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Dark Phoenix Part 3: Fall From Grace (MF)
by PJ

Thunder crashed across the sky as the limousine carrying Jean Grey and Scott Summers drove through the water-filled streets of New York. The red-haired young woman filled a crystal glass with wine and sipped it appreciatively before Scott looked at her askance.

"Should you really be drinking before our insertion?" asked Scott with concern. "I need you alert and ready for action when we go in."

"Don't worry, lover," replied Jean nonchalantly. "If anything happens, I'll take care of it."

"You've been acting pretty confident lately," said Scott. "I hope you're not letting your powers go to your head. Sloppy thinking can get us killed."

"Shut up and let me worry about my powers!" hissed Jean angrily as she gulped down the rest of her wine and refilled her glass. Scott watched her with a frown, then sighed and turned to look out the rain-drenched window as the luxury car reached the Hellfire Club and pulled in front of the ornate glass doors.

Scott waited until the doorman opened the door and gestured for them to exit. Scott got out first and took Jean's hand as she slid off the leather car seat and stood in her long, black dress. The cold, moisture-laden air blew across Jean Grey's long, red-gold hair as she let Scott lead her by the hand to the double doors of the Hellfire Club. Another servant opened the portals for them, and the couple entered a lavish entry hall carpeted with rich, imported fabric. A young girl in a skimpy French maid's outfit took Scott's coat and Jean's black cloak, then motioned them forward to the guest hall. Taking Jean's arm with his right hand, Scott led them into a huge, crowd-filled chamber lit by expensive crystal chandeliers. Important ambassadors, politicians, and industrial leaders talked in low tones and drank champagne from crystal glasses. In a open area at the far side of the room, a small orchestra played while couples danced gracefully on a polished marble dais. Jean accepted a glass of champagne from a nearby waiter dressed in Colonial-era finery, but Scott shook his head.

"C'mon, Scott. Look like you're enjoying yourself," whispered Jean as she sipped lightly on her drink.

"I have to coordinate everybody's entrance," replied Scott tersely as he raised his wristwatch to his mouth and whispered into it. Glancing at her lover with exasperation, Jean felt her gaze pulled away by the familiar form of Jason Wyngarde. Jean smiled unconsciously as she watched the handsome, bearded man approach her and pull her gently away from the distracted Scott Summers.

"A pleasure to see you again," remarked Jason smoothly as he led her by the arm to the marble dais. "That dress looks exquisite on you."

"Thank you," replied Jean with a blush of pleasure as she flourished her dress before Jason, with its low neckline and open back. The bearded man kissed the knuckles of her left hand, making her body grow warm with arousal, then led her gently up the steps of the dais to join the wheeling dancers before them.

Jason placed his right arm around her slender waist while he held her hand with the other. He stood close to her sexy body as he led them twirling around the dais to the sweet strains of violins and flutes. Jean Grey felt her mind slip into the persona of Lady Jean Grey, wife to plantation owner Jason Wyngarde, the only love in her life. They danced at a ball celebrating their new marriage, and Jean felt like she danced on air. Occasionally, Jason would rub his crotch gently over her own, and her body trembled with sexual excitement. He kissed her lightly on the lips, then became more forceful, inserting his tongue into her willing mouth. She moaned lightly as he softly caressed her firm ass with his hand, then led them to the edge of the dais and towards an ascending staircase.

Scott Summers finally realized that Jean was no longer with him, and quickly spied her slim form walking away with a lace-bedecked stranger. The leader of the X-Men swiftly made his way past the revelers, and finally caught up with the couple as they neared the top of the staircase. The stranger's body turned hazy as his true form appeared, and Scott exclaimed in shock, "Mastermind!"

"The game's over, boy," said the haggard, lanky-haired man as he glanced at Cyclops. "You've lost the match, and the lovely prize."

Scott Summers quickly ran up the stairs and down a hallway after the escaping couple. As he turned a corner, a flare of plasma energy smashed into his body and hurled him into the far wall. Cyclops' limp body smoked on the floor as Jason Wyngarde and Jean Grey, dressed in the black brassiere and cloak of the Black Queen, walked over to regard their prey.

"Sebastian Shaw wants the X-Men alive," admonished Jason to his beautiful cohort.

"Be at ease, my lord," replied Jean with a wicked grin. "If I had wanted him dead, the lad would be nothing but ash."

* * *

The Black Queen stood triumphantly with the rest of the Inner Circle as they regarded the helpless, shackled forms of the X-Men. The leather-clad vixen entwined the fingers of her left hand with Jason's as she smiled wantonly.

"Well done, Jason," congratulated Sebastian Shaw, the leader of the Inner Circle. The two handsome men shook hands warmly, belying the lust for power that consumed them both. Jason moved his left arm to encircle Jean's waist possessively, then said, "If my work here is done, I wish to celebrate my victory with my lovely wife, the Black Queen."

"Hail the Black Queen!" shouted the men of the Circle as they raised their glasses in salute. "Long may she reign!"

