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Spider-man: Gencom - Spider-man Part 2 (MF,oral,anal,bond,costumes,md,pseudo-fd)
by C. King ([email protected])

Peter continued to work on the Gencom, now experimenting with the template. This case the one involving Felicia Hardy and superpowers. The computer seemed to have a deep database of superpowers ranging from the common super strength to rarer technological empathy. It also kept a detail log of all of the superpowers the Black Cat had held in the past from her Bad Luck field to her more cat like powers. He also decided to look up Black Cats on Wikipedia.

'Interesting little tidbit, the Black Cat use to be regard as good luck and is still seen as such in much of the U.K. When she used her own bad luck field in stress it caused problems for her foes, while those around her all of the time also were effected with it. Which meant me when we dated. If I was to invert bad luck for good and place it on herself and her friends instead of her foes, it might be easier to work with her then normal.' thought Peter as he built a power template.

He returned to it, 'Let's bring back the super strength, speed, endurance and agility. All equal to a cat scaled up to a human, just like my powers are a spider's abilities scaled up to a human. Infrared and advance sense of a cat as well, but lets add ultraviolet with all of it under her command. Artificial claws and her grappling line, lock picks and all of her other tools are still in her costume.'

He had saved the macro template for later addition to Felicia's profile. He also looked at the modification he had made between the present woman in his life and the previous woman in his life. He had yet to have the threesome, but was thinking if it was successful he would love to have it occur more often. So he had created a condition on the two woman so if any of them had enjoyment of this little head to head, both women would be willing to enter a sharing relationship with himself.

'Then there was the modifications I made to myself. It was worth checking out all of those sex advice pages on the internet, even if I had to skip over all of the porn pretending to be advice pages. I didn't have to alter my cock too much, since length is not as important as it seems. I just have to make sure I manipulate it well if smaller then the vagina or lube up the pussy if I'm bigger then normal. I tend to be in the middle, so it makes it easier. I have to remember most of the pleasure receptors on a woman are on the outside or inner rim of the vagina.'

'I just have to use the other erotic zones of the female body to get her ready to suffer the little death, as the French say. Downloading knowledge of the Kama Sutra, The Joy of Sex and several other sexual manuals into my mind should be of use to keep female company entertained. I wonder if my spider agility and reflexes might be of use in this situation as well, even if my strength might not be best to use in this... exercise.'

It was then that Peter could hear a noise in the bedroom as if there was something dropping onto the ground. Peter shut down and locked up his computer, making sure his password was in place. Then he moved with a careful pace to see what was in his bedroom. Entering he noticed that a circular piece of glass was cut out of the window, near the latch which had been used to open the window. He moved to take a closer look at the glass, only for his arms and legs to be wrapped in some kind of steal wire. He fell to the ground looking like a worm as female figure stood over him.

> She was dressed in black accented with white. The catsuit she was wearing was a deep black in shade with the light reflecting off the specialized leather. The neckline was created by the zipper on the suit having been pulled down the front to a point just below the sizable bosom of the woman. The suit's legs were slipped into a pair of boots which were not practical for crime or crime fighting, since it was better to have low or flat heels on them to improve the ability to run in them. These black leather boots held a black metallic heel which resembled a needle or knife blade with it's long thin shape. Having that heel stomped on your would likely hurt due to the weight of the woman, even if it was only close to a hundred pound.

The white came into play with tuffs of fur on the edge of her black boots and her black leather gloves. The gloves were tipped with retractable claws in the shape of fingernails, which were currently aiding in holding the cable tight against him. On her neck was a black choker with a small silver medallion on it, while her face was cloaked in a stylized domino mask which was made to look more cat like in shape. The black of her suit also complimented the white-blond shock of her own hair. Emerald eyes were keeping their watch on him as ruby lips were smiling at the captured man.

"Look what the cat's dragged in, a snoopy reporter who had been pestering my lovely spider. The time of your printing those lies about my Spider-man had come to an end, Parker. Time for this kitty to get some satisfaction against you for myself and my lover. The question is what is the best and most humiliating method for my revenge?" asked the woman who Peter recognized as his former lover, the Black Cat. Yet what was the reason for her not recognizing him as Spider-man, since he had told her before they drifted apart as a couple. It was then he detected the tiniest of winks in the right eye of the Cat.

'Obviously the cat must be playing some kind of game. The question is what game is it and do I want to play along? My spider sense if not tingling, so nothing dangerous is going to occur. Normally someone jump out from behind me and tying me up would have it blaring. So what's happening and why is it so different? Might as well play along for now?' thought Peter as he continued to be wrapped up like a worm.

"So what is your diabolical scheme this time, you crook?" asked Peter as he tried to figure out what was going to happen.

