WARNING -- The following story contains graphic sexual descriptions. Those
under 18 or offended by such material should not read it!

An explanation as to where this would fit in X-Men continuity

(for those who have READ X-Men recently)

I never read the issues where Jubilee was introduced, so this story takes
place not then, but all the way back between X-Men #9 and #10.

(for those who have WATCHED X-Men recently ON TV)

This story has mutants which are not currently on the team, like Colossus,
Archangel, Bishop, and Iceman, and a mutant that hasn't been on the show
yet, Psylocke, but the familiar lineup of the Professor, Cyclops, Wolverine,
Storm, Rogue, Gambit, Jean Grey, Beast, and Jubilee are also included.)

This is the first story I've ever written. I hope you like it.

And finally an apology..Some of the measurements in the story are
exaggerated, both because of Jubilee's state of mind and because these
characters exist in the most fantastic and unusual world there is: comic
books. So if you can believe even for a second that there could be X-Men,
then believe that they could have body parts those sizes and still battle

X-Men: Jubilee's Initiation into the X-Men Part 3 (orgy,oral,anal)
by Leto

Jubilee was just recovering from the shock when Gambit and Rogue both walked
over to her section of the bed.

"Hello, p'tite, it's your old ami, Remy." Gambit said, manuevering underneath
Jubilee. "You gon'get de best kinda lovin' now, petite, de Cajun kind," as he
plunged the head of his nine-inch cock up into Jubilee's well lubed cunt.
Jubilee lowered herself slowly down onto Gambit's tool. As they pumped
against each other, Jubilee could feel the head of his dick penetrate into
her womb when she sat all the way down.

"Oh, God, ah could use some of this!" Rogue said, climbing up onto Gambit's
face and planting her cunt over his mouth.

"Wait... won't... you...?" Jubilee gasped out between thrusts.

"The...good thing...about the Danger that it...can make a...
very thin...shield...around me," Rogue explained in her Southern drawl which
was even harder to understand because of Gambit's tongueing of her cunt.

"!" Jubilee said, reaching up and grabbing the
long but rock hard nipples of Rogue's bulging tits. Rogue arched in an
orgasm just then, but recovered quickly and felt Jubilee's mounds with her
fingertips. Jubilee orgasmed when Rogue tickled her nipples. They bent toward
each other and their lips met. Both sighed from the feel of soft feminine
lips on their own. Gambit lifted both girls off of him and reversed
positions, his cock now plunging into Rogue's tunnel and his tongue snaking
up into Jubilee's. Both women almost immediately collapsed from the multiple
orgasms happening seconds from each other caused by Gambit's expert Cajun

Jubilee was just recovering her vision when she felt an extremely hairy chest press
against her own.

"Mmmmm, Wolvie, 's'at you?"

"The old canucklehead will be engaged coitally with you post haste, young
Jubilation. For now, you must make do with the ever-aroused Beast."

"Beast, no, no, not you! Uhhh..."

"This most stimulating conversation will have to be regretfully postponed, my
dear, for I have a somewhat different endeavor for your mouth." Beast said,
silencing any protest by stuffing his thick eleven-inch monster into her
mouth. Jubilee gagged at the feel of the bulbous head and stubbled shaft of
his cock beginning to move into her throat.

"I am disinclined to make you aware of this, but you have only ingested half
of my phallus. You will swallow all of it, and can only suggest manipulating
your various throat muscles to make it as comfortable as possible," Beast
said helpfully. Jubilee tried, and eventually accepted all of his horse cock
into her mouth. Her nose was buried in a thatch of pubic hair longer than the
hair on her head.

Beast looked bored. "My bulbous member will continue to inhabit your
esophagus until I am induced to ejaculate, madam. Perhaps you should busy
your tongue with facilitating this process."

Jubilee licked the underside of his shaft, and Beast picked her up in his
massive blue paws and thrust himself farther down her throat by holding her
straightened body out at the angle of his erect member and thrusting her
entire body toward his cock. Jubilee reached down and grabbed Beast's balls,
which were the size of baseballs and hung in a scrotum as that looked like
a blue Crown Royal liquor bag. Her ministrations even made Beast cum, and did
he ever, filling her stomach with cum so much that it began to spill out of
Jubilee's mouth.

Rogue coaxed Beast away from Jubilee, who was immediately pounced on by
Psylocke. She crawled over Jubilee's body and Jubilee took hold of the only
tits in the world that made Jean Grey's look small. The areolas were the size
of Jubilee's palms, and the nipples looked like thumbs poking out from these
firm mounds, which Jubilee thought measured 48F easily. She took hold of
these and Psylocke was so sensitive that she came at once. They buried their
heads into each other's hairless cunts and licked until each had showered the
other in fluids and came at least a dozen times.

Jubilee then crawled around the bed until she found Wolverine, who was busy
being sucked by Jean.

"Oh, Wolvie, you've gotta fuck me next," she said, kneeling with the back
of Jean's head against her pussy. Jubilee pressed her breasts against
Wolverine's face.

"Oh, darlin," was all Logan said. Jubilee slid him to a deserted part of the

"Oh, Jubilee, darlin, you are so beautiful. I've wanted to do this since I
first met ya," Wolverine said. He pushed Jubilee down to the bed and revealed
his twelve inch cock.

"Can you take this kinda monster inta you yet?"

"I don't care, just stick it in me, Wolvie, fuck me with your huge cock!!"
Jubilee screamed, overcome with lust.

Next time: Wolverine, Colossus, Bishop and Storm!!!!!!


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