently allowed the deluge to fill her open mouth. As the little woman ran off choking and gagging, Dr. Higgins made a note that that they would have to install more screens or a force-field for the next time...

Most of the onlookers were shocked. No one had expected such a quick reaction. She-Hulk had scarcely even touched him yet! But everyone knew that she could not keep talking and stroking him to orgasm, and it was certainly going to take more than one measly climax to tame the Abomination. Jen couldn't remember how many times he came when he raped her, but he'd fucked her non-stop for 9 hours! 9 hours!

She-Hulk had thought - hoped - that she was lying when she teased him to orgasm, but her words had aroused herself almost as much as the prisoner, and her pussy was a burning cauldron of lust.

Looking down on the Abomination's repulsive countenance, covered with his own creamy cum, She-Hulk suddenly laughed at him. The big bad monster had made a bukkake-bitch of himself! In that moment she lost her fear of him. He had beaten and raped her, and she still hated him, but she was no longer afraid of him. Restrained and spread-eagled, he was the helpless one this time, his body hers for the taking. She was the rapist, and he was the victim. She was in control.

She ran her fingers through her hair, wringing the cum from her lustrous tresses, and then flicked it around her neck so that it trailed down her body to cover her left breast. The gammazon pursed her lips in thought, and then she assumed a sultry look on her beautiful face and placed her hands on her hips. She turned her back on the Abomination and started walking away, but as she did so she sashayed her hips and rolled her shoulders, strutting like a stripper, jiggling her sexy butt cheeks. She was incredible! Every pair of eyes was fixed upon her as she stopped and looked back over her shoulder with hooded eyes.

"This isn't about you, freak, this is about what I want."

"I knew you were a slut!" Gloated the Abomination.

"And you're nothing, Emil, nothing but a cock." She-Hulk turned on one heel to pose with one hand on her hip and the other a little lower, resting on one powerful thigh. Both shoulders were pushed slightly forward to press her awesome breasts together. "And from now on that's all you'll ever be. A living dildo, that's what you are. My dildo. Just a sex toy for me to play with and use as I want."

* * *

Dr. Higgins stifled a groan. She was sure that She-Hulk was saying almost exactly the wrong things. She was supposed to make the Abomination feel good about himself, she was supposed to overcome the self-loathing that was the core of his subconscious, not reinforce it! But when the middle-aged scientist managed to tear her gaze away from She-Hulk's glistening pussy and back to the prisoner, his cock seemed to be throbbing with renewed vigour. Was it turning him on?

She looked at the scanners, which recorded every little change in his physical state in addition to the usual medical monitoring, and they showed that not only was his heart rate and the levels of male hormones in his blood increasing, but since She-Hulk's little slut-strut his cock had got 15% harder and 2% larger, and his balls had swelled an additional 6%!

* * *

Surprisingly, despite her adventurous love-life, She-Hulk had never had sex with an audience before, at least not intentionally, and she found the many eyes watching her stoked her own lust and inspired a desire to perform for their benefit. A deep sense of shame overwhelmed her; she shouldn't be feeling this way. But even in her shame, she felt the excitement. Arousal, intense arousal, at standing here naked in front of so many people. She ran her hands up and down her body, stroking her heavy breasts and her sharply defined abs, but stopping just short of touching her pussy. She was so turned on that she was afraid that if she touched herself there she would cum, and she wanted to maintain the illusion that she was in control.

"You want me," She said to the Abomination, and then swept her arm to indicate the guards around the room, "Just like all these men and women want me. But this time I'm in charge. I'm the one who is taking what I want, not you. You get only what I decide to give you, because you're going to be my sex-slave!"

The Abomination didn't answer and his expression was unreadable, but his cock was still rampantly and insistently erect. As Jennifer looked upon that grotesque appendage she felt her pussy flutter with anticipation, and she was acutely aware of her moist vagina walls rubbing against one another as she moved toward him with an aggressive slut's stride.

The way the glans stood clear of the sheath reminded her slightly of a horse, although the glistening smooth top third of the shaft ended with a long tapered tip instead of a blunt head. Reaching out her hand she touched his malformed penis. As she made contact, she suddenly realised that all through her 9-hour rape, she'd never actually held this giant cock in her hands. Teasing him a few minutes earlier had been the first time. The realisation made her pay more attention to the experience. The feel of its heat against her palm; the weight in her hands pulsing with his unholy lust; the girth that her long fingers could not encircle, could barely manage to get even halfway around.

A shiver ran up her spine as she felt the raw power of the Abomination's penis. She stroked the slippery shaft with the tips of her fingers, slowly descending the incredible length. The lower two-thirds was the sheath, thick leathery reptile-skin, most of it covered in firm stud-like knobs. Knobs that She-Hulk knew, as she twirled her fingers around and between them, would cause her great pain even as they gave her intense pleasure.

It was horrible, really horrible what she was thinking and feeling. She knew she should stop now, before things went too far. And yet she could not. Her fingers stroked the full length of that monstrous thing, and her other hand reached out to fondle his giant testicles. Each of his balls were bigger than a coconut, and She-Hulk felt another thrill of anticipation as she thought about the almost inexhaustible supply of 'milk' those coconuts contained. And of course, that was a part of her mission, to exhaust the inexhaustible, to drain those giant balls of every drop of sperm, to suck and fuck him until his potent seed was completely spent within or upon her gorgeous body.

* * *

Dr. Rotherham tapped Dr. Higgins shoulder and pointed toward the display showing She-Hulk's biometric scans. The dispassionate computer screens presented immutable evidence of Jennifer's intense sexual arousal. Everything was measured and recorded, from She-Hulk's vaginal temperature and lubrication, the exact levels of a dozen different hormones, the composition of her pheromones updated every twenty seconds, brainwave scans divided to show which areas of the brain were the most active, the frequency at which her pussy twitched, her clitoral engorgement, right the way down to the precise hardness of her nipples. And what all that data proved was that the green gammazon was even more turned on than she appeared.

The short woman smiled wickedly at the mature brunette.

"She could just be a slut." Whispered Dr. Higgins, knowing that the younger woman would claim the scans proved her psychosubliminal stimulation experiment had been a success.

Ever since her rape She-Hulk had suffered from nightmares and flashbacks to her ordeal, but in reliving the experience she felt only pleasure and an intense desire for more, and when they passed they left her with an overpowering need to masturbate. Most embarrassingly, it had happened once during a debriefing session with Maria Hill, and although she had tried to control herself Jennifer had not realised that her hand had strayed to her pussy, until Ms. Hill had disapprovingly pointed it out.

What the confused heroine did not know was those thoughts and feeling were not entirely her own. In preparation for this moment, Dr. Rotherham had adapted existing SHIELD technology used for dealing with psychics to broadcast a low-level, tightly focused transmission directly into the target's subconscious mind, a subliminal psychic message that would help to subtly shape the conscious mind. In this case the target was She-Hulk and the transmission was of intense sexual arousal. The little doctor's notes glossed over the precise source of the transmissions, which had been the short-haired doctor herself, who had recorded her own deep sexual gratification while masturbating furiously as she watched the She-Hulk rape tapes.

