Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Destruction Of The Pink Ranger Part 3
by Cheryl Roberts (no sex)

Five anxious friends prowled the halls outside the infirmary awaiting word
on Kimberly. Even the closed door could not muffle her agonized screams.

"How are you holding up?" Billy asked of Tommy, who was too filled with
nervous energy to stay still for long.

"Angry. Scared," he answered tersely. "I know this has to do with
Sagitteros' arrow. Those shooting pains she's been having . . . she's been
fighting this for over a month, and whatever Zedd did to her this morning
pushed her over the edge."

"Can you reach her through your linkage?"

"I've tried. All I find are flames."

"What's taking so long?" Aisha fumed, her impatience getting the better of

"They're doing the best they can," Adam tried to assure her.

"Why Kimberly? Why are they after her now?" Rocky wondered.

"If this is truly the result of Sagitteros' arrow, then whatever is happening
to Kimberly was meant for Tommy," Billy hypothesized. "If it is something
separate, it may be an off shoot of Zedd's vendetta against Tommy. Zedd may
be striking at Tommy through the one he cares for most."

"I wish Zedd would finish me off and get it over with," Tommy said. "I can't
stand to see Kim suffering in my place."

"She would still be suffering even if it was you in the infirmary," Billy
pointed out. "She would probably be suffering just as much as you, if not

"Hey you guys, listen," Aisha said brightly.

"The screaming's stopped," Adam noted.

"I hope that's a good sign," Rocky murmured.

"Rangers . . . ."

"Zordon, how is she?"

"Will she be okay?"

"Kimberly is sleeping right now; we were successful in locating a sedative
powerful enough to calm her for the moment. Alpha is concluding the
bio-scans even as we speak."

"Can we see her?" Tommy asked.


The five filed into the infirmary and were relieved to see Kim resting

"Tommy, I must speak with you for a moment. Alone," Zordon commanded. Tommy
was reluctant to leave Kim's bedside.

"Don't worry, Tommy; we'll stay with her," Aisha said. "If she starts to
come around, we'll call you."

"Thanks, guys." With mounting trepidation and an anxious look at Kim, Tommy
left the infirmary.

"What's up, Zordon?" he asked as he entered the Command Center's heart.

"Not here. Enter the chamber of light."

"Where you gave me my White Ranger powers?"

"It will insure that our discussion will be private." Tommy was growing
increasingly anxious, yet he did as Zordon directed.

"Do you know what's wrong with Kim?" Tommy couldn't repress the tremor in his

"Yes. The bio-scans revealed that the burning sensation Kimberly has been
experiencing is caused by a change in the synaptic nerve paths. If the
process is not reversed, she will die, burned alive from the inside out."

"Did Sagitteros' arrow cause this?"

"I believe so. I have not been able to trace the spell which created this
effect. Lord Zedd must not have been the architect of the original spell."

"Is there any way to cure her?"

"The condition is specifically geared to the pleasure centers in her body.
The only way to counteract the deterioration is to hyperstimulate the
pleasure centers so they overwhelm the pain."

"I'm with you so far."

"However, the pleasure centers must be stimulated so as to produce certain
hormones at a specific level. There is a complication regarding the spell.
Since it was tailored to your physiology and with the delayed
progression . . . ."

"Zordon, just tell me how we can cure Kim!" Tommy snapped.

"Kimberly requires physical gratification of her sexual need in order to
survive, and since the spell was meant for you, you will have to be the one
to provide the cure. Mechanical or chemical substitutes will not suffice."

Tommy, staggered by the announcement, found himself looking for a place to
sit down. "You mean, I have to make love to Kim if I want to save her," he
reiterated numbly.

"Yes. The strength of your emotional attachment to her saved her from Zedd's
machinations once. This time, she requires the strength of your physical
love. It will not be as simple as engaging in intercourse one time; her
condition is critical. It will require many repetitions to reverse the

"I understand," Tommy said. Then he swore, vehemently, to Zordon's surprise.


"It's not fair, Zordon!" Tommy exploded. "Kim has barely recovered from
Zedd's last scheme to destroy us. He nearly succeeded with all the things
he forced us to face -- the things we did, the emotions . . . we both agreed
that we weren't ready for sex. It was something we wanted for the future,
but now Zedd's taken that away from us, too. We do it, or Kim dies."

"I am sorry, Tommy, but there is more disturbing news."

"How much worse can this get?"

"Kimberly's cure may also rob you of your Ninja powers."

"Our powers? How?"

"'I am Ninja, pure of body . . . .' By engaging in sexual intercourse, you
will be losing your purity of body. Carnal knowledge has a disruptive effect
on the flow of the powers; that was one of the reason teenagers were more
suited to receive the power coins than adults."

"That's a risk we'll have to take. What will being a Ranger be worth if I
let Kim die?" Tommy asked rhetorically. "Does Kim know about any of this?"

