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Malcolm In The Middle: Malcolm On The Sideline Part 1: Home Alone With Nikki
by Storytrade (mf,mF,oral,inc,creampie,voy,reluc)

"OH YEAH, OH GOD, THAT FEELS GREAT, harder, fuck me harder, it feels so good,
so big, thats the spot, oh yes oh yes!!!!!"

Now here I am, my girlfriend begging for it, getting the fucking of her
lifetime and I am pissed. Now I know what you all are thinking, is he crazy.
No, just a normal 15 yr old boy, the name is Malcolm. Let me give you some
background to this story and you may understand it a little better. I guess I
should start with myself.

I am Malcolm, 15 years old, 5' 4", brown hair, blue eyes, pretty skinny, but
athletic. I am from a lower middle class family. I have 2 older brothers.
Francis, who is married and lives on a ranch. He is by far my favorite
member of this family and it sucks that he lives so far away. Then there is
Reese, who is 16. Reese is about 5' 7", well built, with lighter brown hair
then me. He is also pretty stupid, but he would kick my ass if he heard me
say that. We fight all the time, and for the most part he is a jerk. The
only times we get along are when we are trying to trick our parents or when
we are beating up our younger brother Dewey. Dewey is very strange and
annoying, but I guess he is a nice kid. He talks to himself and doesn't have
any friends, but he is pretty easy to manipulate. My parents are Lois and
Hal. They love each other way too much, which is very strange in today's
society. I have to listen to them having sex all the time. It's gross, I
mean they are my parents and they have sex like at least twice a day. Anyway,
my parents work all the time, yet we are still poor, and now they were stupid
enough to get pregnant again, so I guess there will be a 5th mouth to feed.
Oh and people consider me a genius, I am in a special program for smart kids
and I do very well there. But, I guess I am the most normal guy in the
gifted program and the other kids do look up to me a lot. I am the only one
in my group of friends with a girlfriend. Her name is Nikki and she is so
hot, I am so glad she likes me, because not only do we get to make out all
the time, but I guess its just nice to be around normal people for a change.

Anyway, back to my story. It was last week, I got home from school and my
mom, Lois, who is a little bit psycho told me that she was taking Reese and
Dewey shopping and would be gone for a few hours and wanted to make sure I
wouldn't destroy the house. Right as they left, I called up Nikki on the
phone. Nikki is so hot, I can't believe she is actually dating me. So I
told her I had the house to myself and she should come over. We have been
dating for a few weeks, but I have not yet gotten to second base. So anyway,
Nikki came over and starting telling me some stupid story about her friend
and something that happened at school that day. I wasn't really listening,
but just nodded my head in agreement. Then when she finally finished
rambling, I said to Nikki, "I want to show you something in my room." What I
really wanted to show her was in my pants, but I figured if I got in her in
my room, at least that's a step in the right direction.

So Nikki agreed to go with me and we got into my room. When we got there, I
told her to sit on the bed, and we could listen to some music. I turned on
the stereo and sat down next to her. We then started to kiss. God, she has
great lips. We must have kissed for like 5 minutes, before I finally decided
to slip my hand under her shirt. Once I got my hand under her shirt, I tried
to find the clasp to her bra. I was able to unclasp her bra before she
pulled away. Then she said, "Malcolm, what are you doing, I am not that type
of girl."

I told her "Nikki, we both really like each other, and I think its time we
took our relationship to a higher level."

She agreed that we could do some more stuff but she then said, "Just don't
think that we are going to have sex, okay, I am going to be a virgin on my
wedding night."

I didn't really care about that I was just happy I might get to see real tits
for the first time ever. Well at least someone other then moms. I decided
that I also wanted to take off my shirt, and maybe it would help Nikki relax.
So I then removed my shirt, showing off my skinny but well built body. Okay,
so its not that well built, but at least I am not fat. Anyway, Nikki likes
my smooth body, well at least my smooth chest. I was now just wearing jeans
as I moved over to Nikki, who as very quiet. I think she was nervous. I slowly
lifted up her shirt, revealing her pink bra, which was still unclasped in the
back. I didn't want to move too quickly and upset her again, so I began to
kiss her again. Then while we were kissing, I slowly slipped my hand down
her neck onto her bra, and then slowly worked my hand underneath it. I think
I may have let out a little moan, as I touched her breasts. But hey, that's
normal right, I mean it was the first time I have ever touched a girl's boobs

