Disclaimer: I do not own the characters involved. If I did, I would make sure
that Jen and Scott [Lang] would be together.

Summery: This is two different fictions in one.

Author's Note's - This is set during the bet between Luke Cage and She-Hulk.
This is an A.U.

She-Hulk: The Giantess And The Ant (MF)
by Joshua Preston ([email protected])

Jennifer Walters, Attourney at Law, was busy prepping herself for a bet she
lost to a fellow Hero for Hire. Luke Cage. The bet was simple. Whoever got to
the control center first wins.

If she won, Cage would quit. If he won, she'd have to go to dinner with him.

She lost.

Just as she was choosing which to wear, the doorbell went off. Only wearing
a towel on her head and robe covering her body, Jen stormed off.

Although her temper is not as legendary, or dangerous, as her (in)famous
cousin. Bruce Banner. The Incredible Hulk. But it still is best to not make
her angry.

"Alright! Alright! Keep your shorts on Cage! I'm coming!" She yelled in her

But when she opened the door, Luke Cage wasn't there. But a red-haired
Caucasion man with a little girl.

The anger flooded from her body, only to be replaced with giddiness. The
truth is, being around him made Jen feel less like She-Hulk and more like
Jen. "Scott? What are you doing here?" She questioned. "Not to sound rude,
but, I'm waiting for Cage." Jen stated with her `lawyerness'.

Scott Lang, aka Ant-Man, flushed. "I'm aware of that. Luke won't be able to
make it. You see-" Scott was soon cut off.

"I knew it! `Man of my word', indeed! That low down, two faced, twisted,
conniving, arrogant-" Jen stopped herself, being in the company of a young
girl. A young girl named Cassie Lang. "-not nice man." She finished.

Scott stepped up to Jen. In his original height, all 6 feet 9 inches. "If
you're quite finished, Jen, I was about to tell you why Luke couldn't make
it." He waited for her to calm down, once more. "Luke got a call from a
friend. He got word that his uncle died. Luke was all ready to pack, when
he realized that he had dinner with you. I was there, so he asked if I could
go in his place. I agreed." He looked down at his daughter. "I tried to get
a babysitter, but I wasn't able to." Scott summed up.

Jennifer blushed. Her attention was then drawn to her robe. The top portion
was showing an impressive view. She closed it up. "Sorry about that, Scott."

Scott had a quizical look on his face. "Sorry about what?" It slowly dawned
on his face. This time he blushed. "I'm not like the other guys, Jen. I treat
women with respect."

"So, where are we going?" Jennifer asked.

Scott shrugged. "Just some family place." He replied.

@*Chucky's Cheeses*@

"You know, Scott? I think this is the first time I've eaten at a pizzaria
since the transformation." Jen said in amazement.

Scott grinned at her. "Well, I aim to please."

Jen felt her heart flutter faster than the S.H.E.I.L.D. Hellicarrier.

A man came up to them. "Ah! Mr. Lang, how good to see you. And little Cassie!
I have your usual table waiting for you. Please follow me."

The three were led to a secluded area. Jen couldn't help but smile. "So, this
is your `usual table'?" She teased.

Scott smiled. "Yeah. I'm only at my normal height when I'm with Cassie." The
conversation turned to Luke Cage. Scott confessed to Jen Luke's entire story.
That he was convicted of a crime he didn't commit. Scott also told Jen of his
own past. How he once worked for Tony Stark. That he did steal and was

What really impressed Jen is that Scott didn't deny the crime. He admitted it
and did jail time. And when he got out, Scott started anew. Got a job at SE
and later on became the latest inarnation of Ant-Man.

"Daddy!" Cassie whined. "May I please play the games? Please?" She pouted.
Then used the `puppy eye dog' look.

Scott always caved in. "Yes, of course." He reached into his pants pocket and
retrieved his wallet. Scott got out a 5 dollar bill. "Have fun." He handed it
to his energenic daughter.

Cassie swipped and ran off to the `Wack-a-Mole' game. "Yippie!" She

Jen was shocked. "Scott. I know that you're a good man. But, are you sure you
don't want to go with Cassie?" She worded it carefully.

Scott laughed. He reached over to his jacket and retrieved a palm-pilot.
"Check this out." He opened it to reveal a screen. "This has a direct feed
to her necklace." He explained.

She saw Cassie obliderate the moles that popped up. "I think that's
wonderful. And I also think I'll take my foot out of my mouth." Jen looked
over to the inside of the cover. "L.E.? What does that mean?" She asked.

Scott looked down to his drink. "Lang Electronics." He said.

"You're going to start your own buisness." Jen said in awe. "I think that's
remarkable." She leaned over to cover his hand with her own. And almost
kissed Scott when trouble reared it's head.

In the form of Crusher Creel and Titania.

"But sweetums, why aren't we at that one place? There's lots and lots of
richies there." Carl complained.

His wife rolled her eyes. "Because, the mega-rich always carry credit cards.
Never cash money." She explained.

They came up to a little red-haired girl. Carl knelt down. "Listen, little
girl. Things are about to get really dangerous. Go and find a nice hiding
spot. Okay?" Absorbing Man pleaded.

She merely nodded her head. And ran off to the little girl's room.

He got back up to see his wife looking at him like he lost it. "What was that
all about?" Titania asked irritably.

