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Make It Or Break It: Bodacious Boulders Blackmail (Ff, F-dom, anal, reluc, ws, bmail, spank)
by LL

The lights outside flashed in the shape of a woman bending over, her bosoms so outsized that if she had been real her back would have given out as she straightened up. Above the flashing picture, the name of the club blinked in equally gaudy style. It was tacky and lacked class, but no-one came to Bodacious Boulders for sophisticated repartee and high society jinks. Instead the punters came for two things, tits and gash and at any given time there was plenty on display. Or at least most of the punters were after this. The bouncer raised his eyebrows at the young woman standing at the door, she was an petite blonde, sporty looking with a toned body. Her face was attractive, but had a certain hardness as if she was used to getting what she wanted and not caring how. He paused for a second, "Got ID?"

Lauren Tanner passed some identification, slipping a couple of extra twenty dollar bills on top of the cover charge with it. The man looked at it briefly, it was obviously a forgery, but what the hell money was money and unlike the sixteen year old boys who regularly tried to gain admittance she wasn't likely to grope the dancers or drunkenly vomit over their tables. He opened the door, "In you go."

Inside was slightly less gaudy than outside, if only because neon-flashing nights would have detracted from the dancers gyrating on stage. Lauren barely looked at them, sure they had big tits and they weren't fat, but the best that could be said for their looks was that no-one would be paying to look at their faces. Mind you Lauren, wasn't paying to look at their shaven slits or bouncing bosoms either - not that she was totally against girls, she certainly wouldn't have turned down some either wealthy or famous just because she didn't have a cock. But at the same time whilst she wasn't one hundred percent straight, she'd have described herself as eighty percent. She hadn't even taken part in the kissing experiments with some of the other girls at Gymnastic Camp (though at least part of the reason was an unadmitted fear that either Kaylie or Payson might turn out to be better than her).

She tapped the table and waited for a waitress. One came hurrying over, trying to hide her surprise that the person at the table was in fact a girl. "What you want?" the woman's accent was pure Brooklyn and she bent over so far that Lauren got a good look of the cleavage canyon. The woman paused for a second, as if thinking, "We got beers, shots - whisky or tequila. You want a private dance? I can let you know which dancers are available, no touching mind."

Lauren put on her sweetest smile, "Is Chloe... sorry Brandi in?"

The waitress looked confused, either at the use of 'Brandi's' real name or because... "Sorry kid, you've been misinformed. Brandi's the barmaid, she don't dance."

"Oh, I know that," lied Lauren, she had no idea what Brandi did. Only that she a Bodacious Boulders name-badge with the name had fallen from the tramp Chloe Kmetko's bag at the gym. And a little bit of digging had discovered that Bodacious Boulders, wasn't a geology club, but a strip bar on the outskirts of town. Lauren didn't think of herself as a bad person, it was just that gymnastics was a competitive sport and it never did any harm to have some dirt on your team-mates; or their Moms.

The teen looked at the dancer, "I wasn't looking for a dance." She thought quickly, "I thought she was a waitress, heard she was very good at pouring drinks."

The real waitress looked at her shaking her head, "Geez Louise, Bambi, this is a strip club not a speakeasy. Now you want something or not."

"I'll go to the bar," said Lauren. The woman gave her a hard look, which suggested she hadn't walked across the floor for Lauren to get-away without getting a drink and the commission that went with it. Lauren swiftly reconsidered as the waitress looked up at the bouncer; the teen was in here under a false ID and she didn't want any trouble. She smiled at the waitress, "Can I have a coke? With ice and twist of lemom. Diet. And make sure it's coca-cola, not pepsi, they're not the same."

"One coca-cola," the waitress wrote the words slowly in her pad, with the air of someone dealing with a customer they'd rather slap than serve, "Comin' up."

* * *

"Hey Chloe, pour us a coke," the waitress tottered to the bar in her high-heels, as there were no customers in earshot (they were all at the front near the gyrating strippers) she used the barmaid's real name. The waitress stopped at the bar, leaning on it and grimacing as she leant down to rub the soles of her feet. "And add some fuckin' ice and lemon. Miss Hoity Toity sez you've got a rep for pourin' drinks like this was a fuckin' cocktail lounge and you're Tom 'Fucking' Cruise."

"Coming up, did she say shaken' or stirred?" Chloe Kmetko replied, earning a single finger for her trouble. She stuck one back up in return and flicking on the drink's hose shot the coke into a glass. "We don't get many women in here. Did she say who'd she heard I was a good pourer from. I might want to mention my rep to the boss, see if he'll give me a rise."

