WARNING -- The following story contains graphic sexual descriptions. Those
under 18 or offended by such material should not read it!

An explanation as to where this would fit in X-Men continuity

(for those who have READ X-Men recently)

I never read the issues where Jubilee was introduced, so this story takes
place not then, but all the way back between X-Men #9 and #10.

(for those who have WATCHED X-Men recently ON TV)

This story has mutants which are not currently on the team, like Colossus,
Archangel, Bishop, and Iceman, and a mutant that hasn't been on the show yet,
Psylocke, but the familiar lineup of the Professor, Cyclops, Wolverine,
Storm, Rogue, Gambit, Jean Grey, Beast, and Jubilee are also included.

This is the first story I've ever written. I hope you like it.

And finally an apology. Some of the measurements in the story are
exaggerated, both because of Jubilee's state of mind and because these
characters exist in the most fantastic and unusual world there is: comic
books. So if you can believe even for a second that there could be X-Men,
then believe that they could have body parts those sizes and still battle

X-Men: Jubilee's Initiation Into The X-Men Part 1 (no sex)
by Leto

Jubilation Lee was trying to study the geometry book the Professor had told
her to read when a thunderous boom that echoed throughout the X-Mansion
erupted from next door. She groaned. Being the most junior member of the
team really sucked, she thought, because they stuck you in the room next to
the Danger Room, where the other X-Men would practice not getting killed.
That meant Jubilee's room was ten feet away from plasma explosions and
twenty-ton weights getting tossed around like baseballs.

"God, shut up over there, you turbo muscle freak! Get a nice quiet power like
mine!" she screamed at the steel wall. No answer. The computerized alarm
clock holographically showed her it was 10:45 pm. Another boom made the room
shake. Jubilee threw the book in the corner and got off her bed. She caught a
whiff of foul air as she stood, then realized it was the sweat still on her
body from the evening workout she'd had. She opened the thick sliding door
and headed for the girls' shower.

In the lightly painted but cold metal hallway, she saw clumps of blue fur
strewn about on the floor on the way.

"Geezuz H. Tapdancing Christmas, Beast, can't you clean up for yourself?" she
asked to someone in particular, but someone who was probably fast asleep.

Farther down the hallway, she stepped over a large chunk of ice and then in
a huge puddle of freezing cold water. Iceman must have just been in the

"Bobby Drake, you lame-o popsicle, get down here and clean this up!" Jubilee
screamed again to no avail.

Finally she made it to the showers. Steam filled the room, and Jubilee heard
the water running. As she got to a set of clothes hooks, Jubilee heard a moan
erupt from the showers. It sounded like someone was having fun in there,
Jubilee thought. She was pulling off the pink shirt which made up the top
half of her uniform when she saw a leg part through the wall of steam that
was separating the showers from the changing room. Jubilee watched as Jean
Grey's body followed the leg out of the shower.

"Oh, hi, Jubilee, I didn't know anyone else was down here," Jean said,
blushing but making no effort to conceal herself.

"Hi, Jean. Is the shower, like, open now? I gotta clean up from my Danger
Room session."

"Go ahead, Jubilation," Jean replied, turning to where she had her clothes
hung. Jubilee stripped off her blue cutoff shorts and panties and walked into
the shower room. As she soaped up her young body, she studied Jean's body
with jealous envy. Jean was about six inches taller, but in no way was that a
flaw. Jean had very long legs and a tight ass like Jubilee, but Jubilee knew
she was outclassed by Jean in every other area. Jubilee had distinctly Asian
features that were vaguely attractive and always kept her straight black hair
cut short. Jean, however, was strikingly beautiful with big green eyes and
long red hair. Jean also possessed more magnificent breasts than any woman
outside of the X-Mansion. Jubilee had seen one of Jean's bras while being
stuck with laundry duty and knew she wore a 42DD. Feeling her own chest with
a soapy hand, Jubilee felt downright pathetic. She couldn't even fill an A
cup with her tiny breasts.

"Girl, remember," Jubilee whispered to herself, "you're only, like, thirteen.
By the time you become, like, old, you'll have tits like those. All mutant
women do."

Jubilee heard the shower room door close and saw Jean had left. Jubilee
finished her shower and turned off the water. She stepped out into the
changing room and reached for her panties. Her hand did not reach them,
though. An invisible barrier stopped her.

"Hey, what the..??" she said, trying and failing again, "OK, that's it, I'm
getting more than a little peeved here." Jubilee pointed her hands at her
clothes and released a blast of pyrokinetic fireworks from her fingers. They
just exploded quietly against the barrier. Jubilee turned her hands up to
full blast, and as her hands were starting to feel hot from the energy, the
fireworks broke the barrier. Unfortunately, they continued to fly toward her
clothes and incinerated the fragile garments.

"Dammit!!! Now what am I gonna do???" Jubilee cried, stranded naked in a room
five hundred feet from her own. Her perky upturned breasts caught a chill
from the recirculated air and her nipples grew hard.

She began to tiptoe down the hallway, one hand over her meager breasts and
the other shading her bald pussy. She had made it about fifty feet when the
invisible force grabbed her ankle. Jubilee struggled, but the force worked
its way up her body, completely immobilizing her. Jubilee could feel herself
being lifted six inches off the floor, then floating down the hallway past
her room and through the open door of the Danger Room.

Inside, there was a huge round bed big enough for twenty people, with a huge
mirror hanging over it. Circling the bed were the members of the X-Men, all
in their form-fitting costumes.

"Hello, Jubilee," said Professor Xavier.

The action heats up in part 2, starring Cyclops, Iceman, Jean Grey, and


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