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Metal Gear Solid 2: Honor Among Thieves (MF,viol)
by Mugetsu G ([email protected])

"Ah, so the great Solid Snake has finally appeared," Olga shouted as the
tanker deck was being pounded by a harsh rain.

"I suggest you get inside before you catch cold," Snake remarked

Snake was dressed in combat boots and a thick dark blue protective body suit.
Even so Snake could feel himself start to soak wet after just a few minutes
outside in the rain. Olga though was wear nothing more than a pair of combat
boots, brown/black camouflage pants, and an ash and blue tank top.

"It's nice to see you care Snake, but I can not let you interfere with my
father's operation. The Metal Gear will be ours."

Before Snake had any time to respond Olga fired several shots from her USP
forcing him to dive behind a large crate. She then dove behind a crate

"This isn't too fair," Snake thought as he reloaded his M9, "but I've been in
tighter situations before."

Snake peeked around the corner of the crate and fired of several shots before
returning to cover.

Blam! Blam! Blam!

Olga fired three more shots toward the area Snake was hiding. Two of the
shots struck nearby railing creating sparks and the third struck the crate
coming to a stop after striking whatever was stored inside. It was then
that Olga notice a single tranquilizer dart from Snake's M9 stuck in her
right calf.

"Oh come on Snake you can't beat me with a simple M9, jump off the tanker now
and I'll let you swim back to shore alive," Olga mocked him as she plucked
the dart from her leg.

"I seriously doubt that," Snake said as he leaned out and shot several more
shots at Olga.

"You're probably right Snake, but come on it'll make this easier on the both
of us," Olga shouted not quite as loud as earlier as the rain had began to
subside. She started to lean out to fire off more shots when she realized
her USP was empty. Olga began to reload her clip when it slipped from her
hand because of the moisture on her hands and it skidded to a stop out in the

"Shit!" Olga muttered as she reached back for another clip and realized that
was her last.

Snake fired off the remaining two shots of his current clip and then
reloaded. After a few minutes of no gunfire from Olga, Snake peeked around
the corner, saw the clip lying there and, realized what happened.

"Give me your USP and I'll let you live."

"Ha! You can't kill me with that tranquilizer gun of yours!" Olga shouted

"No, but I can throw you overboard."

"You're not getting the Metal Gear!" Olga shouted before darting out to get
her last clip.

Snake fired off several shots as she ran by but missed. Olga picked up the
clip and was about to take cover behind the crate when she was struck in the
head by a shot from the M9 and immediately fell to the deck unconscious.

Snake picked the gun from Olga's hand, the dogtags from around her neck, and
just had picked up the USP clip when he heard voices approaching from the
opposite side of the deck. Snake ducked behind a nearby crate as two figures
arrived in the area.

"Sir we have found your daughter. She's been knocked out by a dart from an
M9. Her gun is missing too," one of the figures spoke into a walkie-talkie.

Snake recognized the fatigues of the two figures as belonging to the Russian
soldiers that had overtaken the ship earlier that night.

"That can only mean Solid Snake is on board as I suspected. Bring my
daughter to the captain's chambers. The chopper will be here shortly and
we'll proceed from there. Oh and one more thing keep your eyes open. Snake
is the one man who can foil our plans and if you're not careful you won't see
the light of day tomorrow. Understand?"

"Roger that sir," the same soldier from a moment ago said.

"Alright then. Over and out."

The Russian replaced his walkie-talkie and propped up Olga's body placing his
arms under hers grabbing hold of her body.

"Grab her feet and give me a hand here," he told the second Russian.

"You know," the soldier began as he grabbed her feet, "we can have some fun
with her."

"What're you talking about?"

"She's out cold and will be for a bit longer. Ignoring the fact she has
hairy armpits she's got a hot body."

"Are you fucking insane!?!? If Olga doesn't kill us then the general will!"
The Russian with a hold of Olga's upper body yelled at the other.

"What're you worried about? Shalashaska's going to turn on Gurlukovich and
steal the Metal Gear for himself. Neither the General or Olga are getting
off the tanker alive."

"That's true... Let's take her to the crews quarters. They aren't too far
from here."

"Me rescuing the princess, albeit one that just tried to kill me, wasn't part
of the plan," Snake thought to himself as he followed the two soldiers and
Olga back inside the tanker.

Snake had a pretty good idea where Olga was being taken and normally taking
out two guys wouldn't be a problem. Keeping Olga alive though would make
things a bit trickier.

