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*** Agony in Pink contains scenes of bondage, rape, and torture ****

Chapter 3 -- "Ay-yi-yi-yi-yi, Kimberly's Being Tortured!

Kimberly was thrown into a small cage and the door locked. "Sleep well,
Pink Ranger, for there is more pain coming! Finally we are getting our
revenge!! Ah, ha-ha-ha-ha!" mocked Goldar as he locked her in. Once
she was left alone, she threw herself down and began to cry, great
heaving sobs. Finally, she composed herself. The other Rangers would
save her, she thought. Zordon, Alpha-5, and the others -- they had
always been able to save one of them when they were in trouble. She had
somehow managed to survive her ordeal today, and they would soon be here
to rescue her. The group had always succeeded in the past, and there's
no reason to believe that this time would be any different. They had to
come and save her -- she wasn't sure how much more of this treatment she
could take.

Meanwhile, the other Rangers were beginning to wonder where Kimberly
was. They were all gathered in study hall when their communicators went
off. They ran outside to a secluded spot, and Jason called in. "Jason
here, Zordon, what's up?" "We have a very serious situation," intoned
Zordon solemnly. "Alpha-5 will teleport you here immediately." And
with that the five of them -- Jason, Trini, Billy, Zack, and Tommy --
were teleported to the command center. When they got there, Alpha-5 was
clearly in a very excited state.

"Ay-yi-yi-yi-yi, what are we going to do? This is terrible! Ay-yi-yi!"
the little robot said as he scurried to and fro. "What's going on?"
asked Zack. "Does this have anything to do with Kimberly?" asked Trini,
hopefully. "Unfortunately, it does." said Zordon. The five teenagers
stood quietly and looked at Zordon's massive image. "What's happened to
her?" inquired Tommy, echoing the question on all the Rangers's minds.

Zordon didn't mince words. In situations like this, he felt it was best
to be straight with the Rangers and hope they could handle it.
"Kimberly has been kidnapped by Lord Zedd, and is being held in his
lair." These words sent shivers through the Rangers. They knew that
they had never been able to find Zedd's lair, and even if they could,
they most likely would never be able to attack it successfully. If
Kimberly was being held there, then there may not be any way for them to
rescue her. "What's happening to her? Why does he want her?" Jason
demanded to know. "I will tell you, but the answer is horrible. It will
take strength, courage, and wisdom to be able to withstand this
knowledge. Look at the viewing globe and you will see what has been
happening to her." They walked to the globe and the image that greeted
them was Kimberly, naked, with her hands bound over her head.
Immediately, the sight of Kimberly's naked body gave Jason, Tommy, and
Zack hard-ons, of which they were instantly ashamed and hoped that
nobody else noticed. But the scene soon shifted, and images of Kimberly
being whipped filled the globe. The Rangers were horrified at the site
of Kimberly writhing in pain, and Trini buried her face in Tommy's
shoulder. The image faded, and Zordon spoke again.

"Lord Zedd has created his most horrible monster yet. The monster is
Tortura, and it has a complete knowledge of how to torture a human
being. Lord Zedd plans to continue to torture Kimberly in order to
scare all of you away from being Rangers. As of now, we don't know
where she is being held, but Alpha-5 is working on it." "I'll help!"
cried Billy, and everybody nodded their consent -- Billy had often times
in the past been able to work with Alpha-5 and together they were able
to find things they thought couldn't be found. "There isn't much we can
do for her now," continued Zordon. "All we can do is to try to find
her, and pray that she can remain strong." "Oh, poor Kimberly, we've
got to do something! Oh, Kim..." Trini cried, her voice trailing away
to sobs as she hugged Zack.. Jason and Tommy both approached the globe
where Kimberly's image was last seen. "Hold on Kimberly," whispered
Jason. "Yeah, Kim," continued Tommy. "We'll be there!"

Chapter 4 -- Kimberly's Torture Continues

Kimberly couldn't remember when she finally was able to sleep or how
long she was allowed to sleep, but she was rudely awaked by her cage
being shaken. It was Goldar hovering over her cage. She was very sore
and stiff from the previous day's punishment, but she was refreshed and
had regained some of her composure, and so she tried to cover her
nakedness. Her cage was opened, and Goldar ordered a couple of putties
to drag her out. Held by the arms, she is brought down a long corridor
until they reach a large door. The door opened, and Kimberly was
brought inside. She tried to swallow her fear at seeing that she was
back in the torture chamber, and Tortura and Lord Zedd were standing
there waiting for her.