The waitress shrugged, "Didn't say who told her. Not really a woman either, more a girl - kinda cute looking and blonde, probably havin' a look-see to see whether she's got it to be a dancer. Looks athletic, could be supple, but not enough up here," the waitress wiggled her chest, "she's glory-hole material not front of shop. By the way she ought to be careful, she knew your real name - y'know the boss don't like us givin' them out."

A sudden worry hit Chloe, there were lots of athletic blonde girls and plenty of them were, what could be best described as, arrogant self-serving bitches. But few of them would know her name... She paused the hose, "Where is she?"

"Table eight," said the waitress.

That would explain why Chloe hadn't seen her. Table eight was one of the few tables she couldn't quiet see from the middle of the bar. She walked past the pillar to the end of the bar and muttered under her breath, "Shit."

"You know her?" asked the waitress.

"I do," said Chloe nervously. Lauren Tanner wasn't a girl to frequent strip-joints and even if she was she wouldn't be hitting something as seedy as the 'Boulders'. Lauren did nothing without an angle and this wasn't a social call, she was obviously trying to get leverage and whatever she used that leverage for Chloe couldn't imagine it would be good for either her or her daughter, Emily. She looked again at the blonde teen sitting waiting and suddenly she smiled. It wouldn't matter if Lauren knew that she worked here if she had something she could hold over Lauren in return. Chloe smiled and beckoned over one of the dancers, just out of one of the cages and about to go on a well-earned break, "Hey, Suzie, do me a favour?"

* * *

The service in Bodacious Boulders was hardly silver service, thought Lauren, she had ordered her drink, if not hours ago, at least close to five minutes and it still hadn't arrived. She tapped the table impatiently and waited, as soon as her coke arrived she got it she'd down it, head to the bar, accidentally see Chloe and get out of this dive, she decided.

"Hey sweetie, on your own? I'm Candy," the naked woman sat down on Lauren's knee without any invitation, her large bosom bashing against Lauren's face. Candy grinned down as Lauren gasped in shock, "You wanna a feel?" She gripped Lauren's hand and pulled it up to the tit, Lauren instinctively grabbed the bosom, before letting go and going red. The stripper giggled, "You like honey?"

Lauren went red, "I'm not interested, I'm here to meet someone."

"You sure, baby, you look like you're a girl who wants some action," Candy purred, leaning forward so far that Lauren had to lean back to avoid her face being smothered in the large tits. The dancer's took hold off Lauren's wrist and dragged it forward placing it over her the dancer's shaven slit and rubbing the teen's hand against the labia. She grinned as Lauren squirmed, "Sure you're not wanting some. I can do a good discount for a dance and," she winked, "you go in one of the back rooms and we can touch all you want."

"I... am... not ... interested," Lauren said, a bead of sweat forming on her forehead.

"Well if you're sure, sexy, but just to show you what you'll be missing," Candy grabbed the back of Lauren's head and brought her mouth down full against the teen's. It was so unexpected that it took Lauren a moment or two to react and push the dancer back. Candy grinned and stood up, "See ya," she said and headed off.

"Your drink," it was the waitress, "We've no lemon. Sure you don't want a private dance?"

"No," said Lauren, tartly. She took a sip of the coke, it was flat and it was Pepsi - at least there was ice.

"Suit yourself," said the waitress, she picked up her tray and headed towards a table with a group of middle-aged businessmen who could be counted on to be generous.

Lauren took another sip and stood up. She headed to the bar, Chloe (or Brandi as she was here) was behind it, polishing it. Lauren gave a small cough, "Miss Kmetko. You work here?" She made sure to add the correct amount of surprise into her voice, plus a small measure of disgust, "In a strip club?"

"Lauren..." Chloe looked up, a nervous smile on her face, "It's just for a while, to pay off some bills and I'm only working the bar, I'm not stripping."

"There's not much to take off," said Lauren, looking at the skimpy bra and hot-pants that made up the barmaid's uniform.

Chloe blushed, "You won't tell anyone, especially Emily?"

The teen Gymnast grinned, it was a thin one, slightly cruel looking, "Well Miss Kmetko, or should I call you Barbie? that's going to depend on what you can do for me."

"What's that?" asked Chloe with a quaver in her voice. She reached up and tugged a strand of hair nervously.

"I haven't decided yet," said Lauren, "I'll let you know. But don't worry Chloe... Brandi... I'm not in a hurry to make up my mind."

She turned and headed to the exit, a small spring in her step. She didn't notice Chloe casting a glance at a small security camera set in the wall and smiling.

