Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Destruction Of The Pink Ranger Part 4
by Cheryl Roberts (mf)

Tommy sat on the exam table holding Kim and stroking her hair. Her body was
hot to the touch, yet she shivered as if cold. He was waiting. She had yet
to accept what he offered her. He didn't want to press her, but he had the
sense that she didn't have a lot of time.

"Kim?" he prompted. She looked up at him bleakly.

"I don't want to do this, but I don't want to die either," she finally
admitted. Tommy kissed the top of her head.

"It'll be all right," he said reassuringly. He hopped down from the exam
couch, and under Kim's bewildered gaze, began pulling the pillows and
cushions off the other beds.

"What are you doing?"

"The beds are too narrow for both of us," he pointed out as he tossed the
bedding on the floor. "I'm just trying to make the best of this." He
arranged them as best he could into a comfortable circle. Then, he looked
back at Kim and smiled sheepishly. "It's not exactly what either of us
envisioned in our fantasies, but it'll do. Hey, Kim, don't . . . ." He
hurried back to the bed as new tears formed in Kim's eyes.

"I'm sorry; it's just that I'm really scared," Kim murmured, wiping her eyes.
"It's taking everything I have not to rip your clothes off and jump you right
now. I'm afraid of letting go."

"You're not going to be able to hold back forever; you have to let go sooner
or later."

"I know."

"If it helps any, I'm kind of scared too."

"You are?"

"Just like I was the first time I asked you out. I mean, playing around in a
fantasy is one thing, but this is for real. I just want to make it good for
you in spite of everything."

"Oh God, Tommy, I don't even know where to start."

"Why don't we try to get you to relax a little," Tommy suggested. He lifted
Kimberly off the bed then knelt down on the assorted cushions and held his
hand out to her in invitation. Tentatively, she accepted it and stepped onto
the bedding with him. She started to remove the top sheet that she had
wrapped around herself, but Tommy bid her to stop. "There'll be plenty of
time for that later. Right now, I want you to close your eyes and listen to
the sound of my voice. Let your mind drift." Tommy began by massaging her
temples while he softly chanted a meditation mantra. It was one he had
learned from his sensei; he had always found it helpful in finding inner

Kim did as Tommy requested, closing her eyes and listening to his voice. She
loved his voice, so rich and gentle. It made her think of his eyes -- warm
and brown, kind, soothing. She let herself be wrapped in the soft, velvety
tones and was transported beyond her aching, fevered body. She found herself
surrounded by amber light which warmed her, and she felt something caress her
skin. It was cool and satiny smooth; it both aroused and relaxed. Kim felt
her muscles tighten in anticipation.

"Easy, Kim. Just relax." Tommy's voice floated to her as if from a distance.

"What is that? Is it satin?"

"Sure. Let it soothe the tension in your body."

The cloth fluttered across her skin like the whisper of a breeze. Its silken
kiss felt so good. Kim tried to picture the material; it was warm and brown,
like Tommy's eyes. Kim smiled indulgently and let herself melt into the
cushions, losing herself in a fantasy of warm light and chocolate caresses.
For fantasy it was.

In the cold, harsh glare of the infirmary lights, Tommy knelt beside Kim
continuing his chanting as he expanded his massage. The silken cloth was
only his fingers lightly brushing her hot flesh. He smiled as he perceived
her fantasy. It was better for the moment if she did not associate the
sensations she was experiencing with what he was doing. Perhaps in that
way, she would remain calmer and in control longer, maybe even enjoy some
of what was to come. He smoothed his hands over her shoulders and down her
sheet covered chest; he thought it best if he didn't start on her bare
flesh right away. He wanted to take his time with her, and he knew if he
saw her naked again, he wouldn't be able to hold back. His hand slid down
her hips, and he folded the sheet back to gently rub her legs. Even with
the safety of the sheet, he was becoming quite aroused, and so was she as
was evident by the wet spot on the sheet where it had become wedged between
her legs.

While Kim reveled in her vision of satin, Tommy stripped off his pajamas
and underwear, which he immediately regretted. It was freezing in the
infirmary. He glanced up at the control consoles and frowned. He should
have thought to ask Billy what was what before he had left. Sighing
exasperatedly, Tommy unfastened his communicator and then smiled as the
solution hit him.

"Alpha," he whispered into the transceiver, "do me a favor. Dim the lights
and turn up the heat in the infirmary. Thanks." He signed off before Alpha
could acknowledge, but shortly thereafter the lights faded almost to black.

"Mm!" Kim purred, drawing Tommy's attention back to her.

"How did that feel, Princess?"


"Would you like to feel some more wonderfulness?"

"Uh huh!"

