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Author's note: This story takes place in no strictly-defined X-Men universe,
but is instead set in a world composed of a number of my favourite
characters/elements/events from X-Men comics throughout the years. It is
certainly not in continuity, so please do not be concerned over apparent
inconsistencies with existing X-history. Any significant differences to
established plots or characters will be described and explained as they

Uncanny X-Men: Phoenix Forced Part 5 - Golden Union (FF,inc,oral,BDSM,ws,nc)
by the BiZZ

She used to be strong. She used to be a strong, independent woman, and a
powerful member of the X-Men. She was respected. Admired. Feared. A heroine
to those who needed her most, a scourge to those who would oppose her. But
now Jean Grey was nothing more than a sex-slave to a slip of a girl.

Her mind was reeling from the overwhelming sensations she had so recently
experienced, and the intoxicating effects of her pleasure and pain were so
intense that she actually felt like she had been drugged. Her thoughts were
scattered, muddled. They slipped away from her grasp whenever she tried to
reclaim a sense of reason from the madness of her euphoria-induced delirium.
Her body felt lighter than air, as if it was held aloft by her dream-like
trance. Indeed, she would have felt utterly at peace, carried away on a wave
of serenity, had it not been for two things. Firstly, her treacherous pussy,
which throbbed and ached as if begging for her captor to once more fill its
depths with her cruel fist, whilst her blissfully violated anus twitched
below in sympathy. And secondly, her pounding heart, which was hammering in
her chest with uncontrollable excitement as she gazed, bleary-eyed down the
bountiful cleavage of her young assailant.

Jean tried to recall how she had come to such a state, but failed. She tried
to rationalise, to convince herself that she didn't really want this, that
she wasn't in her right mind. It didn't work. And when Rachel leaned down,
her delicious breasts bobbing right in front of Jean's dazed eyes, and softly
whispered "My turn" in her ear, all Jean could do was feebly murmur her

Rachel raised herself up, sitting straight-backed on her mother's firm
stomach so that her bust jutted prominently forwards. A few more tugs at
the lace-up front of her painfully restrictive corset finally set her
tightly-bound breasts free, and as they spilled out from their leather
prison they seemed to bounce in delight. Rachel stifled a shudder as she
discarded the bodice-top. Her nipples had been fully erect for some time,
and were now reddened and enflamed from chaffing against the coarse
interior of the leather. The cool air felt wonderful on the newly-exposed
skin of her chest, but it sent a chill through her sweat-soaked body.

Pulling off her remaining glove, Rachel began to massage her firm, plump
breasts, squeezing and caressing them to soothe the pain that had been caused
by their harsh confinement. Pausing to lick the fingertips on each of her
hands, she gently pinched and tugged at the aggravated buds of her nipples,
rubbing her saliva into the raw, sensitive flesh. She was rewarded with jolts
of pleasure in her hot, wet pussy, which pulsed and throbbed against its own
leather restraint. It was time to rid herself of that torturous article of
clothing as well.

Rachel avoided the struggle of trying to remove the ridiculously tight
g-string that bit into her most tender flesh by turning once more to her
psi-powers. She focused, eyes screwed shut in concentration. Then, with a
sharp twanging sound, the tightly-stretched cords of her underwear suddenly
snapped apart on each hip. The front of her g-string fell limply forwards,
revealing that she was entirely devoid of hair in that area - not that the
underwear had done much to conceal that fact anyway. Red lines ran across
her hips where the thongs had sliced into her delicate flesh.

Rachel reached down and peeled the leather strap away from her crotch,
strands of sticky sex-fluid trailing between it and her gushing cunt. The
g-string was thoroughly soaked in her juices. She raised it to her face and
inhaled deeply, savouring the heady scent of her own excitement. Then,
smiling sweetly, she held the wet leather forwards, proffering it up to her
mother's twitching nostrils. Jean's eyelids fluttered and her pupils rolled
back in her head. A sound like an animal's growl escaped her gag-stuffed
mouth. Rachel giggled in glee at the effect her own juices had on her mom.
This was better than she could ever have hoped for, but she still wanted to
make sure that Jean was fully primed for her next new experience.

Tossing aside her useless underwear Rachel reached down, firmly grabbing
Jean's large breasts, which had so far lain neglected through her whole
assault. Each one was definitely more than a handful, but Rachel's fingers
plunged deep into as much of the soft flesh as she could get ahold of. She
began to roughly grope her mother's tits, kneading them between her fingers,
shoving against them with her palms. Jean's head lolled from side to side as
her breasts were mauled in this manner, and she moaned softly as her back
arched in pleasure, forcing her breasts harder against her daughter's
grasping hands.

