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*** Agony in Pink contains scenes of bondage, rape, and torture ****

Chapter 5 -- More Pain for Pink

Tommy had to be held back from tearing the command center apart. "We've got
to do something!" he cried. "Don't you know where she it yet?" "No, Tommy,
we don't," intoned Zordon. "You have got to remain calm. Part of Zedd's
plan is to cause dissent and fear among you Rangers. You must remain in
control!" "Control?" screamed Trini. "Control? Did you see her? DID YOU
SOMETHING!!" "Calm down," said Jason, trying to control his own raging
emotions. "We can't help Kimberly this way. If we all stick together, we'll
be able to save her." Jason's words we logical, and a sense of calm settled
over the room and Trini broke down into hysterical sobbing. "Any luck
tracking her down, Billy?" asked Jason hopefully. "Negative," said the Blue
Ranger. "There seems to be no way to be able to ascertain her spatial
coordinates." Tommy erupted at Billy's verbosity. "Can't you just speak
NORMALLY for once in your life?" he screamed. He grabbed Billy and started
to shake him. "I'M SO SICK AND TIRED ..." he trailed off. "Oh, God, Billy,
I'm sorry. I didn't mean it..." "I know Tommy," said Billy, reassuringly.
"I'll keep working." "Yeah," piped Zack, who had been comforting Trini,
"we'll find her. And Lord Zedd will pay for this!" "Zack is correct," said
Zordon. "We must remain firm and committed and strong. This is our greatest
challenge yet, but I am certain you Rangers can overcome it." Jason and
Tommy both muttered their consent. They'd find her. And they'd have their

Morning arrived, or what Kimberly assumed was morning. There were no windows
in the room she was being kept in, and she was pretty sure she was even on
Earth any more. She lay in her cage, the torture of the day before having
faded to a dull ache over her body. The tips of her fingers and toes still
hurt very badly, and her cunt, which had been shocked so badly, burned. The
hope of being rescued was the only thing keeping her going. The other
Rangers had seen her -- she had to believe that Lord Zedd was so pleased with
what was happening that he may have slipped up. Although Zordon and Alpha-5
had always had to spy on Zedd, never had he been so brazen as to broadcast
his activities. They would be able to use that to find her, she knew it!
But just then she realized they had seen her -- Jason, Tommy, Zack, Billy,
and Trini, all of them, had seen her naked and being tortured. She was
overcome by a new spate of crying, tears flowing down her face not from pain
or fear, but from shame.

It was in the middle of this last burst of tears that Zedd and two Putties
entered the room. Kimberly struggled to get control of herself. "Ah, Pink
Ranger, crying again? It pleases me to see you crying. I so enjoyed your
tears last evening! I can't remember when I enjoyed any sound as much!"
taunted Lord Zedd, and Kimberly groaned inwardly at the thought the the
monster listening to and enjoying her crying. "Of course, there is another
sound I enjoy more than your crying -- and that's you screaming in pain! And
now, I am going to enjoy that sound some more! Putties! To the torture
chamber!" On command, the Putties opened Kimberly's cage, and despite her
protests and struggles, grabbed her, and dragged her down the corridor to the
dreaded torture chamber.

Lying strapped to a table, Kimberly looked on in fear as Tortura brought a
soldering iron close to her face. "Here, Pink Ranger, feel this!" he said
and touched the iron to her cheek. She let out a cry and turned her head
away, but the iron was cold. "Oh," laughed the monster, "I guess I forgot to
plug it in. Well, let's take care of that!" And so saying, he plugged the
iron into a wall socket. He picked up the iron and held it near Kimberly's
face. "Look at it, Pink Ranger, can't you feel it heating up? Soon, it will
be doing it's work on your body... soon you will feel the pain from this
simple device! Very, very soon, my pretty, this device, which is oh so
small, will be causing you quite a great deal of pain. Can you imagine the
pain you'll be feeling? Ha-ha-ha!" Kimberly was awash in fear as the
monster taunted her. She lay in her bonds, squirming, trembling, visibly
trembling in terror as Tortura taunted her. "Think it's hot enough? Let's
see!" said Tortura as he brought the iron near her breast. Kimberly could
feel the heat approaching her flesh and began to beg. "No, don't do that, no
no don't no nooooAAAAAAH!!! AAAHHHH!! NOOOO!!! OH GOD!!!" The pain of the
burn was excruciating. Tortura moved the iron to her armpit, which was
already wet with sweat, and burned her. Kimberly shrieked in agony as the
iron worked its torture on her. The iron was small, so it left only the
tiniest mark on Kimberly's body as it burned. This was deliberate on the
part of Tortura -- he wanted to preserve her beauty for a little while longer
at least. "No, please no more I can't staaAAAAAAAHHHHND!! AAAHH!! OH GOD OH
GOOOOAAAAAAAAHHH!! AAAHHH!!" Tortura used the iron on her stomach, inside
her belly button, on her breasts. He tweaked Kimberly's lovely brown nipple,
and then placed the burning iron directly on it. "AAAAHHH!!! NOOOOO!!!
AAAHHHH!!!" Kimberly's screams were music to Lord Zedd's ears. The sight of
this lovely naked girl squirming in agony filled him with joy. Kimberly
shrieked and screamed and writhed and begged for mercy. Tortura went to
Kimberly's beautiful legs and burned the inside of her thighs. Then her went
to her bare foot. He began to stroke her lovely, naked foot. Kimberly
twisted her foot and wiggled her toes, trying to keep her sensitive foot away
from the monster. Tortura grabbed her foot and placed the iron right in the
MOOORE STOOOOOP!" the miserable girl screamed in pain, desperately trying to
twist her foot away from the monster. Tortura grabbed her foot and held it
firmly so the toes were pointed towards him. He grabbed her foot and held
her middle toe securely. He took the iron and placed it directly under the
nail and held it there. Pain shot through Kimberly like she had never felt
before. "AAAAHHHHH!!" The most piteous and loud scream yet escaped her
throat and she strained wildly at the straps, thrashing her head, trying,
desperately trying to move her toe away from the pain giving iron, but still
Tortura held the iron to her lovely toe. Kimberly's delicate toenail began
to turn brown, and Kimberly's screams finally gave way to silence as,
overwhelmed by suffering, she passed out.