"I'm not sure why I should keep her alive though. She is the daughter of
Gurlukovich and she did try to kill me after all. Ah hell I'll just lock
her in a room which she can figure out how to get out of once she regains

After walking through some passageways, down a set of steps, and through a
door the two soldiers stopped and talked to a third. They were completely
unaware they were being followed.

"You have orders to take the general's daughter back to the captain's
chambers. What are you doing with her down here?" The new Russian asked.

"Don't worry about us. They'll both be dead soon. You know that."

The soldier eyed the two of them and Olga before speaking again.

"Alright, but you owe me your next carton of cigarettes."

"Which one of us?"

"Both of you."

"Fine, but be careful. We don't want you to have any accidents and end up
swimming with the general and his daughter later do we?" The Russian asked a
bit agitated.

"Yes and I'm sure Shalashaska would appreciate scoundrels like you among his
ranks. Just get out of here."

With that the two soldiers disappeared into a doorway with Olga's body and
the third one kept on walking down his original path. As he neared Snake's
position, Snake step out of the shadows with his M9 pointed at the Russian's


"Who-- Who are you?" The soldier asked in surprised fear.

"Your maker," Snake answered coolly pulling the trigger. The soldier fell
to the floor with a single tranquilizer shot to the head.

"Now just to borrow these," Snake said to himself as he removed the uniform
from the Russian and dressed himself with it.

* * *

As the effects of her gunfight with Snake slowly left her body, Olga started
to regain consciousness and become aware of her surroundings again. One of
the more startling things she realized was that her clothing had be removed
and she was laying on one of the beds belonging to the ships original
crewmembers. The other thing she realized was that there were two nude
Russian men standing nearby staring her down.

"What the hell is going on?" Olga demanded starting to get up.

"Stay right there!" One of the men shouted at here pointing a USP at her.

Olga stared coldly at the man with the gun pointed at her then turned and
looked at the man standing next to him. Both men had erections but only the
one without the gun was in the process of running his hand up and down the
shaft of his cock.

"I will kill you and it will hurt like hell," Olga scowled at them realizing
what was about to take place.

"You're hardly in any position to make idle threats like that," the Russian
with the gun sneered.

"Then my father will, but he won't kill you right away. He will torture you
like the vile pigs you are and you will beg to die."

"Not if Shalashaska has anything to do with it. Now if---"

"What's he got to do with my father?!?!?"

"That's none of your concern now, your father won't be around long enough
for you to tell. Now behave and we'll let you live. Make this difficult
and I'll cut your fingers and toes off one at a time. Then I'll cut your
arms and legs off one at a time."

The second soldier stopped masturbating and walked over to where Olga lay
and spread her legs open.

"You fucking pigs..." Olga murmured as the Russian lowered his head between
her spread-eagled legs and his tongue began to prance round Olga's cunt lips
tickling them.

The Russian was just about stretch her pussy open when the door to the room
swung open.

"What the hell do you want?" The Russian with the gun demanded swinging
around to face his comrade standing in the doorway.

The gun toting Russian fell to the floor as several rounds from a USP were
fired into his chest and abdomen area. The Russian who had just been
attempting to eat Olga's pussy fell to the floor as an M9 dart struck him
in the head. Several USP rounds were then emptied into his back.

Without saying a word the newly arrived Russian soldier picked Olga's clothes
up off the floor and tossed them to her. As she began to dress he started
back for the door.

"Who are you soldier?" Olga asked the man as she dressed.

He ignored her and was back at the doorway when Olga got a little more

"I asked you a question and I expect an answer! What's your name?" Olga
asked loud and firmly almost screaming the question.

"I'm your new best friend," An American voice answered.

There was only one American currently not in the holds who could have just
said that.

"No... It can't be...," Olga murmured almost in shock. "Why Snake?"

"Call it honor among thieves."

"But we're not thieves, you aren't anyways."

"You know what I mean Olga. Let's just leave it at that, and go our separate
ways," Snake said.

"Fine then, just let me see your face to really know it's you," Olga asked.

"Happy?" Snake asked turning towards Olga and removing the Russian mask.

"Freeze!" A heavy Russian accent commanded Snake from behind.

"Damnitanyhow!" Snake grunted angrily at himself as he felt the barrel of a
gun poke him in the back.

"Ah the general will be happy, I've captured the legendary Solid Snake," the
Russian man said before noticing Olga was in the room including the two nude
dead bodies. "I thought they said you were knocked out, you okay Lt.

