Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Destruction Of The Pink Ranger Part 6
by Cheryl Roberts (grope)

"Curse that infernal do-gooder Zordon!" Zedd fumed.

"What's eating you now?" Rita asked boredly.

"He's surrounded the Command Center with a signal scrambler; I can't pierce
it to see what those Power Brats are doing."

"Kim and Tommy? Why do you want to see what they're doing?"

"You can't appreciate the exquisite torment they must be going through as
they try to save Kimberly's precious life," Zedd murmured, practically
salivating. He did not want Rita to know of the pleasure he derived from
watching the pair's amorous activities. The thought of them fornicating
had his blood simmering, causing his visor to fog up.

"Instead of whining about not having a good view, why don't we take advantage
of the fact that they're shy two Rangers to crush those miserable pests,"
Rita suggested.

"An excellent idea, and I believe I have the perfect instrument for their
destruction!" Zedd produced one of the toys left over from Kim and Tommy's
previous stay. Rita snatched the slender, golden object and inspected it

"Is that what I think it is?" she queried. "Where did you get that?"

"Kimberly used it on Tommy during their stay here."

"You still haven't told me what that was all about."

"Later." Zedd aimed his staff at the device, using his magic to bring it to
life. "We shall send Vy-Brator to Earth to shake things up a bit!"

* * *

"They've been at it for over twenty-four hours," Rocky burst out. He, Adam
and Billy were to meet Aisha in the park, ostensibly to do homework, but none
of them could concentrate on their school work. Aisha still hadn't arrived
yet. "You'd think Kim would be cured by now."

"The spell had a month to build up force," Adam reminded him. "Something
with that much momentum behind it will not be easy to break."

"The fact that her fever had come down a few degrees and that she had
marginal control by yesterday evening is a good sign," Billy reminded them.
He was still dealing with his guilt for having watched Kimberly and Tommy.
He had relived the scene over and over in his dreams last night, leaving him
in an extraordinarily high state of hormonal agitation.

"Man, can you imagine what it must be like to have sex for twenty-four hours
straight?" Rocky continued.

"You can't even imagine what it would be like for twenty-four minutes," Adam

"My guess would be exhausting," Billy remarked. "Any strenuous physical
activity engaged in over a prolonged period of time would seriously deplete
the body's stores of energy." Rocky and Adam exchanged puzzled glances,
finding Billy unusually vebose. He only got wordy when excited or unusually

"Hey guys," Aisha called out as she wandered over.

"What's wrong, Aisha?" Adam queried, noting her troubled expression. "Have
you heard anything more on Tommy and Kim?"

"No, but we may have a bigger problem. I think my mom has found out about
us being Power Rangers."


"How . . . ?"

"Yesterday morning, she was wondering where Kim was at lunch time and was
all concerned about Kim and Tommy spending too much time together. Last
night, she didn't say two words about Kim's absence at dinner. When I
tried to bring it up, she said, 'You can't expect young people with so
much responsibility to keep regular hours. Kim will be home when she is
able.' And she hasn't said a word about the fact Kim was gone all night."

"That's too weird," Adam commented.

"Tell me about it. When Mom thought I'd gone up to bed, she went to the
family room and started digging through old newspapers and magazines.
Every one she looked through had the Power Rangers on the cover or in the

"Uh oh," Rocky muttered.

"I suggest we consult Zordon about this," Billy said. The four teleported;
however, when they arrived in the Command Center, the alarm was going off,
and everything was shaking.

"What's going on? An earthquake?" Rocky queried as he was knocked to the
floor by the vibrations. The others also had to pick themselves up.

"Lord Zedd has sent another monster," Alpha ay-yi-yied.

"Behold the viewing globe," Zordon directed. "This is Lord Zedd's latest
creation: Vy-Brator."

The Rangers looked but couldn't believe their eyes.

"No, he couldn't have . . . ."

"He didn't . . . . "

"That looks like a . . . . "

"A giant vibrator!" Rocky burst out laughing.

"That is really sick," Aisha muttered.

"This is no laughing matter," Alpha scolded Rocky.

"Alpha is correct. Vy-Brator has the power to create earthquakes. If he is
not stopped, he could very well level all of Angel Grove." Even as Zordon
spoke, Vy-Brator struck. A stamp of his foot created minor trembling. He
found a construction site, and inserted his head into one of the large
drainage pipes; the resulting tremor leveled the site. The Rangers were as
grim as their mentor, except for Rocky who was trying his best to contain
his mirth.

"What's so funny?" Adam wondered.