Tommy sat back to think, at a loss as to what to do next. What were some
of the things he had fantasized about doing to her? What were some of the
things she had wanted him to do to her? He had to be careful. In her
present mood, Kim was teetering on the brink; it wouldn't take much for her
to lose control. What was something Kim really liked? Thinking to continue
the massage, Tommy gently urged her to roll over.

As Kim did so, her sheet came loose. Tommy started to replace it but
stopped, gazing on her gorgeous behind. Her back arched just right, swelling
into the curve of her ass, which rounded nicely into the tops of her thighs.
Her cheeks were a creamy color, and Tommy wanted to reach out and touch them.
He wondered if they felt as soft as they looked. Tommy sat back, closed his
eyes, and took a deep breath. Kim wasn't the only one having a difficult
time trying to stay in control. It was all he could do to keep from running
his tongue down her spine and the crack of her ass.

Not yet, he schooled himself. Give Kim a little more time to try and enjoy
what she can. Tommy knew if he touched her, there would be no stopping him,
but he had an idea.

She really got off on my hair!

Tommy shook his hair down, then he bent his head over her back until his hair
brushed her skin. He carefully drew it across her shoulders and down her
spine. He squeezed his eyes shut as he dusted the strands across her ass.

"Oh! what's that?" Kim gasped as Tommy continued teasing her with his hair.
He brushed his way down her legs then back up again. "It's so incredibly

"What do you want it to be?"

"I don't care; just do it some more." As Tommy started another pass, Kim
rolled over. Suddenly, millimeters were all that separated him from her
heaving breasts. It took all his self-control for him to hold back and
let his hair do the work. Kim moaned deeply and stretched out. It was
a devastatingly sinuous move. It was more than Tommy could bear.

"I want you to imagine that you're laying naked on the sand at the beach.
You're near the water's edge, and the warm water is gently washing over you.
There's a breeze blowing across your body . . . ." he prompted as he blew
gently across her skin. She shivered in delight. Beginning with her toes,
Tommy licked his way up her left leg, then repeated the procedure with her
right. He paused as he ventured up her inner thighs; he inhaled deeply of
the scent of her sex. He couldn't wait to taste her, but that would come
shortly. Kim gave a whimper as the "waves" ceased lapping at her body, so
Tommy resumed the tongue bath. His tongue left a trail of wetness up her
stomach and between her breasts.

Her breasts were Tommy's undoing. He had taken a quick taste and found that
it wasn't enough. He leisurely licked the soft mound and teased her nipple
with his tongue. He delighted in the feel of her hardness as it swelled
against his tongue. A tremor shook her body as he closed his mouth over her
other breast to repeat the procedure.

"The flames, Tommy . . . ." Kim whimpered suddenly. Tommy became aware of
the heat and tension in her body.

"There are no flames, Kim; just waves," he said, trying to reinforce the
fantasy. "Only waves that make you feel good."

"The waves are on fire," Kim murmured.

Tommy heard the edge in her voice and wanted to kick himself for rushing
things. If he could somehow blunt the edge of her desire . . . . Tommy
slid his hands over her still glistening breasts, down her taut, heaving
abdomen to her hips which were grinding out her need, slowly at first then
with greater urgency. Tommy positioned himself between her legs. He could
feel them tremble as he parted her thighs. He lightly ran his finger along
the swollen, fleshy lips. His fingers remembered her pussy, but this was a
new sight for his eyes. He examined her slit with a mixture of puzzlement,
excitement, and hunger. His finger sought out the knob of her clitoris and
slowly encircled it.

"Tommy!" Kim yelped, throwing herself up off the cushions, her hips thrusting
forward in desperation. Tommy inserted a finger into her vagina. He gasped
as her muscles contracted. So hot! So tight! He couldn't wait to bury his
cock inside her. Kim began working herself against his digit, whimpering and
moaning in frustration. Tommy finally had to pull his finger free; it was
covered with Kim's juices. Curious, Tommy slipped it into his mouth. The
results were inconclusive; he'd have to try a taste directly from the source.
He lowered his mouth to her pussy and gave an experimental lick.

"Yes!" Kim all but growled as his tongue swirled around her clit and danced
along the length of her slit. All pretense at fantasy was gone. The only
thing that mattered was the pleasure bubbling within her like molten lava
just waiting to erupt. Kim had never experienced anything that felt so good.
Tommy's tongue between her legs was so soft and warm. It touched her in all
the right places it seemed. She couldn't get enough of it. She pressed
Tommy's face deeper. She bucked her hips, grinding herself against his chin.
She was so close! Why couldn't he lick faster, harder? It was almost too
much for her to take.

