Demon Lust Part 3 - Orgy On The Plane Of Lust (MF+,MF,cons,nc-cons,demon)
by Redvenom

Jean heard her name called, then moaned as she struggled into consciousness,
her mind hazy from the psychic journey. She felt herself being pulled onto
her feet, still rubbery from her dazed state. Beside her Psylocke held her
up, supporting her sagging shoulders with her strong arms.

"Jean Grey of the X-Men, Lord," Jean heard her team mate announce to someone
on the far side of the great hall.

Jean forced her eyes open to stare at the demonically handsome stranger on an
ornate throne which seemed to be carved from solid obsidian. His blued skin
and huge bat wings indicated his supernatural origins. Taut muscles strained
against the brass armour her wore. Lounging at his side on soft cushions were
several female demons who Jean recognized as succubi. Jean blushed when the
stranger's eyes studied her indecently-clad form, missing nothing.

[Ahh, the renowned psionic mutant known as Phoenix.] the stranger purred, his
voice velvety in Jean's hazy mind.

"Jean, meet Lord Maelfas, ruler of the Plane of Lust" Psylocke whispered in
Jean's ear.

Unsure of what was in store for both of them, Jean tried to summon her mutant
powers but with a shock realized that they were not available. She noticed
the sly smile on the demon lord's face as he noted her shock.

[In my realm, nothing happens unless I wish it, mortal.]

With a glance from Lord Maelfas, Jean felt her limbs frozen. Sweat beaded
on her forehead as she struggled against the spell, but it was as if an
invisible giant held her immobile. Hissing in frustration, Jean stopped
straining against her bonds when she noticed Psylocke step forward to a low
platform in the center of the hall before climbing atop it. For the first
time, Jean noticed that the hall was full of demons of all shapes and sizes,
watching the proceedings eagerly. And every eye in the place was focused on
Psylocke's naked, well-toned body. Hoarse shouts and indecent suggestions
erupted from a hundred throats in a cacophony of demonic lust.

As Lord Maelfas settled himself onto his throne, Jean heard a commotion among
the horde as a monstrous beast emerged from within their ranks. The monster
stood on four legs the height of a horse, but much heavier with the head and
body of a lion. Leathery, batlike wings sprouted from its powerfully muscled
back and its tail bristled with long, barbed spines. It was a manticore. The
sight of the fearsome beast was enough to make the noisy horde hush as they
grudgingly parted to allow it passage to the platform.

Jean watched as the manticore leapt smoothly onto the platform to face a
visibly trembling Psylocke. The monster circled her several times, viewing
the raven-haired mutant from all angles. Yellowed fangs glinted in the huge
mouth as the creature growled his approval, licking his lips. For a second,
Jean thought that the manticore was going to attack and devour her team
mate. The redhead gaped in horror when she noticed the furry sheath beneath
the monster twitch as it erected to monstrous proportions, and she realized
what was about to happen. And that she would have an unobstructed view of

Jean gasped in disgust and revulsion as her raven-haired team mate fell
submissively onto her hands and knees, her head down and her hips raised
invitingly. Phoenix held her breath as the monster moved behind the
bent-over Psylocke, his enormous purple-veined cock twitching with each
pulse. Aiming for her puffed open pussy already dripping with juice, the
manticore mounted her from behind doggy-style with a powerful lunge. Jean
choked back her nausea as she heard Psylocke scream in pain as the monster
cock forcefully entered her body.


Psylocke howled as she trashed about, her hair flying wildly, desperately
trying to accomodate the monster cock driving into her painfully tight
passage. Helplessly pinned under the manticore's weight, she could only
scream in pain as she was penetrated by the largest cock she had ever seen.
The monster roared in pleasure at the incredible friction around its awesome
cock, its iron-hard claws digging furrows into the stone.

"Eeeeeee! Eeeeeiiiiihhhh! Ahhhhhhhh!"

After several minutes of being brutally ravaged, Psylocke's cries and screams
abated to silence as she passed out under the pain of the assault. Holding
her immobile with his powerful forelegs, the monster took her unconscious
body savagely. Psylocke flopped about like a limp doll from the power of the
bestial thrusts, her full breasts bouncing with each stroke. Speechless in
shock, Jean had her eyes glued to the terrifying spectacle of her team mate
being raped by a monstrous beast.

