*** Warning: This story is for the entertainment of adults. It contains detailed descriptions of Humiliation, Non-Consensual sex, Monster-Cock, Fisting, Bukkake and Mind-Control/Manipulation. If you don't think you would enjoy that, then don't read it. ***

This story takes place in an alternate universe. It starts with events loosely based on She-Hulk V3 #15, but while the She-Hulk of Earth 616 was victorious in her battle, the She-Hulk of Earth 69 was not so lucky. While many things are similar to the real Marvel Universe, many other things are different. And about to get considerably more so. A single moment will set off a chain of events that will ultimately change the lives of dozens of Marvel's premiere Superheroines.

With the Hulk secretly exiled into space by Iron Man and Reed Richards, She-Hulk was tasked with catching her cousin's old enemies, starting with the Abomination. Her mission succeeded, but only because the Abomination raped her over and over again, until his sexual gratification was so great that it triggered his transformation back into a puny human. In order to keep the Abomination tamed, Jennifer had been drafted, ordered to fuck the evil supervillain repeatedly. This time She-Hulk discovered that she enjoyed the experience, unaware that SHIELD had psychically manipulated her to make her a willing Super-Whore. The story continues . . .

She Hulk: Marvel Super Whores Part 3 - She-Hulk vs. The Wendigo - Titanic
by High-Heeled Jill ([email protected]) & Spring-Heeled Jack

This is insane, thought She-Hulk as she waited in a mock campsite somewhere in the middle of the frozen Canadian forests. Why did I agree to this!

The tall woman cursed and tugged up the collar of her heavy coat. The cold didn't affect her nigh invulnerable body, but the coat was part of her "disguise", although it wouldn't fool anyone with two-brain cells to rub together. There weren't that many beautiful seven-foot tall women in the world, and you could count the number of them that were green on one finger. Still, she was in luck there, since her target was not noted for its keen analytical mind. All she had to do was wait. She was bait.

And at least the coat was better than the clothing, if you could call them clothes, that they had given her to wear beneath it. Frankly, she didn't see the point, it was unlikely that the target would understand or appreciate them.

"Target is approaching the perimeter, I repeat, the target is approaching." Crackled a voice in her ear.

She-Hulk swallowed hard. This was it. Insane or not, it was time to put the plan into action. She heard very slight scuffling sounds some distance behind her, surprisingly little for a creature of its size, but then it was at home in this environment. Taking a deep breath, Jennifer removed the coat, revealing the lingerie she wore beneath. Clad in a skimpy, low-cut white lace bra, matching garter belt, white lace-topped stockings, white high heels, and, most significantly, a pair of lacy split-crotch panties, She-Hulk turned around and said:

"Well, hello there, big boy."


* * *

Three miles away a tall woman cursed and tugged up the collar of her heavy coat as her ancient and battered truck rattled and juddered back onto the snow-covered road. In her rear view mirror she could just make out the roadblock's flashing lights, but they were stationary and she breathed a sigh of relief. Nobody had seen her cut through the forest to avoid them. Not that she believed that she would have been unable to deal with them if they had, but uncharacteristically she was trying to keep a low profile.

"Useless piece of junk." She muttered to herself. The detour through the forest had done the truck no good at all. "Useless fucking country. Fuck the nearest border, I shoulda headed south instead. Or at least stolen a better fucking truck."

A few minutes later the world flipped upside down.

* * *

She-Hulk cursed as she flew through the forest, literally soaring through the air and smashing the ancient trees into kindling. The Wendigo's punch had hit her as hard as anything she could remember, and her trajectory was carrying her out of the two mile containment zone.

Things were most definitely not going according to plan. She wasn't sure whether she should be upset about that or not, given that the 'plan' was to allow herself to be raped by a monster. She still didn't understand how she had been talked into going along with it, Even after everything that had happened with the Abomination, surely she should have enough of a sense of her own dignity to refuse this role of a super-powered honey-trap - a super-whore - but she hadn't.

Commander Hill had argued that because the Wendigo was the victim of a mystical curse they owed it to that victim to try a non-violent method of capture in the hope of curing them of the curse, but that wasn't the reason Jennifer that had agreed to the immoral plan. No, the reason she had agreed was that the idea of fucking the Wendigo had excited her. This fact horrified her, but it was true. And so, less than twelve hours after her most recent 'mission', her regular weekly appointment fucking the Abomination back to his human state, she'd found herself half-naked in a Canadian forest, waiting for a monster to come and fuck her brains out. Again.

They had carefully lured the Wendigo into the trap by using Maria Hill's idea to have psychics broadcast thoughts of arousal and sex directly into the Wendigo's bestial mind, achieved by the simple expedient of having those psychics masturbate while watching the footage of She-Hulk's original rape by the Abomination. It had seemed to be working, When the mystical monster had arrived at the fake campsite it'd been sporting a massive erection sprouting from its white furred loins, but instead of pouncing on She-Hulk and fucking her senseless as they hoped, it had attacked, batting her through the air while she was transfixed by the mouth-watering sight of its mighty appendage.

Jennifer crashed into a truly giant fir tree, and it was strong enough to finally stop her careering flight. She fell into the snow amid a shower of leaves and branches, broken loose by the shattering power of her impact, which had split a great length of the tree's 2-metre thick trunk.

She-Hulk panted for breath, her huge breasts heaving beneath her sheer lace bra. She was stronger than she'd ever been, but the Wendigo curse gave its victim even greater strength, and it had taken her by surprise. The earth shook as the nine-foot monster of muscle and white fur landed directly in front of her.

"WEN-DI-GO" It roared, raising its head and pounding its chest like some great ape.

The emerald amazon's gaze was fixed on the enormous cock between its huge thighs. It bounced wildly and large droplets of bestial pre-cum flew from its tip as the monster drummed its chest. The roar ended and the beast stood almost motionless over the prone heroine and she got her first really clear view of its penis.

It was about two-feet long and bright pink, with a large blunt head that was angled up almost 45-degrees from the main shaft. The widest point of the head was over seven inches, but instead of being almost round like a normal cock, this one was distinctly oval-shaped, wider from top to bottom than it was from side to side. The shaft was about 6-inches wide, but the oval profile made it hard to judge for sure, and it flared out again near the base to make a sort of ridge line that was almost as big as the head. The monster's balls could not be clearly discerned through the long white fur that hung almost to its knees, but She-Hulk was sure that they were large and full of spunk. As she watched a large droplet of thick white sperm pumped out of the oddly shaped head and fell into the snow.

The sight made She-Hulk's hot pussy moisten. The Wendigo was obviously as ready as Jennifer was herself, so why hadn't it tried to fuck her?

Realisation dawned, and suddenly Jennifer knew why. The Wendigo was a mystical creature, not a natural one. It was one of a kind, and a new Wendigo was made by magic, not by procreation. It hadn't raped her because it could not understand the sexual urges that SHIELD's psychics were forcing it to feel.

This was very bad.

Before Jennifer could tell SHIELD what she'd deduced, the Wendigo swung its long tail and launched her through the air once more, sending her toward the nearby hills.

As luck would have it, Jennifer struck a battered old truck driving along the ridge road, the only non-SHIELD vehicle within a ten mile radius.

* * *

She-Hulk stumbled to her feet, the only damage to her being that one of her bra-straps had snapped and the lace had peeled away from her skin to expose her left breast down to the nipple. Thirty feet away the tangled wreckage of twisted metal which had once been a truck was wrapped around a tree. She-Hulk started towards it, desperately hoping to find survivors, when it exploded into an orange rose of flame. Jennifer felt sick to her stomach as she stood helplessly before the blazing truck. Nobody could have survived that.


The scream of tearing metal and an echoing bang, and the truck's door shot up into the evening sky. She-Hulk staggered back as a burning figure climbed out of the wreckage and screamed.


The muscular figure started tearing off its burning clothes and casting them aside.

"Of all the fucking luck! What the FUCKING HELL HIT ME!"

It was a woman's voice, and although her clothes were aflame, it became clear that she herself was not, as the naked skin being exposed was completely unmarred, and the wreath of burning red-gold around her head was simply the colour of her hair.

The tall woman, now completely naked once her skimpy underwear simply burned to ashes on her body, turned and saw the green-skinned amazon for the first time.

"YOU! I don't believe it! I don't FUCKING BELIEVE IT! How the fuck did you find me?"


It was Titania. Seven-feet of super-powered fury. All the way out here in the middle of nowhere. Titania. What the hell was she doing here?

She-Hulk swore as Titania charged, catching the heroine by surprise. The redheaded amazon drove her shoulder into She-Hulk's belly and then ran her straight through a tree. Jennifer twisted and managed to hook the redhead's thickly muscled arm. With a heave she flipped the big woman to the side, breaking the hold, and followed with an uppercut that sent the naked woman flying ten-feet into the air until she collided with another tree.

"Give it up Titania, I don't want to hurt yooOOFFFF!!"

She-Hulk's words were cut off by a hard punch to the pit of her stomach.

"You don't? Well I want to hurt you. Fucking BITCH!"

