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Malcolm in the Middle: Hal Takes The Boys For A Treat (MmmF,voy)
by Hardcore Insanity

It was around 7:00pm and Malcolm and his family had just finished eating
supper, Dewey had been sent to bed early for talking back to Lois, and she'd
gone to work, she had the late shift tonight. Malcolm and Reese were sitting
watching TV when Hal came through the back door with a big smile on his face.
Malcolm and Reese looked confused and asked the same question at the same

Malcolm and Reese: What are you so happy about?

Hal chuckled and sat down next to the boy's. They still seemed confused.

Hal: Well boys, I've just managed to book you two something very special
later tonight, I feel you two are ready for it.

Reese: Dad, not to sound ungratful, but I'll pass.

Hal: Trust me son, you will NOT want to miss this. Hey if you need some
assurance, speak to Francis, I took him to the same place when he was your

Malcolm: Really?

Hal: Yeah of course. Look I've gotta go get cleaned up and then we'll leave
once I'm finished, make sure your ready to go ok?

Malcolm: Ok sure......

Hal leaves towards the bathroom and dissapears out of site. Malcolm and Reese
turn to each other and shrug their shoulders and turn back to watching TV.

15 Minutes later......

Hal comes back into the room and Macolm and Reese are both ready to go, to
wherever Hal is taking them.

Hal: You guy's ready to go?

Reese: Yep......

Hal: Malcolm?

Malcolm: I guess so.....

Hal: Guy's look, don't worry, I promise that you will thank me after
tonight's trip, now lets get going.

The three headed out of the house and Hal locked the door behind them.
Malcolm stopped halfway towards the car as Reese opened the door and got in
the passenger seat. Hal walked past Malcolm and after seing Malcolm standing
there, turned around.

Hal: What is it son?

Malcolm: What about Dewey?

Hal: Well, I'd love to take him with you guys, but he's a little young.

Malcolm: Well, is he OK staying home by himself? He is a little young like
you said.

Hal: Oh sure he'll be fine, I slipped a little bit of a sleeping pill into
his juice, he'll sleep for hours.

Malcolm (A Touch shocked): Haha, good one.

Hal smiled and put his arm around his son and they headed towards the car.
Malcolm got in the back and Hal got into the drivers seat and started the
car up. They pulled out of the driveway and headed off down the street.

After about 10 minutes driving......

Malcolm leans foward and speaks to his father.

Malcolm: Dad when we going to get to this place.

Hal: Nearly there son, about another three minutes and we should be there.

Malcolm sat back down and just waited. After several more minutes, the car
turned off the main street and headed down a small alley. Malcolm was a
little worried, but Reese had a geeky smile on his face, like a kid in a
candy store. Hal pulled into a small car park and parked the car. Malcolm
looked around and saw a small house with a light on in one of the rooms,
other than that the area was empty. Hal spoke......

Hal: We're here guy's, let's go.

The three exited the car and headed towards the door. Hal knocked on the door
and after about 15 seconds the door opened. Malcolm and Reese were shocked at
what they saw. Standing at the door was a women, she had long blonde hair and
a huge set of tits and she was wearing nothing but a thong, she smiled and
spoke to Hal.

Blonde Women: Hey baby, these the boys?

Hal: Yep, this is them.

Women: Great, come in guy's.

Reese and Malcolm could barely speak, they were however, excited about what
they saw, they always had strange urges when they saw some girls at school,
they had grown up never being allowed to date, and knew very little about
sexual relations. The women closed the door behind them and turned to Malcolm
and Reese.

Women: Hey guys!

Reese (Starting at her chest): ........

Malcolm: Er hi! I'm Malcolm, this is Reese.

Women: Nice to meet you, I'm Jasmine.

Jasmine turns to Reese and bends down so he is looking into her eyes this

Jasmine: You like my tits honey?

Reese (Excited AND scared out of his mind): Erm yeah, they are great.

Jamine: Your sweet, well just relax and you can look all you want later, and

Reese realised he had a raging erection, he went red, but it appeared no-one
had noticed yet. Quickly he thought of a way to get himself calmed down.

