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X-Men: Menace Of The Mandarin Part 3
by Tyval ([email protected])

The Mandarin was being hard pressed as the battle raged. He was used to
having to deal with only one or at most two super-beings at a time. This
time he found himself facing 7. The Mandarin also found that 4 of his
rings were easily countered by the X-Men.

Namorita absorbed his electric blasts, sending them back more powerful.
Mandarin tried his vortex ring, Darkray stopped that by generating mini
tornado's by whipping his arms at super-speed. Mandarin tried his darkforce
ray. To everyones surprise Dagger's light knives shattered those like glass.
Mandarin didn't even try to use his mind control ring. With 3 powerful
psionics, Midnight Rider, Psylocke, and Revance against him he knew that
rendered that ring all but useless.

Mandarin fired a death ray at Psylocke. At the last second Condor tackled
her, their momentum saved both of them. The eyes of Psylocke and Condor met.
Instant young mutant love despite the danger they were in. Roberto's mask had
been blown away revieling his face.

"You-you saved me," Psylocke sighed.

"Uh, yea," was all Condor could say.

"No time! We've got him on the ropes!," Matt called out breaking the awkward
silence that had fallen over Roberto and Kwannon. Matt hurled powerful
psionic fists at Mandarin," Everyone together!"

Slowly but surely Mandarin found himself more and more on the defensive.
Midnight Rider directed the attack, never letting up for even a moment, the
X-Men hit Mandarin with everything they had from every direction. Mandarin
was brave, but like all great master villains he knew when to cut and run.

"You have not seen the last of me X-Men! Be warned, cross my path again and
you wil die," Mandarin vowed as he teleported away.

Even Namorita was exhausted. Matt slumped against the wall panting, Billy
fell to his knees. Condor and Psylocke supported each other, Tandy was
sitting down as was Betsy. For long minutes the heroes and heroines tried
to catch their breath. As they recovered the significance of what they had
accomplished began to fill them with pride and elation. In their first real
test as a team they had beaten a recognized major villain.

A mental image of Professor Charles Xavier appeared to them. Prof. X was
actually smiling!

"Congradulations my X-Men," Prof. X thought at them, "Today you have
accomplished a tremendous triumph. You have proven yourselves more than
worthy of the designation X-Men! Miss Kwannon, Miss Braddock, I would like
to personally invite you to join the X-Men."

"My thanks Professor, but the Mandarin restored my eyesight and my greatest
desire is to see all of my homeland again," Betsy happily said, "Besides, I
need to keep my brother Brian out of trouble. But if you ever need any help
you can count on Revance!"

"I will take you up on that offer Professor," Kwannon gladly said, "I may
have all of Betsy's memories, but I don't have any experiance in actually
using them. I want to learn everything I can about my new powers."

The image of Xavier smiled again. Roberto and Kwannon looked at each other
shyly. ' Jeez, I'm still left out,' Billy thought as Tandy, Nita, and Matt
walked hand in hand in hand back to the Blackbird. The image of Xavier then

"Ummm, I'd like to collect a few things, kinda souveneirs," Kwannon said.

"Hey, that's great, can we help?" Nita said, with Tandy in tow.

"Uh," Psylocke stammered, then decide to come clean and whispered what she
wanted to get to Tandy and Nita so that the boys wouldn't know. Tandy and
Nita blushed and giggled.

* * *

Xavier's 'School for Gifted Youngsters'; 2 days later:

After a full debreifing and some rest it was time to resume the normal
routines. But Billy Ray felt like an outsider now. Roberto now had a girl,
and an older woman to boot, Matt had 2 girlfriends, but Billy, he was odd
man out. As it happened, Prof. X needed to go to New York City and asked
Billy Ray to drive him.

Prof. X had to meet someone at the airport. Billy Ray went with him through
the terminal.

"So, who are we waiting for for?" Billy Ray asked.

"Her," Prof. X said.

Billy Ray's mouth dropped open and his eyes threatened to bug out as the
beautiful white haired 17 year old black girl walked towards them.

"Billy Ray, this is my newest student, Ororo Munroe," Prof. X said.

After routine workouts, Matt decided to call it a day and called an halt to
practice. Kwannon led Roberto off to a corner.

"Kwannon wha?" Roberto tried to ask.

"Shhhhhh! Come to my room, I have a surprise for you," Kwannon whispered.

Roberto looked around nervously as Psylocke led him to her room.

"Don't worry, no one will interupt us," Kwannon whispered, "In fact, Tandy
and Nita have a surprise for Matt."

"Whoa! What is all this stuff?" Roberto asked as he entered Psylocke's room.

Psylocke had converted her room into a dungeon complete with all kinds of
restraints and torture devices, including part of the torture machine that
the Mandarin had used on her. Roberto was confused, but Kwannon merely smiled
as she led him into her room.

