Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Destruction Of The Pink Ranger Part 7
by Cheryl Roberts (no sex)

Kim awoke, feeling a sharp pain in her chest. For a moment, she didn't know
where she was. Then, the disorientation passed, and reality crashed in on
her. Hot tears scalded her cheeks as she let her anger bubble to the

Zedd had finally done it. He had won. She was alive, but there was no way
she could still have her powers after what happened in the last twenty-four
hours. And what about Tommy? What had she done to him? She recalled his
sob of relief when she finally collapsed. She remembered the exhaustion in
his eyes, though he tried hard to hide it. Her cure had extracted a terrible
toll from him.

"Damn Zedd!" she swore. She grabbed the first thing she could lay her hands
on and flung it across the room. She scattered her sheets every which-a-way,
kicked the pillows and cushions, and upended the overnight bag. All the while
she screamed and cried and swore. Her fury boiled in her veins until another
blow struck her, this time across her back. It was so strong it forced her
to her knees. There was no one in the infirmary but herself, so who had hit
her? No, not her, she realized, Tommy! She tried to calm herself long
enough to reach him through their link. The perspective was rather strange;
she couldn't see Tommy at all. There was another monster--tall and shiny.
It was battling the crippled Ninja Megafalconzord. Goldar was there too.
Pain ripped through her as Goldar's blow caught her -- rather, Tommy's head.
Tommy was fighting Goldar!

Kim's anger exploded. She snatched up her chemise, grabbed her communicator,
and teleported. She kept low as she arrived at the battle scene. The Ninja
Megafalconzord reeled as the ground quaked. It was difficult to keep her own
footing. Where was Tommy? She had to find him fast; the pain was worse the
closer she was to him. She spied Tommy and Goldar at the foot of the hill.
A bubble of happiness rose out of the dark fire of her anger as soon as she
saw Tommy. He was dressed as the White Ranger; he hadn't lost his powers
after all! But what was wrong with him? Why was he so weak?

What do you think is wrong with him? He just spent the last day fucking your
brains out to keep you alive! Of course he's going to be weak.

Kim knew what she had to do. She searched about for something to use as a
weapon, and found a discarded staff. It looked suspiciously like the one
Rita always carried. At the moment, Kim didn't care whose staff it was. She
picked it up and started down the hill as fast as her wobbly legs could carry

"Prepare to die, White Ranger!" Goldar laughed, his sword held high. Tommy
rolled clear, and as he did so 105 pounds of infuriated female slammed into
Goldar's back, flattening him. Kim somersaulted over him and came up with
the staff ready. Goldar started to rise, but she brought the ornate end of
the rod down on his head hard, knocking him silly.

"Kimberly?" Tommy queried, taken aback by her presence and the black
expression twisting her features.

"Get back to the others," she ordered him coldly. "I'll deal with Goldar."

"He'll pulverize you. What are you doing out here? Why aren't you morphed?"

"Why the hell do you think I'm not morphed!"

"Kim, I'm really . . . ."

"Don't say anything," she snapped. "I love you, Tommy, but if you don't
get your ass into the zord, I'm going to kick it from here to Zedd's dark
dimension!" Just then Tommy's communicator went off.

"Tommy, come in. If you're done with Goldar, we could really use your help
up here," Billy radioed.

"Go on," Kim urged him, her tone softening. "You were there when I needed
you most, and right now, the others need the White Ranger. Don't let them

"Kim, please, go back to the Command Center," Tommy pleaded.

"Go!" Kim reached over and activated his teleporter. Tommy was still
protesting even as he vanished in a flash of brilliant white light.

"Come on, you monkey-faced maggot," Kim glowered at Goldar as he slowly
regained his feet. "You want me, come and get me!"

"With pleasure, former Pink Ranger." Goldar raised his sword and charged.
Kimberly deflected the blow with the staff. Then, she kicked out, catching
him in the backs of the knees.

"No fair," Goldar complained as she hit him before he recovered from her last

"Fair? You want fair?" she raged, catching him in the midsection again.
"Is it fair what Zedd did to me? He's taken my innocence, my powers -- he's
stripped me of every last shred of dignity and self-respect! He's taken
everything good in my life and left me with nothing but anger and hatred!"

Meanwhile, Tommy landed in an unceremonious heap in the cockpit of the

"Tommy? What's going on?" Billy queried.

"Kim's down there facing Goldar without her powers."

"Oh no!" Aisha gasped.

"I've never seen her so angry. I think she's really lost it this time."

"Can you blame her?" Adam remarked.

