Make it or Break it
Bodacious Boulders Blackmail 2

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Make It Or Break It: Bodacious Boulders Blackmail Part 2 (Fff,F-dom,anal,dp-anal,spank,ws)
by LL

"Lauren, what are you doing? You're supposed to be the Queen of the Beam, you're looking more like the court jester," Sasha Belov snapped. He strode towards the bar as Lauren Tanner, the object of his ire dismounted; clumsily. She blushed as the Rock's coach stopped in front of her, his displeasure evident on his face, "If you think you'll get on the Olympic team just on your reputation, well your wrong. In fact, if you don't step up a gear you won't even be getting to the State competition."

"Sorry Sasha," Lauren looked at her feet. There was a giggle from Emily Kmetko; Lauren looked briefly up her face going even redder. The other teen gymnast was standing with Payson and Kaylie, rubbing their hands in the chalk as they prepared to go on the bars.

Sasha misread the glance, "Concentrate on me Lauren, not on having a gossip with the girls. If you put as much effort into your technique as you do on talking about boys, you'd be a shoe-in for Gold."

Emily giggled again. Lauren wasn't sure, her gaze was fixed on Sasha, but out of her peripheral vision she thought she saw Payson and Kaylie turning towards her before they too laughed. Lauren went even brighter red, terrified that Emily had told her friends her secret and that she'd become the laughing stock of the Rock, and probably, as the place leaked gossip like an old ship leaked water, the whole gymnastics community. She forced herself to keep staring at Sasha, trying to keep her mind on what he was saying, "Sorry Sasha," she repeated.

"What's up with you?" he continued, "You've been off your game all week."

Again there was a laugh from Emily and Lauren had to use all her willpower to stop herself turning to see if the other gymnast was pointing at her as she laughed. There was no way that Lauren could tell Sasha the real reason for her poor concentration this week. After all she could hardly say, 'I tried to blackmail Chloe Kmetko, but it backfired and she made me her lesbian sex slave. Oh, and Emily knows because she came into the bathroom just as her Mom was peeing into my open mouth'. It was embarrassing enough remembering, Emily's smile she closed the door on a red-faced Lauren. Chloe's frowned as she wiped her slit clean of the piss, the warm liquid trickling down Lauren's face and chest as she waited for her mistress instructions, inwardly pleading to be allowed to leave. She had felt relief at the dismissal, grabbing her coat and fleeing into the night, hoping that Emily wouldn't tell. Unable to say anything the blonde gymnast just shook her head and mumbled something about just feeling a little off.

The coach sighed, "Well we're obviously not going to get anything from you today. Take the rest of the day off, no take the rest of week off. Perhaps that'll give you time to think and remember that if you want Gold, that's all you can think about. Go on, get out of my sight."

Normally Lauren would have pleaded, cajoled and whined in the vague hope that Sasha would relent. Not today, her mind was still on Chloe squatting over her and Emily's smirking face as the amber liquid poured into her mouth. It had been so disgusting, so degrading and a tiny little bit delicious. She realised Sasha was waiting for her to say something. She nodded, "Yes, Sasha. I'll try better next week."

Sasha's eyebrows raised at the lack of comeback in Lauren's response. For a second he looked like he was about to say something, then he changed his mind and gave an encouraging smile, "Go and take a shower then. Give yourself a small break and we'll get back to work next week."

In the changing room Lauren peeled off her leotard and stepped into the shower. She felt the warm water run over her as she washed away the sweat of her failed workout. After a few minutes she felt, if not re-energised, at least clean and ready for a relaxing, stress free weekend. She stepped out of the shower.

"Towel?" said Emily Kmetko. She didn't wait for an answer, but handed Lauren one. The blonde teen took it wordlessly as Emily looked up and down her naked body, taking in her slim and sexy frame, rivulets of water running down it. Emily grinned and sat down on the bench, "Sasha said you seemed out of it. As he's practising with Kaylie I said I'd go check you were alright."