Another straight armed punch from the naked redhead spun She-Hulk around and then she was propelled tits-first into a tree by a kick to the small of her back. Jennifer lost her balance and fell to her knees, giving Titania a clear view of her jade ass and pussy showing starkly through the split-crotch of her white lace panties. That sight shocked the amazonian super-villain out of her berserker rage, and she stared at the smooth green lips that glistened with feminine wetness.

"What the fuck?" She exclaimed in surprised disbelief. "Wha-AAOOOOWWWWWW!!!"

The stunned villainess doubled over as a mule-kick from her hated enemy struck right in her ginger-furred pussy

Preoccupied as they were, neither woman noticed the hulking figure of the Wendigo watching from amongst the trees, its mighty beast-cock pulsating powerfully.

* * *

"Hot damn!" exclaimed one of the SHIELD agents as their remote cameras finally caught up with She-Hulk.

This wasn't the sort of action they'd hoped to see today, but two beautiful catfighting amazons, one dressed like a prostitute and the other butt naked, was no poor substitute. Particularly since their cameras had also located the Wendigo, and they knew it was also watching the erotic spectacle.

* * *

She-Hulk launched herself at Titania, who was curled up with her hands cradling her bruised pussy. The villainess hastily raised a leg in a clumsy but successful attempt to deflect the green heroine. Titania awkwardly rose up as She-Hulk bounced back to her feet. The evil redhead wasn't so much hurt as shocked by the lingering pain in her sex. Shocked and angry, and she roared as she charged recklessly into her opponent.

The two women rolled across the woodland floor, kicking up plumes of loose snow as they flailed at one another. Eventually they came to a stop, with Titania on top, her furry pussy warm against Jennifer's hard abdominals.

She-Hulk swung her arm up in a wide arc, and landed a huge open-handed slap on Titania's left tit. The villainess yelped as her massive mammary collided with the right, and both breasts bounced sexily.

The emerald amazon felt a sudden surge of warmth at the sight, deep inside her pussy. Titania was naked. The reality of that had only just caught up with her, and for the first time she realised just how sexy her hated enemy was. Her superbly muscular body was of almost exactly the same proportions as She-Hulk, except her titanic tits were even larger than Jennifer's jiggling jade jugs.

She-Hulk swung her other hand up and slapped Titania's right tit. And then the left, and the right, and the left, again and again and again, until the redheaded villainess finally managed to catch Jennifer's flailing arms.

"What the...? You sick fuck!" The villainess's eyes were wide with disbelief. She-Hulk had been slapping her tits!

She-Hulk thrust her hips up with super human strength, and Titania was launched through the air over Jennifer's head and rolled to her feet. The heroine sprang up and spun to face her opponent, whose breasts now bore slightly reddened palm prints, and She-Hulk felt another surge in her pussy.

The heroine's eyes strayed inevitably downward, to the red-gold delta of her foe's pussy. Titania's pubic bush was full and the bright-red hair concealed any sign of the buff bad girl's clit, about which She-Hulk was suddenly very curious. Her own oversized clit was enormously erect, like a little 2-inch green cock standing proud from her naturally hairless sex between the lacy split-crotch of her obscene panties.

She-Hulk came in swinging for those delectable mammaries again, but Titania caught her arms by the wrists. For a moment the pair stood motionless but for the trembling of strained sinews as each tried to overcome the other through main strength.

The two beautiful behemoths' arms slowly rose, and their bodies got closer together, until their breasts touched. The intimate contact distracted Titania and she suddenly found herself being forced down. She roared with fury and pushed back, driving She-Hulk's arms back to the upright and then beyond, forcing her foe to lean back slightly, until they were once again locked in stalemate.

"Give it up Titania!" She-Hulk growled, "I'm not even after you!"

"FUCKING BITCH!" The enraged villainess screamed, and rammed her knee up hard into She-Hulk's juicy pussy.

"YEEEOOOOWWWWWWWWW!!!" The Avenger cried as she buckled and was forced down onto her knees before Titania.

She looked up at her naked enemy. Titania now had the upper hand, still holding the jade giantess's arms and now with the leverage advantage, and She-Hulk remembered the last time one of her enemies defeated her. And instead of the horror it had once evoked, thoughts of her rape by the Abomination now only aroused her, and she felt a sudden urge to submit, to let Titania win. But Titania wasn't the Abomination. She didn't want to rape She-Hulk, only to hurt her, to crush her.

Lowering her eyes, She-Hulk realised she had a perfect view of her enemies ginger-furred sex. She resisted the powerful impulse to bury her face into that fiery delta and start licking, and instead drew back her head and then drove it into Titania's lower belly. The buff supervillain doubled over and She-Hulk propelled herself up, ramming her shoulder into the white woman's gut and flipping her over, and then grappled her across the ground.

The two female powerhouses wrestled in a tight embrace for five minutes. While Titania fought with the focus of her fury, She-Hulk's attention was divided, as libidinous thoughts intruded themselves as her hands and skin rubbed across her hated enemy's sexy, naked body. Jennifer's inattention led her to defeat, and the green gammazon was forced face down in the snow, her arms twisted behind her with the pink-skinned redhead sitting on her bare ass and holding her captive. She-Hulk was acutely aware of Titania's furry pussy rubbing against her butt, and more importantly, of just how wet the villainess's slit was.

"Now where have I seen this before?" The evil amazon gloated, "Oh yes, the last time someone had you helpless like this he RAPED YOUR FUCKING BRAINS OUT!"

She-Hulk swore and thrashed, but Titania rode out the bucks like an experienced bronco-rider. The only benefit of Jennifer's actions was to create an erotic display for the onlookers, the remote SHIELD voyeurs and the very present Wendigo, who without understanding why, greatly enjoyed the sight of Titania's titanic tits bouncing and jiggling.

"You're not a fucking hero any more, you're a fucking joke! The Abomination's rape-slut! A fucking cum-dump! Look at you, out here in the fucking middle of fucking nowhere all dressed up like a fucking whore!"

Titania leaned down and spat on the exposed side of Jennifer's face,.

"Is that what you are now? A fucking whore? You out here waiting for some john? Is that it?"

She-Hulk's struggles redoubled, largely because although Titania didn't know it, her comments were 100% correct. However much she might wish to deny it, she was SHIELD's super-whore. A monster-fucking super-whore.

Try though she might, the Emerald Avenger could not throw off the villainess, but she felt the gentle brush of soft hair on the side of her right hand. With a sudden impulse she focused her efforts into forcing that arm lower while pulling her left arm up. Titania tried to pull them back into place, but for a moment She-Hulk's hand nestled in Titania's fiery bush. A moment was all she needed; she twisted her wrist and thrust two fingers deep into Titania's tight pussy.

The villainess squealed as she was penetrated, and then yelped as She-Hulk's thumb found her lovebud. To the slutty heroine's surprise, the big buff Titania had quite a small clitoris, possibly smaller than average, although Jennifer didn't have all that much personal experience of other women's clits by which to judge.

"What the FUCK?"

Titania jerked her hips up to get herself away from the probing fingers, and without the villainess's weight to hold her down, She-Hulk twisted free.

The two women grappled against one another, but the nature of their struggle had now changed. Titania was still fighting the lingeried heroine, but She-Hulk's main aim seemed to be to grope and molest the flame-haired villainess. Titania's efforts to push the lusty gammazon away gave She-Hulk the opportunity to grasp her enemy's arms at the wrists.

She levered herself on top and forced the redhead's arms up over her head, pinning her to the ground. Titania wriggled beneath her hated foe, delighting Jennifer since she was effectively rubbing her breasts against She-Hulk's. The jade giantess responded by grinding her own body against the squirming muscle-bound villainess and they writhed sexily. The emerald Avenger sighed lustily and tried to thrust the green orbs into Titania's disgusted face.

"What the fuck do you think you a doing, you fuckinNNMMMPPPPHHHH!!!"

Titania's protestation was muffled by a huge green tit being thrust into her open mouth. Titania bit down hard on the huge nipple, only to hear She-Hulk groan in pleasure! Never in any of their past conflicts had She-Hulk had even a passing sexual thought about Titania, but things were different now. She was different now. She was She-Whore! Sex, pleasure, pain, and hatred, these were all the same thing to She-Whore, and the naked body of her most hated enemy, especially when Jennifer was already in her 'slut' mindset, was simply too appealing to resist.

The supervillainess thrashed desperately. She could not believe what She-Hulk was doing! Yes, Titania had watched and enjoyed the She-Hulk rape tapes. Yes, she had masturbated furiously to the sight of her greatest enemy being humiliated and degraded, but she was not sexually attracted to She-Hulk in the slightest! Her appreciation had been an entirely sadistic enjoyment of She-Hulk's defeat and violation. The experience must have completely unhinged She-Hulk's mind! She-Hulk was sexually assaulting her!

Titania would not let that happen to her! The pale-skinned amazon drew her legs up and tried to get her feet between them, hoping to kick She-Hulk off, but the heroine was rubbing her body too firmly, too closely, for Titania to gain any purchase. All she achieved was opening her legs wide and pivoting her pussy up toward her enemy's grinding groin.

"STOP! Get the FUCK off me, you FUCKING BITCH!"

"Oh you want me, don't you slut! Spreading your legs for me like a whore!" She-Hulk's words surprised herself. She had no idea where that had come from, but the crude insults seem to fall easily from her lips.

