Phoenix and the X-Men property of Marvel Comics.
Based on Dark Phoenix Saga by John Byrne and Chris Claremont.

Dark Phoenix Part 2: Sex On the Astral Plane (MF)
by PJ

Jean Grey, otherwise known as the heroine, Phoenix, sat pensively on the soft rug as her captor, Emma Frost, bathed in the cool pool of the oasis outside. The helpless young woman was sitting bound inside a large silk tent, with her wrists lashed behind her back and a rubber ball gag placed inside her mouth. A thin film of sweat covered her naked flesh as Emma entered the tent and sat heavily on a pile of soft cushions.

"Nothing like a cool bath to make a woman feel better," said the White Queen with a grin as she poured herself a glass of red wine and sat back to regard her lovely prisoner.

"Have you thought over what I said yesterday?" asked Emma lightly. Jean Grey nodded her head in the affirmative. Smiling wickedly, Emma concentrated, and the ball gag disappeared from Jean's mouth. The bound girl coughed as her captor sipped some wine.

"If it's the only way you'll cooperate and give me my powers back, then yes, I agree to your terms," replied Jean coldly.

"Excellent! I knew that you could be a smart girl," said the White Queen with a chuckle. "Are you ready to begin now?"

"Yes," replied Jean with apprehension.

"Then let the degradation of the mighty Phoenix begin," proclaimed Emma as she waved her right hand in the air and manipulated the Astral pocket with her mind.

Jean sat nervously on the rug until the tent flap opened a fat, bearded Emir strode into the tent and gazed at her lustfully. The bound girl looked up into the cruel face of the Arab as he walked over to her and pulled her to her feet. He kissed her roughly on the mouth, forcing his tongue past her slack lips, then probed her throat eagerly. She choked on his large tongue until he pulled away from her face and looked down at her full, round breasts. She closed her eyes as the fat man sucked hungrily on her naked flesh, biting her nipples to hardness, then sucking deeply on each of her tits. The Emir used his free hand to rub the girl's warm pussy, caressing the soft flesh of her cunt until she moaned softly. The dark-skinned man inserted one of his pudgy fingers into her wet snatch as he continued to suck on her breasts and lick the skin on her slim neck. Emma Frost panted softly in
arousal as she commanded the fat man to retie Jean Grey's wrists to a spike set high on one of the tent poles. With her arms stretched high above her, Jean watched her breasts thrust forward into the Emir's slobbering mouth, his loud sucking making the bound girl sexually excited despite her debasement. The man placed a second finger into her throbbing cunt and thrust deeply into her, making the girl moan loudly with pleasure. He finger-fucked the helpless young woman for several minutes until she orgasmed, spurting warm cum on his callous digits. The Emir sucked eagerly on his fingers, relishing the sweet honey of her body. Jean closed her eyes and panted softly until the man pulled back her head by her beautiful, long, red hair and kissed her wantonly on the mouth. After caressing her wet tongue with his, the man knelt down before her bound body and pulled her legs apart, revealing her reddish-gold snatch. He licked his chapped lips as he leaned forward to lick her warm cunt with his tongue, making her gasp with arousal. He thrust his tongue deeply into her pussy, and the girl moaned loudly as Emma Frost elongated the tongue to twice normal, human size.

