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X-Men: Menace Of The Mandarin Part 2 (FF-machine,ncon)
by Tyval ([email protected])

A hidden fortress on an island just off the coast of China; 6 months later:

A beautiful oriental girl is strapped down to a lab table. Her clothes are
ripped from her body. Another woman, equally nude is strapped down on the
table next to her. The oriental woman studies her surroundings as the men in
lab coats leave. Her eyes look for any means of escape. She looks at her
fellow captive. The other woman was European, about the same age as she was,
yet with oddly natural blue hair.

A sinister looking man with a large red dragon tattoo'ed on his lower abdomen
entered the room flanked by several more men in lab coats. A sneer of a smile
was on his lips. This was the man that she had came here to arrest, or if
necessary kill. The master criminal known as the Mandarin!

"Her name is Betsy Braddock my dear Kwannon. I hope you like what you see,
because you two are going to know each other much better soon," the Mandarin

"You bastard! I'm not going to play any sick fantasies of yours," Kwannon
defiantly spat back.

"Ah, you misunderstand my dear," Mandarin evilly smiled, "The pleasures of
the flesh hold little attraction for men like myself. Power is what I crave!
Power that the 2 of you will help me gain."

"I'll never help you, you sick bastard! I'm a member of the Japan Elite
Division, sworn to stop slime like you," Kwannon continued in defiance.

"Ahhhh, but you will my dearest Kwannon, whether you want to or not,"
Mandarin sneered again," Our dear Betsy is the key, but I needed a woman of
your, shall we say, considerable skill to pull off my newest little scheme."

"What do you mean?" Kwannon asked, hoping both to stall and learn of his

"Too often I have been defeated by over-reaching what was in my grasp,this
time I shall conquer by taking apart my enemes one piece at a time. That is
where the both of you come in," Mandarin gloated," My dear Betsy is a mutant,
a telepath, one of the most powerful in the world. I have detected only 3
with geater abilities than hers, and another who perhaps equals her. At one
time, she stood in for her brother, the one known as Captain Britain. Yes,
the hero of his country much as the mutant Sunfire is of yours."

Kwannon was silent as Mandarin talked. She had heard from her briefings that
master criminals like Mandarin had big egos that caused them to reviel their
plans, but she had no idea that that was factual. Kwannon knew that even
though she was the finest ninja in Japan's 'Elite Division' that she was in
trouble. She wasn't Iron Man or Sunfire or Captain America. She was only
human and becomming very frightened of this meglomaniac.

"So, why do you need me?" Kwannon asked, maintaining her courage.

"For all of her ability dear Betsy lacks one thing, the psysical prowess to
go with her mental abilities," Mandarin continued.

"She looks to be in pretty good shape to me," Kwannon stated.

"But not anywhere to the degree of athlete that you are dear Kwannon. It was
easy to use the means at my disposal to give her artificial eyes that are
better than real ones, making her a ninja capable of doing the task I need of
her is another. That is where you come in," Mandarin confidenty carried on,"
I have studied you dear Kwannon, yes, I keep complete records of all the best
secret agents in the world and you are the best in all of Japan. You are
exactly what I need for my latest plan."

"What? Becomming a wrestler for the WWE?" Kwannon taunted, hoping to further
stall him, but fearing that it was hopeless.

"Your attempts to anger me are useless Kwannon. You see, while you are not
are mutant you are a sensative, meaning that I can transfer your abilities
into Betsy and hers into you," Mandarin smiled again, "In the process of
transfer I have added a few modifications in order to bring the 2 of you
under my thrall. Just imagine it Kwannon, you with psionic powers and Betsy
with your ninja abilities. Because of your genetic match to each other there
won't even be a loss of power."

"Your'e mad! What would even be the use of such a scheme?" Kwannon asked,
fear creeping into her voice despite her resolve.

"Imagine my dear, politicians taken under mental domination, stealthy
infiltrations into military installations to steal top secret plans, mind
control of wealthy businessmen and bankers to disrupt econamies. The
possabilties are endless," Mandarin gloated," Prepare them!"

