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Chapter 3 - The Kat Lets It Out Of The Bag

Tommy was sitting at the juice bar, drinking a Mango/Peach Protein Shake
when Kat came running in. "Tommy," she cried, "You’ve got to help me!"

Tommy looked at the shapely blonde and his face filled with concern.
"What’s wrong?" he said, but Kat wouldn’t talk to him there. She
insisted that they go outside where they could talk privately.

"Tommy," Kat continued, once they had gone to a remote corner of the
park, "Something horrible has happened. Kimberly and I were in the park
when these horrible creatures appeared. They were horrible! Oh,
Tommy!" She threw her arms around him and began to softly weep, putting
her head in his shoulder. Despite his concern, feeling Kat’s shapely
body pressed up against his began to give him an erection, and he
stroked Kat’s silky blonde hair and held her close.

"Shhh, " he muttered, "It’ll be OK. Just tell me what happened."

Kat pulled away, tears running down her face. "Oh, Tommy, it was awful.
There were these bird like things, they were awful! And there was this
big winged monkey! Oh, he was hideous!"

"Goldar!" muttered Tommy.

"What?" asked Kat.

"Nothing. Go on."

"They took Kimberly! She fought, oh God Tommy she fought so hard but
they just overpowered her and they took her away! Oh, Tommy! It was
horrible!" Kat’s tears flowed again and in an instant she was back in
Tommy’s arms being held.

Tommy now had problems. Kat’s rubbing herself against him had now given
him a serious hard-on, but he had to get to the Command Center and save
Kimberly. "Kat," he started, "I know it’s been terrible but it will be
all right. But now I’ve got to…"

"Wait." Kat interrupted. "I need to tell you something else. Before
Goldar took Kimberly he called her something. He called her ‘Pink
Ranger.’ " She looked sternly at Tommy, deep into his dark eyes. "Is
there something I should know? Or have I found something out that maybe
I shouldn’t know?"

Tommy sighed deeply. At moments like this he hated being the leader of
the Power Rangers. But the decision had to be made, and he decided to
make it. He admitted to Kat that Kimberly was, indeed, the Pink Ranger.
He further admitted that he was the White Ranger.

"Oh, Tommy," cried Kat, "That means you’ll be able to help poor
Kimberly!" She hugged him close again. It was important for her to hug
him, because she thought she might burst out laughing watching him
reveal his "deep, dark secret." Of course, Kat knew he was the White
Ranger. She knew about all of them. But there was something about
making him tell her willingly that made it so much more fun.

"I think you should meet some friends of mine," Tommy said, and with
that he pushed a button on his communicator. "Guys, this is Tommy.
Meet me at the Command Center right away." He pushed another button and
with a flash of white light, Kat and he were transported to the Command

At the Command Center, Kat met Alpha-5 and Zordon. Of course, she
already knew about them. Zordon, the being that Rita managed to trap in
a time warp and was now just a floating head, and Alpha-5, his oh so
annoying little robot. At that time, the other five rangers teleported
in. Tommy explained about how Kat learned about Kimberly being the Pink
Ranger, and they all officially welcomed their dear friend Katherine
into their secret circle.

Kat was a little stunned. She knew she had put on a good act, but how
could she have fooled these people so quickly, so completely? She
expected this to be a long, drawn out process. Could these people
really be this stupid?

With Aisha, Rocky, Adam, and Billy there, she retold the same story she
told Tommy.

Alpha-5 began running around like a little metallic insect.
"Ay-yi-yi-yi-yi-yi-yi! This is terrible! What are we going to do?"

Rocky spoke first. "You don’t think they’ll hurt her, do you?"

Now Kat was really perplexed. What did they think Rita and Zedd were
going to do with Kimberly, buy her some jewelry?

Adam put his hand on Rocky’s shoulder. "Let’s hope not. Zordon, do you
know where she is?"

"I’m afraid not, Rangers," the great floating head said. "Her position
is apparently being blocked."

Billy then spoke. "Perhaps if I reprogram the computers to take into
account the inevitable warping of space-time due to the position and
speed of massive celestial bodies, we will be able to track Kimberly’s

Zordon’s voice spoke. "That’s an excellent idea, Blue Ranger. Alpha
will help you. Proceed."

