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*** Agony in Pink contains scenes of bondage, rape, and torture ***

Chapter 6 -- Can She Stand Any More?

Back at the command center, Billy and Alpha-5 continue to scan computer
readouts hoping to find Kimberly's position. Meanwhile, the other Rangers
paced the floors. Jason walked over to Billy. "Any luck?" "Negative, "
the Blue Ranger responded. "Despite our hopes that Zedd's last transmission
would have given us an opening with which to divine his coordinates, we have
met with unmitigated failure thus far. But we have some more ideas, and
we'll continue." Trini spent most of the past days crying, but now she was
under control. "Zordon, can you show us how she is? Can you show us what's
happening to her now?" The large face of Zordon looked down on the
Rangers. "It is best if you don't know. Zedd is looking for Kimberly's
fate to dishearten and break up the Rangers. We must continue our efforts
to find her and rescue her..." "No," interrupted Tommy. "We need to know."
The other Rangers agreed. "But it is horrible, even more horrible than
before." "We need to know," said Zack, and the other nodded their
agreement. "Then look into the viewing globe, but be prepared for what you
see," intoned Zordon. They looked in the globe, but only for a second,
because that was all they could stand. The scene displayed was Kimberly
being fucked by Tortura. Kimberly was screaming in pain, and Lord Zedd was
leaning close to the girl's face and was laughing and taunting her. "STOP
IT!" screamed Trini and the image faded, and Trini collapsed into great,
wailing tears. "Oh, God, Kimberly..." Trini cried. The others were just
silent as the image confirmed their worst fears, and they wondered, in
horror, what could possibly happen next to their poor beautiful friend...

Consumed in agony, Kimberly lay in her cage waiting for the inevitable entry
of the Putties to take her back for more torturing. She was certain she
couldn't stand any more, and wasn't sure her friends would be able to get to
her in time. Her plan was simple -- she would give up. Lord Zedd obviously
wanted her to stop being a Ranger, and wanted to stop the others from being
Rangers as well. And she'd give it to him. Willingly. Suddenly, as she
lay in the cage, the commotion started and the Putties entered the room.
The door to her cage was flung open, and two Putties grabbed her by the
arms. Before her she saw Lord Zedd, in all his infamous glory. With a
mighty effort, she tore free from the Putties and threw herself at the
Lord's feet. The Putties went to grab her but Zedd waved them off, and
listened to what the miserable girl was saying.

"Please, Lord Zedd, please, I can't take anymore, please I'll do anything,
please no more, I'll do anything please please please I'll give up being a
Ranger I swear I will please no more no more..." whimpered the battered
girl. All resistance was gone, she felt she couldn't stand another session
of torture. Lord Zedd lifted her head to face him. "You'll give up being a
Ranger?" he asked. "And you'll convince the other to give up as well?"
"Yes!" cried Kimberly, hope swelling up inside her. "I will! I swear I
will!" "Very well, then, Pink Ranger," said Zedd. "Perhaps I have achieved
my purpose here. Putties! Follow me!" Kimberly's face lit up with hope as
the Putties grabbed Kimberly. They followed Zedd down the now familiar
corridor and Kimberly began to tremble. Soon, the door to the torture
chamber was in sight, and Kimberly's knees buckled at the sight of it. But
they walked right past it! Kimberly had never felt such joy in her life!
She almost choked with pleasure, it was going to work! It was going to work!
He was going to let her go! Tears of joy filled her eyes, and they finally
came to a door she hadn't seen before. Probably the way out, she thought.
Zedd opened the door and, with a flourish, bade her enter. The Putties
dragged her inside, and as she entered the room she threw back her head and

