Author's Note: Needless to say, the infamous box of the story is inspired by
Clive Barker's Hellraiser series which while interesting, could use a lot
more sex...

Demon Lust Part 1: Psylocke (FF,MF,F-gang,F-mast,BDSM,nc-cons,drugs,demon)
by Redvenom

Chapter 1: The Box

The raven-haired young woman ducked smoothly, allowing the lethal weapon to
pass harmlessly over her head. Even as she evaded the attack of her robotic
attacker, she was already moving, shifting fluidly from defence to offense.
Her supple arm shot up nudging the weapon off-course, before her foot
rocketed forward with a power that belied her slender build. The impact was
enough to echo around the Danger Room as her attacker fell headless to a
vicious slash of her psychic blades that followed. The floor was already
cluttered with the fallen bodies of at least six other attack droids. The
victorious young woman stood still for long moments, focusing and critically
evaluating her own performance. It was perfect, as usual.

Elizabeth Braddock, the young mutant known as Psylocke, and member of the
world-famous X-Men allowed herself a confident smile as she moved into her
warm-down routines. Her firm, full breasts rose and fell beneath the tight
blue material of her costume as she breathed deeply and evenly, relaxing her
muscles, tense from the strain of combat. Sweat glistened on her face as
wiped herself off with a towel. As she removed her hairband, her long, dark
hair cascaded down her back almost to her slim waist. Psylocke completed her
shutdown of the Danger Room before heading back to her room to get a shower.

* * *

Closing the door behind her, the young woman stripped off her skintight
costume, soaked with sweat from her exertions. Peeling off her sodden bra
and panties, she tossed them into a wicker basket in the corner of the room
before stepping into the shower naked. Psylocke inhaled deeply as the icy
cold spray hit her, enjoying the feel of the invirogating water on her skin.

As she soaped herself under the spray, Psylocke felt her nipples harden to
stiff peaks. The young woman moved her hand lower, past her taut, flat
stomach to the mound at the apex of her thighs. She moaned softly as her
fingers played around at the fleshy lips. Inside, she was already lubricating
furiously. As usual, she always felt sexually aroused after an intense
training session.

Pyslocke gasped as she slowly sank first one strong finger, then two inside
herself. Twisting as they parted the soft, pliant walls of her vaginal
passage, slick with her own warm juices. She moaned as her long nails brushed
over her clit, toying with the sensitive flesh. The bar of soap fell to the
wet floor forgotten as Psylocke braced her other arm on the shower wall for
support. Soon, she was rocking in self-induced ecstasy, her insides burning
with need as the cold spray played over her naked form.

Lost in her pleasure, the raven-haired young woman worked her fingers
furiously, her sleek thighs trembling with her arousal. Her knees felt weak
as she shuddered involuntarily, finding herself on the brink of her climax.
Psylocke hissed through clenched, perfect white teeth as she felt the
familiar stirrings inside her. Her every muscle taut, Psylocke jammed her
fingers as far inside herself as they would go, seeking release. With a cry,
Psylocke fell to the slippery floor as her legs buckled from hot rush of
orgasm rippling through her supple body. She lay motionless for long moments,
luxuriating in the hot glow of her climax as the icy cold water continued its
blissful spray.

* * *

As she dried herself after the shower, Psylocke took note of the small brown
package on her table. Delivered to the Mansion yesterday while she was out,
it bore no return address. Intrigued, she scrabbled at the wrapping,
unveiling a small, ornate box wrapped carefully in musty leather. There were
strange insriptions engraved on all six faces, which she did not recognize.
As she examined the strange artifact, she felt a sharp pain and saw blood on
her finger. She had pricked herself on a spiny protusion that didn't seem to
have been there before. Psylocke noticed several drops of her blood on the
box, bright red against the dull, cold metal. As she watched, the red spots
slowly shrank to nothingness, as if the box was absorbing it. Drinking it,
it seemed. Slightly alarmed, the young woman hurriedly rewrapped the artifact
before placing it carefuly in a drawer, intending to bring it to the labs for
a full analysis later.