By now, the whole Command Center was a buzz of activity. Tommy, Billy,
and Alpha-5 were working on the computer, Rocky and Adam were facing
Zordon and talking and Aisha was, well, Aisha was just sort of staring
into space. Kat had always thought that the only reason Kimberly hung
out with Aisha was because Aisha was the only girl in the entire world
who made Kimberly look smart, and nothing had happened yet to change her
mind. The feeling that she simply had to slap Aisha was getting a
little too strong, so Kat spoke up.

"Is there anything I can do to help?" she asked hopefully, ever the
innocent and meek girl.

Zordon spoke. "No, I think you should go home and try to stay safe."

Kat agreed - she really wanted to get out of this place anyway. She
gave Tommy a long, lingering hug, and they teleported her back to Angel
Grove. Once there, she waited to be called by Zedd and Rita.

Meanwhile, at the Command Center, the activity was reaching a fever
pitch. They had to find Kimberly, they all agreed. And woe to Zedd and
Rita if anything happens to her!

Chapter 4 - Eat, Drink, and Be Merry

Kimberly lay awake in her small cage, trying to prepare herself for what
lay ahead. Earlier in the morning, Goldar had come and given her a
bedpan, which she gratefully used since it had been a while since she
had relieved herself. This made her feel a little better, not just
because of the physical relief but also because it was a small act of
kindness, which showed her that perhaps Zedd and Rita had limits to
their cruelty. This thinking, and the fact that a night’s sleep had
refreshed her, gave Kimberly a renewed resolve to resist whatever evil
plans Zedd and Rita may have for her. She would be able to resist, she
was sure of it. So when shortly afterwards, two Tengas came to get her,
she was strong. They grabbed her and quickly lashed her wrists tightly
behind her back, and walked her down the long corridor.

Walking down the corridor, feeling the cold steel under her bare feet,
Kimberly’s resolve began to shake as fear crept back into her being.
And when the door to the torture chamber came into view, it was all
Kimberly could do to keep her knees from buckling under in pure terror.
But she took a deep breath and was in control when the Tengas dragged
her into the chamber, where Lord Zedd and Rita were waiting for her.

Kimberly fought the shame of standing nude in front of her tormentors,
who were clearly gawking at her body, and addressed them firmly. "You
two have had your fun. Now let me go!" she demanded, hoping the terror
that was filling her wasn’t obvious.

Zedd approached her and grabbed her by the hair. He wrenched her head
back so she was looking straight up into his red masked face. The
hideousness of Zedd’s countenance - the grid over his mouth, his
exposed brain - combined with the general terror Kimberly felt at her
surroundings and she gave out an involuntary whimper as the monster
spoke to her. "I think not, my pretty Pink victim," he gloated. "But I
don’t want you to think we’re taking things from you. So, we’re going
to return something that you gave us! Now, aren’t we nice?"

Kimberly had no idea what he was talking about and then he pushed her to
the floor. She knelt on the floor, arms bound behind her. "What do
you mean?" she asked.

"Why, THIS, of course!" and with that Zedd waved and Goldar brought
forth a large platter which contained a mound of shit, the shit that
Kimberly had done earlier in the day. She looked at it with wide eyes
filled with horror and revulsion when Zedd pushed her head near the
steaming pile and screamed, "It’s yours! EAT IT!"

Kimberly recoiled in horror and then her side exploded with pain. Rita
had used a cattle prod and sent a shock into Kimberly’s side. Kimberly
yelped in pain as Rita once again used the prod to send waves of pain
through Kimberly. Then she felt another jolt on her left arm. Zedd had
a prod as well! They circled the girl who was writhing and twisting on
the floor.

"Eat it, Kimberly dear!" TTHHHWWAAACKK! A shock jolted through

"What’s the matter, Pink Ranger! EAT IT!" CCRRAACCKKK!! Another
shock, another cry of pain from the hapless girl.

They circled Kimberly, shocking her on the arms, the breasts, her ass,
her legs, her feet, anywhere the two monsters could find a spot to put
the cattle prod. Kimberly screamed and cried and pleaded as the searing
pain tore through her body. Finally, she yelled, "I’ll do it! I’ll do
it!! Just stop!" and she crawled on her knees to the steaming pile of
shit and put her face near it.