Jean Grey moaned as the Emir probed deeply into her vagina, licking the throbbing flesh of her pussy and exploring her womanhood. The bound girl's breasts heaved for air as she panted and licked her dry lips with her tongue. After tongue-fucking the young woman for awhile, Jean orgasmed again, pouring love honey down the thirsty man's eager mouth. He sucked on her warm pussy until he had drank all of her sweet cum, then he untied her from the pole. Jean wheezed for air as the Emir went to a nearby table and grabbed a pitcher of water. As the naked girl gazed at the water longingly, the dark man took a long drink, then smacked his lips in satisfaction. As Jean tried to moisten her own dry lips with her tongue, the man took off his pants and stood before her with his erect cock in her face. She smelled the man's musk as he retied her wrists behind her back, then let her kneel before him as he poured cool water over his erect penis. Jean Grey looked at Emma Frost with hatred in her green eyes as the blonde girl sat on the pillows with her legs wide apart and fucked her pussy with a large dildo. The bound girl turned back to the man's cock, then leaned forward to lick it softly with her tongue. The man grunted with pleasure as he grabbed a handful of her red hair and pushed her face
harder against his cock. Jean moaned as she took the rod deeply into her throat, then she sucked on it eagerly to drink the water on it. The Emir thrust his crotch past the girl's warm, red lips, watching her suck on his cock, then lick along the shaft till she reached his hairy balls. He poured more water over his penis, making Jean lick his meat eagerly to satisfy her thirst. She sucked deeply on his balls, then licked his whole cock back to the tip, where she sucked eagerly on the head till he orgasmed into her mouth. She drank the fat man's cum, then sucked softly on the wet tip of
his cock until he thrust it back into her mouth again. The Emir ran his bloated hands through her soft, sweat-slick red hair as he fucked her mouth with his rod, then he backed away and pushed the bound girl onto her bare back.

Jean panted for breath as the fat man opened her legs and placed the tip of his cock against the soft flesh of her pussy. She pleaded with him to stop with her wide, green eyes, but the dark man ignored her and plunged his ever-erect penis into her cunt. Jean screamed in ecstasy as the man fucked her snatch with his large rod. Emma made it grow larger and larger until it filled her vagina with meat. The naked girl arched her back as she took the strong thrusts of the Emir, panting deeply as he rammed his cock into her soft, yielding pussy. The man leaned forward to squeeze her creamy, full
breasts as he pumped into her, sweat glistening on both of their bodies. Jean closed her eyes and moaned with her full, red lips as the man fondled her tits and pushed ever deeper into her womanhood, sending waves of sexual pleasure into her slim, naked body. The man and girl orgasmed at the same
time, her warm cum mixing with his jism. The fat man pulled slowly out of her pussy, then leaned forward to press his many folds of flesh against her naked body and kiss her deeply on the mouth, licking her teeth and caressing her wet tongue with his own before he sucked lightly on her sweet, red lips. Jean Grey lay limply on the rug as the Emir faded into thin air, and a panting Emma Frost sat down next to her.

"You can't tell me that you didn't enjoy that," said Emma with a grin. "I could tell that you were getting off on it."

"Maybe I did. If so, I disgust myself," replied Jean as she lay on her back and panted with closed eyes. "I really have become a slut."

"Nothing wrong with being sexually liberated," remarked the blonde girl as she lightly caressed Jean's right breast. "I think that it suits you, and so does Jason Wyngarde."

"How do you know about him?" asked Jean with alarm as she opened her green eyes to regard the White Queen.

"He's an associate of Frost Enterprises, a liaison between my firm and a successful European trade bloc. I've met him once or twice, and he's very handsome," said Emma with a wistful smile. "He's told me how he met you and that you've been dating him every now and then. I wonder what Scott would say?"

"I only dated him when I thought Scott was dead," replied Jean defensively.

"And now he doesn't interest you in the least."

"I didn't say that," admitted the redheaded girl reluctantly.

"Then I say you've got a big decision to make," replied Emma as she kissed Jean lightly on the lips and went back to lay on her silk cushions. "You can leave the tent and take a bath if you want. I know that you don't want to go back to Earth covered in sweat and smelling of sex. Although I
wouldn't mind," remarked the White Queen with a wanton smile.