"A big strong girl like you, I bet you love this, love being forced! You're a big-titted fuck-slut really, aren't you?" The gammazon said as she ground her hairless pussy against Titania's vulnerable sex.

"GET OFF ME! You fucked up BITchhmmpppphhh!!!" Her insult was smothered by her hated foe kissing her sloppily!

As they writhed, She-Hulk's oversized clit slid between the furry folds and into Titania's slit! The villainess yelped as she felt the giant lovebud probe her sex, and She-Hulk sighed with pleasure at the novel sensation. Titania's pussylips were wrapped around her clitoris!

The emerald amazon rubbed her freakishly large clit up and down the furry groove of Titania's pussy, until she found the entrance to her sex. Titania began squealing hysterically as She-Hulk clitty-fucked her. The fat, 2-inch clit was too small to truly penetrate the villainess, but she could feel it nudging her entrance, and she knew that She-Hulk was raping her. To She-Hulk the sensations were incredible, the feeling of Titania's pussy gripping and massaging her swollen clitoris was beyond description.

* * *

The SHIELD agents watched the video images with great appreciation. It looked exactly like She-Hulk was fucking Titania, the white woman's legs wrapped around the green heroine's humping hips, and more than a few of them were imagining the emerald Avenger with a big fat green cock, fucking the big, buff supervillainess.

* * *

Titania was panicking now. She-Hulk was raping her! But no matter what she did, the heroine kept her pinned to the ground as she pumped her clit into the redhead's sex. In desperation Titania twisted her legs back, getting her heels below her buttocks and then arched her back, pushing her belly up and pulling her pussy away from her lustful attacker's freakish clit.

Disappointed and frustrated because she had been close to cumming, She-Hulk swore at Titania and spat in her face. But then she had an idea. Still holding Titania's wrists she stood up and pulled her enemy into a kneeling position, her head approximately level with She-Hulk's smooth sex.

She-Hulk's pussy and particularly her monstrous clit loomed large in Titania's vision, and it became clear that the perverted Avenger was going to force her enemy's face into that sopping wet crevice. Titania was horrified, but had no leverage to escape her fate. She did the only thing she could think of. In desperation she lunged forward and bit She-Hulk's cock-like clit!

The emerald amazon didn't scream or release Titania, instead she gave a deep sigh of pleasure. Titania jerked her head back, her teeth still sunk deep into Jennifer's bloated lovebud. It was the pleasure, rather than the pain, which caused She-Hulk to weaken her grasp and allowed Titania to pull her arms free.

"You sick bitch!" Titania screamed, spitting the disgusting taste of her enemy's pussy out of her mouth. She glared up at the 7-foot gammazon with an expression of loathing and disgust.


Titania's fist came up in an unstoppable uppercut, straight between She-Hulk's muscular legs.


Jennifer didn't scream. She was too shocked to scream, as the villainess's large fist struck her pussy and didn't stop. After having so recently and regularly accommodated the Abomination's monster-cock, her emerald gates parted easily before the battering ram of the redhead's fist, which punched straight through and a full 8-inches deep into the heroine's vagina.

Titania's eyes went wide as she stared at the sight of her arm buried halfway to the elbow in She-Hulk's jade pussy. Hot wet heat surrounded her hand, pulsing as the Avenger's sex convulsed. Titania tried to pull her fist out of the wet embrace, only to find She-Hulk's vaginal muscles clamping down tightly, trying to hold her inside. The villainess looked up through the valley of She-Hulk's lace covered tits at her foe's enraptured face.

Still dazed by this turn of events Titania twisted her wrist, and was rewarded with an increase in convulsions and a groan from the impaled heroine. Fascinated despite herself, she twisted it again, and pushed it in another inch. The big green body shuddered with pleasure.

"You," murmured the villainess, "Are one sick fucking bitch."

She-Hulk couldn't control herself. She had intended to humiliate Titania, to make her nemesis become her bitch, to rape this evil woman who was her most hated enemy, but now her pussy had been penetrated. It was as though the act of penetration had thrown some sort of switch in her brain, because her mindset had instantly changed into that of the totally submissive She-Whore. The She-Whore who needed to be fucked and didn't care how or by whom. The She-Whore who liked to be humiliated. The She-Whore who had enjoyed being raped. The She-Whore who craved cock, or anything else that could fill the aching void of her slutty cunt.

And that was She-Hulk's weakness; her doom. For although Jennifer could have fought her arch-enemy Titania and won, she had no hope at all of ever defeating She-Whore; the treacherous enemy within.

"Holy fuck!" exclaimed Titania, perversely enthralled by the situation.

Jennifer moaned and groaned, squeezing her own breasts and pinching her nipples as her big body shuddered with pleasure. Her eyes rolled back and the super-strong heroine's knees trembled weakly as Titania's fist squished sloppily inside her hot wet hole. Her vaginal muscles flexed and relaxed around the invader, convulsing faster and tighter until . . .


She-Hulk threw back her head and cried out as she orgasmed, her huge body shuddering violently and sexily. Her climax was so strong that her legs gave way beneath her and Jennifer fell forward, collapsing on top of her abuser.

Titania pulled her fist out of her hated enemy's clasping cunt and rolled out from under the still juddering jade body. She stood over She-Hulk, her naked body shimmering warm orange and cool pale blue in the mixed firelight and moonlight, a combination that served to pick out and emphasise the muscularity of the villainess's magnificent body. Her right arm didn't just shimmer, it glittered. She-Hulk's copious pussy-juice coated it all the way to the elbow, and the redhead stared at it in fascination. Titania could scarcely believe what had just happened.

* * *

Not far away, the Wendigo was breathing heavily, almost panting in fact. Its inhuman penis drooled long strands of monster-cum and its fingers trembled. It raised one arm slowly and held it out in front of itself, flexing its clawed fingers as though caressing the image it saw of the two women before it.

An idea was forming in its primitive mind. An idea it found appealing, and even though it still did not really understand the alien urges it felt, they were starting to make some rudimentary sort of sense.

* * *

"Fucking hell! You are one seriously fucked up bitch, you know that?"

"Oh yes, I'm your bitch!" She-Whore whimpered.

Titania's eyebrows shot up. This was the woman that not five minutes ago had been trying to rape her?

"Please fuck me," She-Whore pleaded, thrusting her ass up toward the towering villainess. "Fuck me with your fist! Fuck me hard!"

Jennifer hated her inability to control her submissive urge, but she needed to be fucked! She need to cum! One orgasm was not enough!

Titania was astounded. She still didn't feel any sexual desire for She-Hulk, but the idea of making She-Hulk her submissive rape-slut? That was appealing. Not for the sex, but for the power: in all of their many fights, Titania's real goal had been to humiliate her foe, to tear her down and put her in her proper place. And now she had the opportunity to truly degrade her nemesis, just as the Abomination had done: to rape She-Hulk.

Jennifer could not believe the extent of her own reaction, her own desire to be humiliated by this woman whom she hated more than anyone else in the world. The whole situation with the Abomination had almost destroyed her, but she had thought she was beginning to regain some sort of balance, of mental equilibrium, only for her illusions to be blasted away by one penetrating punch. All her resistance, all her fight, had disappeared instantly. At the first sign of sexual domination by her enemy, she had surrendered in the truest and most complete sense possible. She was She-Whore, now and forever. She now understood that she would yield to anyone who was strong enough to take her, and once she yielded she would stay in the submissive sex-slave mindset until her enemy had done everything they wanted to do to her.

"Fuck!" Titania exclaimed.

The redheaded villainess smiled slowly.

"Spread your fucking legs, bitch! Spread them wide like a fucking whore so I can punch my fucking fist into your disgusting cunt!"

She-Hulk obeyed with a coquettish sigh. Face down, she spread her knees and arched her back, thrusting her pussy up invitingly as she pressed her breasts deeper into the snow. Titania knelt down and balled her slimy fingers into a fist. Her eye's glittering with hate, she pulled back and punched, pivoting her body and rolling her shoulder to get all the force of her superhumanly strong physique behind the blow.


Skewered by 12-inches of the evil woman's arm, She-Hulk cried out passionately. Titania pulled her fist back, fighting the slutty amazon's vice-like embrace and making the heroine whimper with disappointment, and then she punched back in!


There was a meaty smack as Titania's bicep slammed into She-Hulk's big sexy butt-cheeks. The villainess withdrew her fist almost all the way out, and when she didn't push back in She-Hulk thrust her hips up, attempting to impale herself.

"Oh you're a real fucking slut, aren't you? You want my arm in your whorish cunt, don't you? You want me to fucking rape you!"

"Oh god . . ." gasped She-Hulk.

"I asked you a question you stupid fucking bitch! You want me to rape you, don't you?"

"Y-yes . . ."

"You want to feel my big fucking fist all the way up in your dirty fucking womb, don't you?"

"Yes. . ."

"And why is that, slut?"

The words came easily. Words that had haunted her nightmares, her dreams, ever since the Abomination had first forced her to say them.

"B-because I'm Shuh-She-Whore," she said, "I'm a rape-slut!"

"Beg me like you begged the Abomination! Beg me to fuck your worthless green cunt!"

