Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Destruction Of The Pink Ranger Part 1
by Cheryl Roberts (no sex)

"Where's Kimberly?" Billy queried as Tommy arrived at the Youth Center.
Tonight was the annual Halloween dance, and the party was well underway.
Billy, Tommy, Rocky and Adam were dressed as the Musketeers from Dumas'
novel; Aisha was the queen, and Kimberly was supposed to be Constance to
Tommy's d'Artagnan.

"She wasn't ready when I stopped by to pick her up. She asked me to go on
ahead so I wouldn't be too late," Tommy said.

"That isn't like Kim," Billy noted.

"I know," Tommy agreed.

"She hadn't even started dressing when I left," Aisha added. Kim had been
staying with Aisha's family since her mother left for Paris last month.
"Kim's been acting really weird lately. She's been saying and doing things
that are way out of character for her."

Tommy and Billy exchanged worried glances. It had been six months ago that
Tommy and Kimberly had been abducted by Lord Zedd and put through an
emotional wringer. Zedd's magic had turned Kim into his Power Slut, and she
had used her newly released inhibitions to sexually torment Tommy. In the
course of their captivity, the spell had worn off, and Kim was forced to
continue her role of her own free will. The grueling six days had ended with
Kimberly nearly dying. However, she had survived, and the two had worked
hard over the summer to heal, both physically and emotionally. It had been a
rough summer. There were times when the strain between them was so badthey
could hardly look at each other, and other times they moved with the intimacy
of two who knew each other body and soul. Things had finally settled down by
the end of the long, hot, and unusually quiet summer.

It was with the start of the new school year that their lives had become
more complicated again. First, Zedd and Rita had renewed their attacks,
destroying their zords, the Command Center, and their powers. Fortunately,
the quest for the Temple of Power had been successful. Their new Ninja
powers were far superior to their powers drawn from the power coins. Then
came the news that Kimberly's mother was getting remarried and moving the
family to Paris. With a generous gesture from the Campbells, Kimberly was
going to be able to remain in Angel Grove to finish out her senior year.
With the addition of Rita's brother Rito to the ranks, and new, more powerful
minions in the tengas, September had proven to be a busy month.

Billy had to place the start of Kimberly's present troubles on a battle they
had fought about mid-September. They had been facing Goldar and Sagitteros
a winged centaur who fired enchanted arrows. His multicolored arsenal
produced a multitude of side effects: a blue arrow induced sadness; yellow
produced fear, red made the victim angry, and green inspired jealousy. Their
forces had been depleted by half when Kim took up a position with her old
power bow . . . .

* * *

Kim intercepted as many of Sagitteros' arrows as she could, and then she lay
down cover fire as Tommy and Rocky kept Goldar busy. Her arrows had never
been more accurate, but she did not have an unlimited supply.

"I'm out of arrows!" Kimberly shouted, abandoning her perch.

"We need to fall back and regroup," Tommy directed as he dodged Goldar's

"Maybe Zordon has found a way to cure the others," Rocky said hopefully.

"Kim, you and Rocky make a break for it while I keep these clowns busy,"
Tommy said.

"Surrender now, White Ranger!" Goldar rumbled.


"That's it, White Ranger; devote all your attention to Goldar. I've saved a
very special arrow just for you," Sagitteros gloated as he notched a fiery
white missile in his bow. Sagitteros fired as Goldar flung Tommy back.
Tommy hit the ground, and Saba flew out of his grasp. He gave a yelp of

"Tommy!" Kim cried, leaping into the fray once again. She interposed herself
between Tommy and Goldar. "Are you okay?"

"I think I twisted my ankle," Tommy moaned.

"We've got to get you out of here . . . ." The white arrow hit its mark,
knifing through Kim's chest. She screamed as its energy crackled around her
body, causing her to de-morph.

"Uh oh, Sagitteros, you fool! You shot the wrong Ranger!" Goldar bellowed.
He and the other monster teleported before Kimberly fell.

"Kim!" Tommy gasped, catching her. He activated his communicator. "Zordon,
get us out of here now!"

Tommy and Kim were teleported directly to the infirmary in the Command
Center. Alpha and Billy quickly ran a diagnostic scan on Kim. Tommy could
hardly sit still long enough for Aisha to wrap his ankle.

"How is she? What's wrong with her?" he asked impatiently.