So here I was, touching a girl's breasts for the first time in my life and
soon I had Nikki's bra off and both of my hands on her boobs. While I was
touching them, we were still kissing and she even began to rub my chest and
stomach. I wish I could tell you that I had a six pack and rock hard chest,
but I am just too skinny. I do play sports and I am fairly athletic, and
even made the schoo'ls basketball team. But my body is still pretty skinny,
but I guess Nikki didn't mind, because she seemed to be enjoying her self.
In fact I think she even began pinching my nipples a little. I was really
turned on now, and I dont think I have ever been so hard in my life. I was
getting too into it, but I guess I got a little carried away, because as I
moved my hand around her breasts, I grabbed hold of her tits. Then I guess,
I accidentally pinched her tits a little to hard, causing Nikki to scream out
"ouch!" as Nikki pulled away from me. I felt so bad and I tried to tell her
how sorry I was.

I said, "I am so sorry Nikki, it was just an accident, you know I wouldn't do
anything to hurt you. I would do anything for you."

Nikki then said, "aw Malcolm that is so sweet, do you really mean it?"

I am not sure I really meant that I would do anything for her, but I am 15,
starring at my girlfriend's tits, and she is asking me questions. Of course
I am going to say yes. I think at that moment she could have asked me if I
would go to school naked, and I would have agreed. So I said to her "yes
Nikki I would do anything for.."

But before I could finish what I was going to say I heard that voice, the
most annoying voice in the entire world. No I dont mean my conscious, I mean
my mother. I guess she most have gotten home early. I knew I was in big
trouble. She started screaming, "MALCOLM, what in the name of God do you
think you are doing in here? I leave you alone for half an hour, and you
have your little slut over here in your bedroom. We don't have the money for
you to go around impregnating girls, what have you got to say for yourself?"

I looked at my mother and I didn't really know what to say. Can you imagine
what I felt like. I mean I was making out with Nikki, and my mother walks
in. I am half naked, Nikki is topless. We are on my bed, and we were home
alone. I knew I was in deep shit. However, I have this bad habit of talking
back to everyone. So like an idiot I said to my mother, "Geez mom! We
weren't having sex, we were just kissing and touching each other a little,
its not like I am you and dad, and having sex every waking moment."

She just looked at me with an evil stare, however, like I said, I may be a
genius, but I definitely don't know when to shut up. I went on to say, "Look
we just got a little carried away, we aren't having sex okay?"

hen Nikki spoke up saying, "Malcolm was just touching me, I don't plan on
having sex until I get married."

However what my mother Lois said next completely shocked me. She said, "You
mean he was just touching your breasts and that's why you screamed?"

Shit, I just realized my mom had been home for a few minutes now, and now she
is asking about my sex life. I think my face must have been 50 shades of red
at this point.

However, I guess Nikki thought she could rationalize with my mother. Too bad
she didnt know who she was dealing with. Nikki responded to my mother's
question by saying, "Well no, Malcolm just sort of squeezed my nipples a
little harder then I expected and it hurt..."

Mom then said, "Malcolm what's wrong with you, you are supposed to be a
genius and you can't even touch your little girlfriend's breasts properly?"

I didnt know what to say, I just started mumbling, "I uhmom I was, well it
was just..."

If things weren't going bad enough, my stupid older brother Reese then walks
in the room and said what is going on in here. Then he looked over at Nikki
and I on the bed and the jerk said, "Woah Malcolm, you never told me that
Nikki had such nice tits."

My mom Lois then said, "It seems your little brother Malcolm here was hurting
Nikki by squeezing her breasts to hard."

Reese then said, "Man, you krylbornes are losers, you don't even know how to
make-out with a girl properly and why are you making out with mom in the

I then said, "Fuck off Reese, its none of your business!"

Mom got even more upset with me and said, "Malcolm, don't use that kind of
language, besides you should listen to your brother more, especially about
girls, he doesnt have these kind of problems with Allison." Then my mother
went on to say, "Maybe he should help you out and show you what you are
doing wrong."

Reese then said, "Mom I would, but Allison is very shy and I don't think she
would want Malcolm watching us. Although I dont mind an audience."

But then mom said something I couldn't believe. She said, "Reese, why don't
you show Malcolm now, I am sure Nikki wont mind, and from the looks of it,
Malcolm really needs the help."