Cold water splashed onto Kimberly's pretty face and she awoke slowly. As
soon as she awoke, a Putty grabbed her head and held it firm with its steely
grip. Tortura was standing over her and grabbed her cheeks with his left
hand, holding her head firmly. He carefully squeezed the sides of her mouth
until her mouth opened, and then he put his fingers over her jaw and held her
mouth open. Kimberly hardly struggled -- she was so weak she let the monster
do what he wanted. At least, she thought, he's not hurting me now. Then
Tortura lifted a shining instrument and held it before her eyes, and Kimberly
began to squeal. She struggled gamely to move her head or to close her
mouth, but the Putty held her head firmly and Tortura's strong fingers held
her mouth open. The dentist's drill which was in Tortura's hands whirred to
life, and the sound sent a bolt of horror through every fiber of Kimberly's
being. "Now, open wide!" taunted Tortura and, holding Kimberly's pretty
mouth open, he inserted the drill into her mouth. Muffled pleas for mercy
escaped the miserable girl's mouth, which turned to screams of the purest
agony as the drill cut into one of her teeth. Steam rose from the tooth that
Tortura was drilling, and Kimberly screamed and screamed in pain. Tortura
was, of course, a master, and he drilled with excruciating slowness into the
girl's tooth. Kimberly's pain was beyond belief, she thought she may go
insane, or that her throat would be ripped raw from the screams that came
from it, until finally, Tortura had drilled through the enamel of her tooth
and drilled directly into the nerve of the tooth. Kimberly's body was racked
with an intense bolt of agony and she mercifully passed out.

Cold water brought Kimberly back to the living Hell she was now in. Her
tooth throbbed intensely, and as she lay strapped to the table, she closed
her eyes and rolled her head back and forth. I can't stand anymore, she
thought. She just wanted to die, please God let me die, anything to stop the
horrible torture. She then felt Tortura playing around with her crotch.
Kimberly opened her eyes and saw that the creature held a single wire in his
hands. He inserted the wire deep into her urethra. "OH MY GOD" gasped
Kimberly as she felt the wire invade of this most private of holes. Then her
crotch exploded, as Tortura flipped a switch and electric shocks coursed
through Kimberly's most sensitive areas. Kimberly screamed and thrashed as
this unexpected agony raced through her. But Tortura was far from done with
Kimberly's lovely crotch -- when the shocks stopped, she saw that he held
both the soldering iron and the electroprod in his hands. "OH PLEASE! NO
on Kimberly's clitoris and the lips of her cunt with both the electric prod
and the soldering iron, and this these areas had been tortured previously
with the whip and electric shocks, they were even more sensitive to pain that
usual. Each new abuse of Kimberly's sensitive genitals caused shrieks of
pain to emanate from the miserable girl's throat and echo against the walls.
And, of course, Lord Zedd was a happy observer to the torture scenes, always
mixing his hideous laughter with Kimberly's screams of pain and unanswered
cries for mercy.