"Fuck me, mistress, please fuck me!" Jennifer begged. She wanted to resist this urge to submit, especially to her most hated enemy, especially because she knew that every moment, every word, was being recorded by SHIELD's cameras, but the need was too great. Somehow, she craved the abuse and humiliation.

"Mistress? I like that. Beg louder bitch!"

"PLEASE FUCK ME MISTRESS!" She-Hulk screamed. "I'm a total SLUT and I need to be RAPED!"

And with an evil grin Titania began to punch-fuck her enemy's hot green cunt.

* * *

In the SHIELD command post, the psychics were no longer using the old She-Hulk & Abomination tapes to provide the needed arousal for their telepathic transmission, since the live feed was more than enough stimulation for their needs. Too much perhaps. One of the broadcasting psychics grunted as he masturbated to orgasm, shooting thick creamy sperm high into the air.

A butch-looking and muscular female SHIELD agent with exercise flattened breasts licked her lips nervously. She knelt down and sucked the psychic's softening cock into her suddenly dry mouth, shivering slightly at the heat of his cock and the taste of his sperm. This was not what she had envisioned herself doing when she had joined the world's foremost security agency, but orders were orders, and the psychics had to be kept fully aroused at all times.

* * *


Titania yelped with surprise as huge furry arms encircled her in a bear hug and lifted her off She-Hulk, her fist sliding free of Jennifer's jade cunt with a wet slurp. For a moment she was completely off balance and the nine-foot monster hauled her high into the air and hugged her tight to its furry body.

"What the fuck!"

Titania's nostrils were assailed by the Wendigo's musky animal smell, and then she felt something like a wet arm between her muscular legs. She looked down and her eyes went wide as she realised what it was. More than eighteen inches of slick pink animal-cock was protruding from between her thighs.

"No fucking way!" The muscular villainess vainly flexed her awesome biceps, attempting to break the Wendigo's bear-hug grip.


The Wendigo started humping its hips, and its slimy cock rubbed back and forth across Titania's ginger-furred pussy.

"NO! NOOOOO!!!" Titania screamed and began thrashing wildly, veins throbbing and powerful muscles bulging as she desperately but futilely tried to break out of the stronger monster's hold.


Thanks to Titania's example in abusing She-Hulk, the Wendigo finally understood the thoughts and urges that the SHIELD psychics had been broadcasting into its animalistic mind, and as her reward Titania would be the unlucky woman to provide the relief the monster craved. It raised her body up and hunched its hips under her, so that its incredibly wide monster-cock was pointing toward her hairy cunt.

"NO!!! GET IT OFF!!!" Titania appealed to She-Hulk as she kicked and twisted to avoid the stabbing prong. "IT'S TRYING TO FUCKING RAPE ME!!! YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE A FUCKING HERO!!! STOP IT!!! DON'T LET IT RAPE ME!!! FOR FUCK'S SAKE HELP MEEEEE!!!"


Jennifer rubbed her tender pussy, still pleasantly sore from the rough fucking of Titania's fist, and as she watched the mighty cock attempting to strike the redhead's pussy she tried to remind herself that she was a heroine, one of the good guys, that she should save Titania.

The huge shaft reared up above her as the monster's hips humped back and forth. It was hypnotic; the giant pink penis flicking pre-cum from its tip, long strands of slime swinging from the length of its glistening shaft. With each abortive thrust its giant balls swung forward, allowing Jennifer to see just how massive they were before the long white pubic hair whipped forward to obscure them once more.


The more she watched the more the beast's inhuman cock seemed to call to her. She should feel compassion and pity for the thrashing supervillainess, she should be leaping into action to rescue her hated enemy, but instead she felt a confusing mixture of jealousy and glee. Jealous that the Wendigo had chosen Titania to be its fuck-slut; glee because Titania was so terrified and distressed by her fate. One wild kick from the villainess struck the swinging testicles and caused them to spin around for a moment, but the monster was completely unfazed. It just reminded She-Hulk that those were really, really big balls, packed full of potent monster-cum. More than enough to share . . .


She-Hulk rose from the ground.

"FINALLY!" Titania screamed, "Get his arms and, no, wait, what are you fucking DOING! LET GO! Grab his fucking arms! STOP HIM!!! HE'S GOING TO RAAAAAAIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!"

Jennifer grabbed Titania's ankles and pulled her legs wide apart, opening the villainess and rendering her defenceless before the monster-cock that finally found its mark.



The redheaded amazon's knees buckled inward as she screamed in agony. The powerful muscles of her thighs flexed as she sought to clamp her legs tight, to deny the monster the penetration it sought, but She-Hulk's biceps bulged in response as she frustrated Titania's efforts, holding her enemy's legs open for the marauding beast.

Despite the power of its thrust, the Wendigo's bestial penis had not penetrated far into the evil super-villainess's super-strong and super-tight sex. No more than 2-inches in fact, but already the angled cockhead had split Titania wider than she had ever known before. The monster withdrew and Titania gulped a ragged gasp of air before the giant penis battered at her crumbling gates once more, crashing 5-inches into her. And then a third time, and over 7-inches of bestial monster-cock sank into the helpless amazon's dry pussy.



The captive villainess threw back her head and screamed with all the power she could muster. Tendons stood out like cords on her neck and her full lips were twisted into a grimace of agony. She lowered her head and opened her eyes as she drew in another great breath, and that was when she saw them, noticed them for the first time.


SHIELD's little hovering cameras. Little flying cameras positioned all around her. Little flying cameras recording every detail of her violation. The hugely muscular woman stared at them in horror. She was going to end up like She-Hulk. She was going to become a rape-tape pornstar!

Titania roared and thrashed wildly, a berserker frenzy fuelled by her panicked fear. She twisted and shook violently, but she wasn't strong enough to escape the combined strength of the Wendigo and She-Hulk. She writhed and jerked, desperately attempting to dislodge the giant monster-cock sawing back and forth inside her. It was a wasted effort. The lustful thing was buried too deep, her assailants' grips too tight, and her gyrations merely increased the Wendigo's pleasure.

Thwarted and despairing, Titania started sobbing. She-Hulk could scarcely believe it, but the super-strong villainess started bawling like a baby as the Wendigo raped her. Titania hated weakness, she hated being helpless, she hated losing, And she hated knowing that everyone was going to see her raped and humiliated, just as everyone had seen She-Hulk raped and humiliated. She had a vision of the future, a mental image of millions upon millions of men, weak, disgusting, worthless men, all masturbating to her image as they watched her being raped by a monster.

She could not fight her destiny, and she could not cope with the reality of what was happening to her, and so she cried. Tears flowed freely from her eyes and rolled down her flushed cheeks, and She-Hulk thought that Titania looked very beautiful with her face contorted by pain and misery.

Her big body was still tense with pain, her violated pussy felt like it was about to be torn apart, but somehow the supervillainess's super-strong vagina just kept stretching and stretching. Surely that was all of it now? Titania thought this after every thrust, surely there could not be any more of the repulsive thing? But every time there was a little bit more monster-cock to be stuffed into her straining cunt.

A foot deep and the Wendigo's cock slammed into her cervix, making Titania howl. Titania had permitted very few men to fuck her, and no man had ever fucked her so deep. No man had ever stretched her so wide. And remembering how easily her arm had sunk into She-Hulk's monster-fucked cunt Titania knew no mere man's penis would ever fit snugly inside her sex again after the Wendigo's grotesque appendage finished turning it into a gaping fuck hole.

Unlike her enemy, She-Hulk was incredibly aroused, but could do little to alleviate her lust with both hands holding Titania's musclebound legs apart. However, the villainess's titanic tits were only inches above her head, so she slid her hands up from Titania's ankles to her knees, allowing her to raise her head and suck one of her arch-nemesis's large teats into her mouth.

Titania gasped as her most hated foe sucked and bit on her nipples, and cursed the sensitivity of her breasts as a frisson of pleasure threaded though the searing agony of her cunt-splitting rape. She tried to ignore it, but her body wanted it, pounced on the tiny sliver as a distraction from the pain. That fragile pleasure vanished almost as quickly as it had arrived, when the beast finally hammered its raging rock-hard monster-cock through her cervix and into her womb.


The beast paused, feeling a sense of achievement that it did not really understand, and shifted its grip on its new plaything. It unwrapped its arms from around her body and instead gripped her by her upper arms, its giant fingers engulfing her mighty yet useless biceps in its giant paw-hands. Through tear-bleary eyes Titania could now see down her body, her view no longer blocked by the massive furry arms, and the sight horrified her. She could see the creature's cock by the bulge it made in her belly, her abdominals smoothed and distorted by its colossal presence inside her.

The redhead wailed in pain and despair as the bestial monster pulled back again and drove in once more, slamming deep into her cunt over and over and over again, womb-fucking her mercilessly. Its huge furry balls slapped heavily against the inside of her straining milky white thighs, the long pubic hair whipping forward to flagellate She-Hulk's hard abdomen.

"Unnnngghhh!!! Ohhhhh!!! Oh fuuuck nooooo!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!" Titania screamed, the sounds echoing through the forest to return as a chorus of pain, as though Titania was a dozen women being monster-raped.