"Yes I am fine thank you. I will take care of Snake the mess here, return
to your post."

"You sure?" The soldier asked after eyeing the room one last time.

"Yes I'm sure, now return to your post! That's an order!" Olga screamed at

"Yes-- Yes ma'am!" The soldier blurted out before scurrying out of the room.

Olga peaked out of the room and when the soldier was out of sight she closed
the door and locked it.

"Damnitanyhow? Where'd you pick that up?" Olga asked with a half-cocked
smile on her face.

"Someone I used to work with. Anyways, I saved you, you saved me. We're
even and we're back to being enemies."

"Well if we're enemies I'm going to have to kill you then," Olga grinned.

"And if we're friends?" Snake asked with an eyebrow raised.

"Well then..." Olga began as she edged close to Snake's body and squeezed
his cock through the Russian pants, "then you get to forget about the bumps,
bruises, and cuts on your body."

Snake took off the glove on his left hand and reached up Olga's shirt. His
hand took hold of her left breast and gave it squeeze and then pinched the
nipple between his thumb and forefinger. As Snake continued to fondle Olga's
breast, she continued to squeeze his dick and felt it spring to life.

"Ah so there is some life still left in you," Olga smiled staring into
Snake's eyes. "Let make this a bit easier on you," She said followed by
getting on her knees and unbuckling and pulling down his pants.

With Olga's breast no longer in his hand Snake snapped back to reality.

"As tempting as you make this I must decline. You might try to kill me,"
Snake said starting to bend over to pull his pants back up.

"No you stay up there," Olga said as she pushed Snake back up then grabbed
hold of his ass and placed her mouth around his dick.

Snake closed his eyes briefly and groaned a bit as he felt Olga's lips wrap
around his shaft. As Olga's lips slid up and down his cock and her tongue
helped to moisten it, Snake was soon lost in his own little fantasy world
once thought forgotten and unaware of the gun battle the two had just
previously had that night. After receiving oral pleasure from Olga for a
time Snake could not determine, he felt the feeling of lust return to his
body as did she as she felt precum start to dribble out from his cock.

Olga slowly stood up and pulled off her clothes as she did so.

"Over there," she said pointing at a clean bed away from the bloody mess.

"Even with the blood and the bodies in the room?" Snake asked.

"Death no longer bothers me, as I'm sure it doesn't you."

As Olga sauntered to the bed, Snake quickly removed the rest of the Russian
uniform he was wearing and then looked her body up and down. Olga wasn't
what you would call perfect. She had a few battle scars here and there,
but nothing major. She did have hair on her underarms, but at this point
it wasn't an issue. Above all else though, and what Snake found most
irresistible about her, was her athletic, but not extremely buff build, and
her nice firm tits. Not too big, not too small.

Snake knew better than to do what he was doing in his current situation. In
another time and place maybe something could have happened between the two
of them, but right now she could be luring him in and getting ready to kill
him. Despite all of that though he ignored his better judgement and accepted
what was being offered.

Olga had come to a stop on all fours on the bed and was now staring back at
Snake waiting for him to join her.

"Come on Snake, don't be having second thoughts," Olga cooed as she ran her
left hand past her belly and between thighs slowly it down until it found her
clit. "Please Snake I need you bad....."

As Olga continued to tease her clit, much like Snake her mind began to
wonder. Serving under her father in the military was her life and she had
grown used to it. She had grown up with war all her life as it was, but
she had never had the time to hang free and be a regular woman with the
same wants and desires. Snake was her enemy, her father's enemy, but Snake
didn't seem to care at the moment so why should she. As these thoughts and
fantasies ran through her head, Olga did not realize that she was no longer
looking back at snake, but instead now had her eyes clinched shut with tiny
beads of sweet starting to form on her face. And no longer was she just
teasing her clit, but now was furiously probing her insides with two fingers.

Snake now was on his knees on the bed directly behind Olga watching as her
fingers continued to slip in and out of her vaginal opening.

"Good lord..." Snake thought as he felt his dick grow just a bit bigger and
start to throb as if it had a life of it's own and wanted desperately inside
of Olga.

As Olga's fingers began to come back out, Snake gently grabbed hold of her
wrist, leaned forward licked the juices from her fingers.

"Stick your cock in me and fuck me hard like a little whore..." Olga groaned
as she felt her fingers being licked clean and realized what was coming.