Reese jumped at the chance and the next thing I knew, he was sitting on the
bed next to Nikki. Reese then said, "Now Malcolm you have to remember a girls
breasts are very sensitive, like a guy's balls, so you have to be gentle."

I then looked at Reese and said, "I don't think Nikki wants you touching

However mom then said, "Malcolm, I am sure it will be fine with her, right
Nikki? Or should I call your father instead and see what he thinks."

Nikki just sat there and said, "Oh don't call my dad, he would kill me, and
then he would kill Malcolm. Malcolm, just let Reese touch my breast, its

I told Nikki, "Its fine with me, Lets just get this over with quickly."

But before I even finished talking, Reese had both his hands on my
girlfriend's breasts. I was so pissed, I mean he was touching my
girlfriend's tits. And the worst part was that Nikki seemed to be really
enjoying this.

Then Reese said, "Malcolm the key is to be soft and gentle, now see how I
carefully feel her breasts all over and gently touch her tits. Now see how
she is enjoying this and how her tits are all perky. You can see she really
likes this, I bet her pussy is getting really wet."

My mom then said, "Yeah look how her hand is in her pants, you can tell she
wants to have an orgasm."

Reese then said, "When Allison gets like this I usually eat her out."

My mother then said, "Yeah, look at the expression on her face, she would
love that, wouldn't you Nikki? Do you want your pussy to be eaten out right

Nikki then said, "Oh god, yes, that would be so great! I have never had that
done before."

I then said, "Alright, let me do it, I know I can eat her out and besides
Nikki is my girlfriend." Reese move out of the way, "I can take it from

But my mother Lois then said, "Malcolm, I am not going to let you make-out
with your girlfriend."

I was so pissed and said, "You are letting Reese fucking feel her up, but
you won't let me, and she is my girlfriend!"

Then my mother said, "Malcolm quit your whining, first of all I asked Reese
to teach you what you were doing wrong, so Reese is only feeling her up for
your benefit. Second, what did I tell you about using that language. I
should wash your mouth out with soap. Besides, look how much Nikki is
enjoying herself, she has her hand down her pants."

I couldn't believe it, my mom was right, Nikki did have her hand down her
pants. I looked at Nikki and said to her, "Why are you doing that, it's
Reese, my brother, geez! Nikki, we are supposed to be together."

But Nikki just said to me, "I can't help it Malcolm, it feels so good."

Then my mom said, "Nikki do you want to be eaten out now, right here?"

Nikki said. "Yes please, lets do it now."

I figured that since it was my girlfriend, I would at least get to
participate, but as I moved closer my mom said, "Malcolm get out of there,
Reese is the one who got Nikki all wet, so he is the one who is going to eat
her out, if that's okay with you Reese?"

Reese said, "No problem, I know how to drive girls crazy."

Soon Reese had pulled down Nikki's pants and underwear I could see her pussy,
it was pretty hairy, then Reese said, "Man Malcolm, she sure has a hairy
bush." Then Reese got in my way, blocking my view, as he began to eat out my

I couldn't take it any more and said, "Mom, what the hell is wrong with you,
why are you letting Reese eat out my girlfriend, this family is so fucked

Mom then said, "Malcolm, that's enough out of you, I told you I don't want
to hear that kind of language." Then she said, "You want to eat pussy so bad,
get your ass over here and get on your knees, you are going to eat me out,
and you better do a good job."

I looked at her and said, "Are you serious?"

She said, "Yes, now get over here and from now on, whenever you use language
like that you will be doing this again."

Now I know some people out there find their mothers attractive but I never
felt that way about my mother Lois. She was okay looking, but now she was
7 months pregnant and her pussy didn't look that great, and it had this
fishy smell. As soon as I got down on my knees in front of my mom's pussy
I felt her hands on the back of my head shoving my face into her snatch it
was horrible. I don't even know how long I was eating her out for. It must
have been a good 10 minutes, the entire time I had to listen to my mom say
how disappointed she was in me and the only time she stopped yelling was to
tell me to move lower or higher.

Finally, my mom said she had enough, and that I would need to work on it,
because I didn't do a great job. Just as my mother finished talking, and I
was able to pull my head away from her pussy, I remembered that this entire
time Reese had been with my girlfriend Nikki, but nothing could have prepared
me for what I saw next.

As I turned around I saw Reese lying on the bed, his hands beside his head,
with my girlfriend Nikki between his legs, sucking on Reese's dick. Her head
moved up and down, sucking on Reese's fairly large dick. I had seen it a
couple times soft and it was pretty big, but it was huge hard.

