X-Men: Demon Lust Part 4 - Now For Storm (FFF,inter,bond,voy,nc-cons)
by Redvenom

Storm felt uneasy as she stopped in front of Psylocke's door. Uneasy because
it felt like she was prying into her team mates' personal lives. However, she
had not seen either Jean or Betsy since last night and it was already noon.
Storm had already checked Jean's room and found it empty. She headed for
Betsy's room next but even before she got there, very audible sounds of
pleasure could be heard. As she neared the door, the female voices became
more distinct. Psylocke's voice for certain. And another woman who was
moaning in unrestrained passion.

"Ohhhh! Ohhhhh! Yessss! Fuck me Betsy... ohhhhhhh!!!!"

Jean's voice.

Startled, Storm stood still for several moments aghast as she let the
situation sink in. It was obvious what was going on from the liquid moans and
cries coming from the other side of the door. Ororo realized that her initial
shock was swiftly replaced by a temptation to see exactly what her team mates
were doing to each other. Taking a deep, guilty breath, she nestled up to the
door, her right eye poised at the keyhole. What she saw made her gasp

Phoenix and Psylocke were both on the bed, stark naked with sweat glistening
on their sleek bodies. Jean was kneeling, her hips raised up so high that her
flowered-open pussy was clearly visible from Storm's position. Behind her,
Betsy was furiously driving a long black dildo into her appreciative team
mate. Jean worked her hips in ryhthm, matching each stroke of the plastic
cock. A slow trickle of juice leaked out of her dripping pussy, running down
the back of her smooth thighs.

"Ohh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Betsy, I'm going to... going to... cum! Ohhh! Ohhh!" went
Jean, rendered incoherent by Psylocke's intense ministrations.

As Storm watched in fascination (and not a little arousal), Psylocke freed
her other hand and began to stroke the deeply shadowed crease between Jean's
taut buttocks. Her long red nails played about the tight ring of muscle,
caressing the redhead's anus. Storm gasped as she witnessed the raven-haired
girl thrusting one finger into Jean, twisting her fingers as they ventured
into her team mate's forbidden orifice.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!" Jean cried, thrusting her hips back to increase the
penetration of the fingers working into her ass.

Storm watched as the redhead shuddered in unfeigned pleasure from the anal
intrusion, her body tensed on the verge of orgasm. A few more thrusts from
Betsy drove Jean over the edge as she abruptly threw her head back, screaming
out an orgasmic cry that went on and on. Psylocke held on to her wildly
bucking hips, continuing to work the glistening implement in and out of
Jean's slobbering pussy. Shivering in obvious ecstasy, the redhead moaned and
gasped until her orgasm dissipated, slumping limply to the bed.

Storm looked away from her peephole, her face heated. God, she never thought
this would happen. Sure, she loved her female team mates as she was sure
Jean and Psylocke did. But as trusted companions. Not lesbian lovers. 'Well,'
she told herself, 'what two adult women want to do with their sex lives is
hardly my business.' She stood up hurriedly, fully intending to get away
before she was discovered but something drew her back. Storm's face was not
then only part of her body that was heated. Guiltily, she squatted again,
her eye pressed to the keyhole.

She was caught completely by surprise when the door flew open. Stumbling
backwards, Storm was trying to regain her feet and mutter some excuse when a
naked Psylocke vaulted smoothly over her.

"Uhhh..." Storm managed before Psylocke pinned her right arm behind her back,
locking her strong arm across her throat.

"Hello Ororo... heard you walking down the hall" Betsy grinned. "Spying on
your team mates now, then?"

Storm struggled, trying to break the hold. The choke hold was cutting of her
oxygen slowly, making her knees weak. She cursed herself for a fool. She
should have realised that very few people would have the skills necessary to
sneak up on Psylocke. Even in the midst of sex. She saw Jean walk up to the
door, naked and sweaty from her sexual activities with Betsy.

"Betsy, Jean. Please let me go, I..."

"Oh no, we couldn't do that," Betsy whispered seductively in her ear. "Jean,
why don't you show her how good it felt to cum just now."

"No Jean, don't. I... ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Storm managed before Phoenix forced
the sensations from her last climax into Storm's defenceless mind.