"Think about it. Zedd first turns Kim into Power Slut and sics her on Tommy.
Then he tries to destroy their powers by forcing them to have sex. Now he
sends a giant sex toy to destroy Angel Grove. He must not be getting any!
If Rita would put out, maybe Zedd would leave us alone!"

"That's gross!" Aisha snorted.

"Come on, guys; it's morphin' time," Billy interjected. The four quickly
transformed and teleported to the west side of the city. Vy-Brator was
working his way towards the school district.

"Ah, Power Rangers! It gives me such pleasure to see that there are only
four of you. I shall enjoy shaking your precious city down around you!"
Vy-Brator gloated.

"We'll see about that, you overgrown dildo," Rocky shouted.

"This has to be the most embarrassing monster we've ever had to fight," Adam

"What will my mother think of her daughter kicking a vibrator's butt?" Aisha
moaned as the four charged at the monster. Vy-Brator leveled them with a
touch of his golden tip to the ground.

"Thank goodness Angel Grove does not lie on a major fault line," Billy
observed. "Perhaps the zords' stabilizers will enable us to keep our

"But will Tommy and Kimberly's zords function?" Adam asked.

"Zordon can route their controls through the other zords," Billy said, "and
if that doesn't work, we'll just have to use the zords independently."

"We need Ninja Zord Power!"

* * *

"They think I'm frustrated!" Zedd fumed. Fortunately, Rita was not in the
throne room. "I'll show them frustrated." He powered up his staff and sent
a bolt of magic to Earth to make his monster grow. However, the bolt bounced
off uselessly.

"What now?" Zedd rumbled with growing annoyance. "Of course, Vy-Brator is
emitting a frequency that deflects my magic. I'll just have to do this the
old-fashioned way. Goldar!"

"Yes, master?"

"Take Rita's staff to Earth and make Vy-Brator grow. Be sure to touch him
with the staff to ensure the magic doesn't bounce off. Then help him defeat
those Power Pipsqueaks. Without the White and Pink Rangers, they should fall

"As you wish, master."

"Curse those Rangers! I don't want my wife to put out. The thought of
seeing what's under that gown of hers gives me the willies," Zedd muttered
with a shiver.

* * *

"Guys, we are getting our asses royally . . . ."

"Don't say it, Rocky!"

". . . kicked by a 335 foot vibrator."

"We could sure use Kim and Tommy's help," Adam said. "We're having enough
trouble operating the Ninja Zord without having to control the other two
zords by remote control."

"What about calling Ninjor?" Aisha asked.

"Zordon has tried, but Vy-Brator is emitting a powerful jamming signal. We
can't punch through it," Billy replied.

"Now what?"

"Let me go back to the Command Center and see if maybe Tommy and Kimberly are
finished. The sooner we know if they have their powers, the sooner we can
formulate a plan of attack."

"Don't be gone too long, Billy; we were barely hanging on with four of us,"
Aisha reminded him. Billy flashed her a thumbs up then teleported to the
Command Center.

He materialized just outside the infirmary; the door was still open. He
had forgotten to close it when he visited yesterday. As he paused in the
doorway, he removed his helmet. By the sounds of it, Kim and Tommy were
still going at it. He felt the heat in his cheeks. He waited a few moments
to see if they were close to finishing. It wasn't a long wait. He heard
their moans as they climaxed and heard their bodies hit the floor. Both
were breathing very hard. When Billy peered around the corner, they looked
exhausted and were barely moving. His heart went out to the two of them.

"Tommy?" Kim mumbled in a tiny voice.

"No more, Kim, please," Tommy begged. Billy never heard Tommy's voice sound
so desperate before. "I don't think I have anything left right now."

"I'm sorry," Kim said with a sniffle.

"Don't cry. I didn't mean to snap."

"I can't help it! I'm tired and sore; I feel filthy inside and out . . . ."

"How's your fever?"

"Fuck my fever!" Kim screamed. She buried her face in her hands and sobbed
uncontrollably. Tommy gathered her into his arms. "I'm sorry, Tommy. I
didn't mean that."

"I know. We're both pretty wasted right now."

"Just hold me for a little while, okay?"

Billy pulled back from the doorway. Finished or not, Tommy was in no shape
to fight. Billy was tempted to leave without saying anything, but they had
to know: did Tommy and Kimberly still have their powers? He was drawn back
to the door as Kimberly's tears began to subside.



"There aren't any flames. I can't feel any burning."

"Thank God!" Tommy's exclamation was almost a sob.

"Thanks, Tommy." Kim could barely keep her eyes open.

"Sh, don't mention it. You get some rest," he instructed; however, Kimberly
was already out. Tommy was tempted to leave her on the floor, but if Zordon
was going to need to do a bio-scan to determine if the spell was really
broken, she would need to be up on the exam bed. Tommy tried to gather her
up, but he didn't have the energy.