Those psycho-subliminal transmissions were being broadcast at this very moment, and at extra-high intensity, in order to ensure that She-Hulk was as compliant as possible for her task. Really, it was for She-Hulk's own good, the three doctors had told each other. It was much better for She-Hulk to enjoy being a whore.

* * *

She-Hulk's pussy was now so wet that her juices were trickling down the insides of her muscular thighs. This was all so wrong. This monster had raped her, but here she was, about to offer herself up to him, and she was more turned on that she had ever been in her life! No, she reminded herself, not offering, she was taking. She was taking from him. Taking what she wanted. She was in control.

As she repeated that to herself like a mantra, trying to convince herself that it was true, her body had reacted to its aroused state by instinctively squeezing and rubbing her thighs together. The action mashed her plump pussylips against one another, pinching her engorged clitoris between their slippery folds.

"Oh, oooh! OOOOAAAAAaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!"

The entire audience gawped in surprised disbelief as She-Hulk climaxed before their eyes.

Jennifer was mortified.

"I knew you were a slut, She-WHORE!" Mocked the Abomination.

Panting for breath, She-Hulk glared at him, still trembling from her little orgasm. She'd lost it. The fleeting illusion that she was in control was gone; the illusion that she wasn't just a slut; that she wasn't just a cock-craving whore. Damn! Those thoughts made her pussy palpitate with anticipation. And that made her angry.

"Come on She-WHORE! Come and suck my cock SHE-WHORE! Guzzle my cum like the slut you are, SHE-WHORE!"

Without thinking She-Hulk took two steps toward the restrained supervillain. The shame and humiliation and the unwanted pleasure that came with her thoughts, with the Abomination's insults and most of all his cruelly laughing face all made her feel angry and frustrated, and, suddenly, she wanted to lash out.



The sound was almost deafening, and accompanied by the monster's astonishingly high-pitched scream. Without warning Jennifer had punched the Abomination hard in the balls!

The entire cradle that held him shuddered with the powerful impact of She-Hulk's fist on one giant green testicle, and SHIELD agents stumbled as the shockwave almost knocked them off their feet.

The Abomination had superhuman strength and resilience, but he was still a man, and his balls were the most vulnerable part of his anatomy, while She-Hulk's super-strong punch had enough power to demolish a tank.


"What's the matter, you don't like being on the receiving end? I'm not the bitch here, you are! You're MY bitch!"


She punched his other ball even harder than she had the first, and the compression of the squashed testicle sent a jet of spunk squirting from the flailing head of his swinging cock.



The Abomination screamed incoherently, actual tears in his eyes as She-Hulk punched his balls again, and again.

"You get it yet?! You're MY BITCH! I can do anything I want to you!"

So saying she grabbed his cock tightly in both hands, one holding the fat head and the other just above the sheath, and the she twisted her hands in opposite directions.


His high-pitched scream was painful to hear, but it went even higher as She-Hulk bent her hands in opposing directions, contorting his cock into an 'S' shape. Sickening gristly noises emanated from within the tortured cock.

"Your first lesson BITCH! You're my SLAVE! My COCK-SLAVE!"

"... bitch..." The monster hissed in pain.

"You must really like this," She-Hulk twisted the hard cock around almost into something like a 'P' shape. "Because you keep calling me bad names, and you know that's only going to make me hurt you more!"

She-Hulk was shocked at her own actions. Her anger seemed to have unleashed something within herself that she'd never suspected. A vicious, sadistic side of her that seemed out of place with the submissive, slutty aspect that she had so unfortunately discovered. How could the She-Hulk who had revelled in her own rape and humiliation and was aroused by the mere thought of being abused and degraded be the same She-Hulk that was now gleefully twisting her attacker's cock into something resembling a pretzel?

"Uhnnn!" The Abomination grunted through gritted teeth.

"Say it! Say you're my cock-slave!"

"NNnuh! Never!"

She-Hulk glared at the monster for a moment and then released his penis, eliciting a sound almost like a whimper when it snapped back into shape. Or nearly. It was straight once more but the mighty length was darkly bruised and unevenly swollen.

Jennifer's hands grasped the Abomination's huge balls.

"You know, if you're my cock-slave then you really won't be needing these any more, will you?"


"I think I'll enjoy crushing these to a pulp. Or maybe I'll just rip them off and make you eat them? How would you like that?

"You, you wouldn't!" The Abomination's eyes were wide with horror.

"And then when they grow back I can rip them off again, and again, and again. You could spend the rest of your life eating your own balls, wouldn't that be fun?"

"You're crazy! You're out of your mind!"

This was an opinion shared by many of the watching SHIELD agents and scientists.

"If I'm crazy it's because you made me so!" She replied with a mad grin, "You raped me! So now you either become my cock-slave or you start a new diet!"

With that, the muscle-bound gammazon started pulling on his balls, making his ball-sac stretch to its full length, and then beyond. The Abomination grunted, and then groaned low and long as She-Hulk dug her fingers into his cum-making orbs. Jennifer braced one foot in the monster's groin, next to the taut skin of his sac and heaved. The veins on She-Hulk's arms popped as her biceps bulged and the restraint cradle creaked while she pulled his giant balls almost two feet away from his body. And then they were locked in stasis, the onlookers holding their breath as they awaited the inevitable moment when she would rip his balls off.

The Abomination screamed, his balls burning with agony.


She-Hulk stopped pulling, but maintained the painful tension.

"SAY IT. Say you're my bitch. Say you're my COCK-SLAVE! Or I'll castrate you like a bitch!"

"I, I , I'm your b-bitch!" He grunted. "I'm your c-cock-slave."

"Call me MISTRESS!"

"Yes Mistress!"

"You're my plaything, aren't you?"

"Y-yes Mistress!"

"You're my cock-toy?"

"Yes Mistress!"

"A living dildo?"

"Yes Muh-mistress!"

"A hunk of meat to be fucked?"

"Yes Mistress!"

She-Hulk released his balls and the Abomination howled in pain as they snapped back like an elastic band, striking his groin with a loud thud. The massive orbs fell to rest between his thighs and seemed to throb visibly as the humiliated monster whimpered.

"From now on, you keep your mouth shut. You don't say a word unless I tell you too. Believe me, you'll find obedience much more enjoyable."

