Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Destruction Of The Pink Ranger Part 11
by Cheryl Roberts (f-mast)

Thomas woke the next morning to White Lightning's whinnying. At first he
wasn't quite sure where he was. His head was humming from the dreams he had
had. He felt like the morning after smelling too much of Soaring Falcon's
pipe tobacco. Slowly, the evening's activities came back to him. Thomas
gazed down at Kim; her head was nestled comfortably against his chest, and
her soft body was pressed close to him. He felt as if he could lay there
forever with her. Then he recalled that Doc Hart was due out to change his
bandages. It wouldn't do for Doc to see them together like this.

Thomas grudgingly slipped out of Kim's embrace. She didn't even budge as he
tried to dress her in her undergarment. Being unsuccessful with that, he put
her shirt back on her. As Thomas buttoned her up, he couldn't help but take
one last caress. His descendant was sure a lucky fellow -- a thought which
stirred his guilt. What was he doing? What was he thinking? He had just
made love to another man's woman!

It wasn't his fault. Kim was the one who had jumped him, but he could have
tried a little harder to fend her off. Kim really wasn't at fault either;
she had been a victim of a fever dream. She probably wouldn't know what had
happened when she woke up. Thomas didn't want anything; he didn't want to
embarrass her, but he wanted to ask her about some of the things she'd been
saying. It sounded an awful lot like there was more going on than simply the
desire to fool around with her beau.

He checked Kim's forehead; her fever had broken. Soaring Falcon's medicine
must have worked after all. He pulled the covers up over her and let her
sleep a little longer as he got himself dressed and put breakfast on.

* * *

Kim woke up to the smell of coffee and food. She felt positively ravenous.
As she sat up, she was puzzled; the last thing she clearly remembered was
retrieving White Lightning from the schoolyard. She had no memory of
returning to the cave; White Lightning was one smart horse. She stood,
stretched, and noticed that her shirt was buttoned wrong. Thomas must have
undressed her and put her to bed, but why was she wearing only her shirt?
She had worn her chemise under her clothes yesterday, but now she was naked
under her shirt. She looked around for Thomas, but he wasn't in the cave.
Concerned, Kim went outside. Shading her eyes against the glare, she
spotted Thomas struggling to make his way back up the hillside.

"What do you think you're doing?" Kim admonished as she hurried forward to
assist him.

"How are you feeling this morning?" Thomas questioned in return. His
expression was anxious, and Kim thought the color in his cheeks was a little
high. She noticed that he had her chemise, which was soaking wet, draped
over his arm.

"I'm fine, but a little confused. What happened last night?" she queried as
she helped him back to the cave. Thomas looked decidedly uncomfortable.

"Well, when you got back from rescuing the boy, you were burning up with
fever," Thomas began.

"That bite I received . . . was it poisoned or something?"

"I think so. You were out of your mind. I gave you some herbs to try and
bring the fever down, but you kept on babbling and stuff . . . ." Thomas was
torn. How could he tell her that she had been intimate with him?

"I remember having this dream . . . wow, and what a dream! It was pretty
intense," Kim said. It had been a dream of her and Tommy making love in
Thomas' cave back in their time period. Kim noticed Thomas' discomfort and
embarrassment. "Thomas, what sort of things had I been saying in my sleep?"

"You kept calling out to Tommy, saying really personal things; I think you
thought you and he were . . . ." Thomas stammered, grateful for having an
out. If Kim thought she had been talking in her sleep, he wouldn't have to
tell her what she had done. It was Kim's turn to blush.

"I'm really sorry, Thomas. I didn't mean to embarrass you. You should have
tried to wake me up or something."

"I did, but it didn't help. Don't worry about it, Kim; it was the fever
talking." Thomas observed her gaze at her undergarment. "You had soaked it
clean through, and . . . ."

". . . and you were only trying to help. Thanks for taking care of me,

Thomas said nothing as he handed Kim a dish of oatmeal.

"I wonder if Tommy knows how to cook," Kim murmured around a spoonful of the
lumpy paste. She glanced over at Thomas who was looking rather pensive.
"What is it?"

"Could ask you something kind of personal," Thomas began.

"I don't see why not."

"It's about some of the things you were saying last night. I got the
impression that you and Tommy were being intimate but that there was more
going on. You kept asking him to make it stop hurting, and then you asked
him if he had lost his powers. How did you lose your powers? Was it
because you were intimate with your Tommy?"

