Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Cookies And Cream (fff,inter)
by Cheryl Roberts

When Trini boarded the plane in Geneva, she never dreamed her vacation would
be so eventful. She was flying home to see her family and friends during a
break between classes; her first stop had been Miami to see Kim, and while
visiting her best friend, she found that someone else had had the same idea:

She hadn't known Aisha very well prior to transferring her powers to her --
somehow, the two of them just hadn't gotten a chance to hang out as Kim and
Aisha had -- but by the time she had to leave Florida, the two were fast
friends, rearranging their flights so that they could travel to Angel Grove

At AGI, Trini expected to be met by her parents. Instead, she found Jason and
Billy waiting for her along with Adam, Rocky and Tanya -- the newest Yellow
Ranger that Aisha had been talking about -- who were there to meet Aisha. Kat
(another Ranger she hadn't met yet) hadn't been able to be there because of
visiting relatives from out of town, and Tommy was in bed with the flu.

In the first moments of their meeting, Trini felt herself drawn to Tanya; it
was as if they had shared a connection even though they had never shared
powers. Intrigued, Trini hoped to spend more time with Tanya and Aisha (Aisha
had explained the intricacies of their long distance relationship), so when
Rocky and Adam mentioned the camping trip they had planned to celebrate
Aisha's visit, she was more than happy to accept when the invitation was
extended to her, Billy and Jason.

That's how she found herself laying awake in a tent in the middle of the
night less than forty-eight hours after setting foot in the States. She had
woken up when Tanya had climbed over her to steal out of their tent.

"I live in a village in the middle of nowhere, and what's the first thing I
do when I return to `civilization?' Go camping!" Aisha snorted.

"Couldn't sleep or did Tanya wake you, too?" Trini queried. "Where's she off

"Probably to visit Adam," Aisha chuckled knowingly.

Trini had learned just how tight Adam and Tanya were during the course of
their hiking and swimming during the day. She shook her head as she propped
herself up on her elbow. "They wouldn't do anything in the tent with the
other guys -- would they?"

"You never know. I've seen the wild man under Adam's mild-mannered exterior,
but some of the stories Tanya's told me about my bashful best bud ... whoa!"

"The quiet ones usually are pretty uninhibited, once they get revved up,"
Trini commented.

"Does that apply to you, too?" Aisha queried with a smirk.

"I've ... had my moments," she responded, and Aisha just laughed.

"What are you guys doing up?" Tanya gasped in surprise upon returning to the

"What are you doing back so soon?" Aisha retorted.

Tanya snorted indignantly. "Those Neanderthals spent so much time showing off
and trying to out-do each other that they're too pooped to party. Adam didn't
even so much as twitch when I tried my `no fail' wake up call."

"She grabs him by the cock and squeezes hard," Aisha explained in a stage

"Boys will be boys," Trini murmured sympathetically.

"They may be testosterone-ridden cavemen," Aisha said, "but they're four of
the hottest looking cavemen around."

"And I wish mine would wake up," Tanya concluded.

Trini smiled, relating to her new-found friend's frustration. She was more
than a little in need of some attention herself. She had forgotten how
gorgeous Billy and Jason were, and Adam and Rocky were just as nice. Seeing
all four men in their swimming trunks ... she sighed at the memory. Then
watching Adam and Tanya together ... they were all over each other every
chance they got -- if they thought no one was looking. Trini felt a warm
ripple radiate out from between her legs as she recalled Adam sneaking a
quick taste -- pushing the triangles of Tanya's yellow bikini top to the
side and sucking one taut, chocolatey bud into his mouth. The sight had
made her own nipples surge for attention. Of course there was Rocky and
Aisha who looked pretty friendly, too, and Aisha hadn't been shy in copping
feels of Jason and Billy -- and Tanya. Trini regarded her companions
thoughtfully then decided why not.

"So, who needs the Neanderthals?" she proposed, smiling slyly.