* * *

Dr. Tappett squirmed in her seat. She had never seen anything as hot as this. Watching that huge, horrible cock being twisted and tortured, those big balls being beaten and stretched, filled the blonde scientist with an obscene glee. She only wished that she could be the one making that nasty man-meat suffer. This attitude would have surprised anyone who knew the attractive Dr. Tappett, who was renowned for her almost supernatural niceness. She'd even been nicknamed 'Mary Poppins' by the SHIELD agents with whom she worked most regularly because of her friendly, helpful demeanour. And she had once been as angelically innocent as she appeared, yet something had been awakened inside her when she had seen She-Hulk's original rape, and that nascent corruption of her virtue had suddenly crystallised into a fully formed perversion.

Woe betide any man lured to her bed by her beautiful, innocent face, for he would discover that some pleasures come with a very high price.

* * *

She-Hulk rubbed the palms of her hands over the Abomination's battered balls, stroking them tenderly. She smiled wickedly at the humiliated monster, and then bent down to lightly kiss each bruised testicle. With her head so close she thought she could hear the blood coursing through the throbbing veins of his cock, a sound like the surging sea.

She kissed the base of his cock. Jennifer felt strangely helpless, hypnotised by the awesome power of the Abomination's potent penis, betrayed by her own perverted passion. No matter how much she beat and abused the Abomination, his cock would always own her soul. She craved the repulsive thing like a junkie needing a fix, it was an obsessive need that she could not resist no matter how much she wanted to.

Jennifer's hands trembled with reverential excitement as she placed both upon the immense cock, right at the root. It was so deliciously large that she could not span it with her fingers, more than an inch separating her fingertips. The skin of the shaft felt hot and rough, and the hard warty knobs seemed to pulsate under her hands. The naked superheroine traced her fingers up the leathery sheath, occasionally swirling a fingertip around the rough knobs as she remembered the blissful agony they evoked as they tore across her pussy-walls.

When she reached the top of the sheath she bent down once more to kiss it, just where the smooth stalk emerged from the rough, reptilian skin. She remained there for a moment, her eyes closed and her head bowed as though in prayer, and then she turned and pressed the side of her face against the slick shaft. She nuzzled against the hot cock-meat, rubbing her cheek against it with a circular motion of her head. Inaudible to the onlookers, she made a soft groaning sound in her throat that was almost a purr.

The gammazon turned her head back again so that her nose and lips were pressed against it, and then, with the point of her chin touching the shaft, she pivoted her head up and she opened her eyes. She could see the awesome penis rearing up above her, towering over her. A massive column of masculine power, enslaved for her to use as she would. Nonetheless, it held her in thrall, a bondage stronger than any bindings. Heroine and monster-cock, each was a slave to the other.

As these thoughts swirled through her mind She-Hulk was standing bent over at the waist, so everyone behind her could see the twitching of her nether-lips as she worshipped the conquering cock.

The jade Avenger flicked out her tongue to lick the shaft and sighed with pleasure at the taste. Her long-fingered hands slipped around to the upperside of his cock, holding the twitching stalk in place as she began licking her way up the underside. As her tongue ascended the monumental cock, a large droplet of pre-cum dribbled down to meet her. Jennifer lapped it up eagerly.

Another droplet oozed from the tip when she reached the bloated head. She extended the full length of her extraordinary tongue and slid it under the white globule, reaching into the hole to scoop out every bit of pre-cum she could, and then with the large bead of spunk balanced on the tip of her tongue, she flicked it back and caught it in her mouth.

The jade heroine kissed and nibbled at his cockhead for a few moments, until another droplet began oozing out. This time she wrapped her lips around the tip and sucked hard, her cheeks hollowing as super-suction drained his cock like a straw, extracting nearly a mouthful of the honey-sweet pre-cum from his shaft.

The Abomination groaned with pleasure, but She-Hulk still wasn't done. Instead of releasing his cock she thrust the tip of her tongue into the hole at the top. The monster grunted as she penetrated him, and then grunted again louder as she started forcing her long fat tongue down the narrow tube.

The spongy head had no muscles to resist the intrusion, only its incredible resiliency, but under the pressure of She-Hulk's superhuman strength, his piss-slit was forced to stretch. Deeper and deeper she thrust, lashing and wriggling her tongue inside his cock, creating strange and intensely pleasurable sensation in the bound super-villain. While she tongue-fucked his cock, Jennifer's hands stroked up and down the mighty length, masturbating his huge organ.

The Abomination felt very conflicted. On the one hand, here was She-Hulk, a super-sexy super-slut, pleasuring his cock in a way that had his balls trembling and his spine tingling. But on the other hand he knew that the objective was to strip him of his powers and turn him into a weak and tiny-dicked human. He definitely wanted the pleasure, but he certainly didn't want to be puny human again. But it really did feel very good indeed.

She-Hulk looked up into the monster's repulsive face and her green eyes flashed momentarily before she made herself relax and smile, her lips still wrapped around the head of his cock. She released her lip-lock and slowly raised her head, leisurely withdrawing her tongue from his urethra. Everyone in the room gasped as they finally saw what she had been doing, and just how much of her tongue she had managed to force into his manhood. Four-inches of fat green tongue slid out of the Abomination's small orifice.

Jennifer waved her extraordinary tongue for all to see. It was very long and quite pointed at the tip, thickening rapidly to nearly three inches in width. As everybody watched she rolled her tongue into a tube about an inch wide and stabbed it back into the bound monster's cock.

This time when she fucked him she did so by jerking her head up and down with her lips pulled back over her pearly white teeth, letting everyone see the penetration as she stretched his piss-slit wide.

It was too much for the Abomination, who groaned as his aching balls rumbled. His cock twitched powerfully, but She-Hulk held a tight masturbating grip and it stayed in line, which meant that the huge jet of sperm surged into the obstruction of her tongue. There was a moment when it felt like his cock and balls would explode from the pressure, but then, like a cork from a bottle, She-Hulk's head shot up and back and the vast cum-fountain sprayed up into the air.

She-Hulk held her face up and her mouth open as almost a pint of his delicious spunk rained down on her. Most of it missed, but there was still plenty that splattered over her beautiful features, her powerful shoulders, and her magnificent breasts.

A second, slightly weaker jet gushed from his cockhead, and Jennifer quickly bent his cock toward her so that it sprayed into her mouth. His potent seed filled her mouth in a fraction of a second and she could not swallow quickly enough. It spilled from her open mouth down her chin, pouring like a waterfall to splatter on to her breasts and chest and then running in rivers down her hard, well-hewn body until they reached her hairless pussy.

By the time a third jet had cum and gone, the jade Avenger was a gooey white mess from face to crotch, with small streams trickling down her muscular thighs.

* * *

There was not a man or woman present who was not now highly aroused. One of the male SHIELD guards groaned and shuddered as he came in his uniform, without so much as touching himself. A female guard was openly rubbing herself. Amongst the scientists Dr. Mandy Tappett was flush-faced, with her hand between her legs. Dr. Terri Rotherham was squirming rhythmically in her chair, grinding herself against the seat. It took all of Dr. Theresa Higgins self control to keep herself focused on monitoring the two gamma-powered super-beings, when she suddenly noticed an anomalous reading in She-Hulk's brainwaves.

