The following is a work of erotic fiction and includes scenes of sexual
activity. It includes characters that are copyrighted by Marvel Comics. This
story is intended for the non-commercial enjoyment of fans and should be
considered a parody. No copyright infringement is intended and no profit will
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Uncanny X-Men: The Sisterhood Of Mutants (FF)
by Ann Douglas ([email protected])

Jean Grey was a mutant, a fact she had known since she was eleven years
old. The year previous to that, her telepathic abilities had unexpectedly
manifested themselves following the fatal injuring of her best friend in an
automobile accident.

The shock of her friend dying in her arms had triggered latent talents at an
age where she was unable to handle them. They caused her to become withdrawn
and depressed.

It wasn't until her parents had sought out the aid of Professor Charles
Xavier, an expert on mental trauma suggested by her doctor, that she was able
to emerge from the introverted state she had retreated into.

Unknown to her parents, Charles Xavier was also a mutant, possibly the most
powerful telepath the world had ever known. Using his own abilities, he
helped Jean set up psychic shields in her mind. A safeguard until the day
when she would be mature enough to handle her powers. Additionally, he taught
her to utilize her lesser telekinetic ability, which had also, began to

Years later, under the cover of Professor Xavier's School For Gifted
Youngsters, Xavier began a top secret program to help other young mutants.
A now teenage Jean had become one of his original students. Students who
come to be known to the world as the superhero team called the X-Men.

Charles Xavier dreamed of a world where normal people didn't fear mutants
and believed the best way to carry that out was to use their abilities to
help mankind. Unfortunately, it was a dream not shared by all mutants.

Erik Magnus Lensherr was also a mutant with great powers. In his case, the
total control of magnetic forces. Like Charles Xavier, Magnus, as he was
sometimes known, also dreamed of a world where mutants could live without
fear. How to achieve that goal was where the two men differed.

Before the emergence of his powers, Erik Lensherr had spent part of his
childhood in a Nazi concentration camp. There he watched his family killed
for no reason other than the circumstances of their birth. When his awesome
magnetic abilities manifested themselves, he swore that he'd prevent a
similar fate among his fellow mutants. Safety, he believed, would only be
possible when mutants were the ones in control.

To help attain that goal, he had established his own Brotherhood of Mutants.
A title quickly changed by the world media, which viewed him and his band as
just one more group of terrorists, to the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

The battle in progress between the X-Men and the Brotherhood had erupted when
the young mutant superhero group had tracked down its counterpart to a new
base in the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York. Aside from stopping
whatever new plan of conquest they might have, their secondary mission was
always to try if possible, to convince any of the Brotherhood to leave
Magneto, as Magnus was known to the world.

One problem with that secondary mission was that, unlike Professor X, the
mantle Xavier used as mentor to the heroes, Magneto hadn't limited his group
to newly emerging mutants. The core of the Brotherhood were adult mutants who
had already made the decision to use their powers to live outside society. As
such, they had little use for the younger mutants idealism.

Clad in the blue and yellow spandex that made up the uniform all the X-Men
wore, Jean, used the code name Marvel Girl. The rest of the X-Men consisted
of Scott Summers, code named Cyclops, who could project force beams from his
eyes. Warren Worthington III, whose natural wings attested to his handle of
Angel. A bare footed Hank McCoy earned the name Beast through his seemingly
unlimited gymnastic skills, hiding the fact that he was a certified genius
beneath his mask as well. The last and youngest member of the group was Bobby
Drake, whose ability to become a living snowman and produce constructs made
of ice, made his code name of Iceman a natural.

The battle between the X-Men and the Brotherhood was winding down, with
one of Magneto's band, The Toad, already having left for safer locales.
Thankfully, Magneto hadn't been at the unfinished base or the fight might
be ending very differently. It was enough that their new secret base had
been compromised and whatever plan they had for it was done before it

Separated from the others, Marvel Girl came across what appeared to be a
secondary entrance to the Brotherhood base carved into the mountainside.
Moving closer to investigate, she was surprised by the appearance of the
Scarlet Witch, a member of the Brotherhood. Only a dozen feet separated the
two young women.

Keeping with Professor Xavier's oft-stated wishes, Marvel Girl decided to try
and reason with the so called "evil-mutant". Before she could say a word,
the woman in scarlet raised her hands in a threatening gesture, a glow of
phosphorescent energy forming around her fingertips.