The stench was overwhelming, and Kimberly felt sure she was going to
vomit. She opened her mouth and brought it close to the pile of
excrement. When she was an inch from it, she started to sob and cry,
but as soon as she did Rita held the cattle prod before her eyes and
turned it on. The sight of the electric shock jumping through the heads
jolted Kimberly, and closing her eyes, she put her face into the pile of
shit and took a small bit into her mouth.

As soon as the shit entered her mouth, she began to gag and choke and
she felt the bile rise into her throat and she coughed it right up, and
started to cough and choke pitifully. Zedd and Rita cracked the prods
in from her face, and she tried to take another bite but as soon as her
tongue touched the foul muck, she began to weep and choke and gag. Zedd
and Rita laughed at this and then Zedd said, "Well, I think we should
give the poor dear a hand, don’t you?" And with that, Zedd approached
her and grabbed her by the hair. Kimberly was still kneeling, and Zedd
bent her body back. Kimberly looked up and saw that Rita had taken a
large spoon and mounded it with the shit. She approached Kimberly and
told her to "Open wide!" Kimberly looked on in absolute horror as Rita
stuffed the shit into Kimberly’s mouth.

Once the helpless girl felt and tasted the shit filling her mouth, she
began to gag and choke something fierce. Rita continued to stuff shit
into Kimberly’s open mouth as Kimberly writhed and twisted in absolute
misery. Finally, she could feel the bile building up and she started to
vomit, but the shit Rita piled into her mouth was keeping it down.
Finally, the vomit was so strong it started to spurt out of her mouth,
sending the shit out. The shit and vomit began pouring out of her mouth
and down her body, and Zedd and Rita roared with laughter at the sight
of it. Then, at the height of Kimberly’s misery and anguish, she felt
the searing pain of the cattle prod again - Rita was using it on
Kimberly exposed breasts, stomach, and thighs. And when Rita stuck the
prod into Kimberly’s crotch, sending shocks into her delicate genitals,
the pain and shame finally overwhelmed Kimberly and she fainted.

Cold water restored Kimberly to consciousness. When Kimberly awoke, she
found that she was strapped to the table in the center of the room. Her
arms were strapped to her sides by the wrists and elbows. Her ankles
were firmly secured, her legs spread so that her genitals were exposed.
Two straps held her body securely - one thin strap just under her
breasts, where the bottom of her bra would have been. Another thin
strap was over her lower abdomen, between her genitals and her navel.
She tested the restraints, but found she could not budge them. She also
noticed that in addition to reviving her, the water was being used to
clean her off. Now, no trace of the filth that she had been swimming in
remained, although the taste was still in her mouth.

Once she awoke, she could hear that Rita was saying that she "Wanted to
use the needles!" Kimberly didn’t know what she meant, but when Rita
turned to her with a wicked grin on her face she knew it wasn’t going to
be nice. In a flash, Rita held a very thin needle and put it in front
of Kimberly’s eyes.

"See this," taunted Rita. "Imagine how this is going to feel!"
Kimberly didn’t want to imagine, but just then Rita grabbed Kimberly’s
left breast and squeezed it so her nipple stood exposed. She then took
the needle and slowly slid it through Kimberly’s nipple, piercing it.
Kimberly gave a shriek of pain as the needle found its way through the
sensitive nipple. And through her tears she could see Rita take another
nipple. Kimberly felt Rita’s cold fingers grab her other breast and she
began to plead for mercy.

"No, Rita, please, please nooOOOOAAAAA!!!" Rita pierced the other
nipple, and as Kimberly shrieked and writhed in pain, Rita grabbed the
two needles and twisted them, twisting Kimberly’s nipples and causing
the girl to shriek in even more pain. She then gave each soft brown
nipple a playful pinch, and then went to Kimberly’s feet.

