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Dark Phoenix Part 5: Power Corrupts (FF-robot)
by PJ

Jean Grey slept fitfully in her small room, a thin sheet covering her lithe, naked body as dreams of Dark Phoenix flittered in her mind. She awoke with a start, her body drenched in sweat, which caused her to sigh in frustration. She put on a light silk robe and walked softly to a observation window that overlooked the planet Earth. The young woman gazed at her homeworld with longing as she considered the coming trial and the possibility of her death. Hours passed, then the lights flickered on and a servant droid entered the room with a tray of hot food and her old Marvel Girl costume. The red-haired girl sat at a nearby table to eat her last meal as the droid made up her bed, then stoically left the room.

Jean Grey and Scott Summers, dressed as Marvel Girl and Cyclops, stood upon a transporter dais as Empress Lilandra contemplated them coldly. Prof. Xavier sat near the young ruler, watching his young charges with concern as the woman struck her staff three times on the floor.

"Jean Grey, you are charged with endangering the lives of all sentient beings throughout the universe with your access to the Power Cosmic. No being in recorded history as had the ability to channel as much raw power as you are now capable of. It is inevitable that you will be corrupted by this power and use it to usurp the rights of lesser beings, ourselves included. To prevent this potential disaster, the Shi'ar Empire along with most of the advanced planets in this quadrant have sentenced you to this trial by combat. If you lose, you will be put to death. If you win, you will be allowed to go, and hopefully you will be able to control the godlike powers at your disposal. Prof. Xavier has told me of the mental barriers around your Phoenix persona, but I do not have faith that it will indefinitely contain your abilities. Your reduced state will make this trial an equitable one, however. Now, let the trial begin!" exclaimed Lilandra as she struck her staff one more time on the floor, and the transporter hummed to life before bathing the couple in a shaft of brilliant light.

* * *

Marvel Girl walked cautiously along a ruined street as she scanned the area for mental activity. She knew that several members of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard had beamed down to the surface of the Moon and been ordered to track her down. She tried to screen her own mind from enemy telepaths, but with her reduced powers, she had no idea if they would find her. The red-haired girl stumbled on a ragged piece of rock, then continued to make her way to a ruined temple at the center of an ancient city. Jean Grey was walking in an area called the Blue section of the Moon. It was an anomaly on the satellite because within this crater was a breathable atmosphere. Scott had been transported here as well, but to a different site than hers. Jean crouched behind some rubble as a purple-skinned man with a mohawk flew quickly over her position. He failed to notice her, and continued his flight past several ruined buildings. Jean sighed with relief, then yelped in surprise as a whip wrapped around her left ankle and pulled her from her feet.

A tanned skinned young woman with long silver hair and pointed ears pulled tightly on the whip and kept Jean from standing up. A lumbering green robot with a smaller robot passenger on his back appeared from the shadows and advanced on the prone girl. Jean concentrated her mental powers and sent a stream of rubble smashing into the enormous machine. The robot stumbled slightly under the assault, but did not halt its advance. The dark elf whispered softly, and the whip sizzled with electrical energy that stunned Jean. As the scantily-clad girl teetered from the energy burst, the robot reached her body and pulled her to her feet roughly with its large, metal hands. The dark elf smiled wickedly as she walked over to join the robot and its lovely prisoner.

"For such a dangerous girl, she wasn't very hard to catch," taunted the woman as she gazed up at Jean's immobile body. "Maybe she's not as strong as the Empress thought."

"It would be illogical to lower our guard at this moment," replied the robot coldly as it held Jean's wrists with both hands and raised them into the air, making the girl dangle on her tiptoes.

"Logic was never my strongpoint," remarked the dark elf with a smile as she lightly caressed Jean's breasts, then took off her yellow face mask. "Why cover up such a beautiful face, my dear?"