* * *

"Emily, just a few minutes I just want a quick word with Lauren about something," Chloe Kmetko called to her daughter as the teen gymnasts left after another hard day's practice.

"Okay," Emily said back and hoisting her bag over her shoulder headed to their car.

Lauren frowned as Chloe walked over, tottered was a better description given the length of the heels on her slut stilettos. The staggered gait nearly made the thirtysomething's plump tits nearly fall out of her too tight and too short leopard spot dress; that was probably the idea Lauren decided.

She waited for the Milf to come nearer, "Miss Kmetko" she put on a false smile and waited for the Chloe to speak.

"It was nice to see you last week, at Boulders," Chloe smiled.

It didn't surprise Lauren that the slut Mom wanted to speak to her about that, she was probably desperate to make a bargain for Lauren's silence. Not that Lauren was interested in doing so yet, there was no hurry and it'd keep Chloe on her toes; perhaps she'd tell her daughter to be a little more respectful to the undisputed Queen of the Beam.

"Yes, it was. Though I saw more of you than you saw of me," Lauren flashed a catty smile, "I'm guessing you want to do a deal."

"I was hoping we could," agreed Chloe.

"Hard luck. You'll just have to hope I don't tell anyone that you're a tramp working in a strip bar," Lauren continued to smile, "I've got a big mouth sometimes though, so until I think what I really, really want you might want to make sure you are nice to me. And y'know Emily could be nicer as well."

To Lauren's surprise Chloe didn't look disappointed or scared or even angry at her comments. Instead the Milf smiled and reached into her bag to pull out a phone, "Lauren, you've got it the wrong way round. I'm offering you a deal for my silence." She touched a button and passed the phone to the gymnast.

The screen was small, but the picture quality was sharp. Lauren watched horrified as on screen the naked stripper Candy sat on her knee as Lauren first fondled her tit, then placed a hand between the dancer's legs before the short clip ended with Candy's mouth on hers. She wordlessly handed the phone back to Chloe. The Milf smiled as she took it, and looked at Lauren; she seemed to be waiting for the teen to speak. It took a few second's for Lauren to do so and then when it did come out it was a much more high-pitched squeak than it normally was, "That's not what happened... not like that."

"Candy's old man works in film. He did a few minor snips to make it more... televisual," smiled Lauren.

"Televisual..." repeated Lauren.

"You know for mass market entertainment. You don't think I'd waste this little clip with just your Dad, Summer, Sasha, oh and the National Gymnastics Organisation. You a bit of a celebrity, okay a really minor one, but you are on US Gymnastics team and you'd be a lot better known once every has seen you making out with a naked stripper," Chloe smiled sweetly, "Now you want to make a deal?"

"Fine, I won't tell anyone you work in Bodacious Boulders," said Lauren reaching for the phone.

"That's not the deal," Chloe snatched the phone away, "the deal is what are you going to give me in return for this little clip not going viral."

"Money, I can give you money," Lauren tried an integrating smile.

The shake of the head told her she hadn't succeeded, "You're a pretty girl Lauren."


"It's true. You've got looks and a sexy body. Now don't get me wrong, I really love lying on my back with my legs wrapped round some hunk whilst he pounds my pussy and sends me into oblivion. But sometimes it's nice to have a sexy, young cutie on her hands and knees as I hammer her from behind."

"You want me to sleep with you?" Lauren wasn't sure what she had been expecting, but it wasn't this.

Chloe smiled, "There won't be much sleeping involved."

"Whatever," said Lauren brusquely, "I'm not doing it."

"You think I should tell your Dad I've found a clip of you on the net or you think it'll be a big enough hit that he'll hear about it anyway," Chloe shrugged, "I guess I could wait and see, no need to make a decision."

Lauren felt herself shake. If that clip went up there was no use her pretending it wasn't her or saying it was edited; it was recognisably Lauren Tanner and if it wasn't quiet what it looked like she had still been sitting in a strip club with one of the strippers on her knee. She looked at Chloe, suddenly regretting that she had tried to blackmail the Milf, "What if I say I'm sorry, perhaps I can get..." she tailed off as Chloe grinned.

"There's the deal. Take it or... do you think the NGO will want to keep you on the US team? Or will you be too toxic? You're a good mover, so I bet you could get some offers from the clubs - I could put in a word for you at Boulders and you already know Candy so you wouldn't be without friends..."

"I'll do it," blurted Lauren.

"Today's Wednesday, shall we say you can come round Friday about six," Chloe patted Lauren's hand in a motherly fashion.

"Yes," said Lauren, she felt deflated and a little scared.