"Fire . . . ." Kim moaned as she writhed on the examination table. "On
fire . . . !"

"Sensors register no anomalous readings," Billy reported.

"It must be some kind of spell," Rocky spoke up. "Sagitteros said he was
saving a special arrow just for Tommy."

"Since the spell was keyed to Tommy there is no telling what effect, if any,
it will have on Kimberly," Zordon explained.

"You mean she might not be affected?" Tommy asked hopefully.

"Since Billy and Alpha cannot detect any trace of enchantment on Kimberly, I
would say that my hypothesis is highly probable," Zordon concluded.

"Why is she complaining about being on fire?" Adam wondered.

"You'd complain about being on fire if you'd gotten hit with an arrow of pure
energy," Aisha retorted.

"You're looking a little pale; are you all right?" Billy asked of Tommy.

"Yeah, I just have this awful feeling of deja vu," Tommy murmured. "It was
like seeing her take that lance in Zedd's citadel all over again."

"Thank goodness it didn't have the same results."

"Where am I? What happened?" Kim mumbled as she came to.

"You saved my hide once again, Beautiful," Tommy said as he sat down next to
the exam table. He helped Kim sit up. "I thought I was supposed to be the
knight in shining armor."

"These are the '90s. Equal opportunity," Kim teased as she gratefully
accepted his hug.

"How do you feel?"

"Scorched but otherwise fine."

Zordon monitored Kimberly's condition for several days afterwards; she never
manifested any symptoms of being under a spell, so Kimberly and the others
didn't think any more about it.

The first incident took place a week later. The six friends were at the
Youth Center. Tommy, Adam, and Rocky were working out in the weight room,
and Kimberly, Billy and Aisha were working on their homework in the juice

"Kim, what's the matter? You look sick," Aisha noticed. Indeed, Kimberly
was looking a little pale, and her eyes were sort of glazed.

"Hm? Oh, I don't know. I'm sort of tired, I guess," Kim replied as if it
was an effort to string the words together.

"You're perspiring; do you have a fever?" Billy queried. Kim pressed her
hand to her forehead and found it damp.

"I guess I do," she murmured.

"Here," Billy offered, pressing his hand to her forehead. "Kimberly, you're
burning up!"

"Maybe Tommy should take you home," Aisha suggested.

"Yeah, good idea," Kim agreed. When she stood up, Kim experienced a moment
of lightheadedness. She shook her head to clear it. She felt a little
disoriented and seemed to stagger as she crossed the room. She paused at
the doorway of the weight room and peered in, looking for Tommy.

The mere thought of Tommy made her knees feel weak. She spotted him working
with the leg weights. She propped herself against the door frame as she
watched him. The obvious power in his muscular legs as they lifted the
weights held her spellbound. Once he was finished with that series of reps,
he sat up and went to work on his upper body. Sweat stained his tank top and
glistened on the exposed portions of his chest as he worked out. Kim bit her
lower lip and felt her fingers trailing down her neck and along the scooped
neckline of her shirt. She jerked her hand away suddenly as if she just
realized what she was doing. However, her eyes never strayed from Tommy's
body. Watching him was firing her hormones as it never had before. She drank
in his every move until she was intoxicated by the sight of him.

Tommy was busy talking and laughing with Adam and Rocky; he hadn't seen her
yet. Kim had an overpowering urge to feel his rock hard muscles rippling
under her fingers. She wanted to inhale the musky odor of his perspiration
and taste the salt on his skin. She stepped forward, unaware that there
was a slightly exaggerated swagger to her hips. If she could have seen her
expression, it would have been one of fiery hunger. The young men in the
weight room were immediately and powerfully affected by it. They could see
the tigress on the prowl.

"Hey, Kim, what's up?" Tommy asked brightly. However, she didn't answer, but
the intensity of her gaze made him feel as if she was undressing him with her
eyes. "Kimberly?"

Tommy was aware that everyone's eyes were on Kim as she reached out and ran
her hand along his sweat-soaked tank top. She propped one leg up on the
weight bench; taking a handful of his shirt, she pulled him to her, attacking
his mouth savagely. When she let him up for air, she held his eyes -- his
full of amazement, hers lustful and glassy. Without a word to him, she
sauntered off, leaving every male in the weight room with a solid reminder of
her passing.

"What was that all about?" Adam asked with a gulp.