Experience had taught Jean what the Scarlet Witch's hex spheres were capable
of, and she had no wish to be on the receiving end of one. Long hours of
training in the Danger Room came into play and Marvel Girl automatically
defended herself.

Using her telekinesis, she lifted a large mound of dirt off the ground and
hurled it at her adversary. A second burst of mental energy shattered the
mound, filling the air with a blinding cloud of dust.

Her adversary reacted instinctively. Lifting her arms to protect her eyes,
she sent her energy burst almost straight upward, impacting on the side of
the mountain. More than a simple energy beam, the hex bolts had the
capability to disrupt reality and alter probabilities, making the seemingly
impossible, possible. In this case, causing what should've been a solid rock
face to suddenly age and crumble, causing an avalanche.

Moments before the shower of rock could come crashing down on their heads,
Marvel Girl dove toward the still open door to the base. As she moved, she
paused just long enough to grab the still blinded Scarlet Witch and pull her
to safety as well.

Accompanied by a deafening roar, a billowing cloud of dust followed them
into the chamber. When the noise and dust finally settled, Marvel Girl could
see that the small entrance was totally blocked. The size and weight of the
boulders made it evident that her still limited telekinetic powers were not
going to be enough to get them out of there.

"You saved my life?" the young woman behind Marvel Girl said, her tone
indicating more of a question than a simple statement.

"Yes," Marvel Girl replied.

"Why would you do that?" the Scarlet Witch asked further.

Marvel Girl seemed dumbfounded by the question. It was such a strange thing
for anyone to ask. After thinking about it for a few seconds, she gave the
only answer she could think of.

"Because we're heroes," she smiled, "that's what we do."

The Scarlet Witch stood silent as she tried to understand that answer, giving
Marvel Girl perhaps her first real opportunity to observe the other woman.
The Mistress of the Hex was younger than Jean had originally imagined. Maybe
even younger then her own eighteen years. Her accent was definitely east
European, laced with an autocratic flair.

Standing only an inch more than Jean's five foot six, the black haired woman
outweighed the slim X-Man by a good twenty-five pounds. A considerable amount
of which seemed concentrated in a considerable and highly visible bustline.
Her costume, which in keeping with her name was various shades of scarlet,
seemed to consist of a one-piece bathing suit worn over a sheer body
stocking. Short boots, arm length gloves and a face framing headgear
completed the outfit.

The east European woman also took advantage of the brief pause to look over
her rescuer. With Jean's face covered by a dark blue cowl and her smaller
build concealed by the unisex costume that all the X-Men wore, her original
belief was that she had been facing a man. Only now did she notice the long
red hair that stuck out of the back of Marvel Girl's mask.

"Thank you," the Scarlet Witch finally said.

"You're welcome," Jean smiled.

Marvel Girl shifted her gaze from the Scarlet Witch to the blocked doorway.
Small patches of light were visible, so thankfully fresh air wasn't going to
be a problem.

"It looks like we might be here a little while," she said to her reluctant
companion. "Unless there's another way out of here that you know about?"

"I believe this was intended to be a storeroom," came the reply. "It hasn't
been connected to any of the other rooms yet."

A quick survey of the chamber proved the Scarlet Witch correct. There was no
connecting door to the rest of the half completed base. Marvel Girl pulled up
an empty crate and sat down on it. Pulling off her cowl, she shook her hair
free and tried to make herself as comfortable as possible.

"Since we're going to be here for a while, we might as well relax," she said.
"Eventually the rest of the X-Men will come looking for me and get us out of

In her mind's eye she could already imagine Cyclops using his force blasts
to surgically cut away the rocky obstructions. What puzzled her was the fact
that she hadn't heard from the Professor since she'd become trapped. Normally
he maintained a telepathic rapport with his students when in the field. She
had mentally called out to him earlier with no response. Her own telepathic
ability was still limited by the psychic dampers he had placed on her years

"Perhaps I can move the stones," the Scarlet Witch suggested as she stepped
toward the doorway and raised her hands.

"Wait a second," Marvel Girl called out as she jumped back to her feet. "How
much real control do you have over what happens when you let go once of those
hex bursts, or whatever you call them?"

The Scarlet Witch seemed surprised by the question. The others in the
Brotherhood always seemed more interested in the destructive value of her
chaos bombs rather then the level of her control.

"I can usually control what happens about twenty percent of the time," she

"Then there's an eighty percent chance that you might just as easily bring
the rest of the roof down on us," Marvel Girl replied. "I'd just as soon not
be crushed to death. It would just ruin the rest of my day."

