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Date: 09/15/2007

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Voyurism, BDSM, male solo sex, drug use, female solo sex, mind
control, rape, male/female sex, graphic violence, female/female sex, strong

Categories: Het, slash, bi

Pairings: Whirlwind/Tigra, Enchantress/Mockingbird

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Summary: An excited Tigra talks a relucted Mockingbird to go over to a
photographer's loft apartment and do a photo-shoot without knowing what else
is waiting for them at that very same apartment.

Other Notes: This AU story is based on the Playmate of the Month pictorial
of Teri Harrison -- who I had selected for the role of Mockingbird -- in the
October 2002 issue of Playboy Magazine.

Dedications: None so far.

West Coast Avengers: Sweet Taste Of Revenge
by Andrew Troy Keller ([email protected])

It had all started on the 15th day of the month of September at the Avengers
Compound that was located at the City of Los Angeles, California, which was
where a certain female were-cat known as Tigra -- whose real name was Greer
Grant-Nelson -- had rushed herself over to three of her fellow West Coast
Avengers known as the Wasp(Janet Van Dyne), the Scarlet Witch (Wanda
Maximoff) and Mockingbird (Barbara 'Bobbie' Morse-Barton), placed herself in
front of the other three members of the West Coast branch of Earth's
Mightiest Heroes and said with a big smile on her face, "Hey, you guys! I
have such great news to share with you! While I was in town having lunch at
the local Mickey-Dee's, I had suddenly bumped into this great-looking stud!
And not only does he have the hottest body ever in the entire State of
California, he also has a photographer's eye for beauty and he wants me to
be the subject of his latest pictorial!All I need now is you guys to come
with me! So, how about it? Who's going with me to the photo-shoot?"

And after the three female members of the West Coast Avengers had given
that idea some thought, Wanda had told Greer that she had to decline the
invitation due to the fact that both she and Wonder Man (Simon Williams)
were suppossed to help her android husband known as the Vision get adjusted
to the civilian idenity of Victor Shade and Janet had said 'no' to that
idea because she was suppossed to help her ex-husband, Doctor Henry 'Hank'
Jonathan Pym with something in the lab.

And after both the Wasp and the Scarlet Witch had walked themselves away
from the scene, an equally-reluctant Mockingbird was about to come up with
an excuse of her own but as soon as she had realized that she was still
having some marital problems with her husband, the costumed archer known
as Hawkeye(Clint Barton), Mockingbird had closed her eyes, let out a sigh
and said, "Okay, Tigra. I'll go with you. So, are we suppossed to go change
our clothes before we go over to this photographer's studio or what? Just
asking, of course."

And of course, the answer to that question had came soon enough, for after
the two female Avengers had each gone into their rooms and changed into a
tee-shirt and a pair of shorts and Tigra had used her magic pendent to
transform herself into a dark-haired human babe, both Greer and Bobbi had
left the Avengers Compound and went all the way over to an apartment complex
within the downtown section of the City of Angels.

And then, after they had rode the elevator up to the Eighth floor, both Greer
and Bobbi had stepped out of the elevator and into a loft apartment, where a
concerned Greer had started looking around and calling, "Hello! Is there
anybody here?" just before a handsome hunk who was bearing a strking
resemblance to one of the Masters of Evil known as Whirlwind (David Cannon)
had stepped into the living-room with a small smile on his face and said,
"Greer, I was wondering when you would be able to show up."

And after he had given Greer a big friendly hug, turned his eyes toward Bobbi
and asked, "And may I ask what is the name of your beautiful friend?" the
small-smiling dark-haired babe has placed her gentle hand on her blonde best
friend's shoulder and answered, "Her name is Bobbi Morse. Bobbi, I would like
you to meet Mister Daniel Cushman, the handsome photographer who is going to
do the pictorial."

But after both Bobbi and Daniel had given each other a friendly handshake and
he had told the two Avenger babes that he was ready to do the photo-shoot,
the handsome photographer has slapped his hand on his forehead and said,
"Oh, I had forgot to tell you, Bobbi. Both you and Greer had to do this
photo-shoot in the nude."

And after she had heard that, the reluctant Mockingbird was about to say
something in order to back herself out of the whole deal but that was before
she had heard Greer say, "Sounds like a good idea to me." and discovered that
she had stripped off all of her clothes, stepped into Daniel's at-home studio
and sat herself down on the sofa, causing Bobbi to realize that she doesn't
want to totally screw-up her friendship with Greer, take all of her clothes
off and place herself on the same sofa next to her dark-haired best friend.

That was before Daniel has placed himself back into the studio, handed a
glass of iced tea to each of his newfound lovers and said, "I had figured
that you guys might want something cold and refreshing to drink before we
get started on the photo-shoot." just in time for both Greer and Bobbi to
take a sip of the iced tea in their glasses, only to have something inside
the iced tea cause their heads to start pounding and everything around them
to start spinning around and around until they both had no choice but to
drop themselves down to the floor and become unconscious.