"I'm good," said Lauren. Nervously she began to dab the towel over her body, not so much drying herself as touching the wettest spots.

"You want to tell me what's wrong?" smirked Emily, though from the way she was smiling it was obvious she knew.

"Have you told anyone?" blurted out Lauren in reply, her face was creased nervously and she found herself shaking.

It seemed to take Emily a long time to reply, as if she was enjoying drawing out the mental torture. Eventually she shook her head smiling, "That you're a piss whore? No," she paused, again letting the silence continue for longer than Lauren would have liked, before she finished her sentence, "Not yet."

The final two words were laden with warning and Lauren felt her heart constrict in her chest. She tugged at the towel in her hands, making no effort to use it to dry herself. She spoke "Will you tell?"

Emily didn't answer, instead she walked round Lauren in a circle, looking at the blonde's naked body, slippery with water and firmed by years of exercise and strict diets. Lauren knew what was happening and she dropped the towel to the floor, so that she was totally unconcealed, her nude body revealed for the other gymnast's inspection. Behind her Emily slid a hand over the blonde's butt, squeezing it to check the firmness. Another hand moved up Lauren's back, the finger running over the vertebrae in her spine. Lauren waited silently, trying to be patient and not quiver as the deal was reached without words. After a few moments Emily stepped round again to the front, Lauren was relieved that the other gymnast was smiling. She smiled back, trying to look her prettiest and most appealing, before she repeated, "Will you tell?"

"I might. I might not. It depends on you. Come over at six on Friday," smiled Emily, "I saw you know what to do to make me happy. And the happier I am the less likely I am to tell Kaylie and Payson about you having a fetish for being a toilet."

"Okay. Please don't tell," said Lauren, "I'll do whatever is needed."

She guessed from the look on Emily's face whatever was needed was going to be lot, and much of it would be sexually depraved, probably disgusting and almost certainly degrading. She knew she should hate that, but a tiny voice in her head was telling her how much she would enjoy it.

* * *

Lauren tugged her coat closer as she walked from her car to the Kmetko's front door. Whilst it wasn't gale force the winds were strong enough to lift her coat if she wasn't careful and she didn't want to give the neighbours a sneak peek of what she was wearing underneath, which was just a suspender belt and suspenders. She hoped Emily would appreciate the minimal look, no panties or bra, just some sexy silk - it showed that Lauren was taking tonight seriously.

She rung on the doorbell and waited. Luckily she didn't have to wait long. The door opened and Emily stood there in a leotard, which clung tightly to her body. Lauren felt her own libido racing as she looked at the sexy, slender frame in front of her and imagined what dirty, but hot, things Emily had planned. The brunette gymnast smiled at Lauren, "Let me see before you come in."

Lauren paused then opened the coat to flash at Emily, "Is this alright?"

Emily didn't reply for a moment then she said, "Drop the coat to the floor."

"Emily, I'm not wearing... well hardly anything underneath," said Lauren.

"So I see. Two things Lauren - I am Mistress Emily and you will obey everything I say," Emily looked at the blonde sternly.

"Yes Mistress Emily," said Lauren automatically. She dropped the coat to the floor and stood on the doorstep almost nude. There was a coolness in the air, the breeze biting at her naked skin, but the radiant glow of her embarrassment counter-acted against it and she could feel herself warming up. Hotter and hotter as she stood there waiting patiently for Emily to allow her to move. She could hear the sound of cars driving along the street, slowing down as they past and honking their horns and caterwauling comments like she was a two-bit tramp selling her wares.

Emily continued to stand, smiling as Lauren waited for her instructions. It seemed to last forever and it certainly had to be minutes before the brunette gymnast said, "Come in."

"Yes, Mistress Emily," said Lauren and stepped into the house.

"Hello Lauren," said Chloe Kmetko. The Milf was standing by the bed in the main bedroom, sipping a glass of wine, whilst clad in leather boots and a leather, studded leotard.

