Uncanny X-Men: Paradise Island Part 1 (MF)
by Steve

Jubilee had never seen such beautiful beaches in all her life. The clear blue water splashing against the beach drove her crazy. She wanted to get on that beach as soon as possible.

"Like what you see, kid?" Psylocke asked from the seat next to her.

"I love it, Betsy! It is the most beautiful beach I have ever seen!" Jubilee shouted with excitement.

"We should be landing soon," Betsy said as the captain came over the PA to announce that the plane would be landing in a few minutes and that all of the passengers were to buckle their seat belts for the landing. "See, I told you," Betsy said with a smile.

Jubilee just sat in her seat, staring in amazement down at the shore below. When Cyclops had suggested a vacation for some of the team members, Jubilee was ecstatic. She had wanted to get away for so long. The pressure of being a super hero were getting too much to handle. So her, Logan, Betsy, Remy, Ororo, and Alex decided to go to a beautiful tropical island off the coast of Puerto Rico.

Reader's Note: For those who don't know who I'm talking about, I will tell you. Psylocke is Betsy, or Betsy. Wolverine is Logan. Gambit is Remy. Ororo is Storm. And finally, Alex is Havok. Hope that clears everything up.

Jubilee raced through the airport, Remy in close pursuit. He wasn't really out to catch her, but to keep a watch on her to make sure she didn't get in any trouble. Remy followed her out of the airport and through some back streets before eventually making it to the beautiful blue ocean. Jubilee tossed her bags on the ground and shed her clothes quickly. She was very happy that she decided to wear her bikini under her clothes for the trip. Jubilee tore off for the water. Remy stopped to catch his breath where Jubilee had dropped her bags. He set his down next to hers. He rummaged through his for awhile before finally finding a towel. He laid it out across the sand and sat down on it. He wore a pair of shorts and a T-shirt, which he soon took off and shoved into his bag.

The weather on the island was amazing. Not a cloud in the sky and about 90 degrees.

After about a half an hour or so, Logan and Betsy came and sat down next to Remy. Logan was dressed only in a pair of swimming trunks. Betsy was wearing an almost nonexistent bikini.

"The kid in the water?" Logan asked, slapping Remy heartily on the back.

"Yeah, hasn't been out since we got here," Remy said, sounding fatigued.

"She seemed pretty excited about it on the plane," Betsy added.

"I imagine so," Remy said, "Did you guys check into the hotel yet?" Remy asked

"Yeah, here's the key to your room," Logan said, fishing a small key out of his pocket, "Why don't you go back and put your stuff away, we'll watch the kid."

"That sounds good to me, Thanks." Remy said standing up and grabbing his bags, "How do I get back to the hotel?"

"Take that street their down about two blocks," Betsy said, pointing towards the street behind her, "and our hotel is on the left side, it's the Ritz Carlton."

"Thanks, cher," Remy said, walking off down the street.

" you wanna go for a swim?" Betsy asked.

"Why the hell not," Logan said, pulling himself to his feet. He reached out an arm to help Betsy get. She took his hand pulled her self up next to him. The two walked toward the water. They saw Jubilee out in the water, playing in the waves.

"Look at her," Betsy said in amazement.

"I know, I wish I was still that young. So much energy," Logan commented.

Logan and Betsy waded out to where Jubilee was frolicking. The water was warm and clear. Betsy watched as the fish swam around her. So many different types of fish, so many colors. Betsy felt relaxed at the peace and serenity of this paradise.

"Hi guys," Jubilee giggled as she swam closer to Logan. Betsy was still staring down at all of the fish at her feet.

"Hey kiddo, like the ocean?" Logan asked.

"I love it!" Jubilee exclaimed loudly, bringing Betsy out of her little world of tropical fish. A wave started to rise directly behind them. Jubilee saw it and jumped into, letting it take her along for the ride. The wave caught Logan and Betsy off guard, pulling them under.