"I don't know," Tommy finally stammered, "but I'd better go find out."

"One thing you can say for Kim's visit; there won't be a shortage of hot
water in the showers today," Rocky jibed.

Tommy walked out to the juice bar, careful to keep his towel strategically
placed. Billy and Aisha were still studying. Kim's bag was at the table,
but there was no sign of her.

"Have you guys seen Kim?" Tommy asked.

"She went looking for you," Billy replied. "She was feeling unwell and
wanted you to take her home."

"Hey, Aisha," Jenny called as she came rushing into the juice bar. "You'd
better come quick. Kim's in the locker room all doubled over like she's in
pain." The three abandoned the table and hurried over to the girls' locker

"Wait here, guys," Aisha said, restraining Tommy.

"Right," he agreed, remembering himself at the last minute.

Aisha found Kimberly curled up on a bench. Her arms hugged her stomach, and
she was groaning.

"What's wrong?" Aisha asked as she tried to help Kim sit up, but every time
Kim moved, her pain only seemed to increase. "I thought you went looking for

"I did, but . . . I don't know what came over me. When I went to ask Tommy
to take me home, I just went up to him and kissed him. Then my stomach
started burning. It hurts," Kim explained, grimacing.

"Can you walk a little? Tommy and Billy are right outside; they can help you
to Tommy's car," Aisha said.

Outside the locker room, Tommy and Billy had been joined by Rocky and Adam.

"While I could not ascertain the exact degree, Kim was definitely running a
high grade fever. It is possible that it was high enough to produce a sort
of delirium," Billy said in response to Tommy's report of Kimberly's actions.
Just then Aisha emerged from the locker room.

"One of you is going to have to go in and carry her out. Her abdominal pains
are so severe she can't straighten up to walk," Aisha reported.

"Killer cramps, huh?" Rocky snickered. Aisha glared at him, and Adam elbowed
him in the ribs.

"See if the locker room is clear; I'll get her," Tommy said.

"Right. While I'm doing that, why don't you go do something useful like
pulling Tommy's 4 x 4 up to the door." Aisha recommended, glowering at Rocky.

"Okay," Rocky agreed, chastised. Tommy tossed him the keys.

"All clear, Tommy," Aisha signalled, popping her head back inside the shower

Kim was sweating and shivering by the time Tommy retrieved her. He reached
for her, and she gave a yelp of pain before he ever touched her.

"Hang in there, Kim; I'll get you home," he assured her.

"I'm sorry, Tommy; I don't know what's wrong with . . . ." Another gasp
obliterated the rest of her sentence, and her shuddering intensified.

"Don't worry about it now," he told her as he carried her out. She curled
herself into a tighter ball and pressed herself closer to him. By the time
he got her back to the Campbells' house, the worst of the pains and spasms
had passed.

By Monday, the strange fever was completely gone; however, Monday morning in
the hall brought Kim a different feeling of discomfort: acute embarrassment.
She was all too aware of the eyes that followed her, the knowing smiles, the
wolf whistles and cat calls. She was red faced and nearly in tears when
Tommy stopped by her locker.

"Tommy, what did I do Friday afternoon?" she asked tremulously. "Why are the
guys acting like I'm some sort of tramp? I mean, all I did was kiss you!"

"You really don't know?" Tommy asked. He stared deep into her brown eyes.
"Man, Kim, the way you sashayed into the weight room . . . you looked like
you wanted to eat me alive, and the way you French kissed me -- so long and
hard -- I could scarcely breathe afterwards."

"I barely remember the kiss . . . it's all kind of fuzzy, like a vague
dream," Kim mumbled.

"Hey, you were out of your mind with fever at the time," Tommy said
reassuringly. "Don't worry about it; if the guys don't back off, they'll
have me to deal with." He cast a dire look past Kim's shoulder to a knot of
guys with knowing smiles. They turned and walked off.

* * *

Friday afternoon, Tommy was late getting to the Youth Center. He didn't want
Kim to be upset that he had missed her practice. She was working on a new
floor routine for the district gymnastic competition and wanted his opinion.
However, when he arrived, he found a sizable crowd of spectators --
predominately male -- gathered around the mats. Puzzled, Tommy looked about
for the others. Ernie caught his eye and waved him over. Tommy wormed his
way across the room.

"What's going on?" Tommy asked.