"Are we going somewhere, or are you going to kill me now?" asked Jean

"Oh, I'm going to kill you, bitch. But first, I'm going to have some fun," replied the dark elf woman as she ripped Jean's green tunic off and began to fondle her full breasts. Jean struggled in the robot's grip until it leaned her against its wide chest and restraints formed out of its metal skin to entrap her wrists and ankles to its huge body. The dark elf smiled lustfully as she leaned down to suck on the bound girl's round tits, biting her nipples to hardness as she fondled the girl's reddish-gold snatch with her free hand. Jean moaned as the woman sucked on both of her breasts, then licked up her slim neck till she reached the girl's sweet, red lips. The leather-clad woman kissed Jean passionately on the lips, then probed inside the girl's mouth with her tongue. The red-haired girl leaned against the cold robot's skin as the woman knelt down to lick her warm cunt, then insert her tongue deeply into the girl's vagina. Jean panted deeply as the dark elf explored her womanhood lustfully, sucking on her soft pussy flesh until she orgasmed forcefully. Warm love honey poured from Jean's hot cunt into the dark elf's mouth, and the woman sucked every drop of it with relish. The bound girl's body began to get hot as the dark elf inserted a finger into her throbbing pussy, thrusting deeply into Jean's tight snatch. The naked girl moaned loudly as the woman finger-fucked her wet vagina, then inserted another finger to probe her with. Jean pushed her hot crotch onto the dark elf's long fingers, panting with effort as sexual ecstasy filled her naked body like fine wine. The little robot riding the back of the big one left its seat and crawled across its companion's thick neck, then reached forward with a thin, metal hand to stroke the naked girl's long, red hair. Jean looked at the small robot, smiled, then moved to put its questing fingers in her moist mouth. She sucked wantonly on its cold, metal digits as it regarded her with wide, searchlight-shaped eyes. As the robot pulled its fingers slowly out of her mouth, Jean licked each of the four digits, then sucked on the index finger like a ock as the robot thrust it deeply into her throat, then moved it to her sensuous, red lips.

The large robot grew an enormous cock out of its metal crotch and inserted it into the naked girl's throbbing pussy. Jean screamed with pleasure as the metal penis probed deeply into her cunt, then began pumping back and forth into her. The girl's full, creamy breasts jiggled up and down in time to the thrusts of the robot's rod, and she moaned with pleasure as she was brought to climax. The little robot climbed on top of her head and inserted its cock into her eager mouth, pushing the metal tool deeply into her throat as she sucked on it lustfully. The dark elf woman licked the giant robot's cock and balls as it fucked Jean forcefully, penetrating deeply into her womanhood. The naked girl leaned forward, her breast heaving with exertion as the elf woman leaned up to suck hungrily on her sweating flesh. Jean moaned as the woman sucked deeply on her engorged tits, then she continued her own sucking on the small robot's enormous cock. It thrust its small crotch steadily against her face, the girl's red lips clasped tightly around its pulsing fuck rod. The robot made a small, bleeping noise as it shot greenish cum down her throat and across her mouth, which Jean licked up like candy with her wet tongue. The large robot roared in ecstasy as it orgasmed in the girl's tight pussy, spurting green jism deep into her vagina. Jean screamed in sexual satisfaction as she climaxed again, mingling her warm honey with the robot's slimy cum. The dark elf woman kissed Jean deeply, then licked the little robot's cum from the girl's lips and sweet breasts. As the naked girl leaned back against the chest of her robotic lover, the mental barriers in her mind collapsed, and the orgasmic energy of the Power Cosmic flowed like blood into her lovely body.

Phoenix's eyes smoldered like twin suns as she immersed herself in white-hot flames. The large robot screeched in pain as it released its grip on her, and let her fall gracefully to the ground. Phoenix formed her gold and black bodysuit around her slim body, then pointed a delicate hand at the dark elf before launching a stream of nova flame. The elf woman screamed as she was reduced to smoking ash, which allowed Phoenix to face her robotic nemesis. The large robot opened its chest cavities, and clouds of missiles shot forward to explode around the deathly beautiful Dark Angel. Phoenix felt no pain as she ignored the missile assault and formed a energy bird around her body. The little robot jumped back into its rear seat and formed disrupter cannons on the large robot's shoulders, then fired twin azure beams of annihilation at Phoenix. The flaming girl formed a mental shield to block the death beams, then flew towards her metallic foe and punched her right arm forward, commanding the flame construct around her to do likewise. The plasma phoenix punched forward with its right claw and sliced through the large robot's chest like it was tissue paper. The robot screamed in agony as Phoenix pulled its arms and legs away from its body, then smashed its skull in with a quick jab from her construct. The little robot jumped off the smoking debris of its dead companion, and attempted to flee. Phoenix snarled in derision as she fired a plasma blast at its retreating back and reduced it to melting slag.