Whatever cold-heartedness and non-jovial outlook the two of them had, Snake
and Olga were currently in a state of lust and want that the two of them
might have once had had they led normal lives.

Olga's hands were soon full of bed sheets as she felt Snake's dick slowly
slide inside her little exercised cunt. Snake nearly blew his load as he
felt the lips of Olga's twat clamp down and almost squeeze on his cock.

With his hands now gripping her hips Snake started to slowly pull out and
then push back in. Olga could began to feel her body shake with it's first
orgasm as Snake's continual motion of sliding in and out in combination
with the grip her cunt had on his cock made the sensation in her body almost

As Snake's thrusts became harder and deeper, Olga could no longer hold
herself in and screamed out in pleasure as her body shook tremendously and
her vaginal cavity excreted its juices. Seeing and feeling Olga's reaction
Snake himself almost came before she caught him.

"Snake, since this'll only be a one time thing please fuck me in the ass,"
Olga begged him rubbing her clit again briefly.

Snake said nothing for a moment and made no movement, and Olga was beginning
to worry he'd say no when she felt him start to pull out. Still not having
said anything Snake stuck two fingers inside Olga's cunt to soap up some of
her fluids then spread them over her asshole. He did this two or three more
times until he felt sure the juices from her cunt and the juices on his dick
would make entry as painless as possible.

As she waited for penetration Olga had began to tease her clit once more.
She then stopped as she felt the head of Snake's member poke a bit at her
anus. Olga grimaced half in pleasure half in pain and her hands were full
of bedsheets once again as she felt the head and early part of Snakes cock
split her asshole open and work it's way inside.

"Don't stop Snake... Don't stop..." Olga gritted through her teeth.

Snake obviously needed no coaxing as Olga felt his dick continue to tear and
grind it's way inside until it bottomed out in her anus. As he bottomed out
Snake began to pull out and then push back in.

With each thrust Snake's dick slide in and out of Olga's butt easier and
easier, the pleasure for the both of them seemingly doubling each time.
Soon enough Snake's cock was exiting and entering Olga's rear as easily
as could be expected.

The affair between Olga Snake continued for awhile longer, until at last
neither could hold back any longer. Snake squeezed Olga's hips tightly
and gorged his cock deep inside her ass as his body shook violently with
ecstasy and the inside of Olga's butt was soon flooded to the brim with
white fluid.

As Snake was coming, Olga too soon lost control as she orgasmed for the
second time that night and her box gushed her fluids once again some of
it mixing with Snake's fluids leaking from the cavity above it.

After it was said and done both Olga and Snake collapsed onto the bed as
they were and rested for a few minutes.

"Olga do you copy? Olga do you copy?"

It was her father's voice checking up on her after the failure of her body
to arrive in the captain's chambers. The gravity of Snake's original mission
returned to him in a flash and he quickly rolled out of bed searching for his

"Honor among thieves Snake. Trust me," Olga reassured him as she retrieved
the walkie-talkie from its holster on her pants.

"I'm alive father. There are two guards here who I'm assuming were supposed
to bring me back to the chambers. They're both dead and their uniforms
stolen. I was struck with a very high dose M9 dart so I don't know what just
happened here. Have the men on alert, there are traitors amongst us."

"Ah! It's good to hear your voice again my dear Olga. It's been over an hour
since my last contact with the men protecting you, you weren't responding to
my calls, and with the Marines still on board as well as Snake I was limited
to the number of men used to look for you."

"Has Snake been located yet?"

"It's been as expected, he's been elusive and killed a few of our men. Keep
an eye out for him, because even as strong and skilled as you are, having him
catch you by surprise will mean your demise."

"Roger that father, I'm on my way up there."

"Good good. Shalashaska is now onboard the tanker and things are going as

"That's excellent news, I'm on my way. Over and out."

"Ah yes, honor among thieves, except that I'm not a thief," Snake said as put
his body suit back on and Olga's conversation with her father ended.

"You know what I mean Snake," Olga responded as she dressed. "As stress
relieving as this last hour's been you've got ten minutes, then were back to
the way things were before."

"Not a problem, you save your father from Shalashaska, and I'll save the
world from your father," Snake said grinning. "Perhaps our paths will cross
again Olga."

No sooner had he finished speaking Snake had unlocked, opened the door, and
disappeared into the dark passageways of the tanker.

"Perhaps they will..." Olga said with almost a sixth sense, "perhaps they

The room was soon empty save for the two bloody bodies.


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