"There was more to it than that," Kim answered with a sigh. She told Thomas
the story from the time she took Sagitteros' arrow to the minute she wound up
at Stranger's Rock circa 1882. Thomas took several minutes to digest the

"I'm real sorry, Kim" he said at last.

"So am I, Thomas, but there's nothing to do about it now."

"You don't even know if you're cured?"

"Not for certain, but I think I am. For a bit there while I was waiting in
the schoolyard, I thought I might be having a relapse, but it turns out it
was just the poison from that bite. I don't know what I'd do if I was to
relapse now. Zordon said that since the spell had been tailored to Tommy,
he was the one who had to have sex with me in order to provide me with the
proper hormones or whatever to counter the spell. I suppose it could have
been worse; at least I had to sleep with Tommy. The spell could have been
tailored to someone else -- like Bulk or Skull. Gross! I won't really know
if I'm cured until Zordon can run a scan on me."

"Kim, I know I'm not your Tommy and all, but if you do need that sort of help
while you're here . . . I mean, I'd sure hate to see you suffer a relapse.
I don't know if I could do any good or not, but since I seem to be a lot like
Tommy . . . ." Thomas fumbled. He couldn't meet Kim's eyes.

"Thomas, that's sweet of you," she said, kissing his cheek. "Let's hope I
don't have to take you up on your offer. I'd really hate for you to have see
that side of me, and how would I explain it to Tommy?"

"If Tommy is any thing like me, he would want you to do whatever you had to
in order to stay alive and come back to him safely," Thomas said with

"From all I can tell, Thomas, you and he are a lot alike, and not just in
appearance. I'm really lucky to have found you."

"Think nothing of it." In the awkward silence that followed, the two finished
their morning meal.

"I suppose now that you're on the mend, I should start trying to figure out
a way to let Tommy and Billy know where I'm at," Kim said at last. "Since I
no longer have my powers and my communicator, they're going to have a really
hard time of tracking me through the timestream."

"There was something else I was wondering about," Thomas interjected. "I
thought you said being intimate robbed you of your powers; if so, how is it
that you lost your powers and Tommy did not?"

"I don't know. Maybe because I was the one needing the sex and he was just
giving of himself to save me. The only thing that matters is that Tommy has
his powers; he's still a Ranger."

"What about you? I always had the feeling that you were proud of being a
Ranger, too. Won't you miss it?"

"Being a Ranger meant a lot to me, and yes, I'll miss it. It'll be hard
having to stay behind while the others go off to battle Zedd's monsters and
not being able to share the danger with Tommy. But I'll be able to help out
in other ways. Once a Ranger, always a Ranger," Kim replied. She gave a
small laugh. "We said that when Tommy lost his Green Ranger Powers and when
Jason, Zack and Trini left; I never appreciated how true it could be. I mean,
look at what I've accomplished here. I helped rescue people from a burning
store, took out a sniper and rescued Johnny from Stone Canyon Gorge -- all
without my powers. Tommy said once that it wasn't only our powers that made
us Power Rangers but who we were inside and the knowledge of what was right
and true. I still have that, and I have my gymnastic skills. I'm far from

"That's the spirit, Kim. This Zedd character may have taken your powers
away, but as long as you still believe in yourself, he will never beat you."

"You're right. If I let Zedd keep me down, he really will have won," Kim
concluded. She got to her feet, a look of determination flashing in her

"What are you going to do?" Thomas wondered.

"Take a bath."

"Excuse me?" The sudden shift of topic had Thomas completely lost.

"I am all sticky, sweaty -- I feel completely gross, and I haven't washed my
hair since Friday," Kim admitted with a grimace. "I intend to go take a soak
in the lake, relax, and think. I always did my best thinking in the shower."

"The lake is awfully cold," Thomas pointed out, "but there's a grotto not too
far down from here. It has a tiny waterfall, and the water is warm. I think
it comes from a hot spring."

"That's just what the doctor ordered!"

* * *

Kim stripped off her shirt and waded out into the cool water. She swam out
a ways and let herself float on the surface of the lake, revelling in the
feel of the sun on her face and the feel of the water gently caressing her.
After several minutes of lazing about, she went in search of Thomas' grotto.
She found it just beyond a rocky outcropping. The stones formed an archway,
and at the back of the small inlet was the cascade of water. Sometime during
the century to follow, the formation must have collapsed because there was no
inlet by the lake in her day. The water splashed down from a height of about
six feet; there was a shelf of rock at the base which had been worn smooth.