Reese: Is there a bathroom i can use?

Jasime: Sure baby, go down that corridor and its the first door on your left.

Reese: Thanks!

Reese quickly ran to the bathroom. Meanwhile Malcolm was still in shock, but
also excited.

Malcolm: Erm.....

Jasmine: Honey its ok! I know your nervous, its ok, your dad's gonna explain
it all to your brother and you, I'm gonna go to the bedroom and get more
comfy, hehe, see you soon.

Jasmine headed off towards a door at the far end of the corridor she sent
Reese too, she closed the door behind her once she was inside.

Malcolm turned to Hal and noticed Hal was smiling, with pride it seemed.

Malcolm: Dad, what's going on?

Hal: Oh just like your brother, Francis was the same when I brought him here.
Here, sit down.....

Malcolm sits down on a chair and Hal leans down and put his hand on his
shoulder, as to calm him.

Hal: Son, your old enough know to start exploring your body, and women's, you
see that nice lady is a "hooker", hookers are paid money to have sex with
men, or women.

Malcolm: Dad, me and Reese are old enough to know about that kinda stuff, I
just wasn't sure at first. So me and Reese are gonna get to fuck her?!

Hal (A little shocked at Malcolm swearing): Sure, and son, you can swear all
you like here, you won't get into trouble.

Malcolm: Great!

Reese emerged from the bathroom and had managed to let his cock calm down.

Hal: Ah Reese! Your brother says I don't need to explain to you what your
here to do?

Reese( Still very excited and nervous): Erm, no thats ok Dad.

Malcolm: Wait! Dad I do have one question......

Hal: Sure son, ask away.

Malcolm: Why are you doing this?

Hal: Well, I feel its important for young men like yourselves to get
experienced with things like this.

Reese: Cool!

Hal: Anyway guys, I wanna get a piece of that ass too so let's go.

Malcolm: WHAT?! Your gonna do it too?

Hal: Of course, you think she'd do children by herself? She could get
arrested for that. She agreed as long as I was here, and if im here I'm not
gonna let you guy's have all the fun.

Malcolm and Reese smiled and were starting to get the nervous out of there
system. Hal pointed to the door Jasmine had headed too and waved his hand
towards it as to say lets go. The three headed towards the room and Hal
opened the door and they all entered.

Jamine: Close the door.....

Hal closed the door as Malcolm and Reese looked around, the room was quite
small, it had plain white wallpaper, and strangly no windows, however once
they looked to the center of the room, they almost came right there, even
when they weren't hard yet, what they saw was Jasmine sitting on a huge bed,
with a sweet little smile on her face. They both started to get hard right

Hal: Don't be nervous guy's, you've got all night. Go get in there.

Jasmine leaned back on the bed and rested her head on a pillow. Malcolm and
Reese slowly moved forward, they were excited but still a bit nervous, having
never done anything like this before. Reese suddenly dived onto the bed and
started feeling Jasmine's huge breasts, Jasmine let out a little moan of
pleasure. Malcolm slowly moved to the other side and started sucking on her
right tit, Reese saw this and started on the left one, they were both leaning
on Jasmine now and were fully hard and she could feel that. After a few
minutes of them sucking her nipples she sat up.

Jasmine: Guy's, how about we get your clothes off and get started on the good

She giggled as Malcolm and Reese both immediatly started stripping off and
were soon down to their boxers. Just as they went to remove them Jasmine

Jasmine: HOLD IT!

Malcolm and Reese stopped at looked startled.

Jasmine: I'll be all yours soon guys, but until then, lets let your father
show you some things you can do to me....hehe.

Hal was already naked and hard to Malcolm and Reese's suprise. Being full
grown Hal's dick was fully developed, and that was certainly true, he was
about 7 inches long and an inch and a half wide. The boy's were supprised
as they knew there dicks were no-where near that big.

Hal: Don't worry guy's, you two still have lots of time to grow, and even
so, this isn't something every man gets, haha.