Psylocke held onto her captive firmly as Ororo reared wildly, her back
arching involuntarily as she experienced the full force of Jean's orgasm.
Her knees buckling, Storm sagged against her captor, the sudden, intense
pleasure overcoming her senses. Beneath her silk shirt, her nipples erected
powerfully as her body writhed in uncontrolled spasms. Giddy with arousal,
she barely realized what was going on when her team mates dragged her into
the room and onto the bed. She heard the jingle of chains and felt cold
metal lock around her slender wrists. As she began to struggle, she felt her
long legs forced apart and locked as well.

"No Betsy... Jean... please let me go!" Storm mumbled.

"Oh no, Ororo. A mind-projection orgasm is no substitute for the real thing."
Jean grinned, licking her red lips in satisfaction at Storm's helpless

With a mental command, she began to undo the buttons on Storm's shirt,
revealing the white bra she wore underneath. Her full firm breasts sprung
free as Jean undid her bra before continuing to strip off her team mate's
clothes with her mutant powers. Storm began to protest, struggling
helplessly as she felt her pants pulled down to her thighs. Her sodden
panties soon followed, uncovering her already dripping pussy.

"And besides," Psylocke added " haven't had a good fuck in awhile...
just relax... And don't worry, you can scream as loud as you want."

Her mind clouded by the after effects of Jean's projected climax, Storm was
totally confused. The idea of being raped by her own team mates filled her
with horror but she was unsure about using her considerable mutant powers
against two people she considered her friends. While it was certainly true
that she had a rather barren sex life, she was not sure that having a
lesbian encounter with her team-mates was the best way to deal with it.

Fearful of what was going to happen, she watched as Psylocke climbed over
her dusky, spread-eagled form, eyes focused on the mound between her legs.
Storm's resolve hardened and she fully intended to stop Betsy from violating
her body. Tingles of electricity ran down her skin as she summoned her
mutant powers. Outside, the sunny afternoon visibly darkened as dark clouds
began to gather. Before the bound woman could unleash her powers, Psylocke
mashed her mouth against Storm's engorged pussy, licking and sucking
expertly. The effect on the statuesque woman beneath her was immediate.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Storm shrieked like a banshee, feeling Betsy's
working tongue rasp exquisitely across her tender, swollen clit.

Ororo's body began to jerk in involuntary rapture as Psylocke took her team
mate orally, just as she had done with Jean. Betsy's mouth worked furiously,
lapping up Storm's leaking juices as the bound woman pulled desperately on
her restraints. Trying to get away from that maddening tongue which was on
the verge of driving her into a sexual frenzy. Storm moaned as she felt long
nails brush over her exposed breasts. A second later, Jean's wet mouth
enveloped her nipples, her teeth nibbling gently on the hardened peaks so
deliciously. Storm shuddered, feeling her resolve rapidly eroded by the
expert attentions of her team mates.

"No! No! Please stop! stop! Jean, Betsy, we musn't! we musn't!" Storm cried
even as she felt her orgasm began to build, spiralling rapidly out of

Despite her resistance, her supple body, long starved of sexual satisfaction
responded eagerly to the pleasures. Unable to contain her rising arousal,
Storm choked back a cry of delight as her slender hips began to trust upwards
of their own control to meet Psylocke's invading tongue. With Jean licking
wetly on her painfully erect nipples and Betsy tonguing her sensitive clit
madly, she was quickly being taken over the edge.

Outside, a mini tornado swirled around the X Mansion as Storm writhed under
the attentions of her team mates, her carefully-restrained mutant powers in
confusion. Thunder rumbled in the darkened sky with each moan. Each gasp
sent arcs of static electricty playing over her dusky skin. Each cry of
pleasure sent lightning dancing to the earth in jagged streaks of
uncontrolled energy.

"Eeeeeeeeehhhhh!" Storm wailed as she felt first one, then two fingers
parting the firm lips of her pussy, before worming their away inside her
warm, slick vaginal passage.

"Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!" Storm cried out, her flailing arms causing the
handcuffs to jangle wildly.

Psylocke worked the bound woman's body expertly, timing each thrust of her
supple fingers and each measured lick of Storm's engorged clit. Her hands
were soon drenched in Storm's freely flowling juices. Betsy's fingers
glistened wetly, making lewd slurping sounds as they worked their way inside
Storm's sensitive vaginal passage. By the time, Ororo's pleas had long
lapsed into incoherent moans and gasps as she desperately tried to hold back
her approaching climax.

"Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhh!"

