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Based on Dark Phoenix Saga by John Byrne and Chris Claremont.

WARNING!! The following post contains scenes of explicit sexuality. Do
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Dark Phoenix Part 1: Melting the Ice Queen (FF)
by PJ

Jean Grey, a.k.a. Phoenix walked casually down the sterile hallway of Frost Enterprises, the industrial complex that fronted her criminal empire. The lithe redhead's high-heeled boots clicked loudly on the hard floor as she scanned the complex for signs of Storm, one of the three X-Men kidnapped by the White Queen and her cohorts, the Hellfire Club. The beautiful young woman locked on her friend's mental screams of anguish as the White Queen ruthlessly probed her mind. Snarling in anger, Phoenix levitated off the floor and flew with a fiery trail down the remainder of the hallway and through a large manufacturing chamber. She quickly shot through the complex till she arrived at a reinforced, vault-like door. Smiling contemptuously, Phoenix opened her slim body to the Power Cosmic, and fried the door into melting slag.

The red-haired heroine stepped delicately through the ruined door and gazed angrily at the voluptuous, scantily-clad form of the White Queen. The blonde-haired woman took her slim hand from Storm's sweating brow and turned to face her nemesis. She smiled wickedly as she placed her hands on her shapely hips and inhaled deeply, forcing her round breasts against the leather fabric of her white brassiere.

"So, the X-Men's mighty Phoenix has come to rescue her comrade-in-arms. Should I be frightened right now?" asked the woman sarcastically.

"If you had any brains in that bleach-blonde head of yours, you'd be running out the door right now. You're outclassed, Emma," retorted Phoenix with a smile.

"We'll see," said Emma as she summoned her mental powers and fired a psi-bolt from her hands at the smiling young woman. Phoenix lifted her gloved, right hand, and a mental shield formed to repel the psi-bolt easily. The White Queen frowned as she put more energy in her psi-attack and fired a larger, greenish bolt at Phoenix. The redheaded girl blocked this attack just as easily, then concentrated to form the Phoenix psi-form around her sexy body. Emma gazed in awe and fear as the energy construct flew into the air and charged her. She fired psi-bolts repeatedly at the mental creation as it dived at her and slammed into her body. The telepath screamed as she flew back through the air and smashed into a control console. Phoenix smiled maliciously as she fired a flaming psi-bolt of her own, engulfing the prone woman in flames. The White Queen screamed in agony as her cloak and brassiere were burned away, leaving only her white panties and knee-length, spike-heeled leather boots. Her naked breasts heaved for air as she cast another psi-bolt at Phoenix, with no effect.

The red-haired young woman closed her right hand, and the bird-construct grabbed the White Queen and squeezed her slim body, making her screech in agony. The topless woman's body went limp as she concentrated all of her mental powers into a massive psi-bolt, the largest one she had ever attempted. As her body quivered in pain, Emma Frost stared at Phoenix as the young woman flew within her mental construct and pointed her right arm at her prey, squeezing her hand tighter. As the energy bird increased the strength of its grip, the White Queen launched her bolt, slamming it into Phoenix's forehead. Phoenix screamed in agony as her brain writhed in mental flames. She lost control of her construct, with exploded with the force of a small nuke. Frost Enterprises went up in a fireball, but Phoenix used the last of her power to shield Storm from the blast and contain the explosion to the building area. Phoenix and the White Queen were hurled through space on wisps of the Power Cosmic, until both young women lost consciousness.

* * *

Emma Frost awoke to the sound of lapping water and the swaying of palm branches. She sat up from the cool, sandy ground and looked around, gathering the sights of her present location. She lay within a temperate oasis, containing a large, clear pool of water and a grove of palm trees. Dates and plums grew nearby, and a cool wind played with her short, blonde hair. The young woman looked down and saw that she was still bare-breasted, but retained her panties and boots. She rose unsteadily to her feet, and was immediately assaulted by a intense headache. Grasping her forehead with both hands, the girl staggered forward till she reached the place with Phoenix lay unconscious, under a tall palm tree. The young woman's slim legs were splayed apart, as were her arms. Her large, round breasts rose with her steady breathing, and Emma couldn't help admiring their beauty. The heroine's long, reddish-gold hair lay like a cloud around her heart-shaped face, and her moist, red lips parted open slightly. Feeling a warm sensation in her crotch, the White Queen sat down on the sand next to Phoenix until her head stopped spinning. When she could think straight, Emma placed her delicate right hand on Phoenix's brow and concentrated with her powers.

