Uncanny X-Men: Paradise Island Part 2 (MF,f-mast,inter,voy)
by Steve

Jubilee woke with the sound of the ocean in her ears. Opening her eyes, she saw Ororo walking around the room in her bathrobe. She taking some clothes out of her drawers. Jubilee stared at Ororo's slender legs. She was extremely sexy. Jubilee felt embarrassed to be attracted to another woman, but she still couldn't take her eyes off of Ororo. Jubilee started to hope that she would change out in the room and not in the bathroom. And she did. Ororo's back was to Jubilee, giving her a great view of her ass as the robe fell to the ground. Jubilee stared in utter amazement at the firm globes of Ororo's backside. Her smooth brown skin glistened in the morning light.

Jubilee now started to feel a strong sexual attraction to Ororo. She could feel her juices dripping out of her wet snatch and on to the bed sheets. She wanted to reach down there with her hand and relieve herself, but she was afraid that her moans might be uncontrollable and she didn't want Ororo to know she was awake. So she just sat and watched.

Ororo slid on a pair of white cotton panties. Her hands traced the figure of her hips as she looked at herself in the mirror. Turning slightly, she looked at herself from a different angle, verifying that she still had her figure. In doing this, Ororo inadvertently gave Jubilee a nice shot of her left breast. Jubilee nearly jumped out of her bed. She had known that Ororo had big breasts, but she had never actually seen them. Ororo never showered with the other girls in the locker room at the mansion. Jubilee always wondered why. And at this moment, she wondered even more. Ororo was in perfect shape. She had a perfect figure, a great ass, and beautiful breasts. Jubilee thought to herself, 'If I had a body like that, I'd flaunt it everywhere I went.'

Ororo then slid on a large white bra, one of the ones that is built for support, not sex appeal. Jubilee was a little disappointed that her peep show was over, but she still had the memories.

As Ororo slipped her shirt over her head, Jubilee started to pretend like she was just waking up. She rustled in the bed a little then let out a hefty yawn.

"Good morning little one. Did you sleep well?" Ororo asked, slipping her shorts up over her thighs and buttoning them.

"Yes I did," Jubilee said, picturing Ororo standing there naked, as she had been just minutes before.

"Good, you better get a shower and get dressed, we are meeting everyone for breakfast in an hour.

"Oh crap!" Jubilee shouted, jumping out of bed and running for the bathroom, "I need at least an hour to do my hair!"

"You don't have an hour. Just shower and get dressed. We'll worry about your hair when you get out," Ororo said.

Jubilee washed quickly in the shower. She hated being rushed. Then the thoughts of Ororo naked started coming back to her. Her shapely butt, her firm breasts, her taunt black nipples. Jubilee felt the wetness between her legs again. She reached down and slid her index finger into the folds of her young cunt. She pushed her finger in and out quickly, wanting to feel herself cum. Her other hand started massaging her clit. Jubilee had been masturbating for a few years now, since she was about fifteen. She loved the feel of the walls of her pussy against her fingers. It gave her sensations she never thought were possible. She really wanted to share those feeling with someone else someday, but she was very shy and finding a boyfriend wasn't easy.

Jubilee's fingers plunged in and out of her raging cunt. Her other hand still working her clit back and forth. It usually took her about fifteen minutes of this to climax, but with the thoughts of Ororo racing through her mind, Jubilee felt her orgasm coming after only about five minutes. She continued to pump her finger furiously until she felt the hot release of her fluids.

Jubilee slumped up against the wall of the shower, closing her eyes and letting the pleasure soak in to her mind. She loved nothing more than an orgasm. She just wished it wasn't always her that gave it to herself though. She wanted to feel another person's hands on her body, massaging and caressing every inch of her. It would be wonderful.

Jubilee bounded out of the bathroom, completely ready to go, and with only minutes to spare. She seemed to be her usual perky self, bouncing instead of walking.

"Come on child, it is time to leave," Ororo said, opening the door. Jubilee walked out behind Ororo, shutting the door behind her.

"Where are we going for breakfast?" Jubilee asked as they walked through the corridors of the hotel.

"It is a little cafe, that Alex and I found yesterday when we were taking a walk," Ororo responded.

"So, are you and Alex getting close?" Jubilee asked inquisitively. She really wanted to see Ororo find a man. She seemed so lonely. Jubilee just wanted to see her happy. All of the girls were constantly trying to fix her up, but she never wanted to go out with anyone. Jubilee had hoped that maybe she would find someone while they were here.

"I would like it if you were to stay out of my personal affairs. It is none of your business," Ororo stated firmly. This shut Jubilee up until they arrived at the cafe.

* * *

Everyone was already there when Jubilee and Ororo arrived. Logan and Betsy sat close, exchanging little glances and laughing and smiling at one another. Next to them sat Remy and Alex, and a very large man. The three seemed to be conversing with one another.

"Hello everyone," Ororo said, sitting down next the large, unknown man.

"Your finally here," Alex said with a bright smile on his face.

"No thanks to her," Ororo said jokingly at Jubilee.

"Ororo, I'd like you to meet James," Alex said pointing to the man next to him.

"Hello," James said, extending a large hand towards her.

"Hello, I am Ororo and this is Jubilee."