Before her stood Tortura and the torture chamber. Zedd had simply brought
her to another door to the same horrible room. Kimberly looked to Zedd, who
was savoring her misery. "NOO!! Please, Zedd, just kill me. You've always
wanted to kill us, so just kill me, kill me, for God's sake, just kill me
and be done with it!" cried the terror stricken girl. Zedd walked over to
her and grabbed her by the hair and put his face close to hers. His words
filled her with dread as he said, "Kill you? My dear Pink Ranger, my pretty
Kimberly, before now that's what I wanted more than anything, to see you
dead. but now I feel decidedly differently. Right now there's nothing I
want more than for you to be alive -- alive so that you can suffer and feel
the pain that we've planned for you. Ha ha ha ha ha!" Tortura approached
her with a syringe. "No, no, no..." struggled Kimberly, unable to twist
free of the Putties, as the needle entered her arm. She moaned softly as
Tortura pumped the liquid into her. It burned slightly. The Putties
dragged Kimberly over to a table and began securing her to the table with
straps, and as they did, Tortura turned to Zedd and explained "That was a
stimulant. Today we begin tortures that are far more painful than what
we've done previously, I want to make sure that she stays awake long enough
to fully appreciate them." "So, it will increase the intensity of her
suffering?" gloated Zedd. "Excellent!" "Of course, " continued Tortura,
"it will not keep her awake constantly. I figure we will many times reach a
level of pain which will cause her to pass out. But the stimulant should
allow her to withstand significantly more pain than without it, and will
minimize the chance that she will go into shock. This is especially
important since today we begin serious mutilations."

Bound to the table, Kimberly looked around in terror. Next to her was a
brazier filled with red hot coals. She could feel the heat emanate from the
brazier. Tortura lifted a poker from the coals and brought it near
Kimberly's face. Her eyes went wide with terror. Tortura slowly brings the
iron closer to Kimberly's armpit. "Oh, God, no no no please no you can't no
no AAAHHH!! AAEEII!! AAAHHH!! NO MOOOORE!! AAAHHHH!" The iron sizzled as
it burned Kimberly's delicate armpit. Tortura removed the iron -- it left a
charred burn mark where it had been. He walked to her other armpit, but
stopped at her forearm and put the burning iron on Kimberly's forearm.
"AAAHHH!! AAAIIIEEEHH!!" Shrieks of pain were torn from the helpless girls'
throat. The burning iron is brought near her tender thighs. "OH GOD NO
AAHHH!!!!" Kimberly was burned several times on her thighs, on her side,
her arms, her stomach... Kimberly screamed and screamed and screamed in
agony as Tortura continued to burn her flesh. Tortura then grabbed
Kimberly's left breast and squeezed it, causing the nipple to stand out.
Kimberly's screams ceased and she looked in horror at her sensitive breast
being squeezed in the monster's hand. Tortura brought the iron close to her
nipple. Kimberly could feel the heat approaching her nipple and began to
whimper. "Oh, God no I'll do anything please no please no more please God
mercy no no no no more please don't hurt me anymore please I can't stand it
pleEEEEAAAAAHHH!" Tortura placed the sizzling iron on the tip of her
nipple, and Kimberly's body arched in agony as her screams resumed. Her
then leaned over to the other breast, and despite the girl's pitiful pleas
for mercy, burned the tip of her other tender nipple the same way.
"AAAAHHH!! AAAEEEIIII!!!" Kimberly thrashed in her bonds as the screams of
agony poured from her throat. "AAAAHHH!!! AAAHHH!! NO NO NO NO MORE NO
of agony were music to Zedd's ears.