* * *

Xavier's 'School for Gifted Youngsters'; 24 hours previous:

Prof. X had reluctantly allowed his new students to design their own
costumes. While the boys had submitted designs that were acceptable, Prof. X
sighed every time he saw Tandy and Nita. Their designs left little to the
imagination and exposed wayyy too much flesh for his liking. But since he had
given them their freedom in that area he had little choice in the matter.
After all, Jean had worn a mini-skirt for years.

Matt Rider had emerged as the acknowledged leader for the new team. His
psionic powers backed by his incredible expertise in the martial arts made
him a natural leader for the new X-Men. His work ethic also pleased Prof. X
as Matt studied the files of previous foes of the X-Men as well as workout
tapes of the new team to dvise tactics to fight such enemies.

Of course Matt was also the biggest headache, albeit a minor one. Matt was
dedicated to Xavier's dream, but he was convinced that the best way to achive
that dream was for the X-Men to come out and openly reviel themselves. Prof.
X thought about the reasoned argument the night before.

"Professor, Hank, Beast, your former student is an Avenger now and look at
his popularity. And what about Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch? As Avengers
almost nobody says anything about them being mutants," Matt argued, "Oh, and
the Fantastic Four, well, what's weirder, a bird man like Roberto or the
Thing. The Thing, the Torch, even Mr. Fantastic himself are weirder tham most
mutants and yet they're considered part of the family by most people."

"And your point is?" Prof. X asked, intrigued by the topic.

"As long as we hide out in secret mutants will be mistrusted. The hero's who
are the most open about themselves are th ones who are the most accepted,"
Matt said," We should set up some kind of public HQ and hold a press
conferance, do charity work, etc. We may get attacked a few times because of
that, but according to X-Men history we're due for some of those anyway."

Prof X sighed. Matt had made a good point. The others supported him. Right
now Matt was in the file room studying, Roberto and Billy were outside doing
their friendly flight vs. speed rivalry for who would buy the soda's. Billy
Ray was ahead by a case. Nita was in the pool as usual. On more than one
occasion Prof. X was startled by the fact that Nita skinnydipped. Atlanean's
just didn't have surface world hang-ups about nudity.

In fact Charles often had to lecture Nita about walking around naked. Nita
would always get sincerely ashamed and on occasion cry, but it was like she
couldn't help it. Her culture simply had no taboos against nudity. Prof. X
saw Tandy enter the file room. She was the most revenge minded of all of his
students. With all of his charges accounted for Prof. X wheeled into his
study to prepare the routine study and workout routines.

Inside the files room Tandy hugged Matt from behind. Looking at the screen
Matt had punched up the file of the greatest foe of the original X-Men,

"He's dead isn't he?" Tandy asked.

"I doubt it. He's survived worse than falling in a volcano or whatever
supposidly happened to him," Matt replied," He may just be laying low. Guy's
like him and Dr. Doom and Red Skull appear to get killed over and over, yet
they always come back."

"I hope not. He's so powerful and so evil," Tandy shuddered.

"The powerful part I agree with. I'm not so sure about how evil he really
is," Matt mused.

"What? Are you crazy? He's tried to kill the X-Men several times," Tandy said

"And he's never done it. Why? He had at least a dozen chances to kill our
predecessors. What stopped him?" Matt asked.

"Your'e the curious one Matt. Do the files say?" Tandy asked.

"That's just it. There's a secret file on Magneto that I can't get into. The
file is sealed by the professor. I barely know how to use a computer, and
none of us are good enough hackers to break into that file," Matt smiled,
"There's just something about him that doesn't add up."

"Hey, enough about some stodgy old villain, how do you like my uniform?"
Tandy grinned as she twirled with her dancers grace in her white bodysuit
with the revieling large dagger cutout.

"Very nice," Matt grinned.

Matt's uniform had the appearance of a bikers with white t-shirt, faded
jeans, and leather jacket, with helmet. A chain, that he could use as a
weapon was his belt. Of course, his outfit like that of Tandy's and the
others was actually made of unstable molecules, a gift from Reed Richards
of the Fantastic Four. Nita, of course went with a green bikini with gold
belt, Billy Ray stayed with an all black bodysuit. Roberto was the most
flamboyant with his stylized Condor outfit based on his Mexican heratige.

Th thoughts of Charles Xavier went out to all of them ordering them to
assemble at the balckbird in full uniform at once.