Struggling in vain against her captors, Kimberly is put on one of the
tables in the chamber and strapped down. Her arms are strapped over her
head, her ankles are spread apart and strapped to the end of the table.
Two thin straps hold her torso down -- one is just under her breasts
and the other on her lower abdomen, between her belly button and her
pubic hair. She was completely exposed and helpless. "Good morning,
Pink Ranger, " Tortura taunted. "Ready for our day's activities?"
Kimberly, through her fear, looked up at the monster and tried to be
firm. "The Rangers will be here soon. You might as well just let me go
and spare yourself!" Lord Zedd threw back his head and laughed. "I
think not, Pink Ranger, I think not!" he laughed and then, turning to
Tortura and seeing that the monster was prepared to begin the day's
torture session, continued "Let the torture begin!" The opening torture
for the day was quite simple, but effective. Tortura took a long
needle. He put it in a flame until it was burning hot, and then
delicately stuck the needle into Kimberly's flesh. Kimberly looked on
with trepidation as the needle was heated, and she winced in pain as the
burning hot sharp tip of the needle touched her tender flesh. She bit
her lip, determined not to give them the satisfaction of hearing her
scream. Tortura kept the needle red hot, and since it was a needle, it
didn't leave any marks, but because it was sharp and hot, it caused
searing pain wherever on Kimberly's lovely flesh it touched. Tortura
carefully stuck it in her armpits, her breasts, her nipples, her legs,
her belly button, all over her firm lovely body. Kimberly recoiled and
twisted in pain as the needle inflicted its torture on her helpless

Next, Tortura took a small electric prod and approached Kimberly with
it. Kimberly was lying helpless on the table, watching Tortura's every
move with terror. Tortura held the electrode before Kimberly's pretty
face and spoke. "Do you know what this is? Well, I'll give you a
hint... it isn't very nice. Perhaps I should turn it on." Tortura
twisted a switch on the probe and it began to hum. Sheer terror shot
through Kimberly's body. "Now," said Tortura, "maybe I should show you
what it does." He leaned over to a piece of metal, held it close, and
then pushed a button. A jolt of electricity shot from the end of the
probe to the metal. Kimberly gasped in horror. "And now, my dear, for
you..." He approached Kimberly. Kimberly shook with fear as the
monster approached her. "No, oh, no, oh please no no no don't no don't
..." Tortura brought the probe close to Kimberly's stomach near her
lovely belly button. "No, please no don't no please AAAAAHH!" Tortura
pressed the probe to Kimberly's smooth, firm stomach and pressed the
button. A searing, burning pain shot through Kimberly and she screamed
in agony. Torture moved the prod to her armpit and held it there for a
moment, savoring Kimberly's terror. "Oh, no, please" she begged,
"please no no oh God no no AAAAHH!! OOHHH NOOO!! AAAAHHH!" The prod
sent its jolts of pain through Kimberly's armpit. Tortura moved the
prod all along Kimberly's lucious, firm body, shocking her on her arms,
her stomach, her legs. During her torment, she writhed and screamed in
pain. Tortura then went to Kimberly's bare feet. The prod caused
tortured shrieks of agony to come from the helpless girl as the prod did
its horrible work on her tender feet and supple toes. Then, Tortura
went to Kimberly's right breast. He let the cold prod run along her
breast, and tweaked her tender brown nipple with it. "Oh my God, no,
please no, no no no more no more I can't stand anymore, please no no no"
she whimpered, as she gazed at the prod with terror-filled eyes.
"Please no more no AAAAHHHH!!!" The prod did its work on her tender
nipples. Kimberly felt like her body was being ripped apart, and she
strained with all her might against the straps that held her firmly to
the table. Tortura worked the prod all around both her breasts, paying
particular attention to her nipples. Finally, Tortura placed the prod
on Kimberly's clitoris. "Oh, my God, no" whimpered the miserable girl,
feeling the cold prod on her most sensitive area. "Prepare for intense
pain, my dear," taunted Tortura, and he pressed the button that sent
waves of pure agony through Kimberly. She strained mightily at the
bonds holding her firmly, with pitiful screams of misery pouring from
her open mouth. Lord Zedd roared with laughter at her suffering and she
mercifully fainted away from the pain.