Rachel responded by squeezing the two glorious mounds together, creating an
enormous bulge of cleavage where they met. Then, without warning, she spat
into the valley of titflesh, her saliva pooling between the bulging orbs.
She began to roll Jean's breasts against each other, smearing up and down,
coating her mother's tits with her spit. Shifting her grip and pushing
harder, Rachel started to force Jean's nipples in towards each other. Her
arms were locked in opposition on either side of her mother's ample bust as
she pushed with all her strength to make the nipples meet. Jean's head
started tossing from side to side more rapidly, and her moans became savage
grunts as pain began to overcome the pleasure of her newest torment. As soon
as the stiff pink buds met, however, the change in effect was obvious.

Jean's whole body jerked, and she let out a squeak of delight. Rachel
grinned, her teeth clenched in effort, as she began to grind her mother's
tightly-crushed breasts up and down against each other. Through the pain of
her squashed and bruising titflesh, Jean could feel her highly sensitive
nipples rubbing against each other, lubricated by her daughter's saliva. The
bittersweet mixture of pleasure and pain was incredible, but even so it
managed to increase in intensity when Rachel's mouth joined the equation.

Rachel started by licking the stiff buds in long, wet strokes as they pressed
together, then parted her lips to embrace both nipples in a sloppy kiss. She
kept up the crushing force in her arms as she sucked the tips of both nipples
into her mouth, and began rolling them around with her tongue. Jean was
almost growling with arousal as her daughter sucked at her nipples, but those
growls were punctuated with sharp gasps of pain as Rachel occasionally bit
down hard on the throbbing teats. It continued this way for some time, Rachel
drooling down her mother's cleavage as she messily french-kissed Jean's
nipples, but stopping from time to time to nibble, bite or even chew on her
mom's tormented buds.

Eventually Rachel stopped the delightful torture of her mother's breasts and
sat up, wiping the drool from her chin with the back of her hand. She could
wait no longer for her ultimate pleasure. Her pussy had been running over
with juices during the whole course of her mom's rape and now, since it was
no longer dammed by the crotch of her g-string, her female honey was
trickling freely from her excited cunt to form a small puddle on her mother's
belly. Her clit seemed to be screaming for stimulation, and Rachel was only
too happy to oblige.

She looked her mother straight in the eye, and made sure she had her
attention before speaking.

"Jean? Can you hear me?" A feeble nod was the reply. "So there's still
someone at home in there then?" Another weak nod. "Good. Now listen
carefully. I'm going to remove your gag. You now what you have to do?" A
pause. Then, slowly, a hesitant nod. "Excellent," Rachel purred. "Needless
to say, if you fail to give me all that I desire you will be punished. And,
since all that I have done for you so far was for pleasure, I really don't
think you want to feel my punishment." Jean frantically shook her head, her
eyes wide with fear.

Rachel smiled at the response, confident that she had gotten the message
across. Reaching for Jean's mouth, she delicately pinched part of the golden
material that protruded from it between her finger and thumb and began to
pull. The wedged-in fabric resisted at first, but finally gave in to Rachel's
insistent tugging. Gradually it unravelled from Jean's overstuffed mouth as
Rachel pulled length after length of the silken sash free. The material was
darker where it had been soaked with Jean's saliva, and as her mouth was
slowly emptied drool began to dribble from the corners. When her gag had been
completely removed, Jean breathed a sigh of relief, wagging her chin from
side to side to try and ease the aching in her jaws.

"Not a word, now!" Rachel chided. "You don't want to get me angry, do you?"
Jean's mouth snapped shut, and she shook her head meekly. One look in her
eyes assured Rachel that her mother would be completely obedient to her

Climbing once again over Jean's bound and helpless form, Rachel turned away
from her mother, sitting with her knees on either side of the captive
heroine's heaving ribcage. Both women were now almost completely naked. Jean
was still tethered by her golden binds, Rachel still wore her stiletto
thigh-boots, and both women still had their collars on - Rachel's spiked
bondage-accessory and Jean's metal power-thief. Apart from these small items,
however, both gorgeous women entirely bare, and a paradise of soft, smooth,
milky-white flesh was on display in that bedroom.

Placing her hands on her knees, Rachel shifted her hips backwards and
downwards, until her hot, wet pussy hovered directly over Jean's full,
quivering lips. Droplets of pussyjuice dripped from her swollen labia,
spattering over Jean's panting mouth. Jean licked her lips, purely
instinctively at first, but then more slowly, savouring the taste of her
daughter's sweet nectar. Rachel took a deep, trembling breath, then gave
the order.

"Do it."