"A few things Lauren, don't expect some light kissing session, I want to go all the way, full hardcore. You may want to find a dildo or something and work your ass a bit, because I'll be fucking it open. And don't wear much, but make it count, something slinky and sexy, feel free to spoil me with your favours. Finally, Lauren remember the more happy you make me, the less likely this clip will end up on the web. Look after your own interests by looking after mine."

"Yes," Lauren repeated again.

"See you Friday then," said Chloe and headed off to her car.

* * *

Lauren was a long time outside the Kmetko house. She had arrived early, watching Brian Kmetko head off for a weekend with other disabled kids and then Emily get into the car head to that cruddy Pizza place she worked in. Then Lauren just sat, watching from the sidewalk, knowing that once she knocked on the door she would be Chloe's lesbian plaything. The minutes ticked nearer to six, the chances of Chloe calling to cancel the date receding with every tick of the second hand on Lauren's expensive watch.

Again she looked down at the watch as she had every half minute for over the last hour. It ticked down as she watched... five... four... three... two... one... six pm. She closed her eyes for a second, steadying her breathing, just as she did for any Gymnastics big move and just like when she was performing her routine on the beam she had to impress the judges with more than just technique. She plastered a smile on her, like she was looking forward to being a lesbian sex slave for the night, and strode purposefully to the door, ringing the bell and waiting.

It wasn't a long wait, there was a brief twitch of the curtains as Chloe checked it was her and then the Milf called out, "Come on in, its open."

Lauren opened the door; the main room she stepped into wasn't nearly as tacky or messy as she had expected its decoration tasteful if cheap. It also doubled as bedroom, as the double bed against the wall showed. But Lauren's gaze was drawn neither to the d‚cor or the bed, but to Chloe. The Milf was smiling wickedly, dressed in a black leather leotard that pushed her bosom upwards and didn't quiet cover the nub of the nipples. Calf length boots, so clean they shone, matched the leotard's colour. The riding crop that Chloe was bending between her hand finished the look. "You came," the older woman said.

"Yes Miss Kmetko," said Lauren. It seemed a very formal response to someone who had ordered you over so she could fuck your brains out, but Lauren wasn't sure what else she should call her - Chloe seemed a little forward in the circumstances.

The Milf seemed to be to be thinking the same thing as she said, "Call me Mistress Chloe."

"Yes Mistress Chloe," said Lauren, the name seemed to fit the woman a lot better than Miss Kmetko or plain Chloe - the brunette seemed like a mistress, a dominatrix ready to take control.

"Are you cold, Lauren?" asked Chloe.

"No Mistress Chloe," replied Lauren.

"Well take off your coat then," said Chloe.

For a second Lauren paused, the costume under the coat was part of her attempt to ensure her performance was judged as perfect. But in removing the coat she would also be removing the last vestige of her self-respect. The pause was only momentary but it was long enough for Chloe to notice. The busty Mom cracked the crop menacingly against her hand and her voice was steely as she spoke again, "I said take off your coat."

"Yes, Mistress Chloe," said the teen and removed the long mackintosh she was wearing. Underneath she was just wearing a small blue suspender belt and garters, attaching to a small piece of underwear that barely covered her pussy mound. Her tits were covered by silky bra that matched the panties, it was bulging with the promise beneath. She waited nervously as Chloe slowly smiled.

"Turn round," said the dominatrix Mom.

The blonde gymnast did as she was told, standing with her back to Chloe as the leather clad vixen admired her from behind. Lauren could hear the click of the dom's boots on the floor as she walked behind her. The teen gave a small wince and tiny shriek as the crop spanked across her butt. It stung, but it was mainly surprise that had caused her reaction - she hadn't been expecting that and for a moment considered telling Chloe that enough was enough and she was off. But then she remembered the film and kept silent. Chloe followed up the spank by placing a hand over the teen's butt and squeezing first one cheek and then the other, "Nice and firm, Lauren, the gymnastics pay off."

"They do Mistress Chloe," replied Lauren. She wasn't sure whether she was supposed to speak or not, but the Milf hadn't told her not to so she decided to risk it. Obviously the dom wasn't displeased as she didn't bring her crop down on the teen's cheeks.

Lauren felt herself go red as the Mistress's hand slid beneath the silk of her panties, a finger sliding down from just below her top hole to the front and just under her slit and back again. No woman had ever touched Lauren here before, and no man had moved his finger so gently. She shivered, unsure whether she was enjoying it or not and wondering if this was just a way to calm her down before a storm of domination hit her.

"Did you prep your ass, as I ordered?" asked Chloe.

