WARNING -- The following story contains graphic sexual descriptions. Those
under 18 or offended by such material should not read it!

An explanation as to where this would fit in X-Men continuity

(for those who have READ X-Men recently)

I never read the issues where Jubilee was introduced, so this story takes
place not then, but all the way back between X-Men #9 and #10.

(for those who have WATCHED X-Men recently ON TV)

This story has mutants which are not currently on the team, like Colossus,
Archangel, Bishop, and Iceman, and a mutant that hasn't been on the show
yet, Psylocke, but the familiar lineup of the Professor, Cyclops, Wolverine,
Storm, Rogue, Gambit, Jean Grey, Beast, and Jubilee are also included.)

This is the first story I've ever written. I hope you like it.

And finally an apology..Some of the measurements in the story are
exaggerated, both because of Jubilee's state of mind and because these
characters exist in the most fantastic and unusual world there is: comic
books. So if you can believe even for a second that there could be X-Men,
then believe that they could have body parts those sizes and still battle

X-Men: Jubilee's Initiation into the X-Men Part 4 (f-gang,oral,anal,inter)
by Leto

Logan complied, working himself into her still-very-tight cunt inch by inch.
Jubilee felt herself stretching past the limits as Wolverine buried himself
in her, thought she was about to rip in half from the size of it. Finally,
his pubic hair met her naturally bald Asian cunt, and he began to fuck her
with animal intensity. Jubilee came once, twice, then continously as Logan
assaulted her cunt. The rest of the X-Men paused their orgy, interrupted by

Then, she could feel his cock spasm, his cum rolling up his cock in a wave
that her tight pussy walls could feel and finally escaping. His cum spurted
into her womb, again and again, only slackening twenty seconds later and not
stopping for another fifteen seconds.

Jubilee felt Logan's cock pull out of her cunt with a slurp and opened her
eyes to see the giant Colossus above her.

"This is how we fuck women back home in the Motherland!!!!" He flipped
Jubilee over onto her hands and knees and rammed his thirteen inch cock into
her open cunt. The immense amount of lubrication from Wolvie eased his entry,
but Jubilee still felt herself being stretched. It felt wonderful to Jubilee
to have Piotr's huge cock penetrating her, opening her up.

"OHHHH, PEEEEEETE" yelled Jubilee as she came once more. Colossus stopped
banging after a minute or so and began his transformation from skin to steel
on the outside. Inside Jubilee, the warm steel increased in length from
thirteen to seventeen inches. Jubilee could feel herself ripping as Colossus
bucked twice more, then filled her belly with sperm.

Jubilee, her ass abused, her cunt stretched beyond imagination, lay on the
bed wondering if she was finished. When she felt another cock laying on her
stomach she knew she wasn't. It was the new guy, Bishop. He must have just
cum in someone else because his cock was drooping down onto her. She grabbed
it and felt that even unerect it was hard to reach around with one hand and
already ten inches long! She stroked it eagerly, aroused by its hugeness
and curious to see if she could take this monster. It perked up almost
immediately, growing to a total length of nineteen inches and a circumference
of almost thirteen.

Bishop rolled her over into the doggy style position and began to force his
gargantuan cock into Jubilee. He smiled as it passed the twelve inch mark. In
the future, the girls could take all of him easily, but before eighty years
of manic sexual evolution, the girls here in the twentieth century always
bottomed out at twelve inches. Jubilee bottomed out at eighteen. Bishop began
to thrust his huge ebony cock almost all the way in and out of Jubilee in
long strokes that lasted five seconds because of his length.

Jubilee thrilled at the feel of this huge cock being stuffed into her. As
she thrust herself back against Bishop, Storm slid underneath her. Jubilee
slurped at the nipples on top of Storm's enviable brown tits and slid her
hands down through the triangle of white pubic hair and stuffed them into
the gaping lips of Storm's pussy. Storm was coming so hard that tiny lighting
bolts arced from her body and connected her nipples and clit to Jubilee's.

The energy made Jubilee begin orgasming against Storm, their clits rubbing
against each other. Static electricity stood their pubic and head hairs on
end. Bishop began to feel the electricity hit his cock and stored it
involuntarily. The rippling bolts soon sent him into the most powerful orgasm
he'd ever felt and when he thrust his now-grown-twenty-inch-cock into Jubilee
to spray his spunk, the lightning bolts arced through the sperm and into
Jubilee's body. After her orgasm, Jubilation Lee lost consciousness, the last
thought on her mind was that the team should really be called the XXX-Men.


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