Cold water was thrown on Kimberly's face and she awoke with a start.
She could feel that her bondage had changed slightly -- her arms were no
longer bound over her head, but were now strapped tightly at her sides,
and that a strap was over each of her hands, holding them flat. As soon
as she was fully awake, the pain from the day's torture came rushing
back, and she began to moan and gasp. The sight of this lovely girl,
the Pink Ranger who had caused him such trouble, suffering so much was
pleasing to Lord Zedd. "I am being well revenged on the Pink Ranger,"
he thought. "I can hardly wait to see what Tortura has planned for her
next!" Tortura slid a small rolling table next to Kimberly's head.
"Look what's next, my dear," the monster said. Kimberly turned her head
and saw a series of shiny, metal pins. Tortura lifted one and held it
before the naked girl's terrified eyes. He then grabbed Kimberly's
hand and held the ring finger of her right hand firmly. He began to
slide the needle under her fingernail. As soon as the needle entered
the sensitive pad under her fingernail, Kimberly began to cry out it
pain. "OH GOD OH NO NO AAAHHH!!" shrieked the helpless girl as Tortura
finished sliding the needle under her fingernail and performed the same
task on her middle and index fingers on her right hand. Kimberly was
wild with pain, screaming and begging for mercy as Lord Zedd drank in
her voluptuous agony. Tortura, finished with her right hand, rolled the
table around to the other side. Kimberly saw that he was going to her
other hand, and desperately, but vainly, tried to close her hands to
escape or something, anything to avoid the pain. Tortura knew that the
psychological torture he was inflicting by making her wait and dread the
next torture was almost as effective as the actual physical pain itself.
Soon, despite the screams which echoes off the walls of the torture
chamber, Tortura has inserted needles into the same three fingers on
Kimberly's left hand. "PLEASE! NO MORE NO MORE AAAAAHHHHH!!!
agony echoed off the walls of the torture chamber as the needles were
slowly inserted. Then, Tortura went to the end of the table, where her
feet were bound. Kimberly looked, in horror, through her tears and saw
Tortura stroking her lovely toes. "Oh, God, please no, you can't no
please I'll do anything just please no more ... " She wiggled her
pretty toes, but Tortura grabbed the fourth toe on her left foot (the
one next to the little toe). Kimberly gasped in horror as she felt the
cold and clammy skin of the monster's hands hold her delicate bare foot.
As soon as she felt the icy point of needle under the nail of her tender
toe terror overwhelmed her and she started begging, "Oh, God, please no,
have mercy, please oh please have mercy..." Lord Zedd, hearing the
girl's pitiful cries, waved Tortura to halt. "God, you say?" mocked the
Lord. "I am your God now! I control what happens to you! And I say
'Continue the torture!' " he intoned, waving to Tortura to resume.
Kimberly shrieked "NOOOOO!!! AAAHHHH! as Tortura slowly and carefully
pushed the needle under the toenail., "OHHHHH GOD NO MOOORE PLEEEEEASE
violently, gasping for air between screams. Tortura then went to her
shapely middle toe, and Kimberly's screams of pain resume as he began to
slowly push a needle under that toe, and then goes to the toe next to
the big toe, then back to the little toe, and finally inserts the needle
under her big toenail. Kimberly writhed and twisted, screaming in pain
while the hideous creature held her delicate toes and slid the needle
into the tender flesh under each toenail. "OH MY GOD AAAAHH!! AAAHH!!
PLEEASE!! NO MORE NOOOOOO!! AAAHHHHH!!" Lord Zedd, watching intently,
laughed in evil joy at the girl's misery. "Hurt her more! More pain!
She must suffer more!" cries the monster. Tortura smiled evilly and
goes to Kimberly's other lovely foot and inserted needles under all her
toes. The insertion of the needles was exquisitely slow -- Tortura
managed to drag out Kimberly's agony to an incredible level, keeping her
almost at the limit of human endurance. "OH GOD PLEASE I CAN'T STAND
overwhelmed her very being -- she screamed and thrashed wildly,
desperately throwing herself against the straps, twisting her feet and
wiggling her toes, trying to get away. But there was no escape -- the
straps held her firmly, and Tortura's strong hands and fingers held her
lucious toes firmly in place for torture. Kimberly's screams of agony
and Lord Zedd's laughter filled the room.