Aisha and Tanya traded looks and grinned their acceptance. They turned to
each other to trade tongues, their hands moving over each other's body with
familiarity. Then, they both extended a hand to Trini and pulled her into
the embrace.

The press of soft bodies was intoxicating, and though they hungered for each
other, they did not hurry, savoring the taste of soft lips and hot tongues as
they exchanged kisses. An inquisitive hand slipped a strap down a shoulder.
Soon, the whole garment pooled around a pair of knees, baring a well-toned
body to appreciative eyes. The rest of their clothing was swiftly discarded.

"Mm," Trini sighed, relishing the skin-on-skin contact of her two companions.
Both were exquisitely shaped -- firm bodies with generous curves (Aisha more
amply rounded than Tanya), soft silky skin rich and dark, full breasts
heaving with passion. Her gaze swept over their flat bellies to the profusion
of curls at the apex of their thighs... Tanya laughed at her start of

"Adam decided the other night that he wanted to see what my pussy would look
like bald, so I let him shave me," she confessed.

Aisha burst into peals of laughter.

"It's beautiful," Trini said, slipping a hand down to cup Tanya's smooth
mound. She was rewarded with a throaty sigh.

"Not me," Aisha demurred. "Tried it once. If you thought razor stubble on
your legs itched ..."

"I never thought of that," Tanya murmured ruefully. She emitted a sharp gasp
as Trini continued stroking her, a finger slipping into her folds.

Trini drew closer to Tanya, excited at the prospect of getting to know her
more intimately. She slid both hands up Tanya's taut belly until they cupped
her breasts. Her tongue darted out to trace the outline of Tanya's lips as
she felt the other woman's hands glide around her waist, pressing against her
trim bottom. They were of similar height, so as they embraced, their breasts
touched, their nipples rubbing against each other sending tiny shockwaves of
pleasure shooting through their bodies. Tanya's mouth descended on Trini's
as the former Yellow Ranger moaned her delight.

While the two women leisurely kissed, Aisha joined the embrace, molding
herself to Trini's back, spooning her predecessor's buttocks against her
hips. She lifted the silken curtain of raven hair off the back of Trini's
neck and began placing tiny kisses all along her spine, producing the most
exquisite shivers in her partner's body. Aisha's hands encircled Trini's
waist, and her fingertips brushed Tanya's sides.

"You know, if the guys could see us now...." Tanya began

"... Rocky'd be reminded of Oreo cookies," Aisha concluded with a wicked
grin, causing Trini and Tanya to giggle.

"Oh, that is so mean," Trini laughed.

"But true," Tanya added.

"The poor boy thinks with one of two things: his stomach or his dick," Aisha

"That's even meaner!"

"Speaking of the guys, does anyone else feel like not having uninvited
guests?" Tanya wondered.

"You've pretty much already demonstrated that they're not likely to wake up,
and we won't be that loud," Trini said. Tanya flashed her a look that seemed
to say, wanna bet? "Ah, I forgot. Someone tends to be rather enthusiastic in
vocalizing." Aisha simply shrugged as Trini pondered their options. "I have
an idea. Follow me."

"Outside? Naked?" Tanya murmured in surprise as Trini ducked through the tent

"As if you've never done it outside," Aisha snorted. "I'm game!" She hurried
after Trini, and Tanya quickly gave chase.

Trini knew the woods fairly well and led her companions through the trees to
a grassy rise overlooking the lake.

"It's beautiful," Tanya murmured. The gibbous moon shone brilliantly in a
cloudless, star-flecked sky. "It reminds me a little of home -- so clear, so
open ..."

"... so private," Aisha agreed. "You're a genius, Trini. Now, where were we?
Oh, yes. I believe Tanya and I were about to sample the cream filling of our
Oreo cookie."

"You're as bad as Rocky," Tanya chided.

Trini was more than willing to resume her place between her friend's warm
bodies. This time, she faced Aisha. While Tanya was more gentle, Aisha was
a force to be reckoned with, but Trini had sampled Aisha's fire once before
and knew how to match it. Aisha's mouth covered hers in a hungry kiss, but
not for long. Trini grabbed a handful of braided hair and tugged Aisha's
head back, exposing her throat.