Meanwhile She-Hulk licked her way down her arch-enemy's muscular belly, her sinuous tongue tracing the outline of the Wendigo's giant cock as it distorted Titania's body, bulging through with every thrust. Lower, and Jennifer buried her face into the redhead's fiery pubis, sucking the villainess's little clit between her lips, while thrusting forward her emerald breasts to meet the monster's swinging testicles. The 'thwack-thwack-thwack' of its balls beating on She-Hulk's breasts made an excellent accompaniment to the 'schluck-schluck-schluck' of its cock sliding into Titania's tight pussy.

She-Whore's talented tongue rekindled the tiny flame of pleasure within Titania, who trembled as the direct stimulation began to subvert the pain and her pussy started to moisten. The jade super-slut was able to synchronies her sucking and licking with the rhythmic thrusts of the great beast, putting the evil villainess on a disorientating roller-coaster of pain and pleasure.

Titania's conscious mind tried to deny the pleasure, but her subconscious clung to it like a lifeline. Her overstretched vaginal muscles relaxed infinitesimally, and the terrible pain also lessened. Suddenly the pleasure was not just coming from her clit being licked, but also from the rhythmic movements of this massive appendage, from the stretching of her pussy to its very limits, from the suddenly smooth friction of the inhuman cock sliding over her now lubricating membranes.

In and out, in and out, the rhythm was hypnotic. Though she tried to fight it, Titania's screams slowly became pants of pleasure. This twisted, oversized animal-cock which filled her pussy almost to breaking point was feeling good inside her. Her tight super-cunt had fully stretched to accommodate the size of the Wendigo's monstrous manhood, and her invulnerability was lowering the pain to a point far below her pleasure threshold.

The Wendigo sensed the change, without understanding it. The pink creature was no longer fighting it, not resisting the intrusion of its lust, and since its expectations were limited by the fact that its knowledge of sex came entirely from the fevered minds of masturbating SHIELD psychics, it believed that this was what was supposed to happen. The penis established its dominance and the female submitted.

The giant monster made loud animalistic grunts as it fucked the defeated villainess hard. The evil redhead sobbed between her own grunts of pleasure. This could not be happening to her! She didn't even like sex! Nonetheless, her muscular body flexed and rocked with erotic stimulation. Titania did not know about SHIELD and its psychics, she did not know that they were flooding the area with powerfully lustful telepathic broadcasts, she did not know that she was being mentally forced to enjoy her rape. In truth, that was not the full story, because though Titania's pleasure had begun due to the psychic imposition, she was rapidly coming to own it as her own, her repressed sexuality finally blossoming under the Wendigo's cunt-splitting assault.

Titania closed her eyes in shame, and found that it made the pleasure greater, more insistent. Without conscious thought, she began thrusting her hips back to meet the giant raping cock! The blissful sensations almost seduced her into to surrendering, until she opened her eyes and the terrible reality of her situation crashed over her once more.

"You like this, don't you Tits?" She-Hulk taunted her violated foe, "I can taste your gushing pussy juices! You like being a monster's SLUT!"

"Y-you're sup-ah!-posed to buh!-be a fuh-fucking superhero! Uhn! You're s-uh!-supposed to f-fucking hur!-help me, ah! You fucking buh-bitch!"

"I am helping you, you monster-fucking bitch! I'm helping you learn to be a MONSTER's dirty little FUCK-SLUT!"

Fear and fury warred within Titania, but her awakened sexuality was stronger than either of them, and her body betrayed her even as she writhed and raged futilely to escape the grasps of the Wendigo and She-Hulk.

Titania shuddered and moaned. The giant cock was stroking places inside her that she had never even imagined, while She-Whore's tongue skilfully flicked and swirled around her clit. To her horror, she couldn't resist the mounting pleasure. Her hips moved up and down of their own accord, matching the brutal pounding rhythm of her monstrous rapist.

"Oh yeah, that's it you evil slut! Milk his cock like the monster-whore you are!"

The gigantic cock inside her swelled and pulsed against her inner walls, and to her great dismay, her own muscles squeezed back in return. For the control freak Titania, she could imagine nothing worse than losing control of everything, even of her own body and sexuality.

Experimentally the Wendigo lifted Titania's hard body up, sliding her off its giant bestial cock, then slowly pushed her back down. Evidently pleased it repeated the movement, again and again, no longer fucking her with its hips but jerking her up and down its cock. Titania continued to hump her hips back to greet her rapist's monstrous cock, and her body became passively limp.

She-Hulk was disappointed with the change, since she could not lick and suck on Titania's clit while it was moving and the monster's huge balls were no longer beating her breasts like drums. She consoled herself by releasing her enemy's legs and fondling the monster's weighty testicles in her big green hands, though they were not big enough to contain the majesty of the creature's sperm-bloated balls. She also began lapping at the Wendigo's bright pink shaft between oscillations, licking up its musky bestial pre-cum mingled with Titania's sweetly delicious pussy-juices, before her enemy's furry pussy descended and her now thoroughly engorged clitoris slapped wetly against the emerald Avenger's forehead.

No matter how much Titania wanted to resist, something deep inside her twisted, evil psyche was stimulated by the torturous abuse. Her muscular body continued responding to the grotesque violation, and she could only imagine what her over-stretched pussy looked like impaled on the giant beast-cock. She had laughed with glee when she had watched She-Hulk's pussy get destroyed by the Abomination's monster-cock, but she wasn't laughing now; it was her pussy getting destroyed this time, and the Wendigo's cock had to be even bigger! Worse, she realised that she was getting precipitously close to an orgasm!

There were SHIELD cameras hovering all around them now, taking shots from every possible angle, recording it all for posterity.

* * *

The flat-chested and muscular SHIELD agent wiped the sperm of yet another psychic from her lips and grimaced with distaste. She could not bear the thought of sucking yet another cock, so she quickly ducked through the hatch and into the second chamber where the lone female psychic, a slim and attractive but bald woman, was now having to work twice as hard to broadcast into the minds of both She-Hulk and Titania. Between her legs knelt a young trainee agent unhappily licking and sucking the bald woman's hairless pussy.

The butch woman looked at the large screen displays and smiled at the sight of Titania impaled on a fat monster-cock, and understood what the situation required. This was much more to the Amazonian agent's preferences. She relieved the trainee of her duties and sent her in to the men's section, sure that they would appreciate her youthful charms.

Meanwhile she would stimulate this woman in the most appropriate manner possible. Grinning, she grabbed a thick, 12-inch long strap-on dildo and began to fasten it about her waist.

* * *

The giant beast bent forward, its drool dripping onto the tangled copper locks of Titania's sweat-drenched hair. Its hot breath blew over her ear, and the supervillain trembled with unwelcomed excitement. An icy chill gripped her heart as she felt the telltale tingle in her belly, and she knew that her climax was almost upon her! The evil villainess had never orgasmed while being penetrated before, only manual stimulation could bring her off, but the combination of the Wendigo's womb-fucking cock and her clit slamming into She-Hulk's face was driving her wild with pleasure, even through the incredible pain.


When she heard Titania's screaming breaths become ragged gasps She-Hulk gripped Titania's legs once more and pulled to slow the speed of the Wendigo's rhythm, then raised her head to latch onto her archenemy's engorged clit. She redoubled her earlier efforts, lashing her tongue against the supervillainess's now hyper-sensitive lovebud remorselessly, marvelling at how delicious the evil redhead's girl-cum tasted when mixed with the Wendigo's plentiful pre-cum.

At this new resistance to its moving its mate up and down its rampant maleness, the Wendigo stopped lifting her and resumed its own thrusting, powering into her with the force of a runaway locomotive. Booms reverberated around the forest as its hips slammed into her butt, a quieter slap joining the echoes as its balls were once again beating She-Hulk's mighty green breasts.

Titania's tortured screams joined the percussive symphony as she sought to deny the newfound delight within her degrading ordeal. A subversive pleasure that eroded the walls of her resistance with each wave. With frantic energy, Titania arched and squealed, pulled and kicked, frantically trying to escape this ultimate humiliation, desperate not to become a rape-slut like She-Hulk! She would not be made to climax against her will! She would not be tamed!

Jennifer's own arousal was reaching critical levels. She could almost feel a cock driving in and out of her own sex, a phantom sensation that made her pussy spasm with a ghostly pleasure, but that could not satisfy her vacant but hungry hole.

"Ohhh yesss... fuck her you horny beast!" She-Hulk cried between licks, "Rape the big sexy bitch! Fuck her with your giant cunt-splitting cock! Make her your cum-slut! Break her! Make her your sex-slave!"

The Wendigo could not understand Jennifer's cries of encouragement, and Titania was too sunk in her own warring misery and ecstasy to hear her crude, insulting words.

The Wendigo pistoned its cock even faster than before. Massive hands gripped each arm at the biceps and Titania's unrestrained tits bounced spectacularly. The evil redhead felt faint, light-headed, her eyes rolling up under her heavy eyelids and her body feeling like it was about to explode, but still she fought to resist the inevitable, seeking to dam up the tidal wave through sheer force of will. The unbelievable sensation of being completely filled by this creature's monster-cock was beyond description, and she was no longer aware of any pain. While her mind resisted, her pussy responded by lubricating her assailant's fucktool and clenching spasmodically around it, trying to suck it deeper into her core.