"Oh, does that feel good!" Kim sighed as she pulled herself out of the
shallow water and stood under the torrent. The temperature was perfect, and
the pulse of the cascade reminded her of the shower massager back home. She
let the water pound on her back, easing the knots in her muscles. As she
stood under the stream of water, Kim felt as if a weight had been lifted
from her shoulders. Her talk with Thomas had done her a world of good. The
despair was gone. Powers or not, she was still a Ranger; she could still
contribute to the team. It would take some getting used to, but she'd show
Zedd that he hadn't beaten her. She couldn't wait to see Tommy again to let
him know that she was going to be all right.

That wasn't the only reason she couldn't wait to see Tommy. Images from her
dream came back to her; during parts of it, she had been suffering a relapse
and was desperately in need of Tommy. However, there were other parts where
the two of them were simply making love -- slow and gentle. Thinking of
those moments sent a chill down Kimberly's spine. Remembering the feel of
his hands on her body, the way he played with her hair, his kisses, his mouth
on her breasts . . . his tongue between her legs . . . she wanted to make
love to Tommy again. She wanted to feel all those things again now that she
was cured. She had no doubt about that now; there were no more dark flames
eating at her soul. She could think of Tommy making love to her without
experiencing the hot knives. She could picture how he looked, his strong,
tanned body, his long, sexy hair . . . .

Her hands skimmed down her wet body the way she imagined Tommy's hands would
touch her. Her hands glided up over her breasts, cupping them, softly
squeezing them. She thought of the shine in Tommy's eyes as he played with
them. She gently rolled her nipples against her palms. She felt the warmth
building within her as she played with herself. It felt so good not to have
to be afraid of those sensations. In the back of her mind, she still felt a
little uncertain at the strength of her emotions. After all, she was only
seventeen; she and Tommy had shared a really powerful experience. Were they
ready for a sexual relationship? They couldn't undo what was done, but
should they continue?

That was a question she couldn't answer on her own. It could wait until she
was back. For now, all she wanted to do was fantasize. She had spent the
last six months coming to terms with her sexuality; it hadn't been easy, but
she had finally been able to accept her desires as a part of herself and not
something to be ashamed of. Knowing that Tommy shared those desires had
certainly helped. Right now, she wanted Tommy so badly that her body ached
to feel his touch.

As Kimberly stood under the spray of the waterfall, a slow smile spread
across her face. She wanted Tommy, and she could have him -- in a way. It
was the way she had had him countless times over the last six months. Kim
eased herself onto the rocks and positioned herself so that the water
splashed directly against her throbbing pussy. How many times had she sat
in the bathtub, the water pounding against her sex while imagining Tommy
between her legs? Before, she had no idea how good Tommy's mouth on her
pussy would feel; she did now, and it added a dimension to her fantasy. The
water lapped at her clit, reminding her of Tommy's tongue. She closed her
eyes and could see Tommy's face buried between her legs.

"Mm, yes, Tommy," she murmured, falling deeper into her daydream. Her back
arched as she thrust her hips at the water, trying to find a way to grind
against it. It felt so good; the water was taking her to the brink slowly,
steadily, just like Tommy's mouth.

"Make me come," she moaned as her hips continued to snap back and forth. Her
right hand played with her breasts, and her left slipped down between her
legs. She rubbed her clit harder. She could feel the orgasm coming. She
slid a finger into her vagina and began working herself into a frenzy. She
tossed her head from side to side; her torso twisted this way and that as she
writhed under the power of the water, her hands, and her fantasy. She pumped
her hips furiously in the spray, begging, sobbing for release. Her body was
as taut as a bow string. Her whimpers echoed off the rocks. The cheeks of
her ass slapped the slippery stones.

"Now, Tommy! Now!" she urged her phantom lover, and suddenly her body
exploded with her orgasm. The power of her climax rocked her body for
several minutes, and when the moment passed, she collapsed, weak as a kitten.
She lay under the spray nearly senseless. She basked in the warmth that
flooded her veins. The steady pounding of the cascade threatened to send her
hurtling to the pinnacle of pleasure a second time.

I want you so badly, Tommy Oliver, that it frightens me, but I'm never going
to run away from my feelings again. I'll find a way to let you know where I
am and how I'm doing, and when I get home, we'll get everything all worked
out. Together.

Kim rolled out from underneath the water to recover. When she had collected
herself, she dove back into the water and swam out of the inlet. She swam to
shore even though it was a ways down from Stranger's Rock and boldly walked
along the shoreline. There was no one about, and there was something
incredibly delicious in walking naked on the beach in broad daylight. The
warmth of the sun soaked through her, reaching into her bones. The kiss of
the breeze on her body was like Tommy's caresses. The whole experience was
so sensuous that Kim had a hard time keeping her hands away from her breasts
and pussy.