Lauren hadn't thought it had been an order, more a suggestion. She made a small mental note to treat them the same. But luckily she had acted on this one, she wondered what have happened if she hadn't, "I did. Mistress Chloe. On Wednesday and Thursday night and today after everyone had left the dressing room I did a quick dildoing."

"Remove your panties," said Chloe.

Lauren paused for just a second, long enough for the crop to strike across her butt. "Ouch," squealed the teen and swiftly removed the expensive silk underwear.

The crop brushed over the flesh, reminding Lauren that she was still in her Mistress's control. Chloe other hand pulled at a cheek, exposing the back hole to her penetrating gaze. The Milf snorted in displeasure and let go off the cheek. "Bend over," she said.

Lauren did so, pushing her ass into the air and touching her toes. She waited.

"It's not a very good job is it. It's almost closed. Next time you may want to buy a butt-plug to keep in after you've opened it," said Chloe.

"I'm sorry Mistress Chloe," whined Lauren, "I've never done this before."

"Do...not...make...excuses," Chloe said strictly, punctuating each word with a swift and hard strike of the crop across Lauren's bare butt.

Lauren shrieked, "Yes Mistress Chloe. I'll do better."

"I'm sure you will. But for now there's some toys on the bed. Go and find the medium size dildo."

"Yes, Mistress Chloe," said Lauren. She quickly scooted over to the bed. As her Mistress said there were toys sitting their, strap-ons, double-enders, nipple clamps, butt-plugs, ball-gags and things which made Lauren realise how sexually naive she was as she had no idea what they did. She picked up a six-inch dildo and turned to Chloe, holding it up for display in her hand, "Here it is Mistress Chloe."

Chloe ignored her as she poured herself a generous helping of wine. She took a long sip of it and topped up the glass to its previous measure, before walking over to the sofa. Only when she was sitting comfortably, or as much as she could when her tight black leather costume was squeezing at her flesh, did she acknowledge her slave, "Get on your hands and knees, with your ass pointing towards me. Then I want to see you work your butt-hole with that toy, properly; remember I own you slut."

"I will Mistress Chloe, I am your slut." Lauren got down on her hands and knees. Balancing on one hand she held her dildo in the other and moved it to her back hole. Her Mistress was right, the passage had tightened since she had re-opened it a few hours ago. Still, she thought, as she pushed the tip of the dildo in, it was still easier to open than Wednesday night and the first time she anally dildoed herself. She gave a small grimace as she worked open the top of the hole, wiggling and pushing the dildo to expand the passageway.

"Good slut, I want that ass nice and gaping for me. Push that toy in deep," Chloe called from behind.

"Ooooh," moaned Lauren as she pushed the dildo in deeper. She had never masturbated in front of anyone; it was both embarrassing and somehow a turn-on. The embarrassment from knowing that the sexy Chloe was staring at her push a rubber toy up her most intimate and private hole; the turn-on the same reason. Lauren's skin was red, and she felt herself flushing in pleasure as the toy went deeper, pushing at her walls and through them at the nerve endings and stimuli beneath, "Ooooh, Mistress Chloe is this right? Is this good?"

"Push it in harder, whore, push it in deeper. I want the hole to be wide as the highway for me."

"Uurrh, uurrh, urrrh," Lauren's breath came in hard gasps as she followed the dom's orders and rammed it in deeper and harder. The dildo pushed at her insides, stretching them like tough elastic. The pleasure she felt as she moved the toy speedily in and out magnified by knowing that Chloe was behind her, getting off on the teen gymnast getting off.

"Harder you dirty anal loving tramp. I want you to really work that submissive slut ass," Chloe said and to back up her words she brought the crop down twice on Lauren's cheeks.

The stinging blow of her Mistress's crop and the words made Lauren move quicker and harder. She pushed it so deep she feared she'd loose it. The thought of having to go to hospital and all the nurses and doctor's laughing as they had to surgically remove it, terrified her. But not as much as the terror that Chloe would be displeased with her slacking. She rammed it further in, "How's this Mistress Chloe? Is your slut pushing it in enough?"

There was no response from Chloe, which Lauren wasn't sure was good or bad. She decided to carry on anally masturbating herself; you couldn't go wrong with following your instructions until told to stop, "Uuurrrh, uuurrhhh, uuuuurrrhhhh."

"Okay, my little anal whore, pull it out of your bitch ass," said the Dominatrix Milf.

"Yes, Mistress Chloe," said Lauren, just a little disappointed as she could feel an orgasm creeping up on her.