"Oh, f-fuck NUH-NO! NOOOOOOO!!!" the villainess screamed, feeling her orgasm broaching. "NYAAAHHH! NNOOOOOOOAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!"

Her efforts were futile. She could not escape the rising tide inside her. Her mighty muscles quivered as growing waves of pleasure washed through her big body. The walls of her resistance crumbled and, with an anguished cry, Titania's orgasm crashed over her.


She convulsed as her pussy clamped down, rhythmically squeezing the invading monster-cock that had conquered her completely. Her body spasmed and shook, and She-Hulk's torturing tongue lashed her clit mercilessly, driving the supervillainess higher and harder than she'd ever come in her life.


Her pleasurable paroxysms seemed to last an age, draining all the incredible strength from her spectacular body, but as the ecstasy began to subside she realised that there was another devastating climax growing behind it, swiftly overtaking the downswing and obliterating her mind with another terrible orgasm, and then another, and another, and another.

"That's it! Cum you whore!" She-Hulk taunted her enemy between tongue-lashings, "Cum on the Wendigo's COCK, you monster-fucking RAPE-SLUT!"

Titania's first ever multiple orgasm lasted an eternity, until she hung limply in the Wendigo's grip, blissful aftershocks searing along her nerves. The echoes of her climax resounded through her until her clitoris seemed to grow numb to Jennifer's aggressive oral stimulation, and her copious juices allowed the gigantic cock to glide smoothly in and out of her no longer resisting love canal, stretched beyond imagination to accommodate the Wendigo's immensity.

No onlooker could possibly doubt what had just happened to her, and SHIELD's little hovering cameras had recorded every moment of her multiple orgasms, from every imaginable angle. It had amused Titania to watch the tapes of She-Hulk being raped by the Abomination, it had satisfied her when she had got to dominate and humiliate She-Hulk personally, violating the heroine with her fist and making the emerald whore writhe with submissive orgasm, but now she realized that she was no different. Just like She-Hulk, the mighty and fearsome Titania had been turned into a monster's rape-whore! A rape-tape celebrity super-slut!

* * *

In the SHIELD control centre, the psycho-sexual feedback had extended beyond the psychics and throughout the staff. In the lab most of the scientists were openly masturbating while trying to monitor their stations, but several had abandoned their duties and were fornicating freely. One attractive but grey-haired old biologist was happily taking three hard cocks at the same time, four young female technicians were sprawled in a circular sucking and fisting ring, while a tough security guard was allowing herself to be butt-fucked by a geriatric specialist. It was even worse in the security post, where the sole female officer was being chain-fucked by a dozen of her subordinates.

* * *

The pulses of the Wendigo's monster-cock, still thrusting deep inside Titania, felt stronger now, each throb noticeably stretching her already strained love-canal before relaxing. Its thrusts became shorter, not withdrawing so far as the great beast desired to keep its enormous maleness buried in its mate's tight femininity. The giant creature was trembling, its huge furry limbs trembling as it felt the impending arrival of... something. It breathed deep rasping breaths, still not truly understanding what it was doing or why, but filled with the need to complete its task, somehow knowing that there was a greater pleasure imminent.


Titania's eyes shot open, staring out into the dark forest as she felt thick monster-cum shooting into her violated cunt with the force of a firehose. The creature was cumming inside her! The Wendigo ejaculated its creamy torrent straight into her fertile womb, gushing and surging to fill all the available space, and then forcing her baby-chamber to expand as the river of sperm continued to flow into her.

The evil supervillainess was too weak, too lost from her devastating orgasms, to do anything more than whimper as the raping monster's sperm poured into her body, filling her and - sudden fear chilled her heart - possibly impregnating her!

She-Hulk's tongue redoubled its efforts, tormenting her arch-enemy's clit as Titania's belly swelled up with the Wendigo's phenomenal cumload. Overwhelmed with horror and stimulation, Titania was engulfed by yet another orgasm, screaming in terrible pleasure until her vision greyed out.

She was only unconscious for a few seconds, and when her senses returned she groggily looked down through the valley of her giant breasts, and saw her abdomen bulging out like a pregnant woman's. She screamed again as she thought for one confused moment that she was carrying the Wendigo's inhuman offspring inside her womb, before she realized it was the massive volume of its sperm that was distorting her body, stretching her further than she could ever have believed was possible!

"How about that Tits? You've got a cunt full of monster-sperm! Doesn't that make you hot?" Jennifer taunted her defeated foe. "Doesn't it turn you on to know what a big cum-slut you are?"

The giant cock was still buried deep inside her and as the monster slowly withdrew Titania saw her belly deflate by a significant margin. And then it thrust back into her! The villainess grunted, but she was too stunned by her own orgasm to scream, she just watched with a sort of horrified fascination as her belly swelled once more, but not quite so far as it had been before. She could feel the sperm spurting out of her well fucked hole, reducing the dreadful pressure inside her, and each thrust saw her belly bulge less and less, until it was almost back to normal. Almost, but not quite, because she could see a bulge traveling up and down her abdominals, the bulge caused by the massive monster-cock as it plumbed the depths of her sex, ruining her for anything smaller than a monster's cock.

"You're one sexy, fucked-up cum-stuffed rape-bitch!" She-Hulk declared before her beautiful jade face plunged between Titania's thighs to lick and slurp at the cum-sloppy folds of the villainess's raped cunt. Titania wept with despair as she felt the stirrings of that perverse, alien, pleasure she'd felt before.

"You like that Tits? You're the Wendigo's fuck-slut! You're a monster's rape-bitch!" She-Hulk gloated as she reached up to grope her enemy's heavy breasts. "And we've got it all on tape! The whole world is going to see you fucking the Wendigo like the whore you are!"

It was a strange moment for an epiphany, but Titania finally understood the difference between fear and respect. After this, she might make people fear her but they would never, ever respect her. No more than she could ever respect She-Hulk after seeing her raped by the Abomination. They would always think of her as she was now, impaled and humiliated on a giant bestial cock. And she would always know that that was what they really saw when they looked at her. Just as that would be what she would see every time she looked in the mirror.

In truth, Titania was not a strong woman, not the strength that really mattered. She could bench press tanks without breaking a sweat, but she had always been weak, inside, where it counted most. And the fragile edifice of her insecure personality shattered as she saw the lie in everything she'd ever believed herself to be.

In her despair, she failed to notice that the pleasure was rising once more, as the sex-crazed Wendigo continued to fuck her and the perverted She-Hulk repeatedly plunged her head between Titania's thighs to slurp at the redhead's cum-drooling sex. The unwanted ecstasy grew and grew, until she found herself climaxing yet again, and this time it did not stop until she had lost consciousness completely.

The Wendigo did not care as its fucktoy went limp in its arms, it knew now what it wanted, and it was going to keep fucking her until it got it! She-Hulk continued to crow and taunt her enemy, so caught up in her own excitement that she was unaware that Titania had been knocked out by her overwhelming orgasms.

The great white beast pounded into Titania with more and more urgency, until it roared and the redhead's belly inflated again as the monstrous creature's sperm blasted into her womb for the second time.

Halfway through the eruption the Wendigo let go of its plaything and Titania was launched off the end of its gigantic cock, flipping over in the air and landing limply in the trampled snow. She-Hulk briefly experienced a double-dousing as Titania's pussy spurted the Wendigo's cum over her dark green hair, and the Wendigo's bobbing cock blasted its load directly into her face, the force of it knocking her back.

The white furred behemoth swayed as its mind-blowing orgasm ebbed, and then fell back onto its rump as the last mini-spurts pulsed from its softening cock.

* * *

The butch SHIELD agent pulled the 12-inch strap-on out of the bald psychic's tight pussy and clambered up the couch to push it into her mouth. The shapely telepath eagerly licked her juices from the fake phallus as the muscular woman turned around so that they were in a sixty-nine position. The bald woman thrust her hips up enthusiastically to greet the agent's tongue, only to find herself being split apart by the big woman's large, hard fist.

* * *

She-Hulk looked down at her hated enemy, that big sexy body naked and covered in a glistening sheen of sweat, except between her legs where thick monster-sperm coated her thighs and gushed freely from the evil villainess's gaping, fucked-out cunt. Though She-Hulk did not realize it, there was an inverted symmetry between them. The pink-skinned woman was covered in sperm from the waist down, while the green-skinned woman was plastered from the waist up, her entire upper torso drenched by the Wendigo's inhuman seed.

The sight of her arch-nemesis so violated and degraded was too arousing for words, and now that her hands were free, Jennifer grabbed her oversized lovebud between thumb and forefinger and began masturbating it like a tiny cock, her mind filled with an insistent need after everything that had happened in the last hour. Within seconds her legs began to tremble and her huge breasts bounced as her body shook.

"WAAAAIIIYYYAAAYYYAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!" She-Hulk screamed and collapsed to her knees as her overdue orgasm blasted through her muscular physique.

She fell back onto her heels and panted in the aftermath, enjoying the cold snow on her overheated clitoris. Her climax had been huge, but it had not been enough to slake the need within her.