As she watched, Psylocke began to stir from her faint. Jean could swear that
she could hear breathy moans from Psylocke's open mouth. Her eyes still
closed, Psylocke began to pant and her moans became more audible. To Jean's
shock, it was a moan of shameless pleasure. The redhead felt her arousal rise
at the thought that her team mate was enjoying the bestial rape. And that
awesome cock! Jean shuddered and wondered if she would be next and how it
would feel inside her. And to her horror, she was lubricating at the thought.

"Ohhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhh!" Psylocke cried to the cheers and shouts of
the watching demon horde.

Entranced, Jean watched as her team mate began to thrust her buttocks back
against the furry groin of the monster, trying to increase the penetration.
Her wails of pleasure could be heard above the noise of the excited horde.
Her slender body rocked beneath the monster as it fucked her brutally, each
thrust bringing an appreciative cry from her wide-open mouth. Jean could see
the cords stand out on her neck as the raven-haired mutant approached her
climax. Saliva spilled out of the corner of Psylocke's mouth as she drooled.
As Jean watched, Beth stiffened suddenly, then screamed out in an orgasmic
cry that went on and on.

"Yess! Yessss! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

The manticore held onto the bucking, trashing Psylocke as she climaxed,
gushing her fluids against her bestial rapist. Her abundant juices could be
clearly seen running down her legs in slow, shiny trails, collecting in
sticky pools beneath her. Jean heard iron-hard claws scrape against the
stone as the manticore rammed his cock as deep into the mutant female as it
would go, roaring its bestial climax. The effect of the great gouts of hot
monster cum shooting inside her caused Psylocke to cum again. She arched her
back powerfully, screaming herself hoarse as her body spasmed in a series of
violent orgasms.

"Ahhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Psylocke slumped to the ground in exhaustion, her body sticky with sweat and
carnal fluids. Grunting, the manticore withdrew from the mutant female, its
cock still twitching. A gout of thick demon seed spurted out of her abused
pussy, running down her sleek legs to join the sticky pools already forming
on the smooth stone. As the monster leaped down off the platform, the
leering, excited crowd closed on the exhausted Psylocke. Jean could see that
they were all powerfully erect from watching Beth's rape. All eager to sample
the pleasures of her supple body.

Jean looked on helplessly as the horde blocked her view of her team mate,
their grasping hands roving over Psylocke's naked form. Red welts appeared on
Beth's pale skin as their claws drew blood. Psylocke gasped as her breasts
were mauled, moaning as more hands rummaged between her sleek thighs. As
Phoenix watched, the raven haired mutant was hoisted into the air by a huge
four-armed demon, whose cock stood up stiff like a spear.

Unresisting, Psylocke allowed herself to be lifted atop the cock, her hands
positioning the hard length at the entrance of her abused pussy. Psylocke
screamed at the sudden penetration as she was speared upon the huge cock,
her weight driving the hard length deeply inside her. The raven haired mutant
flailed her head wildly, her long hair streaming down her shoulders like a
tattered cape. Locking her supple legs around her attacker's thick waist, she
began to grind her hips frantically onto the inpaling cock. Her full breasts
quivered from the exquisite sensations as her cries lapsed into incoherent
grunts and moans.

"Ohhh Yesss! Fuck me like that! Uhhhh! Uhhhhh! Ohhhhhh!"

The demonic horde roared in appreciation at the sight of the raven-haired
woman riding a large demon cock in shameless passion. A wide grin on his
face, her attacker held on to her hips firmly with his lower arms. His claws
drew blood where they broke her pale skin, but Psylocke was past caring. His
remaining hands busied themselves playing with her bouncing breasts, dangling
hot and heavy before his face. Tilting his horned head forward, he fastened
his mouth over one of her delicious tits, licking and sucking noisily.
Psylocke gasped and shuddered as she felt his rough tongue rasping over the
painfully hard nipple.

"Uhhhhh! Uhhhhh! Uhhhhhh! Oh God!, Yessssssssss!!!!"

If Jean had any doubts that her team mate was finding this assault extremely
pleasurable, she didn't now. From her position, she could hear every sigh,
every estatic moan as Psylocke humped away, totally lost in her passion. Jean
tried to tear her eyes away from the carnal spectacle, but found she could
not. While the thought of Beth being sexually abused revolted her, some dark
part of her was reveling at the depravity of the activities taking place
before her. She knew that the damp spot on her panties was growing with her
increasing arousal.

