Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Destruction Of The Pink Ranger Part 2
by Cheryl Roberts (no sex)

"Hey, Oliver," a guy dressed as a mummy said as he approached the quintet.
"You'd better take care of that woman of yours before someone else does her
for you."

Puzzled and rather offended, Tommy turned to ask him what he meant and saw
for himself. Kimberly had arrived and was busy on the dance floor. She
hadn't worn her Constance costume; instead, she was barely dressed as a
pirate: belled black boots, fishnet stockings, a little black skirt that
barely covered her ass and rode low on her hips, a red sash/belt, bolero
vest, and a long sleeve blouse tied at the breastbone and ripped away to
reveal as much cleavage as possible. She also sported blood red lipstick,
enormous hoop earrings, and a jaunty, plumed hat. She looked sexy enough
to eat and had several interested dance partners as she did a deliciously
wicked bump and grind through the press of bodies.

"Kim?" Adam squeaked out with a blush.

"What's gotten into her?" Aisha wondered.

"I don't know, but we'd better get her out of here," Tommy decided as he
plunged into the crowd on the dance floor.

It was well known in Angel Grove High School that Tommy was a reserved young
man who preferred to avoid confrontation. It was also well known that he
held several black belts in the martial arts. Moreover, everyone knew he and
Kim were an item. So when the dancers saw Tommy coming, they parted to let
him through. Perhaps it was something in his determined expression.
Whatever it was, Tommy had no trouble reaching Kim.

"Excuse me for a moment," Tommy calmly requested of the young man Kim was
presently trying to seduce. It wasn't the guy's fault Kim was coming on to
him, and Tommy couldn't fault him for being interested. The guy turned and
was rather startled to see Tommy.

"Sure, sorry, man," he said as he bowed out quickly.

"Not your fault," Tommy replied. Then he tapped Kim on the shoulder.

"Tommy!" Kim squealed with delight as she flung her arms around him. She
acted as if she hadn't seen him in months. Her momentum sent the both of
them stumbling into other dancers; however, Tommy could not apologize
because Kim was kissing him ferociously. Tommy finally pushed her away.

"What has gotten into you?" he demanded.

"Ask rather what I'd like to have gotten into me," she giggled with a wicked

"You're not drunk, are you?" he whispered gravely.

"How'd you guess?" Kim bubbled. "I'm drunk, smashed, totally high on the
thought of peeling off that silly costume and having my way with your yummy

"That's enough, Kim," he snapped as he pulled Kim from the dance floor.

"Aw, but I wanted to dance with the bold and gallant d'Artagnan of the
Musketeers," she pouted. "I know d'Artagnan would love to see his pirate
queen dance for him." She ground her hips into his semi-erect cock. Tommy
lost his balance and grabbed at Kim to keep from falling over; however, she
fell with him. As she landed on top of him, she kissed him again. As he
tried to extricate himself from Kim's arms, he discovered that she had no
underwear on under her skirt.

"Stop this," he scolded her as her hands continued to explore. He shoved her
away. She sat on the floor smiling at him with a loopey grin. He picked her
up and set her back on her feet. "This isn't the time or the place for

"Oh, pooh. If you won't play with me, maybe Billy will," she declared with a
pout. She turned to saunter off and received a pitcher of ice water in the

"Sorry, Tommy, it was the only thing I could think of," Billy said
apologetically. Around them, the dancers were roaring with laughter.

"Billy, what'd you do that for?" Kim sputtered. "You've ruined my . . .
costume?" Kim looked down at her provocative garb; when she glanced up at
Tommy, there was a look of pure terror in her eyes. Her knees suddenly gave
out, and she dropped to the floor before anyone could catch her. She knelt
there, shivering with cold and emotion, her stomach behaving like a tightly
knotted mass of hot wires.

"Kim?" Tommy queried, his brow furrowed with concern. He knelt beside her.
He removed his cape and put it over her shoulders, and he tried to ignore the
fact that her blouse had become transparent.

"Tommy, what's happening to me? What am I doing dressed like a slut? I
don't even remember how I got here," she said behind clenched teeth.

