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Agony in Pink 2 Ė A New Ending

"Agony in Pink 2 - A New Ending" is copyrighted anonymously 1995 by The
Dark Ranger.


About a year ago, after watching "The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers"
show, I wrote a story entitled "Agony in Pink," which was the story of
Kimberly, the Pink Ranger, being kidnapped and tortured by Lord Zedd,
the Rangerís arch-nemesis. Since then, itís become one of the most
talked about stories on the ĎNet, and, in addition to the slew of
flames, threats, and questions about my mental stability, Iíve gotten
many requests for a sequel. And now the sequel is here.

I should start out by saying that this is not really a sequel, it is
more of a retelling of the original story. You donít really need to
know anything about "Agony in Pink" to enjoy (if thatís the right wordÖ)
"Agony in Pink 2." The idea for the story came about, as you might
expect, while watching the Power Rangers TV show. The actress who plays
Kimberly left the show (to do movies or something) and was replaced by a
new Pink Ranger, Katherine (or "Kat" for short). The story was that
Katherine was recruited by the Rangersí enemies, Lord Zedd and Rita
Repulsor, to wreak havoc with the Rangers. In a series of stories which
bore a frightening resemblance to some sequences in "Agony in Pink," she
caused Kimberly no end of problems until she finally turned nice. And
that got my sick little brain working, and the idea for "Agony in Pink
2" began to spread like a wildfire through my brain.

To start, let me introduce the characters for those who are unfamiliar
with them. First, there are the Rangers themselves. Thereís Tommy (the
White Ranger), Billy (Blue Ranger), Aisha (Yellow Ranger), Rocky (Red
Ranger), Adam (Black Ranger), and, of course, Kimberly (Pink Ranger).
Their enemies are Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsor. And then there is
Katherine or "Kat" who the Rangers think is their new friend but is, in
reality, working for Rita and Zedd. Or is she?

And now the usual warnings. If youíve read "Agony in Pink" then you
know what to expect. If you havenít, this is a VERY STRONG torture and
sex story. This story has a bit more sex in it than "Agony in Pink"
although itís certainly not "nice" sex. In addition, I would like to
apologize if I repeated myself a little. A certain amount of repetition
is inevitable in this type of story, and because of the new characters,
there were certain scenarios in "AIP" I wanted to revisit with a new
angle. I should also stress that I believe this story may be sicker
than "Agony in Pink," particularly some of the later chapters which are
making me question my own mental health (so thereís no need for you to
do it, thank you very much.).

Iíd also like to acknowledge inspiration from the "Pain Dr." series (a
visceral and shocking series which has, sadly, fallen silent). In
addition, the long dissertation in Chapter 6 was strongly inspired, as
many of you will be able to tell, by the writings of The Marquis de

Also, I wish to stress very strongly that the story is NOT about the
actresses who play Kimberly and Katherine (Amy Jo Johnson and Catherine
Sutherland, respectively.) It is about the FICTIONAL CHARACTERS they
play on a TV show. It was very disturbing to me to hear "Agony in Pink"
referred to as "the Amy Jo Johnson Torture Story" on a few forums when
the story was always about a fictional character. If you donít think
you can separate fantasy from reality, you should stop reading now.

Finally, although this story involves "The Power Rangers" which is a
kidís show, it is surely NOT for kids.

Finally, a few requests.

Do not e-mail the story to anybody, since it could be just a kid looking
for "The Power Rangers Sex Story."

If you repost it, repost it ONLY in an appropriate adults-only forum.

If you repost it, repost it COMPLETE, with all introductions and
warnings, and make sure you acknowledge my authorship and include my
anonymous copyright.