Confused at her mixed emotions, Jean shuddered inwardly as her deeply
suppressed fantasies surfaced in her mind. Often while her husband was making
love to her, she would imagine another man with them. Taking her roughly in
the ass as Cyclops pumped away at her pussy. She would free one hand, snaking
between her buttocks to find that tight ring of muscle. Playing at that
forbidden rear entrance, probing around but never entering. She always wanted
badly to jam one finger as deep inside herself as it would go, but was
fearful Scott would notice. Jean considered telling her husband about her sex
fantasies but was afraid that Scott would be disgusted or worse, think that
he had married a slut.

Jean lurid thoughts were interrupted as she heard the frenzied crowd cheering
madly. She saw that a smaller demon had climbed up behind Psylocke, its
grotesquely twisted arms twinning around her narrow waist. Jean gasped when
she saw that the demon was rubbing its scaly red cock up and down the dark
valley between Beth's taut, muscled buttocks. Jean bit her lips hard enough
to draw blood as she saw the demon jerk his groin forward suddenly, driving
his cock into her team mate's defenceless anus. The effect of the anal
assault on the raven-haired woman was immediate and vocal.

"Eeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!! Ohhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhh!" Psylocke reared like a
wounded animal, wailing delightedly as the second demon cock entered her
body to complete her total possession.

As Jean watched entranced by her team mate's double penetration, she felt
her own juices running freely down her thighs. Her eyes were locked on the
sight of Beth writhing uncontrollably between her demonic rapists, crying
out incoherently in her passion. She saw the first demon bring his long tail
up, curling it round until the tip was dangling before Beth's beautiful face,
now twisted and strained in sexual torment. Her eyes shut tightly, Psylocke
failed to notice the tail until the tip darted forward suddenly, entering her
wide-open mouth and muffling her frantic moans. Beth choked, nearly gagging
as the tough, pliable member forced its way into her wet mouth and down her
throat. A slow trickle of drool spilled out of the corner of Psylocke's mouth
as the working tail made lewd slurping sounds.

"Ohhhhmmmmfmffff! Ommmffff! Mmmmmmmfffgh!" Psylocke went, as copious amounts
of saliva dribbled down her chin.

Her chest heaving with uninvited arousal, Jean had difficulty breathing. The
sheer depravity of the scene overwhelmed her and tormented her mind. Her eyes
were glued to the sight of Psylocke flailing about in a series of violent
orgasms, trapped between two wildly humping demons. The effect of watching
and listening as Beth climaxed again and again made her quiver in lust. From
her position, she could clearly see the demonic cocks glisten as they
withdrew before plunging into Psylocke's writhing body front and rear. She
could hear the audible slurping as the demons thrust themselves into her
helpless team mate. She heard Psylocke's every gasp, moan, and orgasmic cry.
Despite herself, she could not help imagining herself in Psylocke's place.
Writhing away like Beth did as hard members penetrated her in every

Engrossed in her team mate's ordeal, Jean failed to notice that the obsidian
throne was empty. Neither did she see the Lord of Lust appear suddenly behind
her, his eyes glinting with malice. The redhead hardly realized that she had
been released from the paralysis spell until she felt two strong hands on her
body, cupping her jutting breasts. Jean gasped in shock as her black lacy bra
was torn away and her full breasts sprung free of the confining garment.

"Eeeeeeeeiiihhhh!" Jean screamed, trying to twist away from the demon lord's
grasping hands as they mauled her tits, clawed fingers rasping over the erect

"NO! NO! NO!" Jean cried out in panic as she felt herself lifted up
effortlessly like a doll. Felt her scanty panties ripped apart, fluttering
to the ground. A long hard length brushed past her exposed buttocks. Aiming
further upwards.

"Nooooooooooooooooooo!" she screamed in shock as the ruler of the Plane of
Lust pulled her powerfully on top of his monster cock, her weight combining
with his awesome strength driving the terrible implement to the hilt inside
her painfully tight pussy. Crying out in pain, Jean tried desperately to
relax her inner muscles to accomodate the huge intruder pushing deeper into
her than any man had ever been.

Pausing momentarily, Lord Malfeas growled in satisfaction at the sight of
the delectable earth female helplessly impaled upon his huge member.
Grunting, the demon lord began to work his blue cock in and out of her,
raising and lowering her supple body effortlessly. Despite her copious
fluids, she was incredibly tight and the going was hard. With a cruel smile
on his visage, he drank in Jean's gasps and cries, ignoring her desperate
pleas as he took her powerfully.

"Noooooo! Please! Stoooop! Pleaseeeeeee! Ohhhhhhhhh!" she cried, feeling her
sensitive vaginal passage opened up like never before. Her full breasts
bounced deliciously with each thrust.

"Nooo! Nooo! Ohhhhhh! Ohhhh! No moreeeee! Pleaseeeee!"