"Miss Hart, what is the meaning of this unseemly display?" Mr. Caplan
demanded. Kim glanced up at the principal with a wild gleam in her eyes, a
mixture of fear and tears. It was enough to ruffle Mr. Caplan's stern

"Tommy, I'm scared; it hurts so much," she whimpered.

"It's all right, Kim; we'll get you home. You'll be all right," Tommy
comforted her.

"What is going on here?" Mr. Caplan demanded a second time.

"Kimberly hasn't been feeling well," Tommy began helplessly.

"You know," Rocky interjected, "I thought that punch tasted kind of
funny . . . ."

"Kim did have quite a few cups," Aisha murmured.

"If a quantity of alcohol was introduced into the beverage, combined with
Kimberly's medication . . . ." Billy concluded delicately.

"I'd better go check that punch," Mr. Caplan decided. "I'll leave you to get
Miss Hart home."

"Great save, guys," Tommy said appreciatively.

"The punch really did taste funny," Rocky insisted.

* * *

"Curse those rotten Rangers!" Zedd fumed as he observed the proceedings. "If
Zordon performs a bio-scan on Kimberly, he'll uncover the spell."

"Isn't she too far gone for that to matter?" Rita wondered.

"Not yet. We need to push her past the point of no return."

"How will we do that, master?" Goldar simpered.

"We will send the tengas to Angel Grove Park to keep the Rangers busy. Then
you, Goldar, will take this projection globe and use it on the Pink Ranger.
It will fill her mind with images from her and Tommy's stay here a few months

"You never told me about having the Power Brats here," Rita said accusingly.

"Later," Zedd snapped. He had managed to make it six months without Rita
finding out about the exact nature of that visit, and he still wasn't ready
to share the incredibly erotic tale with his loathsome wife just yet. "Those
images will so inflame Kimberly's desires that there will be nothing for
Zordon to do!"

"I can't wait to see what you're talking about," Rita said.

* * *

"Ay-yi-yi, Zordon, tengas in the park!" Alpha yelped as the alarm went off
and the viewing globe lit up.

"Summon the Rangers," Zordon directed.

"They're probably not even up yet; they were at the Halloween dance last
night," Alpha sputtered as he sent out the signal. Shortly thereafter, six
sleepy-eyed, pajama clad teenagers appeared in the Command Center.

"Zedd's timing stinks," Rocky yawned as they observed the viewing globe.

"I've never seen so many," Adam observed. "What's he up to?"

"Who knows, but we can't allow the tengas to tear apart the park," Billy

"Let's go kick some tail feathers!" Aisha said eagerly.

"Kim, are you going to be able to manage?" Tommy queried softly, trying not
to pay too much attention to the silky, lace trimmed chemise she was wearing.
The brief lingerie barely came up high enough to cover her breasts or low
enough to cover her ass. The thin straps kept slipping off Kim's shoulders.

"I'm feeling better right now," Kim whispered back, but Tommy wasn't so sure.
Her eyes still looked a little glassy.

"We'd better go in full power since there are so many of them," Tommy
decided. "It's morphin' time!"

* * *

The park was devoid of all save a few early morning joggers, and the cries of
the tengas insured that even the most curious onlooker would stay away.

"What a way to start the day," Adam yawned as the Rangers materialized in the

"Split up everybody, and pick your targets," Tommy directed. Soon the park
was filled with a cacophony of squawks, groans, ki-yai's and snappy patter.
As the fight wore on, it became apparent that the tengas were up to
something. It seemed to the Rangers that the tengas were not trying to do
them any serious damage as usual.

"It's almost as if they're playing with us," Billy observed as he dispatched
his opponent of the moment.

"You couldn't prove it by me," Kim panted. She was clearly winded and barely
able to keep her footing. Even the lightest of glancing blows had her

"Kim, teleport out of here," Aisha said. "You're in no shape to be

"I'll manage," Kim insisted.

"Pink Ranger, teleport back to the Command Center immediately," Zordon
ordered. "I'm detecting fluctuations in your powers in the morphing grid."

"You'll be going nowhere, Pink Ranger!" Goldar proclaimed as he appeared
right behind her. Kim shrieked and jumped back.