"I ought to be asking you the same question," Ernie said. "What's with Kim?
If she's trying to drive every guy in the Center crazy, she's doing a good
job of it."

"Huh?" Tommy looked over to the mats. He could just see over the heads of
the people in the crowd. Kim was performing a floor routine, and oh, what a
performance! It was just barely a gymnastics routine; it was more like the
way she danced in Tommy's fantasies. The music was sexy and her moves were
sensual and suggestive. Kim's eyes were closed, and her expression was a
combination of filthy and cute. He watched, enraptured, as she landed in the
splits then slowly rolled onto her back. Her smile was one of utter bliss as
her back arched and her hands slowly skimmed over her body. Her hips gave a
provocative thrust, but she moved onto the next gymnastic move before
anything became too risqu. The whole routine was like that: a little spice
between acrobatic maneuvers. Kim was playing to the admiration and delight
of the crowd. Tommy found his body responding to the titillation; Kim was
definitely hot.

"Do you want some ice water to hose her down?" Ernie offered, interrupting
Tommy's viewing pleasure.

"She's hit a zone," Tommy said by way of explanation. "She's so wrapped up
in the music, she probably doesn't even know what she's doing. I'll go kill
the music."

Tommy pushed his way to the far wall where Kim's tape player was plugged in.
He let "Cream" play out then switched off the radio. Shouts of "spoil sport"
and "no fair" rumbled up from the crowd. Tommy maintained a steely gaze even
as Kim held her pose, her eyes still closed as she was lost in the euphoria
of the music. Then the applause started. Her eyes snapped open, and she
looked bewildered. She quickly scampered off the mat and over to where Tommy
stood by her radio.

"What was that all about?" she wondered.

"You tell me. That was one heck of a show. It's a good thing you stopped
short of humping the floor, otherwise you'd have caused a riot -- or an


"You really don't know what you were doing, do you?"

"What are you talking about? I was doing my floor routine."

"Since when was "Cream" part of your repertoire?"

"It isn't."

Tommy put the tape back in and rewound it a bit. When he turned the music
back on, every guy in the vicinity quickly turned to see if there was going
to be any more of the show. A couple of people cheered. Kim dove for the
off button.

"Ohmigosh, Tommy, what was I doing?"

"Giving every guy in this place a hard-on," he said matter-of-actly. Kim's
face turned scarlet.

"Tommy . . . ." she began helplessly. She was still breathing hard, and
Tommy observed that her nipples strained against the Lycra of her bra top.
Whether Kim realized it or not, something about the performance had excited
her. Tommy tossed her her warm-up jacket.

"I could just die," Kim murmured, slipping on her jacket. She ducked her
head as they headed over to a table near the juice bar.

"You've got to watch out for that zone, especially in public," Tommy reminded
her teasingly. "There's no telling what you'll wind up . . . ."

"Stop it, Tommy, please," she begged. "I've already made a big enough fool
of myself without you making it worse."

"Sorry, Kim, he said contritely.

* * *

The following Wednesday it was Tommy's turn to be dazed and disoriented. He
wore his loosest pants and longest, baggiest shirt. He looked like a rumpled
piece of laundry left in the dryer too long. It was obvious that he had
scarcely slept the previous night. His friends were stunned when they saw

"Tommy, what's the matter? You look awful, and you've been distracted all
day," Kim said as she joined him for lunch.

"You have to ask?" he gasped incredulously.

"You sound as if whatever's bothering you is my fault," she observed, hurt.

"Come on, Kim; you can't tell me you don't remember the dream you had last
night," he whispered with urgency.

"My dream?" Kim was clearly puzzled. "How do you know what I was dreaming

"Kim, you were projecting." Tommy was referring to their ability to touch
each other's mind via the link that formed during their ordeal on the moon.
Touching each other's mind was not something they could do all the time; it
required a highly charged emotional state. Most of the time it was nothing
more than a light rapport; they were subtly aware of the other's presence,
sort of like the gentle glow of a night light.

"Are you sure?" Kim queried, biting her lip uncertainly. She seemed afraid
to hear his answer.

"Geezus, Kim! You mean you don't remember . . . ?" Tommy's trouble was not
having shared the images but being unable to get them out of his head.
Admittedly, he had been dreaming of Kim's erotic gymnastic routine, so he had
been in a receptive state when Kim's dream intruded on his. There had been
nothing subtle about the dream either. Kim had approached him as she had in
the weight room, grabbing him and kissing him with a passion that literally
set fire to their surroundings. Like a ravenous animal, she attacked him,
ripping off his shirt and savagely licking his chest and biting his nipples.