Rita seemed entranced by Kimberly’s feet. She began to play with
Kimberly’s toes, bending them down, bending them back, separating them,
stroking Kimberly bare sole. Kimberly was filled with misery as she
felt Rita play with her feet. Rita then grabbed the fourth toe on
Kimberly’s right foot, the one next to the "little toe." She took a
needle and slid it under Kimberly’s toenail. Kimberly screamed like she
had never screamed before as Rita pushed the needle in. Once it was
part of the way in, Rita pushed down on the toe. Seeing it still bent,
she pushed the pin in further until the pin had reached where the toe
joined the foot. Pushing down on Kimberly’s toe, she saw that the
needle was so far in it prevented the toe from bending. Kimberly was
almost insane with agony, her head thrashing from side to side, her
other toes curling and uncurling. Rita, smiling, then held the middle
toe and began to slide the needle in. Despite Kimberly’s frantic
screams of agony and pleas for mercy, and her desperate but futile
struggles, Rita pushed the need all the way into Kimberly’s toe until
the middle toe also could not be bent.

The pain in Kimberly’s toes was driving her wild, but that didn’t stop
Rita from going to the next toe, the one next to the big toe. Holding
it firmly, Rita slid the nail under the nail. This toe was the longest
of Kimberly’s pretty toes, and so it took Rita the longest amount of
time to slowly slide the needle far enough so that the toe would not
bend. Kimberly was going wild with the pain as the torture progressed.
She shook her head from side to side, her hands clenched and
unclenched, her hair was splayed all over her face and she screamed and
screamed and screamed. She could hear Lord Zedd roaring his approval
during each second of the seemingly endless torture. And then the pain
hit a new level. Rita was using the prod on Kimberly’s naked feet, and
was also holding the prod near the exposed needles. Every time a bolt
of electricity would jump from the prod onto the exposed needles,
Kimberly would feel an unbearable burst of pain in her feet.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Rita tired of this sport.
The needles were removed from Kimberly’s toes and she lay helpless,
bound on the table, sweat drenching her lovely body. Her throat was raw
from screaming, and she felt bone tired.

Rita went back to Kimberly’s breasts. She wheeled a machine next to the
torture table where Kimberly bound and attached wires to the two needles
which were still embedded in Kimberly’s nipples. Of course, Kimberly’s
pathetic pleas were met only with laughter.

Rita turned on the machine. Kimberly moaned and gasped as her nipples
burned with a searing pain, as electricity flowed through her nipples.
Her body shook with pain as each shock jolted through her delicate
nipples. The pain was intense and Kimberly began to wail and wail and
wail in agony. Then, as the electric shocks continued to flow through
her nipples, Rita approached with the cattle prod and sent shocks into
her genitals and her anus. The intense suffering combined with the
taste of shit which was still in Kimberly’s mouth and she retched, and
vomit began to spew all over. Laughing, Rita gave the cattle prod to
Zedd, who continued shocking the wretched girl, and then scooped up the
vomit and poured it back into Kimberly’s open mouth. Panic completely
set in since now, in addition to the intense agony she was feeling,
Kimberly was having trouble breathing and the only thing she could do
was try to swallow her own vomit so she could breathe, and she writhed
in the ordure as the agony increased and just before everything went
black she could see a familiar blonde face in the room, and she gurgled
"Kat… Kat…" before she lost consciousness.

When Kimberly awoke, she noticed the needles had been removed from her
nipples and she was being dragged across the room. She looked around to
find Kat, but she was nowhere to be found. She wondered if she might
have imagined it. The Tengas brought her to a small box and opened the
cover. As soon as she got a whiff of what was inside the box, she began
to struggle wildly. The box was full of six inches of shit and piss.
Despite her screams and struggles, they put Kimberly in the box and then
poured another bucket of loose shit on top of her. They forced her
inside and slammed shut the lid.

The box was pitch black, there was not a spec of light inside. The
smell and the feeling overwhelmed Kimberly. "PLEASE! LET ME OUT! OH
pleas for mercy were ignored, and she vomited. She was kept locked in
the horrid box. Kimberly vomited repeatedly until there was nothing
left in her stomach and she was only dry heaving. Finally, after six
long hours, they removed the whimpering girl from the box. With strong
hoses and ice cold water, they cleaned her of the filth she had been
living in. They also washed out her mouth, so when they finally brought
her to her cage, she was clean and fresh as the day she was born.


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