With a sudden feeling of dread, the mature brunette turned to the diminutive doctor. "When you were doing the psycho-subliminal broadcasts, you did remember to engage the safety baffles to prevent telepathic feedback, didn't you?"

Dr. Rotherham looked up with an expression of dawning horror.

"Oh fuck."

She-Hulk's depraved and slutty thoughts and feelings were resonating in the minds of everyone around her. Her close proximity to the equipment was causing a sort of psychic feedback that spilled over into the minds of every single person in the laboratory. She-Hulk was not the only person receiving the psycho-subliminal reprogramming. If they didn't shut it down then all of them were in danger of becoming sex-crazed sluts, just like She-Hulk!

* * *

She-Hulk sighed and rubbed her hands up and down her slimy body. She didn't really understand why it felt so good but it did. The feel of her former rapist's hot slippery sperm sliding over her hard-muscled body, oozing over her sensitive skin, squelching between her caressing fingers, dripping from her cum-caked face, was somehow deeply satisfying.

"Oh yes," Her hands strayed to her breasts and pussy, and one toyed with her nipple while the other tweaked her swollen clitoris.

Her loins were slick with the Abomination's sperm, and Jennifer twirled thick gooey gobbets around her big love-bud, smearing it up under the clitoral hood and down into her sopping cunt-hole. She began pushing her cum-sticky fingers deeper into her pussy, adding more of them until she had half her hand inside. Her other hand left her breast and came down to rub her clit vigorously, eager for release. Soft moans escaped her luscious, sperm-splattered lips.

Doctors Higgins and Rotherham watched Jennifer's slutty behaviour with something like relief. Shutting down the psycho-subliminal transmissions seemed to have had no effect on the horny heroine's raging libido.

She-Hulk's eyes remained fixed upon the monster's awesome, awful cock, and she was lost in a raptured passion. Her climax crashed over her, her back arched and she moaned loader and loader until her ecstasy echoed throughout the Helicarrier.

* * *

Director Hill rushed into her office and cursed the emergency that had delayed her. She only hoped that she wasn't too late. Hurriedly she activated the privacy protocols and then switched on the secure video feed from the Abomination's cell/laboratory.

The forward wall lit up with an oversized image showing a slightly dazed looking She-Hulk reaching out to grasp the monster's cock, her face and body already plastered in sperm. Maria Hill smiled. She would watch the recording later. She may have missed the opening act but she'd arrived in time for the main event.

* * *

Almost ritualistically She-Hulk lightly kissed the Abomination's balls, leaving a ropy strand of saliva and sperm between her lips and his balls as she pulled away, then she kissed him at the root, then she kissed in the middle of the shaft, then she kissed the edge of the flared crown, then she kissed the tip, and then she kissed the blinking, cum-weeping eye in the centre.

She licked, sucked and slurped at the entrance to his cock, dipping her tongue in deeply to scoop up as much of his thick semen as she could. In response the Abomination grunted and his nostrils flared. He wanted to insult her and call her a slut and a whore, but he most definitely did not want to suffer any more cock and ball torture. He was forced to concede that she'd been right, this was definitely better. Besides which, he really didn't need to, with her every action she proved herself to be a world class slut. Yes, he reflected, this was by far the best imprisonment he'd ever had to endure. His powerful need to fuck She-Hulk, compounded by the effects of the psycho-subliminal backwash, had caused him to forget the true purpose of She-Hulk's oral assault. He was as lost in his pleasure as She-Hulk was in hers.

As Jennifer French-kissed the monstrous cock, she grabbed her heavy breasts and pushed her chest forward, so that the massive mammaries were pressed up against, and then parted by, the thick slimy shaft. She-Hulk squeezed her tits firmly to hold him in her cleavage, and started moving them up and down, masturbating him with her emerald breasts.

* * *

"That's it She-Hulk, you dirty whore," Ms. Hill said to the screen. "Fuck that big ugly cock with your slutty tits!"

Her eyes had never left the blown-up image as she'd opened her uniform and let it fall to the floor. She had one hand between her legs, her fingers buried deep in her furry snatch, while the other pinched and played with her nipples.

With a supreme effort of will she tore her attention away from the captivating image and shook herself. Moving quickly but not hastily, the naked SHIELD commander circled around her desk and keyed a 42-digit security code into the lock, followed by a scan of her thumb-print and then she finally had to look away from the screen for the final security check, a retinal scan. The right side door of the desk opened, revealing an uninformative rank of drawers similar to a safety deposit vault.

Maria Hill pulled out the top one but pulled her hands away, curling her fingers to almost caress her palm as she murmured, "No, I think this is the special occasion we've been waiting for..."

Her left hand stroked her furry pussy as her right pulled the bottom drawer all the way out. It was over two feet long, almost the full depth of the desk, and like the other drawers the top was covered with a sealed metal hatch. Hill pressed her thumb against the lock on the front and the hatch popped open.

Inside were three very large dildos.

The Director reverently lifted out the biggest dildo and raised it up in both hands so that she could see both it and the scene on the screen.

The dildo was an exact replica of the Abomination's hideous monster-cock, scaled down from 26-inches in length to a mere 18-inches, plus 4-inches for the huge balls. It was coloured to match the real thing, and although it wasn't quite realistic enough to feature a working foreskin/sheath, it had been textured to a very high quality, with the cockhead and emerged stalk slickly smooth, and the lower half rough with dimpled reptilian leather.

Just holding the thing gave Ms. Hill an enormous sense of its power. It was an inanimate object, but somehow it was so much more than that to the butch SHIELD commander. She kissed the head of it. Just a lump of rubber and technology, but she felt the urge to abase herself before it, to worship it. Maria Hill licked and sucked the giant green cockhead as she watched the screen, and after a moment she started to copy She-Hulk's actions, rubbing the knobbly shaft between her soft shapely breasts.

* * *

Jennifer could feel the quickening pulse of the monster's throbbing cock, so she slowed her titty-fucking to tease him a little and pulled her mouth away from his cock. She stood there squishing her mighty mammaries around the disgusting monster-cock and pinching her nipples. The Abomination grunted as his balls started tingling, and at that moment She-Hulk let go of her breasts and stood back, leaving his rampantly pulsating cock frustrated with the monster's desire to feel the jade amazon's delectable tit-flesh against it once more.

She-Hulk grinned widely, taking a moment to exult in the immoral power she now wielded over the helpless prisoner. His pleasure was dependent upon her and her whims. Or so she thought. She was so lost in her own newfound depravity that in that moment she did not realise that she was as much if not more of a slave than the bound Abomination. Now matter how she acted or what she did, she was a slave to his repulsive cock, a slave to her need for it, a slave to his cum, a slave to her own perverted lusts.