There were moments when Tommy could glimpse Kim trying to exert some
restraint. She would pull back suddenly, as if uncertain, but her will
caved in. She stripped off his shorts and underwear, pushed him back on
the bed, and proceeded to give him a frenetic blow job. None of those
playful, teasing licks -- Kim used long, deep strokes, taking him as far
down her throat as she could. She continued going down on him until he
was fucking her mouth. Tommy was consumed with the fire her tongue stoked
in his cock; he was helpless to do anything but enjoy her mouth, especially
when her fingers sought out his balls and ass.

Kim drove him to the brink, then stopped, leaving him moaning in exquisite
agony. She stared at him with lust in her eyes and proceeded to strip,
slowly, sensuously. She played with herself, fondling her breasts, toying
with her pussy to tease him. Tommy wanted to come right then, but she
wouldn't let him.

Slowly, like a tigress stalking her prey, Kim crawled up over him and
straddled his hips, imprisoning his cock between the hot, wet lips of her
pussy. With a growl, she raised herself and slowly, oh so slowly, lowered
herself on his cock. Almost immediately an orgasm ripped through her, but
instead of satiating her, it provoked her lust. As the flames around them
burned higher and hotter, Kim rode Tommy long and hard until he sent a
blast of come shooting deep inside her. Tommy shouted as he came, waking
himself up.

Every time he closed his eyes, he saw her crawling towards him, sex
smoldering in her eyes. It was enough to make him lose his load a second
time, and it was with the utmost effort that he was able to hold back now.
He could feel the heat in his groin as well as in his cheeks.

Tommy hadn't realized that he had closed his eyes, but when he opened them,
he found Kim looking at him with a mixture of concern and expectation. In
his excitement he could perceive her emotions a little more clearly.
Astonishingly, she really seemed to have no memory of having any sort of
dream. Tommy groaned in need and in frustration.

* * *

"It appears, Goldar, that you might not have screwed up as much as I thought
you had," Lord Zedd muttered as he observed the proceedings in Angel Grove
from his lunar citadel.

"What's that? Goldar actually did something right?" Zedd's wife, Rita,
queried in her shrill, grating voice.

"Not quite. Remember when we sent Sagitteros down to infect Tommy with that
spell I found in the Venus Grimoire?"

"What was that stupid spell supposed to do any way?" Rita harumphed.

"It was supposed to arouse Tommy's sexual desires to a level where he would
either have to have sex or die."

"Why would you want to do that; isn't sex supposed to be fun for humans? Why
would you want him to have fun?"

"Fool, do you not remember the code of the Temple of Power? 'I am Ninja,
pure of body?' Destroy the White Ranger's purity of body and you destroy his
Ninja powers."

"Yeah, so what? The sappy Pink Ranger took the arrow for him," Rita pointed

"I thought the spell was wasted, but it appears that it's working on
Kimberly, at a much slower rate," Zedd explained.

"Really?" Rita gasped in delight.

"Ah yes, this may prove more satisfying and effective than the original plan.
The Pink Ranger's desire will continue to grow until her need will be so
great that she will be forced to seek sexual gratification . . . ."

". . . and Tommy is too besotted with her to let her die. He'll give her
the fucking she needs, and we destroy two Rangers at once! How deliciously
wicked!" Rita cackled malevolently.

"Yes, my putrid peanut," Zedd confirmed. "The hard part will be waiting for
the spell to take Kimberly to the point of no return. As her need grows, her
powers will weaken. The others must not suspect. We must withhold our
attacks so the weakening of her powers will not be detected until it is too
late. And then . . . . " The dark citadel shook with Zedd's laughter.

* * *

Tommy held Kim's hand as they walked up the sidewalk to Aisha's house.
Things had been unusually quiet, so the two were able to spend some time
together. Tommy was growing concerned. With her mother gone to Paris and
preparing for the district meet, Kim was under a lot of stress. Even so,
that couldn't account for all the odd incidents over the last two weeks.
Tommy had intercepted no further dreams from Kim since the one, but her
behavior continued to be both erratic and erotic at times. There wasn't
anything to make a big deal out of, but whenever Tommy asked her about the
incidents, she seemed to have no memory of any of them. He wanted to talk
to her about what was going on, but he didn't know how to bring it up.