"It is nice to meet someone as beautiful as yourself," James said, causing Ororo to blush a little. She knew that everyone was trying to set her up again, but James too charming and handsome to shoot down right away. She would do it later.

"Thank you," Jubilee said, knowing the comment was not directed towards her.

Ororo and James smiled at each other all through breakfast. They talked non stop as well. They really to connect. James lived on the island. He was a manager at one of restaurants in the area. Alex had met him the day before at a bar. He thought James would be perfect for Ororo. So he invited him to breakfast.

Betsy and Logan left as soon as they finished their meals, walking out of the cafe, hand in hand. Remy left soon after, saying her was going to the beach to meet women. Jubilee left with him, wanting to go to the beach as well.

"Well, I guess I'll go and leave you two alone," Alex said, dropping a ten down on the table to pay for his part of the meal.

"Good-bye," Ororo said. In the beginning, she couldn't see herself liking James all that much, but after talking to him for the past hour or so, she found herself extremely attracted to him.

"See ya," James said casually. He never took his eyes off of Ororo though.

"What do you want to do now?" Ororo asked, running her finger up James' leg.

"It's up to you," James said.

"How about we go back to my hotel room?" Ororo spoke seductively. Her hand was now tracing along James' crotch.

"Perfect," James said. They both stood up and ran out of the cafe. They raced all the way back to the hotel. Ororo jammed her key into the lock and flung it open. James grabbed her and kissed her passionately. She slammedthe door behind them and started to unbutton her shorts.

James reached down and helped Ororo slip out of her shorts. James' hand slid over the thin material of Ororo's panties. She moaned and squirmed under his touch. His finger drew circles across the lips of her pussy as she moaned louder. The material of her white panties was now soaked and perfectly transparent. Ororo hadn't had this feeling in a very long time. She couldn't even remember when her last orgasm was, but she knew her next one would be soon.

"Oh James! Fuck me!" Ororo screamed.

James moved his hand higher and pulled off her panties, throwing them to the ground. He pushed Ororo to the bed. Soon, his pants were on the floor, as were his boxer shorts. James leaned over Ororo, his dick hanging right in front of her awaiting pussy.

"I want you so bad," James said, kissing Ororo lightly on the lips while his hand circled her breast.

"I'm yours," Ororo said, pushing her pussy up towards James' solid dick.

With one mighty thrust, James buried himself inside of Ororo. Her moan shook the room. Her hands clutched her breasts tight, her fingers rolling and pinching her nipples. "Oh God Yes!!" she screamed.

James grunted as he pumped his cock in and out of Ororo. Sweat covered both of their bodies, helping them slide against one another. Ororo's legs wrapped around James' back, pulling him into her further.

"Oh yes! Fuck me!" Ororo screamed.

This excited James more, so he sped up his pace. His balls slapped against Ororo's asshole, making a loud slapping sound.

* * *

Jubilee was walking down the hallway of the hotel. She was on her way to pick up her swimsuit so she could go sunbathing on the hotel's deck. She left Remy at the beach with some blonde girl named Bambi or something. She was tired of feeling left among all of the older team members.

As she neared her room, Jubilee heard a faint noise. She couldn't tell what it was, but it had a steady beat to it. She moved closer to the door and the sound got louder. She also began to hear another noise. The low moaning sounding. Jubilee thought about it for a second. Ororo and James were fucking just a few feet beyond the wall in front of her. That thought quickly vanished. She knew Ororo was too prude to sleep with a guy she met just hours before. She didn't even think Ororo would sleep with a guy she had known for years.

Jubilee shrugged and inserted her key into the door knob. Ororo and James were moaning to loud to hear anything. Jubilee twisted the knob and pushed the door open. Her eyes expanded and her jaw dropped. There was James, slamming his huge black dick into Ororo, and she was letting him. They didn't notice Jubilee standing there, they just kept on thrashing into one another.

"Oh shit! I'm cumming!" James yelled, pulling his dick out of Ororo's sloppy pussy. His fist pumped up and down the shaft, sending jets of creamy white cum all over Ororo's sweaty body. Most of it landed on her stomach and tits, but some landed on her neck and pussy as well.

"Oh god yes!" Ororo moaned. Her eyes were closed tight and she looked like she was about to cum. James had stopped a little too early for her. Her fingers found there way into her pussy, where they started moving furiously. James gently licked her nipples as she neared her orgasm.

"Ughhhh!! Oh shit!" Ororo ranted. She felt the white hot surge of her orgasm as it sent her into a fury of screams and contortions. She had never climaxed that hard before.

"It's OK baby," James said, stroking Ororo's cheek gently. She slowly calmed down, her body finally coming to rest under James'.

Jubilee watched all of this through a small crack in the door. She wanted to see more, but knew it was over. She slowly shut the door and walked off down the hall, dreaming of the events that she had just witnessed. Thoughts of Ororo naked flashed through her head non stop. Her soft, round breasts. Her smooth ass. Her cum filled pussy. Jubilee looked at Ororo in a very sexual way now. She had never thought that she was gay, but she had never proven she was straight either.

When she watched Ororo and James having sex, she never once looked at James, just Ororo. Maybe she was gay. Maybe she was just really horny.



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