Just then, as soon as the two Avenger babes had finally opened their eyes
and realized that they had been stripped bare-ass naked and chained to a
metallic stripper's pole just before a devilishly-gleefull Daniel has placed
his nude body inside the room, began stroking his stiff cock right in front
of the two helpless female Avengers and said, "Well-well, Amora! You were
right! That little root that you had plucked from Asgard had really done the
trick! These two Avenger bitches are now at our mercy!"

And after they had heard what Daniel had just said, the two helpless Avengers
had turned their heads toward the door and shockingly discovered that a
certain beautiful blonde demon-bitch known as Amora, the Enchantress had
placed her nude body into the room, started pumping two of her fingers in and
out of her hot, wet pussy, placed her other hand on Daniel's bare shoulder
and said, "Indeed they are, David! Indeed they are! Now, let's have some fun
with them, shall we?"

ONE HAND ON US...!" that was what an enraged Greer had yelled to the
devilishly-gleefull Amora just before the sinister blonde member of the
Masters of Evil had said, "You will exactly what I command you to do,
Avenger whore!", and used her Asgardian powers to take over Greer's mind
and force her to expose her cunt to the two Masters of Evil.

And after the sinister Enchantress had turned her evil eyes toward her
fellow Master of Evil, let out a devilish smile and asked, "Well,
David? Are you going to go over there and fuck the bitch or what?" the
devilishly-gleefull Whirlwind has moved himself closer to a helpless
Greer, grabbed a really tight hold on her hair and began slamming his
stone hard dick in and out of her exposed pussy.

And while that was going on, the blonde Enchantress has moved herself closer
to the equally-helpless Bobbi and said, "And now, my little Mockingbird!
Let's see how you like the swwet taste of revenge!" just before she had sank
her claw-like fingernails deep into Bobbi's exposed tits and began licking
on her snatch, causing the helpless blonde Avenger to let out a scream of
enormous pain.

Then, after the sinister Whirlwind has placed one of his hands on one of
Greer's tits and began squeezing the living daylights out of it and growled,
"Tell me, you fucking bitch! Tell me that you like it when I fuck you! Tell
me now!" a stream of tears had started running down poor Greer's cheeks
because she had no choice but to say, "AAAAHHHH, YES! I DO LIKE IT! I DO

And then, after the two villainous rouges had started moving themselves
harder and faster and caused themselves and their helpless sex-slaves to
come and collapsed due to exhaustion, the devilishly-gleefull Whirlwind
has moved his lips close to Greer's ear and said, "Come on, Little Miss
Kitty-Kitty! Admit it! It was the greatest fuck you ever had!" only to
have a voice from out of nowhere say, "Only in your dreams, you piece of
mutant shit!"

And after he had turned around, the sinister David Cannon had suddenly
noticed that it was the voice of a totally pissed-off Simon Williams, who
had used the strength of Wonder Man to grab the mutant super-criminal by
the throat with one hand and crush the living daylights out of his cock
with the other hand, causing the super-powered villain known as Whirlwind
to let out a scream of enormous pain for a change.

And after she had noticed what the enraged Wonder Man was doing to her
fellow Master of Evil, the shocked Enchantress had taken two steps away
from the helpless Mockingbird and yelled, "HOW THE FUCKING HELL DID THAT
MUSCLE-BOUND SON-OF-A-BITCH GET IN HERE?!" just before Doctor Pym had used
his Pym Particles to grow himself back to normal size, look at her straight
in the eye and growled, "It's funny that you should ask, you Asgardian bitch!
We had used my Pym Particles to get ourselves in here!As for how we know
about your little revenge plot, both the Wasp and the Scarlet Witch had told
me and Wonder Man about Tigra meeting a handsome photographer who wants to do
a nude pictorial without giving out the name of the men's magazine that he
was working for! That has caused the both of us to take an off-hand guess...
and from the looks of things, it was a guess that had paid-off!"

But as soon as the enraged Wonder Man had released his grip on the helpless
Whirlwind and turned his eyes toward the sinister blonde Asgardian, the
Enchantress had suddenly let out a sinister smile and said, "Well done,
Avengers! You were able to subdue my pawn and rescue your friends! But
you're unable to prevent my escape and when we meet the next time, it shall
be the Enchantress who shall be victorious on Midgard!"

And after she had used her powers to glow so bright like the other stars in
the deepest reaches of outer space and zoom herself out of there, both Wonder
Man and Doctor Pym had handed the injured Whirlwind over to the LAPD and
taken both Greer and Bobbi to the local hospital, where poor Greer has placed
her gentle hand on Hank's arm, allowed a single tear to run down her cheek
and said, "I really am sorry about this, Hank. I really didn't mean to... I
mean, I really...!"

But just as she was about to say another word, an understanding Doctor Pym
has placed his gentle hand on top of Greer's and said, "It's okay, Greer. You
don't have to say another word. Besides, it really wsn't your fault to begin
with." just before she had let out a small smile and allowed Hank to give her
a small kiss on the forehead and wish both her and Bobbi to get well soon.



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