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Slightly larger chapter this time - there was more to fit in, you might say.

* * *

Author's note: This story takes place in no strictly-defined X-Men universe,
but is instead set in a world composed of a number of my favourite
characters/elements/events from X-Men comics throughout the years. It is
certainly not in continuity, so please do not be concerned over apparent
inconsistencies with existing X-history. Any significant differences to
established plots or characters will be described and explained as they

Uncanny X-Men:
Phoenix Forced Part 4 - Rising Force (FF,inc,anal,fist,BDSM,ncon)
by the BiZZ

In a place beyond time and space, something stirs. Something huge, insofar as
anything in this alien dimension can have size. It seems at first like a mass
of swirling, chaotic energy, but is in reality a living being - although one
so far removed from mortal life as to be almost incomparable. This is a
cosmic entity, a living force of nature. It cannot be defined by familiar
concepts of 'body' and 'mind', but if we could analyse the thoughts and
feelings of this enigmatic creature in human terms we might see that its
attention is focused elsewhere. Its near-infinite senses penetrate
interdimensional barriers, so that it can observe our own humble plane of
existence. It concentrates, forcing itself to narrow its awareness, so that
it can exist within the limiting effects of an active timestream. The focus
narrows, centring on one particular galaxy, one particular star system... one
particular planet. The entity searches, seeking out two souls amongst the
teeming masses - and finds them.

The one who was host, it thinks, regarding the first subject and recalling
the sensation of forming a mortal thought. We shared her soul and wore her
image, and now she is incomplete without us.

Its attention shifts to the second subject.

The one who will be host, it thinks, struggling to place events within
temporal continuity. We are born into her in a time not yet present, and we
shape her soul through her sleeping mind.

It regards these two souls, as physically proximate as they are spiritually.
If the Phoenix Force could form human emotions, it would feel pleasurable
anticipation at this moment.

They conjoin, as was our will. The hosts unite - and they will be our avatar.

* * *

Jean howled in ecstasy, her weary body invigorated by the surge of orgasmic
bliss sweeping through her. Her throat was raw from screaming, but she did
not feel it burn as she gave voice to the mind-blowing climax that held her
in its grip. Rachel continued to softly kiss her mother's enlarged and
throbbing clitoris, moving her head in time with Jean's bucking hips. When
Jean's jerking contractions began to slow, Rachel carefully took the swollen
nub between her teeth and gently nibbled on it. She was rewarded with
guttural groans of pleasure from her mother, still loudly audible past the
golden gag that stuffed Jean's overstretched mouth. At long last Jean's
climax began to subside, and Rachel sat up on the bed, licking her lips.

The young redhead ran her hands over her own beautiful body as she gazed upon
her mom's exhausted form, stroking her smooth, pale skin, pausing to squeeze
her erogenous zones through their leather casings. She had done it. She had
brought her mother to what must have been the greatest orgasm of her life.
Rachel was thrilled, and for a moment even forgot her own sexual arousal in
the wave of satisfaction that rose through her fluttering heart. But the
satisfaction was a hollow one - and as she felt her own unsated lust rising
once again to the surface, Rachel knew that this night's work was not yet

Looking at her mother, Rachel knew that Jean was not in any fit state to meet
her needs at the moment. Her half-shut, glistening eyes were unfocused, her
sweat-soaked muscles twitched involuntarily, and her breathing was shallow
and erratic. Rachel knew that in her current state, Jean would be unable to
raise a finger, let alone bring her daughter to orgasm. She would need to
be... stimulated a little. Or maybe a lot.

Rachel smiled to herself as she straddled her mother's midriff, turning
towards the foot of the bed so that she faced away from Jean. As she sat on
her mother's firm, flat stomach, Jean somehow managed to summon the energy
to raise her head. As she did so, Rachel began to move her hips backwards
towards Jean's face, leaving a sticky trail of juices along Jean's belly
where her pussy slid across it. Rachel moaned in pleasure as she pressed her
leather-clad cunt into her mother's soft flesh, then lifted her hips,
shifting her weight so that her body was now parallel to Jean's. This meant
that Jean's drowsy vision was now filled with a close-up view of her gorgeous
daughter's perfect round ass and honey-soaked crotch. Rachel deliberately
stopped there, tantalisingly close to her mom's face, almost within reach -
but with her g-string still in place, and Jean's mouth still filled with its
silken gag.

She began to rock her hips form side to side, wafting her womanly scent
towards Jean's nostrils. Rachel's pussy had been gushing for at least the
last half hour now, and she knew what effect the concentrated smell would
have on someone in Jean's delicate condition. Sure enough, a quick glance
down showed that Jean's own pussy had resumed its lubrication, and seemed
to be almost quivering in anticipation.