Trini enjoyed lavishing attention to her partner's throat. She loved drawing
her tongue down the curve of the neck then swirl it around the hollow (or
tickle the adam's apple when her partner was male). She'd cover both sides
with licks and kisses, then begin biting. She lightly nibbled on Aisha's
pulse point, applying her tongue between nips to soothe the flesh. However,
Trini was careful not to get too carried away; Kim hadn't been too thrilled
with the hickey she had given her that one time.

While Trini kissed her way down to Aisha's swelling bosom, Tanya was busy
behind her, her hands deftly smoothing and massaging Trini's back and bottom.
Then, her mouth joined in the action, her tongue gliding down Trini's spine
then back up again. The move sent a shiver racing through Trini. When her
head snapped back as she gasped out in a needy moan, Aisha used the break to
turn the tables on her.

"Hold her," Aisha directed, and Trini felt herself being pulled against
Tanya's body, whose breasts with their hardened points tantalized her back.
Tanya held Trini in place by wrapping her hands around her lithe body and
covering her pert mounds.

"Ahh," Trini moaned as Tanya's skillful fingers pinched with just the right
mixture of firmness and delicacy. Aisha cut off her continuing sigh with a
well-placed tongue in her mouth. Reaching between their bodies, Aisha slipped
a finger into Trini's tight, wet folds causing her to jump slightly.

"Mmm," Aisha purred as she took her moistened digit out and popped it into
her mouth. "Ever taste yourself?" she queried coyly. Once again, she dipped
her finger into Trini's well, but this time she slipped it into Trini's

Tasting herself on her partner was a major turn on for Trini -- one she
never liked to rush through. She wrapped her lips around Aisha's finger and
while holding her gaze, sucked on the liberally coated digit with great
deliberation, licking and sucking it as she would any man's cock. Aisha
growled with a mixture of enjoyment and impatience. Trini felt Tanya's breath
at her ear and her tongue on her earlobe. Aisha slipped away as Trini turned
her head to engage Tanya's mouth.

Aisha paid 'lip service' to Trini's hungry breasts then eagerly skimmed her
way down the willowy body to her true objective. Trini moaned deep in Tanya's
mouth as Aisha's no-nonsense tongue broadly lapped at the petals of her sex.
Aisha was a woman who knew what she wanted and meant to have it! Trini felt
her knees buckling as Aisha buried her tongue deeper into her snatch.

Tanya trailed wet kisses down Trini's throat then slipped under her arm so
she could access the sweet buds she'd been taunting with her fingers. Her
tongue stretched out for a taste -- it was a bit of a reach; her tongue
barely flickered against the petite mound, but it was the sort of tease Trini

"Oh, yes ...!" the original Yellow Ranger sighed, a hand joining Tanya's on
her breast, squeezing and kneading, while the other held Aisha's head as she
helped steady herself. She felt herself melting under the fire her two lovers
stirred within her. She felt her hips bucking forward against Aisha's face.
Her back arched, and Tanya was forced to abandon her attempts at nibbling at
Trini's breasts. She resumed playing with Trini's nipples as her partner's
head lolled back on her shoulders.

Trini's buttocks clenched tightly as she felt the tremors start deep within
her. Soon, every muscle in her body pulled taut in anticipation. She flung
her arms up to pull Tanya to her mouth as Aisha tightened her grip on her
hips, drawing her mound closer, plunging her tongue in deeper. Suddenly, her
climax hit, and it ripped through her long and loud, her raw moans of ecstasy
echoing into the night. The orgasm tore through her in waves as Aisha's
tongue danced along her netherlips and Tanya's dance along her other lips.
When the last tremor ebbed, Trini went limp in Tanya's arms.

"You sure you're done?" Aisha teased, still lapping at Trini's ample supply
of nectar.

"Mmm," Trini sighed non-committally.