Jean needed no more persuasion. Placing her tongue against her daughter's
puffy cunt-lips, she started to lick. Rachel emitted a blissful groan at the
touch, and continued to moan and purr in delight as her mother lapped at her
burning pussy. The strokes were short and light at first, as the tip of
Jean's tongue traced the contours of Rachel's labia, gently fluttering over
the hot pink flesh. The pace soon increased, however, as Jean began to lap
heartily at folds of her daughter's pussy, drawing the flat of her tongue
heavily along the length of Rachel's cunt. She was soon licking at a furious
pace, scooping up mouthfuls of her daughter's pussyjuice with her tongue,
pausing now and then to swirl the delicious honey around her mouth before

Jean carried on in this fashion for several minutes, interspersing her
licking with eager nuzzling, pressing her face hard against Rachel's crotch
as she did so. Rachel's breathing came in shorter and shorter gasps as her
arousal increased, and she gave a small squeal of delight as Jean's energetic
tongue slid inside her slick, wet passage. She writhed in ecstasy as her cunt
was probed by her mother's questing tongue. It felt huge inside her,
wriggling against her vaginal walls, darting in and out of her with a speed
that made Rachel's heart flutter and her stomach melt. She had expected her
mother to be entirely inexperienced in this practice, and assumed that she
would have to teach her, but if this really was Jean's first time going down
on another woman then she must have had enormous natural talent - or an
incredible amount of beginner's luck.

As it was, Rachel felt herself racing towards her orgasmic threshold with
alarming speed. Her clit hadn't even been touched yet! She was caught between
cursing herself for getting too worked up to have any staying power and
simply succumbing to her mother's oral delights. A moment later, however, the
decision was taken from her.

Jean's tongue disappeared from her cunt as quickly as it had arrived, and
Rachel was about to turn on her mother in rage when she felt something new.
Jean had resumed her licking, but not at Rachel's pussy - the tip of her
tongue was slowly circling the puckered entrance of her daughter's ass.

Rachel's eyes widened in surprise, then gently closed as she moaned her
pleasure at having her ass licked by her mother. The feeling was incredible
as the pressure from Jean's hot, moist tongue increased around her
caramel-coloured ring, until the inevitable happened - the tip of Jean's
tongue popped into Rachel's tight little anus, causing her to groan loudly
in ecstasy. Her groan stretched into a continuous moaning as her mother's
tongue swirled around inside her ass. Rachel's cunt was going wild, almost
squirting juices out onto Jean's chin and neck as it spasmed in response to
her anal pleasure. The rapturous probing went on for several minutes, as
Jean thrust her tongue deep into her daughter's ass, until Rachel could feel
herself once again approaching her long-awaited climax. Only one thing was
missing - she longed to have her clit given the same wonderful treatment
that her pussy and ass had been subjected to. It had still not had so much
as a passing touch, and Rachel was even considering fingering herself to
relieve the ache in her nub when Jean's attentions moved once again.

As if reading Rachel's mind, Jean's tongue slid out from Rachel's asshole,
strands of saliva trailing from the well-lubricated orifice. Re-positioning
her head, Jean moved towards the centre of Rachel's desires. Rachel could
feel her mother's hot breath on her most sensitive spot, then was blown away
with an explosion of ecstasy as Jean's tongue lashed out, flicking the tip
of her swollen clitoris. Again and again Jean's tongue darted out, licking
and circling Rachel's stiff little sex-bud. As the tonguing continued, so
did Rachel's ecstatic high. The incredible part was that she knew she wasn't
cumming yet. Rachel's orgasms to date seemed like mild tinglings compared to
the bliss she was experiencing now, but she knew that she was not yet at her
peak. She could barely believe that such raw pleasure was possible. She was
quickly losing herself to her mounting passion, but then something unexpected

She needed to pee!

Rachel had no idea where this feeling had come from - it wasn't there a
moment ago - but she suddenly had a pressing need to empty her bladder. She
didn't know what to do - this was her moment, her climax, and nothing could
stop that now. Jean was still licking hard, pausing now and then to suck and
even nibble gently on Rachel's clitoris. Under the force of such exquisite
pleasure, Rachel knew that she could not willingly stop her mother's oral
activities, even for a moment. But what was the alternative?

All of a sudden she realised she had lost any choices, as a stream of golden
piss sprang forth from her burning pussy. Her bladder had given in to the
pressure, and in her weakened, near-orgasmic state she could do nothing to
prevent it. Rachel felt her cheeks instantly redden in shame. Yes, she had
degraded her mother in many ways this night, but somehow this was different.
An inherent shyness about peeing in public was part of it, but this was
reinforced by a huge wave of guilt. This is dirty! her subconscious screamed
at her. This is wrong! She glanced down, expecting to see her mother's head
thrashing about in disgust... and froze at what she saw.