"Ohhhh! Pleeeease! Ahhhhhh! Ahhhhh! Ahhhh!"

"Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh!"

"Eeeeeeiii! Ahhhhhh! Ahhhhhh!"

Phoenix lapsed into incoherent gasps and cries as her rape went on for long
minutes, even her powerfully conditioned mind dizzy and confused from the
pain and shock. However, as the initial pain faded, Jean was aware of more
satisfying sensations begining to ripple along her skin. She trembled
involuntarily at the thought of the demon cock filling every inch of her
vaginal passage. Her hips twitched as she felt her inner muscles began to
contract and relax in time to the relentless thrusts. She had to choke back
a cry of delight as she felt the monstrous cock driving deeply into her
pussy. That incredible wet frictioning against her sensitive walls...

No! As her mind recoiled in horror that she was beginning to enjoy the rape,
Phoenix tried to quell her growing arousal. She moaned, bitting her lower
lip hard enough to draw blood as the demon cock pistoned deliciously inside
her. Jean could feel fresh wetness between her legs and knew she was
lubricating furiously. She had to fight the urge to grind her hips against
the awesome cock, trying to override her body's instinctive response to the
intense sexual stimulation. Her fists clenched helplessly, Jean tried to
think about Scott. 'Oh God! What would Scott say if he saw her taken like
this... By a demon... By that monster cock! So big... So deep... No... No...
Must not...'

"Nooooooooooooo!" Jean moaned as she felt her control slipping, her conscious
mind succumbing to much baser human desires. Even as her body rejoiced in the
carnal sensations, her mind continued to scream: Oh God! Oh God! No! No! No!
She shuddered inwardly, feeling her taut muscles tense in a final gesture of
resistance as her conflicting emotions built up to a climax. So good... So
deep inside me... Too far gone... Going to...

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Yesss!" she screamed in surrender, her long red hair
flying about like a tattered banner as she threw her head back.

Crying out in sheer sexual delight, Jean locked her legs powerfully around
the demon lord's thick waist, riding the monster cock for all she was worth.
She shuddered as she ground her hips down hungrily against the pistoning
cock, her vaginal passage stretched to its fullest by the demon's huge cock.
Jean's abundant juices glistened on the demon cock as it continued driving
up inside her with wet, slurping sounds.

"Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhhh!" she went, totally lost in her pleasure as her
orgasm began to build.

Her long red hair cascaded like waves as Phoenix arched her back, her full
breasts thrusting out invitingly. Jean felt the rough hands of her demon
lover maul her breasts, claws rasping over her erect nipples. Jean gasped as
she felt first one swollen nipple, then the other pierced by a razor-sharp
claw, the sudden pain heightening her pleasure immensely. Droplets of her
blood mingled with her sweat, pooling in the valley between her breasts.

"Yesssssss!" she hissed, dizzy from heady mixture of pain and pleasure.

Writhing helplessly atop the huge cock, Jean hardly felt the demon lord's
hand reaching behind her wildly-gyrating hips. She tensed, realizing what
was happening as the exploring hand found the deep crease between the taut
mounds of her shapely buttocks. Jean gasped as she felt one clawed finger
probing around the tight, winking orifice. Flailing her red-maned head
about, Jean screamed in complete surrender as the finger squirmed past the
tight ring of muscle, sinking to the knuckle inside her rear passage.

"Oh God! Oh God! Yesssss!" she cried, no longer caring, her body afire with

As the awesome cock filled her pussy to the brim, the strong finger twisted
away madenningly inside her backside. Driven into a frenzy from being
penetrated both fore and aft, Jean urged her demon lover with words she
never dreamed she would use.

"Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh! Fuck me! Fuck my ass!" she begged.

A cruel smile spread on the face of Lord Maelfas as the human female
succumbed to his mastery of the arts of lust. He totally enjoyed the
depravity of the scene: Jean Grey, one of the world's foremost mutant
powers, the dignified wife of the leader of the world famous X-Men
helplessly impaled on his cock. Screaming and humping away like a whore as
she begged for more debasement.

"Uhhhhh! Uhhhhhh! Ohhhhh!" Jean intoned, her breathing ragged as she hovered
on the brink of climax. Feeling the familiar convulsions begin inside
herself. Going... going... going...

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she screamed as her senses exploded, her body
jerking about in uncontrollable spasms. In a frenzy, Jean jammed her hips
savagely against her demon lover, riding out her orgasm as her legs locked
like pythons around the thick waist. Holding firmly onto her wildly trashing
body, Lord Maelfas allowed the redhead to enjoy her climax. Until moaning
softly, she slumped exhausted against his muscular chest.