"C...Chloe," stuttered Lauren, so surprised that she temporarily forgot the Mom's title. Chloe's eyebrow raised slightly, the message was barely perceptible, but it was there. Lauren bowed her head briefly in embarrassment, before raising it again, "Mistress Chloe. I didn't know you'd be here."

Chloe put down her glass and sauntered over to the nearly naked teen, "So I see. Is that why you didn't ask my permission?"

"P...P...permission?" stammered Lauren, blushing.

"To become my daughter's whore," said Chloe. Her tone was so reasonable that Lauren felt ashamed at her laxity, especially as Chloe continued, "I mean I don't mind, in fact it was me who suggested it to Emily, not that she needed much prodding. But you are mine, Lauren, and as Emily was quiet clear she didn't mention I'd given the go-ahead, you should have been over to me as fast as your cute little legs could carry you asking my permission."

Lauren lowered her head, blushing. In truth she hadn't been sure whether Chloe's domination of her had been a one-off or was longer term. She hadn't wanted to ask, being to scared off what the answer would be - she was even more scared with what she had wanted the answer to be. After a few moments contemplation she decided it was better to be straight-up. She raised her head, "I'm sorry Mistress Chloe. I didn't realise I needed your permission, I won't do it again. I mean I'll get your permission first."

"Go ahead," smiled Chloe, "Ask my permission now."

Lauren turned her head to look at Emily. The teen gymnast was smiling, enjoying Lauren's debasement. Seeing Lauren looking at her, she licked her lips whilst pointedly looked at Lauren's naked ass. The blonde turned back to her Milf Mistress, "Please Mistress Chloe, can I have your permission to be fucked by your daughter, Mistress Emily. Can I let Mistress Emily use me like a fuck-toy, anyway she wants, no matter how depraved and perverted? Can I please?"

Chloe smiled as she reached down to fondle Lauren's naked cunt. The teen couldn't help as her Mistress's fingers squeezed at the mons and pushed at the labia. Chloe's smile got wider, "You're wet Lauren, you're damp like a dirty dumb-ass whore." She squeezed again and this time she added a finger into the slit, moving it around the sopping hole until it was cum covered. Then she brought it out and slid the cummy finger over Lauren's lips, the teen having to fight to stop herself from opening her mouth, without permission, to suck her Mistress digit.

Chloe moved back, "You're a slut, aren't you Lauren? A dirty, skanky, slut..."

"Yes, Mistress Chloe," agreed Lauren. She decided to push her Mistress a little, it was a risk, but she was hoping Chloe's maternal instincts would overcome any urge to punish Lauren for her presumption, "Do I have your permission to be fucked by Mistress Emily?"

Chloe laughed, "You think you'd have been invited, if I wasn't going to allow Emily to fuck you? And me, as well. We're going to be fucking you together, Mom-daughter bonding. But you still should have asked for permission first, and for that I'm going to have to punish you."

Lauren nodded, butterflies in her stomach starting to flutter nervously as she wondered what type of punishment her Mistress had in mind. She didn't have to wait long to be told, "Over my knee Lauren," said Chloe, "I'm going to spank my slutty skanky bottom's bottom until she learns her place."

"I know my place Mistress Chloe," said Lauren submissively, "It is wherever you want me." With that said she got over the Milf's knees, her butt pushed upwards for its battering.

Chloe reached with one hand to Lauren's hair and pulled the teen's head up, so that she could easily see Emily standing their, her arms folded across her chest and smirking, as she prepared to watch Lauren's humiliation. Lauren wasn't sure what turned her on more, the anticipation of the thrashing she was about to get or knowing that every slap on her ass would be eagerly watched by her fellow gymnast.

"One," said Chloe and brought her hand down on the teen's naked butt. Lauren wasn't sure whether she should squeal or not, so she kept quiet apart from a muffled 'mmmnn'. As there was no order or response from Chloe and Emily's grin didn't give anything away either Lauren decided to keep as quiet as she could, if her Mistress wanted her to cry in pain she'd make the spanks more painful.