"Like it? This is some stuff I got from the Mandarin's torture chamber along
with some stuff I bought after I moved in," Kwannon smiled.

"What's this stuff for," Roberto asked, still somewhat confused.

"Ohhhhh, it's so hard to explain," Kwannon sighed, "I love being raped, but
I hate being raped."

"Now I'm really confused," Roberto said.

"I'll try to explain," Kwannon answered," When the Mandarin was doing things
to me, my body experianced pleasure beyond anything I've ever known. At the
same time I hated what he was doing to me. Then I met you. Roberto, I want
someone I love to do what the Mandarin did to me. I want you to role play
'rape' with me. The real thing is awful, but with you it would be great."

Roberto hesitated only for a moment, then Kwannon removed her clothes,
stepped towards him and kissed him. Roberto kissed back as they embraced.
Their kiss became deeper and more passionate. Kwannon helped Roberto out of
his clothes.

"Take me," Kwannon whispered.

Roberto picked Psylocke up and carried her over to the bed. Roberto chained
Psylockes wrists to each corner. Kissing her lips Roberto teased her full
firm tits. Psylockes nipples responded by growing hard. Roberto kissed
downwards, licking around her nipples before sucking each one in turn.
Psylocke moaned in pleasure. She could feel her pussy grow moist, but she
needed pain to really get off.

"Please, please, treat me rough," Kwannon whispered, "Use me like a whore!"

Roberto responded with gentle bites to her nipples, then, turning his fingers
into semi talons pinching her nipples. Running one sharp claw over Psylockes
shaved hairless pussy sent shivers of pleasure through her. Roberto then
pinched her cunt again and again. Psylocke cried out as she had her first

Roberto entered her wet slit, his full 9 inches barely fitting in Psylocke's
tight pussy. Slowly, but with increasing speed, Roberto slammed his cock into
Psylocke with full long strokes. Both of them cried out now as his talons
cupped and squeezed her big tits while he fucked her. Neither could hold out

Roberto could feel his orgasm building. He knew that Kwannon wanted
humiliation. Pulling out at the last moment Roberto shot his cum in
Psylocke's eager mouth. Psylocke swallowed Roberto's cum even as she
orgasmed. Taking Roberto's cock in her mouth Psylocke began sucking
Roberto's prick which began growing hard again in her hot mouth.

"Ahhhhhh, ready for round 2," Roberto groaned as he grew hard again.

"Yes master," Kwannon giggled.

Over in Matt's room. Matt Rider was in the shower. In his mind he reviewed
his fight with the Mandarin. Matt frowned at the memory of having to resort
to dirty tactics in his martial arts fight with the master criminal. In his
mind he resolved to redouble his study so that the next time he faced the
Mandarin or say the Silver Samurai he wouldn't have to resort to such
underhanded tactics.

Matt's dark thoughts were interrupted as a giggling Namorita and Tandy
stepped into the shower with him. Being Atlantean, Namorita was naturally
hairless below her eyebrows, Tandy, a natural blonde, didn't have much pubic
hair to begin with and shaved off what few wisps she had.

"Mmmmmm. I bet you were all serious," Nita smiled.

"I'll bet he's not now," Tandy teased as she tried to hold all of Matt's 10
inch cock in one of her tiny hands," I see this big guy misses us."

Matt french-kissed Nita then Tandy as he caressed each of them. Tandy and
Nita frenched each other. The three of them soaped, kissed, and caressed each
other. Finally rinsing off they towelled off.

"Not your room, I want us to fuck in my room tonight," Nita whispered.

Matt was more than eager. He knew that he would never be able to choose
between them. What was fortunate was that Nita and Tandy were closer than
sisters. Matt's eyed bugged out as he saw what Nita had turned her room into.

"Like it?," Tandy asked giggling, "We split the Mandarin's play room with

"Tandy and I have always wanted to be your slaves, now we can act out our
fantasies," Nita smiled.

"Ready to play?," Tandy asked, "I see you are."

Matt hopped on the bed, Nita giggled as Tandy cuffed her hands behind her
back and guided her omto Matt's erect penis.

"Ahhhhhh," Nita gasped as 10 inches of hard cock meat impaled her virgin
tight pussy. Tandy took out a long multi tailed 'cat', "Oooooo! Whip my
tits! Whip my tits Tandy! Please! Iiieeee! Yes! Yes! Harder!"

Tandy used the whip on her lovers big tits, her other hand straying to her
own moist cunt. Nita shivered as she came, then again as she rode Matt's
cock. Tandy whipped Nita's tits until she could stand the sight of Matt's
cock pumping Nita's pussy no longer. Dropping the whip she attacked Nita's
pussy and Matt's balls with her tongue.