"Do you think we're finally getting our first mission?" Tandy asked.

"Sounds like it," Matt said donning his helmet.

Minutes later Matt Rider/Midnight Rider, Tandy Bowen/Dagger, Billy
Ray/Darkray, Roberto Conoros/Condor, and Namorita stood beside the X-Men's
converted SR-71 Blackbird as Prof. X entered the underground hanger.

"I had hoped for some more training before this day, but an old friend of
mine, Mrs. Moira MacTaggart has requested my assistance at her residence on
Muir island off the coast of Scotland," Prof. X stated, "Assistance that may
require the X-Men. There are few details since the communication was cut off
before she could give many details, but it appears to be a super-human threat
of some kind."

"We won't let you down Professor, and we'll look before we start anything if
we can," Matt.

"Be careful, we don't know what we're up against," Prof. X said.

Minutes later the Blackbird lifted off heading towards their destiny.

* * *

Muir island; Scotland: A large man in red armor blasted down a wall.

"Come out woman! You can't hide from Eric the Red forever!," the man called
Eric the Red roared.

Moira MacTaggart huddled behind a wall, a disruptor gun in her hand. She was
frightened, but Moira MacTaggart never gave up in a fight. She had had no
itention of calling Charles until this madmad had shown up. Nor did she have
any idea of his intentions. All she hoped for now was that he didn't somehow
free those in her charge. Especially Proteus!

"If you value your life woman, you'll give me what I want!," Eric shouted.

"The only thing you'll get from me is this!," Moira shouted as fired the
disruptor full blast at Eric the Red.

"Aaaarrrrggghhh! You'll pay for that woman!," Eric yelled in pain.

Eric fired a blast that destroyed Moira's gun and sent her flying backwards
to crash hard into a wall. Moira lay there stunned as Eric advanced on her.

"I wanted you alive bitch, but dead will do just as well.
Iiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeee," Eric screamed as he was forcefully struck in the

"Didn't your mother tell you not to hit a lady," Namorita said as she landed
another shot on Eric, this one on the jaw.

Eric went down hard,but sent out 2 beams of force at Nita. Nita flew straight
up causing the beams to miss badly. Eric leaped to his feet and took aim for
another blast when he suddenly found himself projected in the air.

"Manuever Z-56," Midnight Rider called out.

Condor swooped in as Eric activated his boot jets. Condor's talons could
shred titanium steel, against Eric's armor they only made a small hole. But
it was a hole that Namorita could exploit. Using her newest technique, that
of making an electrified fist, Namorita hit Eric as hard as she could sendng
him crashing towards the ground.

Eric's mouth opened in unexpected fear as the groud reached for him. Darkray
sped under him, racing around in speeds that slowed Eric's descent, but
created a vortex that spun Eric around. Dizzy beyond belief Darkray then
dropped him hard into the ground. Trying desperately to stand 6 of Dagger's
light-knives struck him. Paralyzed, a flying kick from Midnight Rider knocked
Eric the Red out cold.

"I don't believe it! We just won our first fight with a super-villain," Billy
said astonished.

"All-right," Roberto and Billy said in unison as they high-fived.

Tandy had rushed over to see about Moira as Matt and Nita knealt over the
fallen Eric. Moira was beginning to come to her senses.

"It's allright, Professor Xavier sent us," Tandy said," We're the X-Men."

"That man? He's...," Moira started.

"Let's see what he looks what," Nita said as she barely managed to rip off
the mans helmet.

"Whoa! He's some kind of alien," Roberto said, "He looks more like a bird
than I do."

"Very interesting," a steely man's voice said from above.

"Captain Britain," Moira smiled, "You're a little late for the party this

After introductions and securing Eric the Red, Captain Britain told the
X-Men about his sister Betsy's mysterious disapearance. This led to a
teleconference with Prof. X who located Bestsy with Cerebo. Captain Britain
couldn't go after her because of a new emergency in London. This left it up
to the X-Men.

"Hurry X-Men, I fear that she is in grave danger," Prof. X said.

On the Blackboard the 5 teenage mutants laughed and joked to hide their

"Hey, since she's a mutant maybe she'll want to join the X-Men," Nita said.

