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Author's note: This story takes place in no strictly-defined X-Men universe,
but is instead set in a world composed of a number of my favourite
characters/elements/events from X-Men comics throughout the years. It is
certainly not in continuity, so please do not be concerned over apparent
inconsistencies with existing X-history. Any significant differences to
established plots or characters will be described and explained as they

Uncanny X-Men: Phoenix Forced Part 1 - Awakenings (F-mast)
by The BiZZ

Harsh morning sunlight flooded the suburban kitchen, causing the young girl
to wince as she stumbled in and slumped into a chair. Her short red hair was
still mussed up from her pillow, and her school uniform was creased and
crumpled. She peered through sleepy eyes at the badge on her uniform as if
looking at it for the first time. It read "Xavier's School for Gifted
Youngsters". Yes, that sounded right, even though she couldn't quite remember
precisely what it was she was gifted at. The morning glare made it so hard to
think, and it seemed to be getting even brighter. It was so bad that she
could barely remember her name.


Oh yeah, that was it. Rachel. Rachel Summers. And as the speaker entered the
room, Rachel remembered her name, too. Jean Grey. Mommy.

Rachel gazed through bleary eyes as her mom entered the room. She was dressed
in much the same way as any typical housewife, but Jean Grey was anything but
typical. For one thing, she was young. Really young. There was something
about how young her mom was that troubled Rachel, but she couldn't put her
finger on it. But much more startling than her age was her appearance.

She was tall, slim and dazzlingly, spectacularly beautiful. No matter how
hard she tried, Rachel couldn't think of any woman whose face was more
exquisitely perfect than her mother's, a vision of beauty framed by crimson
hair that was, unlike Rachel's, long and wild, and tumbled freely over her
shoulders. Rachel lowered her gaze, following the fiery locks down to her
mom's equally perfect body.

She wasn't just slim, she curved in all the right places, from her slender
waist to her womanly hips to her long, toned legs. Further up, even through
the unflattering folds of her mother's dress, Rachel could still make out the
enticing swell of Jean's full, round breasts. Their large size made them look
almost out of place on her svelte figure, but they tilted upwards and were
firm to the point of defying gravity, and Jean carried them with the same
lithe grace that flowed through her every movement.


Rachel's head snapped up as she realised she had been staring intently at
her mother's breasts for over a minute. She was wide-eyed, open-mouthed and
blushing scarlet as she met Jean's quizzical gaze.

"Rachel, honey, what's wrong?" Jean's voice was filled with concern.

"N-nothing, mom," Rachel stammered, hurriedly looking away. She shifted
uncomfortably in her seat, and then froze in shock. She was wet. Soaking,
sopping wet in her cunt, so much so that she could feel droplets of her
female juices start to trickle from her wet-through panties.

Her heart was racing as she sat statue-still, frantically analysing the
situation. What the fuck was happening!? She had just been looking at her
mom, and now, without even realising, she had somehow become incredibly
turned-on, more so than she could ever remember being in her life! How
could she not have noticed this tingling heat, which was even now spreading
from her burning crotch up to her pert young breasts, where her large pink
nipples stiffened in response?

The light in the room seemed brighter than ever. Rachel felt as if the light
was a solid force, pinning her in place, smothering her, delving its golden
fingers into her eager, throbbing pussy. She sat, panting now, as sweat
trickled down her face, unable to move. Her dizzied mind could not decide
what held her so still - the light, her lust, or her growing sense of
self-revulsion. For Rachel was now certain that the cause of this intense
erotic experience was her own overwhelming sexual desire for her mother.

"Are you okay, sweetie?" Now, even her mother's voice sent shivers through
Rachel's body, each one terminating in her stiff, throbbing clitoris, which
in turn reacted by sending what felt like electric shocks through her
erogenous zones.

"Rachel, you look really sick. Are you sure you're well enough to go to
school today?" Despite the fact that this was clearly motherly concern,
Rachel still felt her pussy gush more juices every time this gorgeous
woman spoke to her. Despite that fact... or perhaps because of it.

