Malcolm In The Middle: Sarah In The Middle (mmf)
by A34

"Well, thanks for walking me home...again," said Malcolm.

"No prob, so I'll come over in about 20 minutes ok?" said Sarah.

"Sure...I guess so," said Malcolm hesitantly. He went into his house, and
sat down next to Reese on the sofa who was watching TV.

It was a Friday and Malcolm's parents had taken Dewey to see his grandparents
for the weekened so the two teenagers had the whole house to themselves.

Malcolm and Reese kept watching TV for a few minutes until Malcolm remembered
Sarah was going to come over...again. "Hey Reese," Malcolm said, "Sarah's
coming over again soon, so you might want to get something on other then
those raggidy boxers."

"Sarah's coming over again!?" said Reese. "She's always here. Just because
she likes you so much."

“You know she likes you just as much,” said Malcolm. “Hey, have you ever...
thought about Would you ever have sex with her. Because you
know she’d have sex with either of us.”

“I guess,” thought Reese, “I’m so horny right now I’d fuck anything.”

“Do you think she’s even had sex? Anyway, when she comes over, lets try to
see if she’ll blow us or anything alright?”

“Sounds good to me... Here’s our chance now,” Reese said as he heard a knock
on the door. Malcolm went to the door and let Sarah in. The three youths
sat down on the couch, Sarah in between Malcolm and Reese. They watched TV
for quite some time when Malcolm and Reese glanced at each other.

Reese slid his hands down under his boxers, and casually held himself.
After Malcolm saw how interested Sarah had become at seeing Reese touch
himself right in front of her, he knew it was time to make their move.
Malcolm scooted closer to Sarah on the couch and put an arm around her
shoulder. “Sarah, Reese and I really like you, and when people like each
other they usually don’t mind making one another feel good. We both were
thinking if you’d mind making us feel good.” Reese laughed at Malcolm’s

“Ok,” said Sarah who has had her first romantic feelings about these two
boys in her 13 years, “but what do you want me to do.” The inexperienced
youth was genuinely unsure.

“Well,” said Malcolm, “I’m guessing you’ve never kissed a guy, so I’ll tell
you what to do. First just open your mouth a little, and then slip your
tongue into my mouth.” Sarah did so and the two teens made out for a few

Reese started to get an erection inside his boxers after Malcolm had taken
off both Sarah’s shirt and his own. “Ok,” said Malcolm a bit out of breath,
“now if you really want to make me feel good, just slide your tongue down my
chest and stomach.” Sarah did so while Malcolm closed his eyes and slightly
arched his back.

“Hey Sarah,” said Reese who had taken off his shirt and boxers and had begun
jacking off while he watched Sarah lick his younger brother’s body. “If you
really want to make Malcolm feel good you should give him a blowjob."

“What’s that,” asked Sarah in between licking Malcolm’s stomach.

“I’ll tell you what to do,” said Malcolm. “Slide my jeans off,” he
instructed while his back still arched and his pelvis slightly still in the
air. “Now take my boxers off and throw them over in the corner. Now put
your lips around my penis, and slide them up and down my shaft.”

“Wike is?” Sarah asked with Malcolms cock hard in her mouth.

“Ohh,” he whimpered, “yeah, oh…yeah just like that…oh my g-…oh fuck yeah
Sarah.” Sarah could feel Malcolm’s cock flexing its muscles as she smelled
the musk of his young pubic hairs. Malcolm mouth opened and as he closed
his eyes enjoying thrusting spurts of warm cum in Sarah’s mouth.

Reese, feeling he’s been very patient as his younger brother got a blow job
now made Sarah face her, still with a drop of Malcolm’s cum on her lips, and
told her to give him a blow job.

Sarah kneeled on the ground while Reese spread his legs and let Sarah rest
her hands on Reese’s thighs. “You’d make me feel really good if you put
my nutsack in your mouth,” said Reese. Sarah filled her mouth with Reese’s
scrotum while she moved her hands to feel Reese’s muscular body. She
started to put Reese’s cock in her mouth and gave him a blow job. She
cradled his balls, still moist with her saliva, as she bobbed her head up
and down on Reese’s slightly longer dick. She glanced up to notice Reese’s
face contort in pleasure as Malcolm’s had done earlier. Before she knew it
her mouth was filled with warm cum as the sound of teenage grunts filled the

The kids cleaned up and then Reese and Malcolm made Sarah go home.



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