"Yea, that would be great, then we'd have 3 guys and 3 girls," Tandy smiled.

"What difference would it make? Horny Matt would just confiscate her too and
not share with his buds," Billy joked.

"Stoish it you creeps," Matt grinned, "You guys are perverts, that's why I
always get the girls."

"Oh really," Nita giggled.

Nita and Tandy french kissed for 3 minutes. By the time they broke it up all
5 of them were laughing.

* * *

Mandarin's secret lab:

The first part of the experiment was a complete success. Betsy and Kwannon
now had each others memories and powers without the slightest loss of ability
in either woman. Outwardly, Betsy looked more physically fit, Kwannon, was
now a mutant and had natural blue hair. Betsy had finally woke up as the
Mandarin returned.

"You bloody bastard! I'll never serve the likes of you," Betsy defiantly

"Nor will I," Kwannon added, "You have failed. I may have her memories and
powers and they may me as natural as my own to me, but my mind is still my
own. I defy you!"

"Tut tut my dears," Mandarin gloated, "That was merely phase 1. Now to make
you my slaves. When I accomplish that you will go forth as Psylocke and

The Mandarin clapped his hands and several lacky's brought in unusual looking
devices that neither woman knew what they were. The devices still sent
shudders down both women. Their courage was fading fast in the face of the
wicked looking devices.

"H-ha! If you think I'll serve you after you torture me...," Betsy said, fear
creeping in her voice despite herself.

"Torture indeed my dears," Mandarin cackled, "But torture of a different
nature than you suspect. To break your wills to me I must break your
resistance. These devices are indeed for torture. Sexual torture! After I
am done wth you, you will beg to be my slaves! Begin!"

Clamps were attached to the nipples of both women, then another was placed on
each womans clitoris. Another device was rolled up. This device had 2 metalic
dildo's for each woman. The dildo's were 10" long and 3" thick for the
vagina, and 10" long 1 1/2" thick for the anus. Betsy and Kwannon lost heart
as the device was very close now, wires were attached to the dildo's and the
clamps they were wearing. A doctor then injected each woman with 3 shots
filled with the most potent aphrodisiacs on Earth.

"Your pain will quickly become pleasure. Pleasure and pain will become one,"
Mandarin laughed evilly," You will experiance so many orgasms that your wills
will become putty that I can mold. Enjoy yourselves slaves! Then again you
have little choice now. Hahahahahahahahha!"

"No! Nooooooo! You bastard!" Kwannon screamed as the dildo's entered her
pussy and asshole and began fucking her. This as followed by small jolts of
electricity that gave a 'hurts so good' message to her brain.

"Stop! Stop! Nooooo!!!" Betsy screamed, as her devices did the same, "Please!

Raped by a machine! The humiliation was almost more than the women could
bear. The dildo's gradually picked up speed, the electric shocks became more
powerful. The woen thrashed and screamed to no avail. As predicted the pain
began to fade, gradually becoming pleasure which shamed the heroines even

"Stop! No more! Please! It hurts! It hurts! Please," Kwannon begged, her
pride gone.

"Ahhhhhhhh! Noooo! Don't rape me anymore," Betsy pleaded.

Despite now having the same build and physical prowess of Kwannon, Betsy was
succoming faster than Kwannon. This was due to the fact that Kwannon had
actually built herself up to peak condition whereas Betsy had aquired it
without doing the hard work. Both women knew that they coldn't hold out as
they felt the first of what would be numerous orgasms well up inside them.
With cries of pleasue both women orgasmed as the dildo's contiued to rape

"Please, please! Somebody save me," Kwannon cried out as a second orgasm
shook her body.

"Noooooo! Aaaaaiiiiiieeeee!" Betsy screamed as she also came.

The torture continued for several more minutes when an explosion followed by
loud screeching sirens filled the air. Lights flickered and went out. The
devces stopped their torture to the relief of the two heroines.

"What the hell is going on here? Who dares to interrupt me?" Mandarin roared.

A lab tech hurridly switched on the outside monitors. The sight that greeted
the Mandarin caused him to sort in derision. The X-Men were going through his
elite guard like they were nothing.