Tortura put the iron down, and Kimberly stopped twisting and screaming and
lay panting in her bonds. Sweat dripped down her entire body, her throat
was parched from screaming. She couldn't believe that she hadn't passed out
yet, since the pain seemed even more excruciating than before. Of course,
it was the stimulant doing its work on her. Tortura rolled a table next to
her bare stomach. On the table were some scalpels and some different types
of pliers. Turning to Goldar, who had been watching the torture, he
commanded "Hold her head -- make her watch!" The winged monkey nodded and
strolled to Kimberly's pretty head. He grabbed it in his strong hands and
lifted it so that she had a clear view of her smooth, firm stomach. Tortura
lifted the scalpel and held it lovingly before Kimberly's terrified eyes.
"Oh, my God..." whimpered the terrified girl, "What are you going to do?
Please don't hurt me anymore, I'll tell you anything you want I'll do
anything please please I can't stand anymore plea...." Her voice trailed
off into great sobs. Zedd approached the miserable girl. "But, my dear, we
won't need to know anything!' tainted the horrible creature. "All we want
from you is for you to suffer. And I think Tortura is going to make sure
that happens! Ha-ha-ha-ha!!" With Zedd's horrible laughter filling her
ears, Kimberly moaned, closed her eyes, and tried to turn her head away, but
Goldar held her head firmly and screamed in her ear "WATCH, PINK RANGER!
HA-HA-HA!!" Her eyes popped open and she saw Tortura holding the scalpel
near her stomach. "NO!!! NO!! OH GOD NO!! DON'T!! PLEASE NO NO NO
NOOOOOOO!!! AAAAHHH!!! AAAIIIEEE!!!" Tortura carefully made a pair of
parallel cuts about an inch apart, delicately slicing through all the layers
of Kimberly's skin. Kimberly's shrieked in agony as he cut. He then
connected on end of the cuts with another slice. He then used the scalpel
to loosen the very end of the cut so her could grab the skin with a pair of
pliers. He waited until Kimberly's screams died down to pitiful whimpers.
He then chanted, "Kimberly! Look down here!" Goldar held her head so she
couldn't turn away, and she looked with horror filled eyes at Tortura,
holding the end of the flap of skin with the pliers. "OH GOD NO!!!" cried
Kimberly, and then pain the likes of which she couldn't believe possible
tore through her stomach, for Tortura began to pull, and pulled the flap of
skin off with quick jerks. Kimberly screamed and screamed and screamed.
Once Tortura had removed the skin, he covered the exposed flesh with a
painful, but effective, antiseptic to prevent too much infection. Then he
let Kimberly rest for a few moments, to regain some of her strength for the
next ordeal.

Tortura took a pair of pliers and the soldering iron and went to the end of
the table, where Kimberly's pretty feet were bound and helpless, ready for
whatever torture was prepared for them. Tortura began to stroke her feet
and play with her toes. Kimberly began to twitch her feet and wiggle her
toes, trying to move them away from Tortura's hands. Tortura grabbed her
left foot and held it firmly. Kimberly began to gasp, breaths coming in
short bursts as she tried to brace herself for whatever horror was to come.
Tortura took the pliers, push them against the end of the little toe on her
left foot and firmly grabbed the tiny nail. Kimberly could feel the cold
steel on the end of her toe and began to whimper, "Oh, God, oh God no God no
please... aaahh! AAAHHH! OH GOOOODDDD!!! NOOOOO!!! AAAAEEEIII!!!" Tortura
had reached around and immobilized her lovely toe and then, with a quick
jerk, wrenched the tiny toenail out. He held the toenail up and showed it
to Kimberly who was screaming in pain. Holding the nail in front of the
quivering girl's face, he taunted, "Now, for number two!" He went back to
her left foot and went to the next toe. Kimberly's pitiful attempts to
wiggle her toe away from the pliers were humorous to Tortura and Zedd, and
this time, instead of wrenching the nail out, Tortura pulled with exquisite
slowness until the nail was removed. Kimberly's agony was unbelievable, she
screamed and screamed. Tortura then removed the next two toenails on her
left foot in much the same fashion, grabbing them with the pliers and
slowly, exquisitely slowly, pulling them out. "OH GOD NO NO AAAHHH!!
AAAHHH!!! PLEEAAASSEE NO MORE NO MORE AAAHHH!" Kimberly's couldn't believe
the pain she was feeling. Her screams and pleas were more pathetic then
ever. She thought several times during her suffering that she must surely
faint, she surely couldn't physically stand the agony, but the stimulant
that Tortura had given her was keeping her awake, and ready for pain.
Tortura then took the soldering iron, and slowly used it to burn the exposed
beds where Kimberly's toenails used to be. Besides causing excruciating
agony to the miserable girl, it also staunched the flow of blood. Now all
that was left on her left foot was the big toe nail. Tortura took a metal
nail file, like the one Kimberly used to use to file her nails, and, laying
it flat, began to slide it under her big toenail. Kimberly began to shriek
and scream hideously as the pain shot through her nubile young body. Once
the file had started to make its way under her toenail, Tortura took a small
hammer and began to slowly tap the end of the file, continuing to drive it
under the nail. Kimberly had been shrieking and twisting in pain up until
now, but when Tortura started driving the file deep under her toenail,
Kimberly really began to go out of her mind. Words could not describe the
agony she was feeling, nor the pitiful screams that came from her ravaged
throat. Once the file was deep under the nail, Tortura grabbed her toe, and
pushed down on the file, until Kimberly toenail began to pop up out of its
socket. Kimberly's screams increased and were so loud it almost seemed the
room was shaking from them. Once the nail was popped up a little, Tortura
grabbed it with the pliers and jerked it out. The pain so overwhelmed
Kimberly that she gasped, her screams captured in her throat and then,
despite the stimulant, passed out in a dead faint.