* * *

Jason Wyngarde escorted Jean Grey into a conference room and locked the door behind them. Jean smiled lustfully at her imagined husband as she undid the clasp of her cloak and let it fall to the floor. As Jason took off his top coat and shirt, Jean undid the strings of her black, leather brassiere and threw it carelessly to the side. Jason gazed hungrily at her round, firm breasts as she pulled down her black, silk panties and threw them playfully at him. He caught the thin fabric and inhaled her womanhood as she swayed over to where he stood and knelt down before him. Jason smiled as he caressed her soft, red hair and untied the bun that kept her fiery mane in place. A cascade of reddish silk fell down her naked back as she undid her lord's pants and pulled out his flaccid cock. The eager slut stroked and kissed Jason's penis until it grew erect with arousal. Jean smiled up at her master before she leaned forward to suck on the tip of his cock lightly, then take it deeply into her wet mouth. Jason grunted with pleasure as his mental slave sucked lustfully on his rod, taking it far into her throat before moving back to lick along his shaft and suck lightly on his balls. He grasped her head firmly with both hands as the naked girl sucked his cock back and forth, her moist, red lips caressing his meat lovingly.

Jason pulled his cock away from Jean's eager mouth, then placed his erect member between the girl's full breasts. Jean cooed with pleasure as the man thrust his rod across the creamy flesh of her tits, making them erect and hard with desire. The young woman licked the tip of his penis when it got close to her mouth, then squeezed her breasts together so her flesh enwrapped his engorged rod. Jason fucked the girl's tits until he shot his load across her chest and face. Jean laughed as she licked the cum from her chin and nipples, then bent forward to lick her lord's cock clean. As the wanton slut sucked lightly along the sides of his rod, Jason pulled her to her feet and pushed her onto the long, oak conference table. Jean opened her thighs wide apart to accept her master's cock, but Jason leaned forward to lick across her reddish-gold snatch with his tongue. Jean moaned with sexual pleasure as the man sucked lightly on her pussy lips, then plunged his tongue deeply into her throbbing cunt. The naked girl screamed in ecstasy as her lover thrust back and forth into her love hole with his tongue, tasting her womanhood like fine wine. Jason slurped loudly in her pussy as Jean fondled her heaving breasts and licked her nipples wantonly. The naked girl thrust her crotch onto the man's hungry mouth as he sucked deeply on her cunt flesh, bringing her quickly to orgasm and making her spurt warm cum into his open mouth. Jason drank deeply of her love honey, then licked the soft flesh of her inner thighs before leaning forward to kiss his lover passionately on the mouth. Jean tasted her own cum and relished the flavor before Jason moved down to suck hungrily on her breasts. The naked girl moaned loudly as she lay back against the table and wrapped her leather-encased legs around the waist of her lord.

Jason sucked loudly on the sweet-tasting flesh of Jean's tits, moving from one engorged mound to the other before moving back to brandish his cock.

"Put that big, meaty cock in my cunt, master," begged Jean as she fondled her pussy lustfully.

"You want it?" teased Jason as he rubbed his tool lightly.

"Yes! Please! Fuck me hard, master! Make me cum!" pleaded the naked girl as she
licked her red lips and panted softly.

"Very well, slut. I'm going to fuck you real hard!" declared Jason as he plunged his engorged cock into Jean Grey's warm pussy and began pushing his crotch against hers. Jean moaned and panted with pleasure as she returned his thrusts and fucked his hard penis with her hungry pussy. The naked girl's tight cunt cling firmly to her master's rod as they fucked each other on the table. Sweat
covered both of their naked bodies as Jason reached forward with his hands to squeeze his whore's round breasts. Jean covered his hands with her own delicate ones as she pumped harder into him, relishing the feel of his meat in her warm vagina. Jason pushed the naked girl's back hard against the oak as he thrust deeply into her pussy, grunting with effort and pleasure as he fucked his beautiful, female slave. Jason orgasmed into her cunt, shooting jism deeply into her. Jean screamed as she orgasmed, spurting warm cum over her lover's cock and onto the table. The man pulled weakly out of her squeezing pussy, then the naked girl sat up and leaned down to suck eagerly on his warm penis and clean the meat of both their jism.

Jason smiled with satisfaction as he watched Jean laying on her stomach and sucking slowly on his cock like a child with a lollipop. The naked girl smiled around his rod as she licked along the shaft, then moved back to suck on the tip of his penis. The man stroked her sweat-damp, red hair, then caressed the smooth flesh of her cheek and chin before leaning down to kiss her deeply on the mouth. Their tongues caressed each other lustfully, then Jason backed away to approach a wine cabinet and fill two glasses.

Jean Grey sat docilely on the table as her lord walked back to her and gallantly handed her a glass of wine. They clinked the glasses together, then drank deeply of the sweet beverage as their sex-drenched bodies cooled down. As Jean finished her glass, she felt a twinge in her mind, the psychic rapport with Scott was active, and in a quick flash, she saw Jason impale Scott with a deadly rapier. The fog of lust and decadence that had filled her mind disappeared in a heartbeat, and Phoenix was in command of herself once more. She looked up to regard Jason as he pulled his pants back on, and she saw the tired, slack face of Mastermind as he put on the remainder of his clothes. The naked, red-haired girl frowned in confusion as the old, thin form of Mastermind flickered to the darkly handsome image of Jason, then returned to the old man. Jason showed no signs of noticing Jean's distress as he kissed her quickly on the lips, then moved to open the door.

"I have to go check on the Inner Circle and see what they're up to with the X-Men. Meet me in the study when you're ready," ordered Mastermind as he smiled condescendedly at Jean and closed the door. Phoenix looked down at her slim hands that lay in her lap, and tried to fight the dark submissiveness that washed over her mind like a rough sea. When she looked up, the fires of Hell raged within her eyes, and she summoned the infinite wells of the Power Cosmic to deliver her revenge.


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