Hal laughed and nugged the 2 boys out of the way, he moved ontop of Jasmine
and started kissing her, she licked his tounge back and reached down and
started jacking him off, Hal wasted no time in getting "stuck in", he reached
down to Jasmines waist and slowly pulled her thong down, Malcolm and Reese
had started jerking themselves off now to stay hard and got even harder when
they saw what was under Jasmines thong. She had no hair and had a tight and
tiny little pussy, they smiled since they knew they wouldn't need huge dicks
to get into that. Hal backed down and started rubbing her pussy, bringing
moans of pleasure from Jasmine, Hal then started eating Jasmine out and the
boy's took note of the way their father, obviously well experienced, did
things. After a few minutes Jasmine came hard and let out a scream of
pleasure. Hal kept licking furiously at Jasmines tight little snatch and
licked up all of the pussy juice that leaked out. Hal continued to lick for
a few more minutes, in the meanwhile, Jasmine, still recovering from her
orgasm waved the boys to come round to her sides. They did so very quickly,
since they had been jerking off Jasmine didn't need to remove there
underwhere and grabbed their cocks and started jerking them off, Reese wasn't
packing much heat, only about 3 inchs long, Jasmine smiled and just kept
jerking, Malcolm however was very well equip for someone of his young age, he
as about 5 and a half inches long, just the right size of Jasmine. Hal in the
meanwhile had stopped eating Jasmine and had started to get ready to fuck
her, he had positioned his cock at the entrance to her pussy and looked up
waiting for the green light. Jasmine nodded.

Jasmine: Go for it Hal, and boy's, take note, you can do this all you want
after your dad's had his turn.

The boys smiled, still in heaven being jerked off by Jasmine. Hal was ready
and slowly easied his huge dick into Jasmines tight box, this caused Jasmine
to let out scream's of pleasure. The boy's were worry'd about someone hearing
them, however no-one was around but they didn't know that, they started to
take control just like there father.

Reese: Hey slut, suck on my dick!

Jasmine giggled, liking Reese talking dirty, and did what he asked, not being
very well hung, she took the whole length of Reese's dick into her mouth and
started massaging it with her tounge, Reese was in heaven, he let out a gasp
of pleasure, Malcolm was obviously getting tired and wanted some soon, but he
was still enjoying getting jacked off by Jasmine. Hal meanwhile had quickend
the pace and was now moving completely in and out of Jasmine's box in hard,
accurate thrusts, Jasmine screamed in pleasure into Reese's cock and gripped
harder on Malcolms cock almost causing him to erupt right there. After a few
more minutes of Hal pounding on Jasmine's pussy, he pulled out and started
jerking himself off, Jasmine noticed and realeased her hands from Malcolm's
cock and her mouth from around Reese's, she leaned foward and positioned her
mouth infront of Hal's cock, after a few seconds Hal gasped in pleasure and
let a huge sigh out as he shot his load right into Jasmines mouth, she
swollowed it all and sucked on Hal's length to get every last drop. The boy's
were getting impatient now.

Hal: That was great, now boy's, i'm going to go get something to eat and a
beer, i'll be in the living room if you need me, enjoy yourselves, and take
as long as you want, we have all night.

Malcolm and Reese: Thanks Dad!

Jasmine: She you later baby!

Hal picked up his cloths and headout out of the room, shuting the door behind

Jasmine: Now its you boy's turn, you can do what you want, i'll do anything
you want me to do, just enjoy.