She reached toward his cock, but then pulled her hand back. Instead, she bowed her head low, so that her lips were mere inches from the bloated head, and she blew across the wet, sensitive skin. The cock twitched powerfully, swinging up and then falling back down to slap messily against the slutty heroine's beautiful face. Jennifer laughed and did it again.

This time when it fell toward her She-Hulk reared up, mouth open wide, and bobbed back down to take his entire cockhead into her gaping oral cavity with a shluck! The massive glans filled her mouth completely, stretching her jaw so wide it felt ready to pop, the vast spongy mass bulging her cheeks on either side. The giant plum was hot in her mouth and the musky flavour washed over her taste buds, accompanied by the delicious sauce of his sweet, salty sperm. Her mouth watered profusely, and saliva drooled past the tight seal of her lips to dribble down his shaft.

It throbbed in her mouth, and she took a moment to savour the sensation before she began to push her head down his cock. The massive glans slid into the back of her throat, and then she had to pull his cock down so that she could get the angle to feed it into her gullet. The Abomination grunted, partly from the pain of having his bruised cock contorted but mostly from the pleasure, as the jade Avenger lashed her tongue across the shaft as she swallowed it.

She had taken about 9 inches when it started getting harder to push herself onto it, so she reached up and gripped the monster's huge hipbones. Tensing her muscles, she pulled herself the rest of the way down until her lips kissed his sheath. Tears flowed from her eyes, making tracks through the spunk on her face, an automatic reaction to her throat-stretching blowjob, but it had the effect of making an already obscene image even nastier.

She pushed herself back, the cock withdrawing with a loud slurp, before thrusting her face back onto it, swallowing it with an even louder squelch.

* * *

"Oh yes, you dirty, filthy whore," *lick* "Suck the almighty cock" *shlorp!* Worship it with your tongue!" *squelch* "Swallow it down your slutty throat!" *shluck!*

It was unclear whether Ms. Hill's taunts were directed at She-Hulk on the screen or at herself, as she licked and sucked the massive green dildo.

* * *

The giant cock-head was pressing against the entrance to her stomach, throbbing next to her rapidly beating heart. Her lips had pushed the sheath back as far as possible, but she'd eventually had to take it into her mouth, and her tongue squirmed around the knobbly growths. Having finally achieved the full 17-inch depth of her oesophagus, She-Hulk began to really work on the monster's cock, choke-fucking herself onto it. She could not suck on it with her throat so totally impaled, but she massaged it with her clenching neck muscles, licked it with her long tongue, stroked it with her luscious lips, squeezed it within her flexing chest, and then she started writhing, curving the line of her body to add extra stimulation.

It was too much for the Abomination, who grunted loudly and blasted another incredible cumload straight into her stomach.

Jennifer pulled herself back off the orally impaling penis with a long sloppy slurp. When the head popped out of her mouth the giant thing sprang all the way back up, spraying more cum across the room, and slapped against the monster's chest.

She-Hulk grinned, but she didn't close her hanging jaw, allowing the creamy cum to pour obscenely from her open mouth. When the flow slowed to a trickle, the emerald amazon gulped back the last of it and laid her hand on her cum-filled belly. She almost purred as she stroked her slimy abdomen, and she licked her lips slowly and sensuously to scoop up as much of the cum as she could. Her craving for the taste of it began to overwhelm her, and she started scraping the drying sperm from her body and lapping it out of the palms of her hands and licking and sucking it from her fingers.

She didn't understand how she could feel the way she did, and she didn't want to feel this way, but her body craved the monster's disgusting sperm as intensely as it burned with unholy lust for his repulsive cock. It was the thought of his cock that pulled her out of her cum-licking frenzy, just as she had hauled her big tits up to her mouth to suck the sperm off them. It didn't bring her to her senses, rather the thought of his cock switched her sperm-frenzy for cock-frenzy.

She had to have it. She had to have it NOW!

Deep inside Jennifer wept with despair for what she had become, but she was powerless to stop herself. She felt like a passenger inside her own body as she succumbed to the relentless tide of her despicable desires and her overpowering passion. Her lust unleashed.

* * *

Maria Hill coughed uncontrollably as she pulled the fat dildo from her throat. Her attempt to copy She-Hulk's miraculous deep-throat achievement had failed due to her own survival instinct. She-Hulk could survive for long periods without air, and had superhuman endurance and resilience. Maria Hill did not, and even when crazed with lust she could never hope to emulate She-Hulk's oral feat, even if the green dildo had been less incredibly thick than it was.

The short-haired woman gasped and wiped the spittle from her lips. On the main screen She-Hulk was climbing up onto the inclined cradle that held the prisoner helpless, and Commander Hill smiled wickedly as she watched.

"That's it you whore," she rasped, "It's time for the main event!"

The green woman stopped hesitantly. She was kneeling over the prisoner, straddling his hips, and the hideous, beautiful, monster-cock was pressed against her belly, almost reaching the lower swell of the heroine's awesome breasts. Slowly the muscular woman rose to her feet and stood over him, the huge cock rearing up so high that it was past the level of her knees. Those knees began to bend as She-Hulk lowered herself toward her terrible fate.

Maria Hill tore herself from the hypnotic sight and leapt to her feet. Giant dildo in hand, she turned and slammed the base down onto her chair's seat. With trembling fingers she then activated the dildo's gravitic clamp, which would hold it invisibly and immovably in place. She spun back around to see that She-Hulk's hand was just reaching down to grasp the Abomination's bloated cockhead and guide it toward her sopping slit. A smaller screen showed a close-up of the heroine's face, and her expression betrayed the confusion, the wanton lust, the humiliation, and the perverse determination that all swirled within her mind. Ms. Hill found that just as arousing as the sight of the heroine's bald, wet pussy descending toward its doom.

The butch SHIELD commander didn't have to bend down to get her furry pussy lined up with her smaller duplicate of the Abominations cock. The height of the chair meant that all she had to do was lean back a bit to position her pelvis over the big rubber toy and the head brushed lightly through her dripping pubic hair, not quite reaching her quivering lips by the narrowest of margins.

Ms. Hill reached down with one hand to grip the head, just like She-Hulk, and as the gamma-powered slut lowered herself down, so too did Maria Hill.

* * *

She-Hulk could not believe what she was thinking and feeling as she rubbed the hot fleshy cockhead up and down her dripping slit. She was a completely different person now, and the new She-Hulk was a total slut! It was like some dam inside her mind had burst and let loose the raging torrents of her subconscious depravity, and the woman that Jennifer Walters had believed herself to be had drowned under that tidal wave of perversity

She positioned the great head at the entrance to her femininity and swallowed nervously. This was it. She was going to do it. She was going to take his cock in her pussy again, but this time willingly. More than willingly; eagerly.