Carl sighed. "We're thieves, yes. But not killers. Remember? It's okay to
beat up superheroes, not children." Creel bellowed out the one line he loves
to use. "OK! Everybody listen up! `Cause I'm only gonna say this once! Hand
over all your cash and nobody gets hurt!" Truth be known, Carl detests
hurting innocent people. It lowers his already low self-esteem.

Things seem to be going their way until a 6+ foot man stood in their way.
"Since you spared my daughter's life, I'll make a deal with you. Let's take
this outside and settle this the old fashioned way. A fist fight. You win.
We'll stand aside and let you rob the place. We win. We'll let you walk away,
without contacting the police. Do we have a deal?" The father to the girl

Carl thought on it. "Alright, we've got a deal." The two men walked out into
the parking lot to start their slugfest.

Jen was on the inside looking for Cassie. She is using the palm to locate
her. She soon found her in the girl's restroom. "Cassie? I know you're in
here sweetie. Come on out." She cajoled.

Jen heard soft giggling coming from a nearby stall. She opened it to find
Cassie. "There you are. Let's go see your dad."

Cassie streached her arms out and Jen picked her up. Jennifer Walters has
always wanted children. But the Gamma transfusion left her infertile. So she
gave up on ever having kids. Until now.

Just as they exited, a shrieking voice rang loud. "SHE-HULK!!! YOU COW!!!!"
Titania belted out.

Jen locked eye with her arch-nemesis. "You know Titania, if it were any
normal night, I'd fight you into the ground. But this little girl needs her
rest. So we'll be taking our leave now and find her daddy. Then we'll leave
for home." By now, Cassie was almost ready for sleep. "Ready to go home
sweetie?" She asked in a way that only a mother could.

Cassie yawned. "Yes, Mommy." After that she fell fast asleep.

Once out of Titania's sight, Jennifer cried tears of joy. The one thing she
wanted more than anything, is sleeping in her arms. A child. A family.

Upon exiting, Jen noticed that Scott has the Absorbing Man in a headlock.
"Say it! Say it! Say it!" The grip tightened.

Crusher relented. "Uncle." He whispered.

Scott let go and walked over to Jen. Who was carrying a sleeping Cassie. "I
think that's enough excitement for one evening. Let's call it a night." He
decided on.

*@Jen's [email protected]*

Scott walked Jen up to her door. "I believe that you still have something of
mine." He said out of mirth.

The sad truth entered her mind. She is not Cassie's mother. So Jen tried the
last effort. "Cassie's wiped out. Why don't you two spend the night. I even
have an extra room Cassie can sleep in." Jen offered.

Scott thought on it for a moment. He then turned around and had a short
conversation with the cabbie. Scott stepped aside as the taxi left. "Well,
I'm ready when you are."

The three entered and soon got Cassie to bed. Scott closed the door. And then
left for the living room. Only to be stopped by a tender, caressing hand. He
turned around to see Jen, holding him back.

"You're not sleeping on the couch. It's lumpy. Even for someone like me." She
informed her fellow Hero for Hire teammate. Her breathing started to pick up

Scott was confused. "Then where am I going to sleep at?" He asked.

Jen leaned over and kissed him. Then whispered the two most powerful words a
man can hear. "With me."

They got into her bedroom with speeds envious of Quicksilver. And the clothes
came off even faster. Shoes. Socks. Shirts. Pants. Undergarments. The two
then stood in all their glory.

Scott was facinated by Jen's breasts, while Jen was staring at Scott's
growing erection. Soon enough, the pole stood at it's proudest of 10 inches.
And the girth is 3 inches.

Jen couldn't take it anymore. She flung her date onto her bed and promptly
mounted upon him. Even though she lost her virginity ages ago, the size was
almost too much for her to bear.

Scott, ever the paitent man, waited until Jen could adjust to his size. He
then felt Jen have her first orgasm. And the feminine juices flowed down.
Making it easier for Jen to move.

When she finally got the hang of it, Jen started to ride Scott like a pony.
The euphoria soon spread to her entire body. Her hands, as if finally gaining
a life to themselves, started to massage and rub her breasts.

And Scott, with some unknown strength, flipped Jen underneath and started to
move his erection in and out of her vagina. Soon after, Scott shot his seed
into Jen's womb.

But his erection was still going strong. Jen got off and placed it between
her size DD breasts. Then preceeded to give Scott a `tittie fuck'.

After some time, Scott shouted out. "Oh! Ungh! Jen! I'm going to lose it any
second now!" For once, Scott was happy for soundproofing.

Jen stopped her ministrations and once more impaled herself. She started up
again and the two came together.

Out of breath, the two fell asleep.

Well, tried to. Everytime Scott's erection delflated the slightest, the
feeling of Jen's pussy made it hard again. Which in turn caused them to
oragsm again.

After Heroes was shut down, Scott and Cassie moved in with Jen. Permanantly.
And the two were soon married. With Bruce as Scott's best man and Jen being
escourted by her father. Many people thought this would be a perfect time for
villians to strike.

But like so many other weddings, it went off without a hitch. Even the Creels
sent in a home movie, via prison.

The true miracle was when Jen discovered herself pregnant.

Dr. Strange was gazing into his ball, smilling. "Amazing what a little spell
can do."

The End


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