The disappointment didn't last for long, as no sooner than she had removed the dildo than she felt Chloe's hands on her as the dom pushed something large and hard into Lauren's vacated asshole. The teen gasped as it was pushed down and in, until a flange hit her cheeks and stopped the toy going in further. Chloe stepped back, "That's a butt-plug, Lauren. It will keep your back door nicely open and ready until I want to use. I'll lend you this one for the moment, but you'll want to buy your own soon."

"Yes Miss Chloe. I will," said Lauren dutifully.

"Now, before I use your ass again, I want a good cunt licking. You ever eaten pussy before, Lauren?"

"No, Mistress Chloe," said Lauren, shaking her head, "I'm a quick learner though," she added quickly.

"We'll see," said the dom, "Stand up and come here."

The Milf walked over to the couch and sat down. She reached down for the bottom of her leotard and unclipped a flap. It pulled away, taking the bottom section of the shiny leather suit with it and exposing the Milf's slit. It was smooth, with a slight reddening as it had only been shaved recently. Chloe spread her legs and pointed to the floor between them, "I want your slutty face between my legs and your tongue down my cunt. I want you to lick me until I've finished. Get to it slut."

"Of course, Mistress Chloe, right away," said Lauren quickly and got into position. The anal-plug played pleasurably against her ass walls as she bent down.

Though she had never licked a cunt herself, she had her own one lapped a few times, so she was not totally inexperienced. She pushed her face at the dom's slot and used her hands to move up and pry it apart. Her mouth pushed at the hole, her tongue flicking out and rushing round the hole. Chloe gave a brief start as the teen entered her, followed by a low sensuous moan as Lauren's tongue began to move quickly at the flesh. The moans got louder and higher-pitched as Lauren's lithe tongue danced and probed at the moist hole, desperately seeking for the magic G-spot, "Eat me, you whore. Suck my cunt juice all out," moaned Chloe, her hands gripping at Lauren's head, "Tongue fuck me like the anal-bitch you are."

The Milf gasped and bucked, which Lauren thought was a good sign. The teen raced her tongue round, lapping in the juice and exploring the hole. In and out her tongue rammed, devastatingly dangerous slams into the warm wet walls and long, luscious licks over the quivering, quaking quim insides. The dom gripped her head further, "Tongue fuck me you little cunt, find the fucking spot."

Lauren moved quicker, swishing her tongue deeper and rushing round the hole. The squeal of enjoyment that Chloe gave as Lauren's tongue connected with the clit would have told the teen she had found the spot, even if the feel of the hard lump of flesh and the hard pulling at the gymnast's blonde hair, hadn't. She quickly began to concentrate on the spot, ramming her tongue hard at her Mistress's G-spot and feeling the bud tremble under her slurps.

"Aaaaarrrghhh, aaaaarrrggghhh," Chloe gasped and bucked, her body stretching as the teen's dextrous tongue sent her into an orbit of orgasms, "Aaaarrrghhh, aaaaarrrghhh."

Without warning the dominatrix jerked Lauren's head back, so abruptly that Lauren almost licked at fresh air. The Milf's body went taut, "I'm cumming, slave."

The juice shot from her pussy in an explosive blast, like a hose which someone has taken their foot off. It hit Lauren so hard and so suddenly that the teen gasped as the warm liquid hit her and choked as some went down her throat. She closed her mouth as a second blast followed after the first, splattering over her pretty face and down her front. Chloe let go off her head and fell back on the seat breathing heavily. Lauren wasn't sure what to do, her Mistress had cum but at the same time she hadn't been told to stop. After a moment's indecision she lowered her head and began to lick the wet pussy, slowly and more sensitively, cleaning it of cum.

"Good girl, Lauren," said Chloe with a trace of kindness. Lauren smiled and ran her tongue over the quim lips, glad she had pleased her mistress. The dominatrix grinned and pulled at Lauren's hair, the interlude brief, "Up you get my little whorey slut slave."

"Yes, as you wish Mistress Chloe," said Lauren, getting to her feet. As she moved the anal-plug moved with her, rubbing blissfully against her inner ass-wall and making her blush with sudden pleasure.

Chloe picked up her empty wine glass and passed it to Lauren, "Fill it up."

Lauren too the glass, "At once, Mistress." She felt the plug shifting within her as she walked. It made her feel horny; wet and warm. She poured the drink and headed back to Chloe, wiggling her ass so that the toy played within her. Chloe took the drink and sipped it as Lauren waited for her next orders; she could feel the plug, but she needed to move to feel its vibrations within her. Perhaps, she hoped, Mistress Chloe would make her do squats whilst she watched - that would really work the butt-plug.

The Milf smiled as she looked at the blonde standing before her, "Lauren, on the bed you'll have seen the strap-ons. There's a big red one, bring it me."