"Leave her alone, Goldar!" Tommy shouted from where he was dealing with a
trio of tengas.

"Your threats do not concern me, White Ranger, and you shall not interfere!"
Goldar thrust the staff he carried into the ground and surrounded himself and
Kimberly in a ring of flame. Kim tried to leap over the blaze, but she was
stopped by an invisible force field.

"All right, Goldar, what do you want with me?" Kim demanded.

"I've come to deliver a present from Lord Zedd." Goldar placed a silver orb
atop the staff; it emitted a beam of light which penetrated Kimberly's helmet
and bore into her brain.

"What are you doing to me! Get out of my head!" Kim screamed. She tried to
escape from the beam, but it followed her wherever she moved.

"Enjoy, Pink Ranger," Goldar gloated as he vanished.

"My mind . . . it burns . . . make it stop!" Kim dropped to her knees.
Images of flames and a swirling black cloud filled her head. When the
darkness parted, a picture formed--a picture of her in leather and Tommy,
naked, strapped to a table. "NO!"

"Hang on, Kim!" Tommy shouted. Through their link, he picked up on fleeting
images; all were reflected in flames. He caught familiar glimpses, and he
shuddered as he realized where he had seen those scenes before. "Billy,
we've got to find a way to get that force field down!"

"Tommy, I have analyzed the force field," Zordon reported. "Have the other
Rangers use their power blasters at maximum to blast the field, but be
careful not to hit Kimberly or the globe. As long as the globe is projecting
into Kimberly's mind, you dare not destroy it lest you destroy her mind as

"We're on it, Zordon," Tommy confirmed. "All right, guys, you heard Zordon."
As the others drew their weapons, another group of tengas swarmed over Tommy.
As he traded blows with his opponent, Tommy tried to focus on Kim's struggle.
The impressions he received were of Kim trying to hold back a raging inferno,
and she was swiftly losing ground.

"Hang on, Kim; we're coming. Just hold on a little longer," he encouraged,
directing his thoughts to her through their link. However, as the tengas
pressed their attack and the others were unable to start firing on the force
field, Kim's strength faded; Tommy saw the flames consume her.

* * *

"At last! The Pink Ranger has succumbed!" Lord Zedd crowed as he observed
the battle. "Let Zordon have his scans. There is nothing he can do. Either
the Pink Ranger dies, or she and the White Ranger lose their powers!"

* * *

In the field behind the other Rangers, Kim screamed in agony and defeat.
She collapsed, sobbing, her body twitching spasmodically. As she lay there,
the orb went dead, and the force field dropped. Kim lay still for several
minutes, then, marshalling her will, she pushed herself up. She glanced
over to where her friends were embroiled in battle with the tengas. The
fire raging within her burned hotter as her gaze settled on Tommy's lithe,
muscular body. Kim unsteadily climbed to her feet and started towards the

"Hey you tenga turkeys! Get out of here!" Kim shouted as her fingers fumbled
with her helmet buckles. "Zedd's had his fun; you've done your job." She
tugged at her helmet with all her might, popping the clasps. She flung her
head gear as hard as she could at the offending monsters.

"Kim?" Tommy gasped as her helmet flew past. The fighting stopped, just like
that. Tengas and Rangers all turned to stare at Kimberly.

"Leave my friends alone," she sobbed. "Just get the hell out of here."
Whether it was due to Kim's words or a signal from Zedd, the oily feathered
creatures flew off en mass. Kim hung her head and bit her lip as the others
raced towards her.

I won't cry in front of them, she told herself. Tommy rushed forward and
crushed her in his arms. Her body was stiff and unyielding as agony tore
through her. Her skin burned beneath her uniform where he touched her.
Impossibly, she felt herself raising her hands and unfastening Tommy's

I just want to see his eyes. Her touch was gentle as she stroked his hair
and face. She stood on tiptoe and placed a soft kiss on his lips, the small
gesture of affection causing her to tremble violently. In the face of
Tommy's concern, she managed a brave smile. Then, she let go, in mind and
body, consigning herself to the flames that burned within.


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