In the rush of the day, Psylocke forgot all about the box until she was
getting ready for bed. She retrieved the box from the drawer, climbing onto
her bed to study the strange artifact. In the low light of her bedside lamp,
the metal appeared to glow softly. As she examined the metal faces, she
noticed that several of the protusions could be slid around, or turned, or
pushed inward, each one unique. Fascinated, the raven-haired mutant put her
full attention to examining the box. After some work, her skilled fingers
solved the tiny puzzles on 5 of the 6 faces, each time being rewarded with a
click. As she studied the final puzzle, he felt a prickly sensation at the
back of her neck. Psylocke hesitated for several moments, until her
curiousity won out. With a satisfied smile, she worked the final puzzle. As
she heard the click, Pyslocke felt her skin grow cold suddenly.

She paused, all senses alert, unsure of what she had done. Wisps of sickly
red smoke appeared to be seeping out of the box. With a terrible rush, she
felt something enter her mind, probing her consciousness. A cold and
malevolent entity, its intentions alien and unfathomable. Psylocke heard
herself scream even as she stumbled to raise her mental defenses, stunned by
the suddeness of the psychic attack. The pain in her head as the entity
brushed her psychic shields aside burrowing into her unprotected mind.

...And she felt herself falling... falling...

Chapter 2: Pain & Pleasure

Psylocke awoke on cold, clammy stone. She shook her head to dispel the
dizziness, then realized she was unable to move. As her vision cleared,
Psylocke realized she was no longer in her room at the X-Mansion. She found
herself naked and bound, lying on her stomach over a roughly cut stone
bench. Her legs dangled over the edge of the stone so that her knees just
touched the dusty floor.

Psylocke looked all around her, seeing nothing but bare stone walls so she
turned her attention back to her bonds. Her wrists were secured by tough
leather straps so that her arms stretched out before her. A collar around
her neck was locked into an iron ring on the stone. More straps went round
her narrow waist, locked to two more rings on either side of the stone.
Psylocke pulled on her restraints in frustration, hating the feel of being
helpless. Sweat beaded on her satiny skin as she strained every well-toned
muscle for several minutes to no effect. As she panted from her efforts she
soon realized she was not alone when she felt the dust stir behind her. She
noticed the swishing tail first, as her captor rounded the stone bench to
face her.

Psylocke found herself staring into the impossibly beautiful face of a woman
with eyes of emerald green. Her smooth skin was coppery, almost mettalic.
Fiery red hair spilled over her supple shoulders to her narrow waist. Only
her two small horns of bronze which poked out from the top of her red mane
hinted that she was not human. That and the leathery batlike wings that
sprouted from her back. She was naked as well and Psylocke's eyes were drawn
to the neat triangle at the apex of her thighs, as flaming red as her hair.
Her captor studied Psylocke for long moments, taking in every detail before
she spoke directly to Psylocke's mind.

[You are Psylocke, a mutant of the weakling race of humans. Your form is
pleasing, for a mortal.] The voice in her head as cold as it was seductive.

"Who are you and what do you want with me, bitch?" Psylocke spat, pulling at
her bonds angrily.

[I am Glasya, succubus-consort of the Lord Maelfas, Price of Lust. And you,
mortal are in his realm, the third layer of the infernal abyss.]

A smile played over her demonic features as she continued, "You have much
spirit. You will be a welcome diversion for awhile. Before we are done, you
will know pleasures beyond mortal imagining."

As she spoke, the succubus' arm shot out, faster than Psylocke could react.
The raven-haired woman grunted in pain as she felt the sting of the slap on
her face. Before she could recover, the succubus had locked her fingers
around Psylocke's jaw, forcing it open. As her captive struggled against the
vice-like grip, the succubus produced a small vial in her other hand. The
demonic female uncapped the vial, tendrils of noxious vapour floating from
the dark, bubbling fluid inside.