Jean was lying quite still, her mouth wide open, allowing the piss to spatter
directly onto her waiting tongue - and gazing at Rachel with the most lustful
and depraved expression she had ever seen. Rachel stared, part horrified,
part entranced as her mother eagerly drank her piss. At first Jean was
careless, letting the golden liquid splash freely over her tongue and down
her throat, stray droplets landing on her lips and cheeks. As the stream
increased in pressure, however, Jean began to drink in earnest. She closed
her throat, allowing her mouth to fill with the golden fluid until it began
to spill in waves over her chin, trickling down her neck. Then, with an
especially perverse glance up at Rachel, she would swallow it all in one
gulp, quickly opening her mouth again so as not to miss out on any of the
steadily-flowing pee. Rachel was paralysed in fascination, and could only
watch as Jean repeated this action again and again.

After the fifth or sixth mouthful, Rachel could feel the awful pressure in
her bladder beginning to ease. Jean seemed to somehow sense this too. She
closed her mouth, but kept her tongue sticking out, and began to move her
head from side to side under the diminishing stream. Soon her entire face
was soaked in Rachel's piss, but that didn't seem to be enough for her. She
leaned forward, pressing her rigid tongue into Rachel's squirting piss-hole,
so that the remaining trickle ran down the sides of Jean's tongue and pooled
in her pouting lips. Once the flow had stopped entirely, she opened her mouth
and engulfed Rachel's swollen clitoris in a lustful, wet kiss, her tongue
flickering across the surface as her lips embraced the delicate flesh. The
exquisite pleasure that this brought, coupled with the perversely erotic
scene she had just witnessed, quickly ensured that Rachel regained her
orgasmic impetus. The final push came as she felt her own urine, still fresh
in Jean's mouth, stinging her hypersensitive skin, bringing a sharp contrast
to bliss she was lost in. The addition of such exciting pain to her
overwhelming pleasure was enough to send her over the edge.

Rachel screamed for what seemed like forever as the orgasm consumed her,
racking her fragile young body with its savage fury. When she ran out of
breath, she gulped in another lungful of air and screamed again. The climax
was so intense that she lost all control. Her powers ran wild, cause
poltergeist activity to spring up all around the room, sending furniture
whirling through the air and crashing into the walls. Then the full force of
her power was let loose, and the Phoenix firebird sprang up around her,
filling the room with golden light. It seemed to screech in triumph as it
rose above Rachel's convulsing form, and Rachel howled again in ecstatic

At long last the orgasm seemed to subside a little, allowing Rachel's
exhausted body to relax slightly. She slumped forward, landing hard on
her mother's soft flesh. She was still very much in the grips of the
after-effects of her climax, however, and for several minutes more all
she could do was buck and writhe against her mother's sweaty skin,
emitting wordless, guttural sounds of pleasure.

The fiery Phoenix that lit up the room eventually dissipated, and at long
last Rachel found that she was able to start stringing coherent thoughts
together - and her first thought was "Wow!". She had never even come close
to that level of orgasmic experience before, in all her wildest dreams -
and her dreams had been very wild indeed of late. What had happened? Why
did it feel so amazingly good? As she thought back on her experiences this
night, her mind turned inevitably to bizarre, but strangely arousing, peeing
incident. Why had she needed to go so suddenly, so urgently? Why couldn't
she hold it in for just a few seconds more?

*Telekinetic force on the bladder - squeezed it like a ripe orange*

Rachel's heart skipped a beat. That was Jean's voice. Correction, that was
Jean's telepathic voice.

She spun round just in time to see her mother's bonds explode in a shower of
golden threads. Rachel leapt back in fright as Jean hoisted herself up into
a sitting position, clearly physically drained from the night's pleasures.
Her eyes, however, were still bright and alert, and she caught Rachel's
panicked stare with the same lustful gaze she had worn just before her
daughter's climax. Rachel felt the blood drain from her faced, as her heart
started pounding again - but this time in fear.

"Y-your powers!" she stammered. "But buh-Beast's collar, it was supposed to-"

"Oh, it did work," Jean purred, her eyes still locked on Rachel's. "For about
the first ten minutes. I must report the fault to him. Could prove deadly in
a combat situation, don't you think?"

Jean smiled broadly at Rachel's confused and frightened expression, and
leaned slowly forward, her breasts swaying in response. "And about your
little secret," she continued, "don't you know yet that you can't hide these
things from a trained telepath? Don't worry," she added, her face now just
inches away from Rachel's, "it doesn't put me off. Nothing could stop from
embracing what we've found together this night."

Rachel's mind was reeling as she struggled to take in the implications of all
this, but Jean laid a soothing hand on her cheek to calm her.

"There, there," she purred. "How about giving your mommy a little kiss?" So
saying, she closed in on her daughter's face and kissed her passionately on
the lips. When Rachel felt her mother's tongue slip into her unresisting
mouth, and tasted her own salty, tangy urine mixed with the sweet taste of
her pussy in her mom's mouth, she finally stopped trying to come to terms
with what had happened and gave in to it. They embraced each other in a
lingering, lustful kiss.



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