Lauren slowly walked over to the bed, the butt-plug pleasuring her ass as she walked. She almost swore when she looked at the toy that the Mom had mentioned. It was a foot long, and with a thickness to match, with an attachment on the giver's side that was obviously meant to tickle the owner's own erogenous zone. Lauren picked it up slowly, she wasn't sure her pussy could take it and even stretched by the earlier masturbation and the plug she was sure her ass couldn't. Still she picked it up and gingerly brought it over to the Milf, hoping that whatever was planned her Mistress knew what she was doing and wouldn't rip her irreparably.

Chloe took the dildo from Lauren, "Thank you Lauren. Now also on the bed, there was a dildo with suckers on it. I want you to take it and stick it to the wall over there. I want it knee high."

"Yes Mistress Chloe," Lauren did as she was told, picking the eight-inch toy that Chloe had described and sticking in the place that her owner had told her to place it.

Once done, she turned her head and looked at Chloe. The older woman was just draining the last of her wine. She saw that Lauren was looking at her and smiled as she stood up and reached for the strap-on dildo on the sofa beside her, "Okay my little gym whore. I want you down on your hands and knees and sucking that cock. I want you to really deep throat it, go on."

"Yes Mistress," said Lauren. As she got down into position the butt-plug in her anus moved gratifyingly. Leaning forward she took the stuck-on dildo between her lips and began to rock back and forth, swallowing more each time.

"Go faster, you slut," ordered Chloe. Her heels clicked on the floor as she came closer, "Take it down deep. I told you to deep throat it, not treat it like a lolly."

Lauren was about to obey, but her Mistress had already grabbed the back of her head and was forcing her forward. The teen gagged and choked as the Milf rammed her throat down the dildo, the toy hitting the back of her throat like a hammer. Bile rushed into her mouth and out through her lips as Chloe pulled her head back. Lauren gasped and snorted, grabbing air as quickly as she could before Chloe slammed her down again, "If you're not going to suck on your own slut," said Chloe crossly, "I'll have to do it for you."

The dildo hit the teen's tonsils and thudded at her throat. She choked up more bile, it splurged out her mouth and down her chin, creating a pool in front of her. Her eyes watered so much she could hardly see as Chloe forced her head back and forth, each thrust ramming the dildo so deep into her mouth it felt like she would choke and each pull back barely allowing her enough time to gasp in some oxygen.

"Dumb whore, I shouldn't be doing this for you, should I?" said Chloe, "The point of you being my slave isn't for me to help you suck the toy; its for you to suck on your own. I'm just to soft." She pulled the teen back and allowed Lauren to take in some air. The teen breathed heavily and quickly before Chloe pushed her face back down the cock, "I'll be expecting an improvement next time. You'll need to practice on a dildo at home." She pulled the Lauren away from the toy, "What do you say?"

For a second, despite her best efforts, Lauren couldn't say a thing as she just gasped and struggled for air and choked out white bile and saliva. The toes of Chloe's boot tapped the floor impatiently and Lauren made an extra effort to take in enough breath so she could speak, "Thank you, Mistress Chloe. I'll do what you say and be better next time."

The swat from Chloe's hand on the teen's rump was hard enough to sting, but not to hurt, "Well, we'll say no more... this time. But now it's the time. I'm going to stuff this big dildo up your ass."

"Yes, Mistress Chloe. Good, my ass is ready for your large toy," Lauren wiggled her butt in what she hoped was a sexually appealing manner, though she still felt nervous about the big toy going in. She gave a little gasped and squirmed as the butt-plug was pulled out.

"This will stretch your ass," Chloe had quickly replaced the plug with her strap-on, pushing the first part of the toy in until the wall had begun to obstruct it, "And it will probably hurt quiet a bit. If you'd prepped your ass properly, as I said, it'd hurt less. So I don't want to here any complaints as I fuck your butt open."

"You won't Mistress Chloe. I'm learning all the time," responded Lauren, "I'll be a good slut. I'll take your big strap-on without any moans."

"Oh there had better be moans, just no complaining," laughed Chloe.

"Yes, Mistress Chloe. I'm sorry Mistress Chloe, you know what I mean," Lauren went red with embarrassment and waited for her owner to bang her open.

The Milf gripped the teen's waist and shifted slightly, positioning herself in the optimum position for maximum penetration with each thrust. Lauren quivered, anticipation, excitement and fear combining with pleasure she felt from the section of dildo already nestled in her anal chute. It seemed forever before Chloe was ready. And then without warning she slammed forward.