Kimberly lay on the table, panting and gasping. Sweat dripped down the
entire length of her body. Her small but shapely breasts heaved as she
sucked in all the air she could get. In the haze of agony that was her very
being, now, she heard Tortura called her name. "Pink Ranger," he intoned.
"See what I've got for you now." She turned to look at the monster, and she
gasped in horror and began to pull wildly at her bonds. Tortura was standing
before her, and had removed the "clothing" that had covered the monster's
crotch. A huge, bluish penis jutted from there. It was gigantic, a hideous
permutation of what Tortura knew a male organ to be. Kimberly thrashed and
struggled like a wild woman, for she knew what was in store for her. She was
a virgin, of course, but she knew about the "facts of life." She was
starting to think that Tommy, or maybe Jason, would be her first. Not this
monster. But even more terrifying than the thought of being violated by the
monster was the size of the creature's member. Kimberly was sure she wasn't
going to be able to stand it, it couldn't possibly be able to fit inside her,
and besides, Tortura has spent much of the past few days torturing her
genitals so they were aflame with agony as is, so she could only shudder at
the thought of what they would feel like with the monster's member inside
her. Tortura approached her, and in the background she could see that Lord
Zedd was watching, and savoring, every second. "No, please no no no you
can't no please no no.." whimpered Kimberly as the monster mounted her naked,
bound body. Soon its face was right in front of hers, and he lay on top of
her. "No, you can't no no please please God have mercy no please no oh God
oh God oh God.. oh noooooo! OOOH! OOHHHHH!!!" She felt the tip of his cock
push at the lips of her punished cunt. Pain shot through her as the burns
and shocks were rubbed by the tip of his cock. Then, with one mighty shove,
Tortura rammed the giant cock into Kimberly's cunt, tearing through the
hymen, and began to pump back and forth. Kimberly put her head back and
screamed a scream of such pure pain and terror that Lord Zedd thought he
might die from pleasure. Kimberly's cunt was so punished that the pumping of
Tortura cock inside her caused waves of unmentionable agony to shoot through
her entire body. Combine the pain with the mental anguish Kimberly felt and
you have a most exquisite torture. Tortura pumped and pumped and pumped and
Kimberly screamed and screamed and screamed. She felt like his cock was
tearing her apart, that he was splitting her wide open and tearing her limb
from limb. There was nothing else in her life but the giant, hideous cock
rubbing inside her tortured cunt and the agonizing, relentless pain. Lord
Zedd leaned in close to the suffering girl's face and began to laugh and
taunt her. "Suffer, Pink Ranger! Feel the pain! Ah, ha ha ha ha!" Zedd's
monstrous laughter continued, mixing with Kimberly's screams that continued
to ring off the walls of the torture chamber as Tortura continued to pump
inside her. Tortura, of course, could not ejaculate (the rape was simply
something he felt would be an effective torture, and it was), so he simply
continued to pump inside her until he felt she had reached the limit of her
pain endurance. And when that happened, he removed himself from her cunt.
Kimberly's screams stopped and she collapsed back on the table.

Through her tears and the pain, she heard Tortura say "Turn her over." She
could feel herself being held down and turned over, so she was bound face
down, with her smooth, perfectly shaped ass sticking up. Tortura went before
Kimberly's tear streaked face. He held the dreaded electric prod in his
hand. Kimberly whimpered at the sight of the prod. "Remember this?" taunted
Tortura. "Where can I use it now? Where, oh where?" he continued, standing
up and walking towards Kimberly's ass. She couldn't see where he was going,
but she gasped in terror as she felt him fondle her ass. Then, to her
complete horror, she felt the probe enter her asshole. Tortura slid the prod
as deep into Kimberly's anus as it would go. "Ready, my dear?" he laughed.
"No, don't!" cried Kimberly. "Please don't oh pleAAAAAIIIEEEEHHH!!!
AAAAHHH!!! AAAAHHH!! AAAEEEIII!!!" The pain of the electric shock coursing
through Kimberly's tender anus was as intense as anything she had yet
endured. Tortura kept it up for a long time, until Kimberly was on the verge
of passing out. Then the shock suddenly stopped. Kimberly lay face down,
praying that it was finally over, when she felt Tortura on her back. She
could feel his giant cock rubbing against her anus, and she went wild. She
struggled and screamed and thrashed and begged. But she felt the monster's
hands grip her buttocks, and with a mighty push the tip of his cock entered
her ass. Kimberly's eyes bugged open as her asshole stretched to receive the
end of Tortura's cock. The pain was so great that it took Kimberly by
surprise and she didn't even scream, just gasp. "Oh, GOD! OH GOD! NO NO !!
She couldn't believe that her narrow anus would be able to fit the
creature's cock, it just couldn't fit! Tortura slowly pushed his giant cock
inside Kimberly's ass as Zedd roared with laughter. Each inch the creature's
member entered into the lovely girl's ass increase Kimberly's pain to a level
she didn't think possible. "It can't fit" thought Kimberly through her
terror. It was going to tear her apart, she would split open! He pushed and
pushed until he was finally fully inside her. She struggled desperately,
trying to expel the monstrous cock from her ass, but to no avail. Then he
started to pump and pump and pump. Kimberly's screams of agony and terror
were truly pitiful to behold -- she twisted and writhed and drooled and
screamed and begged and cried... her life had become pain and humiliation and
terror -- there was nothing else but the horrible feeling of the cock in her
ass, the humiliation, the horrible sound of Zedd's joyous laughter, and the
intense, searing, unbearable pain... She prayed for death, anything ANYTHING
but what was happening to her now! Finally, mercifully, after what seemed an
eternity to the helpless suffering girl, pure pain overwhelmed her senses and
she passed out. Tortura decided she had had enough for the day, and she was
sent back to her cage.


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