"Two," said Chloe and brought her hand down again. It was slightly harder, enough to sting and make the cheeks quiver under the force, but not enough to make Lauren cry out in pain. "Three, four," two more spanks landed on the teen's butt in quick succession, cracking at her flesh and almost, but not quiet, making her squeak.

In front of her Emily looked at her with a lascivious stare, the brunette gymnast taking in blonde's naked body, the way the teen quivered with each thrash and the redness which was spreading over her ass cheeks as Chloe continued, "Five, six, seven..."

"Eight, nine, ten," each smack was artfully delivered on Lauren's naked buttocks, making them turn red with each blow. Lauren gritted her teeth, not wanting to cry out too early, she didn't want Chloe to be disappointed with her or tell her she was spoiling the spanking by being a baby. So no matter how sore the slaps were Lauren remained determined to keep quiet until she no longer could; if her mistress wanted her to cry out she would say.

"Emily, could you pass me the hairbrush please?" asked Chloe. Her daughter reached down into a gym bag and brought out a plastic brush. Lauren doubted that it was for her mistress to do her hair and she knew it would be time to start squealing.

The forceful smack of the plastic back on her ass was so painful that even if she hadn't been about to she'd have had to squeak anyway. She let out a wail, followed by another as Chloe's slapped the brush's hard back on her ass. The Milf counted out, "Eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen," as she continued to thrash hard at Lauren's red butt cheeks, "fifteen, sixteen, seventeen."

Lauren continued to squeak and squeal, as her buttocks were brutally beaten. Her whole body quivered and quaked as it automatically struggled to get away from the blows, desperately trying to bury herself in Chloe's thighs as if she was a rabbit poking its head in a rabbit hole in a vain attempt not to be eaten by the diving falcon. It didn't make any difference and the brush slammed down agonisingly on Lauren's cheeks, already made tender by the blows. Lauren screamed again, hoping that her struggles and screams weren't seen as an attempt to avoid her rightful punishment, but as uncontrollable reactions of her body.

"Twenty one, twenty two," intoned Chloe as she brought the brush down.

Emily had pushed the bottom of her leotard away from her pussy and was fingering her slot, slamming the figure deep into the hole as she watched Lauren's ass brighten from its slapping. The brunette gymnast moaned in pleasure as her digits hit at her clit. Cum leaked from her pussy, making the leotard resting against her lips damp, the stain widening as Emily jilled herself harder. "Spank her Mom, spank our slut hard."

"Twenty eight, twenty nine," Chloe continued to punish the teen bottom over her knee, "thirty, thirty one."

"Yooowww, aaaiiieee," squealed Lauren. The brush banged down on her naked flesh, each spank sounding like a gunshot and feeling like a whip. In front of her Emily was fingering herself faster and harder, her expression intense as her breath came in sobs. She jerked and squealed as she came, a shot of liquid coming out of her pussy to land on the floor.

Chloe brought down the brush, "Thirty eight."

Lauren waited for the next blow, but it didn't come. Instead Chloe let go off her hair, allowing the teen to sag forward. It was only for a moment as the Mom said, "Up you stand Lauren. Don't just lie there."

Lauren did as she was ordered, her ass felt like it was ablaze. She was sure she was blushing as well, the humiliation of being spanked whilst Emily watched and fingered made her feel both degraded and delighted. Both the Kmetko's were looking at her, waiting for her to speak. Lauren knew she should, it was important to her to show she had learnt her lesson, "I'm sorry Mistress Chloe, I will ask permission before agreeing to being someone else's fucktoy," she paused as Chloe and Emily nodded and grinned. But Lauren didn't want them to think she'd lost her spark, a dull fucktoy was no fun, so she gave a cheeky grin, "Now I've been spanked can I be played with."

Chloe reached up to the studs on her leather leotard and pulled away the flap, allowing her tits free. She smiled, "How's your ass? Have you been keeping it in trim - I don't want to have to force myself in."