"Ooooowwww," Lauren squealed, before desperately trying to turn the gasp of surprised pain into a yelp of positive enjoyment, "Oooohhh, fuck my ass Mistress. Fuck it good."

The Milf quickly moved back and thrust in. Again a flash of pain tore through the teen gymnast as her asshole was painfully stretched and invaded. She closed her eyes, blinking out tears of pain as she felt her backdoor torn open. "Yes Mistress Chloe, fuck your slut."

"You are a slut aren't you?" laughed Chloe, "An anal fuck-toy, just there to be defiled for fun."

"I am Mistress Chloe, an unworthy fucktoy, who just wants to be anally fucked until I'm a rag... until you cum and finish with my worthless slutty ass," Lauren squealed, hoping she wasn't laying it on too thick and at the same time feeling it was true. It was what she wanted, what she desired - to be fucked like a slut with no regard for her feelings. It didn't matter whether she enjoyed it as long as her Mistress did. The teen gasped again as another thrust hammered her ass further open, "Fuck my slut-hole. Please fuck me until you cum. Fuck me as hard as you want, just enjoy me."

And then the miraculous happened. Even as she felt her ass being stretched beyond breaking point an orgasm well up in Lauren. It was like nothing the teen had ever experienced before, so powerfully intense it was like she was on another planet. She screamed again, but there was no pain in her cry, just an overwhelming shriek of shrill joy, "Yesssssss, aaaaaaarrgghhhh... fuuuucccckkk!" She knew she had no permission to orgasm, but there was nothing she could have done. Chloe slapped the teen's ass hard, riding her forward. Lauren squealed as the palm clapped across her rear, "I'm sorry Mistress Chloe. I couldn't help it, I just had to cum."

"Next time I'll gag you," said Chloe and rammed forward, "but this will have to do."

The Milf hooked her fingers into Lauren's mouth and pulled it open, stopping Lauren screaming again. It didn't stop her cumming though and as Chloe pounded her ass harder and faster the teen shook and stretched as her body went taut with orgasm after orgasm. Her owner rammed deep, "Take my large dildo, you fuck slut. Take it down that whore ass. I own you, slut, I own you."

Harder and faster the Milf drilled into the teen as Lauren's ass was opened. The dildo thrust down and as it entered the full length kicked back against Chloe's clit. The Milf began to moan with pleasure and rammed harder, slamming the strap-on in with as much as force as she could muster, "Fuck, fuck, slut, fuck you slut. Oooh, oooh, aaaaaarggghhh."

Chloe stopped and squealed in pleasure as the orgasm hit her. Sweat dripped from her body as she quivered and quaked as the sexual bliss earthquaked inside her, "That's it slut, that's it," she murmured and stopped still, panting and getting her breath back, "That's it, slut, that is it."

Lauren expected her Mistress to remove the cock from the teen's ass, but she didn't. Instead the Milf unclipped the toy and left it stuck deep into Lauren's back hole, "I need a pee," said Chloe, as she helped the teen up, the toy rubbing at Lauren's stimulated nerves as she moved, "Into the bathroom, toilet slut."

"T...T... Toilet slut..." stammered Lauren, before blushing, "I mean, yes Mistress Chloe; I'm your property to do whatever you want with."

"Good," said Chloe as she led the teen into the bathroom. She pointed at the floor, "Get into position and open your mouth, toilet slut."

"Yes Mistress Chloe," replied Lauren. She couldn't lie down as the dildo in her ass would probably have gone straight through her. Instead she moved so that she was her feet and hands were in a square, holding her body face upwards. It wasn't the most comfortable position, but it allowed her Mistress to crouch over her. Lauren opened her mouth and waited.

To her horror there was the sound of the front door opening and the unmistakable voice of Emily Kmetko calling out, "Mom, I'm home where are you?"

Lauren wanted to move, to dive into the bath/curtains behind the shower and hide until Emily was in bed and she could sneak out the window; but she couldn't - not without the permission of Chloe. The teen waited barely able to breathe. Her eyes locked on her Mistress's cunt and she began to pray for piss so that she could move from the exposed position. But it didn't seem to come. From outside there was another call from Emily, "Mom?"

The handle on the bathroom door began to push down and to Lauren's mortification she remembered Chloe hadn't locked it after leading them in here. She waited for Chloe to shout out, to tell her daughter she was on the toilet. The Milf didn't, at least not in time.

The door opened and in walked Emily. Chloe looked at her daughter looking at Lauren, who was positioned with her mouth open waiting for the amber stream. The Milf spoke, "Do you mind Emily? I'm on the toilet."

She began to piss into Lauren's open mouth...

* * *

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