With a cruel smile, the succubus dumped the entire contents into Psylocke's
open mouth. As she felt the unholy nectar burning inside her mouth, Psylocke
recoiled in terror, choking and gagging, trying desperately to spit out the
foul liquid. The succubus was prepared for this, holding her mouth shut and
pinching her nose to force her captive to swallow. The raven-haired mutant
jerked and trashed about, straining powerfully against the leather

As her vision dimmed and struggles grew more feeble from the lack of oxygen,
Psylocke felt her consciousness slip away. She could feel the fiery liquid
burning inside her as the first drops crept down her throat, despite her
efforts. In a last attempt to preserve her life, her survival instincts
kicked in. She swallowed the foul liquid. When she did so, the demon relased
her hold. Psylocke drank in the air greedily, choking and gasping.

The potion worked quickly once inside her. Psylocke felt her skin tingle,
first cold then growing hotter as her body absorbed the demonic ichor. Her
breaths came in laboured gasps as her muscles trembled involuntarily. The
raven-haired woman felt her nipples harden on her breasts, pressed painfully
by her body weight against the cold stone. Psylocke felt the dampness
between her legs and realized that she was lubricating furiously. She
pressed her thighs together powerfully, struggling to control her body.

"Wha.. What have you done to me?!" she gasped, unable to control her rising

[A special tonic of the succubi. It frees the senses to experience the
pleasures of the flesh.]

As she spoke, the demonic female produced several objects, one of them
Psylocke recognized as a ball-gag. Holding the raven-haired mutant still,
the succubus forced the soft rubber ball into her mouth. Psylocke jerked her
head from side to side, her long, dark hair flailing about wildly as she
tried to dislodge the gag. But the succubus with her supernatural strength,
held her head immobile before securing the gag with its leather strap. As
she bit into the rubber ball in frustration, Psylocke saw the demonic woman
produce a short whip with 4 or 5 leather strips. She shuddered when she
noticed tiny spikes embedded in the leather, gleaming in the low light of
the cavern. Psylocke tried to scream, which came out as a choked

"UUUUMMMMMFFFFF!" she screamed in pain as she felt the first bite of the
leather whip across her naked back. She felt her eyes tearing as another
stroke bit into her exposed flesh, the tiny spikes piercing her sweaty skin.
And another. And another.

"Mmmmmffff! Ummmmmmfff! Uhhhhhffff!" she screamed, as the succubus slashed
the implement along her captive's exposed back mercilessly.

Even as her body recoiled from the pain, Psylocke felt her arousal increase
as if her body was welcoming the pain. A slow trail of saliva crept down her
chin as she bit powerfully into the ball gag, her body shaking with each
blow that smashed across her prone form. Psylocke threw her head back, beads
of sweat flying from her matted hair as the succubus slashed the whip across
the globes of her buttocks. Her knuckles were white as she pulled desperately
against the leather straps which held her helpless as the white hot pain came
and faded in maddening repetition. With demonic stamina her captor flailed at
the defenceless Psylocke, raining blows on her back and buttocks. Her
once-perfect, satiny skin glowed a dull red from the abuse.

Inside Psylocke's head she heard the succubus whisper to her, skillfully
caressing her mind, even as her expert hands tortured her body with the whip.

[...The pain is a pathway to pleasure, mortal. Soon you will not know the

Her mind hazy from the pain, Psylocke almost fainted from the unrelenting
abuse. She found herself slipping into the twilight between conciousness and
unconsciousness, all thoughts hazy from the intense pain. In a strange way
Psylocke found herself longing for the pain, eagerly awaiting the arrival of
the next blow even as the effects of the previous one was fading. And yet
dreaded it, as her muscles tensed with each impact, praying that the hideous
pain would stop. Her mind, clouded by the demonic brew could no longer
distinguish between pain and pleasure, one sensation blending confusingly
into the other.

[...You want the pain don't you? You will long for it... Waiting for that
delicious bite on your mortal skin...]