Kim opened her arms and spun around for sheer delight. She glanced up at
the entrance to the cave and thought she saw Thomas; strangely, she was not
bothered by the thought. Nothing could spoil her present euphoric mood. She
scampered up the sandy stretch to where she had left her shirt. As she was
getting dressed, she heard the call of a bird. She squinted up at the sky
as a majestic bird of prey swooped down towards the bluff across the lake.

A falcon, Kim mused. The bird landed and seemed to stare down at her from
its lofty perch. As she gazed up at the falcon, Kim detected the sleek,
silent form of a wolf as it approached the falcon. The wolf did not strike
at the falcon, nor did the falcon take flight in fear. The pair regarded
her in silence. As Kim continued to stare in dry-mouthed wonder, a third
animal lumbered up: a bear.

Kim ran down the slope of the beach and splashed into the water, her heart
beating wildly. She had to get a closer look. A frog . . . there had to be
a frog up there too. The appearance of those specific animals had to mean
something; they were the spirit animals of her friends. As she swam towards
the bluff, she noticed a trail that she had never seen before. It was not so
much a path but an arrangement of foot holds and hand holds.

Though not a strong swimmer, Kim crossed the narrow stretch between the two
shores quickly. Her heart was all but soaring with excitement as she began
climbing the steep face of the cliff. Her mind was not on where her hands
and feet needed to be; she was focused solely on those animals. Her heart
was filled with thoughts of her friends, and she only had eyes for the dark
brown gaze of the falcon.

At last she clambered over the edge of the cliff. Had she looked down at
herself, she would have noticed that her knees were skinned and bloody, as
were her feet and hands. Her shirt was torn, and her face was smudged with
dirt, blood, and sweat, but Kim's attention was riveted to where the animals
watched and waited. Her hand flew to her mouth, and tears stung her eyes.
With the three animals she had seen from below, there sat a frog, and
although it was but a trick of the heat, Kim could have sworn she had
glimpsed the hulking form of the ape. The only figure missing was the crane.
That didn't matter as she stepped forward; however, the animals suddenly
vanished. Kim raced forward as if to intercept them, but there was nothing
there. Kim returned to the edge of the bluff, searching the sky for any sign
of the falcon, certain that it had been real.

"Thanks you guys," Kim whispered to her friends more than a century away.
This was a sign that they were still with her, that they were still there for
her in spite of everything. As she blinked away her tears, she spotted the
falcon again. He was heading straight for her. Unconsciously, she lifted
her arm to offer it a perch. The bird flew past her. She turned and saw the
falcon land on the arm of a wizened Indian. His coppery, sun weathered skin
was lined with wrinkles. His silver grey hair hung in long braids; he
regarded her with piercing black eyes.

"Powerful friends you have," he said in a low, clear voice.

"My friends are watching out for me," she replied as she walked towards him.

"You are not One Who Seeks, though you wear his clothing," the Indian noted.

"I'm his friend." Kim assumed that he was Soaring Falcon whom Thomas had

"So I have seen. You honor his name and his cause." Soaring Falcon peered
more closely at her. "You are not a warrior but a maiden."

"Where I come from, a maiden can be a warrior."

"It must be so. Many warriors from my people have tried to climb this bluff
to find their spirit guides. Thomas Who Seeks has tried and failed many
times. Yet you have the nobility of spirit and the courageous heart to
succeed where so many others have failed."

"I wasn't looking for my spirit guide; I saw the spirit animals of my
friends. My spirit animal wasn't with them," Kim sad with a touch of
sadness. "That's okay, though. It means more to me to know that they're
still out there for me."

"Just as you are here for them. Your spirit will soar with them again."

"Thanks, Soaring Falcon."

The shaman regarded her with a curious expression. "My spirit guide, the
winged lord of the skies, told me that this day I would meet a warrior like
none I had ever seen. To this warrior I should give this." Soaring Falcon
held out a bow carved of white wood which was ornately painted. He also
presented her with a quiver of arrows. "These arrows' fletchings are special
to my people. They come from my granddaughter's namesake: a bird of great
beauty, grace and agility . . . ."

"The crane," Kim murmured in awe. Tears glistened on her cheek as she
accepted the bow from him. Then she flung her arms around the medicine man.
"Thank you!" Her display of affection took the shaman by surprise.

"For those who have touched the spirits, this bluff is a place of great
magic," he informed her. "If your heart is free of darkness and your spirit
strong, you may touch the soul of the one you seek."