Everything was black. A swirling noise filled her ears. She opened her eyes, not really thinking of where she was. The salt burned her eyes deeply. She closed them almost instantly. Betsy swam as hard as she could to get to the surface, but she wasn't moving. The current was holding her in place. Her air was starting to run out. Feeling helpless, she just gave up, succumbing to death. Then hand reached under and grabbed her by the arm, pulling her to the surface.

Betsy gasped for air as Logan pulled her out of the water. She threw her arms around Logan and began sobbing on his shoulder.

"I was going to die," she stuttered.

"But you didn't," Logan said, caressing the back of her head.

"You saved my life," Betsy muttered, looking Logan directly in his eyes. She wanted to kiss him, but was afraid of his reaction. Logan was an odd man. No one ever really knew what he wanted. He never spoke to anyone of how he felt, so no one really knew. Betsy was afraid that Logan didn't feel the same as she did, so she controlled her emotions and let go of Logan.

"You all right Betsy?" Logan asked.

"Yeah, I'm better now," Betsy said, holding herself tight. She was shivering now, "Can we go back to the shore?"

"Yeah, sure," Logan said, placing his hand on her shoulder as they started back toward the shore. Jubilee followed, the horror of what happened to Betsy making her think realize she shouldn't be out here alone.

On shore, the three dried off. Betsy sat on the ground, still shivering with fear. She had been near death many times, but she had never felt that defenseless against her opponent. There was nothing that she could have done to save herself. But she didn't have to worry about that because someone else saved her, Logan.

"I'm headed to our hotel, where is it?" Jubilee asked, collecting her bags from the sand.

"Two blocks down that road, the Ritz Carlton on the left," Logan said, pulling another key from his pocket, "Here's your room key. You're sharing a room with Ororo."

"Cool. Thanks," Jubilee said, skipping off towards the hotel.

Logan sat down next to Betsy and put his arm around her shoulder. "You sure you're OK?" he asked.

"I'm just a little shaken up. Can we go back to the hotel now. I need to sleep," Betsy said. She stood up and started walking before Logan could respond.

Logan got up and jogged to catch up with Betsy. She walked clutching her head. Logan was worried about her. He really cared deeply for Betsy, but was too embarrassed to show it. He was afraid that the feeling wouldn't be mutual and Betsy would stop talking to him. He would rather keep her as friend than try to make her his lover.

Logan and Betsy walked through what seemed to be the commercial section of the island. Shops lined the street on both sides. Mostly boutiques and other woman's stores. Logan felt out of place. If Betsy had been more with it, she would have been running from window to window, pointing out how she wanted this and wanted that. Logan was kind of glad Betsy was tired.

"Do you need anything else?" Logan asked. Betsy put her key into the hole and turned the knob. The door swung open.

"Could you come in and stay awhile? I could really use your company right now," Betsy said.

"But I thought you wanted to sleep," Logan replied.

"I did. But now I just want someone to talk to."

"Well...I guess I could stay awhile," Logan said. Betsy entered the room, Logan following close behind. She walked into the bathroom and closed the door.

"I'm going to change, I'll only be a minute," Betsy yelled from within the bathroom. Logan sat down on the bed and flipped on the TV. He quickly found ESPN and sat back to watch Italian soccer.

Betsy walked out of the bathroom, clad only in a button up pajama top. Her long slender legs stood out as she walked to the bed and sat down next to Logan. "What are we watching," Betsy asked.

Logan's eyes were fixated to the TV. He didn't even notice that Betsy was there until she spoke. "Italian soccer," Logan said in disgust, "What a bunch pansies. Football, now there's a sport!"

"In England, soccer is called football," Betsy said, trying to twist Logan's words.

"Shit. You're kidding?" Logan asked in disbelief.

"Nope," Betsy said with a smile.

"Why do you have to go and tell me shit like that? That just ruins my day," Logan said, now looking very disgruntled.