Jennifer crawled over to Titania and kissed her fallen foe passionately and sloppily on the lips, spitting Wendigo-sperm into the redhead's defenseless mouth. A green hand slid down over Titania's quavering abs and into the sticky morass of her sperm matted pubes. The unconscious villainess did not react when She-Hulk pushed all four fingers easily into her fucked-out pussy.

Sperm squelched as the emerald Avenger forced her entire fist into the gaping cum-drooling cunt, driving halfway up to the elbow before meeting any resistance. Jennifer grinned with delight as she punched through Titania's ruined cervix and into her sperm-packed womb. As she idly fisted her hated enemy, she wondered whether SHIELD would let her keep Titania? SHIELD forced She-Hulk to fuck the Abomination, maybe they would allow her to fuck Titania too? She'd love to strap-on a monster-dildo and rape this bitch into submission personally!

She was rather startled by how strongly this sadistic fantasy aroused her. She had become accustomed to thinking of herself as a submissive rape-slut, a slave to her pussy's need for big cocks, and this dominant aspect of her personality came as a surprise.

Jennifer glanced over at the Wendigo, sat on its haunches and looking bemused as its huge bestial cock slowly wilted, and her train of thought was completely derailed. The moment Jennifer's eyes strayed to the monster's cock she could not think of anything else. They was long wet squelch as She-Hulk pulled her arm out of her enemy's monster-raped cunt, and then she forgot all about Titania and crawled over muscular redhead's recumbent body as the Wendigo's mighty maleness drew her like a moth to the flame.

The size of it was everything she dreamed of. In fact, since she had been raped by the Abomination it seemed that giant cocks were the *only* thing that she dreamed of. The unusual shape, the smooth texture, the animal smell - all very different to the Abomination's but equally arousing, equally overpowering to her perverted desires. She-Hulk had long given up any pretence of being a respected and respectable superheroine. The entire world knew that she was a depraved rape-slut, and Jennifer had eventually understood that and now embraced it. She was much happier fucking monsters than she was fighting them. Her strong hands reached out without thought and gently caressed the softening pink cockmeat, which twitched away from her fingers. It was hot to the touch, and slimy with its sperm and Titania's girl-cum, but the semi-tumescent phallus still radiated a sense of its incredible potency. Jennifer licked her lips.

Worshipfully, she bowed her head and kissed the very tip, and it surged in response. Using both hands, she held it still so she could suck it into her mouth. Her lips strained to encircle the giant maleness, but she was by now well used to sucking giant monster-cock. She used her tongue to lash at the sensitive pink flesh as she took it to the back of her throat, and then her neck bulged as she swallowed it into her gullet.

The Wendigo's penis stiffened rapidly in reaction to her oral ministrations. It did not know what the green female was doing, but it did know that it felt really good, so it allowed her to continue. She-Hulk slurped and sucked, her hands massaging the Wendigo's great shaft as she slowly forced more of it down her throat.

Unsure what to do, the Wendigo instinctively grabbed She-Hulk's sperm-sodden hair in its giant paws, at first gently urging her to swallow more, and when that worked it become more insistent. The huge beast plunged Jennifer's head down its monster-cock, choking her on the meaty girth of it. The Wendigo emitted a deep rumbling sound from its chest, almost a thunderous purr, as it enjoyed this new pleasure. It knew what to do now; the same thing it had done with the pink human. It slammed She-Hulk's head up and down its bestial shaft, brutally fucking her face.

Mingled sperm and spittle flew from the corners of She-Hulk's mouth as her eyes went wide with delight, thrilled to be dominated by such an awesome, inhuman cock. Pre-cum spurted inside Jennifer's chest, and she whimpered happily as it squirted into her stomach.

She desperately wanted the Wendigo's bestial sperm. She had already drunk large volumes of the thick creamy monster-cum, but all of it second-hand, sperm from Titania's raped cunt or intended for her enemy, and, in her mind, that made it second best. She needed to make the Wendigo cum, to make the giant white-furred monster orgasm for her, from her own efforts, without Titania's interference.

"Ummm" Shlurp! "Glauummm," Shclick! "Mmmm!" She-Hulk hummed, making her huge chest vibrate pleasurably as the Wendigo slammed her head up and down its huge cock.

The inhuman cock in her throat began pulsing rapidly and She-Hulk twisted her torso to increase the stimulation, driving the great beast to an incredible climax. Sperm blasted with superhuman strength into her stomach, and the power of it forced her backwards.

The Emerald Avenger's strong hands lashed out to grasp the Wendigo's hips, bracing herself against the explosive torrent to prevent it pushing her off its awesome manhood, managing to keep just the head of it in her mouth. The 7-foot gammazon gurgled and gulped the monster's cum down hungrily, her belly swelling with the unbelievable volume, but there was just too much of it. As she sat on her heels and bathed in the Wendigo's sperm shower, semen surged back up her throat and flooded over her lips to pour down her chin and onto her already slimy breasts.

The Wendigo gave a long, reverberatingly low moan as its orgasm faded. Its huge paws had fallen away from green human's head as she had drained its balls, and now it was beginning to feel sleepy.

Jennifer was not going to let this magnificent cock go so easily, however. The monster might be feeling very calm and mellow after its repeated orgasms, but She-Whore still had not got the fucking she needed!

She-Hulk straddled the recumbent beast, then bent her knees a little so that the tip of the Wendigo's gigantic cock swayed just inches from her steaming pussy. Her fingers slid over her lacy crotchless panties and spread her fat green pussylips wide. She gazed down upon the white-furred monster with smouldering eyes, scarcely able to believe how powerfully arousing she found its grotesquely inhuman appearance. She really was a slut for monsters. A few months ago she would have been horrified by what she felt now, but that was a lifetime ago, and today her lust for the Wendigo's monstrous cock would not be denied.

"AAAAaaahhhhh yyeeeaaaAAAHHHH!!!" Jennifer cried out as she drove her dripping wet pussy smoothly down onto the Wendigo's gargantuan cock.

The Wendigo grunted as She-Hulk's slippery hot pussy walls engulfed its rampant maleness. Its penis was even more sensitive now after its repeated orgasms than it had been when it had first impaled the pink-skinned female, and Jennifer's blissful embrace was almost unbearable.

The gammazon pushed herself down remorselessly until the tip butted her cervix, approximately halfway down the monster's two-foot cock. With it firmly embedded within her vagina, the She-Hulk extended her arms and placed her hands onto the beast's furry chest. The long white hair was surprising sleek, like an expensive rug, and it felt wondrously luxurious between her fingers. She arched her back, propelled her huge breasts out in front of her and squeezing them between her flexing biceps, as though posing for the cameras. In truth, such erotic posing had become second nature to her now.

With surprisingly little effort, the Emerald Avenger leisurely moved herself up and down the oversized monster-cock. The strangely angled and pointed tip of the thing seemed perfectly shaped to penetrate her cervix, and Jennifer groaned happily as it eased into her womb.

Her pussy was stretched tight but her walls were slick with her excitement. The Wendigo's smooth cock was a delight compared to the Abomination's, because while it was a little thicker than the gamma-powered behemoth it lacked the Abomination's cruel cunt-torturing studs. She-Hulk's juicy pussy swallowed the bestial monster-cock to the base and she whimpered breathlessly before starting to fuck, riding the Wendigo like a bronco.


A huge furry paw rose somewhat hesitantly, and Jennifer grasped it by the wrist and guided it to her wildly bouncing breasts. The Wendigo wasn't sure why, but the large warm globe felt pleasant against its big palm. Its clawed fingers tightened and Jennifer panted with pleasure as it squeezed her tit painfully. Its other paw reached up and grasped She-Hulk's other jade orb, and she bucked wildly on its mighty cock.

Jennifer closed her eyes and focused on the sensations, the massive dilation of her pussy-walls, the deep penetration of her womb, the strangely shaped penis gliding over her G-spot, the hard impact of her big clit against the monster's furry groin, the brutal mauling of her heavy breasts. She imagined the sight that she made, riding this monster like the slut she was.

"Oh GOD! Ohhhhhhh GEEEAAAAAIIIIIEEEEEEEE!!!" Jennifer cried, as she fucked herself to orgasm on the Wendigo's giant cock.

The spastic contractions of the green woman's pussy spurred the Wendigo to yet another explosive climax. The Sensational She-Hulk shot 8-inches up the Wendigo's impaling cock as the first cum-blast powered into her womb. Her hands instinctively tightened their grip on the great beast's furry chest, her fingers tangling in the long silky hair. Jet after jet of thick monster-cum geysered into her baby-chamber, making her belly swell like a pregnant woman's; a now familiar and welcome sensation for the Insatiable She-Whore.

Her abdomen slowly deflated as her orgasmic convulsions forced the sperm to squirt back down her vagina around the Wendigo's cock to gush from between their conjoined loins. Eager not to waste the precious fluid, Jennifer clamped down her pussy's aching muscles to hold in as much as she could and then slowly lifted herself off the Wendigo's awesome maleness.

She-Hulk staggered over to the unconscious Titania, trailing sperm all the way, and then sat on the evil villainess's beautiful face. Jennifer rocked her hips, grinding her pussy over her hated enemy's features, squeezing her vaginal muscles to squirt the Wendigo's sperm into the redhead's open mouth. Though out cold, the big-titted Titania instinctively swallowed the mixture of thick monster-cum and syrupy pussy-juice.