When she had envisioned Scott cutting them out, she also pictured Bobby using
his ice forming skills to brace the frame at the same time.

The Scarlet Witch paused for a moment, the look on her face indicating that
she wasn't happy with other people giving her orders. Jean could tell that
she was considering her words. Then she slowly lowered her hands and agreed
to wait.

"So what do we do while we wait?" she asked.

"We could talk," Jean suggested. "It's not every day that I get to talk to a

"I am not a villain!" the Scarlet Witch snapped back.

"All right then," Jean replied, a little surprised at the strength of the
other woman's passionate denial. "Why don't we just leave all the labels at
the door. My name is Jean."

"Wanda," was her reply as she removed her headgear.

"So Wanda, how did you wind up a member of the Brotherhood of Mutants?" Jean
asked, being careful to leave Evil out of the title.

Wanda collected her thoughts and then began a tale that soon had Jean
spellbound. The young woman, who Jean now learned was indeed a year younger
than her, had been born in the tiny East European country of Transia.

Orphaned at an early age, she and her twin brother, Pietro, had wandered the
countryside, surviving as best as they could. Then, as what seemed a common
story as far as mutants where concerned, their powers appeared soon after

Pietro discovered that he could move at blinding speeds, sometimes too fast
to even be seen. Wanda on the other hand, seemed cursed with the ability to
cause disasters. Always overly protective of his twin sister, Pietro had used
his newfound speed to protect her as well as steal what they needed.

Then came the day when Wanda accidentally used her powers and set fire to
part of the village they were staying in. The angry crowd that attacked them
was too much even for Pietro. A leg injury negated his speed and when they
were cornered, the mob seemed prepared to inflict far worse on the two of

Thinking that the whole thing was like a scene out of an old Frankenstein
movie, right down to the torches, Jean couldn't help but compare it to her
own early years. What would her life be like now if not for Professor Xavier?
Would she have would up an inmate in some mental institution, driven insane
by the thoughts of others?

Then, just as all seemed lost, Magnus appeared. Magnetically he disarmed
the mob and rescued the two of them. Explaining that they were mutants, he
charged them with their obedience as the price of their rescue.

Driven by a strong sense of honor, Pietro had quickly agreed for both of
them. Given the names of Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch, they had become
part of the Brotherhood.

As she listened to Wanda finish her story, Jean couldn't help but think that
if she had been in her place, she would've probably followed Magnus as well.
She knew from her own experience that she would've done just about anything
Charles Xavier had asked of her.

Much to Jean's surprise, Wanda continued to go on after she had finished her
story. The redhead got the impression that as the only female member of the
Brotherhood, Wanda didn't get much of a chance to talk to other women. As the
only woman in the X-Men, Jean could well sympathize. She, however, at least
had girlfriends outside of the school. Wanda, on the other hand, seemed to
have no one but her brother. And there were some things she just couldn't
talk to him about.

"Do you fear the other X-Men?" Wanda asked.

"I don't understand," Jean replied. "Why would I fear them?"

"They are men, you are a woman," she went on. "Do they not try and make
demands of you?"

Jean suddenly understood. Wanda was talking about sexual demands. Once and a
while, she would catch one of the guys checking her out, especially Warren.
In fact, he had asked her out more times than she cared to count. But that
was just Warren being Warren.

When you're born rich and good looking, success with women tends to come
pretty easy. Still, when she had said no, he had taken that as no. Jean
wasn't a virgin, but she decided that sleeping with one of her teammates
might cause too much jealousy among the rest.

"No, they don't," Jean finally answered. "But from your question I assume
that it's different in the Brotherhood."

"The Toad is always looking at me with lustful eyes," Wanda said, a statement
Jean could well understand given the soft curves and generous endowments of
the Witch's body, "but that is something I can deal with."

"But the others?" Jean asked.

"Mastermind is the worst," Wanda explained. "When Magnus isn't around, he
makes the most lewd suggestions to me. He describes in graphic terms sexual
practices that I could never have imagined on my own. Much less than I would
ever do them. If Pietro knew of the things he said to me, I think he would
try to kill him."