Jennifer bore down and gasped as her jade petals were parted by the pulpy knob. Her intimate lips were stretched far to encircle the throbbing cockhead, and stretched further as she descended gradually lower and lower. She grimaced slightly as the great girth of the crown split her over seven inches wide, and she panted as her pussylips snapped back to kiss the shaft below the giant glans.

Her muscular legs trembled with her desire, and she braced one hand on her knee to help maintain her posture. Her other hand slid between her thighs and massaged her swollen clit. It felt so good!

She pushed herself down further, and her pussy walls gripped the Abomination's monster-cock tightly as she slowly swallowed it within her sex. She pushed all the way down to the leathery sheath, ten inches inside her, and then she rose up. The slick shaft exited with wet slurping sounds, until it nestled once more between her hairless green pussylips. And then the emerald amazon plunged back down, the previous ten inches and another two beyond.


She-Hulk groaned with pleasure as the reptilian hide of the monster's sheath roughly grazed her pussylips. Then back up and down, this time reaching the first of the hideous wart-like knobs that covered the lower part of his cock. Jennifer paused for a moment and started rotating her hips. The incredibly thick cock churned her insides and both She-Hulk and the Abomination groaned ecstatically. The pointed head was pressing firmly against her cervix, and the sharp pains that flashed through her incredible body were delightful to the sex-crazed heroine.

"AAAAYYYYAAAAHHHHHH!!!" One sudden jolt and She-Hulk cried out as her cervix was breached and the cock entered her womb.

For a moment she stood trembling, her huge tits jiggling delightfully as she adjusted to the feel of her baby-chamber being impaled. When she resumed her descent She-Hulk pumped her hips forward and back, and the transfixed onlookers saw her belly bulge rhythmically as the giant cock was forced back and forth inside her.

* * *

"That's it you hard-bodied ho, fuck yourself on that big cock!" Commander Hill groaned through gritted teeth, although she could not see the screen because her eyes were shut tight.

"Dirty fucking huh-whore!"

She was struggling to take the replica cock. Sweat dripped from the tips of her short hair and glistened on her athletic body. Rivulets ran between her breasts and down her fluttering belly to her vastly distended pussy-lips. Tears leaked from the corners of her closed eyes. The butch SHIELD commander had taken it to just past the end of the sheath, but was struggling to get it through her cervix. The first couple of inches had passed the tight orifice easily, but the crown was just too wide and her cervix was refusing to stretch any further.

Ms. Hill awkwardly changed position so that she was leaning back slightly with both hands gripping the arms of her chair. She pushed herself up about two inches and then she rammed herself down with all the strength she could muster.


* * *

She-Hulk's thick thighs were now horizontal, and only 8-inches of the over-2-foot cock remained outside her encompassing sex. The huge head was fully inside her womb, and as she squatted lower it pushed against the roof of her most intimate cavity. Her cum-streaked face expressed her mixed pain and pleasure, and in her mind she was no longer able to tell the difference. The incredible stretching of her vagina, the violation of her cervix, the intrusion into her womb, the rough chafing of those repulsive wart-like knobs over her sensitive membranes, they were all deliriously enjoyable to the depraved heroine. And the pleasure was multiplied by the presence of so many people watching her every act.

Jennifer Walters was no longer She-Hulk, she was She-Whore!

It was She-Whore who thrust herself eagerly down onto the Abomination's monster-cock, and then bounced back up with a vigour that made her perfect breasts jiggle enticingly when she squatted back down, fucking herself further onto the hideous, magnificent cock. It was She-Whore's wet pussy making loud 'shluck'ing sounds that were clearly audible to everyone in the room, and probably halfway down the corridor too. It was She-Whore who moaned and groaned with pleasure as she writhed on a cunt-wrecking cock. It was She-Whore who thrust herself deeper and deeper onto the impaling destroyer.

The last few inches were more difficult, and her own body resisted their entry, so She-Hulk shifted her legs so that she was now kneeling. It meant that she would not be able to clear the top of the giant cock without standing back up, but that didn't matter to She-Whore. She-Whore craved every inch.


The emerald Avenger slammed herself down onto the rampant cock and screamed as the top of her womb was punched deeper into her body. Gasping for breath, she did it again, and again, until her smooth pussylips kissed the Abomination's leathery groin.

* * *

In her office, Maria Hill was a trembling ruin. Even with her full weight bearing down on the impaling implement she had not managed to take it all, and the rubber phallus held Ms. Hill's shapely buttocks several inches above the surface of her chair. Transfixed on the 18-inch replica Abomination-cock, the butch SHIELD commander's arms and legs twitched spasmodically as she experienced orgasm after mind-blowing orgasm.

* * *

The sounds of flesh slapping hard against flesh filled the room, accompanied by the vivid squelching of pussy pumping cock. The strong aroma of raw sex was everywhere, a heady mixture of the Abomination's pungent sperm and She-Hulk's sweet-smelling secretions - her pussy juice and her hormone-laced sweat.

The gammazon's squat-thrusts were becoming more frantic, more frenzied, and her face was a crazed expression of unbridled lust, showing little evidence of the agony that ripped through her loins. The pain was as nothing compared to She-Whore's soul-deep pleasure. As she pounded herself onto the impaling monster-cock, Jennifer pawed and squeezed her massive breasts, making an obscenely pornographic spectacle of herself that was much appreciated by the many onlookers.


She-Whore climaxed, arching her spine and throwing back her head, bucking repeatedly like a bronco-buster. Her cum-matted hair flew around her head like a dark halo.

Beneath her the monster's hips humped up spasmodically and his repulsive cock twitched powerfully inside her as it erupted into her spasming cunt. Cum geysered into She-Hulk's battered womb, filling it completely and squirting back out of her pussy around the Abomination's twenty-six-inch cock. Jet after jet of thick creamy cum blasted into her baby-chamber, and She-Hulk squealed ecstatically as she rode from orgasm to orgasm.

The emerald Avenger's self-impaling thrusts ceased and her super-strong pussy clamped tightly around the monumental maleness, preventing the great volume of the Abomination's ejaculation from leaving her too small womb. Spunk filled every tiny space inside her, stretching her belly and forcing its way up her fallopian tubes to her fertile ovaries. Some of the spunk managed to find small channels through the heroine's clenched vagina, past the irregular knobbly growths on the hideous monster-cock to squirt from her pussy-lips, but it was too little to ease the flood. She-Hulk's belly swelled visibly.

Jennifer looked down in wonder, through the stars-veiled vision of her own orgasm, as the sharp muscular cuts of her hard stomach, already distended a little by the prisoner's giant penis, were slowly erased from the inside, her expanding womb smoothing them out.

* * *

Over by the computers Dr. Higgins gazed in wonder at the readings. The Abomination's previous ejaculations had been over a pint in volume, an astonishingly large amount but not out of line with the size of his gigantic testicles, and his multiple emissions were no doubt possible because of his fast regenerating abilities, but this was very different. The sperm seemed to be never-ending. One pint, then a quart, two quarts, three, a full gallon! There was far more of it than could ever have been stored even in balls as big as his monstrous baby-makers. She-Hulk looked to be four-months pregnant!