"Let's polish off this oversized sex toy and get back to Kim as soon as we
can," Rocky said.

On the ground, Kimberly landed a solid kick to Goldar's groin; his knees
buckled, and he went down.

"Damn you, Goldar!" Kim ranted, punctuating her invective with another
debilitating blow to the groin. "Damn Zedd! Damn Rita! Damn Zordon! And
damn me for having anything to do with the lot of you!" Goldar was down,
unmoving, but Kimberly did not ease up.

"Rangers, you must stop Kimberly," Zordon radioed the others. "Goldar is
down; if she succeeds in killing him, Kimberly will be lost to us forever."

"We're on it, Zordon," Aisha replied.

"See if we can spot her from up here," Adam said. Billy was able to bring
her up on the monitor. The male Rangers all grimaced as Kim delivered
another telling blow.

"Remind me never to make her mad at me," Rocky joked weakly. "I almost feel
sorry for Goldar."

Tommy was unusually silent.

"Kimberly, stop it!" Billy radioed. When she didn't acknowledge, he turned
to Aisha. "Use a low level repulsor beam to separate her from Goldar then
use the tractor beam to pull her into the megazord's hand."

"Right," Aisha acknowledged. The twin beams functioned as requested, and
Kimberly was dragged kicking and screaming into the zord's grip.

"Put me down; damn it, let me go!" Kim shrieked, continuing her tantrum. She
kicked futilely at the zord's thumb. As soon as she was clear of Goldar, a
pair of tengas arrived and carted him off the battlefield. That infuriated
Kimberly further. "He got away. Now he'll be able to come back and hurt us
some more!"

While the Rangers' attention was on their comrade, Vy-Brator headbutted the
megazord. The vibrations knocked megazord to his knees, and Kim fell,
screaming, out of its hand. Fortunately she was able to land in one piece,
and she quickly regained her footing. Another tremor sent her tumbling over
to where Goldar had been downed. Kim landed on the discarded staff.

"I bet this is Rita's staff," Kim mused. "In that case, this ought to work."
Kim stomped over to where Vy-Brator was pounding on the megazord. She
stabbed the end of the staff viciously into Vy-Brator's toe. "Shrink,
you son-of-a-bitch!" Lightning crackled and enveloped the monster. It
shrank, achieving human proportions. However, Kim hit it with the staff
again, causing it to reduce down to its original form: a vibrator. Kim
tossed the staff aside and bent to retrieve the object. When she realized
what it was and where she had seen it before, she screamed and flung it away
from her with all her might.

"I can't take this any more!" she shouted, pounding the ground in her rage.

"Kimberly!" Tommy called out as he and the others emerged from the zords and
hurried towards her.

"Go away," she sobbed. "All of you. Just go away and leave me alone!" Just
then her communicator beeped. "Damn it, Zordon! that goes for you too!" Kim
hit her teleportation control and vanished before her friends could reach

"Let's get back to the Command Center fast," Tommy said, a knot forming in
his stomach.

The quintet reappeared at their base of operations just as Kimberly concluded
her heated tirade against Zordon.

" . . . and I'm sorry I ever heard of you and the Power Rangers! You can
take your damned morpher and shove it up your ass--if you have one!" Kim
flung her morpher at Zordon's energy column then teleported out of the
Command Center. Moments after she vanished, her communicator reappeared.

"Kim, no!" Tommy protested weakly. He pulled off his helmet, sank onto the
steps and buried his face in his arms.

"What's going on, Zordon? What's wrong with Kim?" Aisha wanted to know.

"Why is she so pissed?" Rocky asked.

"Tommy?" Billy crouched beside Tommy; his friend's haggard expression shook

"Both Kimberly and Tommy have been through a great deal of stress these
last few weeks. I expected some sort of emotional release, but I had not
anticipated Kimberly's anger or her violence. Of course, her reaction may
not be solely emotional. There is still a considerable amount of residue
from Zedd's spell in her system," Zordon explained.

"You mean she isn't fully cured?" Tommy asked bleakly.

"I believe so, but I cannot be certain without a full bio-scan. Any time
Zedd casts a spell on any of you, it leaves a residue behind which normally
dissipates within a matter of minutes after the effects of the spell have
worn off depending on the length of time you were under the spell's
influence. Kimberly's anger is her own, but the accompanying violence is a
by-product of the spell. However, once her anger has burned itself out,
she should return to normal."

"I can feel her anger through our link," Tommy murmured to Billy. "She's
angry, ashamed, cheated . . . she thinks she's failed me, the team . . . ."

"Get out of my head!"