Listening to Wanda speak, Jean got the impression that the younger woman had
led a very lonely life. As they went on, Jean became aware that Wanda was now
looking at her with a strange gleam in her eyes. It was a look Jean had seen

Prior to transferring to the Xavier School, Jean had attended one of the most
prestigious all girl academies in the state. Among her classmates had been
girls looking for a much closer relationship than just friendship. As one of
the most attractive girls in the school, Jean had found herself on the
receiving end of not a few such offers. Not all of them had been rejected.

Wanda was saying something about how much she liked Jean's hair, especially
the color, but the older woman was only half-listening. Instead, she was
pondering a question that, if asked , might just provoke a hostile response
from the Scarlet Witch.

Curiosity finally won out and she interrupted Wanda and asked, "Wanda, are
you still a virgin?"

There was a long pause and an angry look filled Wanda's face. For a few brief
seconds, Jean worried that the question had indeed provoked the powerful
woman and prepared to defend herself if needed. It didn't come to that as the
expression on Wanda's face softened and her body seemed to ease. In response,
Jean's body relaxed as well.

"I have never been intimate with a man," she said.

The lack of a simple no answer prompted Jean to ask another question, one
even more likely to produce a negative reaction. Jean was guessing however
that it wouldn't.

"Have you ever been intimate with another woman?"

This time the pause between question and answer was even longer, but not
accompanied by an angry flush in Wanda's face. She didn't seem reluctant to
answer, just unsure how. Finally a different expression did form, one which
Jean could only take as embarrassment.

Wanda finally admitted to having been intimate with a girl her age in one of
the villages they lived in before joining Magnus. They had been discovered by
Pietro who had undertaken a super-speed search for his sister when she had
failed to arrive home before sunset.

Upon finding the two teenage girls both in a state of undress and in each
other's arms, her twin had gone into a rage. One so furious that it had sent
Wanda's friend running into the night, fearful for her safety. Pietro had
warned her that if she ever spoke to anyone of what she and his sister had
done, she would live to regret it.

As angry as the man who would later be called Quicksilver had been with the
scared farm girl, he was even more enraged with the girl who shared his
blood. How dare she, he had thundered in a loud, booming voice, how dare she
embarrass him by committing such an unnatural act. This was what happened
when he let her act on her own. He made her swear that night on the graves
of their unknown parents that she would never do such a thing again.

Pietro had always been much more learned in the ways of the world and had
looked after his sister for as long as she could remember. Even though Wanda
couldn't understand why it was so wrong for her to find comfort in the arms
of a girlfriend, she agreed to do as her brother insisted.

To this day, Wanda had never repeated her indiscretion, not that Pietro ever
let her out of his sight long enough to even attempt it. Still, no vow or
constant oversight could ever end the memory of that girl's touch, or the
dreams that filled many of Wanda's lonely nights.

"Wanda," Jean said with all the sincerity she would have used had the girl
sitting across from her been her oldest, dearest friend, "your brother is
wrong. There's nothing wrong with the feelings you had for that girl, or for
anyone. No one has the right to tell anyone how to live their life. Not
Pietro, not Magnus, not even me. Only you can make that decision."

Wanda was taken back by Jean's words. The thought that there was nothing
wrong with the feelings that had haunted her for the past few years was only
slightly harder to accept than the even more incredible concept that Pietro
could be wrong about anything. In her whole life, she would never even have
suggested such a thing.

Yet, also in her whole life, she never wanted anything so much as Jean's last
statement to be true. Not so much that Pietro had been wrong, but that her
feelings had been right. Those feelings, more than her mutant abilities, had
made her feel a stranger in a strange land.

"Have you ever had feelings like that?" Wanda asked hesitantly.

"More than just feelings," Jean answered without pause. "I've had lovers of
both sexes."

Jean's revelation and the ease with which she admitted it caused a wall to
shatter in Wanda's mind. Pietro had indeed been wrong. There was nothing
wrong with what she had so desired.

"Do you think I am pretty?" Wanda asked somewhat unexpectedly.

"No, I don't think you are pretty," Jean replied, causing Wanda's heart to
sink for a heartbeat. "I think you are as beautiful as any woman I've ever

Wanda's heart soared twice the distance it had sunk. No one had ever said
such a thing to her, at least not with such genuine feeling.

"Can I kiss you?" she asked Jean, her voice filled with a mixture of both
excitement and hesitation.

"Oh yes," Jean replied without pause as she brought her lips to Wanda's.