The raven-haired mutant moaned as she felt the sticky dampness between her
legs, the juices flowing freely down her smooth thighs as she writhed about
helplessly. Psylocke's full, firm breasts were squashed painfully beneath
her from the force of the blows driving her body against the cold stone. Her
erect nipples rasped on the rough stone with each stroke, sending electric
thrills racing through her supple body. Soon, she was arching her back to
meet the whip, the pain drving her closer to the blessed release of her

The succubus slashed two quick blows across the heated flesh of Psylocke's
taut buttocks, seeing her captive moan and shudder in unfeigned pleasure.
Then, taking careful aim the demonic female lashed the whip underhand, the
leather snaking between Psylocke's spread open thighs and biting into the
exposed lips of her pussy. Saliva spurted from around her ball gag in her
mouth as Psylocke screamed her orgasm, the exquisite blend of pain and
pleasure driving her over the edge.


Psylocke felt her juices gush from her pussy as her vaginal walls contracted
in orgasmic spasm. The succubus continued flaying at her as she writhed
uncontrollably in her climax, each stroke of the terrible whip adding to the
mindblowing sensations. Moaning incoherently, the raven-haired young woman
jerked with each blow, the pain increasing her pleasure tenfold. Incredibly,
her orgasm did not subside, and the tension in her body wound higher and
higher until Psylocke felt her whole body would tear apart. Her full red lips
slobbered over the ball-gag, saliva spilling out of the side of her mouth,
dripping down her delicate chin.

"Uhhhmmffff! Uhhhmmmmmmfff! Uhhhhhffff!" she wailed, her cries of pain and
pleasure rendered incoherent by the ball-gag.

Stepping quickly between her wildly kicking legs, the succubus reversed her
grip on the whip. With a lunge, the demonic female thrust the implement
upwards, jamming the handle deep into the female mutant's pussy with one
stroke. Psylocke reared like a wounded deer as series of hoarse, choking
cries were torn from her throat. The succubus began drive the tough braided
handle in and out of Psylocke's sensitive flesh with increasing intensity.
In an orgasmic frenzy, the raven-haired woman trashed about wildly, totally
lost in her sexual pleasure. Her juices flowed freely, soaking the handle
and running down her sleek thighs.

Psylocke almost choked on her gag when she felt the succubus stroking the
deep crease between her taut buttocks, searching for and finding her asshole.
Her body tensed in anticipation as she arched her buttocks upwards,
presenting her most intimate opening for what she knew was coming. Moaning
in pleasure as one long-nailed finger traced around the tight ring of muscle,
teasing her there. Psylocke hissed with delight as she felt the exploring
digit slowly probing inside the tight opening. The succubus, sensing her
captive on the brink of another climax, drove her finger as deep into
Psylocke's anal passage as it would go, twisting it as it went in. With a
long drawn out scream the mutant female orgasmed violently, arching her back
as she flung her head back.


Saliva dribbled down her chin as Psylocke bit down on the rubber ball inside
her mouth, her bound form jerking and writhing convulsively. A gout of her
fluids gushed out of her abused pussy, drenching the working hands of the
succubus. Her demonic captor continued the sexual assault, enjoying the sight
of Psylocke helplessly impaled upon the whip handle while a long finger
reamed her in the ass.

The raven-haired mutant lost count of her orgasms as the succubus took her
repeatedly, keeping in a constant state of arousal. To her shame, her body
responded eagerly, flailing and spraying fluids against her tormentor. Each
explosive climax blended into the next, as the succubus skillfully used the
whip, her fingers and her tongue on the estatically moaning Psylocke. Until,
drifting on the edge of consciousness, Psylocke finally slumped exhausted to
the cold stone, now slick and stained damp from her sweat and juices.

Chapter 3: Demon Rape

Hearing harsh voices in boisterous chatter around her, Psylocke moaned and
stirred. She found herself in a large cavern, resting on the exotic furs of
some unknown beast. She was no longer bound but there were ugly red-purple
bruises on her wrists, neck and hips where the leather straps had rubbed on
her skin. The heat in the room was stiffling, and a sheen of sweat gleamed
on her naked body. Still dizzy from the effects of her ordeal, Psylocke
shook her head, trying to clear her blurry vision. A velvety voice, neither
fully male nor female caressed her mind.