"Children?! They send children against me? Me?!" Mandarin snorted in disgust,
"I have fought Iron Man, the Avengers, the Chinese army, and these children
dare to attack me?!"

"My-my lord, that one girl reminds me of the Sub-Mariner," a nervous tech
stated, as the image of Namorita ripped a robot guard in half.

"Fool! Do you not think I did not notice that? Nor did that X insignia escape
my notice," Madarin raged," This is obviously some grouping of X-Men albeit
one I have never heard of. No matter. It is obvious that they will be too
much for even my defenses. Therefore I shall have to teach these pups a
lesson myself!"

The Mandarin stormed out of the room leaving 2 doctors, 4 lab techs, an 2
gunmen with the bound Kwannon and Betsy. Betsy was thankful for the respite,
to Kwannon this was the chance she was waiting for.

"Hey studs, any of you wanna fuck some nice hot ninja pussy? I'm soooooo
horny after those dildo's, but I need some real cock to really get off."
Kwannon purred.

Namorita was taking out another robot Darkray was zooming among 50 men.
Condor attacked a machine gun nest, while Dagger stunned 4 men with her
knives, kicked another and hurled 6 more light-knives into 6 more soldiers.
Midnight Rider used his telekinisis to smash a small tank as the Mandarin
arrived on the scene.

Fire shot from one of Mandarin's alien rings at Namorita. The shot went wild
as Midnight Rider leaped and kicked the Mandarin in the face. This was
followed by a spinning back fist and a chop to the side of the head that sent
the Mandarin down. Mandarin's prone side kick landed on Matt sending him back
long enough for the Mandarin to regain his feet.

"Insolent whelp! You are lay hands on your betters," Mandarin yelled, then
felt something wet on his mouth, blood, his blood, a smile formed, "So,
your'e a martial artist. I'm impressed. Few are those who can even touch me."

"Your'e on," Midnight Rider defiantly said.

Betsy was finally catching on as Kwannon continued to urge the techs and
guards. Finally one of them dropped shis pants, displaying a tiny penis.

"How about then rest of you stud muffins? A girl can get lonely without
something in her," Kwannon purred.

"Yummmmm! And have you ever had British quim before. Maybe one of you is man
enough to fuck me up the bum," Betsy added.

The men needed no more encouragement. They had no choice but to unstrap the
bindings holding the legs of the 2 heroines. A fatal mistake for them.
Kwannon's first short kick snapped the neck of the first would be rapist, a
quick second kicked the mans gun into Betsy's hand. Two quick shots freed
Kwannon's hands. Kwannon made short work of the other guard, then killed the

Kwannon freed Betsy from her restraints, turing around they saw the 2 doctor
trying to flee. They didn't make it as Kwanon and Betsy forced them to remove
the null collars that prevented them from using their powers. Knocking the
doctors out they found the outfits that the Mandarin had chosen for them.
With no choice in the matter they donned them.

"Ready Psylocke?" Betsy asked smiling.

"Ready Revance," Kwannon returned the smile.

The Mandarin was impressed. This youth was actually holding his own against
him. The Mandarin had only managed to land a glancing chop and a solid kick
while Midnight Rider had managed to get in 3 solid kicks and a punch. But the
Mandarin had a huge edge in raw experiance and Matt was backing up now. All
the other X-Men were still occupied as the Mandarin's forces had rallied with
their leader in the fray.

Mandarin caught Matt's wrist and threw him, surprised that Matt twisted in
mid-air and landed on his feet. But as Matt turned the Mandarin landed a
devistating chop to his solar plexus doubling Matt over.

"I must confess that you have caused me to use my best young hero," Mandarin
gloated," On another, future date perhaps you could indeed have matched me."

"Shut the fuck up," Matt hissed as he kicked Mandarin clean in the balls.

Never would the Mandarin have thought that a hero would use such a dirty
tactic and as such he was unprepared. The Mandarin gasped in agony as he
rolled on the ground. Psylocke and Revance came out of the tunnel attacking
the Mandarin's forces from the rear. Against a 2 front attack and their
leader downed most of Mandarin's men dropped their weapons and ran. The few
die hards were easily disposed of.

"No! You haven't won yet striplings," Mandarin growled as he manged to rise,
"Now you will taste the power of my rings!"

End of Part 2


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