Studying her mother's much-abused genitalia, Rachel wondered whether she had
been too rough with her. The skin of her groin was bright red, except where
purple bruises had started to form. Her labia were very swollen, and her
clitoris was now more than double the size it had been when Rachel started.
The whole image looked extremely painful, and regret began to grow in
Rachel's mind - until she remembered the enormous orgasm that this torment
had triggered in Jean, and saw again the fresh, delicious nectar that even
now trickled from that battered opening. No regrets, she thought to herself,
and reached down to place her right hand at the tortured yet inviting

Pressing her four fingertips and her thumb together, Rachel began to push
them against Jean's unresisting hole. It was surprisingly tight - a lot
tighter than Rachel had expected - but eventually she managed to squeeze the
tips of all five digits into Jean's vaginal opening. She knew her plan was
working when she felt Jean's cunt tense slightly in response, and heard her
mother moaning softly behind her. Rachel smiled wickedly, her own sense of
arousal rising as she pressed on, pushing her fingers further into Jean's
burning-hot pussy. The sounds of her mother's pleasure increased as Rachel
plunged deeper, until all five fingers were fully buried in Jean's throbbing
cunt. Now came the tricky part.

Turning her hand as she did so, Rachel began to push harder. Nothing happened
at first, but then, ever so slowly, Jean's already overstuffed pussy began to
stretch further. Rachel's knuckles started to slide between the puffy wet
lips. Jean's moans had stopped, and her breathing took on a different sound -
she was gasping rapidly, her chest fluttering under Rachel's thighs. Rachel
did not stop, but increased the strength of her pushing, forcing the widest
part of her hand into her mother's narrow opening. Her teeth were clenched in
effort and concentration, and sweat trickled from her brow. Then, all of a
sudden, the resistance gave way, as Rachel's knuckles squeezed past the
constricting orifice and into her mother's hot, slippery hole.

Rachel allowed herself a quiet chuckle of delight as she gently pushed the
rest of her hand into her mother's cunt. It slid in easily after the struggle
of getting her knuckles through, but even now she could feel Jean's vaginal
muscles gripping her slender wrist in response to the intrusion. Her mother
was still silent at this point, other than the sound of her panting breath,
and Rachel knew that Jean was having a difficult time accepting the pleasure
intertwined with the pain of this new sensation. She decided, just this once,
to make things a little easier for her mother.

Leaning down, Rachel flicked out her tongue, catching the tip of Jean's
throbbing clitoris. A tiny squeak of pleasure from behind her let Rachel know
that she had hit her mark. She repeated the action, and then again, each time
increasing the length of her tongue-strokes across the pulsing nub. She was
soon lapping steadily at the centre of Jean's passion, occasionally stopping
to circle the delicate bud with her tongue, and a blissful high-pitched
mewling marked her mother's grateful response. Now, Rachel thought, now she's
ready for this.

Without so much as a pause in her sensual licking, Rachel began to slide her
hand deeper inside her mother. Jean's response was immediate - her entire
body seemed to clench at once, then a moment later went limp again as she
gave in to the ecstatic barrage of sensation that her daughter's tongue was
giving her. Rachel felt her excitement swell within her as she penetrated her
mother as deeply as she could, until her fingertips touched against Jean's
cervix. Then she began to slowly withdraw her hand again, all the while
continuing her oral pleasuring, until her knuckles once more pressed against
Jean's opening - but this time from the other side. There she stopped, before
once again probing inwards to her mom's most intimate depths.

Jean's mewls of ecstasy took on a rough, growling edge as Rachel started
hand-fucking her, thrusting faster and faster in and out of Jean's
overstretched passage. The bound superheroine started shoving back against
her captor's pistoning forearm, grunting in pleasure as she deliberately
increased the force of penetration. Rachel doubted whether her mother even
noticed when she stopped tonguing her clitoris. Jean had accepted the
pleasure in her suffering - and now it had claimed her completely.

Well, almost completely. Rachel could sense that her mother was deeply
aroused by this experience - her grunts and groans gave loud evidence to that
fact - but she also knew that Jean was not yet approaching orgasm. Something
else was needed. Rachel began to slow her pumping arm, shortening the strokes
of penetration, until it came to a complete halt. Jean's ecstatic groans
became moans of disappointment. She sounded pleading, almost demanding as she
ground her lustful hips against Rachel's unresponsive arm. The arm remained
still, but Rachel slowly began to move her fingers. She curled them inside
her mother, forcing Jean's tormented cunt to stretch even further as a fist
formed deep within her most intimate area. Jean cried out sharply through her
gag, but the piercing shriek quickly dissolved into a lusty growl as she
became accustomed to the larger presence of her daughter's fist within her.

Rachel smiled again as she resumed thrusting, noting the deeper, more bestial
side to Jean's groans as she was given her first true fisting. She knew that
Jean was progressing well now, but there was just one more thing that needed
to be done.