[Welcome to my realm, mortal.]

As she rose, Psylocke noticed a large throne carved from black obsidian set
on a low dais at the end of the cavern. A huge man, both lithe and muscular,
sat on the throne appraising her with eyes the color of fire. Psylocke
realized that she was looking at Maelfas, the Prince of Lust, demon ruler of
the third layer of the Abyss. He was demonically handsome, with cool blue
skin and wavy dark hair tinged with purple. She noticed that his ornate
brass armour was specially designed to provide ample room for the huge
batlike wings that sprouted from his back. On either side of Lord Maelfas,
on rich cushions sat several of his succubi consorts, their snakelike tails
twitching in amusement.

The demon lord sat silent as she looked around the great wall, taking in
the opulent furnishings. Sweetly scented vapours drifted about in the heat
provided by rows of blazing torches set into the stone walls. Arrayed on
either side of the wall stood a row of dark-skinned demons, all eyeing her
naked form with undisguised lust. Psylocke looked back at Lord Maelfas,
staring intently at the glowing box dancing and spinning on his open palm.

[A useful toy is it not?] the demon lord asked in her head.

"How did I come to be here?"

[You have opened the box. You are here of your own accord.]

"And if I wish to leave?" she asked warily.

[Once opened, the box holds you in my realm for as long as the night. The
light of dawn dispels the portal, returning you to whence you came. Hence
the name, One Night. It was created by a Seraphim mage in Syria in 1192 who
wanted to experience pleasures beyond compare. It amused me to humour him.
It has changed hands many times since then. You are the first mortal for
five centuries to open the box.]

"Your consort tortured me earlier..." she began.

[Yes and you enjoyed it. The mortal sensations of carnality are my dominion.
Here in the Plane of Lust, it amuses me to grant mortals what they desire

As he spoke in her mind, Psylocke saw the rows of demon soldiers step
forward. She readied herself in a fighting stance as the ring of leering
demons closed on her. Not waiting for the first blow, she leaped forward,
feinting before lashing out with well practised kicks and hand strikes. She
took down six of the demon soldiers before the mass of grabbing hands
subdued her. Her beautiful face twisted in a snarl she fought them even
then, biting and kicking furiously. As she struggled, she heard the velvety
voice in her mind, taunting her.

[You may deny your desires even to yourself, Elizabeth Braddock, but your
darkest passions are an open book to me. You enjoy the feeling of
helplessness. Of not being in control. Of being a victim. Gang raped by a
horde of uncaring men. Secretly reveling in the carnal pleasures as they
took you forcefully.]

With a howl of despair, Psylocke realised that she was helpless to prevent
what was about to happen as they forced her onto her hands and knees. Strong
hands held her steady as one huge demon positioned himself behind her. More
hands pawed at her heaving breasts, the claws scratching at her nipples and
making her gasp despite herself. She wept, salty tears trickling down her
cheeks as she felt her thighs forced apart, exposing her intimate flesh.
Huge clawed hands grasped her naked hips firmly as the demon mounted her
from behind. The raven-haired girl screamed in pain and shock as the demon's
huge ribbed cock speared into her defenceless pussy in one powerful stroke.


Holding Psylocke's bucking hips steady, the demon took her roughly, his huge
cock forcing aside the tight walls of her vaginal passage as it slid in and
out of her. Deeper than any man had ever had her. His claws drew blood where
they raked the skin of her hips, tiny droplets of red mingling with the
sweat. Moaning and wailing, Psylocke took his powerful thrusts helplessly,
the force of each brutal stroke making her full breasts quiver and bounce.

"Ohhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhh!" she gasped, to the delight of the demonic
horde who stamped their feet and roared in approval.

