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There are hundred of legends of magical objects of great power. One of those objects is based on the idea that the pen is might then the sword. Quite literally a pen that could defeat an army of swords because it could change reality so that those blades would lose.

As the form of writing changed over the years, the different objects took their places beside this pen. Chalk, pencils, typewriters and finally the personal computer became the tool used to alter the fabric of all that is. In fact there was a famous version of a computer program that would allow one to alter reality to various degrees, but those are different stories.

This story involved a computer program that was created in a similar vein as the original pen of existence, but binding the spirit of a powerful wish granting spirit into the code. This created a powerful computer file that would allow one to alter their reality as they wished, but in binding the spirit there were traces of it's personality left in the machine. A spirit that could influence the user in minor ways including encouraging the user to keep using the program. A spirit that was one of the greatest perverts in the history of his species and would love watching its master have a life that Hugh Hefner would envy.

This is the story of Gencom, the Genie Computer. Also known as the wishing system or the pervert's best friend.

The computer CD/DVD combination that held the program had been knew to fall from world to world as fate degreed. Causing confusion in it's wake as well as some very happy people, it was know emerging into a world where it would find plenty of use for it's system.

This world was the world of the Marvel Superheroes very similar to universe 616. This is the story of that Gencom.

Spider-man: Gencom - Spider-man Part 1(no sex,mc,dm,costumes)
by C. King ([email protected])

Peter Parker was just loading up the DVD disc that he had found in the remains of the AIM lab that he had destroyed, stopping the mad scientist's plans for world domination. It had looked ordinary, but with a group like AIM that could create artificial humanoids and superhuman powers, it was likely to hold something that could be completely bizarre.

As the hero Spider-man, he had experienced the strangest things that the city of New York could throw at him and survive. What he was looking on the screen was something that was unusual, but not something he couldn't believe. The DVD was a technological genie that stated that it could grant any wish that he could desire.

'This is going to be trouble. If AIM managed to discovered that this device could change reality, they're likely to come after the disc again. It's also possible that one of their employees could have sold the secret of the program out to the greater villain community, adding more trouble coming after the disc. Both of which is possible given the nature of my luck as Spider-man.' Peter tried to think about what he should do with the program.

Deciding to test it he called up the Gencom and brought up the recent history of the disc. He found out that the AIM group had found the disc in a meteor crash site and had just transported the device to the lab when Spider-man had shown up on a tip given to him by the Black Cat. The Black Cat was a former lover and partner of his that cross the line between hero and thief frequently.

Felicia Hardy, who was the women behind the Cat, had a beautiful body that would rival most actresses and models. Quite the equal of his own redheaded model slash actress wife Mary Jane Watson-Parker. The idea of his white haired former lover and his own spouse being together with and without him was one of his many sexual fantasies. The fact that the relationship between the two women tended to vary from close friendship to catty rivalry made the relationship between the three of them interesting.

'I suppose that I could make that fantasy become reality using this program. A few minutes with the keyboard and I can change the relationship between the three of us into something that was quite closer then what it was before. A threesome might be relaxing after all of the difficulty with being Spider-man.' A choice emerged from his mind, what he didn't know was that there was a second voice that was whispering in his head and giving influence. With this influence, the choice was made.

'It will just be the one time and I can fix it after I'm finished with it. First off I just have to load their pre-change stats into the program for future use. Then I can start with the reprogramming of the two of them so that they can be more adaptive to the situation that I am giving them.' Peter thought as he recorded the stats and then opened up their profiles for changes. Dual images of the two sexy women, one dressed in a sweater and jeans with the other in a skin tight leather catsuit, appeared with twin status menus.

Using those menus, he pulled up the sexual preference of the two women. Both were on the hetro side of the bar with the Cat's closer to the middle then MJ. Bring up the help screen, he could see that he could create limits and exceptions to the bar. Using that he moved the bar to the homo section of the bar, but with an exception of Peter Parker which would be one hundred percent hetro.

Then he modified it further so that each found the other extremely sexy and was open to having sex with each other. He also placed in their head the idea of having threesomes with Peter Parker. He also had to make a minor change to the Black Cat. Mary Jane was open to having sex with both Spider-man and Peter Parker, Felicia was for the longest time only interested in Spider-man. Peter Parker was something that she couldn't handle. A few carefully typed words and she soon had the same desire for Peter as she did for the Spider.