The softness of Wanda's mouth against her own sent a rush of excitement
through Jean's body. They kissed softly at first, then harder as each gave
in to a hunger long unsatisfied. Feeling no resistance to the press of her
tongue, Jean applied a little more pressure and slipped it into the younger
woman's mouth.

The thrill Jean felt, intense as it was, paled next to the one that filled
Wanda. Memories of her first touch of another girl returned to her thoughts,
only to be instantly eclipsed by the reality of her second. Eagerly she
accepted the touch of Jean's tongue, reaching out with her own to massage
it gently.

The two young women connected in a way neither would have thought possible.
The fight a short time ago, which might even still be going on beyond these
stone walls, was forgotten. The only world that existed at this moment, was
that within the half finished chamber. A world with the two of them the only

Like the teenagers they really were under their public identities, they
shared kisses as if they were in the back of a late night double feature.
An experience that Jean was quite familiar with, but one totally alien to
Wanda. Nevertheless, she took to it with boundless enthusiasm.

Yellow and scarlet gloves were quickly tossed to the floor as searching hands
explored firm bodies. Other pieces of their colorful uniforms soon joined the
accessories, exposing more and more bare flesh to their touch.

Jean let out a loud sigh of deep appreciation as she telekinetically undid
the swimsuit like top of Wanda's uniform. Wanda's breasts were as perfect as
they were large, each capped by thick dark nipples that begged to be sucked.

A desire that Jean was quick to act upon as fast as she could remove both the
suit and the body stocking beneath it.

The taste of the European girl's skin in her mouth was like ambrosia of
the Gods to the American as she drew Wanda deep within her. The dark haired
seventeen year old moaned with delight as she savored the touch of Jean's
tongue and lips. It had been so long since her mounds felt a touch other than
her own and she swore a new oath to herself that it would never be so long

Even lacking Marvel Girl's telekinetic advantage, the Scarlet Witch quickly
stripped Jean of her X-Man uniform. In no time at all, they were both down to
just a pair of panties. Locating a blanket among the stored supplies, they
spread it out on a clear section of the barren floor. They laid themselves
down in the center of it.

Wanda let out a soft cry as Jean climbed on top of her, pressing her down
onto the cold floor. The X-Man's lips pressed against hers, her tongue
reaching deep. The red haired dynamo seemed to be everywhere at once. Wanda
felt the touch of the girl's hands and lips on every part of her naked body.
On her lips, her face, and against her soft breasts. It filled her with a
overwhelming desire to reciprocate.

Jean's round orbs were smaller than Wanda's, but just as appreciated as the
taller woman pressed her face deep between them. With childish abandon the
Scarlet Witch ran her tongue around the small pink circles, then took the
tiny tips in her mouth.

The intensity of their encounter increased as they went on, their panties
finally joining the growing piles of mixed clothing. Jean's bright red bush
was revealed to be small, and tightly trimmed. Stark contrast to Wanda's,
who like many European women didn't cut her body hair. Her dark mound
stretched almost from leg to leg.

A barrier that didn't give Jean a moment's pause as she moved between Wanda's
legs and pressed her tongue deep within the center of the hirsute mound.
Using a gentle telekinetic touch to part the way, she quickly found her way
to Wanda's excited clitoris.

Nothing in Wanda's all too little sexual experience could've prepared her for
the sudden rush that ripped her body as Jean tickled her clitoris with her
nimble tongue. Unable to control herself, the black haired woman let out a
shout of pure joy.

Following Jean's example, Wanda reached out with her own tongue to discover
the sweet nectar of the X-Man's sex. Her first taste of another woman caused
her heart to race like never before. Not even in the midst of mortal combat
had she ever felt such excitement.

The two women pressed their bodies harder together as they drank deep of the
other's desire. Jean was more skilled in the task, but Wanda's exuberance
made up for the difference. The fire raged within both of them until finally
it surged within one.

Jean grabbed both of Wanda's legs and pressed herself even deeper within her.
Using her telekinesis to support the weight of Wanda's body, she lifted her
off the floor until Jean was standing her full height and like the witches of
legend, the Scarlet Witch floated in the empty air.

The feeling of weightlessness added to Wanda's euphoria as for the first
time in her life she felt an orgasm building within her that hadn't been the
result of her own hand. Like a thousand tiny fingers, the telekinetic field
surrounding her caressed her naked body.

It was almost more than she could stand, as the dams holding back her orgasm
finally burst under the irresistible pressure. Wanda was in heaven, or as
close as a mere mortal could ever be. Every inch of her body was alive with
a passion she had only dreamed of.