Psylocke's face burned with shame when she saw that several of the watching
demon soldiers had their cocks in their clawed hands, pumping rapidly as
they watched her being taken from behind. Their beady red eyes locked onto
her deliciously swaying breasts, several of the watching demons pressed
against her, groping and mauling her body. The bestial smell and heat of
their furry bodies almost overwhelmed her as they pawed her in a frenzy of
lust. The female mutant shivered as she felt razor-sharp claws scoring on
her skin, realizing that she could be torn to shreds if she resisted.

Psylocke moaned despite herself when exploring hands reached under her body,
cupping her dangling breasts. She tensed as claws rasping over the sensitive
peaks, then gasped in sudden arousal as a rough tongue lapped wetly at her
nipples. To her shame and despair, her nipples rapidly hardened to painful
stiffness. Psylocke felt herself lubricating as her body responded
instinctively to the sexual stimulation. A feral grin on his face, the demon
fucking her grunted in pleasure as he felt her passage grow slick with her
fluids. "NO!" she thought in horror, "I can't be enjoying this!"

"Noooooooooooo!" Psylocke screamed, trying to deny her pleasure even as she
felt herself on the verge of her climax.

The female mutant bucked and struggled in vain as she shook with the bull
thrusts of the demon raping her. The strength and power of his strokes took
her breath away, the huge demon cock filling every inch of her vaginal
passage like no man ever had before. Psylocke's lapsed in incoherence as her
climax built up, crying out in both helpless despair and mind-blowing
pleasure. Trying desperately to contain her growing arousal, she felt her
rapist tense as he pulled her body powerfully onto his cock, hilting himself
inside her. With a bestial roar, the demon climaxed, his cock shooting
demon-cum deep into her pussy. Feeling the hot fluids spurting inside her,
Psylocke came as well, screaming her orgasm and thrusting her hips back
against her demonic rapist.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh! Yesssssss! Yesssss! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Her orgasmic cries were drowned out by the watching horde who shouted and
roared in excitement at the sight of the human female jerking in sexual
rapture, impaled on a huge demon cock. The demon held onto her as she
trashed about, until he had completely unloaded his diabolic seed inside
her. As she slumped to the ground, Psylocke felt her rapist withdraw his
cock with a grunt. A gout of thick demon cum spilled out of her abused pussy
and trickling down the back of her smooth thighs.

Gathering her strength, Psylocke sat up, her chest heaving as she gasped for
breath, totally overcome by the intense fucking she had just experienced.
The air was thick with the heady smell of sweat and sex, making her head
swim. The raven-haired mutant stared at the excited horde gathered around
her, realizing with a thrill of fear that they were not going anywhere until
they had what they wanted. And what they wanted was her. Or more accurately,
her beautiful naked, sweaty body. Psylocke trembled at the thought that she
was going to be raped by all of them.

"My God!" she thought, "there must be fifty of them!"

The ring of leering demons closed on her, several of the largest pushing the
others aside for the honour of having the human female first. Psylocke
gasped as a huge demon with warty red skin caught hold of her long hair,
jerking her to face his enormous cock. Hesitently, she reached for the
monstrous member, her small fist closing on the rock-hard demon flesh. With
a moan of despair and surrender, Psylocke opened her red-lipped mouth wide,
taking in the demon cock. Growling in approval, the demon grabbed her head
powerfully, forcing his implement deeper into her warm mouth.

Choking and gasping, Psylocke serviced the demon expertly, dragging her wet
lips over the hard length with wet, slurping sounds. Her eyes closed, she
failed to spot another demon slipping behind her, his fierce red eyes locked
on her taut buttocks. Her body trembled as she felt him mounting her, his
strong hands grasping her hips firmly. Tensing in anticipation as his huge
cock nosed about her dripping pussy, finding the hot, wet entrance. The cock
in her mouth muffled the raven-haired mutant's delighted scream as the
iron-hard member drove inside her vaginal passage.