After a moment, the young woman pulled her hand back with satisfaction, and used her hand to lightly caress the helpless girl's gorgeous body. The blonde girl lightly circled her victim's breast nipples until they grew erect and hard. She then stroked the unconscious girl's firm stomach and luscious thighs until she made her way to the prone girl's crotch. Emma stroked and rubbed the girl's pussy until it grew warm with desire. The topless young woman lightly grabbed the neckline of Phoenix's skintight bodysuit and ripped it slowly, relishing the sound of the ripping fabric as it fell away to reveal the helpless girl's delicious body. Her round, creamy breasts were erect with lust as Emma leaned down and began to suck on them hungrily, relishing the taste of the young woman's sweet flesh. The unconscious girl moaned as the White Queen bit lightly on her nipples, then licked down the valley between her soft tits. The blonde girl licked down Jean's tight, firm stomach till she reached the crotch, then she tore off the rest of Phoenix's costume except for the high-heeled, golden boots. Emma opened up the prone girl's legs, revealing her warm, reddish bush. The horny telepath leaned down to lick across the girl's pussy, making Jean's body tremble with desire. The White Queen licked harder across the girl's snatch, then inserted her wet tongue deeply into the unconscious girl's love hole. Phoenix moaned again as her body sent waves of sexual pleasure into her inert brain. Emma plunged her mouth into the girl's wet cunt, licking the inside and tasting her sweet love juice. The naked girl panted for breath as Emma licked and sucked the tender flesh of her pussy, then licked the sweet flesh of her inner thighs. The naked heroine's round breasts rose and fell rapidly as Emma tongue-fucked her snatch, and reached forward with her hands to squeeze her soft tits. Sweat glistened on both girl's bodies as Emma sucked eagerly on Jean's throbbing cunt, then drank her warm cum as Phoenix orgasmed automatically, sending delicious honey into the blonde girl's thirsty mouth.

Emma crawled over Jean's limp body and kissed her deeply on the mouth, probing down her throat with a warm tongue. Jean moaned with unconscious pleasure as the two girls' tongues intertwined wantonly, then parted with a thin trail of saliva. Emma touched the helpless girl's forehead again, then turned around till her crotch was above Jean's head. The White Queen lewdly ripped off her white panties, then lowered her wet pussy onto Phoenix's slack mouth. Following the mental command that the White Queen had imprinted on her brain, Jean Grey unconsciously began to suck on Emma's throbbing cunt. Emma moaned loudly with pleasure as she ground her crotch onto Jean's beautiful face, then leaned down to suck eagerly on her naked prisoner's reddish-gold snatch. The two naked girls tongue-fucked each other for a long time, bringing each other to orgasm several times. Emma Frost humped Jean Grey's warm mouth forcefully, her round breasts jiggling with her thrusts as she panted and moaned with ecstasy. She orgasmed into Jean's open mouth, spurting warm cum down the helpless girl's throat. Emma pushed aside a strand of sweat-damp hair before she leaned down to suck on Jean's tight pussy and arouse her to orgasm, making her naked body shudder as she shot love honey across Emma's red lips and chin. The naked blonde girl licked the liquid off of her face with relish, then stood up from Jean Grey's prone body and turned her unconscious fuck toy onto her stomach.

Pulling the redheaded girl's firm, shapely ass into the air, Emma reopened the naked girl's legs and leaned down to lick the young woman's wet cunt, making it clench with lust as she sucked lustfully on it. Emma grabbed both of Jean's limp wrists and held them behind her back as she used her other hand to rub the redhead's pussy. Jean moaned as her large breasts were squashed into the warm sand And her arms were pinned tightly behind her back. Emma pushed one finger into her lover's throbbing pussy, then two, before she began thrusting deeply into the naked girl's vagina. Jean panted for air as the girl raping her licked her anus lightly, then bit hungrily into the flesh of her ass. Phoenix's helpless body rocked in the sand as the White Queen fucked her love hole with two fingers, pushing harder into her crotch. Jean Grey gasped as she orgasmed uncontrollably again, dripping cum onto Emma's slim, thrusting fingers. The White Queen removed her honey-drenched digits and sucked on them hungrily, enjoying the taste of the naked girl's cum.

* * *

Panting for air as she sat on the warm sand, Emma Frost watched the naked form of Jean Grey as she lay limply on her stomach. Glancing at her surroundings, the White Queen felt a strange haziness about her environment. Since she wasn't consumed with lust at the moment, Emma concentrated her telepathic powers and noticed that her environment was not real, but a Astral construction. Evidently, the psychic blast of Phoenix's attack and her psi-bolt propelled them both into a sub-layer of the Astral Plain, a place where the mind dictated reality, not the laws of science. Emma smiled as she realized the implications, then formed a thought. Her white, leather brassiere and panties reappeared on her slim body, making Emma smile with pleasure. She turned to regard her naked prisoner, then she moved forward to sit Jean up and put her back against a pine tree. The White Queen placed Jean's arms behind her back against the tree, then summoned leather bindings to tie the naked girl's wrists in place. Emma created a folding, leather-strap chair and sat back casually as Jean Grey moaned and blinked her green eyes open.

"Welcome back to the land of the living," said Emma as she smiled smugly at her naked prisoner.

"Untie me at once, you bitch!" shouted Jean as she struggled with her bonds.

"You'll have to be nicer than that to convince me," replied Emma as she twirled a blonde hair with a finger.

Phoenix stopped struggled with her bonds and wrinkled her brow with concentration. When nothing happened, the tied girl grunted with effort as she tried to summon the Power Cosmic, and failed miserably.

Emma Frost laughed at the girl's failure, then said, "You'll find your powers quite useless, Ms. Grey. I set up mental blocks in your mind while you were unconscious, and only I can release them."

"Then do it, you stupid, arrogant cunt!" screamed Jean in desperation.

"That won't do at all," remarked Emma as she stood up and slapped Jean hard across the face. Jean grunted in pain, then yelled as the blonde girl slapped her again, drawing blood from her lower lip.

"I trust that this lesson won't have to be repeated," said the White Queen as she resumed her seat.

"You'll need me to get out of here," replied Jean sullenly.

"Unfortunately, you're right on that point. But we leave here on my terms," said Emma as she smiled like a fox at her lovely prey.


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