"If you want to stay home, I'll take good care of you..." When Rachel felt
her cunt spasm at this last remark, she knew that something had to be done.
She summoned all of her strength to turn and face her mother, to banish this
feverish lust, to regain control and -

- and she was looking directly down her mother's cleavage. Jean was leaning
on the table, reaching for her daughter, so that her breasts hung heavily
right before Rachel's ogling eyes. It was too much for the tortured girl to
bear. The scent of her mom's perfume, coupled with those twin, bulging orbs
straining against each other in the confines of Jean's bra sent Rachel over
the edge. She plunged her hand towards her pussy and began rubbing as hard
as she could, her other hand tearing at her blouse to free her aching
breasts. Once bared, she clawed at her hardened nipples, all the while
savagely pummelling her pussy through her dripping wet panties.

Jean recoiled in horror, staring aghast at what her daughter was doing to
herself. Rachel wanted to explain, or apologise, or something, but all she
could do was moan in ecstasy as she continued her shameless self-abuse. The
light surrounding her intensified, penetrating her entire body, no longer
harsh or hard but washing over her like liquid bliss. It pooled in her groin,
flowing freely into her clenching pussy, streaming up her quivering asshole,
filling her completely with its tingling glow.

Rachel's head lolled back as she uttered a groan of sheer ecstasy, and she
saw her mother, still standing there, staring, dumbstruck in shock and
disgust. Rachel suddenly realised that what she wanted most of all right now
was not to stop this erotic frenzy or even to try and explain it, but to see
her beautiful, sexy mother stripped naked. As soon as the thought formed in
her head, the sensuous light seemed to flow away from her, emptying from her
womb and bowels and abandoning its loving embrace of her.

Rachel felt deflated, tears of disappointment welling in her eyes as the
light left her. However, her sadness was short-lived, as she saw the light
rush to encircle her mother. For a split-second Rachel thought she saw the
shape of a gigantic bird, and then her mother's body twisted convulsively in
the grip of the light. A moment later, Jean's clothing was torn from her
body, scraps of the fabric thrown across the room. Rachel stared at her
mother then, suspended in mid-air, naked and struggling, the most beautiful
and attractive creature that she had ever seen. She drank in that vision of
captive perfection as she pinched her swollen clitoris and plunged three
fingers into her convulsing cunthole, almost stemming the river of juices
that flowed from her hot pussy, but not quite. The Phoenix Force responded
by thrusting three fiery tendrils into her mother's resisting cunt, causing
Jean to shriek in sexual agony.

And then Rachel came, screaming her mind-blowing orgasm to the world.

* * *

Rachel woke screaming, her body jerking and flailing from the
earth-shattering climax. The Phoenix firebird was still manifested around
her, filling the room with a golden light. She bucked and squealed for
several minutes more, riding out wave after wave of orgasmic bliss as her
young body attempted to cope with its most overpowering orgasm to date.

Eventually Rachel regained enough self-control to de-activate her powers.
Afterwards she lay there, panting and sweating in the now-darkened room until
she could finally find the strength to move. She hauled her self up in her
bed, unsurprised to find the bedclothes stripped and her own nightgown torn
to shreds. The bed was soaked with her juices, as were her hands. She had to
use all of her willpower to stop herself from licking them clean, and instead
wiped them dry on the remains of her clothing.

Okay... not real, not real. That never happened. She'd never been a suburban
school kid, she'd been a slave to those who oppressed her people, and worse a
`mutant hound' used to track down her fellow mutants for extermination. Jean
wasn't a housewife, or even a mom, yet, but one of the founding members of
the X-Men, a team dedicated to fighting for mutant equality. Rachel had
travelled back in time and was now living with the X-Men in Professor
Xavier's mansion. They knew very little of her own past, and certainly didn't
realise that two of their number, Jean Grey and Scott Summers, would one day
be Rachel's mother and father. She'd never had a relationship with either of
them, so the happy-family settings of her dreams were clearly nothing to do
with any kind of reality.

And yet...