It was a passage between the woman she was and the woman she could be. No
matter what life presented her with in the future, this moment would be
forever with her.

Even while spending most of her energies pleasing Wanda, Jean hadn't
neglected her own needs. With her telekinesis holding her new love, the
redhead had been able to use a free hand to manipulate her own sex. Years
of familiarity with her body had allowed her to quickly catch up and have
her own climax while Wanda was basking in the aftermath of her own.

It was a small orgasm as compared to that which had just shattered Wanda's
innocence, but one which pleased Jean nevertheless. She had always been a
giver rather than a taker, and she had just given her new friend one of the
greatest gifts possible.

"I never believed it could be like that," Wanda gasped as she steadied
herself after Jean lowered her back to the ground. "I could kill Pietro for
keeping that from me."

"There's no need to go that far," Jean smiled as she leaned forward and
kissed Wanda softly on her lips. "Better to concentrate on the future and
the changes that you can make in it."

Wanda threw her arms around Jean and pulled their sweat soaked bodies
together. She returned Jean's kiss threefold as she ran her hands up and
down her back.

"Can we do that again?" she asked with an enthusiasm that hadn't been there

"Well, I think that maybe we should first...."

<< Marvel Girl! >>

Startled by the sudden telepathic contact, Jean broke Wanda's embrace.

"Oh God!" she gasped as reality returned with an awesome solidity.

"What's wrong?" a confused Wanda asked as Jean reached down and grabbed her
costume off the floor.

<< Professor? >> Jean said with her thoughts in response.

<< Jean, >> the disembodied voice of Charles Xavier said in her mind, << the
X-Men are clearing the landslide. They will be through to you in a few
minutes. >>

Turning to look at the door, Jean could see patches of ice forming on some of
the largest boulders and as she listened, the sound of Scott's optic blasts
firing beyond. Experience told her that the blockage would be gone in only a
minute or two.

"The X-Men are outside," she told Wanda. "We'd better be dressed when they
get in here or we're going to have a lot of explaining to do."

Fortunately, they both took less time dressing than the reverse and by the
time the last barrier crumbled, both women were at least covered. The earlier
battle and cave in could easily explain any dishevelment.

As the two recent lovers stepped into the light of the dying day, the
remaining X-Men moved to circle the Scarlet Witch. She was still a member of
Magneto's Brotherhood of Mutants and a potential threat. Cyclops, the field
leader of the team, motioned for Marvel Girl to get out of the line of fire.

"No, Scott," she said with a firm voice, keeping herself between Wanda and
his field of fire. "We're letting her leave."

"Jean, have you lost your mind?" Scott said, sure the Witch had done
something to her. "She's one of them. We can't just ..."

<< Yes we can, Scott, >> the voice of Professor X now echoed in the thoughts
of all the X-Men. << You will honor Jean's request and let the Scarlet Witch
go. >>

<< I don't understand, Professor, >> Scott thought into the link, << but if
you say so. >>

The team leader motioned for the X-Men to follow him back to their transport.
Jean said that he should go on ahead and that she would follow in a few
minutes. Cyclops wasn't happy with that idea either. If it hadn't been for
the mental intervention of the Professor, Scott would've insisted that she
head back with the rest of the group.

Jean waited until the men were out of sight before turning back to Wanda. A
broad smile filled both their faces as they held hands.

"Do you have a way to get back?" Jean asked.

"I have a signaler in my costume," Wanda replied. "After you are all gone,
I'll set it off. No matter what else has happened, Pietro will come back for

"Well I'm sure he's going to find some changes in your relationship," Jean
commented. "Changes he might not like."

"That's what life is suppose to be all about, isn't it?" Wanda said.

"I guess so." Jean said. "So what will you do now? You really can't stay with
Magneto. You know that, don't you?"

"I'm not sure what I'm going to do," came her reply. "I have some thinking to

"You could come with us," Jean suggested. "After all, we're all mutants.
Don't you ever wonder what it would be like to live in a place where the
locals aren't organizing a lynch mob the second you walk through the door?"

"Become part of the X-Men?" Wanda answered. "I don't think your teammates
would like that."

"I guess you're right," Jean said as she reconsidered the suggestion in light
of Scott's reaction. "But I do want you to promise me one thing."

"Which would be?" asked Wanda.

"What ever you decide to do," Jean said as she squeezed her hands. "I want
you to promise me that you'll do it because it's what you want, not what
someone else says that you should do."