"I've been dildoing it every day, Mistress Chloe," replied Lauren nervously. She had been doing, but her gymnastics exercises kept tightening it back up. She hadn't been expecting Chloe and as Emily hadn't said she should open it and also hadn't said she shouldn't Lauren had only anally masturbated once today. Hopefully this morning's ass opening would be enough as she said "It's ready for your use."

Chloe's eyes gestured at her daughter standing behind Lauren and Lauren took the hint, quickly adding, "and the use of Mistress Emily."

"Let me check," said Emily. She took hold off Lauren's cheeks, still sore from the battering they had received, and gripping them hard pulled them apart to examine Lauren's puckered backhole. Lauren waited patiently as Emily inspected her ass, trying not to grimace in pain when Emily pinched hard at her firm, but pained, buttocks. After a few moments Emily let go, "It looks like its tightened up since you last used it."

"I'm sorry, Mistress's," Lauren blushed and looked at her feet, "I didn't do it before I left, like I should have. I've let you down."

"No matter," said Chloe, "We can start with some pussy lickings whilst the butt-plug does its work."

"Yes Mistress," said Lauren, happy that her lax behaviour hadn't left her Mistress too disappointed.

"Bend over then, so that Emily can put in the butt-plug," ordered Chloe.

Lauren did as she was told, spreading her legs and pushing her ass into the air. It took a few moments for Emily to find the plug and in that time Chloe stepped forward to stand over and in front of Lauren and pulled apart her cheeks. She kept them pried apart, opening the top of the hole as Emily returned and started to push in the toy. Lauren gave a grimace, from the pained feeling as her ass stretched she obviously hadn't been working her backhole enough. She made a resolution to make sure she anally masturbated each evening for at least twenty minutes; it was important that her ass was always ready for her owners' use.

She gave a final grunty moan as Emily finished pushing in the plug, the teen gymnast swatting the submissive's sore butt cheeks as she said, "That's all in, straighten up."

Lauren did so. She could feel the toy straining at her bowels, stretching the walls open and elasticating her hole. Every movement seemed to make it vibrate and expand, though she knew that was not true. But what was true was that the feeling of it was intensely enjoyable, if teasing, like she was on the continual cusp of an orgasm.

Emily peeled off her leotard, revealing a trim and sexy body, toned by years of punishing gymnastics training. Even if she hadn't been the evenings entertainment, Lauren would have wanted to thrust her head between Emily's legs and lick the smooth, shaven slit until it was squirting. She tried to contain her impatience, waiting patiently as Emily went up and whispered something in her Mom's ear, which made the older woman giggle before licking her lips. She gave Lauren a long lingering look before leaning over and saying something so softly to her daughter that Lauren couldn't hear. The smile on Emily's face suggested that whatever had been spoken between them was deliciously dirty and Lauren could hardly wait.

Chloe walked to the bedroom, whilst Emily moved over to sit on the edge of the bed. She spread her legs open and said to Lauren, "Get on your hands and knees and crawl over here."

"Yes Mistress Emily," said Lauren happily. She began to go over, the plug in her ass rubbing hard in her ass as her legs moved. Emily grinned as she approached, moving her finger down to rub at her pussy. It was wet and Lauren could smell the aroma of awaiting sex as she approached, it made her even more turned on. She stopped between Emily's legs, begging and waiting for the instruction to begin.

"Eat me until I squirt," said Emily.

"Yes Mistress," said Lauren and dipped her head in. The pussy was as tasty as Lauren had hoped, sweetly favoured and probably full of all the right nutrients. Lauren thrust forward, pushing her face as far forward as she could so that her nose was buried deep in the flesh and her tongue was threshing around the wet cunt, slurping at the juice within.

Emily's hands gripped the back of Lauren's head, dragging her in, and her legs closed round the blonde gymnast, pinning her into place. The young dominatrix moaned with as Lauren pleasured her, gasping and groaning as the blonde teenager's tongue rammed hard at her mistress's erogenous zone. "Eat me, Lauren, eat me you dirty, slutty whore, eat me."