* * *

Jean Grew swam slowly across the diameter of the pool, letting the cool water wash over her naked body. The young woman considered her options as she floated lightly on the surface of the pool, watching the moon rise above the horizon and outshine the stars in the velvet night. Emma had released her wrist bonds, and had removed the mental blocks on her powers. Jean had immediately filled her naked form with the Power Cosmic, and was surprised to find how sexually arousing the power was. She considered blasting Emma Frost into ash on the spot, but she hesitated. As much as she hated the White Queen, she couldn't help feeling slightly grateful to the bitch for awakening the sweet hunger for sex that she hadn't possessed before. She had dreamed of making love to Jason Wyngarde on several occasions, but something had held her back from consummating their imaginary trysts. She had thought that her love for Scott, and her strict moral upbringing had stopped her from making love, but now she seemed to have no qualms about performing sex with anyone. Even now, looking at the scantily-clad White Queen eating grapes from a silver plate, the red-haired girl felt a warm sensation in her crotch, a sexual hunger that demanded to be filled. She had enjoyed it when that fat man had raped her, even when her mind said that it was wrong. The naked girl climbed out of the clear pool and created a black cloak to wrap around her beautiful body, then she sat upon the warm sand near a palm tree and leaned heavily against it. She summoned a glass of wine, and gulped it down quickly. Refilling the glass, Phoenix sipped it lightly as she contemplated the Astral Plain and wondered what she was becoming.

* * *

The next morning, Jean Grew awoke and sat up from the sandy ground. She blinked her wide, green eyes until she was alert, then she stood up and pulled off the black cloak. The red-haired girl stared at herself in amazement as she beheld the black brassiere that enfolded her torso and squeezed her firm, full breasts together. Black, silk panties covered her crotch, and knee-high, hard, leather boots with high-heels covered her dainty feet. She wore a leather choke collar around her slim neck, and her long, red hair was tied in a bun over her head. Looking into the water, Jean saw a black birthmark near her mouth, and her face stared lustfully back at her. The scantily-clad girl backed quickly away from the water, and noticed the leather whip tied to her waist.

"Nice outfit," remarked Emma Frost as she gazed at her nemesis in surprise and humor.

"But, I.., I didn't create this on purpose," gasped Jean as she looked at her black-gloved hands as if they belonged to someone else, someone dirty.

"It looks like something Jason would want you to wear," said Emma thoughtfully. "I wondered about this 'Black Queen' he kept harping on all the time. He said that he was going to introduce her to the Hellfire Club at the anniversary party this year."

"Jason...," muttered Jean as images of him washed over her mind, flashes of dreams where she had been his wife in the Colonial period of America, a fiery woman with strong appetites, a fierce bloodlust, and utter devotion to her lord and husband. Jean rubbed her temples with her slim hands, then
concentrated to dispel the dark clothing and replace it with her green and gold, skintight bodysuit. The red-haired girl walked softly on the sand until she stood before the White Queen, then both young women reached out to each other and placed their fingers on each others foreheads.

"My mind, to your mind," whispered Emma as she focused her psychic powers on Phoenix.

"My mind, to your mind," replied Jean as she closed her eyes and concentrated on linking with the blonde girl. The two telepaths joined their minds together, and used their combined power to fly high into the air above the oasis and pierce the shell of the Astral sub-layer. Sailing through the
rough mental winds of Astral space, the two girls focused their thoughts on Earth, and the couple plunged down a vortex of light into the nexus that led home.

* * *

Phoenix blinked her eyes as she regained consciousness and found herself standing in the ruined interrogation room of the White Queen. Emma was no where to be found, but Storm lay limply on the floor, protected by a bubble of Phoenix's power. The red-haired goddess walked gracefully over to her
prone friend and picked her off the floor. Summoning the Power Cosmic, Phoenix created a fiery bird construct and sent it hurling into the ruins above, blasting a pathway to the surface. Phoenix carried her friend through the opening until the reached the outside air, and a light breeze ruffled
the girl's long, red hair. Phoenix smiled as she recognized home, then she frowned as she heard Cyclop's mental screams as he tried to contact her through their telepathic rapport. She replied to calm him, then turned to watch an airship launch from a nearby pad and soar quickly into the night sky. The White Queen would be on that ship, but Phoenix would not pursue her. Emma had helped awaken the darkness in Phoenix, a darkness fed by Jason Wyngarde as he closed his grip on her mind and body. Part of her fought the darkness, refused to surrender to it; but another part of her welcomed the darkness, and relished the hot sexuality of unlimited power that existed for her to exploit.


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