Then I heard Reese say "Here it cums bitch."

What I saw next was Reese's dick begin to shoot tons of cum, and Nikki began
to swallow all of his cum. Reese must have cum 3 times as much as I usually
do when I jerk off. He came so much that Nikki couldn't even swallow most of
it. In fact, when he finally finished cumming, Nikki's face was covered in
cum. I guess it makes sense that Reese would cum more then me, his dick is
bigger then mine and he is older but still Nikki's face was so full of cum.

Reese then said, "Man Malcolm, your bitch sure can suck cock. How come you
never told me?"

Before I could tell him to fuck off Nikki said, "Well, I have never done that
before, you were my first, I hope I did a good job."

Reese said, "Oh yeah baby, that was hot. You are a natural. I hope you didn't
mind how big my dick is. I know that my girlfriend Allison had a little
trouble with it the first few times, especially when we fuck."

Nikki then said, "You mean they all aren't that big?"

My mom then said, "Oh no honey, Reese is pretty lucky actually, he takes
after his father, who is just as big. Most men are about 6 inches long, but
Reese's looks to be a good 8 1/2 inches, like his father."

Reese then said, "It's actually 9 inches long mom."

Nikki then said, "So Malcolm, do you want a blow job as well?"

I was so mixed with emotions, I was angry and horny at the same time. My
mother spoke first and said, "I don't know, Malcolm hasn't been behaving well

But Nikki then said, "Please Lois, I want to see if I can do as good a job on
Malcolm as I did on Reese, plus I want to make sure I don't gag so much."

My mom then said, "Fine Malcolm, have your fun, but I will be watching the
entire time, so you better behave yourself."

I was really excited, but also very nervous as I walked over to Nikki.

Nikki then said, "Malcolm kiss me before we do this."

I looked at her and said, "But you have Reese's cum all over your lips."

My mom then said, "Quit complaining Malcolm, he is your brother for goodness
sake, besides she swallowed a ton, a little won't hurt you."

Reluctantly I kissed Nikki and her cum coated lips I got really angry though
when I heard Reese say, "Malcolm I hope you enjoy my cum, maybe you can give
me the blow job next time."

I was about to say something when Nikki said, "Don't worry about him, now let
me see that big thing of yours." She went on to say, "I hope you aren't quite
as big as Reese, his 9 inches were just a bit too much for me."

Soon I was standing in just my boxers, as Nikki placed her fingers inside the
waistband and pulled down my boxers revealing my dick for the first time. For
most guys this is one of the best moments in their life. For a few guys its
a big embarrassing because they accidentally cum right away. However for me
the situation was a bit worse. Here I was standing her naked in front of my
girlfriend for the first time, with my mother in the room as well. Not to
mention that my brother Reese was also in the room. And I had just witnessed
my girlfriend get eaten out by him, as well as watching her give him a blow
job, while I was forced to eat out my mother. If that weren't bad enough,
once my boxers were pulled down, the room was filled with silence, it must
have lasted a good 5-10 seconds and then it happened, the room erupted with
laughter. First it was Reese, then my mother and soon Nikki joined in as
well. It was as if someone had just told a joke, and I didnt get it.

After a good 10 seconds of solid laughter though it finally hit me when Reese
said, "Malcolm do you need a magnifying glass to find that thing when you
want to jerk off."

Then my mother said, "And a pair of tweezers to pull it with."

But then if that weren't enough Nikki said, "Aw its not that small, the
little 5 year old a babysit for is the same size."

Now I should tell you I am not that small, my dick is almost average. Well
alright that might be an exaggeration. But its a good 4 inches, well at
least on a good day its just about 4 inches hard. But I guess after Reese,
I must have seemed really small.

Nikki then said "Malcolm I know I said I hoped you weren't as big as Reese,
but I didnt expect something like this." I was so upset, I felt like crying
Nikki could see the sadness in my eyes and said, "Don't worry its not that
big of deal, I will still give you a blow job, geez sometimes you act like
such a baby."

Reese then said, "Well it looks like you won't have to worry about gagging."

My mother then said, "Yeah, I guess that explains why you are so smart
Malcolm. God must have given you extra intelligence to make up for your lack
of endowment."