The taste was fantastic, the flavour divine, Lauren just loved being between Emily's legs and slurping away. She'd have been there anyway, even if Emily wasn't gripping so hard that she was stuck in place, but the domineering hold of the other gymnast was icing on the cake - especially as in-between her shrieks Emily continued to shout out, "Eat me you whore, you're a dirty slut. Use your tongue, to clean my cunt, drink my juices, drink me dry."

Lauren could hear footsteps behind her as Chloe returned. She wanted to show her main mistress how good she'd been whilst she'd been out of the room and redoubled her licking, slamming fast and hard at Emily's soaking cunt. The brunette moaned and gasped in pleasure as the tongue hammered at her clit, "Fuck, fuck, tongue me you skanky whore."

"She's such a good little cunt-licker, isn't she?" said Chloe.

"Fuuucck, yesssss, fuuuuckkkk yessss," squeaked Emily, pushing hard at the back of Lauren's head and pushing her face against her cunt.

"You'll love her ass as well," Chloe confidently predicted. She reached down and pulled out the plug, allowing Lauren's ass to start to shrink to its normal size. Lauren continued to lap at Emily as Chloe reached down and pulled hard at the teen's butt, re-opening the hole and not allowing it to reduce. Lauren's eyes widened and her tongue sped with pleasure as Chloe started to push her strap-on down the gymnast's backhole. It was hard and long, prying apart the stretched asshole and pushing down. Chloe grinned as she said, "Lick Emily's pussy harder, Lauren, the harder you lick it the harder I'll fuck you."

A few moments ago Lauren would have said she was putting every ounce of energy into slurping Emily's twat to bits. But with Chloe's encouraging remark Lauren discovered she had hidden reserves. She slammed her tongue harder and thrust her face deeper, so that face almost followed her mouth into the sexy, wet slit. Cum washed over her tongue and down her throat and Emily screamed in pleasure.

Behind Lauren the Milf was as good as her word. Gripping the teen's waist she began to pummel the back hole, thrusting in and out of the gaping back hole. The dildo rammed in, plying its trade far into Lauren's butt-chute. Intense ecstatic feelings coursed through the young gymnast as nerve endings were stimulated deep within her. The dildo continued to thrust down powerfully as Chloe grunted and panted, hitting Lauren's erogenous zone from behind. She licked harder, her tongue racing in and out of the wet slot of her fellow gymnast, transferring the ecstasy. It worked, Emily shrieked loudly, "Fuuucckk, fuuuccckk, fuuuuckkkk, you cum slut."

The liquid that shot out of Emily's cunt came in a series of long spurts. The first took Lauren by surprise, shooting into her mouth and throat. She pulled back, choking and coughing and hoping that her Mistress would be forgiving that she hadn't stayed in place. Emily seemed to hardly notice, she squealed again and replaced Lauren's tongue with her own fingers, working the hole and making herself squirt again. Another long gush of liquid splashed over Lauren's face, getting in her eyes and making her blink, as the cum made her sight blur and her pupils, temporarily, burn.

"That's it, squirt her, mark her face with your cum," called out the Mom, still carrying on riding Lauren's ass like a bronco.

"Aaaaarrrgghhh," shrieked Emily, as a third explosion of liquid blew from her soaking cunt and splattered all over Lauren's head, dripping down her face and onto the floor. She screamed one more time as another, final, spurt of cum shot out - this one landing all over Lauren's hair, soaking it like she was in for a hair-wash at the Salon.

Chloe slowed down her ramming to a more sedate pace as her daughter lay gasping on the bed and Lauren dripped cum onto the floor. After a few moments Emily, who like Lauren was a professional athlete, recovered her breath. Chloe said, "Put on your strap-on and we'll swap places."

"Good idea, Mom," said Emily. With her head free from Emily's cunt and thighs, Lauren could see that when Chloe had been out of the room she'd not only equipped herself, but also left a strap-on dildo on the bed for her daughter. Emily rolled over to get it and stood up to buckle it on, all the time Lauren rocked back and forth, moaning gently, as Chloe continued to pound into her ass.