Her restraints jangling, Storm jerked about in rapture totally lost in the
sensations of the lesbian sex her team mates were inflicting on her. She had
never felt her body so inflamed by passion. That she was totally helpless to
prevent it added a wierd thrill and heightened the experience immeasurably.
As she hovered on the brink of her orgasm, Storm knew she was going to cum
and that she would not be able to stop it. Her body wanted it too much to

Psylocked grinned, savoring the involuntary reactions she was inflicting on
her bound team mate. As she felt Storm's body tense at the brink of her
climax, Psylocke bit down onto her team mate's shivering clit. Storm's scream
of pain and sexual release almost broke her eardrums.


Psylocke held onto Storm as she trashed about on the bed, her full breasts
quivering from the intense sensations coursing through her body. Her long
pale hair flailed wildly as she jerked her head about, juices spurting from
between her legs. Psylocke continued to work her dripping fingers into
Storm's spasming pussy until her orgasm spent itself. The pale-haired woman
slumped limply on the bed, her eyes closed and breathing heavily.

Storm opened her eyes to watch both her team mate's eyeing her bound form.
She blushed furiously when she noticed the wetly glistening stains on the
bedspread beneath her. She had never experienced ejaculation before in all
her previous sexual encounters. Breathing heavily, Ororo said nothing as
Psylocke unlocked her restraints. Rubbing her wrists, reddened and sore from
the metal Storm sat up as her team mates set down beside her.

"Ororo, Me and Jean are going to fuck ourselves senseless all afternoon. If
you want, you can watch us. Or..," Betsy licked her lips, "...join in"

Silently Storm left the bed, her juices still dribbling out of her engorged
sex and running slowly down her thighs. Her knees felt weak as she gathered
her discarded clothing, stumbling towards the door. She got as far as the
doorway before she heard Psylocke's throaty moan. Ororo turned to find that
Phoenix's face buried in her team mate's sex, Betsy's strong hands tangled
in her red locks. Lewd slurping sounds came from between Psylocke's
spread-wide legs as the redhead orally pleasured her.

[It felt good, didn't it Ororo?] Jean teased, her words warm and sensual in
Storm's mind.

Storm trembled, he eyes locked onto the lesbian sex scene between her team

[Trust me, it gets better. Betsy took me in my bum last night. It felt dirty
for awhile. Then it felt good. Very good. Once you have been fucked in the
ass, you'll always want a hard cock there.]

Storm trembled at her words, recalling her own sex fantasies buried deeply
in her subconscious.

[You can't hide your desires from me, Oro. You want to be taken from behind
don't you? You imagine that when you masturbate every night, with your long
fingers in that tight, tight hole...]

Storm gasped, realizing that Jean was probing her mind.

[...hmmmm... Oh, Ororo, you slut. Thinking filthy thoughts about Logan while
doing yourself. ...Imagining his strong hands cupping your breasts ...his
hairy chest tickling your back as he drives his awesome cock deep into your
ass from behind... Mmmm...]

Storm watched as Psylocke shuddered and came on the bed, her nectar spurting
into Jean's hungry mouth. Storm continued watching as if hypnotized as Jean
turned round and approached her. Her red lips were still wet with Psylocke's
juices, a slow trail running down her delicate chin. Kept watching as Jean
licked her lips sensously, savoring the taste. Storm held herslf still as
Jean stood on her toes, pressing her mouth against hers. Ororo could taste
Betsy's juices as the redhead pushed her tongue into her mouth.

On the bed, Psylocke watched in fascination as her team-mates kissed deeply,
tongues playing wetly. Saw Storm reach up a hand, searching for and finding
Jean's full breasts. Her long fingers playing about the erect nubs at their
peaks. Moaning as Jean dropped one hand between her legs, her fingers
parting the engorged lips of Storm's pussy. When at last they parted, Storm
pushed the door shut, shooting the bolt home and locking it. Hand in hand,
Storm and Phoenix walked towards the bed and the waiting Psylocke.

Jean leapt onto the bed, turning around so that she and Psylocke were in the
classic "69" position, their mouths poised at each other's sex with the
redhead on top. With a cry, Betsy mashed her mouth against Phoenix's dripping
pussy, licking and sucking madly. Jean moaned and reciprocated, her tongue
lapping around and inside Psylocke's warm, wet orifice. Storm watched as
Betsy carefully parted Jean's taut buttocks, exposing her puckered rear
orifice. Shivering at the sheer lewdness of the deed she was about to do,
Storm reached for Jean's proffered ass with a hesitant hand.