All of these thoughts began to fill my head but then it felt it. Nikki's lips
were soon around my dick, soon I had the entire thing in her mouth, it felt
so good. I had never felt anything so wonderful in my entire life. "Oh god,
oh yea, thats it, oh, oh i am gonna..."

Just then I swear I shot the biggest load in my life, it felt so wonderful. I
was brought back to reality though when I heard Reese's voice.

He said, "Geez Malcolm, couldn't you even last a minute."

Then mom said, "Malcolm, I have heard of hair triggers, but you only lasted
40 seconds."

I couldn't believe it, it felt so good, it felt like an hour. Then I looked
at Nikki to see what her expression was, expecting to see her cum covered
face. Nikki looked at me and said, "Malcolm, you are going to need to work
on that."

I then noticed that she didn't have any cum on her face this time, like she
did after Reese's blow job I said to her, "Nikki, where is all the cum, were
you able to swallow it all?"

She then said, "Of course Malcolm, geez its not like you shot that much, it
wasn't even 1/4 as much as Reese, geez."

I felt so embarrassed at this point.

Reese was the first one to speak saying, "Man, I am getting hard again."

This caused us all to look at Reese, who was sporting his rather large 9 inch
tool, sticking straight up. I couldnt believe it, he came under 5 minutes ago
and was hard again. It normally took me close to an hour to get hard after
I came.

Nikki then said, "Well, I could give you another blow job, I guess."

This pissed me off even more because now she was volunteering. At least
before she did it because my mom told her to. I said to her, "Nikki, what are
you doing, you are my girlfriend, you can't go around giving my brother head
all the time!"

Nikki then said, "Shut up Malcolm, his dick is so big and he is hot, its not
like I didn't suck your little dick as well."

Then Reese said, "I am tired of blow jobs, I was hoping to give you a nice
hard fucking."

At first I was upset at hearing Reese talk to my girlfriend like that, but
then I remembered what mom had said to me about using that kind of language
and I figured that Reese would get in trouble, but instead my mom said
something completely different.

She said Reese, "That's not a bad idea, you should show Malcolm how to fuck
Nikki. That way he doesn't mess that up."

I looked at my mom and said, "What are you talking about? First you get mad
at me, for making out with my girlfriend, worried that we are having sex.
Then you get mad at me for using bad language. But now you want Reese to
have sex with my girlfriend and its okay that he uses bad language."

Mom responded saying, "First of all Reese didn't use bad language. He
used the term fucking in the appropriate manner, he is going to give your
girlfriend a fucking. Where he shoves that big dick of his inside her tiny
virgin twat. Second, I didnt want you getting her pregnant, but now that I
have seen how small that little twig of yours is, and how little sperm you
have, I realize that its quite unlikely. Also, to be quite frank, not many
girls are going to want something that small, so I might as well let you
have sex with anyone who is willing, because it wont be that often. I simple
figured you would take after your father and Reese. Allison has already had
an abortion, since Reese started fucking her and I didn't want to go through
the same thing with you. But I now realize that won't be a problem."

I was stunned and didn't know what to say, just starring at my mother in

I was brought back to reality by Nikki saying, "Just go slow Reese, please."

I turned to see Reese getting ready to lower his monster inside my virgin
girlfriend. I looked at her and said, "Why, why are you letting him do this?"

She looked at me and said, "Malcolm, I just can't help it, you are still my
boyfriend, but I just have to fuck Reese, I hope you understand. You said you
would do anything for me, so please just do this for me, hold my hand while
your big brother here takes my virginity."

I really did care for Nikki, so I moved to the bed and held her hand as Reese
got ready to fuck her.

Then Reese looked at me and said, "Man, thank you, I can't wait to get my
cock up inside your little chick here, she looks like she needs it."

But I guess Reese was not that much of an expert when it came to fucking,
because it seemed quite obvious he could use some help as he couldn't really
get his dick inside of Nikki. I started to laugh figuring that he might not
end up fucking her after all.

But then Nikki said, "Please, just put it in me now."

My mom then said, "Malcolm, you heard your girlfriend, help Reese get his big
dick up in your little girlfriend's hole."

I couldn't believe what I had just been asked, but for some reason, the next
thing I knew I had Reese's cock in my hand and was guiding it into my little
girlfriend's virginal hole. I also didn't realize it but as I helped put it
inside her pussy, I was also jerking him off.

Reese looked at me and said, "Thanks Malcolm, you can jerk me off another
time, right now I gotta fuck your beautiful chick though."