Emily tightened the last buckle and smiled at her Mom, "Ready to swap?"

"Yes, in you go," Chloe pulled her dildo out of Lauren's wide open asshole. It didn't even have time to start to close before the dong was replaced with Emily's large rubber prick.

Lauren closed her eyes and bathed in the pleasure as the dildo pushed into her expanded asshole, Emily continuing the stretching that her Mom had started. The blonde teenager gripped at the floor, squeezing the rug beneath her hands, feeling the cheap coarse material scratch at her knees and palms. Emily didn't waste much time getting up to speed, within moments she was hammering like an out of control pile-driver, slamming the toy deep down Lauren's anal passage. The teen screamed in pleasure, "Fuck me Mistress Emily, fuck my whore ass."

Her further shouts were curtailed as Chloe sat down on the bed in front of her and taking her used dildo in her hand, said, "Lauren shut up and suck this."

Lauren felt she could pause long enough before obeying the command to say, "Yes, Mistress Chloe," before opening her mouth and sucking on the cock that had just been down her ass. It didn't taste half-bad; rather it tasted fully bad, rancid and bitter, with an undesirable flavour that contrasted with the sweetness of Emily's cunt cum. But Lauren knew that none of that was an excuse not to suck it clean, so ignoring the taste she got to work on swallowing the rubber, trying her best to make sure that the toy was left stainless. Chloe's moved one hand to play with her titties, hanging out of her leather leotard. The other she put on Lauren's head, not hard or pressure, but just a reminder that she could push Lauren's throat down the rubber prick if Lauren didn't suck properly. Luckily Lauren knew that to be a good submissive one needed to do things you didn't want to do and she slurped up and down the rubber with a will to obey her Mistress. Chloe grinned and patted her sub's head, "Suck it deep, suck it like a whore sucks gloryhole cocks, suck it you dirty, skanky ho-bag."

"She's a whore, Mom, a dirty, sucky, anal slut-bag, whore," laughed Emily as she continued to pound hard and deep into Lauren's backhole. The brunette gymnast was an expert, slamming the cock at just the right angles to gradually widen the hole, whilst hammering through the thin anal-wall that separated the clit from the ass. Lauren would have been shrieking with pleasure from the ass-ramming if her mouth wasn't full. She could still quiver in pleasure, quaking and bucking as the orgasms exploded within her and feeling her pussy leak cum, dripping the juice onto the cheap rug like she was a cracked pipe. Emily slammed in again, thrusting the toy deep down Lauren's ass-chute and laughing as she said, "You hear Lauren? You're a whore, a skank, a ho, a slut and you're mine and my Mom's to fuck anyway we want."

"She is," agreed Chloe, "Suck my cock, Lauren, suck my shitty rubber cock, you slutty whore."

The dildo in her mouth was sucked clean, all the debris washed away and down Lauren's throat. It's taste was now just the taste of rubber, unpleasant, but not as disgusting as what she had been swallowing before. Lauren continued to bob her head up and down the cock, lubricating and cleansing it, until it shone. Chloe looked down smiling, as Lauren looked up at her mistress, wanting to make sure the Milf remained happy.

Suddenly without warning Chloe stood up, jerking the dildo from Lauren's mouth. A thin trace of saliva dripped from the soaking toy onto the floor, mixing with the drying cum stains from Emily's earlier squirting. Chloe walked over to behind Lauren, standing next to her daughter and Emily said, "Want to join me now?"

"We better ask Lauren," said Chloe. She turned back to the teen gymnast being fucked on the floor, "Can I share your ass with Emily? Can you take two rubber dicks at the same time?"

Lauren wasn't sure of the answer to the second question, but she knew the answer to the first, "Yes, Mistress, of course. You know you don't need to ask, you just need to tell me." A sub should always submit to her dom's desires, that Lauren was sure off.