He increased their sexual desire to a higher but manageable level. It would encourage them to have sex as soon as possible, but nothing that prevent them from doing something important if they had to. He knew that his wife was in the middle of an audition and that the Cat could be do anything from patrolling to robbing. So he just had to sit back and wait for one of them to show up. So he made sure that he was the secure user of the program and then shut down the computer. He then when to his room and wonder when the two women would join him in a friendly fucking.


Mary Jane was coming home from an audition for a part in a B movie about alien girls who fucked men to death while trying to find the perfect mate. It was not a high class acting job, but the pay was good and would help her family in the days to come. In her mind she thought about the night she would have with her husband, the night of pleasure as long as Spider-man wasn't needed. Spider-man, her husband's other self, a man within the costume who fight crime. It was giving her ideas, one of which was the inclusion of another woman with her husband. A woman named Felicia Hardy, also known as the superhuman Black Cat.

'She's a supersexy lady in a tight leather cat suit with neck line all the way down to her navel. I wouldn't mind tapping that. I'm even a little jealous she can share both aspects of Peter's life as a man and a hero. Which is giving me another sexy idea. The creation of my own superhero identity. Even if I can't do it in real life, it might be fun in the bedroom. Especially if I can have my way with Felicia and Peter in their costumes. I know just the place. The Hero's Mask, a place for people with superhero fetishes. With New York being the hub for most mutants and mutates, it makes sense for there to be those turned on by them. Especially since most superhumans tended to have perfect bodies.' which was where MJ had headed for as soon as she got out of the studio's main audition hall.

The Hero's Mask was a place tucked away from prying eyes, having found a way to avoid being thrown out with all of the other sexy shops by maintaining a costume shop facade. She was looking at the collection of spandex, leather and other kinky materials used for superhuman outfits. A young man in his early twenties came up to her and asked, "Hey, aren't you Mary-Jane Watson? What are you doing here?"

"I'm looking for something to spice things up in the bedroom with my husband and thought a superhero theme might get him hot. I'm kinda looking for an insect based one, since he's know for taking pictures of Spider-man. Got anything like that in my size?" she asked giving him her dress size.

"I have just the thing, the Insect Queen costume. Some lady wanted it made, but decided against it before moving on to something based on one of the Wasp's old costumes. You know, there heroine who changes her costume at a drop of a hat. I'll bring it out for you to try it on." he said as he moved to the back room. A few minutes later he returned with a dress box.

MJ went to the dressing room and started to put it one. It actually did look like a hero costume, made from a strong and flexible spandex. It had a unitard of bright yellow colour with strips of black beginning on the under side of the breasts. Ironically for a Insect based costume, it had a spider on the just covering most of the central breast area. The Unitard had a black collar which surrounded the neck.

The outfit also came with yellow gloves that went up the bicep where it ended with a black strip. It also had black leather bracelets for the wrists. She also had black leather boots which came up to her lower thigh and had a chunky kind of heel. She also had golden spandex pantyhose for her leg to give them a golden hue. It also had a pair of yellow diamond shaped earrings.

She had thought it was good until she saw the spider on the chest, then she loved it as it matched her husband's own costume. Undress from the costume, which fit her skin tight, she put it back in the box. Taking it out she said, "I'll take it. Thanks a lot."

Paying for the outfit she had two thoughts. He home to her husband and a night of heroic sex. Or phone Felicia and see if she might be interested in a superhuman threesome.

In the apartment of Felicia Hardy...

Felicia was thinking of her former lover, Spider-man. For a while she had a chance to date the amazing young man, living a life of adventure with her own hero at her side. Then gave it all away when he unmasked himself to her, revealing his private identity of Peter Parker to her. She regretted the move, yet at the time she couldn't handle the idea Spider-man could be an ordinary man.

'I can't believe what a big mistake I made in that moment. What if he was a little nerd, he was a good man with a great bod. Now he's married to Mary Jane, a perfect model who has a body as good as mine. Except she's willing to take both Peter and the Spider aspects of him, allowing her to have what I once had.' thought the thief as she said at her computer, looking over sites in the city where valuables were contained. She was trying to decide whether to protect those sites from thieves or to hit those sites herself so she could get the finer things in life.