Tandy sucked on Nita's clit causing her to cum again, then moved lower,
taking first one then the other of Matt's balls in her mouth. Matt moaned.
Unable to control himself under the feel of Nita's pussy and Tandy's tongue
Matt shot his hot cum into Nita's cunt as Nita orgasmed yet again. Nita eased
herself off of Matt, then she and Tandy began licking up Matt's cum. Matt
could feel himself growing hard again as the girls licked him.

"That was great," Nita sighed, "Psylocke is right, sex with pain is the

"My turn! I want to get whipped," Tandy grinned.

"Well now, we'll see about that," Matt said as he uncuffed Nita.

Tandy was chained wrists together from the ceiling. Nita kissed her deeply
kneadig Tandy's tits roughly. Nita then started slaping Tandy's tits causing
her to moan. Tandy was surprised that it didn't hurt and in fact felt good.
Matt handed Nita a 'cat' and got behind Tandy. Kneeling, Matt began to lick
Tandy's cute little asshole. He knew his big cock would never fit inside of
her without plenty of lubrication so he took some oil and bagan to massage
her little asshole, gently insertng one finger inside, then squirting the oil
into her.

Tandy gasped, the pain was pleasure to her. Matt had never took her in the
ass before although she had watched him sodomize Nita before. Atlantean's of
course had stronger flesh in order to survive living underwater. Nita, being
a sub-mariner was even tougher. Matt was gentle as he now fnger fucked
Tandy's ass with 2 fingers and Nita licked and sucked Tandy's tits.

Nita moved lower, her tongue traced a traill down to Tandy's belly button.
Licking around the navel Nita then stabbed her tongue inside. Moving lower
Nita blew on Tandy's moist pussy. Nita decided to try something new. As
Nita's tongue touched Tandy's tender folds, she sent a small jolt of
electricity through her tongue.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Tandy screamed as she orgasmed.

Matt had managed to get 3 fingers in Tandy's asshole now. Nodding to Nita,
he slowly put the head of his cock into Tandy's tight anus. Tandy moaned in
mingled pain and pleasue as Matt slowly worked his cock into her asshole.
Nita was back to licking Tandy's hard pink nipples while she played with
Tandy's pussy. Nita sent more small jolts of electricity through her tongue
which combined with Matt's cock in her ass caused Tandy to cum again.

"Aaaaaaaaa! It hurts so goooood," Tandy moaned, "More! I need more! Please
Nita. Please whip me while Matt fucks my ass."

Nita started whipping Tandy, varying her targets between Tandy's tits and
pussy. Softly at first, then with greater speed Nita lashed the eager girl.
Matt finally got all 10 inches of his huge manhood into Tandy and began to
fuck her in ernest while Nita continued her flogging. Tandy screamed in pure
raw pleasure as she came again and again. Matt flooded her bowells with his
own ejaculation.

Matt. Tandy, and Nita 3-way french kissed. Nita unchained Tandy, supporting
her while she got her legs back.

"Ooooooo! I loved it!" Tandy moaned, "I want more and more and more."

"Greedy bitch," Nita giggled, "It's my turn to be whipped and fucked now."

Nita and Tandy again began sucking Matt's big cock. Matt smiled as he grew
erect yet again, he had a secret mutant power that no one knew about. He
could get hard as many times as he wanted to. His sperm multiplication was
such that he could have continuous sex.

"Hmmmmm! I think you should suck Matt's cum out of my asshole," Tandy purred.

"Good idea," Nita smiled, "And I'll lick and suck your cunt and asshole
while Matt whips my tits and pussy."

Nita was cuffed spread-eagled on the bed. Tandy lowered her tight ass on
Nita's pretty face. Nita obediantly began licking all around Tandy's anus,
pointing her tongue to jab inside, tasting Tandy and Matt. Matt picked up a
longer 'cat' than the one that Nita had used on Tandy. Measuring his targets
Matt expertly began whipping Nita on her excited tits and pussy.

Over in Psylocke's room, Roberto had strapped Kwannon in the rape machine.
The torturing dildo's fucked her while the dildo's and nipple camps sent
jolts of electricity into her body. Psylocke's cries of pleasure where
muffled as she sucked Roberto's prick while the machine worked her over.
She had hated this when the Mandarin had done it to her, but it was
different with Roberto.

Psylocke, Namorita, and Tandy would never be satisfied with normal sex again.
From now on only the kinky and perverted would satify them. The new X-Men
would contiue on, others would join, some would leave. Magneto, Dr. Doom, the
Mandarin, the Sh'iar, the Brood. they would fight them all. New legends would
be born, new relationships would begin, even Prof. X would find his soulmate.

This is the beginning...


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