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*** Agony in Pink contains sequences of bondage, torture, and sex. ***

Chapter 2 -- The Pink Peril

It was late afternoon. Kimberly was in the Angel Grove Juice Bar and Gym,
practicing her gymnastics. She was dressed in a pink leotard which showed
off her body. And quite a lovely body it was, too -- firm and lean from
years of athletic endeavors. As she continued to work out, she was unaware
of the horror that awaited her.

Finishing her workout, she grabbed a towel and headed for the locker room to
shower. She took off her Ranger Power Morpher and put down her bag, and
almost at once the room was filled with Putties, hideous foot soldiers for
the evil Lord Zedd. Before she had a chance to react, five of them lunged
at her and grabbed her, holding her securely. She struggled mightily
against them, but to no avail. Then, there was a flash of light, and she
was in the lair of Lord Zedd, and at the end of the room was Zedd himself.

The Putties held her firmly before the hideous Lord Zedd. "Ah, Pink
Ranger," intoned the monster, "now I have you, and this is truly the
beginning of the end for the Power Rangers!" Kimberly struggled against the
Putties, but they held her firmly. She was afraid, but since she had been a
Power Ranger she had learned to hide her fear. "You won't get away with
this, Zedd, " she said defiantly. "The others will be here soon and you'll
pay!" "I think not, Pink Ranger, I think not! And in any event, I've got
something new planned for you. Bring her to the chamber!" ordered Zedd.
The Putties dragged Kimberly down a dark and gloomy hall. "Where am I?" she
wondered, "Where are they taking me?" They finally arrived at a large door.
The door creaked open, and a voice intoned, "Bring her in." Kimberly was
dragged inside, and what she saw there filled her with more terror than she
had ever felt in her young life. Her knees went weak, a shudder went
through her, and it took every ounce of self control she had to not scream.

The room was a torture chamber. It was completely spotless -- the metal
instruments glistened against the light, they almost looked sterile -- but
it was filled with the most horrible instruments of torture she had ever
seen. And her terror was well planned -- Tortura, being well versed in the
psychological modes of torture as well as the physical, knew full well what
the first sight of this room would do to Kimberly. And the sight of Tortura
himself, checking the implements of pain, sent pure terror through her.

Tortura walked to Kimberly and looked her over. "Remove her clothes," he
ordered, and the Putties quickly tore the clothes from Kimberly's body.
They also removed her shoes and all her jewelry. Her hair had been tied
back, but they removed the band and it now hung freely. Kimberly was naked
before she even had a chance to gasp, and she wished desperately that she
could cover her nudity. She could feel the cold floor under her bare feet.
Tortura motioned to a chain hanging from the ceiling. "Tie her here," he
said, and the Putties dragged Kimberly into the center of the room and tied
her arms over her head to the chain from the ceiling. Kimberly was bound
from the ceiling, and had to raise slightly onto the balls of her bare feet
in order to relieve the pressure that was building on her arms.

When she looked up, she saw that Tortura was standing right in front of her.
He put out his hands and cupped Kimberly's firm breasts and began to fondle
them. He tweaked her nipples with his thumbs as he squeezed her breasts.
Kimberly was overwhelmed with shame and terror and turned her head away.
"What's the matter, Pink Ranger," mocked Tortura. "Don't you like this?"
Tortura had correctly gauged Kimberly's response to this psychological
torture -- she was humiliated and felt even more helpless and vulnerable
than she had before. Head turned away from the awful monster, she closed
her eyes and was trying to think about something, ANYTHING but the creature
that was fondling her naked body, when the offending hands finally stopped
caressing her body. She opened her eyes and saw that Tortura was standing
before her holding a whip. The whip was a form of cat-o'-nine-tails, and
the very sight of it struck fear into the naked bound girl. And that was
the intent of it. Zedd had the power to conjure up whatever devices Tortura
wanted, and this was a very special whip. It's construction was very
carefully considered -- it looked fearsome and would deliver intense pain,
but the lashes were so wide that they would not leave any permanent marks.
Indeed, only some bruises would remain once the whipping was finished.
Tortura held the whip in front of Kimberly's face so she could drink in the
full terror of the device. Kimberly had never been whipped or beaten before
in her entire young life, she had not even been spanked by her parents, and
she was filled with terror as Tortura ran the whip over her face, her
breasts, and her nipples. The he stood before her, said "And now the fun
begins!" and walked behind her. Kimberly looked up into the ceiling and
tried to prepare herself for what was to come, while her smooth back and
firm, shapely ass were displayed and ready for punishment.