"Hey, save some for me," Tanya interjected as Aisha licked her lips. In
response, Aisha stood, pressing her body hotly against Trini's, and kissed
Tanya over Trini's shoulder, sharing the taste of Trini on her lips.

"How's that?"


Slowly, the girls eased themselves to the cool grass, petting and stroking
Trini until her desires once again bubbled within her. Being so gently
touched all over was one of the greatest pleasures Trini knew. Bodies flowing
over each other in a sensual, fiery dance,the three shared mouths and tongues
until, following a primal instinct, Trini and Tanya converged on Aisha,
urging her onto her back.

Aisha sighed as their mouths devoured seemingly every inch of her flesh.
Their hands caressed and excited as they worked down from Aisha's insistent
tongue to her heaving bosom. Trini and Tanya each took one of the tempting
globes, working the pebble hard tips with skill and loving care until Aisha
wriggled and moaned under the power of the pleasure she was feeling.

"Please, guys," Aisha begged, gasping as both women simultaneously lightly
bit her nipples. "Someone's gotta eat me!"

The two obliged, kissing their way down Aisha's quivering belly to her moist
center. Spreading her legs as wide as they could, they positioned themselves
so that they could take turns sampling her succulent juices. The halting
rhythm had Aisha whimpering in frustration and anticipation.

"Make up your minds!" she entreated.

Trini and Tanya both dove in at the same time, knocking their heads together.
Laughing, they pulled back, rubbing their noggins.

"Shall I kiss it and make it better?" Tanya tittered, leaning forward and
drawing Trini's mouth to hers. Trini's tongue darted out to lick Aisha's come
from Tanya's lips.

"Mmm," she moaned softly, savoring the taste.

"Hey, what am I? Chopped liver?" came the inevitable protest.

"Be my guest," Trini demurred, surrendering her position to Tanya. "I don't
think she has enough patience to let me do her as I'd like to."

"Sounds interesting," Tanya murmured as she flicked her tongue over Trini's
lips one last time. As she knelt between Aisha's legs and lowered herself to
that anxious pussy, Trini slipped alongside her.

Trini started with her hands, thrilling in the velvety feel of Tanya's warm,
smooth flesh beneath her fingers. People missed out on so much when they
didn't take time to simply touch one another! Her hands wandered everywhere
she could possibly reach, and her exquisite caress had Tanya sighing
longingly as she nuzzled Aisha's pussy.

Feeling Tanya quickening to her touch, Trini decided it was time to be more
purposeful in her stroking. To that end, she eased a hand down Tanya's spine,
working from the curve of her back to the swell of her up-raised buttocks.
Leading with her middle finger, Trini ran her hand down the valley of Tanya's
cheeks, her fingertip tickling sensitive areas in passing, and she continued
down to the pouting lips of her partner's mons. Trini ran her hand back and
forth, her probing digit spreading the precious nectar along the length of
Tanya's slit and crack.

Cupping Tanya's bared sex, Trini explored the curious textures of a shaved
pussy. She lay on her back between Tanya's legs so she had a better view.
Creamy and smooth ... pink and juicy ... Trini had never seen a woman so wet
before. As she continued playing with the full lips, Tanya ground her hips
into Trini's hand even as she raised up from Aisha, gasping with her own

Gently urging Tanya's hips lower, Trini brought her mouth to Tanya's sex for
her first taste. She sampled her flavor with a delicate swipe of the tongue
and found her partner rather tangy. Patiently, Trini's moist pink organ
explored the whole of Tanya's mound -- the swollen outer lips and thin inner
folds, the deeper recesses where the juices flowed, and the hooded bud
beckoning for satisfaction with its minute throbbing. Trini kept her licks
light, wanting to excite Tanya without taking away from the pleasure she was
giving Aisha. Even so, Trini could feel Tanya's enjoyment in the tremors
that radiated through her body.