"Why, I'm going to eliminate you. Once you're out of the way, the Bugle will crumble from lack of new photos for their Spider-man bashing. However I am going to enjoy your death while I'm at it, Parker. You are going to suffocate... inside my own pussy. As you die, I'll be giving myself an orgasm. So I'll have to make sure that you last until I finish before you are finished, permanently. Let's move you into position." said the Cat as Felicia took the cable and started to tie it to the bed. She managed to created a knotted web which would hold Peter into a position just above the waist of someone laying on the mattress.

The cat then lay down on the sleeping space with the sheets pulled back, revealing the silky fitted sheet. She rolled around a little like a cat trying to find the right stop to take a nap, before getting into a spot where Peter was hovering above her leather clad mound. Taking the zipper which was locked under her bosom, she began to pull it back down towards the crotch. As she pulled back the black painted metal links, as it pulled out to reveal bare skin. Bare skin and the lack of any kind of panties. The leather of the suit was pulled back out of the way of her lower torso, showing of her female socket and the little love button above it. It had turned a brilliant red as the blood had rush into the tissue. Peter had little view of anything else as his head was pointed in the same spot above the woman's body. He waited for the next move of the pussy's feline owner.

"Time for you to eat the kitty. Who knows? If you do a good enough job, I might let you live. If you can convince me to show mercy to one who had wronged my man. Give it a try, Parker." said the Cat as she pushed down his head into her private area, made possible due to the set up of the web he found himself in. It was designed to allow his head to be pulled down or push up depending on the mood of the woman he held him helpless.

Peter took the hint and began to lick out the sexual organ of his former female flame. He was trying to use the knowledge he had been given by the Gencom, knowledge of many sexual experts from the ages, to make this one of the best uses of his tongue. Other then the great zingers which he used against Doc Ock and the others during his fights. Careful to make sure his tongue was touching the sensitive areas of the pussy's lips and moving up to the little clit nub which also held tender touch sensors of the female's form.

Peter had gained from the uploading of sexual experience and wisdom was the knowledge most of the female's pleasure nerves were around the mouth of the pussy, not deep inside it. He then used this to focus on the edges of the channel as well as the sensitive clit which was also a sexual organ, since the situation seemed to demand it. Peter was pretty sure the Cat was kidding with her revenge scheme since he knew she knew Peter Parker was Spider-man.

'No, this seem to be some kind of sex game. Unless she's plotting against me again, but give the fact MJ and I had dinner with her recently without too much trouble... I doubt it. My spider-sense isn't going off either and nothings wrong with it either. So what is the point of the sex game and why is she playing it with me? Should I be expecting any more surprises when we finish here?' thought the young superhero as he continue to apply firm pressure to the naughty bits of the cat burglar. The squeals of pleasure from the woman grew louder as she thrashed her back up and down on the bed.

Peter could tell he was effecting her in some major mojo ways, and hope this kind of attention would allow the Cat to 'spare his life'. With only his tongue free, he continued to use what tools he could with it. As he continued to like he could taste the increases in vagina fluids as the honey flowed from the honeypot, another indication the Cat was gain her sexual pleasure. The fluids had a slightly salty taste to them, which while it was not something he would spit out, it did cause him to think about the topic.

'I should be able to alter the taste of cum from my lovers into something I love to eat, in one way or another. Chocolate, coffee, banana, sweet apple pie or anything else. I should also write in something about my own cum, since if the Cat and MJ are going to get more chances to taste it, it should be something they love to taste. Which might mean more blow jobs in the future from a sexy redhead and blond.' thought Peter as he continue to move his head as much as he can to avoid the bouncing Cat. The technique of young Parker seemed to be effective when inducing an orgasm into his female partner in sex.

This was revealed with a louder yowl of pleasure and a burst of sexual juice down the path of feminine power. It did give the spider-powered hero an image of them having sex on a picket fence and the neighbours all throwing shoes and old boots at them to shut them up. The question of what to do with Peter's neighbours cross the mind and a note to look into this was added as well. Now he waited for the Cat to recover from the experience and what she decided to do with the next step in the game.

It was hard to just hang around waiting for the woman, but it gave him pause to think more, 'Maybe I should return the favour with some old fashion webbing and some new found learning of erotic zone stimulation. A form of bondage and sexual torture, nothing violent but something with a little pain. Like tickling someone until it starts to hurt them, tickling until the pleasure turns to pain. For a minute or two before I give her a good little orgasm. Wonder what else could Spider-man can bring to the table? Sex on the ceiling, on the side of a building? The last one would just cause Jonah's head to explode, either in rage or from the money he could make off it. Looks like the Cat is getting her second wind, time to see what is happening next.'