The fire was burning hotter, coming closer. It threatened to consume her.
In the midst of the inferno was another fire that seemed to obliterate
everything it touched. It didn't hurt. It felt good -- too good. Kim
reached out to embrace it; it was beating back the black fire which licked
at her body. It felt so good, and it kept growing and growing . . . .

Tommy concentrated on eating Kim out, his tongue trying not to lose one drop
of her succulent juices. Even so, he was aware of the changes in her body,
its greater need. She was writhing so frenetically, he had to grab her ass
and hold on for dear life as she rode his face. He could see the fire in
her mind, see the pleasure as it drove back the pain. He licked harder and
faster, and Kim responded. The fiery field in her mind exploded in a shower
of white hot flames, and her body thrashed about as her orgasm hit. She
screamed. She cried. She laughed as her body was awash with ecstasy. Her
legs clamped tightly about his head as the waves of pleasure crashed through

"Ohgodohgodohgod," she gasped between sobs as the intensity of the moment
began to ebb. She released her grip on Tommy. He came up for air, wiping
her come from his chin, which sent a shiver running through her. Tommy
smiled broadly. For a moment, Kim was disoriented, almost lightheaded; when
she regained her equilibrium she realized that Tommy was naked and sporting
a raging hard-on.

"Man, that was fantastic," he murmured appreciatively.

"It felt pretty good . . . ugh!" Kim doubled over.

The black flames were back, hotter than before. Tommy could almost see
them dancing in her eyes. He hadn't blunted the edge of her desire; he had
provoked it. Slow and easy wasn't going to work, at least not at first.

"It hurts even more, Tommy," Kim moaned.

"I know; I thought we could take it easy, but we can't. You're too far gone.
Kim, you're going to have to let go and do whatever you have to until we can
beat this back."

"It felt so good when you touched me," Kim said thickly.

"It felt good to touch you finally," he confessed.

"And when I came, the flames went away for a little while."

"We have to keep at it until those flames are extinguished."

"You really want me to let go?"

"You have to. It'll be all right. Don't be scared. You take what you need;
I'll give you whatever I can."

Kim sat crouched across from him; Tommy stared at her intently. She bowed
her head, and Tommy could see her body relax. He hadn't realized how
desperately she had been fighting back the tide of the fire raging within
her. A tremor rippled through her. When she looked back up at him, he
barely recognized her. Her eyes were alight with a fiery, passionate hunger.
The tortured expression was gone, replaced by predatory lust. It was enough
to send chills down his spine.

"I want you now," Kim growled as she crawled over to him. She pounced on
him, flattening him on the cushions. She drew her hands down his body, her
fingernails leaving faint red trails. Her eyes were completely glazed over
with her need. She sought out those areas of his body that she knew would
bring him pleasure once stimulated. She roughly licked his nipples. She
chewed on his earlobes. She forced her tongue deep into his mouth. However,
she quickly dispensed with these other diversions and settled her gaze on his
throbbing cock.

It was Tommy's turn to whimper as her hands roughly handled his shaft. The
whimper became a moan as Kim licked her lips as she fondled his cock. She
was seemingly mesmerized by the way it pulsed in her hand. With surprising
ferocity, she sucked him deep into her throat. Her tongue and teeth attacked
his cock, driving him wild. It was a savage blow job, and Tommy was helpless
to do anything but enjoy it. It had been six long months since he had felt
the wonders of her mouth. Her mouth and tongue were better than he
remembered them. His body was alight with his own fiery lust. He wanted her
as desperately as he had when she danced for him.

Kim tore her mouth away from his cock. The urge to suck him dry was almost
overpowering. She had a better use for his cock. Still, she lavishly
caressed her face with his tool, licking and kissing it. His sigh of regret
matched her own as she slid her body along his. She stared at him, holding
his gaze with hers. She was past regret for what was to come; the only
feeling she had room for was her hunger for Tommy's body. She straddled his
hips, rubbing his cock against her burning cunt. How she wanted him! The
fire roared within her deafeningly. She put her hands over her ears and
squeezed her eyelids shut as if to somehow block it out. She couldn't take
it any more!

Kim grabbed Tommy's face and devoured his mouth. Meanwhile, her fingers lost
themselves in his beautiful, long hair.

"I need your cock in me now," she groaned, coming up from the kiss. As she
looked in his eyes, she saw her fear reflected back at her. "God, I want to
fuck you!"

"Do it," Tommy gasped, his body also poised on the brink of the fire. Kim
reached for his cock, holding it steady, the head resting at the entrance to
her vagina. She all but impaled herself, coming down hard, shrieking with
joy and agony.