"Ow!" Tommy grabbed his head, his ears ringing. To Billy's inquisitive gaze
he said, "She tried to close off her end of our link. I want to help her,
but how can I when she won't let me?"

"Let her anger burn itself out, and don't take it personally," Billy advised.

"Billy's right," Aisha added. "Kim will need you when she's calmed down.
Just be there for her when she's ready."

"And we're here for you," Billy reminded him. He felt it in the hand he had
on Tommy's shoulder--a tremor, the cracking of his armor. "Come on, you need
some rest. Then we'll have to figure out what to tell your parents about
where you've been for the last twenty-four hours."

"Speaking of parents," Aisha began, addressing Zordon. "I think my mom knows
I'm a Power Ranger. What am I going to do?"

* * *

Billy helped Tommy down to the infirmary. They were both startled to see it
in such a shambles.

"Kimberly must have commenced her tirade as soon as she woke up," Billy

"Oh man," Tommy groaned as he flopped onto the first available examination
table. "I don't know how much longer we can keep taking hits like this. I'm
really scared for Kim. We don't even know if she's cured. What if she has
a relapse? How will she handle that?"

"I admit to having serious concerns about your state of mental health as
well. You've both endured more in the last six months than most people do
in a lifetime."

"Tell me about it. Kim and I haven't really known each other all that
long -- a little over two years; I can't believe we've gotten so close so
quickly or that we'd both care so much."

"You two have been through some extraordinary experiences together that have
strengthened your attachment to one another," Billy said. "You've learned
quickly how precious love is."

"It's all happening so fast. I mean, I just turned 18; Kim will turn 18 in
four months. Where do we go from here?"

"Only you and Kimberly can answer that."

"I hate seeing her hurt so much; I wish she'd let me help."

"Hold on to those thoughts, Tommy. Keep them where Kimberly can pick up on
them. If she knows you're waiting, she'll be back," Billy advised. "Maybe
you ought to catch a nap before you head home. I have the feeling
the next few days are going to be very difficult."

* * *

Use your best judgment. Aisha repeated Zordon's words as she returned home.
It wasn't very helpful advice. Part of her really wanted to tell her mother
everything. With all that was happening to Kim and Tommy, she could use her
mother's support, but if she did take her mother into her confidence, it
wasn't just revealing her own secrets but those of her friends as well.

"Aisha, is that you?" Mrs. Campbell called out from the family room.

"Yes, Mom, sorry I'm late."

"You're father was running late, too. Dinner is on the stove; help

Until her mother mentioned food, Aisha hadn't realized how hungry she was.
She fixed herself a plate and took it with her into the family room. Her
mother was on the couch watching the news. Aisha sat on the floor near her
mother's feet. The top story of the day was the giant earthquake monster
who was repelled by the Power Rangers. There was footage of the four of
them tangling with Goldar and Vy-Brator and the White Ranger's late arrival.

"Where was the Pink Ranger?" Mrs. Campbell wondered. "The Rangers looked
like they had their hands full without being short staffed."

"She was there," Aisha murmured without even thinking. "Even without her
powers, she couldn't let the team down." A tear slipped down her cheek. "And
then she ran off. No one knows where she's gone. We don't know if Zedd's
spell is broken. We don't know if she's all right. We don't know if her
powers are gone for good . . . what good is it to have the power to save the
world when you can't help your best friend when she needs you the most?"
Aisha looked up at her mother. Nothing else needed to be said.

* * *

When Kimberly haphazardly teleported, she materialized above Indian Lake on
the north side of the city, which was much larger and a lot less popular than
the lake in the park. She dropped into the cold, murky water before she
could correct her teleportation error. Fortunately, she had not been too far
up in the air nor too far from shore. She made sure to send her communicator
back to the Command Center so the others couldn't track her. Then she had to
get herself to shore. Swimming inland helped to burn off some of her anger.
She was exhausted by the time she pulled herself onto the deserted beach near
the formation known as Stranger's Rock. It was an enormous, free standing,
wedge-shaped stone. The lake-side of the stone arched high and towards the
water; once upon a time, it might have connected with the cliff across the
lake. The city-side of the formation formed a crescent. It had once been
popular for kids to climb to the top, but not any longer.

Shivering fiercely, she sat in a huddled lump beneath the overhang
alternately swearing and crying, feeling utterly miserable. She sobbed until
she had no tears left, then she lay on the sand and stared into the grey sky
which was thick with rain clouds. The dark anger which had held her so
smotheringly was slowly dissipating, leaving her weary in body and spirit.