"I guess this will do for now, you have spared your life for now. I am going to need to take my pound of flesh out of your hide, the question is where to take it from? Perhaps a hand or foot, or something smaller like a toe or a finger? I can imagine the find I can have from your thumb. A nose and ear might make you get the point of leaving my Spider alone. I wonder how you might explain a nipple or two being removed from your chest." said the Black Cat as she rose on her arms as she looked at his head. Moving a foot, she made him look her in the eyes as she gained a canary-eating smile as her feet caressed him.

"Perhaps I should not be looking for a pound of flesh, but a foot of flesh. Though I doubt you have even six inches from the place I'm thinking of. Let's not say I'm not fair, you can keep it if you can use it to prove you are half the lover my Spider is. If you fail, I'll remove it and have it bronzed as a little toy to remind me of your failings as a man no matter how talented your tongue is. So are you willing to lose everything or just a little?" said the Black Cat as she looked at him, playing with her helpless chew toy.

Peter gave the only answer he could give her with his body tied up like it was, "I don't really have a choice, do I?"

The Cat seemed to purr as she said, "No, you don't. I just want to make sure you know it. It makes it more sinful and painful this way. So let's begin..."

The Cat started to play with the wires which held Peter, moving them around so Peter's namesake could be freed from them as well as his pants. It did bring up something the spider hero had forgotten, the simple fact he could have broken the wire with his strength if he had continued to work at them. The fact which forgotten when he saw it was the Cat and he had no spider-sense warning. The loosening of the wires did mean he could slip out easier with his own powers... by it might be seen as cheating and ruin the game.

'So what is the next part of the game to be played? It involves my penis in one form or the other, which hints at getting a blowjob from the kitty's lips or having myself fuck something on Felicia. The latter could be divided into three possibilities; ass, pussy, or tits. I can guess what it could be for my pleasure, the Cat isn't playing this kind of move. It's something for her pleasure, so a blowjob is out of it. I can also remove a titty fuck out of it too since it might not be as enjoyable for her as me. So two options become apparent, pussy playing or going anal.' reasoned Peter as he used his brain to guess at his opponent's next move. He was pretty sure what it was she was going to do, but the Black Cat had a habit of surprising him with her own moves.

Once she had freed his cock and binded it in a way so it would only get harder the longer it was out, she moved back to her position on the bed. She smirked and placed a gloved finger with a claw against her painted lips for moments as she acted like she was deep in thought. It was a few minutes before she spoke again, "Looks like the air in here is rubbing your flesh the right way. The question is what to do with you? You're not worth of my pussy, a gift only for my Spider. My mouth and tits are not for you either. The fact of the matter is you're a little piece of shit and as such only deserve to be placed were all other shit can be found, Asshole!"

The Cat slipped off the rest of her costume and it's shiny nature. Soon she was dressed only in her mask, gloves and boots. Her ass on the other hand was uncovered for the world to see, as she knelt down into doggie... or should that be kitty... style. She had Peter immobile as she backed up towards the little flesh rod which was standing at near perfect erection. Slowly as to avoid the pain of an unlubracated ass hole, she slipped in the inches of the superhero's cock as carefully as she could. She moaned softly as she felt the object move into her ass with a firm motion, while Peter could feel a warm tingling as he entered her.

'Ass-fucking is not my favourite style, it kind makes me feel a little too dirty for sex. Too much like the shit I have to walk through when I go to the sewers to track the Lizard or Venom or any of the others. Something just give you bad memories. The role-playing around this anal entry is the only thing making this actually hot for me. This is still not teaching me the reason behind all of this sex, but I might as well enjoy it for now.' thought Peter as he was rocked back and forth on the wire as the Cat pushed him with her ass to make him come into and out of her.

This continued for some time as the Cat moans become more intense in volume, pitch and duration. They got longer, deeper and louder as she thrusted her ass at him. This had the effect of pushing his cock deeper and deeper into her, which was giving Peter some pleasure even if it was lessened by a disgust factor. The added bonus came from not only the 'scum' treatment the Cat had given him, but also from the feeling he had just become a dildo of hers attached to a support system. It was a little thrilling to be treated as a sex toy, as long as he was certain it was only for the sex play and not how she was going to treat him the rest of the time. Peter also let out a few moans himself, before being told by the Cat in a breathless voice, "Shut the fuck up. It's my pleasure, you should just be glad for this honour and hope not to be killed."

As Peter could feel the Cat approaching another orgasm and as he was trying to hold his own back, they were blind-sided by the sound of the bedroom door being flung open. Footsteps could be heard by Peter, who was hoping it was no one who would be likely to kill either of them in this state. He began to try to free himself from the wires when he heard a familiar voice calling out, "Black Cat, unhand that man! You should be ashamed of yourself for causing that man to break his wedding vows to save his life. No more shall the city fear your claws, once you have been defeated by the hands of Insect Queen."

Peter could also look at the Cat shock as he heard the voice behind as he recognized it as, 'Mary-Jane?'


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