The Lord of Lust, however, was not so easily sated. His powerful arms lifted
Jean's sweaty body, freeing his glistening cock from the tight, wet confines
of her pussy. Her eyes closed, Jean moaned in disappointment as he withdrew
from her body. Her overflowing juices spilled out of her pussy, running down
her sleek legs in shiny rivulets. Manhandling the red-haired mutant like a
doll, the demon lord spun her around, her back facing him, her feet not
touching the ground. His eyes traced a line down her back, past her slim
hips, down to the dark inviting crease between the taut globes of her

[That time was yours, mortal. Now it is mine.]

Barely hearing his words in her head, Jean stirred as she felt the thick,
hard length nosing about her asshole. With a gasp of horror she realized
what the demon lord intended, moments before she felt his huge cock force
its way into her painfully tight anus. Her eyes flying open, Phoenix
screamed in shock and pain at the intrusion into her most intimate orifice.


"Ahhhhhh! Ahhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhh!" she wailed helplessly as the monster cock
forced its way into her ass, stretching her forbidden passage to its limits.
Clawing frantically at air, Jean tried desperately to relax her anal muscles,
fearful of being torn apart by the massive intruder in her backside.

The demon cock was halfway inside her when Jean realized with a shock that
the intense pain only heightened her pleasure. She was wetter than she had
ever been and her nipples were so hard they were painful to the touch. With
a gargled cry, she shifted her weight and jammed her buttocks back against
the hard length, impaling herself further. Her full breasts quivered with
the sensation as demon lord's huge cock finally came to rest, embedded fully
inside her rectum. Lord Maelfas paused momentarily to enjoy the view of his
cock buried to the hilt between the human female's rounded buttocks.

Cheers erupted from the assembled horde as they gleefully watched their
demonic ruler take the beautiful redhead in the ass. Lord Maelfas turned
around slowly, displaying his sexual conquest to his noisy subjects. Drunk
from the exquisite sensations of pain and pleasure, Jean writhed helplessly
in the iron grasp of her demon lover. Her eyes closed, she was barely heard
the crude comments from the boisterous crowd leering at her degradation.

She barely felt the demon lord tense his powerful legs, shifting her body to
a more accessible position. Jean gasped as she was lifted off his cock, the
intense frictioning bringing new pain/pleasure to her confused senses. His
control absolute, Lord Maelfas stopped just before his cock slipped out of
her backside before pressing forward again. Until he was once more fully
hilted inside Jean's anal passage.

Again and again. Slowly at first, then gradually increasing in tempo and
energy until he was slamming his groin against her buttocks, the iron hard
member pistoning into her rectum mercilessly. Her backside impaled by Lord
Maelfas' cock, Jean's slender body jerked about like a rag doll under the
power of his thrusts. The redhead's long-drawn out cry of humiliation and
arousal echoed in the cavernous hall as she arched her back powerfully.


The indescribable pain and pleasure mounted until Jean could not separate
them, the unfamiliar sensations driving all rational thought from her
tortured mind. Until she was screaming out her passion, heedless of the
indignities forced upon her. The incredible frictioning in her anal passage
almost made her pass out from the pain. While Phoenix's disciplined mind
recoiled in horror, her body shuddered in unfeigned pleasure, responding to
older, baser instincts. Rendered incapble of coherent speech by the joyous
stretching of her nether orifice, Jean could only flail her head about,
wailing like a banshee.

"Eeeeeeeeuhhhhh! Eeeuhhhhhh! Uhhhhhhhhh!"

Jean shuddered as she felt the stirrings of her orgasm. Almost from their
own accord, her hands reached behind her, pulling the taut cheeks of her
buttocks apart. A trickle of drool spilled out of the corner of her
wide-open mouth as she cried out. Balancing herself, Jean wriggled her ass
so that the cock twisted round and round as it tunneled its way into her
rectum. She choked back a scream as her demon lover intensified his assault,
his cock poling madly in and out of her asshole.