Not one of your brighter moments, she scolded herself. She shivered as the
wind picked up. Why didn't you think to grab something a little more
substantial to wear before tearing out of the infirmary? You'll be lucky if
you don't catch your death of cold. She stood up and tried wringing the
water out of her lingerie and her hair. She walked up and down the stretch
of sand, rubbing her arms to warm herself up.

I feel awful. How could I have said all those horrible things to Zordon
and my friends. It'd serve me right if they never wanted to see me again.

Deep down, she knew why. It was because she hurt, and she wanted to lash
out and hurt just as much as she had been. It wasn't her friends' fault
that she got nailed by Zedd's spell, and she had no one to blame but
herself for allowing her condition to become life threatening. If I hadn't
been so stubborn and overconfident . . . if only I had confided in Tommy
sooner . . . oh, poor Tommy! More than anything else, I'm sorry for what
I've put you through.

A loud crash of thunder caused her to jump. A jagged bolt of lightning
danced in the air over the lake. A large raindrop splashed against her

"Great," she muttered sourly. She had to find shelter quickly. She raced
back the way she had wandered as the heavens opened up and the deluge hit.
She made it back to Stranger's Rock before the rain became so bad she
couldn't see. She tried finding shelter under the overhang, but the wind
forced the rain into the protected area. The wind was so heavy and so wild
that even standing in the lee of the rock was no help.

"Wonderful," she muttered. Stranger's Rock sat on top of a slight rise;
there were no trees close by, no other cover of any kind. As she stood in
the cold rain, Kim recalled an old legend about a cave that was supposed
to have existed at the base of the formation. No one in recent memory had
ever seen it, so if it really did exist, someone had sealed it up a long
time ago. The base of the formation was overgrown with grasses and weeds,
still it was worth a shot. On her hands and knees, Kimberly poked and
prodded around the base of the wedge-shaped stone. She was about to give
up, when she found a small opening in the crook of the crescent. Kim
pulled the stones out and dug into the sand at the base until there was a
space large enough for her to squirm through. She crawled inside; it was
pitch black, but Kim didn't care. She collapsed on the cool, dry ground
and fell asleep.

The toll of the last several day had finally caught up with Kim. Her nap
had lasted several hours. It might have lasted several more had it not
been for a noise inside the silent cave. Kim's eyes snapped open, and she
was wide awake when she realized that there was something in the cave with
her -- and it was laying on top of her! It took all of her willpower to
keep from moving and stay calm.

Oh God, why did I send my communicator back? I'm cold, wet, hungry,
frightened, and there is something sleeping on me! Tommy! Tommy, answer
me. Please! I want to go home!

* * *

In his own bed, Tommy was sleeping fitfully. He couldn't rest. Zordon had
been unable to locate Kim once she had teleported away. Billy and Alpha had
scanned on every frequency they could. Tommy knew she couldn't be too far
away because he could still perceive the storm of Kim's emotions. Zordon had
theorized that Kim must have teleported into a null zone -- a location
naturally impervious to Zordon's sensors.

Tommy clung to the turbulence in their link like a drowning man would cling
to a life preserver. As long as he could touch Kim's mind, however slightly,
he was fairly certain that she was all right. As the hours passed, he
detected an easing of her emotional turmoil, for which he was grateful. As
her mind quieted, so did his, and he was able to get some rest.

Tommy! Tommy, answer me. Please! I want to go home!

Kim's plaintive cry woke Tommy. He glanced at the clock; it was almost
1:00 a.m.

"Kim, is that you?"

"Tommy? Thank God! I'm so sorry for everything."

"Don't worry about that now. Where are you; are you okay?"

"I'm in the cave under Stranger's Rock. I'm cold, hungry, and there's
something sleeping on me!" Tommy couldn't help but smile at the last.

"Just stay calm and stay put. I'll contact Zordon and tell him where you
are. If he can't get the teleportation signal through, I'll have him
teleport me to where you are."

"All right, I . . . hey, where'd that light come from? It reminds me of
the time ho . . . oh Lord, the thing on my stomach . . . a snake!
Tommy . . . ooh!"

Kim's mental yelp was abruptly cut off.

"Kimberly?" Tommy reached out to her with his mind and touched only
emptiness. "Kim!" Frantically he groped about in the darkness for his
communicator. "Billy come in!"

"Tommy? What's going on? It's after one o'clock," Billy responded sleepily.

"Kim's gone. She reached me through our link; we were talking, she screamed,
and then she was gone. I can't feel her mind at all!"

"Meet me at the Command Center. We'll find her Tommy. Somehow, we'll find


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