"I can reach Tommy?" she asked, biting her lip nervously.

"If you truly believe, then all things are possible."

"Just to be able to tell him I'm all right and that I'm trying to get back
to him . . . Soaring Falcon, that's wonderful! What do I have to do?"

"Stand at the summit and look to your heart. It will know."

Kim scampered back to the edge of the bluff, when she turned to ask Soaring
Falcon another question, she saw that he was gone. Kim quickly dismissed the
medicine man from her thoughts. Her heart and mind had room for only one
person: Tommy. To tell him she was all right. To tell him she was sorry for
running off. To tell him she loved him and was trying to find her way back
to him. She did not doubt she could touch him; after all their minds were
linked already, a bond forged of life and death, love and pain -- all those
things that had given her nobility of spirit and a courageous heart. It
would take more than a few decades to keep her and Tommy apart. Kim stood
at the edge of the precipice with her arms outstretched. A faint breeze
ruffled her hair and her shirttails. In her mind, she cried out with all
her might, "Tommy!"

* * *

Tommy woke with a start; for a moment he didn't recall where he was. He was
surrounded by darkness, dampness, and cold. He was in a cave. Then he
remembered; he was in the cave at Stranger's Rock waiting for . . . what?
A sign? A flicker of the time hole? Anything that would bring him closer
to finding Kimberly. They had been searching for her since she disappeared
in the wee hours of Monday morning. It was Wednesday, and there was still
no sign of her.

He'd been less than useless at school, and even with Billy's monitoring
devices, Tommy felt the need to stake out the cave. Zordon and Alpha were
scanning the time stream for her bio-signature; everyone was doing all that
could be done. Still, he was determined to camp out in the cave for as
long as it took to find Kimberly. He had the feeling that something was
going to break soon.

Tommy lit the kerosene lamp he had brought and glanced at his watch. He
had been up all night and pretty much had slept the day away. There was no
sense in going back to sleep. The others would be by as soon as school was
out, so he had some time to kill. He decided to finish checking out the
contents of the footlocker. He had begun sorting through the paraphernalia
last night while he had been bored and trying to stay awake. He had found
some clothes, utensils, and some old photographs. He wondered how long the
stuff had been sitting in the cave. At the very bottom of the locker was a
book of some sort. Upon opening it, Tommy discovered that it was a journal.
The handwriting was a little difficult to decipher, but Tommy managed to
make it out.

I was never big on book learning, even though I went to school 'til the
eighth grade. I did most of my learning by wandering around and asking
those with the knowledge to teach me. I got by all right. I never thought
about keeping a record of my life; I never saw much use for it, but recently
I had an experience that taught me if I don't preserve what I know, future
generations will lose their sense of family.

I was born in 1862 in the midwest, near Indian territory. I never knew my
father; he was away fighting in the war. He never came home. My mamma died
when I was a few months old; it was scarlet fever. I have a fair idea of
what my folks looked like. Gran always said that Tad was the spitting image
of my father, and I looked like my ma. I had her Indian blood, gran said.
They were the only family I ever knew, my older brother Tad and my gran . . .

Tommy quickly became absorbed in the diary. He was so engrossed that he
didn't hear the hum of incoming teleportees. He had been correct in thinking
that something was going to break soon. However, what broke was his friends'
patience. Billy had found a way to punch the teleportation signal through
the cave's natural shielding, and he, Aisha, Adam, and Rocky, materialized in
a ring around Tommy.

"Hey guys, what's up?" Tommy asked, setting aside the diary.

"Grab him," Billy directed. The four pounced on him, each grabbing a limb.

"What's going on! Put me down!" Tommy shouted as he struggled to break free.

"All right, Alpha, teleport us out," Billy radioed. In the blink of an eye,
the quintet was taken from the cave and deposited on the shore line. Before
Tommy could wriggle free, Billy said, "Dump him." The four heaved, tossing
Tommy into the lake. Tommy quickly resurfaced, choking on the water.

"Again, Alpha, farther out," Billy requested. The teleportation ray caught
Tommy a second time, dumping him further out in the water. To the others,
Billy said, "You'd better get going. Tommy is likely to be quite angry when
he finally gets back to shore."

"All right, Billy," Rocky agreed.

"Are you sure you can handle him?" Adam wondered.

"I've got first watch," Aisha said, heading up the slope.

Billy sat down and waited for Tommy to swim ashore, and he tried to remain
unflappable in the face of Tommy's indignation.