Cold water and smelling salts bring Kimberly back to life. "I'm glad you're
back, Pink Ranger," taunted Lord Zedd as he stood over her bound naked body.
"We've got so much more planned for you, and I'd hate for you to miss it!"
Kimberly's voice was raspy, the pain overwhelming her very being. "Please
no more, Zedd, please I'll do anything no more no more kill me just let me
die no more please no more... OH GOD!" Kimberly felt Tortura fondling her
right foot. She desperate struggled, twisting her foot and wiggling her
toes in an almost comical attempt to escape. To add to the monsters's
mirth, Tortura pretended to not be able to grab her foot, which made Zedd
roar with laughter. But then Tortura grabbed her bare foot, and Kimberly
began to cry and whimper, for she knew what was next. She screamed and
screamed as the monster removed her toenails. Each of her smaller toes were
immobilized, and the monster grabbed the tiny nails and slowly pulled them
out. Kimberly's screams were beyond words -- she truly thought she was
going to go insane with agony. But Tortura had a few new tricks for the
helpless girl. After removing the toenail from the fourth toe, the one next
to the little toe, he grabbed her lovely toe with the pliers and began to
squeeze and twist. Waves of pain were sent through Kimberly's entire body
as she heard a tiny crack when he broke the toe. The removal of the toenail
from the middle toe, pulled out of its socket with excruciating slowness,
followed immediately. Kimberly continued to scream, begging for mercy,
pleasing for them to stop the torture. Then the next toenail was pulled
from Kimberly's lovely supple toe. For the big toe on her right foot,
Tortura once again drove the nail file under the toenail. Kimberly's
screamed and screamed and screamed as he tapped the file under the delicate
toenail. But this time, he pushed down on the file and continued to do so
until the nail completely popped out of its socket. Then he immediately
burned the exposed beds, where delicate, lovely toenails used to sit, with
the soldering iron. Kimberly had virtually screamed herself hoarse. She
screamed and screamed and screamed and screamed and screamed. Never had she
ever felt such pain in her life. And the stimulant, doing its hideous work,
kept her awake and attentive during her entire ordeal. Zedd is in ecstasy
as he watches the Ranger suffer.