And yet for the past three weeks she had been experiencing increasingly
intense dreams of this nature. They'd started innocently enough, with idyllic
scenes of family life that left her with nothing more than a pleasant feeling
of belonging. By the end of the first week, however, the sexual element had
begun to appear. A touch, a look, a longing in her loins - the signs started
to build up, until halfway through the second week she had finally been
driven to orgasm in her sleep. Since then it had been non- stop, and she
awoke writhing and howling in the throes of a huge climax at least once a

The details of the dream would change each night - at home, at school, in the
park (complete with stunned onlookers). Sometimes her mom would be horrified,
other times she would be aroused, even sexually aggressive. On one particular
occasion, Rachel was the mom and Jean was her little girl. It hadn't stopped
Rachel from violently raping her virgin cunt with the Phoenix force.
Sometimes Scott would also appear, but only as a secondary object of lust to
her mother. She felt strangely about him in her dreams, as if there was a
desire bubbling under the surface but not yet ready to break free.

Every now and then, the dreams would take an even more disturbing aspect.
One time, instead of raping or masturbating over her mom, Rachel had just
held her down and pissed all over her. It felt every bit as good, if not
better, than the other times. Another night, Jean had appeared with altered
genitalia - instead of her pretty little cunt she had an enormous hairless
penis, larger than Rachel's forearm, with tennis-ball sized testicles to
match. Rachel had awoken crouched at the foot of her bed, gagging and
choking, with one of the bedposts lodged halfway down her throat. Her pussy
and ass had been stretched so wide by her sleep-fucking that night that she
couldn't walk without the aid of her telekinesis for the rest of the day.

Rachel shuddered again, as if trying to shake off the lingering dream images.
The movement made her breasts jiggle and bounce, and a cold breeze from her
open window caused her already-stiffened and enflamed nipples to sting as
they became even harder. Rachel winced and clutched her breasts, while the
chill raised goosebumps all over her naked, sweaty skin. Rolling to the edge
of the bed she stood on trembling legs and staggered across the room to the
window, practically falling on the pane to slam it shut. Exhausted by the
effort, she slid to the floor.

She lay there in the dark for several minutes, gazing down at her young,
athletic body. The heat of passion had entirely left her now, and she
shivered in the cold. The moonlight caught the trails of drying female honey
on her thighs so that they glistened, and the quivering of her cold flesh
made the droplets dance and sparkle in the night. It was so tempting to reach
out and touch that shining nectar, to bring it to her lips, to taste it, just

Rachel's hand stopped, inches away from her open mouth, her fingertips coated
in her love juices. She had just realised something: the window had been open
the whole time. Her orgasmic screams would have echoed throughout the entire

A wave of shame overcame her, and she felt herself blushing as she lay there
naked in the dark. They must have heard! What would they think of her? How
could she ever face them again, after they had heard her fucking herself
senseless? And if they ever knew what it was that had got her so excited...
Rachel was panicking, and was even considering leaving the X-Mansion for good
that night until a quiet, reasonable voice started speaking in her mind.
Okay, they might have heard you tonight, it said. They might have heard you
any night. Not to mention the fact that you share a home with no less than
three telepaths! And if they heard you scream, so what? They probably thought
you were having nightmares, that's all. Even if they knew the truth, you're a
healthy young girl - it's only natural that you need to release your pent-up
urges now and then.

Rachel felt herself regain her calm, her conscience soothed by these
thoughts. "Only natural" she whispered aloud to herself, gazing dreamily
at her wet fingertips, still held before her mouth. "Only natural," she
repeated, with more confidence this time. So what if they did know? So what
if they knew it all? So what if Jean found out just how much her future
daughter loves her? Maybe it was time to stop worrying about what others
thought, and about so-called taboos. Maybe it was time to return some of the
ecstasy to Jean that Jean's dream-image had given Rachel. That was only fair,
wasn't it? And what could be more natural than a daughter's love for her

"Only natural" she purred again, then dipped her fingers into her mouth and
savoured the sweet taste on her tongue...

To Be Continued...


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