Emily stopped pounding Lauren's ass but keeping the dildo in the hole. She pushed a finger each side of the dong, stretching and pulling at the blonde's butt, opening it further. Lauren grimaced, trying to ignore the pain as Emily's nails scratched at her walls as her chute was tugged open. It took a few minutes of working before the ass was stretched enough for Chloe to start to slide in the second toy. That really did stretch her ass and Lauren couldn't help but give a small squeal.

"Did you say something Lauren?" asked Chloe as she continued to push in.

Lauren gritted her teeth, before squeaking out a "Nothing, mistress. I want your cock... cocks."

Her asshole was opening like a New York subway tunnel as the second cock pushed in and deep. Chloe worked herself back and forth, each push moving the toy gradually deeper, breaking the anal resistance that held it back. The friction burnt at Lauren and her face twisted in pain, she could feel the orgasms at the same time, but the agony of having her ass double-fucked was drowning out the sensual pleasure. Which wasn't to say Lauren wasn't enjoying it. It was depraved and kinky and made Lauren feel like a total slut. she was loving being degraded in such a disgustingly, dirty way by her mistress's. She stifled a squeal of pain and instead let out a call to show how much she was under their control, "Mistress, please fuck me harder, I don't mind. I exist only to serve you Mistress, you and Mistress Emily."

"Oh my little fuck slut," grinned Chloe, "You are the biggest whore ever. You want to wreck your ass? You want to be treated like an anal fuck-hole?"

"Yes, Mistress, yes," whined Lauren. She closed her eyes and squeaked out a little cry of pain as the down coming dildo stretched her ass further. Chloe's movements were slow, her daughter's non-existent, but even the little pushes and thrusts made Lauren's ass feel like a red-hot poker was being swirled round her bowels. She gripped the rug harder, trying to ignore the pain and the tears in her eyes and just enjoy the feeling of being humiliated and degraded. The dildo pushed deeper into her, spreading her asshole painfully. Lauren squeaked and then said, "Fuck me Mistress, I am a whore to be fucked hard, so fuck me."

The Milf levered herself in and out, each time pushing the dildo a little deeper and making it rub against her daughter's toy and the sore walls of Lauren's butt. The hole was red-rimmed, stretch marks all around the filled in hole. Lauren's gasps and groans were loud, squeals of discomfort and pain, which made the blondes pleasure all the deeper as she took it for her owners, "I'm a slut, a slutty slut. Wreck my ass, wreck it for your pleasure."

"Take it you slut, take it," squealed Emily as her Mom powered down again and again, "Take it down your ass."

"Oooooh," Lauren gave a cry as the strap-on moved in further. It felt her ass was expanding like concrete was being poured into it. Chloe had got herself into a rhythm, bending her legs and squatting up and down, as she pushed the toy down the overfilled hoe hole. It was agony, but the humiliation was ecstasy, Lauren loving every second of the double-dipping degradation. The blonde gripped the carpet and let out another scream as her ass was gaped.

It was over too soon. Chloe levering herself out last time, her sweat liberally spattered over Lauren's ass and back. Seconds later Emily pulled herself out, leaving Lauren's asshole bruised and open. The two Kmetko's stared at it grinning for a moment, "That's really gaping Mom, you did a real job on it."

"We did it together. Did you enjoy it?"

"Yes, Mom," laughed the teen, "Most fun I've ever had."

"I can see Lauren enjoyed it as well, didn't you?" Chloe gave Lauren's battered rump a squeeze.

The teen winced in pain, as she answered truthfully, "I loved it Mistress Chloe. I want to be your slave forever, you and Mistress Emily."

The two others smiled at each other, "I could live with that," said Emily.

"I'm sure we can arrange for you to visit us regularly," said Chloe, "But now I need a pee."

"Me too," said Emily. She gave Lauren's rump a quick slap, "Up you get Toilet-whore, we're hardly going to piss in your mouth in the lounge. That'd be disgusting"

"Yes Mistress Emily," said Lauren happily as she followed her two mistress's to the bathroom.

* * *

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