Tortura brought his arm back and swung the whip. Kimberly could hear it
whoosh through the air and then her back exploded. Her mouth went open in a
silent gasp of pure agony, and then her back exploded again. She had never
felt such pain in her entire life. As a Ranger, she always had the special
suit on, which softened all the blows to the point where she never really
felt pain in the suit, just a pushing or pressure. But the agony here was
intense. And once again, her back exploded in pain. Her eyes began to fill
with tears, and the blood rushing through her ears was blocking out most of
the other sounds. She began to twist, desperately trying to avoid the
blows, but Tortura would take careful aim, and strike her.

The whip landed on Kimberly's shapely back and buttocks over and over and
over again. Kimberly continued to twist and writhe as her beating
continued. Although she was determined not to scream or cry, tears began to
flow down her cheeks, and each time a blow landed a cry of misery would
escape her lips. "The others will be here soon," she kept thinking to
herself, for it was the only thing that allowed her to endure the whipping.
But each time she thought the whipping was over, and that Zedd's horrible
laughter would stop, there was another hissing sound and then more pain.
Zedd came to Kimberly, grabbed her by the hair, and twisted her pretty face
towards his. "Enjoying yourself, Pink Ranger?" taunted Zedd. Kimberly
looked at him through tear filled eyes, and was trying to think of something
clever and strong to say, but the whip landed and she let out a cry. Zedd
roared with laughter, and as Zedd held the miserable girl's hair, Tortura
plied the whip again and again and again and again...

Finally, the whipping stopped and Kimberly was allowed to hang, sweat
running down her firm, naked body. Two Putties each grabbed one of her
legs, spread her legs, lifted her, and tied her ankles to poles. She was
hanging horizontally, spread-eagled in mid-air. Tortura approached her, and
Kimberly trembled in fear. Tortura held the whip in front of Kimberly's
face. Kimberly closed her eyes and turned her head away from the whip, but
Tortura grabbed her by the hair, twisted her face to his, and roared, "Look
at me! Look at what's happening to you!" He allowed the whip to run over
her face, her shoulders, her breasts, nipples, and stomach. Finally, he
walked between her legs and began to stroke her cunt and pubic hair.
Kimberly moaned in agony and closed her eyes, once again turning her head
away from what was happening to her. Then, Tortura grabbed Kimberly's pubic
hair and gave a yank. Pain shot through her and her eyes popped open and
she squealed. The Tortura drew back the whip. "Oh, my God!" cried Kimberly
as Tortura sent the whip into her cunt. Kimberly screamed a piteous scream
of pain as the whip struck her pussy. "Oh, God, oh God no Oh God AAAHHHH!
Tortura continued to whip away at Kimberly's virgin pussy. Kimberly had
thought that the pain she had felt from the earlier whipping was the worst
that was possible, but this was a thousand times worse. All pretense of
strength gone, Kimberly began to scream and beg for mercy, but Tortura
continued to whip away. "Oh please no, no more, no AAAAHHHH! Oh
vicious monster continued to sent the whip flying into Kimberly's cunt.
After seven strokes, Kimberly fainted. Tortura calls to Goldar, and the
winged beast throws cold water into the helpless girl's face. And once
Kimberly is awake, the whipping continues. The chamber becomes a living
Hell for Kimberly, the intense agony she feels being compounded by her shame
at being naked, and the horrible sounds of her screams mixing with the
creatures' joyous laughter.

Kimberly was given a total of fifty strokes in the cunt, during which the
girl continued to scream in pain. She fainted twice more, and was revived.
Finally, as she hung unconscious, the beating stopped. Lord Zedd was
exhilarated. "More pain! She must be tortured much more!" But Tortura was
wiser that this. "My Lord, we must let her rest. I have plans to torture
her for many more days. Right now, this was more of a warm-up session that
a real torture session. She is very sensitive to pain, and if we were to
try to inflict much more today, we may lose her. Better to let her rest and
recover and quake over what we have in store for her in the future. Once
she has regained some strength, we will continue the torture, only even more
intensely." Lord Zedd quickly recognized the wisdom in his creature's
words. Kimberly was awakened with more cold water. She was cut down and
dragged before Lord Zedd. Her shame at being displayed naked before her
enemy was overwhelmed by the agony that encompassed her back, ass, and cunt.
Zedd held Kimberly's head and turned her to that she would look in her
face. Her lovely face, covered in tears and so full of pain, sent waves of
joy through Zedd's evil body. "And now, Pink Ranger, it is time for you to
rest. We've made a modest beginning here today, haven't we? I'm sure you
enjoyed it as much as I did. But this is only the beginning, my dear!
Sleep well, because the worst is yet to come! Take her away!" And Zedd
began to laugh, and his laughter rang in Kimberly's ears as she was taken away.


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