Phoenix moaned in delight as she felt Ororo's strong fingers probing around
her anus, lighly tracing the ring of muscle that surrounded it. Pausing,
Storm wet her finger thoroughly, lubricating it with her saliva. She gasped
as she inserted her finger into that forbidden entrance, feeling Jean's anal
muscles clenching and sucking on the invading digit. The double stimulation
soon caused the redhead to writhe, crying out her pleasure as her team mates
worked her over. Betsy began to jerk as well as Jean's excited tongue rapsed
fiercely over her own clit, now and then diving between the puffed open lips
of her pussy.

[Mmmmm.... mmmmm.... Mustn't be selfish, Jean.] Psylocke pulsed.

Storm shuddered as she felt Jean's presence in her mind, probing gently. An

[Oro... relax... you can feel what we feel...]

Nodding, Storm relaxed her mind, feeling a warm intrusion into her
subconscious as her team mates made creative use of their mutant psionic
powers to form a mind link. Suddenly she could feel Betsy's tongue on her
Jean's erect clit, Jean's licking on Betsy's pussy, and her own finger
inside Jean's anus. All at once.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Storm cried, quicky brought to the verge of a

[Ummmm... I think she likes it] Psylocke teased.

Fully excited now, Storm brought forth her own mutant powers, sending arcs
of static electricty running down her skin. Sparks rippled down her arm and
hand, and then down her finger working inside Jean's anal passage. All three
X-women screamed at the pain transmitted over the mindlink, blowing their
minds in a simultaneous climax. Juices spraying everywhere, their sweating
bodies trashed about in uncontrollable spasms in the most intense orgasm
they had ever experienced.

Storm was the first to recover, pushing Jean over onto her back and squatting
over her face. The redhead obliged, her supple tongue flicking deliciously
over the wetly glistening lips of Ororo's pussy. Behind her, Psylocke was
busy locating something from the bedside drawer. Storm shot a glanced at the
room mirror, watching in fascination as the female ninja began to fasten a
large strap on dildo. She had heard of devices like these, but had never seen
one up close. Psylocke was busy lubricating the rude implement, coating its
long, firm length with some slick substance. Storm shuddered in anticipation
as she realized that she was going to experience it much, much closer.

Eyes locked on the view in the mirror, Ororo watched as the female ninja
mounted her from behind. Moaned as Betsy's hands reached around, finding the
pale-haired girl's swollen breasts. Playing idly with the painfully erect
nipples as the fake cock rubbed exquisitely up and down the valley between
Ororo's firm buttocks. With a start, Storm realized why Betsy needed all
that lubrication when the tip of the dildo found her virgin anus. Moaning as
it began to ease firmly inside, reaming the constricting ring of muscle.

Storm screamed in both pain and delight as Psylocke moved forward letting
her weight drive the implement up to the hilt inside the pale haired girl's
tight asshole. She felt her climax wash over her, spraying her juices into
Jean's working mouth as Betsy began to slide the dildo in and out of Storm's
ass. The feel of Psylocke's erect nipples pressing against her sweaty back...
her skillful fingers working over her breasts... Jean's tongue rasping
against her clit... and that awesome implement lodged deeply inside her
ass... Coming again and again... sweaty female bodies flailing against each
other in joyous passion... returning the favour by taking Betsy in the ass
as the raven-haired girl writhed in delight...

Hard nipples rubbed deliciously against each other as the X-women switched
positions. Storm savoured the unfamiliar experience as she impaled Jean...
the fake cock parting the firm walls of the redhead's pussy again and again
until she orgasmed... doing likewise to an appreciative Psylocke...
shuddering as both Jean and Betsy worked her dripping orifices... fingers
and dildo poling into her squirming body... more orgasms... pushing Jean
onto her hands and knees before taking her from behind... delighting in the
sight of the dildo buried to the hilt inside Phoenix's shapely ass...

* * *

In the aftermath, as the three exhausted women recovered from their
exertions, Psylocke sat up, eyeing her team mates.

"So what are you going to do tonight?"

Jean blinked, considering. "Well... I'll be with Scott. There's so many
things we haven't done yet. So I guess we will be fucking our brains out the
whole night. Plus I can use my telekinesis to "help" keep him hard. I'm
going to see if we can use up the whole tube of KY Jelly," Jean laughed.
"And you?"

"Well, that leaves only Wolvie. Ororo?"

Storm smiled seductively. "He is mine. Logan's regenerative powers will
probably mean I'm going to have all of my sex fantasies and then some
fulfilled tonight."

"You people have all the luck," Psylocke complained. "So that just leaves me
with this stupid box" she said, tossing and catching the puzzle cube.

The End


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