Malcolm had been denyed the longest and immediatly slapped Jasmine on the
side of her chest as to say turn over, Jasmine did so. Malcolm moved around
to the foot of the bed and put Jasmine in a Doggy style position, Reese knew
what he wanted he moved in front of Jasmine and shoved his cock in her face,
she immediatly grabbed it and put it into her mouth. Malcolm meanwhile was
just rubbing Jasmines beautiful ass, he started to feel her pussy and it was
so tight and warm, he was close to cumming right there, but he knew he had
to hold out. He positioned his cock head at the entrance to Jasmines snatch
and without any warning, shoved his entire length up Jasmines box, Jasmine
gasped in both pain and pleasure into Reese's cock, making the blowjob better
for Reese. Malcolm was in heaven he started to bang against Jasmines ass, his
ball's hitting her snatch every time his cock went up, after several minutes
he had started to find a pace, it was very fast and Jasmine was screaming in
pleasure. Malcolm started slapping Jasmine's ass and grabbed onto her waist
and started to really bury his cock deep inside of her, Jasmine was in
ecstacy and came all over Malcolms cock, her entire body shuddered with that
huge orgasm. Malcolm wasn't done thought and started to get slower, really
feeling it everytime he went into her. He leaned against her and put his
arounds around her tits, he started pinching her nipples and feeling her huge
boobs. Reese was just about done and let out a huge yell as he shot his load
into Jasmines mouth, she took it all down her throat and got every last drop
out of Reese. Reese started to go soft and decided he'd had enough.

Reese: Malcolm, i'll see you later, i'm going to get a snack, have fun.

Malcolm temporarally stopped his fucking and looked up at Reese.

Malcolm: Ok man, see you later.

Reese: See you soon Jasmine. Your one hot fuck!

Jasmine: Well thank you Reese, and i'll see you soon.

Reese picked up his clothes and left the room. Malcolm looked down at Jasmine
and knew he was gonna fuck her all night, cumming as many times as he can.

Jasmine: Come on honey, lets get going, don't deny me.

Malcolm: Shut up you whore, you take it like the slut that you are.

Malcolm started fucking again.

Jasmine: Oh yeah! I'm a slut give it to me hard!

Malcolm started to smack into Jasmine as hard as possible burying his fuck
pole as far as it would go inside, Jasmine was screaming in both agony and
pleasure. Malcolm grabbed her long blonde hair and used it to drive her back
onto his dick, as well as him pushing it forward, bringing immense pleasure
to both of them. Jasmine was yelling "OHHHHHHH YEAHHHH!" Malcolm was banging
this little whore as hard as he could. After about 5 more minutes, Malcolm
gave up holding out, and exploded and shot his entire load up into Jasmine.
Jasmine had had multipule orgasums already, but she had another one when
Malcolm came. Jasmine and Malcolm were both covered in sweat from head to
toe, Malcolm hadn't finished yet.

Jasmine: Wow, your one great fuck, and the fact your still a kid, hope you
come to me for all your "needs", hehe.

Malcolm: Hey we're not done yet, i want some of that ass.

Jasmine had done anal before, but wasn't sure about Malcolm, he was gonna be
to big for her ass.

Jasmine: I dunno honey aren't you a little big for that?

Malcolm: Shut up you fucking slut, now take it like the whore you are.

Malcolm gave no warning, he pulled out of Jasmines pussy, still dripping with
his own cum and Jasmines pussy juices, and drove his cock into Jasmines tiny
asshole, Jasmine got no pleasure out of this and screamed in pain, she even
cry'd a touch, Malcolm didn't care and just slammed more and more of his cock
up her ass, once he was fully in he held there for a few minutes to let her
ass get used to it, Jasmine was weeping now, after her ass had adjusted to
his length, Malcolm started getting a fast pace going, he was now fucking her
asshole at a lightning pace. Jasmine was still in pain, but started to enjoy


After another few minutes Malcolm came again and blew his second load into
Jasmine's asshole, causing both to yell in pleasure. Malcolm was out of
energy, he collapsed ontop of Jasmine, and they both fell asleep, Malcolms
dick still in her ass, cum slowly dripping out.

A few hours later......

Hal and Reese both came into the room to find both Jasmine and Malcolm still
asleep, Malcolms cock, now limp, still in her asshole.

Hal(Whispering): Come on son, we've still got plenty of time.

The End

Hope you enjoyed that, it was my first Lemon/Erotic Fiction, so I hope it was
good. Look out for future storys from me that might include Final Fantasy,
Street Fighter, Stargate SG-1 and Dream Team amoung others. Watch this space.
Thanks for reading. :-)


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