"Oh I can promise you that," Wanda said, a iron determination in her voice.

Jean kissed her one last time before turning and walking down the path the
X-Men had taken. She resisted the urge to look back, thinking that she might
not be able to leave if she did.

Halfway back to the multi-use transport the X-Men used, Jean let her thoughts
reach out to the Professor once more.

<< At what point did you track me down? >> she asked mentally, wondering how
much of what had happened between her and Wanda he had observed.

<< I won't lie to you, Jean, >> he replied as she continued to walk. << I
never lost track of you to begin with. >>

<< Then you were there the whole time? >> she asked in shock.

<< I saw an opportunity for you to connect with the Scarlet Witch on a more
personal level. She and her brother are different from the others who have
allied themselves with Magneto. It never occurred to me that your connection
with her might reach such an intimate level. >>

<< It didn't occur to me either, >> she replied. << It's been a long time
since anyone's had an effect like that on me. >>

The Professor decided to reserve comment on that part of the discussion,
instead assuring his student that whatever he might or might not have
witnessed back in the cavern would remain between the two of them.

<< Do you think it made any real difference, Professor? >> she asked as she
sighted the others in the clearing ahead.

<< We'll just have to wait and see, Jean.>> he concluded as he broke contact.

Sixteen months later ....

It was one of those rare occasions when superhero groups got together for
something other than a crisis. In this case, raising funds for the Mayor's
favorite charity. The Fantastic Four were there, as were some of the
Avengers. During a rare period of acceptance, even the X-Men had been asked
to attend.

Showing off a new green dress with matching yellow gloves, boots and mask
that now served as her Marvel Girl costume, Jean demonstrated what many
considered an even more amazing talent than her mental skills. Namely the
ability to turn the head of nearly every man in the room as she crossed the
ballroom, stopping at one table in particular.

"Good afternoon," the red, white and blue garbed Avenger said as he looked
up from the autograph he'd been signing and smiled. "Can I help you?"

Even without any kind of super powers, Captain America had to be the most
impressive man in the room. The living legend of World War Two was the
embodiment of all that was best in humanity. That, and the fact that he had
the most striking blue eyes that Marvel Girl had ever seen.

It was hard to believe that he was actually older than her father. A twist
of fate at the end of the war had preserved him in cryogenic suspension for
over twenty years. For all appearances, he looked only a few years older
than Jean.

"I just wanted to say hello to an old friend," Jean smiled as she turned her
attention from the Avenger leader to the red garbed woman sitting to his
left. "It's good to see you again, Wanda." she said.

The auburn haired woman's face lit up with a great warmth as she returned
the greeting. She seemed much older than when they'd met that day up in the
Adirondacks, more mature and confident. Her uniform had also improved. The
basic design was the same, but now looked like it came from the hands of a
Fifth Avenue designer rather than the workings of a simple gypsy girl.

"I like the new headpiece," Jean said, "it lets people see so much more of
your face."

"Thank you," Wanda said.

<< And it's such a beautiful face,>> Jean added telepathically. << You should
never hide it from anyone. >>

<< Your mental skills have improved as well, >> Wanda thought back. << I'm
impressed. >>

<< We've both grown. >> Jean replied.

"I love your hair," Jean said, switching back to voice. "The color is

"It was inspired by a dear friend," Wanda grinned. "A reminder of all life's

The small vocal exchange had caught the attention of Wanda's brother, Pietro,
sitting at the far end of the table. He was now clad in a uniform of sky
blue, rather than the dark green he'd worn with the Brotherhood. True to his
code name, Quicksilver was quick to associate the exchange with the dramatic
changes in his sister over the last year. Changes he had not approved of in
the least.

<< I've thought of you often. >> Jean beamed, ignoring the hostile stare from
the white haired mutant.

<< And I you, >> Wanda replied through the link. << There were many nights
that I've missed you as well. >>

<< And I you, >> Jean replied. << Imagine, my Wanda, a member of the
Avengers. >>

<< I wouldn't have had the courage to take control of my life if not for
you, >> Wanda said.

<< It was my pleasure, >> Jean grinned. << After all, what else are sisters
for? Besides, if we've learned nothing else, it's that there's always
tomorrow ... or better yet, maybe tonight. >>

The two sisters shared a smile of understanding. A smile that their fellow
heroes would never understand.


(c) Ann Douglas 2001


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