Lost in the delicious pleasure of her pussy walls being forced apart,
Psylocke thrust her buttocks back against the demon behind her, impaling
herself on the huge cock. Roaring in pleasure as his cock sank to the hilt
all the way inside her, the demon fucked her in bestial fury. Taking a firm
hold on her wildly gyrating hips, he pistoned his glistening member in and
out of her powerfully each thrust bringing a muffled groan of pleasure from
Psylocke's wide open mouth.

Soon, her slender body was bucking erratically between the two raging cocks,
each thrust driving her against the other. She felt more hands on her as the
excited horde closed on her, unable to contain their lusts from watching her
double rape. Hard, muscled bodies pressed against her... Sliding beneath
her... Clawed hands and wet tongues playing over her erect nipples... Mauling
her heaving breasts... Wicked teeth rasping over her clit, licking and
sucking at her dripping juices...

Psylocke abandoned all thoughts of resistance as her body shudderred in
complete surrender to her passions. Lost in her pleasure, the raven-haired
mutant barely felt bestial hands parting her buttocks. Clawed fingers
stroking the dark crease bewtween them, finding the tight, winking anus. One
thick finger wormed its way past the tight ring of muscle, sinking to the
knuckle inside her forbidden orifice. The sensation of being taken in the
mouth, pussy and ass simultaneously drove her passion over the edge as
Psylocke howled her orgasm, her slender body trashing about uncontrollably.

In the warm glow of her climax, the young mutant was only dimly aware when
the demons raping her spent themselves inside her. She choked, gagging as
the cock in her mouth pulsed and exploded, the thick jets of hot demon cum
filling her mouth. Cum spilled out of the corners of her mouth, dribbling
down her chin as she desperately tried to swallow the demon seed. The demon
behind Psylocke soon came as well, grunting and attacking her fiercely even
as his cock erupted deep inside her. The second load of demon cum splashing
against the walls of her pussy made her cry out, sending a droplets of
saliva and thick demon seed spraying from her cum-coated mouth and lips.

"Aeeeeeeaaaaeiiiiiihhhh!" she wailed, feeling another orgasm wash over her,
her pussy walls contracting and relaxing in violent spasms, milking the
demon cock dry.

As she slumped to the floor, now sticky with sweat, cum and her juices, she
felt more strong hands and bodies pressed against her body. Another pair of
hard cocks were pressed into her abused orifices. Soon her body was rocking
again between two more demons who grunted in pleasure as they raped her. And
just as before, Psylocke submissively received the sexual abuse, moaning and
gushing fluids against her demon rapists. While her mind was numbed from the
shock of being forcefully taken by inhuman monsters, her body did not care.

In a dazed haze of lust, the raven-haired mutant was raped again and again
by the frenzied horde in an orgy of demonic lust and debauchery. Her
countless orgasms blew her mind as they took her repeatedly and
simultaneously in every dripping orifice. In her mouth. In her
stretched-opened pussy. And finally, to her total humiliation, in her ass as
well. Lost in passion, Psylocke reared and jammed her hips back against the
anal assault, trying to drive the invading cock deeper into her nether
passage. Bestial howls and her estatic cries echoed throughout the hall
unceasingly as the demon soldiers fucked the young mutant female completely
and in every way possible.

At last after several hours, the horde withdrew, all their diabolic desires
satiated. Psylocke was left lying on her stomach, her body sweaty with
exhaustion, sticky demon cum oozing from her every orifice. Her once perfect,
pale stainy skin was now marred by numerous bruises and scratches seeping
blood. Her long dark hair was plastered to her face, matted with her sweat
and demon cum. Drying cum was caking on her red lips, and around the openings
of her pussy and anus. Beneath her, the floor was slick with unholy fluids,
both hers and that of her demon-rapists.

On the raised throne, the demon-lord Maelfas who had watched the entire
proceedings unmoved, smiled slowly. It was time. The intricate cube that had
brought the human female here to the Plane of Lust spun in the air above his
hands. With a mental command, the final puzzle unmade itself with mettalic
whirrs and clicks, before coming to rest in the demon-lord's palm. With a
flash, both the cube and the unmoving body of Psylocke vanished.

The End


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