As I backed away, Reese began to slowly work more of his huge cock inside
Nikki. Soon I could tell he reached her hymen. I knew this was going to hurt
her, so I grabbed her hand and told her it would be okay. Unfortunately
Reese was not nearly as gentle as I had hoped he would be, and Nikki squeezed
my hand really hard. Once she was able to calm down though, Reese began
fucking her. First he started off slow, giving it to her nice and slow,
making her feel all of him. Reese seemed to be doing a pretty good job, and
she was really enjoying it. I guess he did know what he was doing. Then he
started picking up the pace and now he was practically slamming inside of
herI was filled with several emotions.

First I was very turned on watching Reese fuck Nikki. If he had been with any
other girl I would have been even more turned on, but because he was fucking
my girlfriend, I was also filled some anger towards him. How could he do
this to me, his own brother. And how could she do this to me, I am her
boyfriend. I was also filled with some envy, realizing that I could never
give Nikki the kind of fucking that Reese was giving her.

Reese was really fucking Nikki hard, and I could see in her face that she was
both enjoying it and in a little bit of pain. Reese then began to talk dirty
to her. He said, "You like that bitch, how's that feel, you know you love it,
my big cock feels so good doesnt it, I bet you wish Malcolm had a cock like

Nikki's only response was, "OH YEAH, OH GOD, THAT FEELS GREAT, harder, fuck
me harder, it feels so good, so big, thats the spot, oh yes oh yes!!!!!"

Now you might understand what I mean when I say it sucks that my girlfriend
is begging to be fucked harder. If it were me fucking her I would love it,
but having to watch my brother fuck her, it was just too much for me. At
least it would be over soon and we wont have to go through this again. We
are never going to make out at my house again. Nikki must have had at least
2 orgasms while Reese fucked her.

Finally I heard Reese say, "Here it comes, baby."

I said, "No Reese, you can't, you will make her pregnant."

But Reese's only response was, "Too late, oooooooohhhh."

With that I watched Reese cum inside Nikki. He must have cum for over 30
seconds, before finally getting off of Nikki, who also looked pretty
exhausted. I was starring at Nikki, who even with her pussy covered in
cum, that was dripping out, still looked beautiful, when my mother, who I
forgot was even in the room spoke.

She said, "Malcolm, I told you I don't want you getting your girlfriend

I looked at her and said, "Mom, it wasn't me who came in her, it was Reese."

But she just said, "Don't go blaming your brother, she is your girlfriend,
and I expect you to do something about it. Now get down there and start
eating her out. The less cum inside of her, the less likely she will get

I couldn't believe what my mom wanted me to do, and said to her, "Mom, you
cant be serious, she is full of Reese's cum, how can you expect me to eat her

But mom wouldn't hear of it saying, "Malcolm, you will do it because I said
so, now quit complaining or I will make you eat me out every time your father
cums in me."

Reese then added, "And Allison when I cum in her."

Mom then said, "Yeah and Allison also. She is your girlfriend, so you better
get at it."

So reluctantly I was now getting down between Nikki's legs and eating her
out. My family is so fucked up, here I am eating out my girlfriend,
swallowing my brother's cum, after he just took her virginity. To make things
worse, not only was I swallowing cum, and Nikki's pussy juice, but there was
also some blood from her hymen. Nikki is really enjoying it though, so I
guess at least I did learn how to eat pussy today.

Nikki looks like she is going to have an orgasm soon also. I just gotta keep
this up, then maybe she will have sex with me also. I can hear her moaning.
Its not quite as loud as when Reese ate her out, but still she seems to be
enjoying it. I think she is having an orgasm, because her body is shaking
and she is screaming. As she finally calmed down, I looked at her and said,
"Did I do a good job?"

Nikki said, "Yes Malcolm, thank you, you did a wonderful job. You can eat me
out any time after your brother fucks me."

I looked at her and said, "What? You can't let him do that to you again, you
are my girlfriend. I am supposed to be fucking you. I thought we could do

Nikki then said, "Malcolm, you are a natural pussy eater. Don't worry, I am
not dumping you. I am just going to let you eat me out, and maybe if you grow
some more, then you can fuck me."

I couldnt be leave it, life really does suck. I need to talk to my friends
about this, we are all geniuses, one of them has got to help me find a way
out of this. Right now it just seems that life is just unfair.

Coming Soon: Chapter 2 - Malcolm's Day at School and After School Adventure

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