"What has gotten into you guys!" Tommy sputtered as he thundered up to where
Billy sat. He was a towering figure of dripping wet fury, and Billy had to
bite the side of his cheek to keep from laughing.

"Look at yourself," Billy instructed him. "You've barely slept in the last
three days; you haven't eaten hardly at all, and you haven't changed clothes
since Monday. Running yourself into the ground isn't going to bring Kim back
or do us any good if we have to go rescue her. We're all concerned about
Kimberly, but worrying ourselves sick isn't going to help." Tommy realized
the truth of Billy's words and sank down in an exhausted heap.

"You're right; I'm sorry, man."

"We understand how you must feel. Things have been pretty rough for you
lately." The two sat quietly for a moment, staring out across the choppy,
grey waters.

"Billy, I think I . . . ." Tommy began awkwardly.

"Needing someone to talk to?"


"I thought you might. That's why I volunteered to be the one who greeted you
after your dunking."

"By the way, why'd you guys toss me into the lake?"

"To insure that you'd leave the cave long enough to get some dry clothes. Do
you want to change before we start?"

"I suppose I should, but considering the dream I had last night, maybe I'm
better off cold and wet," Tommy murmured.

"A dream about Kim?" Billy prompted.

"A doozie! In it, she wasn't cured yet. She had a relapse. She came to me
in the cave and jumped me but good. Afterwards, she was really afraid that
she might have caused me to lose my powers again."

"Could your dream have been an attempt by Kim to reach you through your

"I don't know, but it really scared me, Billy; we don't know if Kim was cured
or not. What if she has a relapse and I'm not there for her?"

"Judging from the length of time it took her to reach the critical stage from
the initial infection, as it were, she should be in no immediate danger."

"But what if the second time around, things happen a lot faster? I just wish
we knew where she is and how she is. I sort of wish she was back in Angel
Grove in 1880; at least we know she has access to our ancestors there."

"That was the first era we tried. Kim did not return to Angel Grove in 1880,
and even if she had, how would having access to our ancestors help her if she
was suffering a relapse?"

"Maybe my ancestor -- what'd Kim call him--the White Stranger could have
helped her out. If he looked exactly like me. . . ."

"I follow you. If he is your physical duplicate, perhaps he is your genetic
duplicate as well and would have compatible seminal fluid to assuage
Kimberly's condition," Billy concluded.

"I know it sounds weird, but if she does suffer a relapse, I'd rather she try
and get help wherever she can, even if it means she has to have sex with my
great-great-great grandfather, than risk her life by trying to wait until she
gets home."

"It's not weird; it's very understanding of you."

"I just want Kim home safe and sound."

"We'll find her, Tommy; it's just taking a little longer because she doesn't
have her communicator."

"I know."

"Is the thought of her having a relapse the only thing preying on your mind?"
Billy queried, knowing full well it wasn't.

"No, there was more to my dream than that," Tommy admitted. "In parts of it,
I was reliving some of the saner moments from Saturday and Sunday. Man,
Billy, that was incredible. When she was in control, making love to her
was . . . wow! The rest of my dream was spent fantasizing about what I want
to do to her when she gets home."

"There's nothing wrong with that."

"Don't you get it? Kim's lost somewhere in time without her powers. She
could be hurt or anything, and all I can think about is getting her into bed
again!" Tommy said bitterly.

"Tommy, being preoccupied with sex goes hand in hand with being a teenager.
It doesn't mean you aren't concerned about Kimberly's well-being; your
actions these past three days clearly demonstrate that you are deeply
concerned. You and Kimberly shared a very intense experience, and you
haven't had the opportunity to work things out between yourselves, much like
what happened six months ago."

"You saw how angry Kim was when she stormed off. She may not want to have
anything to do with me. I mean, we had sex to save her life; for a while,
things were pretty painful for her, but for me . . . ."

"You couldn't help but enjoy what you were doing, and you feel guilty about
it," Billy said. "From what I observed, during the saner moments, Kimberly
seemed to derive just as much enjoyment out of what you two were doing."
Billy winced inwardly at his faux pas. He still hadn't told Tommy he had
watched him and Kimberly making love. Tommy didn't say anything but cocked
an eyebrow at him, and Billy hastened to explain further. "Well, when she
was pursuing me as part of her somnambulant state, she seemed to take a
great deal of pleasure in her activities."

"Yeah, she did go after you hot and heavy," Tommy remarked with a grin. At
the time, he had been rather amused by the scene and more than a little
aroused. "That was pretty powerful."