"Sorry," Betsy said, laughing at Logan. She loved it when he would get angry and start acting like a little kid. She thought it was very cute, and Logan was rarely nice, let alone cute. "Do you know how cute you get when you're angry?"

"What?" Logan asked, sounding surprised.

"I just think you look really cute when you get angry, that's all," Betsy said, teasing him.

"Thanks," Logan said. He started to blush. Betsy knew this was her chance. She leaned over and kissed him gently on the lips. Logan jumped when her flesh touched his, but soon relaxed as he realized her intent. Betsy sat up straight again, pulling her lips away from Logan's.

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done that," Betsy said.

"You're damn right you shouldn't have!" Logan yelled, "It should have been more like this." Logan grabbed Betsy and pulled her close. His tongue jammed into her mouth, meeting no resistance from Betsy. Logan's hands felt up and down Betsy's back, massaging and exploring. Betsy was amazed at the passion Logan had. She always considered him very frigid, but now...

Betsy started to unbuttoning her shirt. She couldn't get the buttons undone, so she just tore the shirt off, buttons flying everywhere. The shirt fell to the ground. Logan's lips went directly to Betsy's newly exposed flesh. Her breasts were not by any means small, but very full and large. Logan's tongue swept over Betsy's nipple, bringing a little moan out of her. He left little kisses all over her breasts, each bringing little its own little sound out of Betsy.

"Fuck me," Betsy whispered, writhing under Logan's attention. Without a word, Logan reached down and pulled off his shorts, tossing them aside. His cock was at full attention, all eight inches worth. Betsy gasped at the sight of his massive tool. She had always suspected that Logan was well endowed, but this was amazing.

Betsy rolled onto her back, spreading her legs far. Thick black pubic hair covered her pussy lips. Logan could see the way her hair was matted, showing that she was extremely wet. He maneuvered himself until his cock sat directly at the opening Betsy's sex. Logan and Betsy were both about to get something that they had dreamed about for a while.

Slowly, Logan slid into Betsy's wet tunnel. She was extremely loose, but Logan went slow, wanting this to be special, and not over in thirty seconds. Betsy's legs wrapped around Logan, pulling her body up to meet each of his strokes. Betsy liked Logan's slow pace. She had never been with a guy who had done this, and she really liked it. The pleasure was amazing. She had never felt this much pleasure this fast in any love-making she had ever participated in.

"Oh god!" Betsy cried out. Logan sped up his pace a little, sensing that Betsy was going to cum soon. He placed one of his hands on Betsy's breast and started massaging it lightly. With a hand on her breast and a cock in her pussy, Betsy was moaning uncontrollably. Betsy knew she would come soon, she could feel it building deep in her stomach.

"Fuck me harder!" Betsy screamed. Throwing her head back and screaming one final time, she climaxed. Her pussy gripped tightly around Logan's meat. He kept pumping though, feeling his orgasm close as well.

"Oh shit," Logan cried out as he came. A torrent of white fluid flooded Betsy's pussy, sending her into another fit of screaming and moaning. Betsy flailed on the bed for another minute or so until Logan stopped coming. She fell limp back into the bed. Logan pulled his limp cock from Betsy's dripping hole. He collapsed next to her. Neither spoke for the next ten minute or so, they just laid there.

"Thanks for inviting me in," Logan finally said.

"No problem," Betsy said, sitting up. Sweat covered her body, glistening in the light as she walked to the bathroom. Logan heard the water turn on and then the familiar sound of the shower running, but made no attempt to get up. He was too exhausted. He didn't even have the energy to roll over and flip on the TV.

After awhile, the shower turned off. Within a minute of two, Betsy exited the bathroom, wearing only a silky black robe. She climbed on to the bed and slid under the covers next to Logan. He mustered the strength to put his arm around her. She nestled her head into Logan's chest and closed her eyes.

Logan watched Betsy sleep for about an hour before his eyes finally closed.



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