"Hang on a sec," Kim directed as she dashed up the front steps. She opened
the door and popped her head in. "Mrs. Campbell, I'm home. Tommy and I
will be in the backyard. I won't stay out too much longer." With an impish
grin, Kim led Tommy around the house and to the back porch. She took a seat
on the steps and patted the step next to her. When Tommy sat down, Kim
leaned in closer to him. She was shivering slightly, so Tommy put his arm
around her shoulder. Her shivering only seemed to increase.

"Are you all right?" he asked as he stroked her silky hair. "You're not
too cold, are you?"

"No, I'm plenty warm," she murmured thickly. She lifted her eyes to the
heavens. "You know, the last couple of years have been so unreal, like a
weird dream. I keep expecting to wake up, and there'll be no Power
Rangers, no Zedd and Rita, and we wouldn't have met yet. Then we would,
and we'd be able to have a normal relationship."

"Is that what you want? A normal relationship?"

"Don't you? Sometimes I think it'd be nice to go on dates instead of going
into battle or worrying about putties or tengas showing up or having our
communicators going off all the time."

"Sure, it'd be nice, but if it weren't for all we've been through as Rangers,
our relationship wouldn't be as strong as it is. Depending on each other in
battle, facing life and death situations together have forged stronger bonds
than if we had just been dating," Tommy said thoughtfully. "I might have
learned how intelligent, loving, and beautiful you were, but I wouldn't have
realized how much spirit, compassion, courage, and strength of will you had.
I'd rather have what we have, scars and all, than have anything less."

Tommy kissed the top of Kim's head. She looked up at him with a smile and
reached up to run her fingers through his hair. Tommy's heart leaped for
joy. When Kim went for his hair, it meant she was in the mood for more than
simple affection. By mutual consent, the two had decided not to pursue the
level of intimacy that they had engaged in during their imprisonment, and
Tommy had decided that Kim should be the one to dictate the pace of their
physical relationship. He respected her overtures and withdrawals. Hers
were the deeper scars; he could be patient for as long as she needed, but
ever since her dream two weeks ago, it had been difficult to be restrained,
especially with the frequency of her intense gaze on his body and her
tantalizing, fleeting caresses.

Tommy also knew that their embraces would not become more than deep kisses
and casual groping. On the rare occasions when they had indulged, Kim seemed
to reach a threshold and would draw back. It was often frustrating, but
Tommy knew the rewards in the end would be worth his patience now. So he
closed his eyes and reveled in the sensation of her fingers gliding through
his hair. Soon enough he would feel her fingertips on his face and her lips
on his in an exquisitely tender kiss, which would be his signal to explore
her softly curved neck with his mouth.

Their petting followed the course he had predicted, but as Tommy nuzzled
Kim's neck, he saw that she was trembling violently.

"What's wrong? Are you all right?"

"Don't stop," she gasped, tossing her head back and closing her eyes. With
one hand, she caressed the side of her face and traced a line down her
throat, between her breasts, and down to her stomach. She was purring softly
as she opened her eyes, holding Tommy's gaze as she reached for his shirt
buttons. He saw a momentary flicker of fire in her eyes, which at once
concerned and consumed him. However, he acceded to her request and continued
kissing his way down her throat. He nibbled at her collar bone while his
hands gently brushed across her breasts. Her nipples were already rock hard
against his palms. He gave a gentle squeeze, and she gasped -- this time in
pain. Through their link, Tommy felt the sharp, hot knives which ripped
through Kim's body. Just as suddenly, he felt Kim marshall her will and
drive the pain back.

"You're still having those abdominal spasms, aren't you," he said. Kim could
only nod as she bit back her tears. "Are they getting more severe?"

"Sometimes they're really bad, but most of the time I don't even notice."

"Have you been to the doctor?"

"A couple of times. She can't find anything wrong with me. She thinks it
might be stress related."

"Zordon should do a bio-scan on you," Tommy suggested.

"Can it wait until after the Halloween dance? I've been looking forward to
going, and we put so much work into the costumes. I'm afraid Zordon will
make me stay in bed or something."

"I don't know that we should wait any longer."

"It's only two more days. How much worse can I get?"


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