"No, I have not yet spoken to her."

"If you don't mind, I'd rather be the one to tell her."

"That would probably be best. Along with the sedative, I have given Kimberly
a contraceptive as you will not be able to use a condom. Her body will
require your seminal fluid to aid in the cure. Even so, I cannot guarantee
that it will be 100% effective. If Kimberly does conceive a child, it will
end her days as a Power Ranger. I will not allow her to put the child's life
at risk."

"She may not be able to be a Ranger after this regardless of whether or not
she becomes pregnant," Tommy said bitterly. "Zedd's really done it to us
this time."

Tommy's emotions were in turmoil as he made his way back to the infirmary.
There was no question that he would provide the help Kimberly needed. It was
that he had wanted their first time to be special, something they wanted for
themselves -- not a matter of life and death forced on them by Zedd and Rita.

He paused in the doorway, observing his friends. They were as concerned
about Kim as he was. What was he going to say to them? They would want to
know. They had a right to know. Zordon would tell them. Tommy sighed. He
and Kim wouldn't even have the luxury of privacy. That was the hard part; it
was almost as if their souls had been laid bare for everyone to see. The
others knew what had happened to them in Zedd's citadel, maybe not all the
details but enough. They would know about this too. Tommy was comfortable
with displaying his emotions around his friends, but his sex life was a
different matter.

Kimberly moaned softly and began tossing and turning.

"The sedative is wearing off, and her fever is still climbing, reaching
dangerous levels," Billy noted, his concern undisguised as he monitored the
scanners. "Alpha, can her body sustain a second dosage of the sedative so

Poor Billy, Tommy mused. He probably feels almost as awful as I do -- being
helpless to do anything but watch Kim suffer. All that scientific knowledge,
and it won't help her at all. Thinking of Billy's pain helped put his own
in perspective. Billy loved Kim in his own way just as much as he did; how
would he feel if he had to stand by and watch as his oldest friend lay dying
and he couldn't ease her suffering? Really, all of them held Kim in a
special place in their hearts: comrade-in-arms, sister, friend, lover. Some
of the tension eased from Tommy's knotted muscles, but his expression was
still grave as he approached the group.

"Tommy, what is it? Was Zordon able to find a way to save her?" Billy asked.
Tommy's anguished expression unnerved him.

"There's a way to save her, but . . . ." Tommy couldn't continue for a
moment. He really should be the one to tell them, not Zordon; however, the
words wouldn't come. He owed it to Kimberly to tell her first. The others
were waiting for him to continue, anxiety written on their faces.

"Guys, can you give me some time alone with Kim? I've got to talk to her
about this." His unease and embarrassment were obvious. He hated being so
evasive. His eyes pleaded with an intensity he dared not voice.

"Sure, Tommy," Rocky said.

"Hang in there, Tommy," Adam said as he took his leave.

"Kim will pull through; she has to," Aisha whispered fiercely.

"Just remember, we're here for you," Billy reminded him, holding back until
the others were gone. "You don't have to face this alone. We'll help any
way you need us to."

"Thanks, Billy, but I definitely have to do this myself."

"If you want to talk . . . ."

"Yeah, it's not like we can go see a therapist," Tommy joked weakly,
recalling Billy's words from their talk six months ago. "Go on, Zordon will
tell you what's going on." Before he left, Billy did something rather
unexpected but not unappreciated: he gave his friend a hug.

Now that he and Kim were alone, Tommy felt the knot in his stomach get
bigger. He was really nervous! After all they had been through, the
thought of finally consummating their relationship shouldn't have been
so frightening, but then, most of their more intimate moments had either
been out of their control or all in their minds.

Tommy hated to disturb Kim; she was resting quietly again. He reached for
her hand. It was slick with perspiration and burned with her unnatural
fever. He put his hand over her heart; it was racing like a frightened
rabbit's. Tommy realized that her hospital gown was soaking wet. He
unfastened it and pulled it off her, thinking to get her a fresh one. He
drew the sheet up to cover her when he paused.

This was the first time he had ever seen Kimberly naked. He had seen her
unclothed in their fantasies -- what he imagined her to look like and what
she perceived as her self-image. The reality was so much more exciting; he
didn't know what to look at first. He hadn't anticipated that she would
look so soft and feminine and at the same time look so strong. She was tiny
and fragile, and yet she wasn't. The line of her body was just perfect; it
was all he could to do to keep from reaching out and running his hand down
her body. From the delicate curve of her neck to her graceful collar
bones . . . . Her breasts were fuller than he had expected; their softness
was so inviting he ached to touch them. He had known they were soft; he
touched them before -- briefly, but it was so much more . . . the words
failed him. He wanted to fit those soft mounds to his hands, knowing they
would fill his grasp charmingly. Her rosy nipples were hard and firm; his
mouth watered thinking about tasting one of them.