The mature woman checked the scanner that was focused on the Abomination's testicles, and her eyebrows rose as she saw that his balls were making more sperm just as fast as he was pumping it out into the fucked Avenger.

* * *

She-Hulk gazed somewhat blearily down at her swollen belly. Her mind was still shattered by her tumultuous orgasms, and it was with a vague sense of disbelief that her hands lowered themselves to stroke up and down the smooth bulge of her cum-pregnant belly. Rubbing her prominent belly was almost hypnotic to the still impaled heroine. She could feel it inside her, the sperm, packed into every nook and cranny of her over-stretched sex. She heard a wet 'splurt' as some of the sperm managed to squirt its way out of her clenching cunt, and she responded by tightening her already painful grip. She didn't want a single drop to escape!

The Abomination groaned, dazed by the power of his eruption as his former victim sighed and arched her back. Her eyes went wide with pleasurable shock as the monster-cock in her cunt moved through the densely packed spunk. She'd never felt anything like it before! Slowly at first, She-Hulk rocked her hips back and forth, and then from side to side, her expression one of rapturous joy as she felt and heard the massive cock squishing about inside her cum-packed womb. The strange sensation in her cunt had the peculiar effect of making her breasts tingle quite powerfully, deep inside the gorgeous emerald orbs.

The giant prong moved the spunk in her womb like a plunger stirring milk in a churn, and combined with the other sensations - her tingling tits, her clit grinding on the Abomination's leathery groin, his knobbly cock-warts rasping across her tight vaginal walls, the vast dilation of her entire sex, her ever-present sense of shame - they made her cum, not explosively like before, but a slow, satisfying climax that washed over her like a cleansing wave. It was almost relaxing, and a sense of languor crept over the fucked gammazon.

The effect on the Abomination was just as stimulating, but when it came his orgasm was most definitely explosive! His balls had regenerated a full load of spunk and it pumped powerfully into She-Whore's already cum-packed belly. The feel of that gooey geyser inside her punching into her womb ripped through the muscular heroine's dreamy orgasm and triggered a series of much stronger body-wracking, mind-blowing orgasms. Orgasms that intensified when she looked down and saw her belly expanding even further, to resemble a woman nine-months pregnant!

Jennifer's climax seemed to last an age, but it was actually only two minutes, time enough to force a second cumload out of the bound prisoner. When her peak of pleasure had passed she fell forward onto the monster's chest, her huge breasts and bulging belly squashed between their bodies. Sperm poured out of her impaled pussy as her tight embrace relaxed and her stomach tried to resume its normal dimensions. Within her the monstrous cock slowly started to soften, and the now flexible phallus was gradually pushed out of She-Hulk's fantastic body by the internal pressure of all the spunk he'd pumped into her. When it finally flopped free it was accompanied by a disgusting 'shplorg!" and a vast gush of creamy cum from her now cavernous cunt.

* * *

"OH GOD! Uhn! God! Aah! You dirty bitch!" Maria Hill grunted as she pulled herself up off the abominable dildo.

Each rubber knob was like a claw tearing at her aching pussy-walls, and she loved it. Every muscle on her athletic body trembled, every tendon was tensed, as she struggled to pull herself free. The implement had a setting that would have allowed her to shrink it by almost 20%, making the task of extricating herself that much easier, but she never even considered using it.

"You filthy fucking whore!" she groaned as the giant head finally popped free of her hairy cunt.

The butch SHIELD commander stumbled forward, her legs unsteady, and she fell forwards onto her desk, where she lay panting for a minute, savouring the aching void she felt between her legs.

"Dirty little slut-whore," she mumbled, the side of her face pressed against her desktop.

* * *

Beneath her She-Hulk could feel the monster's huge body trembling, and she realised that he was almost completely spent. Almost, but not quite. His cock had softened, but it was still semi-erect, and though his trembling body seemed unstable, it had not yet transformed. Jennifer, that small part of her that she still thought of as Jennifer, was horrified by everything that she had done, but was even more horrified by the intense disappointment that came with the realisation that the monster probably had just one more cumload left to give before he would transform back into a puny human.

She-Whore was not going to let that cumload escape her. Jennifer found herself flipping upside down, still lying face down on the monster, and she placed her knees above the Abomination's scaly shoulders to help hold her up on the sloping surface. This meant that her breasts were now pressed against the monster's upper abdomen and her pussy hovered just above the gamma-powered prisoner's face; and the cum still poured from her gaping gash.

As he spluttered with disgust at the creamy mixture of his own spunk and She-Hulk's girl-cum pouring over his face, She-Whore attacked his cock with her mouth. She licked, sucked and nibbled at it, she stroked and squeezed it in her hands, and she teased it with her talented tongue; bringing it back to life, forcing it back to full turgidity to serve her perverted lusts.

Moving swiftly she sprang to her feet, and nearly slipped in the cum that seemed to cover everything now. It still poured from the yawning chasm of her cunt, and as she positioned herself over the rampant cock once more, the falling sperm glazed the giant cockhead and dribbled down the glistening shaft.

She was facing away from the monster this time, and when she squatted down she guided the cock with one hand, not to her pussy, but between the firm round cheeks of her incredible ass!

* * *

"Oh you are a nasty little whore!" murmured Maria Hill as she pushed herself up off the desk, leaving a sweaty imprint of her athletic body on the glassy black surface. "You want that big nasty cock in your slutty ass don't you, you filthy bitch!"

The butch SHIELD commander stumbled back to the chair and pressed her butt against the imposing shaft. She pivoted her hips back and forth to run the cleavage of her ass up and down the thick rubber cock before rising up a little so that it nudged between her sexy buttocks.

"Because you're a dirty fucking whore!" She said, her eyes fixed on the wall-wide screen.

* * *

"You're my little slut-cock, bitch!" She-Hulk said to the Abomination, her head turned to look at him over her shoulder. "And you don't get to rest until I'm done with you!"

Biting her lower lip She-Whore pushed down, forcing her tight anus onto the repulsive monster-cock. She grunted as the huge head, lubricated by a thick layer of mingled sperm and pussy-juice, slid painfully through her tight little hole. Reaching down, she gripped her bloated clitoris between thumb and forefinger. The green lovebud had swollen to huge proportions. Nearly two inches long and over an inch wide, it stood erect like a tiny cock! She-Hulk started to masturbate it just like she might a real cock, pumping her thumb and forefinger up and down the length of the little erection as she thrust her ass deeper onto the massive monster-erection of the Abomination.