After a couple of minutes, Titania began to stir. She-Hulk was not finished degrading her nemesis, so she rose up and grabbed her fallen foe by her coppery hair, and the dragged her across the ground to the slightly dazed Wendigo. She-Hulk lifted Titania and guided her head to the tip of the monster's semi-flaccid cock. With one hand she gripped Titania's cum-smeared head by her hair, and with the other she held the Wendigo's soft penis, forcing it between the villainess's slack lips.

The Wendigo was almost exhausted but it could not ignore the pleasure as the pink human's pretty face was forced to swallow its cock, and gradually the great shaft rose to full turgidity in the slowly awakening Titania's throat. She-Hulk slammed her up and down the monster's cock, her crazed lust more than sufficient to overwhelm her enemy's weak struggles, until the Wendigo was fully aroused and took control, using its massive paws to brutally face-fuck Titania.

With her hands now free, She-Hulk set about increasing Titania's suffering. Balling her fingers into a fist, Jennifer punched straight into Titania's furry, cum-sloppy, fucked out cunt.

* * *

The butch, flat-chested SHIELD agent grunted as she felt the bald psychic climax yet again on her fist. The muscular woman had removed the strap-on dildo and torn open the crotch of her uniform so she could enjoy several orgasms of her own, the sexy psychic's talented tongue licking her clitoris with a precision only a mind-reader could achieve. Now the big woman felt a different need, an urgency deep inside herself, so she pulled her fist out of the bald woman's slippery pussy with a wet pop and reached for the 12-inch sex-toy.

She lifted the panting psychic's hips up off the couch and awkwardly fastened the strap-on around her slender waist. Then she climbed up on top, and slammed her tight pussy down onto the rearing foot-long phallus.

* * *

"GLLAAUUGGGLLEEE!!! MAAUUUUPPPHHH!!! GLLLUURRRGGG!!!" The now fully awake Titania protested, but she could do nothing as she was throat-fucked and power-fisted at the same time.

The supervillain's pussy was cum-sodden yawning chasm, one that even Jennifer's thick forearm could not truly fill. The evil redhead's internal dimensions had been permanently resized by the Wendigo's mighty manhood. She-Hulk marvelled at the sensation, wondering if this was how her pussy felt after being raped by the Abomination, or now, after fucking the Wendigo. She certainly felt well-stretched and was intensely aware of the coagulating sperm inside her womb, drooling down her vagina and dripping from her fat slimy lips.

Just like Titania. It was odd for her to feel any kinship with Titania, but she did. They were alike now. Like She-Hulk, just one giant cock had rendered Titania worthless for anything other than fucking monster-cocks.

"You're just like me now, Tits, you're just a monster-fucking SLUT! Wouldn't you like that? Wouldn't you like to be a monster's whore?" She-Hulk taunted her humiliated foe as her arm continued squelching in and out of her ginger-furred pussy. "You want to be a super-powered cum-dump for their super-sperm? Everybody saw how hard you orgasmed when the Wendigo filled you womb with his inhuman sperm! SLUT! We're like sisters now. We're the same. We're super-WHORES!"

Titania neither appreciated nor agreed with her arch-enemy's conclusions, but she could not deny it. She could not say anything at all, since her mouth and throat were filled with Wendigo-cock, but even if she could have screamed her denial she would have known it was a lie. She had orgasmed repeatedly, longer and harder than she ever had before, and she was currently aware of a building pleasure in her loins, as She-Hulk's fisted forearm stirred her unwanted passions.

"Cum for me bitch!" She-Hulk crowed, "Cum for me like the FUCK-WHORE you are! Show me that you are just like me! Come on Tits! Cum on my fist, you sexy fucking RAPE-SLUT!

The muscular redhead choked and gagged on the Wendigo's dominating cock, while her pussy began clutching She-Hulk's arm faster and faster. She felt lightheaded as the sexual tension grew and grew inside her. She wanted to reject it, wanted to hold on to the shattered image of her own strength and power, the misplaced belief in her own fortitude and willpower, but she was helpless before the orgasmic bliss that crashed over her as she was raped to climax yet again.

She-Hulk was merciless, fist-fucking her hated enemy to multiple orgasms for minute after minute, making her cum non-stop until her flailing limbs fell limp with exhaustion. Titania was utterly devastated, body and mind, and she was barely aware of it when the Wendigo finally came in her throat, its thick creamy cum blasting into her stomach, filling her mouth, covering her face, as the power of the erupting torrent forced her off the monster's awesome maleness.

She didn't notice when She-Hulk picked her up and cast her aside like a used up fuck-rag, was completely unaware as her green-skinned foe stood over her recumbent body and mocked her as a slut and a whore, she didn't even react when Jennifer pissed over her face and into her mouth.

"You're a whore, Tits! What are you?"

"... I'm a whore..." mumbled the dazed, cum-drenched and piss-soaked supervillainess.

"Say it again! What are you?"

"... I'm a whore... I'm a whore... I'm a whore..." Titania recited over and over, thoughtlessly obeying Jennifer's command, unable to piece together any coherent thought of her own.

She-Hulk laughed with delight as Titania recited the same mantra that she had once been made to chant, a truth that Jennifer had come to embrace. And with that reminder She-Hulk abandoned her conquered foe and returned to the Wendigo. While the beast had been tamed by the power of super-pussy, it had not yet been defeated. Its 20-inch cock was still semi-erect and the creature was still conscious, even if it looked rather woozy. She-Whore would not rest until she had fucked the giant monster into oblivion!

Meanwhile Titania lay in the snow, her eyes staring up at the sky without seeing. Her mind had shut down from the enormity of what had just happened to her, unable to deal with the truths that had just been revealed to herself, all the while muttering to herself.

"... I'm a whore... I'm a whore... I'm a whore... I'm a whore..."

Epilogue One

She-Hulk stared at herself in the mirror. It was official now. The Wendigo mission had not been a one-off deal, it had been a trial, and as a result of its phenomenal success in capturing not one but two major super-powered threats, Jennifer had been informed that her new job was to hunt down monsters and fuck them into submission. She should have been horrified, disgusted, outraged, angry; and just a few months ago she knew that she would have been all of those things, but today she was none of them. The only thing she felt was an obscene excitement.

To that end, she had been given a new costume, and she licked her lips as she gazed at the humiliating attire. The emerald amazon wore white thigh-high boots with 8-inch heels, elevating her to 7-and-a-half feet tall, with white cuffs around her wrists and a matching collar around her neck. Aside from that she wore only a too small purple sling-bikini. It was cut narrow at the crotch, barely wide enough to cover her plump pussylips, and split just above her oversized clitty, separating into two straps that extended up to hook on her nipples without really concealing them, then over her shoulders where they rejoined halfway down her back and continued as little more than a thread which disappeared between her big round muscular buttocks.

Staring at her reflection, even She-Hulk felt an urge to rape the image she saw. Unable to restrain herself She-Whore pulled aside the crotch of her costume and began stroking her giant clit, wishing that it was a giant cock with which she could fuck her sexy slut reflection...

Epilogue Two


The Wendigo roared in its cell. The large underground complex had been specially constructed to house powerful monsters, and the great beast's hardest blows could not dent the purpose-built walls. They were not made of adamantium, such quantities of that unbreakable metal being far too expensive for a government budget, but did have an adamantium lattice to reinforce walls composed of layered osmium-titanium alloy and maraging steel, with a thin skin of vibranium that absorbed most of the kinetic energy thrown against it. The facility was by far the strongest prison ever built.


'Cell' was really the wrong word for where the Wendigo was held. 'Habitat' would probably be closer, as the vast room extended over 700 hectares - nearly 3 square miles - and had been converted to resemble the Canadian forests, complete with trees, snowfall, and an artificial sky. Looking at this room, it was more like zoo than a prison. That didn't matter to the Wendigo though, who knew intuitively that this environment wasn't truly real, and who desperately wanted to be free, especially now that it had discovered something much better to do with those little human things than eating them.


The creature threw out its arms as it roared with frustration. Its giant cock was rampantly and painfully erect, but it had no way to relieve its suffering.

Just then a hole appeared in the sky.


A metal star appeared and slowly descended on thick cables. A light began flashing beneath it and a siren sounded, just in case it hadn't already captured the beast's attention. Instinctively the monster followed the star's descent until it touched down in the middle of the central clearing. The Wendigo bounded its way to the landing site just in time to see the cables ascending back up to the hole in the sky, leaving the star, and its gift, on the ground.


The 'star' was an adamantium frame upon which was bound Titania, naked, face down with her rump raised and her legs spread wide. Her pussy had been shaven smooth and her entire body glistened with some sort of oil. Hanging beneath her, her huge tits were swollen and red, tightly clamped near their base by some sort of metal stocks, which were in turn securely attached to the frame, helping to hold her muscular body in place. Saliva drooled from her mouth, which was stretched into an 'O' by a very large adamantium ring-gag. The captive villainess raised her head up groggily and, in response to a bestial snort, she turned to look back over her shoulder.



Titania screamed in terror as the white-furred monster and its gigantic, vile, wonderful, repulsive, glorious, bitch-taming cock approached her vulnerable and well-oiled pussy.

To Be Continued


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