From the swell of her bosom, his eyes followed her body down her smooth
abdomen to her belly button which always seemed to tease him as it peeked
out over her shorts. His gaze traveled lower, tracing the gentle curve of
her hips. A lump formed in his throat as he gazed at the mass of light
brown curls which spilled over . . . her legs, slightly parted . . . her
thighs . . . the definition of her muscles . . . .

"Oh, wow!" Tommy sighed, shaking himself free of the spell of the moment. He
pulled the sheet up over Kim and self-consciously adjusted the bulge in his
pajama bottoms. He felt a fire equal to that which raged in Kimberly's body
coursing through his veins. Was this how Kim felt the first time she had
seen him naked -- this sense of breathlessness, this nigh uncontrollable
desire to reach out and touch . . . taste . . . caress . . .
explore . . . ? "Man, are you beautiful."

"Thank you," Kim responded softly. The cold kiss of the air in the infirmary
had roused her. She opened her eyes to find Tommy staring at her in
wonderment. She liked the way his eyes had shone as he looked at her; she
hadn't wanted the moment to end. She sat up, clutching the sheet to her
bosom. Tommy blushed and looked away, unable to meet her eyes.

"Tommy," she began softly as she reached for his hand. "Did you really like
what you saw?" Tommy nodded, not trusting his voice. "I'm glad; I've always
wanted you to see me for real and not just in our dreams."

"Kim, Zordon has figured out what's wrong with you," Tommy began with
difficulty. His throat was so dry he could scarcely speak. "He's found a
cure . . . ."

". . . but it requires us to have sex. I know, Tommy."

"You do?" Tommy was ashamed of the relief he felt for not having to explain
what needed to be done.

"I think part of me has known ever since the arrow first pierced me," she
explained. "I didn't want to believe it; I refused to believe that Zedd was
going to force me again . . . I refused to let him! But, I was fighting a
losing battle. I tried to find the solution on my own, but masturbating only
made things worse. I tried fantasizing -- that dream you intercepted -- it
was so wild, so out of control that finally I had to block it all out. I
couldn't deal with it any more. I knew it was only a matter of time. I was
just barely hanging on by my fingernails when Zedd mind blasted me this

"Why didn't you say something?" Tommy gasped.

"I was too angry and embarrassed," Kim admitted reluctantly. "I didn't want
to give in to Zedd, not without a fight. I thought I was strong enough to
resist; I was wrong. Now, I'm going to die."

"I'm not going to let that happen," Tommy said fiercely. He threw his arms
around Kim's quivering body. She started to cry.

"Whenever I'd think about us finally making love, I envisioned it as being
sweet and tender, romantic," she confessed. "It won't be like that; it'll be
more like my dream."

"I'll be as gentle as I can," Tommy promised.

"It's not you I'm worried about. Losing control like that scares the hell
out of me! It'll be like being under Zedd's spell all over again, being
forced to do things I don't want to do. What about our powers? We'll lose
them if we.."

"Zordon warned me about that," Tommy assured her. "It's a risk we'll have to

"Tommy, no! I know what being a Ranger means to you. I remember how
devastated you were when Rita first stole your powers. I couldn't ask you
to give them up for my sake."

"It's a sacrifice I'm willing to make. You mean more to me than anything
else. I nearly lost you once to Zedd's spells; I won't lose you again."

* * *

"Turn the viewing globe off, Zordon," Billy said at last, feeling uneasy
about having witnessed what was supposed to have been a private moment for
Kimberly and Tommy. Zordon had given them the scientific explanation for
Kim's problem, but when it came time to explain the remedy, he had tuned to
Tommy and Kim at the point where Tommy first began to tell Kim what was

"Why did you have us watch that?" Adam wondered. "I feel like a peeping

"Their words and actions illustrated the gravity of the situation far better
than my analysis could. Also, Tommy felt it was his duty to tell you, once
he had discussed the matter with Kimberly," Zordon said.

"You mean all he has to do is have sex with her to make her better?" Rocky
questioned. "Most guys would jump at a chance like that. Why are they
acting like it's the end of the world?"

"You dunce," Aisha said sharply, elbowing him.

"Quit hitting me!"

"Quit acting like a dope."

"You heard Kimberly; this is just like what happened back in Zedd's citadel.
Zedd has taken away their free will," Billy explained. He swore softly.
"They've barely gotten over the last time, and now this . . . !"

"Could they really lose their powers?" Adam inquired.

"Teenagers were selected to receive the power because of their purity of
body. Carnal knowledge has an adverse effect on the flow of power. However,
I have never had Rangers as powerful as you six. Having attained Ninja
powers, your powers come from within as much as from your power coins,"
Zordon replied.

"Perhaps there will only be a slight decrease in their powers," Adam said

"Why don't we return to our homes and give them some privacy," Billy
suggested. "It's the least we can do."


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