Finally, all the needles had been inserted. Kimberly lay strapped to
the table, moaning and panting. Sweat dripped from her body, her hair
was splayed all over her face. Her finger and toenails were burning
fires of agony with the nails in them. Tortura went to her hands, and
clipped the needles that were sticking out of her fingernails into a
metal contraption something like a clamp. The moving of the needles
caused a wave of pain to shoot through her fingernails, and Kimberly
moaned. Lord Zedd and Tortura hovered over the helpless girl. "What
now, Tortura?" inquired Zedd. "You will see," bowed Tortura. Zedd
stroked Kimberly's face with his hands. "Ah, Pink Ranger, I am being
splendidly revenged, don't you think? Don't you agree this is fine
payback for all the trouble you've caused me?" taunted Zedd. Kimberly
looked up through her agony and was about to speak when the pain in her
hands began to get extreme and she began to gasp and cry. "Ahh, AAAHH!
AAAHHHH!" The metal clamps that held the needle were now burning hot,
and so the needles had turned red hot and were burning her nailbeds.
Kimberly was in agony, her head thrown back and screams emanating from
her mouth. She twisted her hands, but that only twisted the needles
under her fingernails. Tortura let her burn for a while, and then
removed the clamps. Then he pulled the needles from her fingernails.
Through the haze of pain, she could hear Tortura telling Zedd that he
didn't want to overly torture her nails yet, as he had more plans for
them. Kimberly whimpered in complete misery at hearing this.

Kimberly lay panting and gasping on the table. She was beginning to
think that the torture was over, if they would only remove the needles
from under her toenails where they continued to send waves of pain
through her entire body. Tortura went to her feet, which gave her hope,
but instead he attached small electrodes to each of the needles which
stuck out of her toes. Kimberly began to tremble in horror at what may
lay in store for her. Tortura took two clips and approached her crotch.
"No, oh God no you can't oh no please no no no no I'll do anything no
please oh no don't" pleaded the miserable girl, but Tortura just smiled
and clipped the electrodes to each wall of her virgin cunt. Her cunt
was already sore from where she had been whipped previously, and each
clip hurt as it was attached. Tortura fastened the other end of the
clips to a machine, turned it on, and Kimberly was filled with terror as
she heard it hum. "Wait!" commanded Zedd. "I want her friends to see
this!" So saying, he waved his staff, and the image of the other Power
Rangers, at the command center, filled the room.

At the command center, the other Rangers were busy trying to locate
Kimberly when her image was displayed in the viewing globe. "Look!"
cried Trini. The Rangers were all able to see Kimberly and the state
she was in. They were horrified as Zedd filled the image. "Watch well,
Rangers! Watch well!! Look, Pink Ranger, there are your friends!!" He
pointed to the image and Kimberly finally saw them and began to shriek
at them. "Oh, God, Tommy, Jason.. please!! You've got to save me!
Please save me.. don't let them do this to me anymore, I can't stand it!
Please guys you've got to save me, you've got to save me, don't leave
me here don't let them hurt me anymore... AAAAAHHHHH!" The switch was
thrown and electricity coursed through Kimberly's body, her toes and her
cunt. She shrieked in agony, her head flopped from side to side, and
Zedd began to laugh uproariously. The Rangers watched in horror as
Kimberly's naked body writhed in pain. Tommy tried to rush the image
but of course, to no avail. Then Kimberly sank back onto the table as
the shocks ended. "Please..." she gasped "Help me, please for the love
of God help me don't let them hurt me anymore don't leave me help me
please AAAAHHH! AAAAHH!! AAAAHHH!!!" The electrotorture had begun
again. Tortura was modulating the shocks so that each toe took turns
getting shocked. Her body flailed wildly at her bonds. Her pitiful
screams of agony cut through all the Rangers like a knife. Her supple
toes wiggled as the shocks went through them. "Good-bye, Rangers!"
laughed Zedd. "See you soon!" The image faded, but Kimberly's torture
continued unabated, as the searing, tearing agony coursed through her
cunt and abused toes Her pretty head whipped from side to side as she
screamed and shrieked in pain. Finally, after what seemed like an
eternity to the suffering girl, the pain overwhelmed her and she
fainted. Tortura decided that she had had enough and needed to recover,
so he removed the clips and the needles and sent her back to her cage to
recover for the night.

Kimberly was thrown into her cage, and locked in. She was fed and
watered, and the left alone. Misery overwhelmed her and she began to
cry, great weeping sobs. Why is this happening, she thought, why why
why? The pain from her ordeal continued to remind her of her fate as
the poor girl cried pitifully until exhaustion overtook her and she
finally fell asleep.


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