Kimberly is allowed to rest again, for a short while, to recover her
strength, while Tortura prepares the next ordeal. While Kimberly is
writhing and moaning and whimpering, Tortura goes to her hands and straps
them securely to the table. Then he calls to Goldar to hold her head so she
can watch what he's going to do to her hands. He sits at her left hand, and
Goldar holds her head in that direction. Kimberly, miserable and unable to
resist, watches helplessly as Tortura approaches her hand. He grabs the
little finger on her left hand, takes the pliers, and slowly removes the
fingernail. Kimberly's shrieks of pain start anew. He then takes the
scalpel and slices through the layers of skin at the base of the finger, and
slowly peels the skin off. Kimberly's screams of pain were incredible -- in
a sense, Zedd was amazed that the girl could still scream that loudly. But
the pain was overwhelming everything else in Kimberly's being, she was
literally consumed in agony. Tortura then took a knife and began to scrape
away the flesh from her finger. Kimberly couldn't believe the agony as he
took the knife to the exposed flesh. Finally, as the bone of her finger
began to show through, Tortura took a large clipper and snipped off her
finger near the knuckle. Quickly, he took a red hot poker and burned the
exposed segment, cauterizing the wound to prevent the loss of too much
blood. Kimberly, being kept awake by the stimulant, screamed herself
hoarse, and then finally the pain and shock overtook even the stimulant's
power and she passed out. Once again, she was revived with cold water, and
she lay in her bonds, shaking in agony, whimpering pitiful pleas for mercy.
Lord Zedd was, as always, watching the proceedings with the keenest of
interests, laughed with glee as Kimberly's suffering hit new heights. He
decided it was time to share his joy with others.

The command center was full of activity. Billy and Alpha-5 continued to
scan printouts trying to locate Kimberly, and the other Rangers paced the
floor, feeling totally helpless. Then Trini, who had been sitting in a
chair trembling, pointed a finger at the side wall. "Look!" she cried, and
the Rangers looked and once again, Kimberly's image filled the viewing
globe. The sight of her ravaged body shocked all the Rangers into silence,
and then the awesome figure of Lord Zedd filled the globe. "So, Rangers,
look on in horror at your fallen compatriot! The Pink Ranger has been
abused and tortured beyond anything you pitiful mortals may have ever
envisioned! I am being well revenged! But this is not the end! Oh, no!
So long as you remain Power Rangers, each of you will suffer a similar fate.
Let's watch and listen and Tortura works on your delicate friend!" With
that, Tortura went to Kimberly's right hand and began the slow process of
removing the pinkie on that hand. The same hideous routine was used on this
hand that was used on the left hand -- Kimberly's fingernail was pulled out,
the skin removed, and the flesh hacked away until finally Kimberly's finger
was snipped off and the open wound cauterized with a sizzling iron. As soon
as Kimberly felt Tortura's strong hands grip her finger, she began to go
AAAHHH!!! AAAHHH!!!" The Rangers were unable to turn away from the horrible
sight of their friend being mutilated before them. As the torture was
progressing, Zedd filled the image again. He motioned to Goldar to cover
Kimberly's mouth, to muffle her screams of agony so that he could speak to
the Rangers. "How do you like that? Wouldn't you like to feel Tortura work
his magic on your bodies? Trini, wouldn't you like to replace Kimberly on
the table? And you boys -- look how Tortura treats the lovely Kimberly's
fingers. Imagine what he's do to your penises and balls, eh? Ha-ha-ha-ha!!!
Yes, he'd remove them very, very slowly! Can you imagine the agony as you
are slowly castrated? If you remain Power Rangers, all this will happen!
Look well upon the fate of the Pink Ranger -- it is up to YOU as to whether
you suffer the same fate!!" And with that, his image faded. The Rangers
stood silently in the command center. The sight of Kimberly's torture and
the threats that Zedd made to them had stunned them into shocked silence.
Zordon tried to speak. "Rangers, you must be strong. Together we can
defeat Zedd." Jason tried to speak, but couldn't think of what to say. The
remaining Rangers looked at each other, as Billy silently puts down the
computer printout he had been holding.

Meanwhile, back in the torture chamber, Kimberly had passed out when the red
hot iron burned the stump from where her finger had been amputated. Tortura
decided that she had had enough for this session, and she was carried to her
cage where she was allowed to rest. She was woken, and was relieved to see
that she was in the cage and not in the torture chamber. She felt like her
entire body was consumed with agony. Her hands were aflame with pain, and
her toes were so full of pain that standing or walking was impossible.
After she was fed and watered, she was given a sedative, so that despite the
agony that threatened to overwhelm her, she fell fast asleep.


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