At the same, time, with her other hand Jennifer jammed four fingers into her cunt and fucked furiously. She needed more. She thrust herself over 12-inches down onto the Abomination's cock, groaning with pleasure as the rough hide of his sheath scraped through her sphincter. The delicious pain poured through her body as she jerked her clit. Below that, she pushed her thumb in with her four fingers and then balled her hand into a fist inside her gaping, cum-sodden love tunnel.

She made a bizarre and arousing spectacle for the dozens of onlookers. Her magnificent emerald body completely coated in cum, her beautiful face etched with an expression of lust, her perfect breasts bouncing seductively with each squat-thrust, as she impaled her incredible ass on the gigantic monster-cock, while masturbating her clit and fisting her vast vagina.

* * *

Dr. Higgins gave a sidelong glance at Dr. Rotherham, and noted that the small woman's hand was concealed by her long lab-coat, but judging from her rapid breathing and the slight trembling of her body, she could well guess what it was doing. Dr. Tappett was panting, her golden hair shining with sweat. The attractive blonde had been grinding herself against her chair non-stop for the last hour. Others were similarly engaged in surreptitious acts of self gratification. One professorial-looking man was clearly masturbating himself beneath his lab-coat, an act made obvious by the considerable size of his manhood. The SHIELD agents could not indulge themselves, and stood to attention, in more ways than one, around the room, their faces a display of mixed desire and disappointment. The skin-tight uniforms left nothing to the imagination, and Dr. Higgins now knew the size of every man there, and could even tell which ones were circumcised and which ones were not! And amongst the women agents the good doctor had noted one busty black woman had extremely large nipples and very plump pussylips, while a big butch blonde had a clitoris almost as prominent as She-Hulk's.

As for the mature Dr. Higgins herself, she was acutely aware of the burning cauldron of frustrated desire between her legs, but she didn't dare do anything about it yet. She was the senior scientist present, and she had her dignity to maintain.

* * *


The gammazon screamed in ecstasy as her orgasm blasted through her big sexy body. Girl-cum spurted onto her fist and surged around it to squirt out of her quivering quim. Her huge clit throbbed visibly as her hand fell away, the orgasmic sensitivity too much for her to endure.


She-Hulk shrieked as she lost her balance and fell, impaling herself on another 6-inches of the Abomination's cruel cock. The knobbly growths ripped through her asshole and spurred the slutty heroine to yet another body-wracking orgasm.

She lay on top of the monster, her huge breasts shaking sexily as her massively dilated ass clenched and spasmed on the monstrous manhood, causing the captive supervillain incredible pleasure. She-Whore crashed into her third ass-gasm as she felt the powerful pulsing jets of his creamy cum being pumped deep into her bowels. Girl-cum sprayed halfway across the room from her now vacant vagina, and she almost blacked out from the intensity of her pleasure.

Beneath her the Abomination was also close to unconsciousness, as this last orgasm left him almost completely drained. As the SHIELD agents and scientists looked on, the hulking monstrosity began to shrink. His massive cock rapidly shrivelled and popped out of She-Hulk's gaping ass, the restraints whirred and clicked as they adjusted to his diminishing mass, and the green scaly hide slowly turned pink.

"Uuhhh!" The little human gasped, his frail body crushed beneath a 7-foot, 600-pound, naked, sperm-glazed gammazon.

The SHIELD agents rushed forward and lifted the cum-sticky and slimy She-Hulk off the transformed Abomination and carried her across to a bench, where they lay her heavy body down. Several of the agents could not properly control themselves now that they were actually touching her naked flesh, and their hands wandered inappropriately across her body. The dazed heroine was only half aware of her surroundings, but as she melted into the golden afterglow of her many climaxes it is doubtful that She-Whore would have objected no matter what they had done to her.

* * *

Maria Hill pushed herself up off the impaling dildo, her arms trembling with post-orgasmic weakness. Her ass slid off the giant green implement with a sound like wet silk, and she groaned with loss as a second empty void was created in her core.

She tried to stand, but she was as unsteady as a newborn fawn and fell onto her hands and knees. Shakily she crawled across the floor, and incredibly erotic sight had there been anybody to witness it, until she reached the full-screen wall display. Shakily she rose to kneel upright, and she reached up to stroke the image of She-Hulk's cheek.

"Sleep well my sweet dirty whore." Said the naked, sweat-glistening SHIELD commander, "Enjoy your little rest, because this is only the beginning for you and your slutty green cunt!"


"I'm really not sure about this." Said Dr. Tappett.

"You're a scientist aren't you?" Said Commander Hill, glaring at the older woman with a peculiar intensity.

"Of course!" Protested the blonde doctor.

"Then you understand that any experiment is worthless unless it can be repeated. Isn't that right?"

"Well I suppose... but..."

"No buts. This isn't a discussion, it's an order."

Dr. Tappett nodded unhappily and followed the butch woman as she strode into Emil Blonsky's cell. The SHIELD commander smirked slightly, and then suppressed a wince. She shortened her stride to much smaller steps. Her aching pussy was still very sore.

The now human monster was still held in the same restraint cradle, which looked ludicrously excessive for containing his frail, pink, naked body. Blonsky was half-asleep, with a small smile on his ugly face. Between his legs, his tiny penis was fully erect, an unimpressive four-and-a-half inches, and his balls were so small that they looked like they belonged to an infant. Maria Hill snorted with derision, and thought that it was easy to see the source of the man's self-loathing, and the reason for why the Abomination was so ludicrously over-endowed.

"Wake up you pathetic little scumbag." Commander Hill slapped the baton she carried down on the captive's inner thigh.

Blonsky's eyes opened and he looked up at the glowering woman.

"Having pleasant dreams were you?" she asked as she stroked the baton up and down his little cock.

Blonsky smiled smugly and opened his mouth to reply.



Maria Hill pulled the electro-shock baton away from his cock and his scream dwindled. The butch woman sneered at him.

"Well not any more." And she applied the baton to his balls.



"You a disgusting waste of a human being!" *ZAP* "A revolting piece of slime!" *ZAP* "With the sorriest excuse for a cock that I have ever seen!" *ZAP*

Standing over the sensors Dr. Tappett noted without much surprise that Emil Blonsky's slow transformation into the Abomination was beginning with a swift expansion of his puny penis. The blonde scientist felt a moistening in her loins as she watched Maria Hill torture the growing cock.

"My fingers are thicker than that pathetic thing!" *ZAP* "They're longer too!" *ZAP* "Ten-year old boys have bigger cocks than this!" *ZAP* "Christ, I think my damn clit is bigger than this!" *ZAP*

She-Hulk had made the Abomination feel good about himself by pleasuring his cock, and now Maria Hill would make Emil Blonsky feel bad about himself by torturing his cock. There was an almost beautiful symmetry there.

Idly the blonde woman wondered how She-Hulk would react when she was told that she would be required to repeat her little performance with the Abomination? And probably quite frequently as the science team studied the monster's transformations. After all, any experiment is worthless unless it can be repeated. And repeated. And repeated...

To Be Continued


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