Her thoughts began to move to her rival and friend, Mary Jane. Felicia had to admit if she was going to have an affair with a woman who wasn't a member of the superhuman community, MJ was it. Long straight redhead, perfect green eyes. A body made for lust and a personality which loved to have fun. The fact she usually wore clothes to enhance her appearance made it easier to have intimate fantasies about her.

It was while she was having these sinful thoughts about the other woman, when the supervixen's phone started ringing. Picking it up, Felicia answered, "Hardy Residence, Ms. Hardy speaking."

"Felicia, it's me, MJ. I know this is going to sound crazy, but I have been having some... interesting thoughts. I was wondering if you might want to share... my husband for the night, if you catch my meaning." came the voice of Mrs. Watson-Parker, in a low tone which might be ignored by anyone around the actress.

The image of having the man she was hungering for just a few moments before, as well as the veiled hint of having the woman she had been just been undressing with her mind was overwhelming.

Felicia answered without a second to waste, "I would love to do it tonight. I have nothing else planned for this evening, just getting some prep work done for future adventures. What are you suggesting we do to poor Peter?"

"Well, I just picked up the perfect little costume at the Hero's Mask. It's called the Insect Queen, you can guess why I picked it out. Anyways, I was thinking the villainous Black Cat could capture Peter Parker and attempt to have her way with him. Only to be stopped by the Insect Queen, coming to rescue our little photographer. Things get out of control between the two of us and a three-person orgy results from the battle between heroine and villainess. What do you think?"

"M.J., I think you have been hanging around those Hollywood B-plot writers too much. Then again, most porn doesn't have as much plot as your story and they sell millions of the things. Trust me, I know. I have seen the porn industry using versions of my superhuman identity in part of their stories. With and without versions of your husband." Felicia said with a smile and soft laughter.

It was true the porn industry did try to use images of the different heroes and villains of their world in their scripts. Like Spider-cock and Black Kitten series of films she had seen as a guilty pleasure, mainly to laugh at them. Most heroes didn't take action against the studios due to the trick of the First Amendment, while villains usually didn't care or like the images of them with sex objects in the films.

"I didn't know those films existed, I thought it was just the costume shops like the Hero's Mask and a few strip clubs out of the city catering to the crowd. I guess the superhuman fetish is larger then I think."

"Yeah, Peter wouldn't have likely told you any of the stories he has heard in his circles. But since we share some of those circles, we know the tales. Like the one Logan told us about the Friends of Humanity group with the hidden mutant porn stash. He said the looks on their faces was priceless when the X-men arrived in their headquarters to stop an anti-mutant scheme and found all of this porn. Or the fact they found some of the members jerking off to it. I'll tell you the whole story later." The black Cat was having trouble holding back her laughter, and took a minute to catch her breath. M.J. seemed to be having similar troubles.

Felicia continued with her conversation, "I think we can make your story work. The question is where is Peter and how do we hide the secret from him till it's sprung? 'Cause the last time I saw him he was heading over to check a tip before he went home for a while."

"It might be a pain in the ass to make work for the story, but we can make this work. You can swing into the window with your gear. I would just have to find a way to sneak in the front door of the apartment. I just have to find a place to slip into costume before I arrive on the scene. Could you hold his attention long enough for me to change into my uniform?"

The white haired woman's devious mind went to work as she came up with an idea on how to keep Peter busy. It could also make up for the rejection of him so many years ago. She answered, "I have a plan I can use which will have his whole attention focused on me. You just worry about making your heroic entrance."

"Excellent, see you there." commented the redhead on the other side of the phone.

"Bye! " was the supervixen's own reply as she got up from her desk. She headed to her secret closet where she hid the different costumes she wore during her nights out. She was looking for the perfect outfit for a threesome, something to fry Peter's and Mary Jane's minds with lust.

'Something like my navel costume, which could give easier access to Peter. Which one of them should it be?" Finally making a choice with the different costumes, she pulled one out.

It was one with a cut for the neckline below her navel, which also barely contained her large breasts. Fur lined the diving neckline, the traditional white she wore. White gloves without any fingers which were also fur trimmed moved up her arms to her elbow. White shiny four-inch stiletto heeled boots with white trim were to follow. The final move was a choker lined with metal studs, yet forged in a way which wouldn't scratch a person during a private moment.

"Purrfect, now to 'kidnap' that pesky photographer Peter Parker." She thought as she left her apartment secretly by grappling line.


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