All of a sudden, Trini heard Aisha's raucous shout as her climax thundered
through her. She curbed her urge to lap harder until the last vestiges of
Aisha's orgasm faded and she felt Tanya relaxing, pressing her hips back,
forcing Trini's tongue further into her pussy. With some amusement, Trini
found herself missing the tickle of hair at her nose as she buried her face
deeper between Tanya's legs. Then, when she knew Tanya was wholly hers,
Trini's playful licks became more decisive. Her tongue twined around Tanya's
pulsing clit, drawing out rasping moans and convulsive shudders of pleasure
in the woman riding her face.

Then Tanya sat up, and if Trini's mouth hadn't already been occupied, she'd
have kissed her. She so enjoyed watching her partner gripped in the throes
of sense-shattering pleasure. Oh, and Tanya was nearly as responsive and
expressive as Kim! Trini raised her eyes and watched all the shades of
rapture flicker across Tanya's open face: head slightly back, eyes closed,
cheeks flushed, and moist lips parted. Tanya's hands drifted to her heaving
bosom as Trini filled her hands with Tanya's supple cheeks. Tanya's hips
ground against her mouth insistently.

Soon, Trini felt the need to spare a hand to reach down her body and stoke
the fire burning anew between her legs. Tanya was so beautiful as she rocked
above her, totally lost to her cresting ecstasy.

With a shout to rival Aisha's, Tanya came. A fresh flood of thick syrup
flowed into Trini's mouth, and she drank it up eagerly. Tanya eased herself
off Trini's face and cuddled next to her on the ground, sharing with her a
stirring kiss. Moments later, Aisha joined the embrace, and once again Trini
reveled in the sensation of being sandwiched between two soft, warm bodies.
Their dancing tongues and wandering hands quickly had their passions flaring
for one more tryst.


"Who's there?" Aisha challenged. All three women were on their feet and in
defensive stances.

"Take it easy; it's only me."

"Rocky ...." Tanya chided as the current Blue Ranger stepped out of the
brush. "What are you doing here?"

"I had to go use the little boys' bushes, when I heard some really weird
noises and thought I'd better investigate." Rocky cocked a leering grin.
"It's a good thing I did. There at the end, you guys looked as yummy as
Oreo cookies!"

"See? What'd I tell you?" Aisha crowed.

"Now that you know there's nothing wrong, why don't you just go back to camp
and go to sleep," Trini instructed.

"Yeah, you weren't invited," Aisha slipped in.

"Do I have to? I really like Oreos," Rocky pleaded. "They're my favorites,
but I'm never sure which I like the best: the chocolate part or the cream
filling. Guess I'll just have to try both and figure it out."

"Go find your own cookies; you can't have any of ours," Trini said firmly,
though her eyes twinkled with laughter at Rocky's crestfallen expression.

"You're no fun," he pouted.

"Maybe you can have what's leftover tomorrow," Tanya added mischievously.
Trini noticed that Tanya's eyes had locked on Rocky's rather prominent
erection. She had to admit that the idea sounded like fun.

"Do I have to share with the other guys?" Rocky asked with reinvigorated

"What do you think?" Trini asked her companions.

"Well, he is the only one who woke up," Tanya pointed out.

"A woman can't live on cookies and cream alone," Aisha quipped, and all three
burst into a fit of giggles.

"I guess you don't have to share," Trini answered.

"All right!"

"But for now, go back to bed," she insisted, pointing imperiously back
towards camp.

"Oh, okay," he mumbled, dragging his feet as he started off. "You know,
it's too bad Kat couldn't come. Double stuffs are the best kind of Oreos."

"So where were we before we were so rudely interrupted?" Aisha huffed

"I believe it was Tanya's turn to see whether she liked the chocolate part
or the creamy part of the cookie better," Trini chuckled.

"The chocolate part was awfully good," Tanya announced.

"And I haven't gotten to try the chocolate part either," Aisha realized.

"Oh, you have to! It's sooo good," Trini said, licking her lips in

Giggling, the three settled down to get comfortable while they finished
their treat.


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