"Indeed, she merely established a purchase on my bottom and kissed me, and
I was so aroused that my vision was momentarily skewed," Billy confessed.
He took a deep breath to steady himself, a pause that did not go unnoticed
by Tommy.

Tommy sympathized with Billy; he would have been more surprised if Billy
hadn't been aroused by Kim's coming on to him. It was his own reaction to
the scene that Tommy had to consider. If Billy's embarrassment and distress
hadn't been so painfully obvious, Tommy wouldn't have stopped Kim. He had
enjoyed watching Kim as she attacked Billy. It had been as exciting as
anything he and Kim had done together. Tommy wasn't sure he was comfortable
with that or not, but he knew he'd love to see it again.

"I wonder what Kim would have done if I hadn't stopped her," Tommy mused
aloud, more to himself than to Billy.

"I have found myself pondering that same question," Billy murmured as he
tried to rein in his rampaging hormones.

"We'll probably never know."

It was Billy's turn to experience amazement at Tommy's comment. Billy wasn't
quite sure what emotion he would have ascribed to Tommy, but he definitely
had not expected the tone of regret. Tommy sounded almost as disappointed as
Billy felt.

"You know," Tommy continued, shying away from the more difficult topic, "I
wish Kim hadn't taken that arrow for me. Look what her sacrifice has cost
her: her virginity, her powers, and who knows what else. All she's had for
the last month is pain and suffering that should have been mine. It would
have been better if Sagitteros' arrow had hit the right target."

"No it wouldn't; your troubles would only be greater."

"What do you mean?"

"Say that the arrow had struck its intended target. You would have fought
the effects as long and as hard as Kimberly did, and you wouldn't have said
anything to anyone else either. Unlike Kimberly, I suspect you may not have
been restricted to a single individual for relief; however, upon hearing what
was required to save you, Kimberly wouldn't have let you seek assistance
elsewhere. She would have given of herself as unstintingly and as gladly as
you had. After a month build up, your intercourse with Kimberly would have
been just as frenzied and out of control as it already was but with more
disturbing consequences. Consider Kimberly as the aggressor. Her primal
lust fueled her strength, but was she capable of seriously hurting you even
at her most uncontrollable stage?"

"You saw the way she took Goldar down."

"She had more than aggravated lust behind her at that point. She had rage
and a host of darker emotions fueling her adrenalin rush. Did she at any
time hurt you while you were having sex? Did you ever feel as if she would
hurt you?"

"No. She got a little rough but nothing I couldn't handle."

"What of your feelings about the way she went at you? Did you feel used or

"No, Kim needed me. What she took, I gave freely."

"She would have offered you that same generosity, but the first time you hurt
her . . . ."

"I couldn't hurt her!" Tommy protested.

"Yes, you could, by virtue of simple biology. You're bigger and stronger
than she is. If you had been as wild as she was, your superior size and
strength would have been no match for her." Billy could see that Tommy was
not convinced. He took a deep breath and steeled himself for what he had
to say next. "When I dropped off the food and clothing . . . I saw you
guys make love. I saw Kimberly lose control after she had come and you
hadn't. Her eyes reminded me of a wild animal's, and the way she was
growling and baiting you . . . she might have been able to push you down
on the mats and take what she wanted, but she did not have the physical
capability of pounding you into submission if you had refused her or
demonstrated the slightest hesitation.

"Had your positions been reversed, you would have been just as wild and out
of control as Kimberly was. Even when you are in full command of your
faculties, I would rather not have to face you when you're angry. Gripped
in a mindless, lustful frenzy, you'd have been just as animalistic as
Kimberly had been, and if Kimberly had shown the least sign of fear or
hesitation, you'd have taken what you needed, and once you hurt her, the
process would have kept repeating itself -- Kim hesitating and you taking
what you needed -- until you had burned the spell out.

"You'd have been cured, but you would then have had to deal with the fact
that you had brutalized Kimberly, and she would have had the scars of
virtually being raped by you. Intellectually, she might know you had not
intended to hurt her, that you were not in control and that you were sorry,
but I don't know if she would ever be able to relax in your presence again."

"I can't believe I could do something like that to Kim."

"Not intentionally. Didn't you say you couldn't believe some of the acts
Kimberly performed while under Zedd's influence? She did things to you that
you never dreamed she knew about--things she had told me that she had never
imagined ever doing. You don't know what you would have been capable of,
but you have the size and strength advantage. That makes you capable.
Personally, I would rather cope with the present scenario than one where I
was responsible for brutalizing my girlfriend. Her pain now is
inconsequential to what it would have been if that had happened. And what
of your own trauma, knowing what you had done to her?"