Lifting her free hand to her lips, Rachel slowly licked up and down the
lengths of her first two fingers. Then she took them in her mouth, sucking
on them and rolling her tongue around them, coating them completely in her
saliva. Her incestuous fisting continued uninterrupted as she did this, as
it did when she removed her fingers from her mouth, a thin rope of spittle
trailing from the glistening fingertips to her pouting lips. Leaning down,
she reached under her thrusting right arm, probing for her new target.
Within moments she had found it, and she pressed her moistened fingertips
against the puckered opening of her mother's ass. Jean seemed to squirm
under her touch, but since her mom was already writhing and grinding against
the fist in her pussy Rachel thought that she might just have imagined it.
She knew that her mother was way beyond attempting to resist any new sexual
experience at this point, no matter how taboo or potentially painful.

Slowing her thrusting right fist so that she could focus on the task at
hand, Rachel pushed her rigid fingers into the caramel-coloured orifice. She
realised now that she needn't have bothered wetting them - the whole area was
so slick with Jean's juices that it really made no difference. She felt the
tight resistance of Jean's sphincter-muscle, but against that concentrated
pressure, coupled with the huge amount of lubrication, there could really
only be one outcome. She felt her fingertips pop into Jean's ass, purring
with delight as she heard her mom squeal in response. Surprise? Pain?
Pleasure? Rachel did not know, nor did she care, for she knew that whatever
her mother's immediate reaction the end result would be the same. The fact
that Jean was almost certainly an anal virgin made her ultimate climax all
the more inevitable.

Pushing inward, she easily slipped the length of her fingers into the
heavily-lubricated hole. Jean's sphincter still gripped tightly at the base
of Rachel's digits, but it was twitching as it contracted now, as if trying
to accommodate the new presence. Pressing upwards with her buried fingers,
Rachel could feel her own right hand through the thin membrane of flesh that
separated Jean's pussy and ass. She held her fingers there for several
seconds, relishing the feel of her knuckles sliding back and forth across
her fingertips as she fisted the adjacent orifice, the touch buffered only
by Jean's overstretched vaginal walls. Occasionally she would increase the
pressure of her probing, pinching hard on Jean's inner flesh, enjoying the
sharp crescendo in her mother's cries as she did this.

At last Rachel grew bored of that simple pleasure, and started to move her
fingers inside her mom's ass, slipping them in and out in alternating rhythm
with her right hand. The pistoning action made her shoulders rock, her young
breasts jiggling under her jerking body, but still held firmly in place by
the tight red corset. Jean was being doubly penetrated by her daughter, and
was carried away on a wave of pleasure and pain as she was simultaneously
impaled in both orifices. Never had she been so full inside, and if she still
had a functioning sense of reason she would be amazed that she could take it
all without bursting. As it was, she was long past coherent thought, and
could only grind her hips and howl in orgasmic joy as the climax grew within

Rachel sensed the moment building - the moment that would send her mom
hurtling into another mind-jolting, body-wracking orgasm. She increased the
tempo of her thrusting, punching her fist hard into her mother's vulnerable
flesh, stabbing at her violated anus with her stiff fingers, urging Jean
onwards to her ecstatic destination. Jean responded uninhibitedly, screeching
her delight, writhing and flailing on the bed so that her golden bonds cut
deep into her tethered wrists and ankles. Closer... closer... Rachel knew
that she was mere seconds away from bringing blissful release to her captive

And so she stopped.

Jean squealed as Rachel froze in place - the sound was a mixture of shock,
frustration and even anger that her fulfilment had been denied. She thrashed
her head on the mattress, desperately thrusting her hips against Rachel's
hands, trying to forcibly take the peak of pleasure that had been so cruelly
stolen from her. As if sensing her intention, Rachel slowly started to remove
her hands from her mother. She started by sliding her fingers free of her
mother's stretched and moistened asshole. Using that hand to brace against
Jean's thigh, she began the more difficult task of withdrawing her fist from
her mom's pussy. She seemed oblivious to Jean's whines of longing as she
uncurled her fingers, making her hand as narrow as possible to squeeze it
past Jean's hungrily-clenching pussymouth. Struggling against the crushing
grip of her mother's eager cunt, she finally managed to free her hand. Rachel
sat up, surveying her handiwork. The convulsing sex-holes were still wide
open, dribbling Jean's juices - having been stretched so wide, it would take
some time for them to recover their usual shape.

Rachel smiled and turned away from the delicious sight, clambering over her
mother's bound and straining form to turn and face Jean. Straddling her
stomach, Rachel looked her mom in the eye, her steady, lustful stare met by
Jean's wild and frantic gaze. She reached up with her glistening wet hand,
toying playfully with the cord that laced up the front of her corset. Then,
tugging on the cord, she began to undo her leather bodice, easing the harsh
restraint from her soft young breasts. As more and more of her cleavage
became visible, she lowered herself down towards her mom's face, until the
swell of her breasts hung mere inches away from Jean's lust-crazed stare.
Rachel craned her neck, turning her head so that her lips brushed against
her captive mother's ear, savouring the scent of sex and passion that hung
on Jean's sweaty skin.

"My turn," she whispered.



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