As his cock disappeared into Kim's body, Tommy's mind was filled with the
image of a white hot knife ripping through his body. The pain was sharp but
quickly replaced by the scorching heat of desire. These were Kim's feelings
and images as his cock tore through her maidenhead. As for his own feelings,
he had never experienced anything so tight, so soft, or so hot and wet. Her
body closed around him like a glove. It was awesome, and he damn near shot
his load right then and there. As Kim began riding his cock, it reminded
Tommy of her mouth only a thousand times more intense.

He gasped and opened his eyes. Kim's eyes were tightly shut, and her
expression was an exquisite mixture of agony and ecstasy. He was held
spellbound as he watched her work herself up and down his cock. He could
feel her pleasure and pain at the back of his mind, and a little knife of
guilt stabbed at him. The only sensation he was aware of was how incredible
her pussy felt wrapped around his cock. Her every movement sent sweet fire
racing through his body. There was no pain, only pleasure. Watching his
rod slip in and out of her hot hole, watching as her body undulated as she
rode him -- the way her abdomen rippled, the way her breasts bounced --
watching her head bob up and down and the way her hair whipped about wildly
all had Tommy moaning in unrestrained delight. It was almost too much for
him. He wouldn't be able to hold out for very long. Already he could feel
the tightening in his balls. He could almost feel the come rising in his
cock. He needed to get Kim off again, and quickly.

"That's it, Kim," he said between gasps. She was riding him hard, but she
wasn't even close. There had to be something he could do to spur her on,
then he recalled how much it had excited him when she had talked dirty to
him back when she had been the Power Slut. He wondered if that might work,
but he had never talked to any one like that in his life.

"Ride me hard," he urged as he thrust his hips to meet her bottom. "You want
to come, don't you Kim?"

"Uh huh," she moaned.

"Then fuck me," Tommy commanded. The words came so easily, and there was
something deliciously liberating in talking to her like this. He had to
keep pushing her, get her over the edge before he lost it too. "Harder,
Kim; fuck me harder. You know you want to. I can feel your tight little
pussy squeezing me. Squeeze every last drop of come out of my cock, Kim."
She was starting to work him harder, literally bouncing on his pole. Tommy
held her ass cheeks and helped as much as he could.

"You're so close. I bet you could come if I played with your tits, but I
can't reach them. Play with your tits for me, Kim. Fondle them. Squeeze
them. Pinch those hard little nipples. That's it. Roll them between your
fingers." To Tommy's absolute astonishment, she did as he asked. He hadn't
thought she would. It was mind blowing to see her play with herself. He
swallowed hard as Kim tugged at her nipples; her expression was awesome:
ravenously hungry and positively euphoric. Kim was really getting into what
she was doing. She was moaning loudly, gasping for breath. Her vagina's
grip on his cock was almost painful. Another few strokes, and he'd lose it.

"Fuck me harder, Kim. Slam that pussy of yours into my hips. Grind me but
good! Man, that feels awesome. You want to come, don't you?"


"You want to fuck me, don't you?"


"You want me to fuck you."

"Oh, yes!"

"Say it, Kim. Beg me to fuck you; beg me to make you come."

"Please, Tommy! I'm so close. Fuck me, Tommy; fuck me hard!" Kim all but
growled. She was delirious with her need to come, but her body was losing

"Good girl, Kim. A little more. Your clit's begging to be played with,
isn't it?"

"Uh huh."

"Play with your clit for me. I want to see you play with yourself while I
fuck you."

Kim's hand slid between her legs and found her pleasure button. She began
working it hard, and Tommy lost it. His body spasmed as he filled Kim's
vagina with his semen. His body rocked underneath Kim's gyrating form. Her
building moans were almost lost in his shouts. It was the most intense
orgasm Tommy had ever had. His whole body quivered as the last of his come
pumped forth. He all but collapsed on the cushions. His hair was plastered
to his face with sweat; he brushed it out of his eyes. Kim was still playing
with herself. His softening cock was forced out of her pussy by the pressure
exerted by those velvety walls. Kim stopped bouncing suddenly. She knelt
up. Her muscles tensed, and her back arched. She opened her mouth as if to
say something, but all that came out was a soundless scream. Her hand
furiously worked her clit as her body shook with her orgasm. She humped her
hand, and her head thrashed from side to side as the last of the wave of
ecstasy dissipated.

Breathing heavily, Kim knelt above Tommy, looking down at him. She appeared
as exhausted as he felt. Her body was drenched in sweat; her hair stuck to
her body as Tommy's had stuck to his. Her limbs still trembled, but her eyes
were no longer as wild. She looked lost.

"Tommy?" she murmured weakly

"It's over for now, Kim," he said heavily. At his words, her body went limp,
and she collapsed on top of him.


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