* * *

Dark Phoenix gazed up into space, and used her enhanced vision to pinpoint the Shi'ar Dreadnought orbiting the satellite. Smiling lustfully, the Dark Angel flew on a column of fire up into the cold void of space and approached the bug-shaped vessel.

"Dark Phoenix has left the surface of the Moon and is advancing on our position," reported the tactical officer of the Queen's Sword.

"Raise the shields and charge weapons," ordered Empress Lilandra as she sat in the command chair of the bridge and watched the tac display on the main screen.

"Charles, can you reach her mind?" inquired the nervous ruler.

"I'm trying, but she's established a powerful psychic shield around herself. I won't catch her by surprise this time," replied the human telepath.

"Then we'll have to use the direct approach," said the Empress. "Weapons, lock disrupters on target and fire on my command."

"Disrupters charged and locked," replied the sweating Weapons officer.

"Fire!" shouted Lilandra before four ruby beams leapt from the Dreadnought and smashed into Dark Phoenix. The bridge crew cheered as a fireball of exploding plasma surrounded the red-haired girl, but did nothing to halt her fiery advance. Phoenix fired a plasma bolt at the Shi'ar vessel, and the ship lurched as one of its warp nacelles was sliced cleanly off.

"Shields down to forty-percent!" shouted the panicked tac officer before another bolt smashed into the main hull and created a huge breach. "Shields down to fifteen-percent."

"Fire all weapons at will!" ordered the Empress as control panels exploded and crewmen screamed as they were burned.

"It's over," sighed Prof. Xavier as he hung his head and placed his hands in his lap. "Dark Phoenix is free to ravage the universe."

"Never! I'll never give up!" screamed Lilandra as she pushed aside the dead body of the Weapons officer and fired another salvo of disrupters at Dark Phoenix. The flaming girl evaded the beams easily, then fired two more plasma bolts into the Dreadnought's hull, destroying its engines and control systems. The huge bug-like ship shuddered as secondary explosions blossomed on its ravaged skin, then it exploded in a expanding cloud of plasma and duranium alloy.

Dark Phoenix smiled in satisfaction as the Shi'ar vessel faded into motes of flotsam, then turned to regard the gleaming gem that was Earth. The beautiful, deadly young woman gazed lustfully at the vulnerable orb, then frowned as a burning spike of pain appeared in her mind. She screamed silently and clasped her head with both hands as her soul tore itself apart. Phoenix teleported to an abandoned spot of coastline near New York City, then collapsed to her knees as shudders wracked her shapely form. With an brilliant explosion of light, two delicate hands emerged from the kneeling girl's back, then two naked arms, and a head of long, red-gold hair. A naked duplicate of Phoenix climbed out of her flesh and fell limply to the grass, panting for air. The pain withdrew, allowing Dark Phoenix to stagger to her feet and regard the twin that lay shuddering on the ground. Probing the naked girl's mind, Phoenix found that she was exactly like her, but with no evil impulses. Somehow, the Power Cosmic had severed her good, moral self and spewed it out of her body. Kneeling down to regard her good half, Dark Phoenix smiled and kissed the girl's wet, red hair before launching herself into the air and leaving Earth's atmosphere.

* * *


Dark Phoenix floated in the cold depths of space at the edge of the solar system and regarded all the helpless worlds before her. No one in creation could withstand her power, she could recreate the universe into anything she chose. But that wouldn't be fun, the girl thought. No, this was a universe waiting to be raped and exploited, pleasures of the flesh wanting to be indulged. She would be the exploiter, she would make men and women cry from her lustful attentions. She would be the Goddess of Sex, and no one would dare refuse her. Smiling at the possibilities, Dark Phoenix created a wormhole with a thought and plunged into the unknown.

Jean Grey hid behind a bush as a young couple entered the glade and lay down on the soft grass together. As the man and woman fondled each other and kissed passionately, Jean unconsciously fingered her warm pussy until they undressed and began to fuck each other loudly. Jean clouded their minds so they wouldn't see her as she slinked forward and grabbed the woman's tank top and shorts. The naked girl quickly fled into the trees and ran until she couldn't feel any minds in the area. She quickly put on the top that barely covered her full, round breasts, then pulled on the tight shorts that hiked up her shapely ass nicely. Sighing regretfully, Jean walked through the small forest, then stood near a highway and bent one, slim, bare thigh seductively while holding her right thumb up for passing traffic. She didn't have to wait long.



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