This is your last chance - if you read on, you canít say I didnít warn

And with that, I now (proudly?) present "Agony in Pink 2 Ė A New

Chapter 1 - Zedd, Rita, and the Kat

Lord Zedd was stomping around his lair in a foul mood. His wife, Rita
Repulsor, had once again come up with a scheme that seemed to be close,
so damned close, to working. She had enchanted an Earth girl,
Katherine, to infiltrate the Rangersís cozy little world. But as
always, it just didnít seem to work out. After all, even though she was
there, what was she doing? His thoughts were interrupted by Ritaís

"So, my evil darling" she cried. "Whatís wrong?"

"You know whatís wrong! As usual, your harebrained scheme didnít work

"What do you mean it didnít work out? Kat is right there! Ready for us
to command! Ready to help us wipe out the Rangers! And I know just

"Well, " said Zedd impatiently, "What is your plan? As if it has a
chance of working!"

"Oh, this one will work," replied Rita, choosing to ignore Zeddís shot.
"Do you remember that book I gave you?"

"Of course I do!" Zedd surely remembered the book Ė it was a strange
earth book, describing, in detail, how to torture human beings.
Apparently, it was a book written by one of the governments of the earth
to give to its armed forces. Zedd smiled behind his mask at the thought
of the book Ė it was one of the most pleasant things Rita had ever given
him. "What about it?"

"Well, imagine if we were to use that book on one of the Rangers! That
would scare the rest of the away! And what fun weíd have doing it!"

"Why, Rita, what a fiendishly wonderful idea!" Zedd replied. It was
times like this, when Rita showed just how truly and deliciously evil
she was, that he remembered why he loved her. "And I know just which
Ranger we should choose!"

Rita was sure she knew which one he referred to, and it was the same one
she wanted. The adorable little Pink Ranger. Kimberly, who was so
popular and cute. The thought of subjecting Kimberly to horrendous
tortures caused an excitement inside Rita that she couldnít quite
identify. "I think I agree Ė should we Ďthink pinkí? Ha-ha-ha!" Rita
and Zedd roared with laughter together.

Katherine, or Kat for short, sat in the park of Angel Grove. Kat was a
tall, statuesque blonde girl from Australia with striking features and
lovely green eyes. She and her family had moved to Angel Grove and Kat
was immediately enticed by Rita to join the forces of evil. Across the
park she could see Kimberly and Tommy sitting together. Ever since Rita
sent her to Angel Grove, Kat had a strong desire for Tommy. He was tall
and good looking, and she found him extremely attractive. He was one of
the Rangers and that meant, of course, that any relationship with him
would have to be short term, but she wanted the relationship, she wanted
it to be strong, and she wanted it now. And as far as she could tell,
the major obstacle was Kimberly. Maybe she could convince Rita that she
should destroy the Rangers individually, and start with Kimberly.
Pretty little Kimberly, with the pert, firm body and the sunshine smile
that made everybody go gaga over her. God, she hated Kimberly. As Rita
had commanded, Kat had become friends - close friends - with all the
Rangers, especially Kimberly (she often wondered how the Rangers could
consistently defeat Rita and Zedd when they were so gullible), and
sometimes it took all her willpower not to throttle Kimberly every time
she saw her. Kat was lost in her thoughts when she heard Rita beckoning
to her. She crept away, and faced Rita.

"Yes, Empress," Kat said, bowing slightly. She always felt a little
silly doing this, but what the heck, it seemed to please Rita and that
was, after all, the whole idea.

"I have a job for you to do," said Rita, in that squeaky voice that made
dogs run for cover. "Zedd and I have some awful plans for Kimberly.
Just awful! We want you to lure her away all alone so we can capture

Katís pretty face opened into a large smile. "Bring you Kimberly? With
pleasure, Empress! May I add that I hope that she will not enjoy your
plans for her?"

Rita laughed at Katís obvious evil. "Oh, I assure you she wonít enjoy
it! Perhaps you can join in! After all, the more the merrier!"

Katís smile got even wider. "As you wish, Empress!" With a wave of her
hand, Rita vanished. Kat looked across the park at Kimberly, who was
holding Tommyís hand. "Say goodbye, Kimberly," muttered Kat under her
breath, "and say hello to your worst nightmare!"


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