"Allow me," Billy said, announcing his presence. He had been unable to
stand by any longer. Unable to catch his breath, Tommy merely nodded. Billy
wrapped Kim up in a sheet and lifted her limp body. He laid her down on the
examination table then snatched another cover off the floor and draped it
over her.

"What's up?" Tommy queried. He was trying to get to his feet, but his legs
didn't seem to want to support him.

"Lord Zedd has sent a monster which can create earthquakes," Billy explained
as he helped Tommy up. He couldn't bring himself to tell Tommy they were
fighting a giant vibrator. "And Goldar is running amuck near the elementary
school. We could sure use the White Ranger's help -- if he's able.

"I have no idea if my powers are gone or not," Tommy said. "Man, Billy, I
don't think I could do it another time. She's literally pumped me dry."

"Do you think she's cured?"

"I hope so. If not . . . I may have to take you up on your offer to help.
She fucked me so hard . . . ." Tommy suddenly looked up and noticed Billy's
scarlet cheeks. "I'm sorry; I didn't mean to embarrass you."

"It's all right. I sort of overheard . . . I arrived as you two were
finishing," Billy stammered. He almost slipped and told Tommy about having
seen them.

"Not a pretty sight, was it?" Tommy groaned. "Come on, let's let Kim rest
and see if my powers still work."

"Do you think you can fight?"

"Right now, nothing would make me feel better than kicking Zedd's butt.
Since he's not here, I'll settle for Goldar's."

"Maybe you should get dressed first," Billy suggested tactfully. "You never
know when you might de-morph."

"Good idea."

Billy retreated to the doorway as Tommy took the satchel into the lavatory.
He was relieved for Tommy; it sounded as if he was going to make it, but
would Kimberly?


Billy glanced over at the exam bed and noticed Kimberly was sitting up. Her
eyes were open, but she did not appear to be awake. She swung her legs over
the side of the bed and hopped down. She swayed back and forth unsteadily.

"Tommy, where are you? I need you, Tommy," she murmured as she started
across the infirmary towards Billy. She bobbed and weaved drunkenly as
she walked. The sheet had come untucked and was slipping from her body,
providing Billy with an unobstructed view of her lithe, petite frame.
His throat went dry as she held her arms out towards him in supplication.

"Uh, Tommy!" Billy yelped, his voice cracking.

"Tommy, more," Kimberly begged. She threaded her arms around Billy's neck
and kissed him hard, forcing her tongue into his mouth. Billy staggered
backwards, losing his balance. He found himself grabbing Kimberly to steady
himself, but that did nothing except make him grateful (and a tiny bit
regretful) to be wearing gloves as he had his hands full of her exquisite
ass. Kim was busy devouring his neck as they crashed into the wall. Over
Kim's shoulder Billy caught a glimpse of Tommy who had emerged from the
lavatory. Billy wanted to die.

"Mm, you have a great ass," Kim purred, giggling wickedly as her hands
wandered all over his body. He tried to push her away. Suddenly, she
grabbed his buttocks and pulled his groin into her hips. As she ground her
hips against his cock, Billy shut his eyes tightly. He couldn't believe
this was happening--and in front of Tommy no less! "I want your cock in

"Kimberly, stop this, please! I'm not . . . ." Billy protested, but Kim
silenced his weak attempt with another ravenous kiss.

"That's enough, Kim," Tommy said softly. Billy opened his eyes to find Tommy
standing right behind Kimberly so that she was nearly sandwiched between the
two of them.

"But I want more," Kim pouted. Her arms fell away from Billy heavily, and
she swayed slightly.

"Later. Right now, be a good girl and go back to sleep."

"Yes, Tommy," Kim responded dreamily and she collapsed against Billy. Tommy
collected her and carried her over to the bed. In the meantime, Billy's
knees gave out. He sat down hard on the cold floor. The fire in his cheeks
burned as hot as the erection under his uniform.

"I think she was sleepwalking," Tommy said as he motioned for Billy to follow
him out of the room.

"Tommy, I . . . ." Billy tried to apologize, but the words wouldn't come out.

"Don't worry about it. You didn't do anything, and she was having a dream --
at least as far as I could tell from our link. Kim won't know what she did
when she wakes up."

"I think I'll stay in my zord until the battle redistributes my hormone
levels," Billy said. Tommy laughed and patted him on the back.

"Why don't we see if I have my powers?" Tommy and Billy exchanged worried
glances, then Tommy held up his morpher.

"White Ranger Power!"


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