"I hate it when you're right," Tommy muttered. "That's a pretty frightening

"Consider the source."

"So, what do I do, Billy? I'd really like to make love to Kim again and
see what it's like without the spell."

"Talk it over with Kimberly, and whatever happens happens."

"What about our powers? Ninjor and Zordon seem to think I didn't lose mine
because of the purity of my motives. I wasn't seeking sexual gratification
for selfish reasons. But what about Kimberly's? She had no choice. Why did
she lose her powers and I didn't? And if we pursue a sexual relationship,
could I lose my powers as well?"

"That's a choice you'll have to make, if and when the time comes. In my
opinion, so long as the two of you are coming together out of love, your
motives will always be pure. Sometimes I think that your relationship with
Kimberly is the backbone of this team. Perhaps that's why Zedd and Rita
are trying so hard to destroy it."

Another extended silence ensued as Tommy considered Billy's words. Tommy
aimlessly tossed stones into the grey, choppy water. The breeze had picked
up, and he shivered slightly. Billy waited patiently, sensing there was
more to come.

"So, you -- uh -- really saw us having sex?" Tommy ventured.

"Yes," Billy answered, his face flushed. He kept his gaze on the bluff
across the water. "I hadn't meant to . . . Zordon had me take the picnic
hamper and overnight bag to the infirmary myself; he didn't want to disturb
your rest with the teleportation beam. While I was in there, Kim woke up.
I didn't want her to see me, and I couldn't get to the door. My teleporter
was jammed, then you woke up and she asked you to make love to her. I
tried not to watch, but I just couldn't help it."

"So, what'd you think?"

"That it was the most incredible thing I had ever witnessed," Billy replied
frankly. Tommy sank into a thoughtful silence that made Billy anxious.
"Does it bother you to know I was there? I wasn't sure I should tell you,
but I couldn't withhold such information for long."

"It's funny, but it doesn't bother me," Tommy admitted. "I'm not sure how
I would have reacted had I known it at the time, but I'm okay with it now."
Actually, Tommy found the notion very exciting, and he found this excitement
somewhat perplexing. "I'm not sure how Kim will take it, though."

"Please don't tell her."

"I won't bring it up if she doesn't," Tommy promised. "Thanks for
everything, Billy, including the dunking."

"I wish you could have seen your face when you got back to shore," Billy said
with a chuckle.


The word was like a whisper carried on the breeze. Tommy and Billy exchanged
startled glances.

"You heard it too?" Tommy queried.

"Affirmative. It sounded like Kimberly's voice."

"Where's it coming from?"

"The bluff . . . look," Billy directed, pointing across the water. A mini
whirlwind danced atop the cliff. "I've never seen a phenomenon quite like
this." The two teleported and reappeared down slope from the atmospheric
disturbance. Billy had expected turbulent winds, but only a slight breeze
ruffled his hair. He and Tommy edged closer, and it appeared as if a figure
was taking shape within the unusual funnel cloud.

"Tommy!" the voice called again. It seemed to be originating from within the
swirling maelstrom. The image became sharper; it was Kimberly. Her back was
to the two Rangers, and her arms were outstretched.

"Kimberly!" Tommy exclaimed. At his gasp, Kim turned.

"Tommy, it's you! It worked!" she squealed with delight, bouncing with joy
and clapping her hands.

"Kimberly, where are you?" Billy asked.

"Oh, Tommy, I'm so sorry for everything," Kim gushed. Already her image was
fading. "Don't worry; I'm all right, and I'll help you guys find me. I'll
be home soon; I'm sure of it."

"Kim, wait!" Tommy pleaded, reaching out to her. She reached back, but
before their fingers could touch, the whirlwind dissipated, and Kimberly was

"Damn," Tommy swore, pounding his fist on the ground. "Why didn't she tell
us where she was?"

"Her communication seemed hurried, as if she wasn't certain that her message
would get through."

"Could you pick up any clues from her surroundings?"

"Nothing extraordinary. She was standing on the bluff; that tells us she
is in or near Angel Grove in whatever time period. She was dressed in
an ordinary white shirt which was too large for her, which would seem to
indicate that she found assistance of some sort. The only other thing I
noted was that she was in good spirits and did not seem to be angry any

"I know. For a moment, I touched her through our link. There was no
darkness in her, no pain or flames. She's cured, Billy; I could feel it,"
Tommy declared happily.

"And she promised to help us find her," Billy added, patting Tommy's
shoulder. "Now, aren't you glad we dragged you out and dumped you in the


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