Deep inside her rectum Jean felt the demon cock began to twitch. Felt her
own orgasm spiral out of control as she realized that he was going to shoot
off inside her ass. As the first spurt of diabolic semen splashed inside
her, Jean leant back, jamming her buttocks down hard atop his cock. Her
weight drove the wildly-spurting cock as far as it would go up her anal

"EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Phoenix screamed as she felt her orgasm wash over her
at the feel of the warm cum slooshing against the abused inner walls of her

Lord Maelfas held the redhead firmly as she bucked and writhed, cum spurting
from her anus and her own juices running freely down her wildy-kicking legs.
When he had expended the last drop of his considerable load inside her he
lifted her up and away from his still-hard member. Eyes closed, Jean moaned
softly as she felt his member slip out if her. A cruel smile played upon his
demonic features as he surveyed the watching horde around him. Their beady
eyes burned with lust as they feasted on Phoenix's naked, sweaty body.

Just behind them he could hear Psylocke's wails of delight as she was
ravaged by his demon-soldiers. The dark-haired Elizabeth Braddock had been
repeatedly raped in every orifice already but the lustful horde where not
satiated yet. They took her roughly in twos and threes, in every carnal
position imaginable. And from the estatic sounds she was making, Psylocke
was enjoying every second of it. Between the wildy humping mass of bodies,
Lord Maelfas could make out the female mutant's lithe form on her hands and
knees. Her splendid mouth appeared to be working away on a warty cock,
making wet, slurping sounds with saliva and cum running down her chin.
Another demon was humping away behind her, grunting in pleasure as he
mounted her doggy style. Psylocke's full, firm breasts bounced enticingly
with each stroke as she jammed her hips back against his thrusts. The Lord
of Lust watched as the female ninja arched her back and screamed her orgasm,
her long dark hair flying about her face like a tattered banner.

Satsified, the demon lord of the Plane of Lust turned around, still holding
Jean firmly in his powerful arms. As if sensing they were to be part of
Jean's further degradation, some of the demonic horde who were watching
Psylocke drew closer. Lord Maelfas eyed the circling crowd of demon-soldiers,
all eager to partake of the pleasures of the redheaded female. With little
effort, he tossed Jean's limp form at the waiting horde. A wild cheer erupted
as the throng converged on the helpless Phoenix.

Startled, Jean screamed as she felt dozens of hands maul her naked, sweaty
body. Sharp claws rasped over her satiny skin, leaving red welts. Her
struggles immobilized by the grasping hands, she felt herself being forced
onto her hands and knees. Strong hands held her head still as a large,
grinning demon positioned himself in front of her, his huge cock standing
out like a spear. As she recoiled from the awful instrument, she felt
another cock behind her, pushing around and finding the mouth of her pussy.
Her cries of despair were soon muffled as the cock was thrust rudely into
her mouth.

"Mfffgggghhhh! Ummffggggg!" she managed, as strong hands held her head
still, the cock pumping into her wet mouth.

"Uhhggggggg! Mffffgggh!" she cried as she felt another cock force its way
into her slobbering pussy from behind, forcing apart the soft, pliable walls
of her vagina.

"Eggggmmmfff! Ugggggmmmmff!" she screamed in horror as as she felt yet
another cock mercilessly reaming her abused anus as it ploughed its way into
her rectum.

The combined simulation of being penetrated completely by 3 demonic cocks
soon overcame her senses as Jean began to jerk in obvious climax, gushing
her own fluids against her rapists. All her self control broken, Phoenix
grabbed at the cock in her mouth, working away furiously until it pulsed,
pumping demonic cum down her throat. Her tight orifices soon caused the
demons ravaging her ass and pussy to shoot off as well, filling her with her
unholy seed. Even before they fell away, more of the demonic horde pressed
themselves against her sweaty form, their ready cocks pushing eagerly into
her abused holes.

Drifting in a haze of pleasure punctuated with the white-hot fire of her
orgasms Jean lost all coherent thought. Not caring as she was violated again
and again by the demonic horde. In a frenzy of lust, Jean welcomed her
bestial rapists in twos and threes, offering herself unreservedly to their
demonic desires. Despite the pain the monsters where inflicting on her
helpless body, her orgasms only intensified. Hard cocks pushing into her
pussy... driving into her wet mouth... plunging into the forbidden depths of
her rectum... Her pleasures spiralling out of control until her estactic
cries echoed around the hall.

On the throne, Lord Maelfas watched in satisfaction as the two female
mutants were ravaged by his demonic subjects. He enjoyed listening to the
carnal choir of their moans, grunts, and cries. Watching their supple bodies
writhing in unfeigned pleasure as their most sensitive and intimate orifices
were violated. Drinking in their estactic expressions as they were brought
to violent orgasm again and again. Until pleasured beyond human endurance,
both women slumped unconscious to the rough floor, stained and sticky with
diabolic fluids and their own juices.

The End


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